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by Aaron Alabiso

Warning: This story may have content that all people may or may not approve of, this is just a fictional story that consists of role playing and personal interests, any characters in this story that resemble any living, dead or yet to exist person is just a coincidence. Enjoy the story as much as you can, if you dont like it that is your opinion and right as a human being. Thank you.


Hello, my name is Frankie, or at least that is what it is now. I am currently a eighteen year old baby. I have been put back in diapers despite my feelings about issue. I've always been a reasonable person, and I have always been open to new things. A while back I did something that mommy could not forgive and now I am wiring a story about the events that have led up to now. Please don't think any less of me because I look two, and poop and pee myself. I just wanted to make the rest of you aware of what a few bad things can do to someone.

CHAPTER 1: What did I do to deserve this?

"Hun? Are you awake yet?"

"Mmmmmm, What time is it?"

"It's 7:10, you're going to be late for the last day of school hun, you better get up and shower. I'll drive you to school today you missed the bus already."

"Oh crap, im sorry mom, I thought i set my alarm clock lastnight for 6:00am."

"It's ok hun, just get a move on I have to be at work by 8:15"

"Ok mom, thanks alot. I really apperciate this"

This is how most of mornings began. It's kind of sad that my mom always bent over backwards for me, and I never showed much apperciation for her. I guess I took her for granted too much, but I'm glad my mom is so great to me, and she's beautiful too. I know I probably shouldnt say that about my mom, but it's nice to have a mom who loves me and is so attractive. As I got out of bed this morning I noticed something was a bit odd, my bed and pajamas were soaking wet. I couldn't believe it, I had wet my bed like i was some kind of baby. Sure it wasn't the first time it happened, but I was so embarassed I didn't want to say any thing to my mom. I didnt want her to worry about it, so I just pulled the covers over my wet spot on the bed and discarded my PJ's temporarily. I ran to the shower and got cleaned up as fast as possible. I didnt want to make my mom wait for too long because not only would I make her late but she's on her final warning at work because of my own stupidity.




I ran down the stairs as fast as possible pulling my shirt over my head. My mom was already in the minivan waiting for me and beeped the horn. I ran out to the car to hop in. again I started starring at my beautiful mom. She was only 38, had long golden blonde hair, and her legs were muscular but attractive as well. She had the most velluptious lips and looking at her eyes were like looking at an ocean, both beautiful and calm.

"Are you gonna just stand there staring at me all day young man or you gonna get in?" She asked.

"Oh sorry mom, I had something for school on my mind." I retorted

"I see .... Well get your buns in here I'm going to be cutting it close today."

We arrived at my high school at about 7:52am, so my mom was goning to have to drive fast to work. I noticed when she drove out of the lot she didn't go in the same direction as normal. I thought it was a bit odd but I had to get into class. I ran to the office to sign in late, my pricipal, Mr. Stevenson, who was looking as uptight and stern as usual stared me down.

"I see your late again, it's a shame I can't assign you detention on your last day of school. But maybe I'll have to pull you from your graduation instead." He walked away and shot me a girn like always.

Thanks alot dad, i thought to myself. Yes sadly my principal was also my dad, so behaving was my main prioity aside from school work. But since he and my mom have split up it has always been an odd situation when they meet. I don't get to visit him that often, but we would eat lunch together, and for my study halls I would hang out with him if he wasn't busy. My dad was a great guy about 6'2", he had short dark brown hair that was starting to grey out on the sides, and he was very muscular. He was always good to me and mom but they never told me the exact reason for why they split up and I know they still love each other very much.

I had to run to class as fast as possible with out getting told to stop running by any of the faculty to make it in time for class. I managed to get in the class right as my name was called.

"Ahh Mr. Stevenson I'm glad to see we could make it today."

"Not a problem Jeff." I said to my teacher.

"Frank you know I don't like you calling me by first name while you are at school." he declared

"I forgot, sorry about that Mr. Jenkins."

"Just park it for now." He stated.

My day was basically like that for everyclass. It was cool that I got to know all the teachers like friends, but I also knew they weren't going to go easy on me because i was the principle's son. In fact im pretty sure my dad told them to be stern with me, but what did I care, it was my last day in this school and I was as giddy as a two year old. while I was running out of the school after classes were done, I bumped into someone who I have always had an issue with, and I don't mean a crush.

"Well, if it isn't my best friend Frankie!" He punched the locker door and paused.

"How are we doing today? I beginning to think that I wouldn't get to see you at all today." He stated as he glared at me with a creepy smile.

"Oh hey Dan, that's a nice dent you just put in the locker. If you could just let me squeeze by I gotta catch a bus."

"Oh! by all means after you Frankie." While I just started to run out he grabbed the collar of my shirt and choked me a little.

"There is one thing I wanted to say to you before you left today."

"What might that be Dan? You finally passed and you are going to be graduating before you hit 30?"

"Ha Ha Ha. I like you Frankie, all four years that I've known you, but you've always had a big mouth and never let it rest. As a going away present I wanted to give you something."

Talk about clichè huh? "Oh sure Dan, what is it? A punch in the face? Or maybe a wedgie?"

"Boy you really are a smart one, aren't you Frankie?"

Dan crack his knuckles and took a fighting stance that looked very odd, it was like a bad martial arts film or something. Thankfully I had been taking kung-Fu unbeknownst to him. As he threw his punch, I managed to dodged it and grab his arm. I twisted it around back of him and pushed him against the locker her just made a dent in. I dont know what happened to me all of a sudden, but it was quite possibly the worst thing to happen. While I held him against the locker I felt something warm running down my leg. When I looked down, I noticed a puddle of urine gathering at my feet. I couldnt believe I peed my pants while at school. in my distracted state, Dan got out of my hold and punched me in the face as hard as he could. *KRACK* is the only noise to symbolize what had happened. The ass had broken my nose with one punch. So now i was on the floor in tears, bleeding profusely, and sitting in a puddle of urine. I started crying like never before, some teachers had seen what happened and restrained Dan. It was supprising it took three teachers to hold the jerk down. I was taken to the emergency room via ambulence, luckily dad rode with me to the hospital. while they borught me in my mom was standing in the waiting room. So my parents got see each other despite the fact that I was soaked with blood and crying in pain. My mom was beyond pissed off that my dad let something like that happen at my school. Of course my dad being the voice of reason, calmed her down and gave her a hug. After I got patched up, the doctor who fixed me up asked me to speak with him alone for a moment.

"Frank I noticed you were covered in urine, is a regular occurence for you?" He asked in a concernd tone.

"Well it's hard to say, I do wet the bed on a random occassion. But it is not intentionally by any means. Why do you ask?" I replied while looking up at the lights

"I am concerend about this, so I am going to give you some adult diapers to use at night. I can only spare this one package and I apologzie about the flower prints, it could be worse they could be elmo or something like that" He chukcled as he was trying to make the best out of bad situation.

"W-What should I say to my mom and dad when the see them?" i asked "i mean i havent told either of them yet because im afraid of what they might say or do."

"I see so you havent told anyone yet, I'm glad I pulled you aside then. Well i'll put them in this brown bag, if they ask tell them its gauze and medication for your nose."

"Thanks alot doc."

"It's not a problem, but I'm also enclosing a pamphlet that lets you know how to properly clean yourself so you dont get diaper rash and also make sure you dont let the wet diapers linger in the room for too long, they start to smell pretty bad after a while. I'm also going to give you a box of baby wipes and powder."

"Thanks again, but dont you think this is a little much?" I asked him.

"Not really seeing as how there are plenty of adults who dress up like babies, I could always tell your mother that you would like for her to do that if you would prefer." He said jokingly.

"No, that's quite alright. I'll see you again in a couple weeks then to get my face checked up?"

"Yes talk to the front desk to make an appointment, and we'll also check how the bladder control is going at that time then ok?"

As I walked out of the room my mom gave a big hug but did it softly as not to touch my face due to it throbbing in pain. We walked to the minivan with my dad and I shook his hand in thanks for staying with me the whole time. He told me he would see me at graduation in a couple weeks. Since he didn't have custody of me I didn't get to see him much. Sure he had visiting days but he's a busy man so i don't bother him unless I miss him too much. What a wonderful last day of school I thought to myself, I got embarassed and i got my nose broken. Could anything else go wrong for me today?


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