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My name is Mike and this a story that began many years ago when I was eleven years old. I am now 35.


I was invited to spend nine weeks, more than two moths, of my summer vacation with my cousin Frank who lived at his aunt Laura´s house in a small town down south. He was the same age as me, eleven years old. Our birthdays are just one week apart, he is the oldest.

Frank’s parents were killed in a car accident and his aunt Laura had promised to take care of him.


I was met at the railway station by aunt Laura and Frank. It had been a year since I last saw Frank the  last time and he looked great. It was the first time that I met aunt Laura, she was a big, strong woman, almost frightening.

I had a heavy suitcase and aunt Laura took it from me and carried them like she was carrying a hand bag.

Both of them gave me a really warm welcome and I felt that it was going to be a really terrific  summer.


When we arrived at the house in the evening. Aunt Laura told Frank to show me to his room. We were going to share his room and I was looking forward to that. Frank and I had always enjoyed  each others company.

After carrying up the suitcase and unpacked it I had a minute to explore the room.

We had separate beds on each side of the room which was quite large with a window in between the two beds.

This will be really great I thought. Here we would have a great time. Just think of it, two months of playing, swimming in the nearby lake and doing all sorts of fun together.


Aunt Laura called us down to the kitchen and served us a great supper. She was a tremendous cook. As a teacher in a cooking class what would you expect?

Later that evening we sat around the big kitchen table and talked while aunt Laura was knitting. Frank and I made up the wildest plans, fantasizing about what we were going to do during the coming 9 weeks. It felt so homey.

I had been traveling almost all day and it was to soon 9 pm. and it was time to go to bed. A little early I thought, but I was tired so I didn’t mind. 

So up the stairs we went and I got undressed and hit the sac.

Aunt Laura was coming to tuck us in as soon as she had done the dishes. I crawled under the bedsheets dressed in my boxer shorts. But Frank just lay on top of the bed naked. A little puzzled I looked at him but said nothing. We didn’t say anything, we just waited there in silence for aunt Laura.

It did not take long before aunt Laura entered the room. “There you are my sweeties” she said with a satisfied voice.

I looked at Frank and saw how he crawled almost all the way down on his bed until his lower legs were outside of the bed. It looked very strange but I did nothing, just watched. Aunt Laura went over to a dresser and pulled out the top drawer and took out some stuff. I couldn’t see what it was and she put it on a small table beside Frank´s bed.

She went over to the naked Frank and stopped at the foot end were Frank already were dangling his legs over the bedside.

Then to my surprise she took out a bottle from the pocket of her apron and handed it to Frank. I could see that it looked like a baby bottle. I watched the scene in amazement. Frank took the baby bottle and started to suck on it. He raised his legs and placed his feet on aunt Laura´s shoulders and spread his knees apart. I thought it looked ridicules.

Then I saw how aunt Laura started to pour out a white powder over Frank´s boy parts. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did Frank have a rash or something?  When aunt Laura was finished  with the powder, Frank raised his hips and aunt Laura took something from the table and moved it under him. Frank lowered his hips again.  Now I clearly could see what they were doing.  Aunt Laura was putting a diaper on Frank! Was he a bed wetter?

I could see how aunt Laura lifted the top of the diaper from between his legs and firmly attached it to the waist band that was coming up from under him, and taped it all together so it formed a complete diaper around Frank´s crotch. He looked like he was totally concentrated on sucking on his baby bottle and didn’t care what aunt Laura was doing to him. He raised his feet straight up and aunt Laura took a pair of thick plastic panties and moved them down his legs finishing of by letting them securely cover his  diaper.

I had now pulled up my bedsheets up to my eyes so they would´t see the grin I had on my face. It was all so hilarious.

The next thing that aunt Laura took up from the table looked like a pair of baby blue pajamas and she started to put them on Frank who still had his feet straight up. As she moved them down he raised his body and put down his baby bottle, lowered his arms so aunt Laura could move the sleeves up his arms. Now I could see that the pajamas was a one peace and it was soon covering his hole body including his feet! It had small baby teddy bears and unicorns and such printed in yellow all over it. The collar went all the way up to his chin and had white ruffles almost up to his ears. The only things of his body that wasn’t covered where his hands and head. It was even more cute than the pajamas I often had seen little babies wearing. She zipped it up in the back and he lay there on top of the bed, again sucking on his baby bottle. Now I could see that his wrists also were covered with ruffles covering a large part of his hands.

I just lay there in my bed giggling. Frank was now diapered and was wearing these ridicules pajamas and he was ready for the night. I couldn’t help myself staring at him. He looked like a big toddler, so sweet and cute sucking on that baby bottle. As he pulled his knees up I could clearly see his diapers bulging out around his crotch I could hardly stop myself from laughing out loud.

While I was staring at Frank I noticed that  aunt Laura had gone over to the dresser again and picked up some more stuff out of the drawer and put it on the table. I didn’t think so much about it. Suddenly she stood at the foot end of my bed looking at me. Horrified I heard her say:  ”Well, now it´s your turn Mike. Place yourself on top of the covers and crawl down here” I thought my hart would jump out of my chest. Was she really going to put me too in diapers? Was she joking? But I could see on her face that she wasn’t joking. “Yes aunt Laura” I said and I did as I was told. Thinking  to myself that this can’t true. Why was she doing this to me?

Then she ordered me “Take those silly boxer shorts off immediately!” She had a stern tone in her voice I didn’t dare to disobey her, so I quickly removed my boxer shorts and I lay there completely naked in front of her.

She handed me a baby bottle from a pocket of her apron and like a good little boy I started to suck on it. That distracted me and calmed me down a bit.

So there I was, laying on the bed with my feet on aunt Laura´s  shoulders and getting powdered over my boy parts and sucking on a baby bottle. I could´t believe what was happening to me. “Hips up” she commanded, and so I did. I felt a diaper being pushed under me. “Hips down” she ordered and I did so. Then I saw and felt how the top of the diaper was being firmly placed on my belly and taped together with the waist band coming up from under my back. The diaper was now totally covering my hole crotch area. Oh shit, now I  too was in diaper!

This can´t be real, this just can´t be happening to me! I do not need this! I thought desperately to myself.

The next thing was a thick transparent plastic pantie that was moved down my legs and then up to my waist, covering the diaper completely. Aunt Laura  gave her work a careful inspection and adjusted it to perfection. She took her time to do it right. To end it all she gave me a couple of pats with her hand right over my boy parts, and commented “It is looking really nice on you Mike”. I will never forget that smacking sound and that humiliating feeling.

Then she reached for the pajamas and started to move them down my legs and the rest of my body. I saw that also my pajamas had feet and ruffles on them. “Raise your body” she commanded and I did,. “Let go off the bottle and move your arms through the sleeves”. I did as I was told.

She zipped up the pajamas in my back, told me to lay down and gave me the baby bottle again. 

I was now like Frank laying on the top of the bed wearing diaper and these ridicules baby blue pajamas with yellow unicorns and bunnies and ruffles and sucking on a baby bottle. There was nothing I could do about it. I realized that I must now be looking just as cute and adorable as I just a few minutes ago thought that Frank did. But now I didn’t laugh anymore.

Aunt Laura then sat down on my bedside and started to talk to me. “I am so glad to have you here in my home Mike”

“I am glad to be here aunt Laura” I said.

“We are going to have so much fun during the coming two months you are here”

“Yes” aunt Laura, “I am sure we are. And I am looking forward to my stay here.” I said.

“I am so glad that we understand each other and I am convinced that when you are back home again you will have many new wonderful memories to remember.”

“Yes, I think so to, aunt Laura.” I said.

“Aunt Laura, do I really have to wear the diaper?” I asked.

“Don´t you worry about the diaper. You will soon get used to them. Every little boy who is staying in my house has to wear diapers during the night, you do understand that don´t you?”.

“Yes, I guess I do, aunt Laura.” I answered with my mouth wrapped around the nipple of the baby bottle.

Then she leaned over and kissed my forehead and said “Good night Mike and sweet dreams.”

“Goodnight,  aunt Laura and thank you.” I said.

“You are so very welcome, Mike“ she said and got up.

Before she left the room she first helped us to crawl down under the bedsheets and tucked us in.

Aunt Laura went to the door and turned around as she turned off the light. She said “Now sleep tight you two dear boys. I will be back in a few minutes to pick up the empty bottles and I  don´t want to hear any noise or talking from you two. And don´t you dare to get out of your beds. Is that clear?”

“Yes aunt Laura” we answered in chorus. Then she left the room and closed the door.

I whispered to Frank “She have put us both in diapers, is this really happening?”. But Frank just gesticulated back telling me to be quiet and drink up and go to sleep.

Wow, this was really a new experience for me. For the first time I can remember I was now wearing  diapers and I could´t go to the bathroom to use the toilet. Because if I did I would have to remove first the pajamas and then the diapers and then put it all back on again. I was stuck in this outfit. Well, this last thing did not have to be true. I could at least try to get free. I reached for the zipper in my back of my pajamas but it was impossible to undo it. I was really stuck! If I had to pee I had to do it in my diaper. And that was what it was there for.

I felt so unhappy so I just drunk up the last in the bottle which by the way tasted how I imagined what a baby formula would taste like. So I came to the conclusion that it must be what I was drinking, baby formula!

Could it be any worse?

I put the empty bottle on the night stand and tried to sleep.

After a couple of minutes I heard  aunt Laura sneak in and fetch the two now empty baby bottles.

I had a very hard time to sleep that night. I felt angry and  humiliated I was eleven years old, I was a big boy and should not be treated this way. It took me a long time to calm down.

It was a relief when aunt Laura came in to our room the next morning at 8  and woke us up. We had now spend 11 hours in bed. That was much more than I was used to. I had´t been in bed for so long since I was a small child.

Aunt Laura freed us from the pajamas and the diapers. Mine was dry and I thought she looked a lite bit disappointed. But I could just have imagined that.

It felt so good to take a shower and get my hole body cleaned up.

We had a very good breakfast  aunt Laura told us that she was going to the mall to do some shopping, and she wondered if we wanted to tag along? Sure Frank and I said, we love to.

So off to the mall 20 minutes away by car and we where there.

We spent the best time of the day there.  Aunt Laura took us to Burger King and we could order what ever we wanted.

We had been shopping all day and when we were leaving the mall we passed a baby store.  Aunt Laura told Frank an me to wait outside for just a moment.  Two or three minutes later she came she came out carrying two large boxes and one smaller, she carried them like they were very heavy. But when she gave them to us I almost dropped mine. It didn't way anything almost.   She was just joking. I could only guess what was inside. Aunt Laura carried the small one and Frank and I the bigger. I thought that aunt was Laura looking at the smaller box with anticipation. That surprised me  but I found out much later why.

When we came home it was already time for supper. After that , we talked watched some T.V.  and  aunt Laura knitted. At 9 pm it was off to bed.

I understood that that was the usual bed time.

It was the same procedure as last night. 

Frank was first put in diaper and pajamas and then me.

I tried to explain to aunt Laura that I was a big boy, 11 years old, and was able to take care of myself and go to the bathroom when I needed. But she did not listen. All she said was that all boys had to wear diaper in bed. And that was all to be said about that, end of discussion.

So all I had to look forward to was to spend every night for the next two months in diaper and pajamas and spend eleven hours each night in bed. It was now clear to me that the evening and morning procedure would be our regular routine for the coming two months.

When aunt Laura had left the room that night I sneaked over to Frank, who was terrified to see me there beside his bed. I demanded him to unbutton my pajamas. At first he refused but I was desperate. I didn’t want to spend another night in this outfit. I turned my back to him and told him to unzip me. Just at that moment aunt Laura opened the door and the light was lit. She was there to fetch the empty baby bottles and she saw immediately what was going on.

“Get into your bed at once Mike” she shouted. Terrified I jumped as quickly as I could into my bed. “So” she said with a calm voice, “That’s how it is. Well I will stop you from even trying that!”

She left the room and when she came back a minute later she had something in her hand. It turned out to be mittens. Well not exactly mittens, she took my right hand at first, put the mitten on and I felt that on the inside was a separate compartment for each finger, including the thumb. It had a  strap sewed on the outside of the mitten witch was fastened to the strap that went around the wrist so my hand made a fist and could´t be opened. She did the same to my other hand and then she did the same to Frank. Our hands were now useless. There was no chance in hell to remove the pajamas, or do anything else for that matter.

That night I was so angry I almost cried. Later on that same night I woke up with a desperate need to pee. But I had no choice, I had to let it go into my diaper and I was so ashamed.

In the morning when aunt Laura freed us from our mittens, pajamas  and diapers she was very content when she saw that my diaper was soaked. She smiled at me and stated that ”There you see for your self, boys need to be diapered at nights.”

I was devastated but I kept it to myself and gave her a short smile instead.

During my stay there I had a few more “accidents” which cemented aunt Laura´s firm believes that boys do need to be diapered during the nights. She really had a logic of her own in this case.

After tree nights we didn’t have to wear the mittens any more. She had proved her point.

I was really glad for that. One thing that had been difficult was to hold the baby bottle when my hands were forced to make a fist by the mittens.  I dropped it several times. Lucky for me that it was unbreakable.


During the third day when were  heading for the ice cream stand in the park I asked Frank if he had been wearing these awful diapers and pajamas for a long time.

“Well” he said “my parents were killed in a car accident three years ago. And it was then I moved in at aunt Laura´s and I have been diapered since the first night here.

“So you have been wearing diapers every night for more than three years now?” I asked amazed.

“ Yes, it must bee about three years.” he confirmed thoughtfully.

“For how long do you think you will have to?” I asked.

“I have no idea” he said.

“I am sorry to hear that Frank I said.

“Race you to the ice cream” he shouted and run to the ice cream sales man with me close behind.


Now I wanted to see everything in the nearby surroundings. 

At noon we went back to the house to have something to eat.

In the afternoon we went swimming in a nearby lake. It was just perfect.

The day past quickly and soon it was time for bed. At exactly 9 pm. we were ordered to go to bed. I didn’t dare to protest so off to bed we went.


The next day Frank has this great idea that we should go fishing. Aunt Laura thought that it was a great idea. “you will find some fishing poles i the cellar, just to the left of the stairs.” she said. Frank and I went down there and we found the fishing poles just where  Aunt Laura had said. On the way up I happened to see the boxes that  Aunt Laura had bought at the baby store. I could see that one of the bigger boxes had been opened, and the smaller too. Not a big deal, but somehow the sight sent a chill down my spine and I had no idea why.

The fishing by the lake was great. We caught some pikes and we had them for dinner. They tasted so good.

Aunt Laura told us that she would pay us some money if we cut the grass on the lawn for her. Then cold by ice cream and other things. So of course we did as soon as we had a chance. That summer Aunt Laura had the best lawn in the neighborhood.


The days passed and we enjoyed every one of them. We went fishing, bathing in the lake, eating ice cream and so on,


The second week of my stay we had a great adventure during the day. We had been all day at the amusement  park not far from were we lived. Aunt Laura had taken us to a pizza place and when we came home by 9,30 we were directly of to bed

Aunt Laura Laura came and diapered and put us into our pajamas. Frank and I was so exited so we could not be quiet. We had had so much fun riding all these wonderful attractions and we were so exited  that it was hard for us to sleep.

After Aunt Laura had tucked us in for the night we were still to exited to sleep. We just had to talk about what been through so I sneaked over to Franks bed after aunt Laura had fetched the bottles. I was sure that the coast was clear and I was standing on my knees beside Frank´s bed and we were whispering and giggling. Suddenly the door flung open and the light was lit and aunt Laura was in the doorway with an angry look on her face. “When I say good night I expect you to stay in your beds and go to sleep.  I do not want to be disobeyed! Is that clear?” She  yelled.

I got into my bed, but not as fast as I could have done and she noticed that. “So that’s how it is, is it? Well, I have remedy for that. I will make sure that you will not get out of your beds until I say so.” She said and left the room. Frank and I grinned at each other, how would she  accomplice that? we said to each other, ready to do it again soon after she had said good night  again.

Aunt Laura came back sooner than we expected and in her hand she had two chains with a dog collar attached to them. What the hell....? is she going to do now??

She came to my bed first and attached the chain to the bedpost. The dog collar was put around my neck. To prevent me from undoing the collar by myself she then put the mittens on my hands again. She then did the same to Frank and then she said good night and kissed gently our foreheads and told us with a soft voice to be quiet and left the room.

Oh, this was a nightmare. I was in these diapers and pajamas and now I was chained to the bedpost and these damned mittens made it impossible to remove the dog collar.

Could it be any worse?


As it happened we were chained to the bedposts for just three more nights. The next night after we were diapered and ready for the night, sucking on our baby bottles, aunt Laura made us promise her that we would never disobey her like that again. But if we did break that promise just once, we would  be chained to our bedposts for the rest of my two months stay.


However the next week when we again had a special experience. We had visited the afternoon show of a visiting circus. It was so fantastic to see trapezes artists, all the animals and the clowns and all the others.

We had been there, all three of us and when we came home it was already past 8 pm. Aunt Laura made us a quick supper and after that it was off to bed. After we had been diapered and so on and tucked to bed, and were supposed to be asleep, we just couldn’t hold back. None of us could sleep so we sneaked over to each other and whispered far into the night. It was just so exiting to tempt fate and get away with it so we did it several more nights.

But one night our luck run out. Once again aunt Laura stood in the doorway and this time she already had the leashes in her hand. First she chained me and then Frank the our bedposts. She also put the mittens on our hands.

“Well there you see, you have only yourself´s to blame! You were talking to each other and you were out of your beds despite of my will and your promise to me. I have no choice but to keep you this way for the rest of  Mike´s stay.” This meant we were to be chained to our bed posts for five more weeks!
She also said: “If you two still can´t be quiet I will shout you up in my own way. And that will also be for the rest of Mike´s stay. Do you understand?”

Yes,  aunt Laura, we understand” Frank and I replayed  in chorus.

“There now you have been properly warned”. She said goodnight and closed the door.

It was not so hard, the collars were soft. It was a strange feeling thou, to be leached to the bed post like this. But not being able to use my hands because of the mittens was frustrating.

Aunt Laura had now sewn the mittens to the pajamas so they were now a permanent part of them. She had also warned us again that if we weren’t quiet she would make us quiet.

Now we did not even dare to whisper to each other, what if aunt Laura would hear us? What would she do to us then? We did not dare to find out.

The three next days it was raining and we stayed in the house the first two of them. Watching TV reading some of Franks comic books. and so on. The third day we went to a movie and watched the afternoon show. I think it was some si fi movie.

A few nights later we just couldn’t help what happened. Just when Aunt Laura had picked up the now empty baby bottle and said goodnight I made a huge fart. The sound echoed in the room.  Frank started to laugh into his pillow and so did I. I made some fake fart sounds and after a minute we could´t stop laughing. It didn’t take long before aunt Laura entered the room. “You boys can´t be quiet can you? Well I´l  fix that!” she said. “I have warned you many times before but you still can´t be quite when I tell you to.” After she had said that she left the room.

She went to fetch something and Frank and I just looked scared at each other and waited.

She soon came back with something in her hand. I saw it was looking like pacifiers. That thing that babies used to suck on to make them stop screaming. These were bigger than I remembered them to be and they where bay blue. Aunt Laura came over to me first and put the pacifier in my month. I thought it was ridicules, all I had to was to spit it out as soon as she had left the room. But again I was mistaken. There was a thick plastic band attached to the pacifier over the plastic peace that covered my mouth and under the classic ring that all pacifiers have. She took the plastic bands and  moved them to the back of my head and fastened them together there. The pacifier was now locked on me and I could´t spit it out. I could´t use my hands to get it off of me because of the mittens. Aunt Laura then tucked me in. I was now laying on my back with my arms on my sides over the bedsheets.

Frank was also given a pacifier and tucked in the same way. I could´t help myself but I thought he looked even more cute now with that thing in his mouth with that ring and all. But then I realized that so did I.

All we could do now was to look at each other and suck on our pacifiers. Aunt Laura went to the door and turned around and looked at us. “Oh”, she said to us and put her hands together “you look just sooo adorable, both of you. I just have to get something else for you to wear. I will go and fetch it for you so stay were you are, I won´t be long.”

Frank and I once again looked at each other, I tried to say something but I couldn’t speak with that pacifier in my month. All I could do was to suck on it.

The nipple of the pacifier was very cleverly designed. Well inside the mouth it stopped the tongue from moving around so it could form understandable sounds, like words. But it was not so large that it was uncomfortable. As soon as it was in my mouths it became natural to suck on and to my surprise it felt kind of nice. The protective peace that went over the mouth fitted like it had been molded there. It was also made of a material that dampened sounds, yet it did let some air through so it was possible to breath a little through it. The band that went around the head was designed so it went over the ears to the back of the head and yet it hold the pacifier firmly tight over the mouth. It must have been made by some engineer.


A few moments later aunt Laura came back and she had a smile on her face. That worried me a lot. She went to Frank first and from a pocket of her apron she took up a baby blue, (the same color as the pajamas) baby bonnet and put it over his head and she tied the ribbons under his chin. It was exactly the same style as  the bonnet I have seen so many small babies wear. It was big and covered his hole head from the top of his forehead down to the back of his neck and also covered his ears. With all the white ruffles and laces on it. I had thought that Frank looked so adorable before, but now he really looked super cute and adorable, wearing diapers, baby blue pajamas, mittens, pacifier and a bonnet, and being chained to the bed post. The only thing that wasn’t covered of his entire body was his face around the eyes.

I would have laughed my head off if it hadn’t been for the fact that in a few seconds I would look the same! Then it hit me that the only thing that was missing now was an eye mask. Then our hole bodies would have been totally covered. I shivered at that thought.

Aunt Laura came over to me and after a few seconds I was also wearing the same super cute bonnet too. She had made the knots very secure with a big bow knot and there was no chance for us to remove the bonnets ourselves. She kissed both of us lovingly goodnight on our foreheads and tucked us in like before. She went to the door and had a long look at us. She must have been standing there for well over two minutes. Then she gave us a big smile and said “Goodnight both of you lovely boys and don´t let the bedbugs bite” Then she switched of the light and before she closed the door she said with a very low voice “and don´t you make any more noise tonight! Do you understand??”. She waited a moment for us to answer her. As if we could! All we could do was to say:  “Hmmm”

Could it be any worse?


 After that night  aunt Laura had to wait for us to finish our baby bottles before she put the pacifiers into our mouths. I now took my chance to leave some of the formula in bottle, as aunt Laura put the pacifier in my mouth before she took the bottle. It was not easy to hold the baby bottle when my hands were made into a fist in the mittens.  Aunt Laura had seen this so she waited with the strap until we were finished drinking.


The following evenings after that Aunt Laura stopped at the door with her hand on the light switch for a minute or two and she just watched us with a content smile on her face. Telling us with a soft voice,”Goodnight you two sweeties. Sleep well and remember to be quiet”, before she switched off the light and closed the door behind her. All that Frank and I could do was to look back at her in our super cute outfits and suck on our pacifiers and say: “Hmmmm”

The morning after the fourth night with the pacifiers and the bonnets we tried to convince aunt Laura that we if promised her to be good boys and be quiet  and go to sleep as good little boys, she would not have to use the pacifiers and the the bonnets any more.

We promised her as hard as we could. But she would not give in. She said that we already had let her down too many times.

She said that she had given us many warnings that this would happen if we weren’t quiet when she told us to. She also told us that she had many times been standing outside our door, listening to us whispering to each other. And we did that in spite of the promise to be quiet that we had made to her earlier. Now her patience with us had run out. And she said with a soft smile that she really adored how absolutely cute and adorable we looked there in our beds dressed in bonnets and pacifiers.

To our horror Frank and I realized that she was right. We had made that promise before and we had broken it, more than once. And we had been warned about the consequences.  So we did have ourselves to blame.

Then aunt Laura gave in and said that we did not have to wear the bonnets any more.

The pacifiers we still had to have.

It was half a victory, and we had to fight hard for it. 

So, for almost four more weeks we would have to sleep with the pacifiers.

But before we left the house aunt Laura made this warning to us. “Now boys you have to behave exemplary now or you will again have to wear your bonnets during the nights. Do you understand?”

“Yes, we know aunt Laura” we answered.

But I just had to ask “Aunt Laura, what does it mean:  exemplary? ”

“Well” she said “if you are late for a meal, if you don´t finish your bottles when you are going to sleep. Oh, and Mike there are many nights that your bottle have been almost half full. Now I am telling you that you have to be a god boy and drink it all. And a lot of small things like that. So if you do not behave to my liking you will have to wear the bonnets again during the nights. And perhaps it won’t stop with just that.”

“Yes aunt Laura” Frank and I said in chorus.

Just as we were leaving the house  aunt Laura called us back. She asked me what I like the least, the bonnet or the pacifier?

After a little bit of thinking I said that I liked the bonnet the least.

“So”, she said, “you like the pacifier then?”

Now I was confused and she was now staring at me, so I just answered “Yes, I suppose I do.”

“I am glad to hear that” she said with a smile. “Now I know that you like the pacifier then. That was good to hear. ”

I felt like I had walked into a trap. I did not like the pacifier nor the bonnet, but  aunt Laura had tricked me to say that I liked the pacifier.

Now I was even more confused and all I could think of to say was “Yes,  Aunt Laura.” I could have bitten of my tongue. What a stupid thing to say. Now Aunt Laura was convinced that I liked the pacifier. Shit!! 

I just left the house and joined Frank outside. It was a warm and sunny day but I felt a little chill coming through my body.

I said “common Frank lets go to the park and get some ice cream, I’ll race you there” and started to  run with Frank in my heals.


In the mornings Frank and I used to wake up quite early and just lay there talking to each other, waiting for  aunt Laura to come. Wearing the pacifier meant that we couldn’t talk to each other any more.


Frank and I managed to behave perfectly for just a little more than a week. It happened when we were out swimming in the afternoon. We had so much fun in the water that we totally forgot the time. When I got out of the water and looked at my watch I froze when I saw that we were now already half an hour late for dinner.  It would take us another 20 minutes to get dressed and run home.

When we came home we saw an angry aunt Laura with a now cold supper for us.

From that night and until I left we had to wear the hole outfit, including the bonnet during the nights again. It was now almost three weeks left.

Again we saw  aunt Laura standing there in the doorway for minutes just looking at us with a content  smile on her face. She absolutely loved how cute and adorable we looked. And once again, all Frank and I could do was to look back at her and suck on our pacifiers.  Aunt Laura had finally gotten us just were she wanted us.

Could it be any worse?


It was only that first time when  aunt Laura was angry with us that she used almost violence when she put the pacifier and so on on us. The rest of the times she was so careful and considerate. I thought that she behaved like she was dressing up her favorite doll. Which perhaps was not far from the truth.


One day I had a talk with Frank and asked him if he was punished like this when I wasn’t there.

“No, he said. It has never happened that I had to wear anything more than the diaper and the pajamas. and that is normal not a punishment.” He said.

“I see” I said “so one could say that if I wasn’t here you would not have to wear that outfit during the nights?”

He stopped and took my arm and looked me in my eyes and said. “Don´t you ever think that again. I rather spend every night during your stay in complete outfit. Even with things we have not yet seen, than to spend the summer without you. I really mean that Mike.” he said

“Thank you Frank. I really wanted to hear that. I was a little bit worried.” I said.

“By the way, what do you mean by ´things we have not yet seen?´” I asked

“Well, it just hit me the other day that the only thing that is left to cover is our eyes and ears. So perhaps she is having something in store for them too.” He said.

“Hmmm. I have had the same thought. Let us hope that we are wrong Frank” I said

“Yes let´s hope so”. He said.

And that was the end of that conversation.


We did behave and every night we were dressed up in our outfits. Looking so super cute and not being able to say anything else than: ”Hmmmm” when she told us to be quiet. Aunt Laura never got board of that joke.


Well, all good things must have an end so at last the two months were gone and I had to go back home at to school. I had had a really great time, despite the fact that I had to be diapered and so on during the nights. Frank and I had done more things than I had hoped for. We had been at the amusement park, at the circus and many other interesting and exiting places.

At the train station I asked if I could come back again next year. Aunt Laura gave me a big hug and she said “Of course you are my darling Mike, you are always welcome here. And I am so looking forward to pick up were we ended”

At that time I did not think so much what she had said, but when I am sitting here writing this story I think she meant that she wanted to  dress us up in our  cute outfits from day one.


When I came home I told my parents of the adventurers that Frank and I have had, and how great this summer had been. But I never told them  about what I had been forced to wear during the nights.


Ten months later I was again picked up at the train station by aunt Laura and Frank. I was going to stay there for two months this year too. Two months meant in this case 9 weeks. And I was so exited and looking forward to be swimming in the lake and so on. This will be the best summer ever !! I said to aunt Laura as I got a big welcome hug form her, right there on the station.

Frank and I were now12 years old and I was hoping that we didn’t have to be diapered again during the nights. Aunt Laura must understand that we were to old for that kind of treatment, I thought.

But no, aunt Laura had us in diapers and pajamas from the first to the last night. Frank had obviously always been diapered all of the time, and he saw no end to it.

It had happened many times that he could´t hold his pee all night and when that happened aunt Laura almost triumphantly claimed that it was still to soon to stop. So I found myself in diapers and pajamas during my hole stay.

On the first night when I was diapered and put into the pajamas  and in my bed, drinking the last of my bay bottle,  aunt Laura came to my bed and sat down. Just like a year ago.

“Hi Mike she said” she said. “ It is really nice to have you back in my house again”

“Thank you aunt Laura” I said. “It is really nice to be back here again”.

“I have been thinking about how much I enjoyed it when you were her the last time” she said and smiled at me.

“Thank you”  aunt Laura “I really did have a great time here.”

“Just don´t misbehave and make me angry with you or I will be forced to to dress you up in that cute outfit again. And this year I have some more surprises for you.” She said with a sweet tone in her voice.

“I promise you that I will behave like the good little boy that I am, aunt Laura” I said.

“Thank you Mike, and for your sake I hope you do” she said and got up and went to the door where she turned around and said “Now I want you boys to promise me that you this year will behave. That means no talking or not leaving your bed during the nights. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes  aunt Laura we promise that.” Frank and I  said in chorus.”

“I am so glad to hear that promise. If you would break it I will put both of you in full outfit from that day and till Mike returns home again. Do you understand?” She said.

“Yes  aunt Laura” we said “and we promise.”

Aunt Laura looked very pleased and said  “Sleep tight and goodnight.”

“Goodnight aunt Laura” We replied in chorus.


Both Frank and I had made up our minds that this year we would not have to wear that awful outfit. And we did really set our minds to be good.

We managed to live up to our good intentions for the first two weeks. What happened then was not our fault.

It happened about one hour after we had gone to sleep. All was quiet in the house when suddenly there was a huge crash coming from the window between our beds. It was the blind that had fallen down and hit a flowerpot which fell over and hit a lamp which in its turn had fallen to the floor and broken into 1000 peaces. Both Frank and I were at once out of our beds, harts beating and trying to figure out was had caused the commotion.

When  aunt Laura entered the room a few seconds later, she was very upset when found us two boys up on our feet in front of the window with all the broken glass and flowerpot and all.

We tried to explain to her what had happened and that we were asleep when it happened and it was not our fault. But she said that she had her own two eyes in her head to see with and of course it was  our fault. She didn’t believe a word of our story.

She ordered us to go back to bed and that she would deal with this tomorrow. She was to upset to do anything more tonight.

So we went back to bed and we did not dare to do anything else than go back to sleep.

In the morning when  aunt Laura came into our room for the morning routine we tried again to explain to her what really had happened. But she just told us to shut up and be quiet. She did not want to hear another word from us.

At breakfast the morning after none of us said a word. When we were finished eating she send us upstairs to clean up the mess. When we did that we also removed all the evidence that it wasn’t our fault. So now we couldn’t show aunt Laura that it was an accident.


Later on that day, outside the house I asked Frank if he could explain what had happened.

“Yes” he said “that blind had almost fallen down before but then I was there to catch it. It must have been the wind that made it finally fall down by it self. It was blowing a lot last night and the window was opened.” He explained.

“So why doesn’t  aunt Laura believe us then? She must have known about this.” I said.

“I guess that she didn’t know. I never told her and I thought it would be alright.” He said.

“But how are we going to explain this to  aunt Laura?” I asked.

“We will do it the best we can but I am afraid that she will never believe us.” He said with a sad voice.

“So that means that we will have to wear..... “ I could´t finish the sentence.

“It would be a miracle if we don´t have to. And I´m afraid that it will be so until you leave for home in more than  seven weeks, Mike.” He said.

With a shiver I had to agree. This was not something to look forward to.


At supper we did our best to explain to aunt Laura what had happened. But she refused to even begin to believe us. Slowly we began to realize that the more we argued with her the worse the situation became for us. It was like we were digging a hole for ourselves to be buried in. The more we argued, the bigger the hole.

At 9 pm. she send us up to our room to get ready for bed.

We were quite nervous for what she was going to do to us.

At first we were lying on our beds getting diapered, put into out pajamas as always and drinking from our baby bottles. As we had feared  the mittens were again sewn back on the pajamas. That was not a good sign.

Very calmly and smiling to herself aunt Laura then proceeded with putting the leaches on us. Making sure that we would not leave our beds again before morning. It was not same leach as last year. The collar was now made of baby blue cotton and looked more like a scarf and it it was wide.

Then she fastened the pacifiers, making sure that we would be quiet.

Then she made a break and said “As you know boys, this room has no blind any more so I guess that it will be a little hard for you to sleep with all that light coming into the room from the streetlights and the cars. Don´t you agree boys?” As Frank and I already were sucking on our pacifiers all we could say was: “Hmmm”. Not being able to say yes or no. But we could do was to nod or shake our heads. But if it was a nod the answer would be: yes, there is too much light from the street and it makes it hard too sleep.

A shake would mean: No, I can’t sleep because of all the light.

So what ever we did, aunt Laura got the answer she wanted.

“Yes, I knew that you would agree.” She said.

“Don’t you worry sweeties, I have just the thing that will help you so you don’t have to be bothered by the lights.” She said.

“Oh, yes I almost forgot,” she said  “I called for a repairman to fix the blinds today but he was tied up for the next two weeks at least. I hope that he will have the time to come and fix the blinds then “

As she left the room to fetch something, Frank And I looked at each other with our eyes wide open in fear. What was she going to do to us now?

After a few seconds later aunt Laura came back and i we could see that she had two blindfolds in her hand. She said to us “Here I have the very thing that will help you. Don’t you think that these will help you sleep?”

With the pacifiers in our mouths we could only say: “Hmmm” and shake or nod our heads, and look at the blindfolds with fear.

Aunt Laura frowned as she tried to interpret our  answer. After a few second her face cleared and she said: “Yes my sweeties, of course you want them”

The blindfold was the same baby blue color as the rest of the outfit and it had lots of white ruffles and such on it.  Aunt Laura went first Frank and put it over his head covering his eyes completely.

The blindfold even covered the nose, leaving only the nostrils. It was so large that it filled the hole aria between the pacifier and up over the forehead.  Then she put the bonnet on him and tied it securely under his chin with a large bow knot.

There was no gap between the bonnet and the blindfold. His hole head was now almost completely covered. And so was the rest of his body. It was just a small patch at the top of his chin that still was a little exposed.

I could still not help it but I just had to smile when I saw him laying there. I thought that he now looked even more super cute and adorable than ever before. This time it didn’t accrue to me that in a few seconds I would be looking so very super cute and adorable as well.

Aunt Laura now came over to my bed to prepare me too. I could see that she was smiling a content smile before all went completely dark when she put the blindfold on me. Then I felt how she put the bonnet on my head and made some very secure bow knots.

I could hear aunt Laura roaming around in the room for a while. I think that she was admiring up close how cute and adorable we looked before she went to the door.  Suddenly she said with a soft tone i her voice “I am sure that these blindfolds will help you sleep well until the blind is up again. Don’t you think so too boys?“

All we could do was to say: “Hmmmm” and nod our heads.

“Yes, I’m so glad to hear that.” She said.

She remained there in the doorway, as she used to, for a minute or so before she said ”Goodnight boys. And be quiet now and don´t you make any noise, do you hear?.” She said before she switched off the light and left the room. This time we didn’t bother to say “Hmmmm.”

Could it be any worse?


What did surprise me was that I slept very good that night. When I woke up and saw that it was all dark I almost panicked but then I remembered the blindfold. I could hear some sucking sound from Frank and I understood that he too was awake. All we could do now was to lay there in our beds and wait for  aunt Laura to come in and free us.

She came in just a few minutes later. I had been sleeping longer this night than I had for a long time. So when  aunt Laura asked us how if we had slept well, I told her that I had slept very long and very  good.

“That is so good hear” she said “So you won’t have any problem with the blindfold then.”

Why did I opened my big mouth?


The man who repaired the blind came three weeks later. Frank and I were so happy. This meant that we didn’t have to wear the blindfolds during the night any more.

We were almost correct. That evening when aunt Laura tucked us in for night she didn’t use the blindfolds. Frank and I were so relieved. It was so good to be able to see during the night again. The blindfold was much worse than the bonnet. And that means a lot.


The next night when aunt Laura tucked us in she seemed thoughtful. She took longer time to get us in bed then she usually did.

When she at last was standing there in the doorway ready to switch off the light she had that thoughtful look on her face again. Finally she said: “Well boys, I have been thinking about those blindfolds. And how well you said you were sleeping wearing them. So I want to ask you: do you like them, do you want to have them back or are you content as you are now and can you sleep well without them?”

There were so many questions at the same time that could be answered yes or no.  Frank and I could only nod or shake our heads and say: “Hmmm.”  So we did all that at the same time. Aunt Laura looked at us searching for what answer we were giving her. Suddenly she gave us a big smile and put her hands together and said “Oh, I was so hoping for that answer. I will gladly put the blindfolds back on you again. I was so sure that you would see it my way. And I’m happy to tell you that you will wear the hole outfit every night until Mike goes home again. That must be, if I am not mistaken in four weeks I believe?  I have to look it up my calender. Don´t you like it too?”

Frank and I looked at each other, and back at aunt Laura, we nodded without any enthusiasm  and said: “Hmmm”. We had given up. We knew that we were beaten and that her mind was made up. 

Aunt Laura gave us a big happy smile in return and said “I am so happy that you agree.” She had us now were she wanted us.

Happy as a lark she started with Frank. She removed his bonnet and before she put the blindfold on she first adjusted his scarf/collar. She put the blindfold on him and then put the bonnet back on again. It had to be done in the right order. Then she came to my bed and did the same to me.

Aunt Laura was talking the hole time making jokes and talked about the weather  and she made some small breaks now and then to listen for Frank´s or mine “Hmmm. “ answers.

Yet again we had been fooled by her strange logic. Frank and I could now look forward to being completely covered in these baby blue outfits and not being able to speak or see anything every night for the next four weeks.

All together we were in these outfits every night for almost seven weeks  during my nine week stay.

Could it be any worse?


Sometimes during a number of  nights I woke up with a feeling that Frank and I were not alone in the room. It was very strange. I didn’t hear anything and of course I couldn’t  see anything either But I suspected that the light was on and that aunt Laura was in the room admiring how absolutely cute and adorable we looked, especially when we where asleep. The blindfold didn’t let any light through so aunt Laura could very well be in the room with the light on, without us knowing about it. The sucking noise from our pacifiers was heard  if we woke up. It was a natural automatic reaction to suck at that moment. All that she had to do then was to be very quiet until we had fallen asleep again. At one of these occasions I rolled over to lay on my side. As I did that I also “by accident” swept down the sheets from the bed. pretending I was sleeping. After a few minutes I felt how the sheets were lifted up and gently were put over me again.


One evening just when aunt Laura was just finished with Frank and was coming over to me, the telephone in the kitchen rang. As I wasn’t leached yet she  just told me to stay were I where and rushed down to the kitchen.

I could hear her talking so and I could´t resist to have a closer look at Frank.

So I sneaked over to him and now I could see for myself how pretty and cute everything came together. The ruffles and laces on the bonnet and on the blindfold were designed so they shaped like a smiling cute baby face. The blindfolds had like eyes on it shaped by the laces. It was so neatly done that the hole impression was that the one inside looked so incredible cute and beautiful. It was a master peace, almost magical. I could hardly take my eyes from Frank.

I whispered to Frank “I just want to see how you look . Do you mind if it remove the sheets so I can see your hole body?”

I heard “Hmmm” from him and he lifted up his arms. I just gasped at the sight I now saw. Frank was laying there all covered  in his bay blue outfit totally helpless and looking so cute and  adorable. Then he rolled over on his side and pulled his knees up. Now I have no words to describe him. It was amazing.

I didn’t dare to stay too long so I told him to lay on his back again and tucked him in like before, and went back in my own bed again.

After that night could´t help it. I actually liked to be forced to be dressed in that outfit.

I felt so confused, did i hate it or did I love it? I honestly couldn’t tell. I guess I sometimes loved and some times hated it. Very confusing to say the least.

I heard how aunt Laura ended the phone call and came up to our room again.

She said ”I’m sorry about that sweetie. Now were where we?” She looked around and said “ Oh, yes it was your turn now, right Mike?” 

She came over to me and dressed me up for the night and tucked me in.

When she said “Goodnight and sleep tight, and remember to quiet” Frank and I answered with “Hmmmm” as usual.

I didn’t hear the light switch nor the door close. I suspect that she was in the room for more than an hour, just looking at us. Thrilled that she could see us laying there, in our oh, so super cute outfits and not being able to see her.


The next day when Frank and I were walking through the park on our way to the lake to go fishing Frank asked me “Mike what happened last night when Aunt Laura was in the kitchen?”

“You heard that she was answering the phone didn't  you?” I asked.

“yes I did and suddenly you were by my bed, you scared me. I didn't expect that” he said with a laugh.

“I'm sorry I didn't mean that to scare you” I said  “but I don't think I will get another chance like that again. I just had to look at you up close.”

“Well, what did you see?” asked.

“I'm not sure how to put it in words but you did look so cute and sweet it was just awesome. I tough  that you would look grotesque but not at all. I think that with all that covering your head it was almost like you had a…… ghost face.” I said

“Did I look like a ghost??” He asked.

“No, that was not what I meant at all. I'm just trying to find words to describe how you looked. Do you remember that TV-show the other day. You know when they were painting those cars with ghost flames?” I asked.

“Yes I remember , it was when they painted flames on the hood of a car using almost the same color as on the hood. It looked fantastic. Is that what you mean by a ghost face?” he asked.

“Yes that's what I mean but it wasn't with paint, it was with all the ruffles and laces. ” I explained.

“I see, I think. I will have a look at you the next time you are first.” he said.

“yes, and will try too turn my head to you so can see how I look.”

We walked for a while saying nothing. When Frank said “I think I have a new fishing spot we can try. See if we can catch some more there.”

“Yes, I that would be fine. I already can fell the taste of the catch.  Aunt Laura does wonders with them.” I said.

We did catch more fish at that new spot than we used to. They tasted really good at supper.


The rest of my stay Frank and I actually managed to stay out of any more trouble. Witch was a relief. We didn’t have to find out any more of aunt Laura’s surprises. Perhaps we will the next time.

Anyhow, Frank and I had had great 9 weeks this year too. We were of course swimming or fishing in the lake. When it was raining we watched a show somewhere. Or we just stayed at home playing some game or something.  We visited the amusement park, the aquarium, and many other exiting places.  Aunt Laura was as usual as good as gold. She bought us ice creme, hamburgers and other things that a young boy loves.

We really loved her.


After my two months stay we were again at the train station saying our goodbyes and so on.  When I asked aunt Laura if I could come back again next year, she assured me that I was more than welcome back. And that we from the first day could pick up were we ended this year.

I said “aunt Laura, I would liked that very much,” Before I actually had though through what she had said. She hold me by my shoulders at an arm length and “I love you very much Mike and I enjoined ever day of your stay here” Then she gave me a bear hug and to my absolute surprise she whispered in my ear “and every night”.

I thanked her for the lovely time that I had had this year. It had really been a great summer.






As it turned out I didn’t come back to Frank and aunt Laura until I was fifteen. So I never got the chance to find out what she meant there when we said our goodbys there on the railway station.


Frank and I never lost contact with each other. He told me that after his 18:th birthday he did not have to wear diapers any more. And of course he did not have wear pajamas any more either. Aunt After his graduation he moved into his own apartment and started his own life without aunt Laura.

He is now married and has now two boys of his own.



I must say, looking back at those two summers at aunt Laura,  that she was a remarkable woman. I am proud to have known her. I loved her very much.  The summers that I spent ther are the once with the fondest memories.

She was a great cook and she was teatching in a cooking class in the nearby schoool. I can´t imagine a better cooking class teacher. That is why she didn`t  have to go to work when I was there.

I think she must have been around 50 years old at that time.


The first memory that springs to me is that night when she went down to the kitchen to answer the phone. During the years I have thought alot of what happned in those few minutes. I remember every detail as if it was five minuted ago. When I was standing there, looking at Frank who was already in his outfit, I understood at that moment what  aunt Laura actually was doing. I was then 12 years old and puberty was waiting right around the corner. I somehow knew, but I didn’t understand what was going on.

Aunt Laura knew exactly what she was doing. She had two young boys dressed up like living dolls totally under her control. And knowing  that it was a living breathing young boy in that outfit must have been so incredible. Not just for one night but for seven weeks! 

Aunt Laura had tricked us in such a way that we thought that it was our own fault. It must have felt like a victory and exiting for her.

God help me, but I have to admit, to be forced into that outfit in this way was exiting for me too.

She had us in her power, and I loved to be in her power.  That was so confusing. Did I hate to be in that outfit or did I love it? At that time I didn’t know, I thought I hated it, but today I can say that after that night I actually loved it.

I don’t know how Frank felt. I guess we have to talk about it some day after all these years.


If Frank and I had done this without being forced to by aunt Laura, it would have been a completely different scenario, and absolutely not exiting at all.

Aunt Laura died from hart failure three years after Frank had moved out.


May you rest in peace aunt Laura.


The end


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