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This story is absolutely true, my first experience of diaper play in twenty years. All the events took place on the night of May 1, 2016, through the morning of May 2.

9:50 PM: I take over 3 ounces of castor oil, swigged straight from a new 4 ounce bottle. Only ½ inch remains in the bottom of the bottle. Not much taste, nasty texture! I read  that alcohol dissolves the oil, so I take a small swig of wine, just enough to swish around in my mouth, and indeed, the oily residue disappears. I had eaten at 6:00 PM, so my stomach should have been partially empty. I thought of the old saying “You can’t un-ring a bell!” I know my fate is sealed; I don’t know what my fate will be. At least I don’t feel immediately nauseated, as others had reported, so I wish the oil well as it starts its journey through my system. I have a feeling that I will earn my display name tonight, big time!

10:00 PM: I take my bedtime melatonin, as I often do to help me sleep when I am nervous. I want to be cool about this, but my heart is beating fast, and I am acutely monitoring myself for any warning signs of the uncertain “outcome” of my adventure. I feel a combination of excitement, regret, and dread.

10:15 PM - 10:45 PM: I get everything ready that I can think of. I lay out two XP Medical Absorbency Plus Level4 disposable diapers; they are supposed to have a usable capacity of 86 ounces. I hope that would be enough! Then, I prepare my bed. I put on a vinyl-backed fleece mattress pad over my regular bottom sheet, and cover that with an old sheet that I sometimes use to protect tender outdoor plants from frost. I place a large hospital grade pad over the sheet. Next, I put down some painter’s plastic next to my bed, making a path from bed to bathroom. I line a plastic garbage can with double layers of plastic bags, with elastic around the top to be sure they would stay up.

11:00 PM: I take another few swallows of water. My mouth feels dry. Is it because I am nervous? Is water being drawn into my intestines? I don’t feel anything yet, but it’s too early. This stuff is supposed to take anywhere from 2 - 6 hours to work.

11:15 PM: I get undressed. I go to the bathroom to take a leak. I get on the scale - 189.2 pounds. It’s time to get serious; I don’t want to be taken by surprise, as so many have reported, being betrayed by what they thought was just a fart ... From now on, everything that happens will happen in the diaper.

I apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly all over the area to be diapered, making the layer especially thick where the skin is especially thin - you know where I mean. Just like a baby, I want to be protected from any kind of rash; I have also heard that the petroleum jelly seals the pores, and makes it much easier to remove residual smells later. After all, I have to be in public tomorrow afternoon!

11:30 PM: I am a rookie at this - with all my planning, I forget to take some things into account. What part of the diaper goes in front? These aren’t marked clearly, but I figure it out.

I had read that the wicking properties of these high capacity disposables takes all the moisture away from the skin and locks it away. That is the opposite of what I want, so I put on an old pair of cotton briefs, worn thin and full of holes - the kind of underwear only a guy wouldn’t throw away. It would get soaked, and hold everything I let go into the diaper against my skin. I would feel wet and messy.

Carelessly, I allow a small amount of the petroleum jelly to get on the outside of the diaper; some if it is still on my fingers, even though I try to wash it off. The tapes won’t stick! The clock is ticking. Was that a gurgle? Now what? I finally find some duct tape. It doesn’t want to stick either, at least not all that well, but I wrap it all the way around my waist \ and overlap it; it seems secure. I am really encased, there would be no quick escape if I decide to change my plans. Just for an added measure of safety, I put on a pair of long, high waisted plastic pants.

11:45 PM I am lying here, trying to relax, but getting more nervous instead. I want to pee, but I can’t let myself go. I feel things starting to move high in my gut; I feel things starting to shift. How long will it be? As time passes, I begin to wonder if anything will really happen. For a moment, I hope it doesn’t, but then I know that I would be disappointed. And deep down, I know that all that castor oil is an irresistible force. It really is only a matter of time.

I lie there with nothing happening; my attention drifts, and I get bored. The next thing I know is that it’s ...

3:00 AM: How dry I am! Nothing happened while I slept. But something is beginning to churn a bit - pressure starting to build, gurgles, mild cramps, a feeling that the lead turd is beginning to move, and that there is a lot behind it, pushing it forward. It’s not at the back door yet, but I feel it getting closer. It’s progress is inexorable, slow but steady. The feeling is ominous.

3:15 AM: That same feeling of approaching doom, but nothing has happened, and things actually feel calmer. I get out of bed and walk around, massage my gut clockwise to encourage movement. It’s swollen, almost distended, and feeling a little tender. I start to wonder if something is seriously wrong, but the slow movement, the feeling of shifting fullness, continues. My body is at war with my years of training, and my deep inhibitions. Something within me does not want to let this happen! Maybe I should take all this stuff off and just go to the toilet. And yet, I want to go through with this, even though I am now disappointed. All those stories of castor oil hijacking people’s systems, taking away all choice and and messing helplessly - it’s been almost six hours, and nothing. I drift back to sleep until ...

4:20 AM: I wake up with a start, needing to go, NOW! But I am still in command, and I hold it back, and the urge subsides. I am lying on my stomach. But this is different. Deep rumbles, gurgles, intense pressure. I start to moan. I clench and squirm, and breathe as though I am in labor, and I succeed again in holding it back for a few moments. I am trembling and sweating with the effort. But slowly, my hole loses its ability to stay clamped shut. The pressure is steady, and I feel a slow ooze beginning to work its way out. I still clench with everything I have, but that poor muscle is tired. ... The steady, slow release continues and builds, thirty seconds (it seems much longer), and I feel it pushing past my clenched cheeks. Suddenly, my body realizes that the fight is over. A massive cramp! I roll on my side, knees to chin, fetal position (how comforting and appropriate!).

OMG! An involuntary push, every muscle contracting, a soft, sticky mass spewing out, spreading everywhere in an instant. A primal grunt. I roll back & forth, ending up on my stomach, as it just keeps coming and coming, traveling inside the briefs, up to my back, down my crack, encasing my balls in hot, sticky mush. I feel wet heat flooding me from the front - without any willful action on my part, my bladder just opened. I am limp. I am drooling all over the pillow. I hear these unearthly, guttural sounds, and barely realize they are coming from me. And the flow continues, from both places, on and on.

4:30 AM: I feel a totally irrational contentment, totally relaxed, totally relieved, totally safe. I drift into slumber. This is what it's like to be a baby!

5:15 AM: I wake up, feeling full again; I push, and a little more comes out, but there is still some unfinished business. I put on a rubber glove, pick up a dulcolax suppository, and work my way through a tremendous volume of soft, sticky poop, find my hole, and push it in. The now covered glove goes into the wastebasket; my hand is still clean, and I don’t have to worry about what I touch.

This time, the reaction is swift and sure, Within a few minutes, the cramps start, the rumbles begin, and I just go with it. I push, and wet mush just pours out of my hole, thinner this time, wave after wave. It runs down my crack, and this time surrounds not only my balls, but spreads across the front of the diaper, encasing my entire manhood in warm, slippery goo. I get hard, painfully hard, and by reflex start squirming and humping the bed. I feel something starting to build. It feels like it’s coming from my toes, and this feeling of immense pleasure takes over my entire body, building to an inevitable climax. But this is a whole new sensation. I don’t speed up. I don’t tense my thighs. I don’t stop breathing. I just keep moving, and the sensation grows and spreads. And for the first time in my life, I relax into cumming, Surging and pumping, prolonged ecstasy like I have never felt, total release, a full body orgasm.

I don’t remember it stopping. I don’t remember falling asleep. The next thing I see is bright light, and the clock:

11:00 AM: Back to reality. My sensitive areas are starting to sting just a bit, and my diaper is now filled with more liquid than it can handle. I must have drained more through the night. Time to clean up; thank goodness for the plastic pants, and the floor protection! A long shower, citrus soap; I gradually feel clean. Finally, just for curiosity, to the scale: 184.6 pounds. Over 4 ½ pounds lighter.

Now that it’s over, I know one thing: I’m doing this again!

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