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" It's Just Another Diaper "


   By Booboobritches




            I embarrassingly looked at Sharon and nodded my head as to confirm that yes, I would submit to the diapering, but then to my surprise, Sharon smiled at me and said, "I'm assuming you're willing to let us put you in a diaper, but Rob Hun, I don't want you to just nod your head, I want to hear you say it out loud".


Rob:  Say what out loud, isn't it enough that I'm willing to let you two do what you want, I mean, I did nod my head in agreement.


Sharon:  Yes Rob, you did do that, but Rob, there are a couple of misconceptions here I think we need to clear up.  To begin with, if you want us to put you in a diaper, then you need to ask us to do it, and second of all, it's not what we want, you're the one that wants to wear diapers and be babied, we're just willing to comply with your wishes and fantasy, and Rob, I did promise you that it would be you that would be embarrassed, not me, did I not?


Rob:  O-K, O-K, you're right about my fantasy and all, but I never said anything about someone else being involved and here you are trying to bring Marie in on everything, that's the only thing that's really embarrassing about all of it, I mean, you do realize that if you let her in on this she's going to have to see me naked, doesn't that bother you?


            Both Sharon and Marie laugh as Sharon just shakes her head, looks at Marie and says, "He just isn't getting it is he?"


Rob:  What do you mean I'm not getting it, I get it completely, you're just trying to humiliate me in front of Marie because I pissed you off when I said you had a feeble mind.


Sharon:  Rob, you have so much to learn and I can guarantee you, you are definitely going to learn exactly what it's like to be a baby.  For starters, what you're not getting is, you're sitting there talking about being humiliated and embarrassed because Marie is going to see you naked, WELL DUH, when was the last time you saw Emma or Hunter getting humiliated or embarrassed when Marie saw them naked, and she sees them naked every time she gives them a bath or she changes their diapers, so if you want to be treated like a baby, why in the world would you be any different.  The "Bottom" line is, and pardon my use of words(As both Sharon and Marie laugh again), we are going to get you to the point where you being seen naked, and having your diapers changed, will no longer be embarrassing or humiliating, just like any other baby, regardless of who's seeing you, or changing you.  Now Rob, get your little bottom over here so we can get your diaper on you before you have a little accident on my sofa, oh, and as you lay your bottom on this diaper, let us hear you say it?


            I knew right away what she wanted me to say, and I was trapped, for more reasons then one, other than there was no way I was planning on moving out and leaving Sharon and the kids, I was also committed because I gave them my word, just because of that silly damn commercial, but more than that, I truly wanted this fantasy, with every ounce of my heart, and regardless of how it came about, I was not about to pass up this possible once in a lifetime chance at getting it.  So as I slowly crept over to wear the makeshift diaper was set up on the sofa, I looked at Sharon and embarrassingly said, "Would you please put a diaper on me and treat me like a baby?"


Sharon:  Awww, does the little baby need his panties changed, C'mere sweetie, let Mommy get you out of those yucky training panties and back in to a diaper, you're not old enough for training panties yet(as Sharon referred to my underwear and slowly pulled them down to my ankles, then completely off, she then patted the diaper, motioning for me to sit on it.  I quickly tried to cover my privates in an attempt to keep Marie from seeing anything but Sharon slapped my hands and as she was repositioning the diaper under me).  Marie, do me a favor and sprinkle some baby powder oh his little tush, we wouldn't him getting a diaper rash too fast now, would we?


Marie:  I'd love to sprinkle powder on his little tush, but Sharon, you're not really thinking he'd get a diaper rash, that could only happen if he actually wet or messed his diapers, not that it wouldn't be hilarious to see, but, he was a potty trained adult last I recalled.


Sharon:  Ha Ha Ha, you and Rob, I swear.  Marie, his fantasy is to be treated EXACTLY like a baby, so that would go without saying, if he's in a diaper, then he's going to have to use his diapers, EXACTLY LIKE A BABY, and yes, I'm afraid, that just like any other baby, he will also be experiencing just what a nasty diaper rash feels like.  So Marie, am I going to have to hire a different babysitter for Rob or are you willing to help with him the same as you help with Emma and Hunter?


Marie:  Oh My God Sharon, of course I'm going to help with Rob.  What kind of babysitter would I be to take care of two babies in the house and ignore the third one, as a matter of fact, I can't wait to see the look on his face the first time I ask him if he needs his diaper changed and I stick two fingers down the front of his diaper to check, that look is going to be absolutely priceless, especially if he's wet.


            Both girls laughed as I continued to lay there, bare-ass naked, getting more and more excited by the minute, with Marie taking her time sprinkling powder on my privates and slowly rubbing it on my bottom, Sharon then says, "O-K Robby Baby, lift your butt up so Mommy can pin your diapey on before that little soldier of yours stands at complete attention, then we'll all get something to drink and watch a little t-v before we go nitey nite."


            Sharon, expertly pins my diaper on me, then with a quick pat to my bottom, she says, "Baby Boy, you be a good baby for Auntie Marie while Mommy fixes us all something to drink".  Marie sits down next to me and to my shock and utter embarrassment, she pats her lap wanting me to lay my head down, as I do, she shifts her body and before I know it I'm completely laying across her lap as she rhythmically pats my diapered bottom.


            Sharon comes back and when she sees the position I'm laying in, with Marie patting my bottom, she lets out a little giggle as she hands Marie, not only her drink, but also a baby bottle then says, "Since you're already in perfect position, you may as well be the one to give him his first baby bottle, that is so gosh darn cute.  Marie sets her drink on the coffee table and as if trying to get a baby to suckle for the first time, she touches the tip of the nipple to my mouth moving it slowly across my lips until I latch on to it, then as I open my mouth and accept the nipple, Marie applies a little pressure assuring that the nipple CAN'T come out of my mouth and that's when I realize, this is real baby formula, but fortunately for me, it's Good Start and not Enfamil or Similac, I've tasted all three and believe me, Good Start is the preference, but they all taste YUCKY.


        As I lay there feeling Marie's rhythmic patting on my bottom, nursing the baby bottle Marie is so gently holding at my mouth, I get the feeling of what it's like to have to breathe thru your nose because of the constant flow of liquid going down your throat and even though the taste of the formula is yucky, I learn quickly to just let if flow in to the back of your throat and not let it touch your tongue or taste buds if at all possible, then just as I feel a sense euphoric comfort, based on my current, and slightly embarrassing situation, A BRIGHT LIGHT HITS ME and I see Sharon standing there with our video camera.............


" It's Just Another Diaper "


   By Booboobritches




                I was just starting to feel comfortable and getting in to the rhythm of sucking on the baby bottle Marie was feeding me until I saw the bright lights of the video camera, for some reason, this gave me a strange feeling, almost one of impending doom?


Marie:  Awww, how sweet, look baby, Mommy's filming your first baba, isn't that nice, I guess Mommy wants to have memories of this adorable moment when her big man turned in to a little man who needed diapers and someone to bottle feed him.


Sharon:  (Laughing) You're almost right Marie, this video will make for some excellent memories and I'm sure one day, we'll all look back on this and laugh, even Rob, maybe, but to be truthful, considering how much trouble we had with getting him to honor his word and in his diaper this evening, I just don't want to have to go through all that silliness again, so this tape is going to be our little insurance policy that his stubbornness and resistance will not be a problem in the future.  When the time comes again for me to want to put Rob in diapers and treat him like a baby, I'll just remind him of this video and how easy it would be to upload it online for all his big macho buddies and the rest of our girlfriends to see, I'd almost be willing to bet that next time we tell Rob it's time for his "Daily Diapers", he'll come straight over to us and be quite compliant and willing to cooperate.


Marie:  Oh My God Sharon, you are one bad girl.  Are you saying that this isn't going to be just a one time thing, you're serious about doing this to him again?


Sharon:  Well of course it's not going to be a one time shot, he can't begin to know what it feels like to be a baby if he doesn't spend some actual real life time being a baby, and that starts tonight.  I am however going to be nice, seeing how he still has to work and all, I'm going to allow him to get out of the diaper, in the morning, and depending on if his diaper is dry, or wet, or Lord forbid, messy, at that time I'll decide when we're going to turn him in to a baby again.  I know for a fact that he's starting his new schedule at the mall.  Effective this weekend, all supervisors and training officers will be working a four on/three day off schedule with rotating days off.  That's going to be perfect, Rob has to work the next four days and that'll give you and I enough time to set up a few things and get some much needed supplies, because when Rob gets his three days off, he is going to be treated like a baby, depending on the condition of his diapers in the morning.  Just think Rob, in only four days, you just might be starting a new journey, your journey in to babyhood will be approximately four to five times a month where you will be in diapers and treated like a baby, for roughly 80 straight hours, and in that time Rob, you will find out exactly what it's like to be a baby. 


                I just lay there, my head rested on Marie's lap as she held the bottle to my mouth, and it seemed the more Sharon described her plans for me, the harder Marie patted my diapered bottom.  I didn't know what to think, based on what I heard, my mind was running rampant with mixed emotions, part of me wanted to stand up and run, mainly out of the fear of not knowing just how far Sharon was going to take this little game, but the other part of me was excited, just thinking about how I was finally going to get to live out my fantasy, and not just with Sharon, but with Marie, her best friend, a total knockout.  My daydreaming came to an abrupt and shocking end when I felt Marie sticking her fingers in the front of my diaper, then peeking in the gap of the diaper at the inside of my leg before she proudly announced to Sharon that I was still dry and hadn't made boom-boom yet! 


Sharon:  Well him's such a good baby, let's see how he holds up through the night, after all, tomorrow morning will tell the tale and I'll know what I need to get done, although, I'm quite sure, if he passes this little test this time, he may not pass it next time and he'll definitely not pass it every time so eventually, I'm still going to have to be prepared, at least more prepared then we were tonight, and while we're on that subject, I think it's time for this little fella to go beddie-bye.  Did you want to finish him up with his baba, I need to go take care of my bed real quick.


            I wasn't sure what Sharon was talking about, but I soon found out when she got back a couple minutes later, much to my embarrassment.


Sharon:  Alright, I'm all set up in the bedroom so if you could take him in our room and get him tucked in, I'll prepare him another bottle, wouldn't want our baby waking up in the middle of the night for his 2 a.m. feeding and me not having a bottle ready.


               Both girls laughed as Marie patted my bottom, a little bit more firmly, and said, "O-K Baby Boy, c'mon with Auntie Marie so she can get you all tucked in your little bed".  As I got up to follow Marie, she immediately took my hand and proceeded to lead me in to the bedroom like a toddler.  I noticed that the makeshift diaper was a tad bit bulky but really no bulkier than what I had put on myself in the past.  When I finally got in to Sharon's and my bedroom I was shocked to see that Sharon had set up the portable camping cot we had, it was set up right next to the bed on the side Sharon slept on and it was covered with what looked like one of the kids crib sheets and a large baby blanket, when I sat down on the cot, I immediately recognized the sound of what could only have been a plastic sheet, under the crib sheet.  Marie must have heard it crinkling too because once she got me laying down, she intentionally felt the crib sheet and patted it, confirming to herself that there was a water-proof plastic sheet beneath it, she just giggled a bit, pulled the baby blanket up over me, tucked me in, and said, "O-K Baby Boy, you have a good night-night and you try and keep that little diapey dry, Auntie will be in first thing in the morning to check your little tush!!!!!!!


To Be Cont.

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