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Telling My Friend

I have wanted to tell my friend Kate for the longest time, but I final got up the courage to tell her today.  Kate is about 5 feet 3 blond hair, with a modest B cup, and a very nice ass.    I have worn diapers around her before, and even talked about fetishes around each other.   Never admitting what mine was, but she does know that I have one though.  

So when I get to her house I was nervous, but I told her via text that I needed to tell her something, so when I got there I had to tell her.  When we sat down on her couch I just told her that I like to wear diapers; that is the fetish I told you about a while back.  She just sat there for a minute or so just thinking about it.  She final asked a few questions which I promptly answered.  With the last question being are you wearing one now?  I answered, no, but I have some in my car outside.  I went and got them and when back inside.  That is when she took me up to her room.

            She took the bag out of my hand and looked inside seeing two diapers and some baby powder.  She asked what the second diaper was for.  I responded saying if you want to try it, it is yours.  She said let’s take care of you first.  She told me to take my clothes off and lay down on my bed.  She also confessed to me that she likes light bondage and S&M, so when I was lying naked on her bed she pulled cuffs out of her closet.  Before I could say anything my arms and legs were chained to the corners of her bed.  She then walked away swaying her hips, and then bent over grabbing a bag by her closet and took it with her into the bathroom.

            It was about 3 minutes before the door open and Kate appeared wearing some very sexy black lingerie, being a guy that is the only way I can describe it so use your imagination haha.  She then pulled a whip out from behind her back and very seductively walked over to me.  I was a little scared, but really excited, and that showed.  When she got to the bed she unclipped the restraints and demanded that I flip over after giving me a light whip on my left hip.  I listened to her order and rolled over to my stomach.  Then got re-chained to the bed, and she straddled my ass and started to bite at my ear and then slid down and gave my ass a good smack.  Followed by a few smacks as well as plenty of whips, now I could not see my ass, but I assumed it was pretty red.

            This is where it all stopped for a few minutes, and when she reappeared next to the head of her bed she was holding a strap-on that also had an attachment so she would feel the pleasure too.  The strap-on was about 6 inches long and the attachment was about4.  Being that Kate is BI, I can only assume that she used this during she used this during one of her lesbian experiences.

She opened up the top drawer in her nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube.  She slid her panties off, whipped my ass really hard and told me to open my mouth.  When I did she stuffed her black panties in to gag me.  She then took the lube and lubed up the part going in her and tightened the straps so it was snugly in her beautiful vagina.  She disappeared behind my line of sight and the next thing I felt was lube being squirted on my ass.  She then slowly inserted the dildo into my ass, and started to slowly thrust in and out.  Now what I missed when she showed me the strap-on was a remote.  Without any warning I felt a small vibration that stated to grow.  This went on for I have no idea how long, but it ended when she came to a screaming orgasm.  Now I am a straight male, but I enjoyed this I do not know why, but I did.  She pulled the dildo out then I heard it hit the floor.  She unclipped me and smacked my ass telling me to flip over and she came up to my face pulled her panties out of my mouth and told me it was lunch time.  So I grabbed her hips and flipped her over and then I just stated going to town.  She was already pretty wet from the vibrator that was in her pussy, and bringing her to another orgasm happened in no time at all.  I then grabbed her ass pulled her down and flipped her over giving it some nice smacks and took a nice bite.  I took that same lube and put a good amount over her pussy and ass and the slowly guided my dick into her and I gave her a good pounding getting her closer and closer to another orgasm she after I came in her ass and pulled out she walked back to her bag and pulled out a cock ring and slid it over my still hard dick and then she lowered herself onto me and with a flick of a switch the ring started to vibrate.  After about an hour of her riding my dick and playing with her boobs she came all over my dick and a few seconds later I came right in her pussy. 

We cleaned up, and she pulled out the two diapers.  We diapered each other and got dressed decided we were actually hungry so with our diapers on we went and got lunch.  While walking from the car to the restaurant she whispered to me I am different kind of wet ;).  I was now hooked on the BDSM and ABDL lifestyle and so was Kate.

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