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REBORN: true story

Hi guys my name is Tim im 23 yeas old i like music, movies, sports, and oh yes im a adult baby.yes im a adult baby i have been for a year now and iwant to tell you how i became a ab/dl.


it happened last summer i was on my way home from a party. (not drunk or high) it was probably 2 in the morning and i get hit by a car. and i was airlifted to the E.R.  it was in the hospital room when my life changed forever. the docter came in and told me what happened. and that i was in a wreck. and also you'll have some difficulty walking you dont need a wheelcair but you will get feel wobbly walking long distances at times. and you have 4 pinched nerves in your back preventing you from feeling the sensation of going to the bathroom so you will be put in diapers. i just about lost it when he said that. he said "its nessesary because you already had two accidents did you not"? "yes" i said. "so diapers are the best solution then". he said the nurse came in with a big disposable diaper. she told me to "relax everything is fine" then the doctor told me the most horrific thing ever. he said my mom knows about my condition and i'll be in diapers. i was stuned. im 23 laying in a bed getting diapered by a female nurse. "ok lift up your but"t she says as she slowly removes my underwear. she then puts the diaper underneath me." ok you can lowe"r she said. she then grabbed the bottle of baby lotion and squeezed it in her hand and rubbed it on my butt balls and penis the smell was acually pretty good the lotion was so thick and smooth and her hands were so soft. then my penis got hard." my someone sure is enjoying this" she chuckled. i cleared my throat. she the grabbed the baby powder she sprinlked it on it was cold i flintched a little. she giggled, i blushed red. she then pulled up the front and taped the front nice and tight. there all better now how does that feel? i was suprised on how soft it felt. i leave the hospital mom picked me up we talked for a bit on the way home. we have a very good relationship. we pulled into the driveway and went inside. i go in my room still tired from the whole hospital.  fell on my bed and past out. 2 hours later i wake up and mom calls me to the kitchen for dinner. i go down to the kitchen and she made my favorite lazagna. she asked how my nap was i said good. i went to sit down and she stopped me and said we need to check your diaper before you sit. come hear. i forgot i was in a diaper yet i said ok i stumble over to her she pulls my pants down. garbs the front oh my your wet she said. i couldnt believe it i actually wet my diaper i didnt even know it. i said i'll go change i'll be back. she asked me if i knew how to put them on i said it will be fine i went up the stairs to my room and removed the wet diaper igrgabbed a dew one from the package un folded it. how do you put this on i said to myself. i struggled for about ten minutes then i herd my mom Tim sweety are you ok? she said coming up the stairs she opened my door looked at me and laughed a little. whats rong i asked. o nothing sweety your diapers on crooked thats all let me help you. i was a littleembaracced she gets on her knees and untapes my diaper and stratens it out and retapes it up. i think i should change you from now on she says. i couldnt think of anything to say except ok. she says ok we're done lets go eat dinner. we went down stairs and ate the lazagna was delighus as always. after dinner i go into the living room to watch hulu. i find hey arnold. i turned it on and started watching it havent seen the show in years. still love it. an hour goes by and suddenly my stomach gets crammpy then suddenly my mom  comes in and says "smells like someone needs to be changed".  i was shocked that i pooped my diaper. she grabs the supplies and the changing mat. tells me to come over to her. so i do she tells me to lay down so i do. im laying there thinking i cant beelieve that my own mom is going to chang my poopy diaper. suddenly i felt her unbotton my pants and unzipps the zipper pulls them down to my ankles then takes them off . "phew you really stink". she says. it  did smell pretty bad. she untaped the diaper removed it she then grabs the baby wipes and started wiping the poop off my butt. it felt wierd. after that the smell went away. she the grabbed the bottle of baby lotion and squeezed it in her hand and rubbed it inmy butt balls and penis. "i dont want you to get a rash hun" she said. as she rubs in the lotion my penis gets hard again. i felt embarraced." its ok she says at your age its pefectly natural". she says. she starts rubbing in the baby oil next thats when it happened. she is rubbing it in my penis and balls then suddenly without warning i shot a load of cum in the air. i was horrified. "its ok hun accidents happen". she says smiling while she wipes the cumof her hand and then uses a new baby wipe to wipe it off my belly. she then grabbed the powder and sprinkled it on me and pulled up the front and taped me tightly. she stood me up gave me a hug and told me its time for bed. as i go to bed im thinking " i could acually get used to this".


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