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Caught (Part 1)

I had been waiting for the call for most of the morning. I had already forewarned my executive secretary that I would be starting the long weekend early.

As I replaced the receiver on the cradle, I felt more then a little guilty. I had lied to my wife, Barbara. Telling her, I would not be able to go with her to visit her Grandmother, who lived four hours away across the state. It wasn't that I didn't love her; on the contrary, she was my heart and soul. It's just that I was so looking forward to the long weekend and time alone.

I glanced at the desk clock as the numbers flipped over to read 2:35, not as early as I had hoped but I didn't have to be back in the office until Wed morning. Barbara would not be home until late Wed afternoon. I grabbed my briefcase and headed for the parking lot, stopping long enough to wish my secretary a pleasant weekend.

I pointed my BMW toward home, driving the back way to avoid the traffic on the freeways and possibly Barbara as she headed out of town. A normal commute for me is about 20 min, which puts me out of the suburbs and into the country side far from the grid lock of the city. Today it would take me almost an hour.

As I pulled through the gated driveway and parked in the garage, I was again thankful that we had purchased the 25 acres surrounding the house. The complete privacy was well worth it, as the property was nestled next to a national forest which prevented additional building and left us with the nearest home a mile down the road.

I grabbed my briefcase and entered the house as the automatic garage door closed. I stopped in the kitchen long enough to read the note left by Barbara as another shot of guilt passed through my head. She had taken the time to fix dinner for me and had left the instructions for me. The last sentence of the note read "I love you very much and enjoy your time alone". She said that she would call when she arrived so that I would not worry. More guilt, but you see I had a dirty little secret that I could not share.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed into the bedroom. Changing into a baggy pair of jogging pants and a tee shirt, I hung my suit on a hanger and headed back to the kitchen. Replacing my empty beer for a full one, I glanced at the clock on the range, 4:30 still early for dinner and besides I wasn't very hungry.

I headed into the garage. In the far back corner of the garage under the workbench and half blocked with other boxes was an old college steamer trunk. I uncovered the trunk and pulled it out from under the work bench where I had hidden it months ago. It didn't appear to have been disturbed and I effortlessly grasped the handle in one hand and my beer in the other and brought it in the house. I placed the trunk on the bed in the master bedroom and half expecting it to be locked I tried the hasp. To my surprise, it popped open. I racked my brain trying to recall if I had locked it the last time. I opened the trunk and the contents appeared to be as I left them. Leaving the trunk open on the bed, I returned to the kitchen. Glancing at the clock it was now after 5:00, I figured I had better wait another hour just incase Barbara ran into problems and decided to turn around.

I replaced my empty beer and moved into the living room. Flipping on the T.V I checked out the local news and caught the weather report. The report called for rain and showers, too bad but I had no intention of being outside this weekend. I finished watching the news and weather and could not contain myself any longer. In a trance like state, I felt myself being pulled uncontrollably back to the master bedroom and the trunk.

I found myself at the foot of the bed; inside the trunk was my dirty little secret, a part of me that I had never shared with anyone. I removed the papers and computer disks from the top of the trunk. Reaching in to the trunk, I selected a folded pad, unfolding it and laying it out on the floor of the bedroom. Before going any further, I retraced my steps into the kitchen and living room. Making sure that the windows were covered and the doors locked. I felt somewhat stupid; with the seclusion of the house, it was not necessary but made me feel safer. Returning to the bedroom I picked up one of the CD's from the trunk and placed it in the CD player. Brahms lullaby floated softly through the room.

I turned away from the door and knelt at the pad on the floor. Smoothing out the wrinkles in the waterproof Care Bear changing pad I reached into the trunk and pulled out a container of baby powder. Standing up, I slowly removed my pants and shirt and tossed them into the laundry basket. I would not need them the rest of the weekend, my dirty little secret was about to unfold.

Returning to the trunk I removed the items I would need one at a time. First, the triple thick nighttime diaper, you see my dirty little secrete is I'm an adult diaper lover. Having been most of my life, and I have not shared that with anyone. Next the diaper pins, followed by the waterproof plastic pants. Each of the items was placed next to the changing pad within easy reach. With my back to the partially closed bedroom door, I laid down on the changing pad.

Reaching over for the baby powder, I sprinkled powder all over my groin. I made sure I was well powdered including my clearly aroused member. Lifting my legs behind my head, I powder by bottom making sure no crack or crevice was left untouched. Next came the triple thick nighttime diaper, I laid out the diaper making sure there were no wrinkles. Folding it, I placed it under me and slowly brought the fluffy diaper up between my legs. Pinning it snuggly at each hip with the diaper pins. I stood up with my back to the door and picked up the plastic pants. Under ideal circumstances, Barbara would be doing this for me and I would still be lying on my back, but it's much easer to pull the plastic pants on standing up if you're doing it yourself.

As the tops of the plastic pants reached my thighs, two things occurred. A flicker of movement caught my eye and I turned toward the door. Standing in the doorway, holding our video camera was Barbara. Caught by surprise my already extended beer filled bladder exploded. The unmistakable dull yellow wetness quickly spread across the thick diaper, with no containment I was soon dripping. Barbara rushed over and quickly finished pulling up the plastic pants.

"I can't wait to hear the explanation for this" as she smiled and turned away.

I quickly turned to make a hasty retreat to the bathroom but not before a hand grabbed my arm and turned me toward the bedroom door.

"Oh no you don't, you can just stay dressed as you are until I tell you otherwise". With that, she pushed me towards the kitchen.

Chapter two is coming.

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