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"It's J-A-D" ..... The Regression!


By BooBooBritches




            Sharon had been upstairs for about an hour when she finally found me on the casino floor, I wasn't winning a fortune but was holding my own, literally.  I had found a favorite slot machine and even though I had to go to the bathroom, for about thirty minutes now, I didn't want to give up my machine, and of course, there were no floor people to watch my machine while I went.  I was happy as hell to see Sharon and after quickly explaining to her that I had to go, I let her take over my machine so I could take care of business.


                    When I got back, Sharon had hit a pretty decent pay-off and as she smiled at me, she said, "I won enough to buy us dinner, and than some, did ya want to take a break for a bit and catch some dinner."  I looked at the machine and saw that she had won almost $200.00 since I left and surprisingly said, without thinking, "Maybe you should take care of all of our business dealings when ever I have to go potty?"  Sharon laughed and quickly replied, "Well maybe I should just put you back in diapers and we wouldn't have to worry about you missing anything important like business dealings and such?"  I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was within ear shot of what Sharon said and other than a cocktail waitress that was smiling at me, near as I could tell, no one else heard the comment.


                    Sharon laughed when she saw the panicked look on my face as she grabbed my hand, after cashing out the machine and getting our ticket, and said, "C'mon baby boy, let's go get some din din." 


                    I wasn't sure why and where all of that came from, it had been a couple weeks since anyone even mentioned diapers, as it pertained to me, but I do know her comment got me excited as hell and I did my best to walk along side her while trying to conceal an enormous erection, just hoping it wasn't visible through the front of my pants.  Sharon picked the all you can eat buffet, where we waited in line for almost thirty minutes for, but then, it was always like that since it was the only buffet in the casino.  Sharon was always particular about what I ate, I had a decent build and Sharon wanted to make sure I kept it so she wasn't crazy about me eating junk foods.  After loading my plate up with all of my favorites, chicken, mashed potatoes, cheese smothered broccoli and cauliflower, and a healthy piece of filet mignon, I noticed Sharon had also grabbed a medium size bowl of prunes and pushed them in front of me at the table.


Sharon:  With all that food you're going to eat and all that cheese, you need to keep your body regulated, so you can eat this bowl of prunes when you're done with your food, and if you go back up for seconds, you get another bowl of prunes to keep the balance.  Now if you're a real good boy and eat everything on your plate, including the prunes, mommy will get you a big piece of chocolate pie and a fudge brownie.


          Sharon knew how much I loved dessert even though I didn't get the opportunity to indulge in sweets very often, so I was determined to eat everything on my plate, plus, being starved, I went back up for seconds, which included a big helping of cheese smothered broccoli and cauliflower.  I even ate both bowls of prunes but that was no problem, I ate prunes and drank prune juice all the time to help keep me regular.  Once I had finished pigging out, including the pie and brownie, Sharon suggested we walk our dinner off, and I'm here to tell you, night-time on the strip is absolutely mesmerizing with all of the neon lights flashing, so I had no problem with an evening stroll down the strip, obviously not as long a walk as we had taken earlier in the day, but still, a pleasant walk none the less.


                    Once we got back to our room I was more than ready for a nap.  I figured a couple hours rest and then back to the casino to play the slots some more, but apparently, Sharon had other plans, which I would soon find out about.  I needed to take a whiz so I went in to the bathroom, and while I was using the toilet, I noticed the towel covering something between the toilet and the tub.  When I removed the towel, I saw what looked like a pink trash can but just dismissed it as something the hotel brought up for Sharon so she could dispose her female products properly, once again, had I opened it, I would have known it was a diaper pail , but like everything else, I just blew it off.


                    When I got out of the bathroom, Sharon was sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling, and as she patted the bed, she said, "C'mere baby boy, mommy's going to get you ready for your nappie nap."  That's when I saw that she had what looked like, a cloth diaper draped over her lap, along with some plastic pants, sitting next to two pink diaper pins.  It was then that it donned on me, that pink trash can in the bathroom was not a trash can after all, it was a diaper pail.  As I walked towards Sharon, I asked her, "OOOOK, what's this all about and are you serious?"


Sharon:  Well duh silly, what does it look like, and of course I'm serious.  You've been such a good boy lately, working so hard and being a good daddy and husband, I figured this little vacation could be beneficial to your little fantasy too, and look baby boy, Marie's no where in sight(as she laughed).


Rob:  WOW, I'm surprised, what can I say.  I thought you and I were going to have a grown-up vacation, I mean, it's not that I wouldn't like this, it's just that this is supposed to be you and me time, as in, adult time.


Sharon:  I know baby boy, trust me, this is you and me time, and who said we couldn't mix a little regressive baby play with adult play, it's all play, and, play is play.  Now c'mere and let mommy get you diapered so you can take a nap.


                    I walked over and when I started to take off my pants, Sharon swatted my hand and said, "No No baby boy, let mommy undress you, you're just a little one and you need mommy to help you."  Sharon quickly pulled my pants and underwear down, then patted the bed as she stood up.  I laid down on the bed and Sharon told me to lift, and when I did, I felt her slide the thick, soft, cloth diaper under my butt.  Once I had laid my butt back down, Sharon brought the diaper up between my legs and proceeded to pin it snuggly at both sides.  She then told me to lift once again and I felt her sliding the soft plastic pants up my legs until she had it completely covering my padded bottom, Sharon then felt all the seams and openings to make sure none of the diaper was exposed or sticking out of the plastic pants.  After a couple of quick pats on my bottom, Sharon smiled and said, "There ya go baby boy, all ready for your nap, oh, and Rob, if you have to go potty, don't even bother asking, just use your diaper like any other baby does and mommy will change you later.  Oh yea, and if you're worried about leaking, no need(as Sharon patted the bed and I heard the crinkling sound of a plastic sheet), room service made sure the bed and mattress were protected from any accidental diaper leaks."


                    As Sharon laughed I thought, wow, this must mean the hotel knows I'm wearing diapers and so does room service and probably the maids too.  I could only lay there and wonder when did Sharon have time to get all of this done, I mean other than a couple times, she's been with me all day and this plastic sheet sure wasn't on the bed last night when we got here.


                    I must have been sleeping for a couple hours when I awoke with a pressing urge to use the bathroom.  I didn't see Sharon so I got up and walked over to the bathroom, but found the door shut and heard the shower running.  When I turned the handle to get in, I was shocked to learn the door had been locked, then I remembered, Sharon told me if I had to go potty I was to use my diaper, and I figured this was her way of showing me that I had no choice.  I thought of my options, like maybe trying to get to the casino floor and use one of the public restrooms, but that thought was soon dismissed when I felt and incredibly severe cramp hit me, and I knew, Sharon had fed me all those prunes for a reason. 


                    As I walked back towards the bed, I noticed the bottom drawers were open on the dresser and to my shock, they were loaded with not only cloth diapers, but also disposable diapers, along with numerous pair of plastic pants and various assorted diaper pins.  It was then that it donned on me, a mixture of all the broccoli and cauliflower cheese I ate at dinner, made me some what constipated, causing me to have sever stomach cramps, but the two bowls of prunes I had also eaten, was counteracting the cheese covered vegetables and now the two were waging battle inside my intestines, and I knew, the over-all winner, no doubt, would be the prunes.


                    I must have laid there another ten minutes feeling my stomach churn and rumble as the cramps started to subside, when Sharon walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her head and another shrouded around her body.  When she saw I was awake, she smiled and said, "Well look who's finally awake, I was thinking you were going to sleep all night for awhile there.  (She must have seen my obvious discomfort)  What's the matter baby boy, you got a tummy ache?  I was afraid this might happen with all of that food you ate at dinner, hang on one sec, mommy has just the thing for you."


            Sharon walked in to the bathroom, then after only a couple of minutes, came out with a baby bottle, and as she handed it to me, she said, "Here you go baby boy, this will make your tummy feel all better(she must have seen the look of concern on my face, remembering back to the bottles I had to drink in front of her and Marie), oh, no no no baby boy, don't you worry about this, it's just some adult Ensure I bought for you, it's even chocolate flavored, it'll help your tummy, you can trust mommy, mommy would never do anything that would hurt or embarrass you?" 


The Beginning.....   


"It's J-A-D" ..... The Regression!


By BooBooBritches




            I laid there, slowly sucking on the baby bottle, thinking about what Sharon had just told me and wondering, why just out of the blue, she chose this time, when we were on our vacation, to baby me again?  I remembered back to where she involved Marie with my fantasy and thought about how embarrassed I was with someone else seeing me acting like that, but then I dismissed that thought and figured she was referring to not embarrassing me here, in Vegas, making me smile as I thought about that old saying, "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas".


            It didn't take long for me to finish the baby bottle and I thought about asking Sharon if I could get up and use the bathroom, as the cramps were once again starting to get more intense.  Just then Sharon walked over to the bed and before she took the baby bottle from me, she stuck two fingers in the front of my diaper, and to my surprise, announced that I was wet.  I don't remember wetting my diaper nor have I ever had a bed wetting problem, recently, and when I reached down to check for myself, Sharon swatted my hand and told me, "No No Baby Boy, that's nasty, you keep your hand out of your little diapey, mommy will change you after you've used your diaper the way you're supposed to use it. 


            It was then that I knew Sharon had intended for me to use my diaper, for everything, and as another cramp hit me, I knew I had no choice, so I laid there and let the mess ooze out into my diaper and as it slowly filled the seat of my diaper, I must have had that look on my face because I looked at Sharon and she was smiling. 


Sharon:  Awww, is my baby boy making a surprise for mommy in his diapey, hims is making that little potty face(as Sharon wrinkles her nose).  That's ok baby, that's what babies are supposed to do, they just play, and coo, and giggle, and drink their baba's, and then they make pee pee's and poopies in their pants and wait for their mommies to change their dippers and wipe their yucky bottoms.


            I'm not even sure I heard half of what Sharon was saying, I was so caught up with the act of messing my diaper.  I'm not sure why, but one of the pleasures I had with regressing was whenever I messed my diaper, there was just something about the feeling I got when the squishy, pudding like mess started to smear all over my bottom as the restraints of the diaper, and the plastic pants kept it engulfed.  The feeling as the mess crept up to the front of my diaper smothering my penis and balls with a creamy, yet sticky like substance that just clung to every part of my skin that it touched.


            I was so caught up with the act of messing myself as I laid on the bed, the blanket still pulled down from when Sharon checked my diaper earlier, I didn't even notice the knock on the door.


            Sharon went to the door and as she walked away, it donned on me, someone was knocking, at our door, and before I could grab the blanket and cover up, Sharon opened the door and there stood one of the most gorgeous little blondes I've ever seen, and I knew, if I could see her, she would soon look over to where I was and be able to see me.  As I reached for the blanket, the young girl must have seen me moving because she immediately looked in my direction and I could have sworn I saw a bit of a smile come across her face when she saw me.


Sharon:  Hi, can I help you?


Young Girl:  Hi, I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself, I'm Jada, with housekeeping, and I'll be the one helping you with your little situation while you're with us here at The Circus Circus. 


Sharon:  Oh, hi Jada, nice to meet you, I got the letter from Miss Stone and she did mention you.


Jada:  That's great, I didn't know exactly how prepared you were for this situation so I brought you some extra plastic laundry bags.  These are for any other clothing, such as bedclothes, sleepers, onesies, or anything else that you might need laundered while you're here, that is, if you use any of those style of clothes.


Sharon:  Well thank you so much for being so considerate, and yes, I'm afraid, unfortunately, even though I do try and keep him in plastic pants all the time, he does eventually leak now and  then and his bed clothes and onesies do tend to get a bit smelly if I don't keep up on them and keep them washed.


Jada:  I know the feeling, I've got one year old twin boys myself and Lord have mercy, they are a handful, and yes, I don't care what kind of diaper or plastic panties you're using, those little stinkers always find a way to pee outside their diapers and on to their clothes.


            Both ladies laughed and I continued to lay there, with a load in my diaper, just praying and hoping that this gorgeous young girl wouldn't come all the way in to the room, or at least she wouldn't get close enough to know that I was laying here in a dirty diaper.


Sharon:   (Taking the extra laundry bags)  Well it was a pleasure to meet you Jada, and I really do appreciate all of the extra work you've agreed to take on, I promise you, you will be handsomely rewarded for this.


Jada:  It's really no problem, honestly, I'll just toss his dirty clothes in with my little ones clothes and I'll pick up and wash his diapers daily, so that I can leave you with enough fresh diapers to make your stay here a more pleasant one.  As far as compensation, I was hoping you and I could possibly reach some type of agreement on that tonight, that was we can get the paperwork out of the way and concentrate on the task at hand.


Sharon:  That sounds like a great idea to me, if you've got a couple minutes, I'm sure we can come to an agreement(as Sharon motioned for Jada to come in).


            Once both ladies were comfortably seated at the table next to the window, I looked up and saw Jada looking over at me and smiling.


Sharon:  Ok Jada, since this is pretty much all new to me, what I mean, is, I'm usually the one that washes and takes care of his diapers and clothes, did you have a cost in mind?


Jada:  Actually I did have something in mind.  Since you're planning on being here 5 days, I'll go ahead and supply you with clean diapers right up until you leave, that way, you're not hauling a load of dirty diapers back home with you.  The additional clothes are really not that big of a deal since I plan on tossing them in with my baby's dirty clothes and washing them all together.  The diapers, and plastic pants, on the other hand, will require a bit more work, I'll have to pre-rinse them and will also have to hang dry the plastic pants.  Now if you would prefer, I can also hang dry the diapers, I have a clothes line in my yard and it would be no problem if you'd prefer that type of drying method.  As far as the laundry detergent goes, I was planning on using the same detergent I use with my baby's clothes, Dreft Baby Detergent, it tends to leave the clothes fresher smelling and much softer, and I would imagine it would help keep the cloth diapers much more absorbent.  I was thinking $250.00 for the five days, if that didn't sound like too much to you?


Sharon:  I think you've put a lot of thought in to this and I don't see any problem with the $250.00, and as far as using Dreft baby detergent, I think that's a marvelous idea and I'll have to buy some when we get back to Phoenix.


Jada:  That is great, I was hoping I wasn't pricing myself out of a job here(both ladies laughed), and you say you're from Phoenix, wow, what a small world, that's where my girlfriend and I are taking the babies on vacation this year.


Sharon:  Well hells bells girl, I'll give you my number, you're gonna have to give me a call when you get in town, maybe we can get together and do something.  So did you want me to go ahead and write you a check for the 250?


Jada:  Naw, it can wait until later, I just wanted to stop by, introduce myself and see if we could come to an agreement.  I don't want to trouble you no further, I'm sure you've two got plans for tonight.


Sharon:  Well I appreciate you stopping by(as both ladies stand up and Sharon looks down at me), but I think(as Sharon gives her nose an over exaggerated twitch), someone needs his britches changed, he smells a little bit poopy.


Jada:  (Smiles, then giggles)  Umm, yea, he does smell poopy, not sure on just how little though?  He's just like my little ones(wrinkles her nose), he seems like he can definitely mess up a diaper.


            Both ladies laughed as Sharon showed Jada the way out, then turned, looked at me, and said, "OOPS, sorry about that baby boy, but it's not like Jada wouldn't find out you're wearing diapers, she's gonna be washing your diapers for you for the next five days, oh yea, don't look so surprised, you and I are still going to do grown-up things while we're here, but you're going to be doing all of your grown up things in a diaper.........SURPRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Beginning.....    

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