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" My Online Mommy / A True Story "


                < Chapter VII >

             By BooBooBritches


      After hearing Saundra say that, I realized that I had blown my only chance to keep my dignity intact, on 3 elderly grandmother type ladies, of which I would probably never see again, and I knew I should have waited for a different, or better opportunity, now I was at the mercy of Saundra, and I had a horrible feeling that she would not be in a merciful mood, at least, within the next 60 hours I would be with her.


       We finished our drinks and Saundra said she wanted to walk down the strip to The Mirage Casino to see the volcano and maybe even the pirate ship show on the strip.  I knew that I had just finished using the restroom so felt there was no immediate problems there, although another Pepsi or two would probably result in a wet diaper, what with my onesie and all, I didn't feel having a wet diaper would be all that bad, the onesie would keep it from drooping and hopefully the plastic pants would prevent any leaking, so we headed out the door.


        The walk from The Circus Circus to The Mirage was a pretty healthy walk but I enjoyed it and we stopped at Mcdonalds on the way back.  We both got sodas and sat outside and watched the traffic and people on the strip, about halfway through my soda I wet my diaper, not a lot, but definitely enough to consiously know in the back of my mind it was wet.  


         When we got back to the casino, Saundra was hungry so we got a pizza, and, another soda.  After eating our pizza, we played the slots for about an hour and a half, and then, totally out of the blue, Saundra patted my bottom and gave it a squeeze and said, " Hmmm, feels like someone has a very wet diaper ".  I immediately looked around but quickly realized, everyone was interested in their slots and not in what Saundra had said or done, although, there was one younger lady that acted like she had not only heard what Saundra said, but had also seen what she did when she patted my bottom, as she gave me a cat like smile and a quick glance at my bottom as we walked past her.


          When we got on the elevator, much to my surprise, the young lady I saw by the slot machines got on right behind us.  Saundra pushed our floor, which was floor 10 and the young lady asked Saundra if she could press floor 11 for her.  The ride up in the elevator was fast and no one said anything, as we started to get off at the 10th floor, the young lady said to Saundra, " Excuse me, I didn't want to seem like I was listening in on your conversation downstairs, but, I couldn't help but hearing if you asked him if he had a wet diaper, and as he passed me by, I did notice that his pants were drooping in the rear a bit.  Can I just say, I think it is so cute that he wears diapers and that you do random diaper checks on him as if he was a 2 year old toddler ". 


           To my utter shock and embarrassment, Saundra immediately introduced herself and me to the young lady, who we find out is named Taylor, and invites her to our room.  Now any other time, I would have been all for it, but I just happened to be standing there in an extremely wet diaper so I felt this was not exactly a great time to be making new friends.  Taylor quickly accepted Saundras invitation and got off the elevator with us, as the three of us walk to our room.


            As soon as we get in the room, Saundra tells me to lie down and informs Taylor that I've had a long afternoon, a long walk, and that I probably needed a nap, I quickly kick off my shoes and start to get under the covers when Saundra grabs the blanket and says, " WHOA THERE BABY BOY, you can't go night-night with your pants on ", and she proceeds to pull my pants down with Taylor standing there watching, when I try to resist, Saundra gives me that look and says, " You know the rules, you're not gonna start giving me a hard time now just because Taylor's here, are you ", I meekly shake my head no and offer no resistance as Saundra pulls my pants the rest of the way off, leaving me laying there in just my baby blue onesie with my diaper and Winnie The Pooh baby pants peeking out.


             Saundra doesn't cover me back up, instead she goes to the bathroom and after a couple of minutes, comes out with a baby bottle full of some type of milky looking liquid, and as she hands it to me, gently forcing the nipple into my mouth, I start sucking on it as if I was a baby and Saundra says to Taylor, " He needs his formula before he takes his nap so he doesn't get dehydrated, he's been drinking soda all day and too much soda isn't good for him ", and then Saundra sticks two fingers into my onesie and diaper, then takes a quick peek and announces to Taylor, " I'll change him after his nap, he's just a little damp and he's not poopie yet, and with these new Wellness Diapers, he can wet 3 or 4 times before he needs changed  ".


            I know I must have turned red but thought to myself, I guess it could have been worse, she could have changed me in front of Taylor, after all, our bet was, no public diaper changes, but in the privacy of our own room, it didn't matter who was there, if I needed changed I would get changed.


          Little did I know, or realize, just how tricky Saundra could be, I wouldn't find out until later that the formula mix she was having me drink was a combination of Infants Good Start Formula and a very quick working laxative.  When I awoke from my nap, which must have been a couple hours later, I heard Saundra chatting with Taylor, to my surprise, she was still here, and I knew that I was going to be in trouble, very, very soon, as my tummy was rumbling ferociously and I knew I'd be messing my diaper, in front of both Saundra and Taylor.  I laid there, trying not to move around too much and pretending I was still asleep, hoping that Taylor would leave before the inevitable happened.


           As I lay there, thinking about the situation I was in, or soon to be in, I was wetting my diaper some more when the phone rang and Saundra picked it up, whoever she was talking to she was telling them that she was just getting ready to change me and that we could all meet them tomorrow morning for breakfast, as I squinted my eyes, I noticed that Saundra motioned towards me to Taylor and nodded her head, they must have agreed on something prior to me waking up.  Taylor walked over to the bed, on the side where I was laying, and started rubbing my tummy, saying, " Wakey-wakey baby boy, it's time to get up from your nighty-nite so we can go get some din din ".


           While Saundra continued chatting on the phone, Taylor kept rubbing my tummy, and then I felt it, that rumble in my tummy turned into a little tummy gurgle, which Taylor heard, as she stopped, with her hand just resting on my gurgling tummy,  I let loose a loud, but muffled fart as I felt a yucky mushyness filling up the seat of my diaper, and as Taylor looked down at me and smiled, she felt the bottom of my diaper, gave it a little pat and a squeeze, looked at Saundra and said, " I think your baby boy made a messy diaper, did you want me to check him for you ", I was paralyzed as Taylor stuck 2 fingers in my onesie and diaper and carefully lifted it up, just enough so she could peek in, but before she actually got close enough to peek, she sat back up, wrinkled her nose and said to Saundra, " OH MY GOODNESS, he definitely made a messy diaper, OH WOW, Saundra, he stinks "


        I heard Saundra tell whoever it was that she was taking to on the phone that she had to go because I had made a really messy diaper and was in dire need of a diaper change, Saundra then laughed, hung up the phone, looked at me and said, " O-K you little stinker, WHAT DID YOU DO ".  She then asked Taylor if she wanted to help change me and Taylor quickly answered yes, she'd love to, Saundra said cool, why don't you go ahead and unsnap him and get him started and I'll grab a wet wash cloth, a clean diaper and the baby wipes, I was thinking to myself, why would Saundra be letting a complete stranger get involved with this, I would soon get an answer to my question.


        As Taylor started slowly unsnapping my onesie, she was talking baby talk to me and with each snap she unsnapped, she'd say, " Hims is one snap closer to a poopy diapey ", and she'd repeat this with every snap she unsnapped.  Once she got the onesie completely unsnapped, she pulled the front of the onesie up revealing just my Winnie The Pooh plastic pant diaper cover, she then patted my bottom and told me to lift up, as I slowly and cautiously raised my bottom, I felt her pull my plastic pants down to my ankles as the mushy mess shifted and smeared all over my bottom, this left me laying in front of this complete stranger in just a dirty diaper, which was quite evident from the shadows that could be seen at the edge of each of the leg gathers.


         Taylor, then to my surprise, had started pulling the tapes of my diaper off by time Saundra got back with all the supplies.  Saundra must have noticed the look of panic on my face as if I was pleading with her not to let this complete stranger change my diaper, because she immediately said, " Remember what I said baby boy, real baby's do not get, nor do they have any privacy, at any time, and at any given time, anyone can check, and even change their wet, or, their poopie diapers, and Taylor is going to change your stinky diaper right now, oh, and by the way baby boy, you had best get used to Taylor changing your diapers, she's a very good friend of mine from Tulsa, Oklahoma who flew in here with me and has agreed to help me by babysitting you, and baby boy, she'll also be staying in this room with us, that way, if I need to run out for anything, instead of trying to hurry and get you dressed, Taylor can watch you while I'm gone, and speaking about Taylor, Taylor, let's get him changed, he stinks "


         As I lay there stunned and shocked, Taylor removes the rest of the tapes and slowly pulls the front of my diaper down, wiping as much of the mess as she can, as she does it, Saundra hands her the wash cloth and Taylor starts wiping my bottom, all the time, talking baby talk to me in over exaggerated motions of wrinkling her nose and waving her hand in front of her face as she says, " EWWW, HIMS JUST A STINKY LIL BABY, YES HIM IS ", as she gives my nose a little tweek and says, " YUCKY YUCKS, WHAT A TINKY TINKY WIDDLE BABY, LET'S HOLD YOUR LIL NOSE SO YOU DON'T SMELL HOW TINKY YOU ARE, WELL YES YOU ARE, YOU'RE JUST A WIDDLE TINKY BABY, YES YOU ARE ".


        As she finished wiping my bottom, Saundra handed her a cloth diaper and the diaper pins, with one pin in her mouth, she spreads the cloth diaper out, tells me to lift my bottom, then slides it under me, as she pulls the thick diaper up between my legs, bringing the left side around and pinning it, then takes the other diaper pin out of her mouth, pulls the right side firmly, and pins it tightly.  Saundra tells her not to put my plastic pants back on, explaining that she didn't want me to get a rash and that it would be easier to see when I needed changed, with a pat to my bottom, Taylor said, " There you go baby boy, dry and smelling a whole lot better now (as she turned to Saundra), did you bring my clothes in with you ", Saundra answered yes, they're in that suitcase right there ( pointing to a suitcase on the floor that Saundra hadn't opened yet ), Taylor told Saundra thanks and that she was going to change, then looked at me and said with a laugh, " But not for the same reasons that you need to get changed for baby boy ".


      Then with a wink, Taylor says, " WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOOOOOO MUCH FUN THIS WEEKEND BABY BOY, YES WE ARE, as Saundra places my dirty diaper in a double plastic bag, sealing both bags tightly, then puts it in a Diaper Genie near the bathroom, that I noticed for the first time, then looks at me, wrinkles her nose and smiles..........


 " My Online Mommy / A True Story "


                    < Chapter VIII >


     As I lay there, totally shocked, by not only hearing what Saundra had planned, with another girl, but also shocked by having my messy diaper changed by a total stranger, a very cute stranger I might add, I thought to myself, since I've already used my one extenuating circumstance with the grandmothers downstairs, I was now totally vulnerable to whatever Saundra had planned, and now with Taylor in the mix, I could and probably would be subjected to any and every action or task a mother or babysitter would do with an infant or toddler, and I had absolutely no say on it, regardless of, where we were, or who was there, especially in this room, it almost made me feel that leaving the sanctuary of this room, even though I would be diapered, would be better then staying here, where anything was allowed and I was open game for anyone who came in.


      Yes, there were a lot more surprises in store for me, and as I lay there on the bed, in just a cloth diaper with my onesie covering my tummy like a t-shirt, but still unsnapped and laying loosely under my bottom and draping over my tummy, Saundra whispered something to Taylor, then both ladies giggled, as Taylor took the room phone into the bathroom, and just seconds later, I heard her muffled voice, almost in whisper mode, talking to someone on the other end.

Taylor came out of the bathroom, looked at Saundra, smiled and nodded her head in affirmation, as Saundra let out a loud, cheerful giggle.  Saundra asked Taylor how long it would be open till and Taylor responded, until 4 a.m., at which time, Saundra jumped up, looked at me and said, " Come on baby boy, Mommy and Auntie Taylor's taking you bye-bye, let's get you dressed "


       Saundra tosses another one of my cloth diapers and a pair of translucent Baby Blue plastic pants to Taylor and says, " We had best double diaper him, and let's use these plastic pants, they're baby blue and cute, but we can still see through them and it'll be more noticeable if his diapers are wet or poopy, by the shadowing, we'll be able to see through the pants ".  I'm thinking this is all good, if we were staying in the room, but why would they think my plastic pants and diapers would be visible to them if they were taking me out, this would soon be answered, much to my horrific shock and embarrassment.


       Taylor unpins the diaper I've got on, then tells me to lift my butt, as I do, she pulls the diaper out, re-shapes it with the other cloth diaper, then tells me to lift my bottom again as she gives me a playful swat to the inside of my thigh.  She positions the diaper under me, tells me to put my bottom down, then pulls the extra thick cloth diaper up between my legs, forcing my legs apart, I look up at her and see both diaper pins pursed in her lips, she looks back down at me, wrinkles her nose and smiles, then pulling my diaper tight, she gets one of the pins and pins the diaper snug, then pulls the other side up, tightly, removes the pin from her lips and pins the diaper, then feels around the waist of the diaper and the legs, at the thighs, making sure the diaper is snuggly and firmly fastened, she then takes the plastic pants and shakes them out, then carefully puts the leg holes over each of my feet, gently pulls them over my ankles and up my legs, then tells me to raise my bottom and pulls the plastic pants up and over my diaper, checking it all around to make sure none of the diapers sticking out, she then pulls my onesie out from under me, up between my legs, and with a tug, she snaps each snap securely in place.


       By this time, Saundra is next to the bed with what looks like a couple of jars of baby food and a baby bottle, she tells Taylor to put a bib on me so I don't get my onesie all yucky and messy, after which she then starts to spoon feed me this horribly tasting baby food, telling Taylor, " He needs to eat 2 jars of these strained prunes and he needs to drink at least one bottle of his baby formula before we take him anywhere tonight, that way, no matter where we go or who we're with, this lil feller will be acting exactly like anyone would expect a baby to act, including making wet and dirty diapeys, even if he's sitting on someone elses lap or just holding their hand".


        I finally get both jars of strained prunes down and while I'm nursing my baba, I feel a little relieved when Saundra pulls out a button up hoodie sweat shirt and a pair of sweat pants and puts them on me, then tells Taylor to make sure I finish my baba while she gets my diaper bag ready.  As I'm nursing my baba, with Taylor holding it to my mouth, I watch as Saundra grabs a big, blue, puffy looking bag with the word D I A P E R S printed in large bold letters on the side, I watch her stick in four disposable diapers, 2 of my thick cloth diapers, a couple pair of plastic pants, 2 sets of different styled infant diaper pins, a container of baby wipes, a couple plastic bags, one with a clean, damp wash cloth in it, a couple baby bottles of what looks like formula and perhaps apple juice, 4 jars of baby food, similar to the stuff I was just force fed, a baby style tee, with the snaps at the shoulders, a pair of shorts with snaps in the crotch and a couple onesies, and I'm thinking to myself, as I finish up the last of my bottle, wow, I don't think this is gonna be a quick outing down the strip and back?


    Then I overhear Saundra tell Taylor, much to my fear and dread, " I packed extra in his diaper bag, you never can tell what we're going to find when we get there, you and I might want to get in a little adult gambling and we sure can't do that toting an overgrown toddler around with us, and they did tell you that there were numerous adult baby babysitters available and they would have their Big Baby Nursery open until 4 a.m. ", as Saundra looks at me, smiles, then says, " WELL BABY BOY, LOOKS LIKE WE'RE ALL GONNA GET TO HAVE FUN AND REMEMBER VEGAS FOR A LONG TIME TO COME, YOU'RE GOING TO GET TO SPEND YOUR FIRST TIME IN A REAL LIVE NURSERY, BEING CARED FOR AND TREATED JUST LIKE A BABY, AND BABY BOY, WITH WHAT WE JUST FED YOU, YOU ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO BE FILLING AND WETTING YOUR DIAPERS, JUST LIKE A REAL BABY AND ALL THOSE PRETTY BABYSITTERS WILL JUST CUDDLE OVER YOU AND GO ALL GOO-GOO WHEN THEY WRINKLE THEIR NOSES AT YOU AND CHECK YOUR LIL DIAPEYS, ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT YOU'RE JUST A YUCKY, MESSY, STINKY LIL FELLER THAT IS IN DIRE NEED OF A DIAPER CHANGE ", as Saundra and Taylor both wrinkle their noses at me, laugh and take my hand as we leave the sanctuary of our room..................................


to be cont.   

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