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Sunday: Moving Day


  It was hot outside.  The sun shone brightly on the university's oldest dorms.  Erica hauled box after box, up two flights of stairs, navigating the narrow hallway filled with other freshmen eager to start their new lives in college.  


  She finally brought her last box, conveniently her heaviest, to her dorm room.  She pushed into the corner of her small closet, until she could unpack.  Erica was sweating; her small hometown hardly ever got this hot.  She decided that she needed to shower before going out to meet people, though that meant using the community showers.  Erica's high school had never required the students to shower after PE, so Erica never had to risk getting naked in front of other people before.  Now, she didn't have a choice.


  Erica dug through her boxes of clothes until she found her light purple shower robe.  Cotton and lightweight, it was perfect for the hot weather.  She pulled off her clothes, analyzing her figure before she had to expose herself to the rest of the girls on her floor.  While Erica was shy, she was proud of her body.  She worked hard to eat well and exercise several times a week.  The result was her shorter, lean body, with pale, smooth skin.  Her breasts were larger than most girls' at her high school, but she was a little intimidated by how some of the women were dressed here.


  She quickly put on her robe, before her roommate could barge in.  Erica hadn't met her roommate yet.  She had emailed her and found her online, but her roommate never responded.  She didn't have many pictures or information online, so Erica didn't have much to go off of.  She hoped that she would be nice, she didn't know anyone at this new school.  Gathering her bathroom supplies, she took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped out into the hallway.


  The other girls in the hallway smiled at Erica as she wandered, searching for the bathroom.  Erica avoided eye contact with most of them, hoping that they weren't judging her too terribly.  She finally found the bathroom with the showers, it was on the opposite side of the dorm.  She looked for a place to put her things in the shower stall, but the only hooks were on the far side of the room.  Erica sighed, and after making sure no one else could see her, quickly hung up her robe and towel, and dashed into the shower, closing the curtain.


  She began her shower, happy to be rinsing off the sweat and dirt from moving.  She shampooed her long brown hair, soaped every curve of her smooth body.  Then, she heard voices.  Two girls had walked into the bathroom.  Erica tried to stay calm, but was nervous.

  "What if they don't leave?" she thought.  Her fears were realized, when she heard them giggling about showering together.

  "I missed you so much, Sarah", one voice said.

  "I missed you too Noelle, it's too bad that we didn't end up as roommates again.  Hopefully this new girl doesn't mind us being together all the time." The second voice replied.  Erica got scared; her roommate's name was Noelle.  She didn't want Noelle's first impression of her to be Erica eavesdropping in the shower.  Sarah and Noelle kept chatting, and when the showers turned on, Erica slipped out of hers, threw on her robe, and left the bathroom without even drying off.


  In her hurry, Erica quickly got turned around in the large dormitory.  She wandered, dripping wet, until she finally found what she thought was her room.  She quickly realized it wasn't hers, and was about to leave quickly, but then saw something on the desk.  Closing the door behind her, she snuck over to the desk.  It was a pacifier.  Erica picked it up.  It was a big pacifier, bright red, with a hole on each side.


  "That's kinda weird-" Erica's thought was interrupted by the doorknob rattling, and voices were on the other side.

  "Fuck, I left my keys in my room."  It was Sarah.  The women had come back from their shower.

  "That's fine, they can let us in from the front desk," Noelle responded.

They started to walk away, Erica heard Sarah as they left, "I thought I had left the door open too..."  As soon as she was sure they were gone, Erica bolted from the room.  She realized she was just next door to her own room.

  "That was very stupid, you never should have gone in there," she thought to herself, slamming her door.  She sat on a box in her room.  It hadn't been there before.

  "This must be Noelle's."  She then realized she still had the pacifier.  She had forgotten to put it back in her hurry.  Erica panicked, and opened the box she was sitting on to hide the evidence.  


  Erica froze when she saw what was in the box.  She reached in, and pulled out what looked like a diaper.

  "But it's so big..." she thought to herself.  It seemed huge.  It was a very thick, very large disposable diaper.  She dug through the box more, only finding that it was completely full.  She went to the next box, opened it, and this time she found large plastic panties.  Some were clear, many were colorful. Some had words on them.

  "'Poopy-Butt'? 'Baby Girl'? 'Check Me'?  What is all of this?"  She thought to herself.  Erica turned around to check another box, but gasped when she saw that her door was open, and two beautiful women were standing there, glaring at her.


  "So this is your roommate?"  Sarah said, never breaking eye contact with Erica.  She was tall, blonde, and shapely.  Erica could see that she was strong, as her small shower robe left little to the imagination.

  "Yup, this looks like the girl who wouldn't leave me alone online all summer."  Noelle was smiling.  Noelle was much smaller than Sarah, smaller than herself even.  She had curly red hair, cute, perky breasts that hid in the folds of her equally small robe.  

  "We followed the puddle you left behind from the shower, into Sarah's room, and then here.  I see you went sticking your nose where it doesn't belong."  Erica blushed, still holding the pacifier, diaper, and panties in her hands.  She couldn't speak.

  "You took my pacifier too?  Stealing is pretty naughty," Sarah added.  "Looks like you're in a lot of trouble."
Erica's eyes started to water.  She couldn't get caught stealing on the first day, and these two girls were very intimidating.  She whimpered, "Please, I'm s-sorry, I accidentally went into your room, and I didn't mean to g-go through your s-stuff, I just saw it and was surprised..."

  "Damn right you're going to be sorry."  Sarah closed the door and grabbed the pacifier from Erica.  "You're going to do whatever we say for the rest of the day, or else we'll have you kicked out!"


  Erica starts crying, tears starting to roll down her bright red cheeks.

  "Awww, baby is a crier, she's pretty cute," Sarah smirked.  She stuffed the pacifier into Erica's mouth,  "Suck on this, baby."  Erica cried more, so embarrassed, but did as she was told.
  "Hmmm, she is pretty cute with that binky in her mouth.  I think we need to be very clear with her." Noelle said, taking the diaper and panties from the crying girl.  Sarah pushed Erica onto the bed, and held her shoulders down.  Erica couldn't get away.  Noelle started putting the diaper under Erica, but Erica flailed, spitting out the pacifier.

  "I don't want that!  Don't put me in the diaper!"  Sarah grabbed the pacifier and shoved it back in Erica's mouth, this time taking her hair tie, and creating a loop with the pacifier, secured it so Erica couldn't spit it out again.  She then put her knees on Erica's arms, grabbed her kicking ankles, and pulled them back, lifting Erica's ass into the air.  She squealed behind the pacifier as Noelle spanked her, hard.  Five times on her left cheek, five times on her right.

  "Don't you do that again, Baby Erica," Noelle said menacingly.  Erica stared at her, then Sarah, and unable to speak, stopped fighting.  She tried to shy away as Noelle put the diaper back under her, but was promptly swatted roughly.  She shivered as diaper enveloped her.  It was very heavy and thick, she wouldn't be able to walk normally at all.  Then the women put Erica in the plastic panties she had taken, which read "Naughty Baby" across the ass.


  "Isn't that better, naughty girl?"  Sarah cajoled, releasing Erica.  She sat up quickly, adjusting to balancing with the diaper between her legs.  She looked up at the two women, standing above her.

  "She's adorable!  I think she deserves something nice."  Noelle went to another box, dug around, and put the thick mittens she found on Erica's hands.

  "Hope you didn't look through all of my shit, because then I won't be able to surprise you..."  She held up another pacifier.  Except, it looks like a pacifier, but the nipple was shaped like a dick.  Erica screamed behind the pacifier, but all that came out were garbled mumbles.

  "Be good, baby girl," Sarah threatened, as she left the room, "Or else you won't be happy with what I come back with."  Noelle reached down Erica's diaper, sliding the dildo pacifier toward Erica's vagina.

  "Have you ever had anything this big before, Baby Erica?" Noelle whispered.  Erica shook her head frantically.


  "That's ok, I'll be sure not to hurt you.  This isn't even close to the biggest toy we have," Noelle winks, and starts rubbing the head of the dildo against Erica's pussy.  Erica gasps; she's never imagined anything like this could ever happen to her.  She had heard of people wearing diapers, of course, and even had a couple crushes in high school, but she had always kept her sex dreams to herself.  Noelle starts to kiss Erica gently, massaging her pussy delicately.  She moves the dildo up and down, and starts to push it into Erica's dripping pussy.  Erica gasps as the pacifier slips into her pussy.  It was bigger than the vibrator her friends bought her for her birthday, and it stretches her pussy a little bit.


  Sarah returns, and pulls off her robe.  She has a lacy white bra that holds back her large breasts.  Hanging from her hips though, was a huge, black strapon.  It was at least a foot long, and as thick as Erica's forearm.  Sarah walks up to the pair of women, and pulls off Noelle's robe.  Under it, is a thick white diaper with pink plastic panties covering them.  The back of her panties says "Mommy's Favorite" in a rainbow, curly font.  Erica can't help but giggle at her.
  "Did you just laugh at me?" Noelle snaps, halting her kiss with Erica.  Erica shook her head quickly, squiriming as Noelle pushes the pacifier in farther.

  "I think Baby Erica just got herself into trouble again," Sarah says, grabbing Erica's ear.  She pulls Erica back over to the bed.  She tugs Erica up and onto the bed, on her back, with her head hanging off the edge, looking up at Sarah.

  "Come here honey, come play with this very naughty baby."  Noelle climbs into the bed as well, removing Erica's diaper and spreads her legs.  Noelle is sucking on the dildo, glaring at Erica.

  "I was hoping I wouldn't have to use this, Baby Erica.  This is Noelle's absolute favorite strapon, and I was just going to make her happy with it.  Now, I have to teach you a lesson.  That's so inconsiderate to Baby Noelle."  She unties Erica's pacifier, but immediately replaces it with the large head of the strapon.

  "I'm going to teach you how to suck a cock.  I think you're going to have to learn to like it."  Erica struggles with the strapon, almost gagging immediately.  Suddenly, Noelle shoves the dildo into her tight pussy.  She starts fucking Erica, roughly.  Erica winces every time, tears starting to build in her eyes.  Noelle pulls a phone out of her robe, holds it up, and starts recording.

  "You're a naughty girl, Baby Erica, I think this is going to take more than one day to teach you your lesson.  If you don't do what we say for the next week, we'll share this video with everyone we know.  Including your family, who just added me on Facebook."  Erica starts crying, as Sarah fucks her mouth, and Noelle fucks her pussy.  Erica feels her pussy get wetter and wetter as Noelle slides the pacifier in and out.  Ripples of warmth flow up her body from her pussy.  She starts gyrating her hips, taking more of the dildo with each thrust.  Quickly, she feels her first orgasm course through her body.  She gags hard on Sarah's strapon, spitting it out, getting saliva all over her own face.


  "I think the baby learned an important lesson tonight," Sarah states, smiling down at Erica.

  "I agree, and it must be about her bedtime too."  Noelle responds, setting down her phone.  She slides the pacifier back into Erica's pussy, and flicks a switch at the bottom.  Erica feels the vibrator come to life, buzzing gently in her body.  Noelle retapes Erica's, now wet, diaper and pulls the panties on.  She pulls a small chain out from another box and loops it through the panties, and locks them in place.  She cleans off Erica's face, and puts her hair into long, low pigtails.  Sarah in the meantime, pushed the two babies' beds together.  She tucks Erica in in the center of the bed.  She then changes Noelle's very wet diaper, and buttons on a new set of clear panties.  She then takes off her strapon, and pulls on a pair of pull-ups.

  "I don't wet the bed at night like Baby Noelle, but sometimes I like to wear these pull-ups, so she knows I support her," Sarah says, smiling as she tucks in Noelle next to Erica, and climbs into bed on the other side.  She spoons Erica, and Noelle curls up next to Erica on the other side.


  Erica is exhausted, scared, and aroused all at once.  She never imagined she could feel the way she did, but she desperately didn't want that video to go out.  She thought about deleting it from Noelle's phone, but that would only cause more trouble.  She decided that if she could just get through this week, she would be able to survive anything else college could throw at her.  Erica slowly fell asleep in the arms of Noelle and Sarah, anxious for what the next day would bring.

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