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Christmas Wishes

Part 1

Lynn and Jody were a normal couple for the most part, but Jody had a secret he had hidden from Lynn . He was a diaper lover, and had never revealed his secret to her. Lynn on the other hand just wanted to have a baby, but was unable to get pregnant. The two had visited several doctors, and had no luck. Finally Lynn heard about a different kind of doctor, more of a Witch Doctor. She figured they had nothing to lose, and met with him. She never mentioned a word of this meeting to Jody, and went alone.

It was the Christmas holiday, and on Christmas Eve, Lynn talked to Jody and told him she had seen another Doctor about having a baby. She had two pills in her hand, and told him they were each supposed to take one pill and wait one hour before having sex. She said the pills were supposed to guarantee them a baby. So, that night both of them took their pills and waited one hour before going to bed. The sex was very sensual and unusually good. When Jody finally orgasmed, he felt very weak and light headed. He held Lynn in his arms and fell asleep.

When they woke up in the morning however, everything seemed strange to Jody. The world seemed bigger to him, and he could hardly move. It was then he noticed that his body was not the same, and his hands looked like a small childs. Lynn woke up when she heard him panicking, and comforted him, saying, "There, there baby, it's going to be OK." Lynn then went on to explain to him that she had indeed discovered his secret, and that she had met with a doctor who was into magic. The pills that they had taken were a special formula, that would turn him into the baby she always wanted and her pill would cause her to produce milk for him to feed. She told him his body would be reduced to that of a 6 month old baby, and the transformation was almost complete. His mind however, would be a little slower, but by the end of the week, would be that of a baby, with no memories of his previous adult life.

Just then, Lynn noticed the bed was getting wet. She looked down and noticed Jody had wet himself. She apologized, and got up and carried him out to the Christmas tree. She pulled out the first package, and opened it up. It was a package of Pampers. Shocked, Jody looked at her, and asked where the diapers had come from. Lynn explained that this was planned, and she wanted it to be a surprise. She opened the diapers and diapered him so there would be no more accidents. While she was doing this, she noticed she was a little wet herself, so she opened another package that had lactating pads and bras. Once they were both protected, she continued to open the remaining gifts, and everything that would be needed to care for a baby was eventually unwrapped.

The rest of the day was spent setting up the nursery. Jody struggled and resisted, but he was too small and had no muscle tone to put up much of a fight. He was spoon fed, and given a bottle while Lynn held him. That evening, Lynn held Jody in her arms, and opened her blouse, exposing her nipple. Her breasts were swollen and a drop of milk could be seen. Jody took her nipple in his mouth and began to suck. He enjoyed the taste, and drank greedily, first on one breast, then the other. When he finished, He was laid to rest in a crib, and Lynn went to bed beside him. In the morning, she woke up and breast fed him again. Jody's body was now totally transformed into a 6 month old baby, and today he could not speak. As he fed on Lynn 's breast, she told him that the moment he first drank her breast milk, the transformation became permanent. He was going to be a baby forever, and she would be his mother. A tear formed in his eyes, but he continued to suck on her teats without even knowing he was doing it. When he was finished nursing, she laid him on the changing table and changed his diaper.

Lynn then told him that her only wish for Christmas was a baby, and that Jody had given her everything she had ever wanted.

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