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" My Online Mommy / A True Story "


                < Chapter IX >


       We walked through the casino, and I felt a little bit strange wearing a hoodie and sweats, but not as strange I guess if they had dressed me in a pair of those O'shKosh B'Gosh overalls with the snaps in the crotch and an infantile baby tee.  Saundra drove my mini-van, with me buckled securely in the back seat, to our destination, which turned out to be a private home, which had the outer appearance of a day care center, then it donned on me, I remembered one of the ladies from the FRP room on AOL mentioning that she and her sister ran a day care center out of their home in the Vegas area, and I thought, this must be their home.


          After pulling into the driveway, Saundra got out and went up to the door while Taylor unbuckled me and helped me get out, grabbing my diaper bag as we headed for the house.  As we walked towards the house, the door opened and I immediately recognized Patty, one of the 2 sisters that was in our little group from FRP, her sister Cathy and her were absolutely knock dead gorgeous and both were two of my online aunties, and I thought to myself, how strange that these two ran a daycare service, taking care of babies and toddlers, yet both were sort of, part time practicing Dominatrix'es, but then again, look at me, I was a Regional Manager for a big theatre chain, in charge of 100+ employees, and here I was toddlin around in diapers,  What a strange and wonderful world we lived in. 


          Patty welcomed Saundra and Taylor, then gave me a big hug and said, " Well finally, we get to meet our baby nephew BooBoo, hims such a cutie-patootie, yes him is ", as she gives me a pat on my cushioned bottom, then after getting an evil, mischievious  grin on her face, she invites us all inside.  When we first walk in, I notice a very nicely furnished living room, but then I catch a glimpse of something to my right, a brightly lit room with 3 playpens, 3 cribs, a changing table, lots of infantile toys scattered about, an alphabetized shelf with numerous sections, big enough to hold diaper bags, and a chart, hanging on the wall, with numerous names on the left side, and on the right side, a list of different activities, such as, bottles, food/snacks, nap times, wet diapers, poopie diapers, etc.


         While Saundra, Taylor and Patty were all hugging each other, chatting and giggling like a bunch of school girls, I kept staring at the nursery, and my attentiveness of the nursery did not go unnoticed, apparently Patty was watching me watch the nursery, I jumped a little bit, startled by when she touched my shoulder, took my hand and led me in to the nursery.  She was giving me the scenic tour, in baby talk, all the while holding my hand, explaining each and every thing in the nursery to me, without me noticing, Saundra and Taylor following us on the tour.  


Patty ;  O-k Booboo Baby, this is the nursery where all the little baby boys and girls stay when they visit their Nanny Patty and Cathy, the little ones we let play in the playpen, maybe we'll let you play in one a little later, when the babys are tired, they get to take naps in the cribs, and I'm pretty sure we have one just your size for when you get tired and need to go nitey niters, this is the changing table for the babys when they need their little wet or poopy diapeys changed, now you're just a bit too big for this, but we can put you in your crib or lay you on a changing pad on the floor and change your lil diapey if you're wet or you made a lil stinky for your aunties or your mommy, you can play with any of the toys on the floor, just be careful and there's no throwing any toys, that's a big no-no, these little cubby holes are where your diaper bag is stored for the day, and last but certainly not least, we have our progress chart where we record the daily activities of every baby we watch, and lookie here Baby Boo, we've already put your name up here, so when your mommy gets back later on tonight, she can read the chart to see how well you've done, make sure you've eaten and taken your baba and also how many diapers you've wet and messed ( as she wrinkled her nose at me, sat down, pulled me over to her and started to take off my sweats and hoodie, and as I stood there, in front of her, in just a onesie and over exaggerated extra thick diaper ), Awwww, you are just the cutest little toddler and Aunties Patty and Cathy are going to have soooo much fun with you tonight while your mommy and Auntie Taylor go out, now let's just have a little peek and sniff to make sure you didn't muddy your diaper ( as she sniffs my bottom and wrinkles her nose ), good baby, no stinkies yet ( then she sticks two fingers under my onesie and in my diaper ), Awww, hims such a good baby boy, hims lil diapey is still dry.


        Patty then takes my hand and helps me step over the railing of one of the playpens and tells me to sit down and play for a bit while she chats with Saundra and Taylor.  I'm sitting there picking up a baby toy, here and there, checking it out and smiling, and sort of pretending I'm playing with it, all the time being observed by Cathy, who has yet to be spotted by Saundra, Taylor and Patty.  I just happened to glance up and I see her standing at another door of the room, looking down at me and smiling, I start to feel an urgency in my bladder and I know, there's no need to try and hold it, I'm trapped in these diapers, so I figured if I let it out slowly and a little at a time, it won't be as noticeable and I'd have a better chance of my diaper not leaking.  


         Cathy slowly walks over to me, looks down and says, " Well well well, what do we have here, you're sure a little cutie pie aren't you ", as she gives me a little wink and walks over to join the other girls.  I try and listen to what they're talking about but all I get are whispers and the occasional giggle and glance towards my direction.  About 45 minutes pass and I feel my tummy rumble, then to my utter shock, almost as quickly as I felt the rumble, I feel a soft, almost mushy like ickyness filling up the seat of my diaper and I realize that I'm sitting here crapping my pants in front of all these women, basically not much more then strangers, and I think to myself, I couldn't have stopped this, no matter how much I tried, one second I felt the need to poop and the next second, I was pooping, non-stop.  I know it had something to do with what Taylor and Saundra fed me before leaving the casino, I can't never remember having so little control over my bowels and it happening so suddenly, almost without warning, then I thought, WOW, that was literally, exactly what a baby would have done and felt.


        As I sat there, continuing to fill up the seat of my diaper, all 4 ladies started walking my way and I heard Saundra saying, " I'm sure glad you two can watch him for a few hours tonight, this will give Taylor and I a chance to see a little bit more of the strip without having to worry about looking for a place where we can change Boo's diapers, and we promise to be back before 4 a.m. so you two have plenty of time to get to your Dom's party, and that will give us about 7 to 8 hours to party a little bit ".  Patty quickly said, " Awww heck Saundra, we've given BooBoo such a hard time online the past couple years, it feels like he's just another one of the babys we watch on a daily basis, and since the day-care's closed tonight, this will give BooBoo a chance and the opportunity to feel what it's really like to be a baby that mommy dropped off at daycare, and 7 to 8 hours is about the normal amount of time we watch the little ones for, that way, with BooBoo here, we can pretty much guarantee he'll need his diaper changed at least one or two times, so we can record something under his name on our tote board" .


        After hearing Saundra thanking them over and over again, her and Cathy walk over to me and Saundra bends down and tells me, " Baby Boy, your mommy and Auntie Taylor are gonna go bye bye for a little bit, and your Aunties Cathy and Patty have agreed to let you stay and baby play in their daycare, now I want you to be a good baby for your aunties and don't give them a hard time about doing diaper checks on you or changing your diapers when you need it ", as she leans closer to give me a kiss on my forehead, I notice her nose twitched, and I kept on feeling that soft, mushy, baby like poop continuing to fill up the seat of my diaper, and then without even realizing it, I push, grunt and let loose a muffled, gurgled fart, Saundra looks at me, wrinkles her nose and just smiles.


       Saundra stands up, then tells Cathy, they can go ahead and leave the onesie on me, but I was in a double, night-time cloth diaper and plastic pants, and if they didn't mind, perhaps in a bit, they could remove the plastic pants because it looked like I was starting to get a bit of a diaper rash, and if they could please keep me in cloth diapers, there were a couple in my diaper bag, and could they use those before they used the disposable diapers, if needed, Saundra told her they hired one of the room girls back at The Circus Circus to launder my dirty diapers and that she was expecting some dirty diapers by tomorrow morning and they didn't want to disappoint her, there were also 4 of the disposable diapers in my diaper bag, and she also reminded Cathy to make sure they fed me my baby food, there were 4 jars in my diaper bag, along with 2 bottles, one with formula and the other with apple juice.  Cathy asked, " What kind of formula are you feeding him, when Saundra told her Infants Good Start, Cathy said, awesome, if he needs an extra baba or two tonight, we have some of that here.  I knew the baby food she brought was more strained prunes and she was feeding me that for only one purpose, she wanted to keep me in a messy diaper and feeling like a baby as much as she could this weekend, and the more people that knew, the more Saundra liked it.


     Cathy and Patty walked Saundra and Taylor to the door, and I thought to myself, why didn't Saundra mention that it smelled like I made a messy diaper, and then it hit me, that wink she gave me, and mentioning to Patty and Cathy to get my plastic pants off as soon as possible, there was no way either of them would be able to get my onesie unsnapped and start to pull my plastic pants down without getting a strong whiff of my messy diaper, it was then I figured out Saundra's plan, it would be much more embarrassing for me to have them discover I made a messy diaper, especially after checking my diaper earlier and declaring that I was dry and clean, proving to them that I messed my diaper in front of them and made no effort to go to a bathroom or ask to be changed, this would prove to be much more embarrassing then it would have been for Saundra to tell them I had poopy pants.


       I heard the door shut and saw Cathy and Patty walking over towards me and Patty was saying, " Well, let's get this little feller comfortable and make sure hims doesn't get a yucky ole didee rash, then we can all sit back and watch some t-v and play for awhile ", before they got half way across the room to me, I felt my bladder empty into my already full and saturated diaper, and as Patty and Cathy each bent down to grab an arm to help me out of the playpen.............


     They each stopped, simultaneously, wrinkled their noses, and as each one of them patted my bottom, I heard Patty tell Cathy, " I don't think this little stinker knows you and I can detect a poopy diaper without checking it, it's what we do for a living, The first poopy diaper is yours, since I won our bet, I'll get the next one, but I will get the changing pad and his diaper bag for you ", as she walked away laughing to herself, and then to my shock, Cathy says..........................



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