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Tricked into Nappies Part 3. My Continuing Torment.




Auntie Caroline walked me towards the living room, my nappy in full view now that my dress had been shortened. This new thicker nappy hung much lower between my legs and the shiny plastic outer layer slipped back and forth against my skin as I waddled. As I got to the door my heart stopped, there, sitting on the floor setting up a game of Mousetrap was Jessie.

At sight of her I gasped, and immediately felt the blood rush to my face. I was mortified. I had only known Jessie for a couple of hours, and for those wonderful moments in the tent I felt really happy, and I had hoped that I could keep my secret from her, but now, within minutes of her coming round to see me, she would be seeing me dressed as the baby girl I had become, with a little blue dress and a huge white shiny nappy.

Hurriedly I stepped back out of the doorway.


“Whats wrong sweetie?” Said Auntie Caroline. “I thought you'd be pleased to see Jessie here?”


“I am,” I replied, my hands desperately pulling down the hem of my dress. “ but... can't I wear... I mean... I don't want to...


Auntie Caroline stopped me in mid stammer.


“Don't be a silly baby,” she said.


“But please Auntie!” I cried. “Please let me wear some shorts, I don't want to be a baby any...


“Tia!” She snapped. “i'm not going over this anymore. You ARE still a baby, and babies have to wear nappies and that's the end of it. You're lucky you're wearing a dress at all to be honest after your exploits this morning!”

I looked up at her longingly, remembering the spanking i'd had earlier. Auntie Caroline continued... “I meant what I said after I spanked you today... From now on, whenever you are at home, except for special occasions, or if I think you deserve it, your nappy must be clearly visible at all times... and that means no shorts or trousers, no dresses unless they've been shortened, just your nappy and what ever top I put on you, do you understand? I'm only letting you wear this dress now because I wanted to try it on you and I knew that Jessie was here. So do you want me to take off your dress now?”


I looked at the floor and shook my head. “No, I didn't think so, She continued. “So let's not have anymore silliness please!”


I sighed in defeat and tentatively approached the doorway. Auntie Caroline placed her hand on my bottom and gave me a gentle push forwards. My nappy rustled so loudly that Jessie turned around as I walked into the room.


“I thought you could play some games in here together.” Auntie Caroline announced with a smile in her voice.


Jessie looked up at me and smiled. I felt incredibly pleased to see her but also unbelievably embarrassed, and my quickly reddening face must have given it away immediately.


“Do you wanna play Mousetrap with me?” Jessie asked. I was so dumbstruck with her casual reaction and my own embarrassment that all I could do was nod.


“I'll leave you two to play in here while I go and make some treats, ok?” Said Auntie Caroline in a motherly tone.


“Thank you.” Said Jessie politely.


I crouched down next to Jessie to watch her set up the game and cringed when my nappy rustled loudly as I sat down to get comfortable. My new nappy rustled constantly with each tiny movement I made, it was impossible to ignore, but Jessie didn't say a word. That was the amazing thing, she didn't comment at all, from the moment I walked into the living room she didn't say anything about my appearance or treat me any differently.

But that didn't stop me from feeling incredibly self conscious. There was no escaping my nappy. There's no way on earth Jessie wouldn't have noticed it, even without the loud rustling and crinkling it made, my dress was cut so short that even while standing straight it only covered the top inch at most, and when I sat down there was nothing to cover my nappy at all, and the bulge of my nappy hung down so low between my legs that I don't think even my original dresses would have hidden it. That part of my nappy was so wide and thick, it was in constant contact with the insides of my legs, I could feel it's plastic surface slipping and sliding against my skin at all times so it was impossible for me to ignore too.

For a while It was very difficult to relax, even with Jessie, I was so glad she had come round to play, but it was nye on impossible to concentrate on the game. Jessie on the other hand did genuinely seem oblivious to it and never once asked me why I was wearing a nappy, and this in turn made me wonder why. Surely she must be wondering? I thought.

After we had had a couple of goes at Mousetrap, Jessie, sensing my discomfort suggested another game.


“Shall we play something else?” She asked, her pretty face smiling at me.


“OK.” I said quietly.


“What would you like to play?” She asked.


I sat there in a daze, trying to think of something we could play but my mind wasn't focussed on games, it was filled with questions. Why hadn't Jessie commented on my nappy? Had Auntie Caroline told her about me? And if so, how much? My mind was spinning. Just then, Auntie Caroline walked into the room carrying a plate of chocolate brownies.


“How about I put a dvd on for you?” She said, setting the plate down onto a nearby coffee table.


Jessie looked at me for an answer. I nodded, still not able to find any words. Jessie then got up and stood by the shelf, hurriedly looking through the selection of DVDs.


“How about 'Tom & Jerry'?” She said excitedly, waving the box around in front of her.


“OK.” I said, my spirits lifting a little at the sight of Jessie's excitement.


Jessie handed the DVD to Auntie Caroline and asked her politely to put in on. Auntie Caroline slipped the disc into the machine before going back into the kitchen to get us some drinks.


Just as the DVD began to play, Jessie suggested that we sit on the sofa to watch it. I got up and sat next to her, wishing the ground would swallow me up as my nappy once again rustled loudly with each tiny move that I made. And still Jessie said nothing about it.

After about five minutes, Auntie Caroline came in with our drinks, she passed a glass of juice to Jessie and to my horror passed me a babies bottle for me. I looked up at her with pleading eyes.


“Can I have a glass too Auntie?” I said softly, trying not to draw too much attention to myself.


“No Tia,” Came the reply. “You're too young to have a glass, and make sure you drink it all please.”


I flopped back onto the sofa with the bottle in my hand and felt like crying. I really wanted to protest at the injustice of it all, but I reminded myself that I had to be good if I was to be dressed as a boy again, and making a fuss with Jessie next to me would not only create a bad atmosphere, but would emphasize to Jessie that I was enduring some kind of punishment, which in turn would make her wonder about me, and I was determined that our friendship would not suffer from my ordeal... I had to make out that this regime was in some way normal for me, but with constant embarrassing intrusions from Auntie Caroline and Sandy, this was a very difficult thing to do. But I was determined, nothing what so ever was going to spoil my afternoon with Jessie. But ahead of me was a whole heap of ordeals to cope with.

I was so mixed up with different emotions. I was really glad that Jessie and I were spending time together, I had only known her for a few hours but I really enjoyed her company, and yet at the same time I felt so incredibly embarrassed and humiliated being dressed and treated like a baby in her presence.

After a few episodes of Tom & Jerry my spirits were lifting again, and although my nappy was still impossible to ignore, I did enjoy sitting next to Jessie while we watched TV together. Jessie didn't seem at all curious as to why I was drinking from a babies bottle either, and I soon found myself starting to relax and think less about why she was showing no signs of curiosity towards me. In fact, her total lack of curiosity began to make me feel very much at ease.

But of course, as was the way of things, my ease was soon interrupted again when Auntie Caroline came in to check on me.


“Oh Tia!” She said, making me jump a little. “You've got chocolate all over your new dress!”


I looked down as she began to brush it off. It didn't seem that much... just a few crumbs from the brownies but Auntie Caroline was making quite a fuss, and I began to feel nervous for Jessie. The last thing I wanted was for her to feel awkward.

Auntie Caroline took hold of my hands and pulled me up off the sofa. At first I thought she was just going to clean it off but when I heard the familiar command “Arms up!” and saw her grab the hem of my dress and begin to pull it up I shuddered with fear.

Amazingly I didn't protest or say a word as my dress was lifted up over my head, but inside I was nearly fainting with shame and humiliation. Even though my dress didn't hide my nappy in any way, it was a psychological thing... all the time I was wearing something else, there was a distraction. But now that my dress was gone, only my nappy and socks remained, leaving me standing there feeling totally vulnerable and exposed, and deeply ashamed. I could have cried I was so humiliated. And just to increase my shame even further, Auntie Caroline produced a babies dummy and popped it into my mouth. The soft latex nipple filled my mouth as I involuntarily sucked on it.

I was too embarrassed and ashamed to acknowledge or even to look at Jessie as I got back on the sofa and retook my place next to her, so I focussed on the TV instead. I didn't want to catch her looking at me because that might spark up a conversation about why I was wearing a nappy, but yet again, Jessie didn't seem at all curious, and after a few more cartoons I slowly began to relax once more.


And then it seemed that fate would now take a turn at interrupting my afternoon...but this time it wasn't Auntie Caroline or Sandy that was the problem it was me, or my bladder to be precise. I started to feel the need to pee. My hands became slightly sweaty at the thought of wetting my nappy in Jessie's presence, so I concentrated all my efforts to suppress it. Luckily I had the cartoons to distract me, and also, over the past few weeks I had got quite good at holding it back, which in normal circumstances was a waste of time because we all know that it will happen eventually, but this time was slightly different because I had a goal not to wee until Jessie had gone home. I tried not to wriggle my legs too much but I was fidgeting quite a bit, which of course made my nappy constantly rustle, but again, Jessie didn't seem to mind.


But still my embarrassing ordeals continued... It seemed that each and every time I began to feel a little more relaxed, something would happen to instantly re-affirm my status as a baby. It was almost as if Auntie Caroline and Sandy were watching me, and planning embarrassing, shame inducing ordeals the moment it seemed that I was becoming relaxed.

The next ordeal after I was given my dummy, was a nappy check. I had slipped back on the sofa until I was almost lying down, my thick shiny nappy clearly visible now that my dress had been removed, when Sandy entered the lounge and walked over to me. She knelt down in front of me and casually slipped her fingers under the leg elastic of my nappy. I moaned and wriggled with displeasure as her intruding fingers felt around inside my nappy, making it rustle loudly in the process, my face yet again glowed red with shame. But that was to pail into insignificance compared to the next ordeal I had to endure.

The Tom & Jerry cartoons had finished and Auntie Caroline had asked us if we wanted to watch a Disney film. Once again Jessie got girlishly excited and sprang up from the sofa to choose one from the selection. And a short while later we were snuggled on the huge sofa watching 'The Jungle Book'. After about half an hour, Sandy came into the room and knelt down on the floor a few feet away from me. In her hand was a tube of antiseptic cream and a pair of latex disposable gloves. She set them on the floor next to her and beckoned me over.


“Come here please Tia, I want to examine you.”


My heart immediately leapt up in my chest, pounding erratically. The horror of it filled my mind in seconds and I began to shake visibly. I looked at Sandy pleadingly, desperate to be rescued from this humiliation. Sandy just patted the floor in front her nonchalantly. “come on.” She said.

I was on the verge of tears, how could this be happening to me? How cruel it was to be treated in this way, right in front of Jessie. I felt retched and ashamed as I reluctantly climbed off the sofa, my huge cumbersome nappy crinkling and rustling loudly as I awkwardly made my way over to where Sandy was kneeling. What must Jessie be thinking I wondered as Sandy instructed me to lie down in front of her. I wanted the floor to swallow me up, to hide me from this overwhelming humiliation.

I sat myself down on the carpet in front of her and opened my legs, then I inched forward until my feet were either side of her.


“Good girl.” She said as she spread my legs a little further apart, making my nappy rustle again.

I rested my head on the carpet in defeat, trying desperately to fight the tears as Sandy reached forward and gingerly began to pull at the tapes of my nappy with her slender fingers, as if she was opening a neatly wrapped present.

I closed my eyes and sucked hard on my dummy as one by one I felt the tapes release and my nappy loosen. Any moment now my most secret places would be exposed, seen by prying eyes and probed by curious fingers. I wriggled and kicked and squirmed with embarrassment as Sandy very gently pulled the nappy open, revealing my nakedness. The air felt cool against my skin after the hot and cumbersome nappy. Sandy pulled the nappy down to the floor and flattened it out, the sweet scent of baby powder filling the air.

I don't ever remember feeling so violated and exposed. To have to lay on the floor and be undressed right in front of Jessie was so cruel and degrading. To have my nappy pulled open revealing my private parts without any say, to be man-handled like a doll against my will, to be forced to have a babies dummy in my mouth, all these things created such an overwhelming sense of violation, degradation and shame. It was all too much to comprehend and I began to cry.


“Ssshh,” Said Sandy as she began her preparations. “it's ok Tia don't cry, I just want to check on you sweetie. I won't hurt you.”


I opened my eyes briefly to see what was happening and saw Sandy slipping her hands into the latex gloves. I rested my head back down onto the carpet and closed my eyes trying to block out the torment. Tears ran down my cheeks as Sandy gently took hold of my ankles and brought my legs up towards me, exposing my bottom to her gaze. I felt her soft touch around my most inner bottom, probing and touching, then carefully opening me further with her fingers.

Then as if my torment couldn't get any worse, I heard movement coming from the sofa and realized with absolute horror that Jessie was coming over to join Sandy for a closer look.


“Is Tia alright?” She asked timidly, as Sandy continued her probing.


“Yes she's fine Sweetie,” Replied Sandy, “she just has a little soreness here, so I need to put some cream on it to make it better.”


I squirmed and kicked even more as the two of them discussed me, as if I was a baby who couldn't understand them.


“Is it because Tia wears nappies?” asked Jessie softly, adding to my torment.


“It could be,” Said Sandy as she squeezed some cream onto her gloved finger. “babies can sometimes get nappy rash there, but as long as we look after her she'll soon be better.”


“My baby brother wears nappies,” Continued Jessie as she watched Sandy's handiwork with interest. “ he's three. Mummy lets me help sometimes when she's changing him.”


“Well maybe you can help me with Tia one day?” Said Sandy.


Sandy then opened up my inner bottom again with her slender fingers, gently stretching me open so that she could apply the cream with her other hand. The cream was very cold and I flinched as Sandy slowly and delicately applied it to my skin.


“It's ok Tia, Just relax,” She said softly. “nearly done.”


But how could I relax? Here I was, a teenage boy, totally naked, lying on the living room floor, sucking a dummy and having my bottom probed in front of my new best friend. It was an insane situation.

After Sandy had finished, she brought the nappy back up between my legs and re-fastened the tapes. Then she took my hands and pulled me up to a standing position. I looked down at the top of her head as she began her usual inspections of my nappy... pulling, tugging and re-adjusting it before patting my bottom through the plastic and giving me a kiss on my tummy. It was at this point that it all became too much. I had had to endure moment after moment of embarrassing and degrading ordeals, when all I wanted to do was spend quality time with Jessie, and then It seemed that the love and affection that Sandy had shown me was emotionally the tipping point and I burst into tears. Sandy pulled me down onto her lap and cuddled me as I cried. I squeezed her tightly and sobbed, my nappy rustling loudly as she gently rocked me.


“I think Baby's tired.” She said, more to herself than anyone else.


Sandy stood up and I clung on to her as tight as I could, burying my face into her slender neck as if to hide from the nightmare. Sandy informed Jessie that I was to be put to bed and that she could come round again whenever she wanted. Then she carried me up the stairs and into my nursery.

Sandy Gently lowered me into my cot and placed a blanket over me. Then she placed my giant teddy next to me. I grabbed hold if it and cuddled it tightly as the tears and sobs continued.






It appeared to me that things were dramatically changing for me with lightning speed around this time. I was about three weeks into my Baby regime, and within a matter of days I was already wearing dresses, I was referred to as a girl, my name had been changed, (Which I must confess I actually liked better than my real name.) and I had become friends with the girl next door... quite a difference from a young, shy, comic loving teenage boy.

It's strange, but before all this happened, when I was just a normal kid living with my parents, I had always found it difficult to get on with other children of my age. I didn't make friends very easily at all, but now, as I find myself living the life of a baby girl, I become good friends with Jessie.

This thought pulsed through my mind as I lay there in my cot the next morning. I realized that Jessie was the first thing I thought about when I woke up and it was a happy thought. I didn't regard her as a girlfriend in the adult sense, even though I thought she was really pretty, but a companion, a true friend. In any normal circumstance, I should be totally embarrassed and mortified to see her again after the events of yesterday... having to endure a bottom examination and being seen dressed in nappies at my age, but not a bit of it. I couldn't wait to see her again.

I cuddled my teddy and rolled over onto my side, sighing contentedly. But then the balloon of happiness burst as I felt my enormous nappy between my legs and reality came flooding back, and all my happy thoughts disappeared. My nappy felt warm and heavy. I didn't really notice it at the time, but I was now wetting my nappy every night.


Over the course of the next few days, things began to settle into more of a routine, there were no more shocking surprises, no major turn of events. Jessie came round to see me most days. We would play board games and watch TV together, and as luck would have it, each time I needed a nappy change it was while she was back home having lunch. I did have to endure the occasional check on my bottom, and one day Jessie was asked to leave early because I had to go to bed, but because I was a lot happier I accepted my fate without complaint, and this in turn led to a reward. As promised, Auntie Caroline agreed to let me wear boys clothes again the next time I left the house. I was still to be called Tia, and I was still not allowed to wear anything over my nappy while at home but it was a start.


So you can imagine my excitement when one afternoon an opportunity arose... I was in the middle of a game of Battleships with Jessie in the playroom when Auntie Caroline came in and informed Jessie that she had to go home now because I was to be bathed. My heart sank as Jessie put down her pencil and got up to go. And then, just as she was slipping her shoes on, she asked Auntie Caroline if I would be allowed to go round to her house the next day to play. I looked up excitedly at Auntie Caroline and gave her my cutest smile.


“Pleeeeease Auntie!” I pleaded.


“We'll see,” She said smiling back at me. “if you continue to be good i'll consider it.”


I jumped up and down with excitement as Jessie, smiling broadly made her way down the hall towards the door, my nappy rustling loudly as I followed.

As soon as the door closed, Auntie Caroline took my hand and led me up the stairs towards the nursery. As we passed the bathroom I saw Sandy preparing my bath. She was leaning over the bath tub, testing the warmth of the water, a huge high mound of foaming bubbles was bobbing up and down as the water gushed out of the taps filling the room with steam.

Auntie Caroline led me over to the changing table and lifted me up on to it, I instinctively laid down and opened my legs for her.


“Good Girl Tia.” She said as she reached down and began to pull at the tapes of my nappy. Once my nappy was unfastened I lifted my bottom ready for Auntie Caroline to pull it from under me. Auntie Caroline smiled down at me. “you really are being a good baby for me aren't you?” She said, and she gave my cheek a little pinch.

I felt a warm flush of affection towards Auntie Caroline as she praised me, and then I did something completely unbelievable... I began to suck my thumb! I had never ever done that before in my life, but for reasons beyond my comprehension, I just suddenly did it. I think looking back now, it must have been a little moment when my regression into a baby suddenly took a step nearer. I was being treated like a baby so constantly that I was very slowly, 'Bit-by-bit' beginning to pick up the mannerisms and the attitude of a baby. But at the time I was totally unaware of it.


Auntie Caroline lifted me off of the changing table and led me naked towards the bathroom. With a well aimed pat on my bare bottom, she instructed me to climb in. Goosebumps grew on my legs and arms as I sank down into the warm soapy water. Auntie Caroline waited for me to get comfortable before she picked up a flannel and proceeded to bathe me. As she did so she spoke warmly of how she was going to look after me.


“Oh this is so nice,” She continued. “ I love looking after you. You're my baby now and I'm going to take such good care of you. I'm going to do everything for you so you will be kept safe.”


As she said this she was lovingly washing me with the flannel, almost caressing me with it. She seemed so warm and loving towards me, something I wasn't used to back home. My parents never showed me any warmth or tenderness, and Auntie Caroline's attitude towards me now made me feel very safe and comfortable.

Auntie Caroline smiled sweetly as she continued. “And after I have bathed you, I will dry you thoroughly with a big fluffy towel, and then I will powder your pretty little bottom and put you in a nice clean nappy, and then after that I have a very special treat for you, something that I have been practicing”.


A slight feeling of trepidation flowed through me as those words sunk in. What could she mean? I studied her face as she bathed me. She was smiling contentedly as she worked the flannel around my body. Then I noticed something different about her. I suddenly noticed her breasts looked different. They were much more pronounced through her blouse than usual. She was wearing a white silk blouse that was tucked into her skirt, pulling the material tight across her large firm breasts, and I could see their soft round shape really clearly through the thin silk. And then it dawned on me... she wasn't wearing a bra! And then I noticed something else... there was a little damp patch on her blouse right where her nipple was pressed against it.


Once I was out of the bath, Auntie Caroline wrapped a huge fluffy towel around me and began to dry me. My body jerked as she patted and rubbed. Then she took my hand and led me back to the nursery. There seemed to be a hint of impatience in her step as she led me over to the changing table as if she was in a hurry to do something else.

I lay there on the changing table as Auntie Caroline began her now very familiar routine.

First she carefully and slowly administers a baby wipe around my bottom and between my legs, wiping and cleaning, making sure she's covered every part of me. Then she squeezes some nappy rash cream onto her finger and smears some around my inner bottom. Then she picks up the huge baby powder bottle and twists the cap, releasing a small puff of baby powder into the air. Then with the bangles on her wrist jingling she sprinkles a liberal amount of powder all over my private parts and around my bottom. The sweet smell fills the room as a fine rain of powder settles onto me.

Then she takes a fresh disposable nappy and opens it out, the nappy rustling and crinkling loudly as she places it on the changing table between my legs and spreads it out with her hands. I instinctively lift my bottom and wait for Auntie Caroline to slide it under me before lowering my bottom again. Then I spread my legs as wide as I can so she can bring the nappy up between them. The huge bulky nappy fills the gap between my legs as it is pulled up and over my private parts, covering them at last.

Then in one quick motion, she expertly pulls the side flaps of the nappy around to the front, tucking the front under it with her other hand, pulls the two ends together tightly and secures the ends together with the tapes. The nappy rustles as she presses her fingers down to make them stick. Then she does the same to the other side and I feel the huge nappy wrap around me, enveloping me in its thick padding.

Then I lie there, helpless and vulnerable on top of the changing table, feeling like a proper baby now that my nappy is on, fidgeting and squirming, trying to get accustomed to the thickness of it around me. I can feel the intrusion of the nappy between my legs, forcing them apart with its mass of padding. The slippery sides slipping and sliding against my skin as I wriggle my legs. The masses of padding under my bottom pressing softly against me.

All the while Auntie Caroline is fiddling and adjusting my nappy, pulling at the tapes to make sure they're stuck down, running her fingers around the elastic of the leg holes, pulling at the waist band making my body jerk once more. Sounds of rustling and smells of baby powder fill the room. Auntie Caroline is clearly at her happiest when she's changing my nappy. She always has a broad smile on her face, and seems to revel in my humiliation too.


It's amazing how many emotions you experience when your having to endure a nappy change as a teenager. As a baby of course you don't know any different. But as a teenager, you know exactly what's going on. To have your independence taken away like that, to be regressed against your will, to be dressed, bathed, fed and treated as a baby is so degrading and humiliating.

When that moment comes when you're informed that you are going to have a nappy change the first emotion you feel is a sense of impending dread at knowing that any moment now you will be undressed, just like a doll. That you will have your clothes removed until you are naked. Then, while you are being undressed, you feel a sense of violation, that someone is physically removing your clothes against your will.

Then you feel embarrassment as the last item is removed and you lie there naked and exposed. Your first instinct is to cover yourself, to look away or to close your eyes, as if that will block out the nightmare.

Embarrassment then changes to humiliation, as you are cleaned and powdered, and you realize that the person changing you is able to look at your most intimate parts. And with this realization comes the sense that because they can see these most sacred of places, and that they have total access to them, that somehow they now own you... You belong to them, and they can do whatever they want to you.

Then once you're cleaned and prepared, those feelings of impending dread re-appear, because you know that any second now you will be wearing a nappy. A nappy is such a symbol of all things babyish. It's an enormous badge of shame which screams BABY at everyone who can see it. It symbolizes submission, it informs everyone that here is a person who has to be cared for, that they can't do the most basic things themselves. There is no other item of clothing that is as obtrusive as a huge cumbersome nappy. It rustles loudly with every move, it's bulkiness makes it impossible to walk without waddling, it's bright and shiny and is impossible to ignore. And as soon as you're wearing it, you feel like a baby. For you know that only babies wear them, therefore... you are a baby. So you have two choices... you either accept it, or fight it.

And for a long time I did fight it. But this time, when Auntie Caroline had fastened the tapes and was smiling down at me, a little part of me felt safe and secure. I felt looked after, that Auntie Caroline was going to take care of me, that she was providing all my needs and keeping me safe. And it was then, that I started to feel a love for her, a motherly love. And looking back at it now, I think that that was exactly what Auntie Caroline was waiting for. It was all part of her grand plan to make me her baby, ever since I came into her life when I visited with my parents all those weeks ago. She knew what she wanted and she had meticulously planned every stage. She knew that eventually she would break me down and with enough time and effort and trickery she would have what she craved... Me as her willing baby!


But my transition into a willing baby took lots of twists and turns. Right now I felt soppy and babyish and almost content, but it didn't take much for me to be reminded that this was all against my will, that I was really a teenager and didn't deserve to be regressed and kept in nappies. I still had moments of clarity, little remnants of fight still left in me, and it was only a few more minutes after my nappy change that one of these moments would come along.


Auntie Caroline sat me up and left me there on the changing table while she went to the wardrobe. She came back with what looked like a shiny white T-shirt. In fact, it turned out to be a cross between a Babies Bib and a T-shirt. It was made of white cotton but with a plastic outer layer, it rustled slightly, (though not as much as my nappy), and was very short.


“Auntie has got you some nice new tops to wear Tia,” She exclaimed excitedly. “they're called “Baby Ts”, you can wear these when you're home, it means you don't have to worry about spilling anything because they wipe clean.”


I lifted my arms instinctively as she slipped it over my head and pulled it down. It stopped just short of my nappy of course. Then she lifted me off of the changing table.


“Now off you go downstairs,” She said, patting my bottom. “ wait for me in the living room sweetie, i'll be down in a minute to feed you.”


I awkwardly made my way to the stairs knowing that Auntie Caroline was watching me. My huge nappy making it so difficult to walk, and the rustling even louder now that I was wearing my Baby T.


I grabbed my fluffy teddy bear and sat on the floor to watch TV. I leaned back against the sofa, placed my thumb in my mouth and snuggled up to my teddy. A few minutes later I caught sight of Auntie Caroline out of the corner of my eye. She was standing in the doorway smiling at me.


“Oh Tia, you look so adorable!” She said lovingly. “I could eat you all up. Although you shouldn't suck your thumb sweetie, it might be dirty. Where's your dummy?”

Feeling slightly embarrassed that I was caught acting like a baby by myself I took my thumb from my mouth and looked around me pretending to look for my dummy. Auntie Caroline turned off the television and turned back round to face me.


“Now then Tia,” She said. She was building up to something and I wasn't sure I was going to like it. “it's time for your milk, but I have a treat for you. Sandy and I feel that ordinary milk, although it is good for you, is not as good for you as 'Mummies Milk”, so i've been using a special gadget to make it so that I can feed you from my breast like a proper baby.”

My heart leapt up in my chest and my mouth went dry as she continued. “So from now on i'm going to be breast feeding you regularly.”


“No Auntie, please!!” I replied shakily. “I don't think I want to.”


“No Tia,” She said commandingly as she took a seat on the sofa. “babies need to be fed properly and looked after. Now come over here please.”


I turned and stared at the blank television screen not able to move, trying to comprehend what was happening. “Tia?” She repeated. Patting the space on the sofa next to her.


“But I don't want to Auntie,” I pleaded, turning back round to face her. “Please! Can't I have a bottle instead?”


“No Tia,” Replied Auntie Caroline. “You can have a bottle later if you're good, now come along Sweetie, remember our agreement... I won't let you wear boys clothes to Jessie's tomorrow if you don't do as you're told!”


I reluctantly stood up and sighed in defeat, my head bowed in shame. “Please Auntie. Do I have to?” I whimpered sheepishly.


“Yes Tia,” She replied warmly, patting her lap with her hands. “come and lie here for me, there's a good girl.”


My limbs felt like they were wading through treacle as I slowly approached her, I couldn't believe what was about to happen. By the time I had reached the sofa Auntie Caroline had started to un-button the front of her blouse. I awkwardly climbed up onto the sofa in front of her, not really knowing what position to get into. Auntie Caroline had now un-buttoned her blouse down to her naval revealing a huge cleavage, her large round breasts almost in full view. My huge nappy rustled even louder as I crawled onto the sofa next to her and shuffled around to find a comfortable position.

Auntie Caroline unfastened the last button and pulled her blouse right open, revealing her breasts completely. Then she slipped her blouse over her shoulders and pulled it right off, placing it on the floor.

Then she instructed me to lie on my back and place my head in her lap. My nappy rustled loudly again as I twisted onto my back, placing my feet on the arm of the sofa before lying back. I felt Auntie Caroline's hand under my head as I lowered myself down onto her lap, her huge breasts just millimetres away from my face.

The moment had come. My heart was pounding heavy in my chest. Auntie Caroline slipped her free hand under her right breast and lifted it slightly. Then at the same time raised my head with her other hand and guided my lips towards her nipple. I moaned softly with displeasure as her nipple touched my lips.


“It's ok Sweetie,” She whispered softly. “just open your mouth, that's it.”

I reluctantly parted my lips and took her huge nipple into my mouth. It was warm and hard, and was already dripping with milk. I wriggled my legs and moaned in protest as I began to suckle, my nappy and Baby T constantly rustling. “there's a good Baby.” She said.


I can't tell you how humiliated I felt. In those few weeks since my baby regime had started, I had had to endure so many humiliating experiences, but this one was right up there! Here I was, a teenager in nappies, being breast fed by my Aunt. I squirmed and wriggled and kicked as I continued to suckle. Then I did something really babyish... I spread my legs wide and brought my knees back and raised my feet in the air, just like a real baby does when its lying on its back. It must have been another 'Baby Mannerism' that I had involuntarily picked up due to my constant treatment as a baby. A bit like sucking my thumb or cuddling my teddy... These things were creeping into my psyche without me realizing it.

So now that I had involuntarily adopted the stance of a baby with my legs parted, Auntie Caroline took the opportunity to examine my nappy more closely while I was feeding. These newer nappies I was now kept in, were designed to be extremely bulky in the area between my legs, which was one of the reasons why it was so difficult to walk while wearing one. That part of the nappy came down almost halfway to my knees and is much wider there than ordinary nappies. They constantly rubbed against the insides of my legs, but after a couple of hours of wear, with constant leg movements and the help of gravity, it looses a bit of it's 'Puffiness' because some of the air has been squeezed out, and as a result the nappy hangs a little lower and becomes a little narrower.

The huge bulk of padding between my legs looked like a shiny white mountain, stretching up high from the leg elastic as I laid there on my back, Auntie Caroline casually let go of her breast, reached down and began to pull and adjust my nappy, paying close attention to the leg holes.

The area around the legs had a thin ruffled layer of plastic that looks similar to a lace trim on a pair of women's panties, and it was this area that Auntie Caroline was concentrating on. She gently pulled and fiddled with it, slipping her fingers underneath it and running her fingers around the rim of the leg holes from one end to the other. Then she slipped her fingers further inside to check if I was dry, snapping the elastic back as she slipped her fingers back out, releasing a small puff of baby powder as she did so. (She always covered me in liberal amounts of powder).

I moaned softly in protest as Auntie Caroline continued to prod and fiddle with my nappy, making it rustle loudly as she pulled and adjusted it.

Annoyed with the intrusion of her probing fingers I closed my legs, and leaning slightly more onto my side, involuntarily took hold of her other breast with my hand and continued to suckle, my nose buried deep into the smooth skin of her breast. But this adjustment in my position just made Auntie Caroline switch her examinations to the nappy around my bottom. She gently stroked and patted my nappy with an heir of someone who is totally happy and content.

I adjusted my position again, leaning right over onto my side now, I brought my knees up and curled up into a ball like a cat and nuzzled my nose further into her breast to take in more of her nipple. My fingers gently squeezing her other breast as I continued to suckle.

Auntie Caroline took this adjustment as a sign that I was enjoying myself, and sighed contentedly, supporting my head with one hand and casually stroking my body with the other. She casually rested her hand on my leg and circled her fingers around it's smooth skin as I fed. Then she moved her hand down to my nappy, feeling the plastic with her fingers and occasionally patting my bottom. The nappy was so thick and bulky there, that each time she patted me I could hardly feel it, and the sound it made was deep and echoey, and of course, rustled loudly.


A few moments later, my torment was over and I was sitting back on the floor watching cartoons, not really believing what had just happened. The next time that Auntie Caroline came in I felt quite awkward, knowing that i'd just had her nipple in my mouth. The thought that kept me going was being at Jessie's house and wearing proper clothes again. I didn't have too long to wait, after lunch Jessie came round to get me. Auntie Caroline, as promised, dressed me in an ordinary T-shirt, and some grey shorts over my nappy. It was a tight fit but they covered my nappy which was the main thing. Only the waist band of my nappy showed above my shorts, but because my T-shirt was a little longer than the ones I was used to you couldn't see it.

I was so excited as I waddled down the hallway, I had a real spring in my step, which wasn't easy with my huge bulky nappy on under my shorts. I was really looking forward to getting away from all the 'Babying' and 'Fussing' that I was always having to endure at home. Auntie Caroline insisted on walking with me to Jessie's house and even went into the house with us when Jessie's Mum opened the door and invited us in.


“Can we go upstairs and play Mummy?” Said Jessie excitedly.


“Yes, go on then.” Sighed Jessie's Mum smiling.


Jessie led me up to her bedroom, it was very tidy and pretty. Then she suggested that we read some comics together, which was fine with me. We spread some out over the floor and chose one each, then we got comfy and began to read. We were content there for ages reading, showing each other the pages that we particularly liked. It was lovely. Not since the time in the tent when Jessie first appeared did I feel this happy. At last I was away from nappy changes, bottle feeds, bottom inspections, They were a whole other house away, I was able to fully relax and enjoy myself. Or so I thought....


Find out what Tia has to endure next in the chapter 4 coming soon.



This story was written by Billy Blaze. If you have any comments I would be happy to hear from you. Please send any comments to,


Other stories written by me are, ‘Teacher’s Pet’, ‘Teacher’s Punishment’ ‘The Imprisonment’, 'The After School Punishment. :vD

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