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Kevin and Susie Part 1 - First Date


"Do you want to go back to my place?" Kevin asked. The date with Susie had gone well. They had enjoyed a pizza and then seen a movie.

"Well, I really want to but there is something I need to tell you about first," Susie said. Her cheeks blushed prettily and he was pretty sure nothing she told would make much difference to his attraction to her. She was a beautiful blond with baby blue eyes. She was a sweet girl. He almost expected her to confess that she was a virgin and had never been with a man before.

"Tell me," Kevin said gently reaching over to stroke her face.

"I wear diapers," Susie whispered.

"Okay," Kevin said. He took a moment to contemplate that. Perhaps she had some illness she hadn't told him about. He had gone to school with someone who had been born with a spinal injury and was stuck in diapers. He thought about it for a moment and decided that didn't really matter to him. He liked Susie and there was no reason a sweet girl like her should feel guilty for being in a diaper.

"Maybe we should go back to your place then," Kevin said. She probably didn't carry around extra diapers in her purse so he figured she might not be able to spend the night at his place on such short notice.

"My roommate is out of town for the weekend visiting her parents so I am sure she wouldn't mind," Susie agreed.

"How does your roommate handle you wearing diapers?" Kevin asked. He felt protective of Susie and wanted to make sure her roommate didn't tease her or mistreat her. Most of the meanness was out of people by college but there was still a chance her roommate was a jerk. He'd shared his college dorm room his freshman year with such a guy and the next year he had gotten off campus housing.

"We actually requested to be roommates since she wears diapers too. It made it easier," Susie said.

"It was good that the college was accommodating," Kevin said with a nod.


Susie's room was at the end of the hall in a quiet corridor. He followed her into the room and closed the door behind her. The room had two beds, one on either side of the room, and both had been modified to have bars that slid up and down almost like the crib one would put a baby into. He wondered if whatever condition Susie had also made her need the bars for safe sleep.

"Got any beer in the fridge?" he asked.

"Just milk or juice but help yourself," Susie said.

Kevin made his way to the mini fridge across the room and opened it. There was a carton of apple juice and also of milk but on the shelves where people kept condiments were filled bottles. Half were pink or purple and half had animal prints on them. Each had a brown rubber nipple sticking out of the top.

Kevin pulled out the carton of juice and opened the cupboard. There were two glasses in the cupboard and probably only used by guests if the dust on them was any indication. Beside the glasses were tiny bowl and a stack of spoons with rubber tips. Beside them were jars of pureed foods.

He was pretty sure now that there was something very unusual about Susie and the logical part of his brain told him that he should probably run away but he considered himself curious by nature.

He rinsed the dust off the glass and returned to the main room where Susie was laying out two rubber mats on the floor. They were baby powder pink in color. Beside the mats was a cupboard and when Susie opened the cupboard he saw the diapers, wipes, and powders.

"Shall I help you with that?" Kevin asked.

"Thanks," Susie purred.

She laid down on the mat and he pulled off her tennis shoes. Then, he undid her jeans and pulled them off her hips. The diaper she was wearing had tabs at the front just like a baby diaper. It was not one that pulled up as he initially imagined.

He undid the tabs and slid the soaked diaper out from underneath her.

Then, he grabbed the box of wipes and pulled one out of the top. She kept herself shaved and smooth so wiping her was no problem. He grabbed a new diaper and reached under her back so he could raise her and slide the diaper under her. Then, he took the powder and shook. White flakes fell onto her smooth tan skin.

He folded the diaper up over her and slid the sticky tabs snuggly into place.

"Will you dress me?" Susie asked pointing to her closet. Kevin nodded. He walked across the room and opened the closet. He grabbed a pair of footed pajamas that zipped up the front. It was meant to like Eeyore from the Winnie the Pooh books complete with a soft blue hood.

He undid the zipper and laid it on the floor. Susie sat up and held up her arms. He pulled her shirt over her head and then he pulled each arm through the sleeves of the pajamas. He tucked each foot in and then zipped the pajamas to her chin before pulling the hood up to cover her head.

"Shall I get you some milk?" he asked.

"Yes please," Susie said. Kevin went to the kitchen and pulled a milk filled bottle from the refrigerator. He lifted Susi into the bed and laid out beside her holding the bottle to her lips. He stroked her cheek tenderly as she sucked on the nipple. Once she was done he put the empty bottle on the floor at her side. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against his chest. He rubbed his hand up and down the dip of her back as she cuddled against his shoulder.

Her skin smelled of baby lotion.

It didn't take long for Susie to fall asleep against Kevin. Once she did, he crawled out of her bed, put the bars up to secure her in her crib like sanctuary, and tiptoed out of the door.


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