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" More Trick then Treat "

          ( A Halloween Story )


            By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 13 "


          Not only was I shocked and surprised, but I was totally embarrassed when I saw Sam come thru the door, grinning from ear to ear.  I knew I was concealed under my blanket and sheet, and my infantile attire could not be seen, but I also knew that I was laying there in a nasty, messy diaper, and I knew that if she got next to me, the dirty diaper odor wafting up from under my blanket would definitely be noticeable within just a couple of minutes, especially to a nurse who was more than familiar with what a dirty diaper smelled like.


          I looked up at Sam and said, "WOW, what a surprise, what time is it, I thought you was going straight home to get some sleep when you got off from work", Sam just continued to smile and then said, "Well Babe, I wanted to surprise you this morning, so I went ahead and started my vacation today so we could spend some time together, so, here I am, SURPRISE!!!!!"


          I just laid there, and I knew, this might not turn out well, so I decided to try and feign my way out of this situation and perhaps, in some way, I could salvage this pleasant surprise Sam sprung on me, so at the very least, we both wouldn't be surprised.


Rob :  Wow Sam, that's great news, maybe, if you want, I can take some time off too and perhaps we can take that little trip to Vegas I've been wanting to take.


Sam :  That sounds great Rob, but it's going to have to wait until after Halloween, don't you remember, Jordan and I have plans, and yes Rob, the plans include you.


Rob :  (Once again she was being adamant about this Halloween thing her and Jordan had dreamed up)  Ok Hun, that sounds good, so when are you going to tell me what you two are planning?


Sam :  Well since tomorrow's Halloween babe, Jordan is coming over this afternoon and we were going to try our costumes on, ALL OF OUR COSTUMES, and yes Rob, that also includes your costume, but for now, I just want some cuddling time with you, so let me grab my overnight bag from the living room and we can snuggle in bed for awhile.


Rob :  Ok Hun, sounds good, and while you're grabbing your stuff, I think I'm going to take a quick shower, I sure wouldn't want to be all gross and stinky when you hop in bed with me.


          Both of us laughed and I expected Sam to reply to my comment but she just wrinkled her nose at me, then went to the living room, leaving the door wide open, and before I could even pull my blankets off, she was back in the room with me with her overnight bag, which to me, looked exactly like a diaper bag and I wondered to myself where she had gotten that and more importantly, when she had started carrying that instead of the overnight bag she had when she spent the week with me a month ago.


Sam :  Alrighty Babe, where should I get started(as she set her bag down, right next to my open suitcase on the chair, exposing the rest of my infantile attire), I guess, the first thing I need to do is take care of you, and yes Babe, you are right, you are stinky(ha ha ha), but you don't need a shower, all you need is to have your mommy change your diaper!!!!!!


          I was shocked when Sam said that, so callously and as if it was an ordinary and everyday statement, and as I started to turn red from embarrassment and humiliation, Sam came over to the side of the bed, looked down at me, smiled and said, "AWWW, how cute, is my little man blushing, him's is such a little cutie patootie, now let's see how big of a messy surprise him's has for mommy in his lil diapey".  Sam slowly pulled my blanket and sheet off of me and quickly gave my bottom a poke and a couple of pats and as she started to unsnap my onesie, she wrinkled her nose, looked me straight in the eyes and said, "STINKY...STINKY!!!"


Rob :  Sam, please, stop, hold on a minute, let me take a shower and I'll explain to you what's going on, please, don't do this, I can take care of myself, please!


Sam :  Oh come on now Babe, or should I just start calling you, "BABY", there's no need to argue or fret, if you could take care of yourself, you wouldn't be laying there in a soaking wet, messy diaper, like a little baby, and I told you, you don't need a shower, all you need is a diaper change, and that is exactly what I'm going to do, I'm going to change your yucky, stinky diaper so you'll feel better, and most definitely smell better, and as far as you explaining, there's no need Baby, I already know, as a matter of fact, both Jordan and I know, we found out your little secret a month ago when we opened your suitcase that day you were at work, but we both decided to wait until we came up with a plan on how to confront you on it.


Rob :  But, how did you know I was wearing this today, I mean, you couldn't have possibly known, and just exactly when were you two going to, as you said, confront me about this and why would you, I mean, it's a fantasy of mine and I would prefer it remain a secret and not readily open or available to anyone else.


Sam :  As far as confronting you Rob, we were planning on doing that this afternoon when we showed you the costume you would be wearing to the bar tomorrow night, but there's no need for that now, since you are already wearing the same costume we had in mind.

            As to me knowing you were wearing a diaper, and Rob, from now on, it's a "DIAPER", not a "THIS or a THING", I didn't know you would be wearing one today, but imagine the shock on my face when I came in your room, before you woke up, and saw all of the contents of your suitcase, proudly displayed in the open, and then, that familiar odor of a dirty diaper, I smelled the minute I walked in to the room, hovering in the air above your bed, Rob, I knew right then and there exactly what I had to do.  I immediately went back in to the living room, called Jordan and let her know about how I found you, sound asleep.  Then Rob, when you said you wanted to take a shower because you didn't want to be stinky, I nearly lost it.  You have no idea how hard it was for me to keep from laughing, but then I guess my maternal instincts kicked in and I knew, from reading the magazines we found with the rest of your(ahem), "LAYETTE", I knew exactly what you wanted, so, here I am, willing to be your mommy, and there you are, wet, poopy, stinky and needing a diaper change, just like a baby, doesn't really leave a lot of room for arguments or explanations, now does it?


          I knew she was right, I had no defense or argument, I was totally busted and even though I wasn't sure if I could handle the embarrassment of having Sam change my diapers, I also knew that there would be no turning back, the cat was out of the bag and my destiny was now in the hands of the woman I loved and cherished.


          As Sam finished unsnapping my onesie, carefully lifting the front flap up and placing it across my tummy, I felt her hands patting and rubbing my plastic pants and as she slowly started to unsnap the snaps on the sides of the pants, she looked down at me and said, "EWWW, Him's such a stinky boy, yes him is, mommy's big baby made a big boom boom in his little diapey, yucky-yuck Robby, Mommy needs to get her big baby changed, you stink!!!!!!!!


           Even though a lot of this was reminiscent of the dream I had, I knew, when Sam kept rubbing and patting the front and bottom of my plastic pants, squishing the mess around even more, as she unsnapped each side of the pants, this was definitely, NOT A DREAM!!!!!!!!!


To Be Continued.......... 


  " More Trick then Treat "

            ( A Halloween Story )


              By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 14 "


          I can't remember when I had ever been so embarrassed, as Sam slowly wiped my bottom with a baby wipe, smiling and every once in a while, looking at me and wrinkling her nose.  Then when she tucked and rolled the messy diaper, and pulled it from under my bottom, asking in a sing-song type of voice, where's your dirty didy pail at baby boy, I just looked at her, stunned, unable to even respond, and I knew I had turned at least another three shades redder then what I already was.


          Sam just smiled and said, for someone who wants to be a baby so bad, you sure aren't very well equipped, if you're going to use cloth diapers baby boy, you need to have at least two didy pails, one for your wet diapeys and another for your yucky, stinky diapeys.  She gave my thigh a little swat and warned me not to move until she got back, she was going to put my diaper in the shower until she could rinse it out, so there I lay, bare-ass buck naked, waiting for the girl I loved to come back in my room and tell me what was going to happen next.


        Sam must have decided to go ahead and rinse out my dirty diaper, she had been in there for what seemed like 5 minutes, and I thought, I should probably go ahead and get up, get dressed, then try to explain to Sam why she found me the way she did, then as if a light bulb went off in my head, I got the crazy idea that I could lie to Sam and make up some sort of story about how I was just experimenting with a surprise Halloween idea I had about dressing up like a baby, totally spacing out the fact that Sam had already mentioned that her and Jordan were going to put me in diapers for Halloween anyway.


        The more I thought about the idea, the more I was convinced I could pull it off, and I felt, anything would be better then trying to explain to Sam that I really did enjoy wearing and using diapers like a baby, I wasn't all that sure, even after going thru an embarrassing diaper change by her, that I could go thru another infantile experience at her hands, or even worse, losing her because she would think that there was something wrong and perverted about me.


        I retrieved a pair of my boxers from my dresser and after putting them on, I was just getting ready to pull my jeans on, when I was startled by a sound behind me.  As I turned, half dressed, I saw Jordan standing in the doorway of my bedroom, smiling, and before I could say anything, I felt a sharp slap on my ass and turned around to see Sam standing behind me, with a very scornful look on her face, definitely not the motherly smile I had seen earlier.


        Sam stood there, with her hands on her hips, looking like a mommy that had just said NO-NO to a toddler, then after a quick hi with a wave of her hand to acknowledge Jordan, she turned her attention back to me and said, Just what do you think you're doing, did you not hear me when I told you to just lie there and wait for me to get back to you?  I just sort of shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head, not wanting to look Sam in the eyes.


        Before I could even react, Sam was by my side, pulling my half on jeans off, then pushing me back on to the bed, then to my shock and embarrassment, she proceeded to yank my boxers shorts off, right there in front of Jordan, and as if she could read my mind, she looked at Jordan as she pulled the boxers off of my ankles and said, What am I going to do with this little stinker, I just now finished rinsing out one hell of a messy diaper I just took off of him, and all I asked him to do was not move until I was done, but nooooo, he thinks that since he already had fun sleeping in a wet, shitty diaper all night, then having someone else do the dirty work and changing his stinky butt, he could just get up, get dressed and be treated like an adult, and it would be no big deal.


Jordan :  WOW Sam, did you really catch him in a dirty diaper, and then actually change him?


Sam :  Yes Jordan, when I called you and told you to get over here, that I had a surprise to show you, well, that was it, and I was going to leave him in his dirty diaper until you got here, but to be honest with you, I didn't think I could handle the smell any longer and I didn't want to leave him alone because I knew he'd get up, take his diaper off and shower before you got here, so I did the next best thing, just to prove to you that I wasn't BS'ing you, if you want to see, go take a look in the shower, I left his shitty diaper in there, as is, I'll rinse it out later, after I can get a proper diaper pail for it.


Jordan :  Are you serious, can I go look real quick, I mean, it's not like I don't believe you, but wow, I just can't believe that he would really use a diaper like a little baby, be right back. 


        I looked at Sam and said, I thought you already rinsed it out, what were you doing in there all that time?  Sam just laughed and said, just because you use a diaper to go potty in, doesn't mean everyone else does, I was using the potty like a big girl.


        Jordan came back out after only about 30 seconds and said, wow Sam, you weren't kidding, he really did a job on that diaper, and wow, I see what you mean by how bad it smelled, whew!  Sam just laughed and said, yea, it was for sure a really stinky diaper, but then again, that's what baby's do when they're not being cute and all cuddly, they eat, sleep, pee and poop, and in the case of this big baby, they apparently like to play after they pee and poop.  Both girls laughed and looked at me, laying on the bed, once again, naked as a jaybird.  


Sam :  So tell me Rob, did you think, after I changed your smelly butt, that when I told you to lay there and not move, that I was somehow, kidding you?


Rob :  I know you told me to wait for you, but you was gone for so long so I figured I'd just go ahead and get dressed then explain to you why you found me the way you did, I was just trying to be considerate, thinking that you probably didn't want your vacation starting off this way. 


Sam :  Awww, well now, isn't that nice, you was just being considerate of my time.  You should probably sit down Jordan, this is going to take some time and should prove to be not only interesting, but quite entertaining(as Jordan took my suitcase of baby paraphernalia off the chair, setting it gently on the floor, making sure she left it wide open, the way it was when it was on the chair).

            OK Rob, so tell me then, why in the world, considering the way I found you, fast asleep, in a very obvious poopy, smelly diaper, would you think for a minute that I would let you wear big boy pants instead of the potty pants a little baby has to wear?  Did I not tell you that you needed your mommy to "CHANGE" your diaper(as she emphasized the word CHANGE)?  That usually means, Robby, to change a diaper, is to take a wet or poopy one off and replace it with a clean, dry diaper, that's what change means.  What exactly don't you understand about that, I mean, after reading all of your regression books, it looks to me like it means the exact same thing to big baby's as it does to little baby's, and with that said, I think it's time your mommy got your diapey on you, we don't want any little accidents, now do we?


        Sam grabbed another one of my diapers out of my suitcase and with the efficiency of an experienced mother or nurse, she quickly had me diapered and laying there, in front of Jordan, who was giggling and enjoying my humiliation of being seen this way, then to my shock, Sam grabbed another diaper, another set of diaper pins and told me to lift my bottom, and as I did, she explained to Jordan(not me), how she was going to go ahead and double diaper me since she didn't want to use any plastic pants on me.


Jordan :  Ummm, OK Sam, but after seeing that diaper in the bathroom, aren't you sort of taking a chance, I mean, you don't want him to ruin any of his and your soon to be furniture, do you?


Sam :  Well,you're sort of right, but the way I see it, he's not going to be sitting in this diaper all night long like he was with the one I just changed, and with him in just a diaper without plastic pants, all either one of us has to do for the rest of the day and evening is pat his bottom to see if he's damp or wet, and if he poops, well, that'll be a no-brainer, we'll know right away from the smell, not to mention, I'm pretty sure he makes a potty face just like any other baby does when they're making poopies.


        Both Sam and Jordan laughed at that and Jordan said something about she could just visualize that now as both ladies wrinkled their nose.  Then Sam asked Jordan to go ahead and slip a onesie on me but not to snap it up, she said they could just use it as a baby tee for now and I would look cute toddling around the rest of the day with an unsnapped onesie dangling down behind me, Sam called it, looking kind of todderish?


        Sam then asked Jordan if she brought her bag with her and Jordan replied yes and went to retrieve it from her car.  By time Jordan came back in the apartment, Sam had walked me in to the front room and had spread out a blanket on the floor which she then had me sit down on.  I was shocked to see Jordan was also carrying what looked like a diaper bag and as she sat it down, I kept looking at it and that's when Sam said, be right back Jordy, I'm going to go ahead and grab mine from the bedroom, then before she left, Sam looked at me and said, I see someone's curious about what's in the diaper bags, well don't you worry your little head about it baby boy, we'll show you what's in both bags as soon as I get mine from the bedroom, and Robby Baby, I can pretty much guarantee, you're not going to like it!!!!!


To Be Continued..........       

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