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Caught diapered

As Dora picked up and folded my changing pad and diaper bag she grabbed my hand and led me to my truck and waited for Shelly left with her boyfriend and one other car. As they pulled Dora followed them with me asking questions but she just told me that she wanted to have more fun with HER new toy and when I questioned this she just opened her big purse and showed me the strap-on she had bought. When we had went east and then north about 7 miles we entered a quiet neighborhood in North Las Vegas. We drove to the house at the end of a cul-de-sac and stopped then I saw the lady with the guy dressed as a maid enter the house so we got out and followed Shelly and her boyfriend in the house. As we entered the guy in the maids dress collected our coats and showed us to the front room. Shelly then introduced the woman as lady Barbara and her husband Tyler or Little Slut as Barbara called him. After we had all sat little slut left the room and returned with drinks for everyone but Dora reached into my diaper bag and handed her one of my bottles and instructed her to pour my drink into it. When Little Slut returned with my bottle Dora handed her my bib and told her to tie it on me and she could feed me. As little Slut sat on the couch I was told by Dora to lay on Little Sluts lap and drink my bottle only I could feel his large cock getting hard under me.

While I laid there Dora, Shelly her boyfriend and Lady Barbara talked about me and my adult baby state and as Barbara loved the way I looked because she was always looking for way's to humiliate her husband Tyler. Barbara thought that the baby girl look or a diapered maid would do wonders for her Little Slut. When she said that Dora told her it kept me in a constant state of arousal and demonstrated by rubbing my hard cock through my diapers and plastic pants. As I laid there moaning around my bottle I could feel Little Slut's cock getting rock hard and then he slowly started to moan. And Lady Barbara said that her husband was getting exited and if I wasn't careful I might end up getting something besides a bottle in my mouth. When Dora heard this she told Lady Barbara that I just might like that as I was bisexual also I even liked it when she popped my cherry earlier with her new strap on dildo. When Lady Barbara herd this she said maybe Dora could demonstrate to everyone and Shelly's boyfriend said that if she did he could help then as I finished my bottle I told Dora that I wasn't comfortable but Dora told me it sounded like fun and if I was humiliated that the worse the better. At this point Dora got up and walked to her purse and removed her strap on then Shelly helped her strap it on and the Little Slut helped me stand then left the room but returned with a short waist high padded bench. When I seen the bench I realized that Dora was going to fuck me right there and Shelly pushed me over the bench and Dora pulled my diaper and panties down then deflated the butt plug and removed it then started to grease me and her dildo up and just as she started to spread my butt cheeks I was complaining till Dora told Shelly's boyfriend to quiet me up.

As I was bent over the bench Shelly's boyfriend unzipped his slacks and pulled his underwear down exposing a very large cock then he grabbed it and started to rub it on my lips telling me to lick and kiss it. While this was going on Dora had slowly pushed the head in my ass then as I opened my mouth to yell I suddenly found Shelly's boyfriends cock in my mouth. As one cock entered my ass another one entered my mouth.

Shelly's boyfriend Rob started to fuck my mouth slowly then faster and faster while telling me to keep sucking and that my mouth was so hot he was going to cum real fast. I was just getting used to the dual penetration when Rob grabbed my head and shoved his cock down my throat and started pumping a large load of cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow the load of cum but some still ran down my throat and then as he was pulling his cock from my mouth Dora started to really pump my ass. While this was going on I was also having my diaper and cock rubbed by the movement and I suddenly started moaning and hollering I was going to cum. When I started to pump a load of cum in the front of my diaper I felt Little slut pull her dress over my head and saw his cock in front of my face so I just opened my mouth and he slid it between my lips. As I accepted his cock I felt Dora pull out saying that I was well opened up now so Rob just stepped behind me in her place and in one motion he shoved his cock in till he was buried in my ass balls deep.

As Rob with his cock in my ass and Tyler with his in my mouth and both plunging in deep I could hear lots of clicking sounds then realized that Shelly had her digital camera and was getting it all on film. After a few minutes I felt Tyler's cock swelling up and knew he was going to feed me a load of cum then as he started to fill my mouth I felt Rob really pumping my ass deep then bury his cock in my ass deep and hold there and I realized I was going to get a load of cum in both ends at the same time. As they both pumped me full of cum Dora was telling me that now I knew how men liked to really treat their women. As Rob pulled his cock from my ass Tyler did the same with his cock from my mouth only he stayed there with his maids dress over my head as I licked him clean. When they were both done with me Dora pulled my diapers up and gave me a quick peck on the forehead and told me if I didn't like that she was sorry but I told her I loved it and even tho I had never been fucked in the ass before today that I liked it so much I should have done it years ago. After this Lady Barbara told me to give the guys a big kiss to thank them and to curtsied then she announced it was time her Little Slut was diapered so she had Tyler lay on the floor and proceeded to take one of my diapers from my diaper bag and Dora helped her diaper me then as they stood him up Rob said wait that Tyler should feel what it was to wear a wet diaper to get the full effect. While Tyler stood there Rob lifted the back of his maids dress and pulled his diaper down slowly then started to piss in it so Tyler could feel his warm piss and when he was partway done he stopped and walked over to me saying he had some for me too.

As he was lifting my dress Dora started to laugh at the look I made then I felt my diaper and plastic pants being pulled down slightly and then Rob's warm piss on my ass cheeks

This was something I had never felt but it was so wonderful feeling I told him and Dora I completely loved the feeling. When Rob finished I could feel his warm piss mixing with the cum leaking from my ass and pooling in my diapers then with Dora rubbing the rear of my diapers she thanked everyone for a wonderful night but we had to return to the motel and get some sleep.

As we picked up Dora's purse and my diaper bag everyone told us that we should come back so and have more fun ten when we got into my truck I found that the piss Rob had deposited in the back of my diapers had been too much because I was now leaking.

As we drove back to the motel Dora leaned over and kissed me telling me how much fun she had and as she massaged my cock through my diaper told not to worry that mommy would clean me up and change my britches. When we returned to the hotel Dora waited till the coast was clear then pulled me from the truck and quickly pulled me into the room. When Dora could see me in the light she exclaimed that I was so wet that I was wet all the way down to my Mary Jane shoes. While I stood there Dora had me step out of my shoes then unzipped my dress and then pulled down my crinoline slip and had me step out from it. With my dress off Dora knelt down and slid the thigh high stockings from my legs and then pulled my plastic pants and diaper to my ankles then she had me step out of them and marched me into the bathroom for a bath. While the tub was filling Dora called room service and ordered dinner while I relaxed in the warm water I heard room service bring in dinner. After the bellhop left Dora told me to come out and as I walked into the room she spread my changing pad out and told me to lie down. While she diapered and powdered me she told me that Lady Barbara had told her when was going to diaper her Little Slut a lot from now on and invited us back so I could play with her from now on.

Sissy baby Timmy

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