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Caught Diapered

Part #4

As I lay on the bed with a worried look on my face Dora connected the tubing to the bag and to the enema nozzle then she walked into the bathroom and I could hear water running. Dora then walked into the room carrying the enema bag and a tube of K_Y jelly and hooked the bag over a high backed chair then she lubed up the nozzle and had me get on my knees. When Dora greased her fingers then shoved them in my ass and slowly finger fucked me to loosen me up and when she was satisfied she removed her fingers and slid in the nozzle till the first balloon like end was in then she squeezed the bulb several times and I could feel it getting extremely bigger. When she was happy with the first balloon she started filling the outer balloon and when it was full she proclaimed that now I would have no leaks. While I was kneeling there trying to figure if I liked the sensation or not Dora opened the clamp holding the water. As I was filling up I was told that now I could take the whole enema and I wouldn't have any leaks but I asked about doing it here and not in the bathroom. Dora explained that even if I tried I couldn't expel till I had the balloons deflated and I could even walk around for hours if she wanted then to make me feel better she started to rub my little cock till it was hard.

When the enema bag was empty Dora had me stay like I was for a few minutes then told me to go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet. When I was sitting Dora had held the hosed so when I sat the hoses came out between my legs and then she opened the air valves and I felt the balloons deflate then she pulled the nozzle out and I could finally relive myself. As I sat there I could feel the watery mess drain out of me and when I finished Dora cleaned my bottom then told me to get into the other room and kneel on the bed again. As I knelt there Dora walked into the room carrying the strap on and told me that now I was nice and clean it was time she got to deflower her sissy. While Dora fastened the straps around her legs she committed that I was trembling that I shouldn't be because I told her I was bi-sexual and I told her that I had just sucked several cocks but had never been fucked in the ass before. Dora told me that then she would be gentle but she was happy she was going to get to fuck my sissy ass first then she stood behind me and greased up the dildo then had me hold my butt cheeks apart and as she guided the head in she told me to relax and it would soon feel better.

When the head of the dildo popped into my ass I closed my eyes and groaned but Dora just shushed me and grabbed my hips then slowly shoved the dildo in farther and farther till it felt like I was getting split in half. When she had gone all the way in Dora then reached around and grabbed my cock then as she slowly pulled out she started to masturbate me when she had me good and hard she again grabbed my hips and whispered that now it was time to feel what it was like to get really fucked. As she pounded away I was starting to really enjoy it then Dora laid over my back breathing hard then reached for my hard cock again and started to jack me off till I sprayed my cum all over my changing pad. After I shot my load Dora told me she loved fucking me and I better get used to it because she loved to dominate men and she liked to make them her sissy slut and fuck them regularly. When Dora pulled the strap on cock out of me and un buckled it from her hips she told me to lick up the cum mess I had made on my changing pad and as I did she dug out the inflatable butt plug and when I had finished she told me to lay down for my diaper.

Dora grabbed three diapers and poked holes in the first two so the pee would flow through them and after I raised my hips she slid all three I knew she didn't plan on changing me for a long time and with the diaper bulk I would only be able to waddle around. Dora then had me raise my knees to my chest so she could insert the butt plug in my ass then she gave the bulb several squeezes and I felt it getting bigger till it felt huge and I was really full. When she finished Dora placed the controller for the vibrating and the pump under my back and stated that it was time to properly dress her sissy. After powdering me she taped the diaper bulk on me and had me stand and step into a pair of pink satin covered plastic pants then told me to sit in a chair. As while Dora was sorting through the suitcases the phone rang and Dora answered then I herd her comment that she was getting her baby dressed and to come over. Dora told me as she hung up that Shelly was coming over to help and she wanted pictures. While Dora had me sitting so she could pull a pair of white knee high stockings on my legs Shelly knocked on the door and when Dora opened it she walked in dresses in black leather and carrying a blond wig with pigtails she had gotten for me. When Dora seen the wig she told Shelly that she thought it was perfect and it was just what she was looking for and Shelly told Dora that they had to hurry and get me ready because the party was starting soon.

When I herd that I told Dora that I thought she was dressing me up for pictures only but was told no I was going to the party dressed as Dora's sissy baby. When I was told I was going dressed I tried to tell the girls I wasn't planning to go dressed but they told me I shouldn't care who seen me because I was going to look so cute I should be proud. While Dora dressed me Shelly took pictures and made suggestions. First she walked over and opened the silacone breast forms and some skin glue then proceded to coat the back side of the forms and then pressed and held them to my chest over my nipples.while the skin glue dried Dora asked Shelly to get me the bra she had packed in her bag. As Shelly handed it to her she told Dora that she wanted a picture before they were covered and after she got the shots Dora pulled on the bra and hooked it behind my back. After the bra was on Shelly told Dora that I really didn't smell enough like a baby so she grabbed the bottle of baby lotion and they smeared it on my belly, back and arms. After the lotion Dora picked up my hot pink crinoline slip and had me step into it then she picked up the satin pink party dress and pulled it over my head. When the dress was on Dora and Shelly adjusted it to fit right and zipped it up then Shelly tied a satin bow around my waist so I could see in the mirror that it made the dress billow out and shoe the slip and my diapered state.

When they were happy with the dress Dora was taking a lot of pictures then she pulled the wig blond wig with pig tails over my head then adjusted it then tied pink ribbons to the pig tails. When I was fully dressed Dora had me sit on the corner of the bed and started to apply make up and lipstick. Since I was finally ready Shelly took more pictures then Dora told her to hand me my diaper bag then she grabbed her stuff and put it and something into her large purse.

Then Dora reached under my dress and adjusted the remote control for the vibrator and turned it up a lot till it really started to vibrate a lot and this made my cock get hard inside my diaper. When Dora dragged me out the door Shelly followed and asked if Dora if she had tried her new strapon on me when Dora told her she had and she loved the way it made her feel very dominate over me so she was going to use it a lot. When we left the room I was happy that no one was around to see me dressed as I was Dora got into the drivers seat of my truck and I rode in the passenger seat. While Shelly got into her van and followed us. Dora backed out of our parking spot and drove by the hotel office I was happy no one looked but Dora then drove right down the Las Vegas strip. As I sat there glumly hoping no one would notice. Dora then reached the end of the strip so she made a u-turn and drove back north just to try to get me noticed. When we got to the north part of town Dora and Shelly pulled into a fenced industrial complex then into a lot and parked.

As we got out of our vehicles Shelly's boyfriend walked and said he was happy we had made it then he walked up and felt my diapered butt and commented that he had told everyone about me and they couldn't wait to see the baby. As we walked inside I noticed everyone was mostly wearing a fetish costume of some sort and most were wearing black leather. Every time Dora and I were introduced everyone would make me curtsey and give them a small kiss then they would usually lift my skirts and expose my diapers and panties. Finally Dora and Shelly led me to a couch and had me sit and placed my diaper bag next to me then as they walked off to meet others I quietly sat there trying not to be noticed. While I sat there one lady walked up with a guy dressed in a maids outfit and asked if her maid could get me a drink or should she say fill my bottle for me. When I declined Dora walked over and told then I shouldn't want my bottle yet but she thought that they could give me my pacifier and as the lady dug into my diaper bag she told Dora they would love to take me home and play with me. Dora told them I would not like that much and since she had just found me she didn't think she wanted to share me.

At this time the real fun began when the first guy led his submissive girlfriend to the demo area then he began to perform a rope bondage demonstration as he started to tie up his girlfriend I noticed a second couple near a bondage cross and the girl stripped her male partner down and began to use leather straps and chains to tie him to the cross. When she was satisfied with the bonds she picked up a small flogger and began to use it on his ass and thighs as all this was going on I noticed Dora shelly and her boyfriend talking to the first lady who wanted to take me home with her so I started to get a little worried. Finally after several demonstrations the party started to wind down and Dora finished the evening but pulling out changing pad from my diaper bag and announcing it was time to change her baby before we left. As she spread out my changing pad she instructed me to lie on it and when I did she pushed up my dress and pulled down my satin covered plastic pants. When she was down to my layered diapers she untapped them and when I lifted my hips she removed them exposing my rock hard cock to every one watching. When my diaper was off and Dora told everyone that she had told it was so small that I might as well be a girl baby then everyone noticed the butt plug and started making comments. So Dora turned the vibrator to full blast then gave the inflation bulb a few more squeezes till the butt plug felt huge.

After cleaning me up and with me hearing people commenting on the better things they could fill my butt with Dora sprinkled some baby powder on me then fastened my diaper then as she was reaching for my satin covered plastic pants Shelly said that I would look better in my nursery prink plastic pants. As Dora pulled them out Shelly helped me stand then Dora held the pants open so I could step in them. When Dora pulled them up and tucked the plastic pants in Shelly said it was time to go and Dora and I should follow her and the others. When I asked Dora about this she told me we were going to a privet party with some of the others and not to worry I might enjoy parts of it

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