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Tricked into Nappies Part 4. My ordeals at Jessie's House.



It had seemed like i'd spent a whole day with Jessie in her bedroom reading comics, but in reality it was probably only a couple of hours. Time didn't seem to move while I was there, I was enjoying myself so much. And despite the fact that I could feel my huge nappy pressing against me from all sides under my shorts, I felt relaxed and happy.

Again, Jessie hadn't mentioned or asked me about my nappies, or my baby regime, or amazingly if I was really a boy! She must have noticed that I was 'Equipped' as a boy when I was exposed in front of her the other day while Sandy was examining me. She must have wondered why I was being treated in such a way, but she never asked me. And I came to the conclusion that Auntie Caroline must have spoken to her about me, or maybe had asked her not to mention it. Whatever it was, I took some comfort in the fact that she never quizzed me about it, she just accepted me for who I was.

And this was the burgeoning question that I had begun to ask myself... Who was I? Three and a half weeks ago I was a boy called Todd, quiet, awkward, and shy. A boy who only felt comfortable in his own company, a boy who shunned away from friendship. A boy who lived in a cold house emotionally, with parents who showed little or no love towards me, work-a-holics, too busy in their own lives to notice me.

And now here I was, thrust into a world so different and extreme that looking back now it is impossible to comprehend. Forced into a life of nappies and baby clothes. Fed, dressed, bathed and cared for as only a baby would know, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And now I was to be regularly breast fed and dressed as a girl with early bedtimes and even a different name! Todd had totally disappeared, and I had taken his place.

But strangely, as the days went by, I began to have moments where I was becoming more comfortable with my new life. I was very slowly beginning to accept my new status, for I was being loved and cared for, pampered and looked after. I was being nurtured and allowed to play, and although I was subjected to huge amounts of humiliation and shame, I was also treated with kindness and compassion. And it felt nice.

But hidden under all the softness and all the mothering was the real reason I was living as Tia... It was all done with the express purpose of fulfilling the machinations of a woman obsessed with me. A woman totally convinced that I was her baby to be looked after, and with the help of Sandy had manipulated and tricked me into feeling like this was the real me, that Todd had somehow been a lie, and that this was who I was really meant to be. And slowly, inch by inch, minute by minute, my mind was being turned, I was starting to become the baby she craved for.


One of these moments took place while we were reading our comics together that afternoon. I was already subconsciously picking up various 'Baby Mannerisms', I was sucking my thumb when I didn't have a dummy, and had taken to cuddling a Teddy when I felt relaxed, both of these things I was doing without realizing it. But it seemed now that I was wetting my nappy during the day without really being conscious of it.

When my baby Regime had started I would fight the urge to wet my nappy everyday. Which I know is silly because we all know that it's pointless, but back then I felt that I needed to resist, to fight the way I was being treated. Then after a couple of weeks I stopped fighting it but would still feel utterly humiliated by it. And now, after enduring 24 hour nappy wearing for almost a month I began wetting my nappy quite naturally... not really caring as much at all. But now, this very afternoon, it seemed that my life in nappies was reaching yet another milestone...

I had just started on another comic when I felt my bladder empty and my nappy beginning to stretch and swell. The warmth of the pee that gushed out of me slowly spread throughout my nappy enveloping me in its warmth. I fidgeted a little as my nappy continued to soak, hoping for all eternity that Jessie wouldn't notice. I felt my face glow red as the warm stream continued to gush from me, until eventually it died down to a trickle and stopped. I looked at Jessie, hoping not to see a sign that she had noticed that I had just wet my nappy next to her, but she just smiled at me. And then it hit me... Auntie Caroline was back at home and here I was in need of a nappy change, and I suddenly felt incredibly vulnerable! Auntie Caroline had looked after me so well that now that I was away from her when I needed her I was scared. She suddenly felt much further away. This was a new experience for me, all these past weeks I had protested about having my nappy changed, and now here I was, feeling afraid that I wasn't able to have one, and I found myself longing for the security and care that Auntie Caroline provided.

What was I to do? I certainly wasn't going to tell Jessie how I felt. Even though she seemed to me the perfect person to tell my problems to, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. And then, as if the Gods had decided to brake the ice for me, Jessie's tummy gave out a terrific rumbling groan and we looked at each other and simultaneously burst out laughing. And when the giggles had died down, Jessie suggested that we vacate the bedroom in search of something to eat.

I picked up my Teddy and followed Jessie out of the room. As I waddled down the stairs my warm nappy felt heavy and cumbersome which made my feelings of vulnerability return. The rumbling of Jessie's tummy had lost it's funny side and the predicament I found myself in weighed heavy on my mind. I felt trapped and afraid, and very insecure without Auntie Caroline.

But all that was to change as I followed Jessie into the living room. There, sitting on the sofa idly chatting to Jessie's Mum was Auntie Caroline! The two of them seemed very relaxed, each sipping from mugs of coffee. Auntie Caroline was leaning back against the sofa, her arm casually draped over the back of it. At sight of me she stopped talking and smiled.


“What are you two up to?” She said quizzically.


Jessie flopped onto the sofa next to her Mum and cheekily asked her if she would fix us both something to eat. I meanwhile was rooted to the spot, shocked at seeing that Auntie Caroline was still here.


“I suppose I could find you both something, it's nearly teatime anyway.” Said Jessie's Mum lovingly, giving Jessie a gentle squeeze. Jessie in turn threw her arms around her for a quick cuddle.

Auntie Caroline smiled at them both and then, placing her coffee mug on the floor extended her arms towards me and gestured for me to come over to her. I walked towards her as casually as I could, trying hard to disguise my waddle. When I got to her I took hold of her outstretched hands as she gently pulled me closer. But instead of giving me a cuddle, or sitting me on the sofa next to her as I was expecting, she stood me in front of her, and pulling away the leg of my shorts with one hand, slipped her other hand under my nappy to examine me. I squirmed as her slender fingers reached inside, feeling around between my legs.


“ Looks like Baby needs changing!” She said assertively.


I was horrified. All of those feelings of vulnerability and fear I had had a few seconds ago were gone in a flash, replaced by those 'oh so familiar' feelings of humiliation and shame.


“Has she wet her nappy?” Asked Jessie's Mum, in her soft Indian accent.


Auntie Caroline removed her fingers from inside my nappy and nodded.


“Feels like it.” She replied, as she began to pat my bottom with her other hand. My nappy sounding dull and heavy now that it was soaked.


“Did you want to change her here?” Asked Jessie's Mum. “It'll save you going back.”


“If that's ok?” Auntie Caroline replied.


I was so shocked I couldn't move. I stood there in front of Auntie Caroline, my legs shaking and my heart beating wildly, the thought of enduring a nappy change in front of Jessie and her Mum filled me with horror, and the realisation that Jessie's Mum knew all about me certainly didn't help. They must have been talking about me ever since we arrived. Auntie Caroline continued to gently pat my bottom as Jessie's Mum asked her if she needed anything.


“No it's ok thanks Amita, I've got my changing bag here.” She announced, pointing to a giant cloth bag beside the sofa.

Jessie's Mum stopped cuddling Jessie and instructed her to go and wake her brother up for tea. Jessie jumped up and sprang from the room towards the stairs.


“She's so full of energy that one.” said Jessie's Mum proudly as she sat up to watch Auntie Caroline.

I felt like I was waiting at the gallows as I was stood there in front of them both. Both women continued to chat while Auntie Caroline reached into her bag and took out a plastic bottle of baby powder and placed it on the floor at my feet. At sight of it I began to whimper and wriggle, the shame and humiliation beginning to rise up through me like a wave.


“Where do you get nappies to fit, Caroline?” Asked Jessie's Mum with interest.


“Sandy gets them for me from a special supplier,” She replied, “ They're really good and never leak.”


The tension was mounting as I waited for the inevitable, and I began to wriggle and squirm even more.

Auntie Caroline, still seated on the sofa, ignored me completely as she reached into her bag and pulled out a dummy. I moaned in protest as she brought it up to my lips and pushed it into my mouth. Then, still casually chatting to Jessie's Mum, reached into her bag and to my horror took out a folded terry cloth nappy.


“Oooh, is that a Terry nappy?” Said Jessie's Mum excitedly. “I haven't seen them in a while.”


“I use them sometimes,” Replied Auntie Caroline. “Tia's got some soreness on her bottom at the moment so I thought a cloth nappy would be kinder to her skin.”


I stood there feeling totally retched and ashamed as the two women discussed me as if I wasn't there. It was as though they thought I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Jessie's Mum moved closer for a better look as Auntie Caroline knelt on the floor and expertly folded the nappy into shape and place it on the carpet in front of her.

Then Auntie Caroline reached forward and began to unbutton my shorts! I began to wriggle and squirm even more as I felt my shorts loosen around my waist, the humiliation mounting by the second. And what made it worse was Auntie Caroline's casual manner. It was as if she didn't even need to look at what she was doing, they just chatted away to each other as if everything was totally normal, as if it was an everyday occurrence that a teenager was having his nappy changed.

Auntie Caroline pulled my shorts down over my nappy, the plastic surface 'Swishing' against my shorts as they were pulled down to my feet. The conversation turned to Jessie's baby brother as Auntie Caroline lifted my feet up in turn to remove my shorts.


“He's three,” Answered Jessie's Mum. I've been Potty training him over the last week or so, I think we're nearly there.”


Auntie Caroline nodded in response as she pulled my T-Shirt up and over my head leaving me standing there in just my nappy.


“I would start with Tia, but she's just not ready,” Replied Auntie Caroline as she neatly folded my T-shirt and placed it on the sofa. “She's still a baby really. She's going to be in nappies for a long time I think.”

Those words pierced through me like a dagger as she reached into her bag and took out some nappy pins. The humiliation I was suffering and the news that my life in nappies was a long way from over just tipped me over the edge and I felt myself starting to cry. Jessie's Mum moved a little closer again and watched as Auntie Caroline instructed me to lie down and place my bottom onto the newly folded nappy.

With shame and embarrassment flooding through my body, I awkwardly laid myself down in front of her, carefully placing my bottom on top of the waiting cloth nappy and wrapping my arms around my teddy for comfort. My wet nappy pressed against my skin as my huge padded bottom touched the floor. I wriggled and kicked my legs in frustration as Auntie Caroline pulled at the tapes of my nappy. I heard the familiar rustling sounds as they were pulled undone. I felt my nappy loosen, the air against my bare skin felt cool as my nappy was pulled open revealing my nakedness for all to see. I squeezed my teddy and screwed my eyes tight shut in an attempt to block out the humiliation of having my naked parts fully exposed.

And still the two women continued to chat about me. Jessie's Mum remarked how pretty my name was, Auntie Caroline smiled at her in response as she gently pulled my wet nappy from under me and sealed it in a nappy bag before opening up a pack of baby wipes.


“It's quite common now for children to be non-gender specific.” Said Auntie Caroline as she began to carefully use a baby wipe on me.


“Yes I know, there's a boy at Jessie's school that dresses as a girl sometimes,” Replied Jessie's Mum. “Everyone's fine with it.”


I can't describe to you how humiliating it was having to endure a nappy change while the two women discussed me in this way. They really must have thought that I was unable to understand anything they were saying, and they were totally oblivious towards any sort of feelings I might be having. To them I was just a doll to be dressed and undressed, regardless as to how I would feel about it. The sense of violation you feel when someone just decides to remove your clothes without your permission is so overpowering.

Auntie Caroline slowly and carefully wiped and cleaned me thoroughly as they chatted, and I clung on tight to my teddy and sucked on my dummy as the ordeal continued.

Auntie Caroline then twisted off the cap of a tube of nappy rash cream, and squeezed some onto her finger. I instinctively opened my legs wide for her and lifted my bottom a little.


“Good Girl Tia.” She said as she gently smeared it around my inner bottom. The coldness of it making me flinch slightly.


“So how often does Tia like to be a Girl?” Asked Jessie's Mum with interest.


“Oh, most of the time I would say,” Replied Auntie Caroline as she slowly administering the cream. “She likes to be a girl when she's at home, it's only when she goes outside that she dresses as a boy sometimes.”


Waves of embarrassment and not a little anger swept through me as Auntie Caroline continued to discuss my gender. It was an added violation to my already humiliating ordeal, especially when it had been Auntie Caroline who had instigated my transition into a girl.


“Well, she certainly gets on well with Jessie.” Commented Jessie's Mum as Auntie Caroline finished administering the cream and placed the tube back in the bag.


Auntie Caroline agreed as she began to prepare me for my nappy. She picked up the powder bottle and twisted the lid, releasing a small puff of powder from the little holes in the top as she opened it. Then she sprinkled liberal amounts of powder all over my nappy area, I could feel it landing on me like fine dust, it's sweet perfume lingering in the air. Then she unclipped a nappy pin and placed it between her lips before taking hold of the nappy with her slender fingers and pulling it up and over my crotch, the thick white toweling filling the gap between my legs, forcing them apart. Then with her other hand, pulled the side of the nappy round to the front, pulling the two parts together tightly, I wriggled and squirmed as half of the nappy tightened around me.


“Hold still Tia,” She said as she carefully pushed the pin through the layers of thick white toweling. “I don't want to prick you.” I laid still as she threaded the pin through and clipped it shut. When she was satisfied that it was pinned together tightly, she pulled the other side around to the front, pulled it tight and pinned that together too.

Again I wriggled and squirmed and kicked my legs with embarrassment as Auntie Caroline re-pinned and adjusted my nappy.


“That looks quite fiddly Caroline?” Said Jessie's Mum as she watched her with interest.


“They are a little tricky at first,” She replied. As she threaded another pin through the layers of thick cotton toweling. “it's because there's no elastic, it requires a lot of adjustments, but it's worth the effort, they're so cute.”


I lay there totally helpless as Auntie Caroline continued her adjustments. She fiddled and poked and tucked, and I just laid there, sucking my dummy, cuddling my teddy and gently whimpering. Then, after what seemed an eternity, Auntie Caroline took my hands and pulled me up. I tried to stand up straight but my nappy was so thick and cumbersome it was very difficult. Disposable nappies are so much lighter and allow far more movement, Terry cloth nappies are a hundred times more solid, they don't 'give' at all, which makes wearing them much more uncomfortable.

Auntie Caroline's adjustments continued as she knelt there in front of me. She reached around behind me and focussed on the parts around my bottom and between my legs.


Jessie's Mum leaned forward and gently touched my nappy, feeling the soft fluffy cotton with her fingers.


“You're right,” She said, “they are really cute aren't they?”


Auntie Caroline looked at her with a big smile and nodded proudly, patting my bottom. Having to endure two women touching and admiring my nappy at once was so very degrading and humiliating, I just wanted the floor to swallow me up.

Then, after they had both examined my nappy thoroughly, Auntie Caroline kissed me on the tummy, and taking hold of my hands sat back on the sofa pulling me along with her onto her lap. I settled onto her lap and curled up into a ball, the fluffy thick toweling filling the space between my legs.


“Do you use plastic baby pants with these nappies?” Asked Jessie's Mum. Still taking the opportunity to have a feel of the soft cotton.


“Yes,” Replied Auntie Caroline. “I have a pair here in my bag, i'll put them on in a minute, she looks far too cute for them right now.”


I shuddered with embarrassment as I sat there on Auntie Caroline's lap. I opened my eyes and looked down, a huge mass of white fluffy toweling was pushing my legs apart, and four nappy pins were keeping it all in place, their pink plastic tops just visible within the folds of the soft white cotton.

It felt very strange wearing just a cloth nappy on it's own. And even more strangely, I felt a little undressed without the plastic pants that usually go with it. All my emotions seemed to be mixed up today... I usually felt an extra bite of humiliation when I was put into plastic pants, but now that I was without them I felt vulnerable again, as if I was partially exposed.

I felt incredibly babyish as I clung on to Auntie Caroline too. Both women continued to 'Coo' over me and say how adorable I was and this made me feel even more like a baby. I gave my teddy an extra squeeze and sucked on my dummy, resting my head on Auntie Caroline's chest as they both fussed over me.


“Does Tia want her bottle now Caroline?” Asked Jessie's Mum.


“Yes please Amita,” Replied Auntie Caroline as she gently rocked me.


Jessie's Mum got up and went into the kitchen just as Jessie came down with her little brother. Jessie's Mum brought a babies bottle of juice over to Auntie Caroline and then led Jessie's brother into the kitchen. Jessie came over to the sofa and settled down next to Auntie Caroline, to watch with interest as I was fed my bottle.

Auntie Caroline gently pulled the dummy from my mouth, and picking up the bottle, brought the rubber teat to my lips.


“Here we go Baby,” She said softly, teasing the rubber nipple against my lips. I moaned with displeasure as she pressed the teat against my lips a little harder.

“C'mon Tia,” She continued.” Open up, there's a good girl.” Reluctantly I opened my mouth and let her slip the teat into it. “Good Girl.” She said as I began to suckle.


Knowing that Jessie was watching me have a bottle feed was so excruciatingly embarrassing and I was close to tears as I suckled. I tried to take the bottle off of Auntie Caroline but she prevented me, and I moaned with displeasure again at the humiliation of not even being allowed to feed myself. And what made the whole experience even more unbearable was that my obvious discomfort had triggered Jessie's curiosity, leading her to ask questions about me.


“Does Tia not like having a bottle?” She asked inquisitively.


“Aww, she does sometimes Sweetie,” Replied Auntie Caroline smiling. “I think she's just a little tired that's all.”


There was a pause. Jessie inched a little closer.


“Is Tia still a baby?” She asked, the shock of her question sending ripples of embarrassment through my entire body.


“Yes Jessie,” Replied Auntie Caroline warmly. “Tia’s still a baby, that's why I have to feed her and why she still wears a nappy.”


There was another pause.


“She's not a little baby though?” Jessie enquired.


“No, not a little baby,” Said Auntie Caroline. “Tia's older than normal babies but she's still a baby inside.”


“And that's why she still wears nappies” Said Jessie, more as a statement than a question..


“Yes, that's right,” Replied Auntie Caroline. “Tia needs to be properly looked after just like a real baby.”


The humiliation now became utterly unbearable and I stopped suckling and began to cry, tears rolled down my cheeks and my lips began to quiver with the bottle still in my mouth. Auntie Caroline tilted the bottle a little higher and encouraged me to continue.


“Come on Baby,” she said softly. “just a little bit more.”


I managed to pull myself together enough to finish off the juice, but I felt totally wretched and ashamed, being fed a bottle like a baby at my age, and having my treatment discussed with my best friend in front of me like that was so utterly degrading. And coupled with the fact that my huge soft toweling nappy was so cumbersome and uncomfortable, with it's mass of white fluffy cotton forcing my legs wide apart, and the pink nappy pins holding it in place made my nappy look so much more babyish. I was so humiliated and ashamed as I sucked the last drops of juice from the bottle. Auntie Caroline praised me for finishing it and pulled the teat from my mouth. As she did so, the humiliation seemed to boil over inside of me and I started to sob, I buried my face into Auntie Caroline's chest and wept openly.


“Sshhh, there, there Baby,” She said lovingly. “don't cry there's a good girl.” Then she slipped a finger through the ring of my dummy and brought it up to my mouth. I parted my lips in readiness, eager to have my dummy again and Auntie Caroline duly obliged. As soon as that huge soft latex nipple entered my mouth, a wave of calm washed through me. I had grown very fond of my dummy over the past few weeks, which is so strange considering how humiliating it should be. With the exception of a nappy, a dummy is so obviously babyish... Who else, other than a baby spends their time with a dummy in their mouth? It's even frown upon for a small child to still use one, and yet here I was, a teenager, wanting his dummy while dressed in a nappy. I should have been totally ashamed of it but I wasn't. And again, it was something that I hadn't really noticed at the time, but looking back now, It was obvious that I was becoming more and more dependent on it.




After all the fuss and commotion had died down, I was dressed back into my T-shirt and socks and carried into the kitchen for tea. We all sat at the table together and ate. As usual I was allowed to feed myself but my sandwiches were cut into small squares and had the crusts cut off.

Then, after everyone had finished, Auntie Caroline handed me my dummy and told me that I was now allowed to go and play. Jessie suggested we play a board game in the lounge, and jumped down from the table and sprang out of the kitchen. My huge bulky cotton nappy made it quite awkward to get down from my chair as quickly as Jessie had done, and I was very conscious of Auntie Caroline and Jessie's Mum watching me as I climbed down and walked towards the kitchen door, and I just caught Jessie's Mum commenting on how cute I was as I waddled out of the kitchen. It was so difficult to walk without a severe waddle with my huge nappy, but I was determined not to crawl on my hands and knees, (Although it would have made it easier.) When I got to Jessie she was opening up a game of 'Snakes & Ladders' and was excitedly spilling the contents onto the floor. I knelt down beside her and watched her set it up.


“I'll go first.” She announced as she vigorously shook the dice.


It was nice being back to playing games with Jessie again, even though I had had to endure yet another humiliating experience, it was all forgotten about when I was playing games with her. Auntie Caroline and Jessie's Mum were chatting in the kitchen and all seemed pleasant, but as usual, and as was the way of things, as soon as I became a little more relaxed, Auntie Caroline was there to humiliate me once more.


A good few minutes had passed and we had just started our third game when it happened... Jessie was handing me the dice to roll for my first go when Auntie Caroline walked into the lounge and knelt down next to her changing bag and took out a pair of clear plastic baby pants. My heart fluttered when I saw her kneel down on the carpet, open them out and give them a vigorous shake.


“Come here Tia!” She commanded, patting the floor in front of her.


I took out my Dummy and asked her if I could finish my go first.


“No Tia,” She said. “I want to put these on you.”


“Please Auntie!” I protested, my heart beginning to beat wildly.


“Tia!” She said, looking through me with those piercing green eyes. “if I have to come and get you I will put you across my knee before I change you. Now come here please!”


Reluctantly I put down the dice and, sighing heavily made my way over to her, my huge nappy swinging around behind me as I crawled on all fours.


“Lie down here for me.” she said, patting the floor with one hand and holding the plastic pants in the other. With hot flushes of shame pulsing through me, I did as I was told and laid down on the carpet in front of her. Then I looked down, resting on my elbows and lifted my feet for her. With the soft clear plastic gently rustling, Auntie Caroline took the plastic pants and slipped both hands into one of the leg holes, then she stretched open the elastic and carefully guided it over one of my feet. Then she did the same with the other side until both of my feet were through before pulling the plastic pants up my legs. I could feel the elastic begin to tighten around my legs as they were pulled up higher. When she had pulled them up to my thighs, I involuntarily lifted my bottom off of the floor as to allow her to pull the plastic pants over my nappy.


“Good girl.” She said as she stretched the plastic pants over my cotton nappy and released the elastic with a snap. Then I laid back, resting my head on the floor and sucked on my dummy as she set to work and did her usual thorough adjustments.

The soft plastic swished and rustled as she fiddled and adjusted my nappy. There were some the parts of my cotton nappy that were not fully under the plastic pants, particularly around the leg holes, and she took great delight in tucking it back under the elastic, telling me that... “We don't want you leaking do we?” My body jerked as she did the same with the elastic around the waist, pulling the pants up tight to cover my nappy. I could already feel the tightness of the elastic around my legs and I squirmed around to try and make my nappy more comfortable but it was impossible. Cloth nappies are so incredibly restrictive and uncomfortable! With thick layers of toweling squeezed under plastic pants, its impossible to find any comfort what so ever. Your legs are pushed apart so much by the thick toweling nappy between them, and there's such a mass of it under my bottom too, making it really uncomfortable when sitting, and the plastic pants restrict any kind of movement by sealing the whole thing in. A nappy of this size and kind is totally impossible to ignore, it's too large to wear shorts over the top and the white fluffy toweling and the steel nappy pins are clearly visible under the plastic, so your humiliation is there for all to see.


Auntie Caroline then instructed me to turn over and lie on my tummy so she could examine my nappy around my bottom. Waves of shame and embarrassment washed over me as I awkwardly rolled over onto my front. Within seconds of turning over Auntie Caroline was pulling and adjusting everything. She always seemed to know how to prolong my ordeals to make them as humiliating as possible. Then finally, after many agonizing seconds, I was sent on my way with a few well aimed pats on my nappied bottom.


Jessie had sat there patiently throughout my ordeal and smiled at me as I sat next to her again. I felt my face flush red as I smiled back, unwittingly pulling on my T-shirt as I did, but it was no use... my nappy was so large it was absolutely impossible to ignore. My only saving grace was that the rustling was 100 times quieter than my disposable nappies, so that whenever I moved all that could be heard was a soft rustling/swishing sound.

It took me a fair while to thoroughly relax and lose my embarrassment once i'd joined Jessie again. The questions that Jessie had asked about me earlier while I was being bottle fed had changed something in our relationship. All the while Jessie had remained silent about my nappies or any aspect of my baby regime it had made it seem as though she was somehow oblivious to it all. But now that she had asked questions about me to Auntie Caroline, that taboo was broken, and it was obvious now that she was aware of my predicament. I mean, you'd have to be pretty much blind not to see that I was way too old to be wearing nappies and sucking a dummy, or to be treated in this way, but that was really how I felt... All the while Jessie hadn't asked any questions it had seemed that she was unaware. But now things were different. She didn't treat me any differently at all, that hadn't changed, but now that she had begun to ask questions about me meant that she was curious, and obviously thought that it was strange too, and somehow, that realization made my baby regime all the more real.

By the time that I had become a little more relaxed we had grown bored of 'Snakes & Ladders' so we decided to play something else. Jessie asked me if I wanted to play a game of 'Cluedo”, I told her that I didn't mind and so she went over to the games cupboard and got it out. And it was then that my next ordeal began to materialize, but this time it wasn't Auntie Caroline who was to blame, it was my bladder.

Jessie was carefully setting up the game when I suddenly felt a strong urge to pee. I felt my face flush red again as the realization hit me. I had had enough humiliation for one day, and the thought of yet another nappy change today was the last straw.

Since my baby regime had started I usually had around four to five nappy changes a day, but today, I wasn't in the mood. I think it was because my day had been spoiled... All i'd ever thought about over the last few days was going to Jessie's house to have a bit of peace and normality away from my baby regime, and ever since I arrived, (with the exception of the first few hours), it had been a humiliating nightmare for me... Having to endure a nappy change in front of Jessie's Mum while they both talked about me, having to endure a bottle feed with Jessie watching me and asking questions, being carried like a baby to the kitchen for tea, having my playtime interrupted to be put in plastic baby pants, and now this! It was all too much.

Jessie had almost finished setting the game up and I was determined to carry on as normal. I could feel my bladder getting heavier, and those familiar 'Surges' shoot through my body. It took a lot of concentration to hold it back but unfortunately when your mind is occupied it is very difficult to suppress the urge, and playing a board game took a lot of that concentration away.

I was fidgeting and squirming as I knelt there on the floor, hoping against hope that Jessie wouldn't discover what was going on. There were a few times when I could feel my wee literally reaching the end of my penis, but with a well timed squeeze of my muscles, managed to keep it at bay. Then there were a few minutes where the urges disappeared, and I would be able to relax and play for a while, but then they would return and the cycle would continue.

After we had finished Cluedo, Jessie suggested a game of hide and seek. She always seemed to have plenty of ideas as to what we could play, and she smiled excitedly when I agreed.


“You go first.” She said loudly.


“OK,” I said. “But where shall I hide?”


“Anywhere Silly!” She replied, laughing.


I got up and waddled out of the room and stood at the foot of the stairs thinking of where I could hide. It was a little tricky because I didn't know the house except for the rooms i'd been in today. Then suddenly I caught the sound of Jessie counting and quickly decided to venture up stairs. I ascended the stairs with difficulty, my huge nappy swinging around behind me, and reached the landing and looked around. I chose a door and quietly opened it and crept inside. It looked like Jessie's parents bedroom, I quickly looked around and spotted a large set of sliding glass doors, it was a huge built in wardrobe. As quick as I could I snuck inside and crouched down on the floor beside a pile of shoes, then I closed the doors, draped the hanging clothes over the top of me and waited. My heart was pounding... this was great fun.

But then, as the excitement grew so did my urge to wee, and this time it was 100 times stronger. I sat there in the dark writhing and kicking but the urge was too strong. I tried to squeeze my penis but my nappy was way to thick, and I found myself banging my legs together vigorously. “Nooooo.” I said to myself as I desperately tried to suppress it. Then I heard Jessie shouting from down stairs that she was coming and an even stronger surge swept through me. I gritted my teeth and dug my fingers as deep into my nappy as I could but it was so thick it made no difference. I squeezed my muscles and wiggled my legs but to no avail, and as the sounds of Jessie's footfalls climbed the stairs, I released the pressure and let it go.

The feelings of relief were wonderful, and I heaved a heavy sigh as the warm pee gushed out of me like a burst pipe. In the quiet darkness of the bedroom cupboard my cloth nappy began to soak, I could feel it's warmth gradually spread around my nether regions as I sat there in hiding. Jessie had gone into other rooms, I could hear her creeping around next door and still my wee gushed out. I began to panic that I was going to leak and quietly felt around between my legs with my fingers, the plastic pants felt really warm to the touch but luckily there was no leak. Then eventually the gushing slowed to a trickle and then to a stop. Once again I ran my fingers around between my legs, paranoid that I had leaked but I was still ok. My nappy now felt heavy and very warm as I sat there quietly hiding.

It was a little while later when Jessie found me, and as I climbed out of the wardrobe my nappy felt heavier than ever. I felt a relief that I had wet my nappy up here out of sight rather than next to Jessie downstairs.

Jessie told me to count where I was and then bounded out of the room and down the stairs. I took the opportunity to examine myself one more time. I looked down at my nappy, it was sagging a lot lower now, but the toweling was still white... no yellow stains, and although my plastic pants were very warm, I couldn't feel any leaks... I was ok.

After I had counted, I left the bedroom and waddled out to the landing. My nappy was really heavy and warm and it was even harder to walk now that it was wet. I crept down the stairs and spent the next ten or so minutes looking for Jessie. She was obviously good at hiding and by the time i'd found her my nappy was getting decidedly cooler and more uncomfortable.

When you have wet your nappy, the feeling of warmth takes over from the feelings of shame, and it actually feels quite nice, like being wrapped up in a warm blanket. And normally, because Auntie Caroline checks my nappy so often, i'm usually changed before it has a chance to cool. But this time, she was still busy chatting in the kitchen.

My next hiding place was under Jessie's bed, and as I lay there surrounded by scattered toys and odd socks my nappy began to feel more uncomfortable. The dampness seemed to envelope me. Disposable nappies do a good job in keeping the wetness away from the skin, but cloth nappies do not, and It's also not a pleasant thought that the wetness your feeling against your skin is not water but wee. And so I spent a good few uncomfortable minutes waiting for Jessie to find me.

Despite the discomfort of my ever cooling nappy, I was enjoying playing hide & seek, and after a few minutes, Jessie found me and excitedly bounded off again to hide. But this time, when I set off out of her room to search for her, my nappy felt even more uncomfortable, and I started to get a little miserable. On the one hand, there was no way I wanted another nappy change after the day i'd had so far, but conversely, I couldn't remain locked in this discomfort any longer... I didn't know what to do.

I descended the stairs and tried to think about searching for Jessie but I couldn't get this dilemma out of my mind. I also didn't want to interrupt our game either, disrupting our game of hide & seek to have a nappy change would put too much emphasis on my baby regime, and the less Jessie saw of that the better. But I couldn't continue, my nappy felt seriously horrible now, so I decided on a plan. I would casually go into the kitchen and look for Jessie there, Auntie Caroline would almost certainly check my nappy while I was there and then I could get it changed. The last thing I wanted to do was to ask her to change me!

So I tentatively crept into the kitchen and looked around. Auntie Caroline was still chatting to Jessie's Mum, both women gave me a smile as I waddled past but said nothing to me. I casually lingered in the vicinity of Auntie Caroline but she still didn't check me. My plan had failed.

After I had found Jessie I asked if we could watch some TV. Jessie asked her Mum and then came back from the kitchen smiling (As usual) and turned on the TV. The cartoon channel was on and so we decided to get comfortable and watch it together. Jessie grabbed all of the scatter cushions from the sofa and spread them on the floor and made a little nest for us to relax on. The problem was, when I sat down the wetness in my nappy pressed against my skin and felt horrible, I really had to do something about it, but I just couldn't bring myself to ask Auntie Caroline to change me, it would be so degrading and humiliating. But after a few minutes I still couldn't get comfortable at all, and what was worse, the dampness was starting to itch a little. I HAD to do something! But what would I say? I stared at the kitchen door and prayed that Auntie Caroline would come out and check me, why hadn't she done it yet? Then amazingly, as if my prayers had been answered, Auntie Caroline came out of the kitchen and walked over to where we were sitting!


“Are you ok in here girls?” She asked. (It still embarrassed me to be referred to as a girl.)


“Yes thank you.” Said Jessie in her usual polite tone.


Auntie Caroline turned to me and asked me the same question. I so desperately wanted to ask her to change me but I just couldn't say the words, so I just smiled and nodded.


“Are you sure?” She asked, as if she knew something was wrong. Again I just nodded. “Ok.” She said with a slight smile.

I watched her walk back to the kitchen, wishing I had had the courage to ask her.


But eventually my discomfort became unbearable, and so it was with a heavy heart (Which was pounding in my chest) that I got up and walked towards the kitchen, still totally unsure of what I was going to say. Both women turned to look at me as I approached them.


“Auntie?” I said, timidly in a half whisper.


“Yes. What's the matter Sweetie?” She said.


“Can you... I mean... I've... I need...” I stammered, trying to avoid eye contact.


Auntie Caroline looked at me smiling, waiting for me to explain myself. I continued.

“Auntie?” I repeated. “Please can you... can you... change my... my nappy?” I said, almost fainting from the shame. I was astonished that I had actually said those words out loud, for in a strange sort of way, saying them out loud was a final indignation of my acceptance. By actually asking for my nappy to be changed, I had somehow crossed a line, as though I had somehow accepted my fate and was acknowledging it to the world. The words “My nappy” were echoing around my head. That was it, that was the first time I had uttered those words, I may as well have said... “Yes, I am a baby.” And to make matters worse, the moment wasn't lost on Auntie Caroline either, she almost had a tear in her eye as she looked at me, as if she had finally broken me.


“Oh Tia. Have you wet your nappy again?” She said in mock surprise.


I nodded and looked at the floor in shame. “Of course I will Baby.” she replied softly.

Then she stood up, and taking my hand led me back into the lounge. I purposely didn't look over at Jessie as Auntie Caroline led me over to her change bag, the thought of catching her gaze as I was led hand in hand to have my nappy changed filled me with horror. It was bad enough that she was in the same room!

So again, Auntie Caroline instructed me to lay on the floor in front of her, and I awkwardly did as I was told. But this time there was an extra softness in her voice, she seemed altogether more loving too as she began to change me, her touch was more gentle, as though I was a delicate flower that needed extra care.

Her face was beaming with a broad contended smile as she very gently pulled my plastic pants down over my nappy, the soft plastic swished and rustled as they were pulled down my legs and over my feet. It was pure agony having to endure yet another nappy change in Jessie's house. Auntie Caroline wasted no time in removing my the rest of my nappy, and yet again I squirmed and wriggled with the sheer dreadful shame of it all as she carefully unclipped each nappy pin in turn. As each pin was removed, my nappy loosened, and it felt like a 'Countdown' to the point that my nakedness would be exposed once more, that any second now, when the last pin had been removed, my nappy would be pulled away and I would be exposed, lying there helpless, my legs spread and my nakedness there for all to see. And then the dreaded procedure would continue... Wiping, cleaning, hands softly touching, all done with gentleness and love but excruciating to endure.

This time I was put back into a disposable nappy, which pleased me a little because they were more comfortable, but of course they were so much louder as I was reminded when Auntie Caroline opened it out to place under my naked bottom.

Once I was in my nappy I was pulled up to stand and dressed in my shorts. Auntie Caroline's face was full of concentration as she attempted to pull up the fly without catching the nappy in it. The clip was a little tricky to fasten because my nappy was so bulky and my body jerked as she tugged at my shorts.

“There we go.” She said, patting my bottom once more. “All done! You can go and play now.”


I felt much happier being fully dressed and I virtually skipped over to Jessie and re-took my place on the cushions next to her. It still took a while before I could look at her, but at least my nappy was hidden again, and it wasn't long before I became totally relaxed again. Hopefully now my ordeals were over?

For today anyway...



To be continued.



This story was written by Billy Blaze. If you have any comments I would be happy to hear from you. Please send any comments to, [email protected]


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