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Part II

I woke in the morning I felt great. I slept like a baby and never once got up for anything. I stretched my arms out and pushed the covers down. I was still wearing my diaper. It wasn't a dream. Then I noticed the sun shinny through the window. I jumped out of bed. What the hell time is it. 9 o'clock. Oh shit I'm late. Christine I shouted. Why didn't you get me up? Christine came running in. She was wearing a pretty blue nighty. Relax my little one. Babies don't work. Mommy called your boss last night and told him that you needed a day off. You did what? He said it was about time that little shrimp took a day off. Tell him to relax. Tell him I'm paying him for the day and I will see him here tomorrow morning. Now get that cute little hinny back in bed. Come on scoot. I will be right back. I said cool and slipped myself back into bed. The bed was still warm and I pulled the covers back up to my neck and relaxed.

Christine came back in and slipped herself under the covers with me. She put her arms around me and held me tight. She was holding me close and kissing my forehead. She reached down to my diaper and put a finger into the leg. I guess to see if I was wet. But I never wet them I just like wearing them. My little baby didn't wet his diaper last night? I went to tell her I didn't wet them I only like wearing them. But she put her finger to my lips and said shhhh. I wouldn't mind if that is what you did. You're my baby and that is what mommies do for their babies change their wet and dirty diapers. This was getting real exciting. She held me close while rubbing my back. She was whispering how much she loved me. I was holding her as tight as I could without hurting her. She moved her hand all over my back getting lower and lower. Finally she was rubbing my diaper. Her hand started to go into my diaper massaging my hinny. It felt so good to have her hand on me. I must have let out a sign. My baby boy likes this does he? I just nestled up to her and held her close. She started to remove my plastic pants with one hand. I helped her a little and pulled them down and off. She untapped my diaper and again I removed them. Now she was massaging my rock hard rod. She was getting as excited as I was. I moved my head and started to kiss her breasts threw her nighty. I pulled up her nighty and found her nipples there in front of me. She took her other hand and pulled me close to her. My mouth slipped a nipple into my mouth and I started suckling her nipple. Her hand was on the back of my head pushing me closer. My hands managed to slip her nighty off and I continued to suckle like a baby. I guided my hands all over her beautiful body. I was wild with passion and love. My touch was soft and I explored her body like it was my first time. We are both breathing fast and deep. I love you so much Christine I whispered in her ear. She pulled me up to her mouth and we kissed like when we first met. She said make love to me John. Make love to your wife who loves you and adores you. She pulls me on top of her and we made love like it was our first time. We lay back after we were finished. We cuddled closely and kissed. I have never felt this much love since we were first married. Thank you Christine. Thank you for doing this. I love you and will always be here for you. I said that things will change and I mean that with all my heart John. I enjoy being your mommy and giving you the love and attention that we... you have been missing. I promise to make you happy like you have made me happy all these years. I'm sorry for taking advantage of you. You have always made me happy and I love you and I always will.

We fell asleep in each other arms. I woke up and she was gone. I heard her down stairs. I lied there for awhile enjoying the feeling of being loved again. Is my baby boy awake yet she said as she came in? Mommies here to put her baby boy back into diapers if he wants. I gave her a big smile from under the covers. I would say that with a smile like that the answer is yes. She came over and laided on the side of me on top of the covers and gave me a kiss. You wait here my little pumpkin and I will get your things. She went over to the closet and took out a clean diaper. She pulled the bed covers down. Picked my legs up and put the diaper under me. She had the baby powder in her hand and sprinkled me. She rubbed the powder in and pulled the diaper between my legs and tapped it in place. She grabbed a pair of plastic pants with a bear print on it. I never saw them before but they were really cute. She slipped them up my legs and over my diaper. She sat me up and pulled over my head a yellow shirt. It had Elmo on it. She said that she bought these for her new baby boy and hoped that he liked them. She reached again under the pillow and pulled out a blue pacifier. She said that she wanted to help her baby when he gets stressed and that she thought these things would help. My baby will never have to deal with his stress by himself as long as I was around. She put the binky by my mouth to see if I would take it. I opened my mouth and she placed it in. I must have turned red because she said that I looked like a baby tomato. Now baby Johnny its time for breakfast.

We got up and we headed to the kitchen. Again she had a great breakfast waiting for us. She feed me gave me a baba of coffee. She took me into the living room. Now you finish your baba and if you want more I will get it for you. You be a good boy and know that I am right here if you need mommy OK. I put the baba in my mouth and started sucking. It was strange drinking coffee from a bottle but it was good. She turned on TV and I watched cartoons while she went back into the kitchen to clean up the breakfast dishes. She came back and I was dozing on the floor. I was dozing put not quit asleep.

I felt her put a finger into my diaper. I finished the bottle and she took it out of my mouth. She put the binky in and I started to suck on it. You really are a cute little baby and I am so glad that you are mine. She took the blanket off the coach and placed it on top of me. You take a nap my little one and I will be right here. I smiled and went to sleep. In all our married life I have never felt this close to Christine. We really never talked about a family. She had her work and I had mine. Maybe this was taking the place of that need. I've never been more comfortable or at total peace with myself. I was happy and all I wanted to do was to please Christine.

I woke up about an hour later. She was sitting on the coach watching me. I guess it's time to change that wet diaper. I look at her and realized that my diaper was wet. When did I do that? She went upstairs and came back with a clean diaper. She changed me right in front of Tom and Jerry. I smiled all the way through it with my binky in my mouth. She tickled me as she changed my diaper and played peak a boo. She looked like she was enjoying it as much or maybe more than I was. How would my little Johnny like a cookie and some milk? She got up and came back with a baby cookie. You know one of those soft ones. She handed the cookie to me and I nibbled at the cookie like a real baby did. She picked me up off the floor and laid me across her lap. She took the bottle and slipped the nipple in between my lips. She started to feed me the bottle while fingering through my hair.

I looked up at her with love that was in my heart. She saw the look and kissed me on the forehead. We were really bonding. Just like a baby to a mommy. I finished the bottle and she said good boy. Now what can we do until dinner time? Would you like to go out? I really didn't want anyone to see me like this but she insisted. She took me upstairs and put a regular pair of grown up pants and shirt on. She put my shoes on and combed my hair. I said are you sure you want to do this? She said sure it will be fun. OK if that is what she wanted. She was the mommy. I sat on the bed while she got herself dressed.

We went out to the car and I went to the driver's side but she stopped me and opened the back door. I got in and she buckled me in. She was smiling all the time. We drove over to the mall and parked the car. Not too many people here because it was a work day. This place is packed on the week end. I walked into the mall holding her hand. Like we used to do. We went in and out of stores. Some my kind of stores and some hers. I had the feeling that I had to pee. Christine I said I have to find a bathroom I have to pee. She said silly baby, you have a diaper on. No Christine I really have to pee. Babies use their diapers when they have to pee pee or poop. She was holding onto my hand tight. I couldn't break away. Stop your squirming or I will spank you right here. I heard that I stopped right away. I saw a rest room and tried to break her hold of my hand. She turned me around and spanked me right on the seat of my pants. In front of everyone.

It didn't hurt but I got the message especially after the look she gave me. I couldn't hold it anymore so I peed in my diaper. I was worried about leaking. I should have been more worried about the look she gave me. We left the mall and headed back to the car. She asked me if I was wet. I shook my head yes. I wanted for us to have some dinner before we went home. I guess I will have to change you in the car. I looked at her with horror in my eyes. Remember what I told you. I am the mommy and you are the baby. You are already in trouble because of your behavior in the mall. I wouldn't make it worse. I will remind you again. You are to young to be talking. I had no idea what was next.

We got to the car and she opened the back door to let me in. She told me to lie down on the back seat. She pulled a bag from the front seat and opened it. I had no idea were it came from. It had diapers, wipes and baby powder in it. I though "A diaper bag"? She unbuckled my belt and unzippered my pants and slid them down to my ankles. She lowered my plastic pants to my knees too. Untapped my diaper and took it off. We were parked far away from the front door and any passer byes. I just laid there and enjoyed what she was doing. She took the wipes and wiped my hinny and around my crotch. She sprinkled baby powder on me. Slipped a clean diaper under me with my help and tapped it tight. Pulled up my plastic pants and regular pants. So easy so neat.

She really looked as if she knew what she was doing and had done this many times before. I was proud of my mommy. Now see that wasn't so bad was it? OK pumpkin sit up so mommy can buckle you in. We drove off away from the mall in the direction of one of the restaurants that Christine enjoys. A STEAK House. Yes real food I said to myself. I was so excited that I didn't realize that I was kicking her seat. Don't make mommy come back there little boy. A steak or pork chops. Oh yes I said to myself. Come to baby Johnny. I held the door for Christine like I always do. The waiter showed us to our table. He gave Christine her menu and went to give me mine and she took it away. I said nothing. All I gave her was my best puppy eyes. She said babies do not eat from the grown up menu. They eat from the children's menu. And you're lucky I'm letting my 18 month old baby do that. Just then the waiter came back to take our orders.

I would like a shrimp cocktail salad with a glass of white wine please. My little one will have from the children's menu chicken fingers and French fries. The waiter gave me some look. But miss... Christine said now please. OH I'm sorry would you also give him a small cup of chocolate milk; warm the milk up a little. Put a top on it and a straw please. Thank you very much. But Christine I wanted a steak. Come on pleasezzz. I thought I told you that babies don't talk. She pulled me up a little over the table and spanked my bottom. You would think that you would behave yourself knowing that you were on thin ice. I would watch my P's and Q's if I were you. You think I wouldn't pull you over my lap right here at this table and give that little hinny a spanking. Yes you better be afraid. Now sit still and be a good boy. I could see a silly little grin on Christine's face. Our food arrived. The waiter placed Christine's salad in front of her with her wine. He placed the chicken fingers in front of me with the warmed up chocolate milk. He said with a big smile. Enjoy your meal little one. If there is anything else you may need, please call me. I was hungry. I grabbed for a knife and folk. Christine slapped my hand. Those are for big people not babies. She grabbed the folk and started to cut up my food. She put ketchup on the dish and started to feed me my dinner. Picking the cup of chocolate milk up every once in a while to help me drink it. No one really noticed us. We weren't really in the traffic lane of the restaurant anyway. I was getting cramps in my belly now. I had to shit... sorry poop. But I wasn't going to let mommy know. I figured maybe it would go away on its own. She would want me to do it in my diaper. I really didn't want to do that. I defiantly didn't want her to get mad at me and spank me right there at the table. We finished our meal I paid the bill. I gave the waiter a very generous tip.

We started to walk towards the car. This time I was pulling Christine. I wanted to get into the car before I had a biiiig accident. Pumpkin she said why are we going so fast. She had a big grin on her face now. Like she knew. You were squirming in your seat the last part of your meal. You have to poop don't you? Why do you fight it? You are the one that wants to be a baby. Come on be a good baby and poop in your diaper for mommy. All babies poop and pee pee in their diapers. That's what they are for. Aren't you my little baby Johnny? We got to the car just in time. OK pumpkin if that's what you want. She opened the back door and I got in but not after she gave my bottom a little spank. I heard her giggling. I sat down and she buckled me in. Good I said I'm sitting down maybe I can make it home. But the pain was unbelievable. I've driven this road many times before but I never realized how many pot holes there were. And it seemed that it was taking a little longer to get home. I see her looking in the rear view mirror at me. She is grinning from ear to ear. I know what she is up to. Hitting every pot hole in town and going the long way home. WELL a lot she knows. I've pooped my diaper the first pot hole she hit. OH boy she announces. I think I smell a stinky baby? Is that my little boy I smell? I was mortified. We finally get home. Christine parks the car in the garage and closes the garage door. Opening the door she said giggling. I think someone made poo poo in his diaper.

Did you make poo poo in your diaper for your mommy? What a good boy he is. She reaches in and removes the belt. I start to get up and out of the car. My feet never hit the ground. Christine swoops me off my feet and places me on her left hip and closes the door of the car. We go over to the door to the house and she opens it. I feel her for arm squeezing the poop all over my hinny. I didn't realize Christine was this strong. She went up to our bedroom and with the other hand lays the changing pad on our bed and places me on my back in the middle of the pad. You're a stinky little one aren't you? She's pinching my nose and the cheeks of my face. She is really getting a kick out of this. I have never seen her like this. I'm in love all over again. Mommy said that she would change your diaper no matter what you put into them. She took all my grown up cloths off and was getting to my plastic pants. She was doing really good but then she stopped. She lay on top of me. Kissed my lips and whispered in my ear. I was going to give you a spanking tonight for your behavior in the mall and the restaurant. But this is much better. I really don't mind doing this for you. I love you. I smiled my baby smile. Grabbed the back of her head and pulled it towards me. I whispered I love you too. Christine stood up and started to take my plastic pants off. She put them to the side and started to remove the tape on my diaper.

But I had a little surprise for my mommy/wife. I could feel that I had to pee. But I was holding it until just the right moment. She removed one tape two, three. She removed the forth one then the fifth. It is time for some pay back. She removed the sixth tape and started to pull the diaper down in between my legs. I let the pee pee go. The fire department would have been proud. I was peeing straight into the air. I do feel my age now. 18 months. I use to see little boys do that to their mommies all the time. I always wondered it they held it the way I did. Christine started laughing. You little stinker, you bad boy. Laughing like I have never heard her before. She finally put the diaper back down over my rock hard hose. You little stinker. Look what you did. You peed all over mommy. She looked at me a started laughing. Now you need a bath. Don't you move? We are still laughing. I will go and run the water for your bath you bad baby. I hear the water running and Christine comes and picks me up and carries me into the bath room and puts me in. She said you play nice with your toys and I will be right back. I search around the bottom of the tub. There are no toys in the tub. What does she except me to play with? She returns to the bath room in her robe. She has her hair pinned back. She sits on the edge of the tub. I look at her. She said what's the matter couldn't you find a toy to play with. I shook my head no.

How about I come into the tub with you and you can play with me. She drops her robe and her beautiful body comes into view. I help her into the tub. She sits in the middle of my legs. Almost sitting on my big pee pee. She gets comfortable. Was that your beeper I almost sat on? She leans back her head and pulled my head towards her. She kisses me deeply. I put my arms around her little waist and hug her close. She breaks our kiss and asks me. Did my baby boy enjoy his 24 hours being mommy's baby boy? Thank you sweetheart. I love you with all my heart. I love my life with you. I always have. I am really happy that I did this for you and I promise to do it more often. Now Christine your wife wants her loving husband to make love to her. I love you too John. We started our love making right there in the tub. When the water got cold I picked her up and carried her to our bed. We made love until I had to go to work at 5 am.

That is not the end of the story. I was her husband John when she needed a man. And I was her little baby boy. We made so much love during that month that Christine got pregnant and 9 months later we had a 7 pound 7 ounce baby boy. Now she has a real baby and her baby boy husband. Life is getting better everyday.

The End.......................

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