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It was a beautiful sunny morning for the third day of the seasons opening race for the V8 Supercar championship. I strolled to the track through the city, stopping to get a coffee and enjoy the sites and scenery as I entered the parklands track soon after ten.


My hosts marquee was on the chicane area, with great views back up to the start line and then through the chicane. With back to back racing all day, last year’s experiment of wearing a nappy during the motor sport event proved that drinking and socialising was a lot easier when you didn’t have to leave to go to the toilet, plus the added benefit of a padded backside ensured that the hard plastic seats were comfortable.For the first two days I had rotated between Tena maxi slip and M4, with Tena winning hands down, due to it being easier to hide beneath my jeans.


The morning session was fantastic, the racing was great, the food and drinks were flowing and I was really looking forward to the main race, during the afternoon. After lunch, standing I could feel my nappy begin to sag between my legs, with the weight of a morning drinking. I left the marquee and headed to the toilets to change into my afternoon nappy. Returning to the marquee I settled in for the afternoon of motor sport. I had first trailed nappies in public at last years event, where I quickly learnt that people at motor sports don’t look at what your wearing, don’t notice if you do or don’t go to the toilet and most importantly that I could enjoy the racing, whist drinking and wetting with no one noticing my enjoyment.


With the race underway, I retreated from the open veranda to the marquee, to settle in and watch the in-house coverage of the full race. With my back to the entrance and stair, I had one eye out across the veranda onto the track and the other on the TV. Chatting to a few of the other guests, who were also standing around the table, enjoying a mixture of live motor sport and the telecast, I didn’t pay any attention to the person standing with the arm on my back. Room in the marquee was tight and having a prime position, people continued to push past. The hand however slowly moved, down my back until it rested on my backside. I froze. My mind suddenly forgot the racing and my heart started to race. Was my nappy visible? Had it leaked? Could you see the outline? I began to feel myself blushing as I sudden began to panic that I had been caught wearing a nappy. How would I explain this to my host and the other customers that were in the marquee.


With my mind racing, my heart pumping and panic setting in, I was suddenly relaxed, “Hey Si, good to see you again” Sonya whispered in my ear.  My heart skipped a beat and then settled down, my flushed skin cooled and returned to normal and my panic resided. I had met Sonya at last years event. Sonya was one of my hosts clients, who worked from Sydney and also a part time nappy wearer.Dispensing with the small talk and quick catch up, we grabbed two drinks and headed out onto the veranda, where there were less people and the constant roar of the V8 supercars. Sonya had not intended to come to this year’s event, rather was going to send some staff, as she had not heard from me in several months and could not afford the time. I had been busy, business was now almost seven days a week and travel had increased across SE Australia and with us both in relationships, the connection through nappies had faded. We chatted throughout the afternoon watching the race and catching up on each others lives. The race had finished and our host announced that his company would be hosting an evening meal in one of Adelaide dining precincts tonight and that we were all invited.


Leaving the marquee and walking out of the track, Sonya offered to assist me with changing my nappy. “Thanks, but I only have ten minutes to go to the motel, so I will do it there, when I get read for tonight”. “Ok, will I see you at the dinner tonight?” Sonya winked as she got into a cab. “See you there”.


Returning to the motel, I prepared for the night. Showering, I removed my soaked nappy and freshened up for the dinner. The Tena was now my nappy of choice, so applying some cream, oil and powder, I finished getting dressed and headed out.

The restaurant was alive with people, the hum of conversations, laughs from across at the bar and a light breeze blowing in through the front windows. The sun had started to set as we headed to our hosts table. As we went to sit down I was disappointed, Sonya had not arrived, more over she had not answered my two phone calls. Sitting down, I could faintly smell the aroma of powder. It was very reassuring and relaxed me with thoughts of a secret wet night ahead. Whilst we ordered our entrées, down the stairs entered Sonya. She wore a lovely red dress that cupped her firm breasts and then flowed down and out across her body. She looked great. Smiling she apologised for being late and then took the last spare seat at the end of the table. The dinner continued and eventually, Sonya and I managed to be seated next to each other. Sitting down, Sonya began to fidget and slide her chair out from the table. “Are you wet there Si, she smiled. Sonya knew the answer, she knew I had a nappy on and that it would be wet. Blushing I replied “Yes, have to make the most of each opportunity and we have been drinking most of the day” Leaning back in her chair, Sonya began to slide her skirt up her side. Stopping when she was half way up her thigh, she looked around to see if anyone else had noticed. Quickly, but subtlety she then slide it up, to show that she had matching red lacy underwear. Clearly visible on each side of her underwear was the stark white of a nappy. Pushing her skirt down and adjusting herself she smiled. Instantly I could feel myself becoming excited. “How could I not wear a nappy when I knew you would have one on Si” she smiled.


For the second year in a row, I had met this lady at the V8 race in Adelaide and for the second year, she had shared wearing a nappy with me. The night continued and we continued to mingle and mix with others at the dinner, none of them aware of our secrets.  Just before 11, Sonya’s phone rang and she announced that she had to leave. My heart sunk. In the back of my head I had planned that we would leave and have a night in nappies together, now that was over. Sonya walked across and placed her hand on my backside, “See you tomorrow Si, have a wonderfully wet night” “Thanks, see you then” I replied trying to hide my disappointment.


I watched as she left, had anyone else notice that she was slightly waddling or was it just me.


We continued to drink and chat, before our host anounced that he was heading to the casino for a flutter and drink. I know my attire would not stand up to more drinks, so I excussed myself and strolled back to the motel. I was wet and as I walked, enjoying the warm march evening air my wet nappy was rubbing against me, reminding me that I needed a change.


Back in the motel, I laid out my nights attire and poured a large nightcap. Laying on the bed, I was about to un-tape my nappy when there was a knock on the door. Quickly pulling on one of the complimentary robes and hiding my night nappy and plastic pants, I went to the door. Looking through the view finder, I was shocked to see Sonya, standing outside the door. Yet again my heart skipped a beat and my blood began to pump. Opening the door, Sonya smiled. “Sorry, I had to leave, I could feel may nappy beginning to leak and I needed a change” Sonya smiled. She walked in and pulled the chair out from next to the table, scanning the room. “Looks like I disturbed something” Sonya smiled. “Nah, just getting ready for bed....... Can I get you a drink” I replied, comfortable and content that she had dropped over “That would be great, although I don’t need it, they seam to be going straight through me” Sonya smiled.


Pouring a drink we sat down and continued to chat. “Nice robe” Sonya smiled. “Have you changed yet from tonight” “No, I was going to when you knocked on the door” I replied. “Great let me see your wet nappy then” A little shocked at Sonya’s confronting and blunt nature, I stood up and removed the robe. “Nice .......... looks like its a good job you have plastic pants on as that nappy is really sagging” “Yep, but before I do that, are you going to show me your nappy” This appeared to be what Sonya had been waiting for. She stood straight up, took a step away from the table towards the bed and began to undress. Unzipping her red dress she let it fall, first from her breasts and stop at her waist. Her small red bra, was barely containing her supple breasts. She looked great, with me smiling, she then slowly lowered it to the floor. She had matching underwear (as I expected) with a nappy underneath, which she had clearly been using. “Do you like what you see” she giggled. Smiling I was lost for words, she looked incredible.


“Stand up and let me take those plastic pants off” Obliging, I stood up and we slipped them off. My nappy was full, the tapes on the Tena had stretched and as I stood there it was obvious I need a change. “Si you look great in a wet nappy, it suits you” Stepping back Sonya removed her red lace underwear. She also was also obviously wet, her heavy nappy sagging too “I though you changed” I chuckled. “I did, that was nearly a hour ago. Plus I held on until I had changed so I could wet this fresh nappy” She moved across to me, put her hands around me and ran her hands over my nappy. My excitement began to rise, I could feel myself expanding against my wet nappy, trapped in a warm wet environment. She turned and placed her lips on mine and slowly kissed me before sucking on my top lip. Pulling away from me she sat on the edge of the bed. “Seeing a man in a wet nappy excites me Si, you know that. Come and sit down with me” Having a woman direct and dominate me was fantastic, it was a release from the pressures of my daily business life. Sitting in the middle of the bed, Sonya pushed me back and laid me down. She turned and climbed on top, carefully ensuring that she did not brush across my nappy or the throbbing excitement it contained. She slowly rested herself on my chest. I could feel her wet warmth through the plastic of her nappy. “Now you can see how wet I am”, and I could, her wet nappy was now only centimetres from my chin and not only could I see it, I could smell the scent of powder, lotion and a used nappy. Leaning back she smiled. Initially I through my ears were playing tricks, was she wetting her nappy. I stared to see if the colouring changed, if the yellow spread, if the warmth expanded on my chest, “Enjoy” she commanded as she grabbed my hands and placed them on her nappy. Suddenly and violently she let go. I could feel her forcing herself to wet her nappy, the warmth spread, the colour changed and she sighed. As I looked up at her, I could see she was relaxed, her eyes were closed, she was breathing deeply and her lips were turned into a smile. Sonya slowly moved up and down along my chest, grinding her wet and warm nappy into me, whist also exciting herself. We were speechless, there was nothing to say that could capture the feelings or sensations we were experiencing.  After what seamed like an eternity, she sat upright, unclipped her bra and flung it across the room. Her contained breasts sprung out, her nipples rose to attention and she tweeted them with the fingers.


Sliding her body down, she planted her wet nappy on mine and smiled. I almost exploded. “Suck on my breast” she commanded as she lay forward. Eagerly I obliged, how couldn’t I her breast were amazing. I was lost in a another world, enjoying the sensations of a wet nappy, a hard nipple in my mouth and the sensation of her hot wet nappy on me. I was in a trance, totally encased in the other world until I felt Sonya’s hand slide into my nappy. “Mmmm feels likes someone’s very excited and very wet..... time for a change” Standing up Sonya went over to the cupboards where she had spotted the clean nappies, powder, cream and change mat. I was in a trance, I didn’t speak, I just watched expecting that my dream would be shattered at any moment. But instead of shattering a dream, Sonya came back to the bed. “Lift up your bum, so I can put the mat under it and a fresh nappy” Of course I did as I was told, I watched as she spread the mat out and then two nappies. Two nappies ... my mind raced”


Slowly and teasingly, Sonya climbed back onto me. “Play with my breasts” she demanded. Fondling them in my hands, I payed special attention to her rock hard nipples. Her breathing increased and again she began to grind her wet nappy into me, the rhythm slowly increasing. This time though she had straddled my leg and as she began to get a grinding rhythm going I began to feel her nappy leaking. “You’re leaking” I stuttered. This only added to Sonya’s enjoyment as she leant back more and ground harder. Suddenly, she slide off of me and began to undo the tapes on my nappy. Lifting the top of my nappy off, I was exposed to the cool air.


“Now its you turn”, Sonya smiled. Lie down and do as your told” She climbed back on and slide up and kissed me, our lips locking for what seamed like an eternity. Pushing back, her nappy pushed against my erect member. She sat back up, reached between her legs and pulled her nappy to the side. Slowly she lent back further and lowered her very wet pussy onto me. I gasped for air and closed my eyes and she lowered herself onto me. Leaning forwarded Sonya commanded me to suck on her nipples. As we began to rock in motion I became aware of the wetness being pushed from her nappy between us and onto me, between my legs and onto the change mat.


Sonya’s breathing intensified as she sat straight up right, reaching down she squeezed her nappy, releasing warm liquid across us. Her hand slide down and she began to rub herself.

This was to much for me, I could feel the pressure building, my back began to arch and I exploded. My body shook as Sonya’s rhythm increased, she was thrusting harder, I was experiencing both pain and extreme pleasure, we were both wet and the changing mat was also soaked. Suddenly Sonya began to shake as she too orgasmed.


Laying down, we embraced, joined together, both with wet nappies, both exhausted and sharing a mutual high. Sonya slowly sat up, “time for a bath baby, then we can put our nappies on for a night together”.


Sitting up, I watched as she pulled her nappy back across and waddled to the bathroom. Tonight and tomorrow’s final day at the racing would be great.



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