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Ollie Baby's Punishment

Let me give you a little context, I live at the moment with my parents after attending university, which does not give me a lot of time and or options when it comes to indulging my adult baby fetish. And since it can be quite a long time between getting to play as a baby. When I do get the chance I… take it. My Parents were going to be away for a few days in Wales. This is what happened.


I have never been so anxious about parking in my drive way, with the boot of my car full items for the next few days’ events.  They were carefully bagged to try and hide their contents but the brand new monkey and hippo changing mat would not fit, so I would have to be careful about getting it inside my house, in front of my neighbours. The last thing I want is Tony coming outside for one of his lengthy chats.

Pulling into my estate my car swung into the drive and I nervously try to look casual as I open the boot, I can’t see anyone in the windows or walking down the street. So I open it grab the three bags and fold the changing mat in half to hide the cute design on the inside. Walking quickly towards the front door I push it open and slam it shut quickly to be in relative safety.

I have been carefully thinking and planning what I intend to do with these few days and I had come up with some great games and messy things for me to do. I had been reading online about castor oil and its powerful effects it can have.

I get all of the items out in the rooms I will be needing them a new bib for feeding time, in the dinning room I put the formula milk in the fridge but the baby food get lined up on the counter in my kitchen. My new nappies, wipes, changing mat and plastic pants go upstairs to the spare bathroom, or changing HQ as I say to myself.

I start the tap running in the bathroom, and head downstairs. I garb a permanent marker and label all of the various jars and pouches with a number 1 through to 12. And set a pair of dice next to them.

Heading back upstairs I put my set of keys in this side of the door lock, so no one can fully insert their own keys to open the door, I don’t want any surprises.

Once back upstairs I fill the enema bag to about half way just over 1 litre, I had tried two in the past and it had terrible results, with mess overflowing from everywhere, but this time I had much better nappies, but I still didn’t want to risk it. I lay down the new changing mat and grab my new Safari nappy.  It almost looked too cute for its own very messy purpose. I fluff up the leg cuffs, and lay it down on the changing mat, I had forgotten how cold and pleasant to the touch a mat could be. I push the end of the enema tube up my bum for about 4 inches and open the tap, I almost immediately cramp; I had forgotten what receiving an enema was like too. But the water was draining into me fast. I breathe deeply trying to calm my cramps; I watch my tummy grow larger. I have to stop and wait for a few seconds as the cramps became just too much. I take some deep breaths, and before I know it the bag gurgles and the last pours into me. I sit up looking at my bloated stomach; I tuck everything down and straight and sprinkle myself with sweet smelling powder, and pull the front of the nappy around myself. I adjust the wings and tightly seal my fate with the four tabs onto the crinkly nappy landing strip.

I stand up and I am surprised with the bulk, I am new to this brand of nappy and I was right to be excited by the reviews online. It felt wonderful. It was thick, wide crinkly and  came up a good way up my back. With my face beaming a smile I pull on my plastic pants, and rummage through my secret box of dress up things. I find a pair of leggings and knee high fluffy socks, and a cute zebra top. It doesn’t look fashionable but it looks cute and warm exactly what a little baby needs. The nappy is clearly visible through the leggings and the zebra top just about came down to the top of the nappy.

I write down a list of the days activities.

·         Feeding time no.3

·         Punishment writing lines no.4

·         Time out no.5

·         Nap time no.6

·         Play time no.7

·         Colouring no.8

·         Cartoons no.9


If I rolled snake eyes I had to take more laxatives. And any other number would be a re roll.

I grab the dice and roll a 3, It was around lunch time so eagerly I head down stairs to my waiting baby food gauntlet. Although having to waddle down the stairs was a lot of fun, I could feel the enema, but I pushed It to the back of my mind to focus on feeding time. I roll the dice three times.  Banana custard, cream of rice pudding and, strawberry yoghurt.  A relatively easy start I knew what horrors would wait for me later on. As I put the contents of the jars into separate bowls to warm in the microwave, I feel a pushing in my bottom. The enema is ready to move.


I hold onto the work top and lean forward I try for a short time to hold it off but I know this is the result I am after… and push hard. I feel water hitting the seat of the nappy. But it then stops, and nothing else comes out. I am slightly disappointed. I was hoping for a huge rush of sticky mush, but now was not the time to worry I had baby food to eat. From all of my pushing I have the urge to pee, I relax and feel that familiar and comforting warm pee rushing into my nappy, pooling further at the back of the seat, and making the core even wider and sag down into the plastic pants. I sit down at the table with my three bowls I reach for my spoon of choice a large silicone cooking spoon, that had no chance of fitting in my mouth. I tie the plastic bib around my neck and tuck my chair in tightly up to the table. I load up the first spoon full of the gloopy mush and push it into my mouth, it slightly sweet but doesn’t taste of custard or banana. The excess off the spoon dribbles down my chin and lands in my bib.  I enjoy the food splurging all around my mouth. I quickly finish the two bowls, and reach for the yoghurt. I had made such a mess I put the spoon down and just reached in with my hand and lapped it off fingers babies don’t care and can be messy, so I can be messy too. 


I head back into the kitchen and grab a scented wipe to clean my hands and face. I bend down to put the wipe in the bin and without warning my guts cramp and contract; a flood of mush from the enema hits and spreads in the seat of my nappy, down to my balls and halfway up my butt crack. The rest of the enema had brought all of the poo out of me. I can already smell the mess and I am glad I have my plastic pants on. It feels mushy like a very soft moose, but it is a little runny and shifts when I move. It sticks to my skin, and is already puffy and swelled up at the back and hanging a bit low I check the tabs; as most nappies I am use to, can’t go much further than this point. But my safari with its cute lion and Zebra and holding up fine, its heavy and a bit saggy but fine.  This makes walking interesting without trying to disturb the mess too much.


 I head upstairs to find my colouring book. Waddling as I go keeping my legs straight as I try to climb upstairs. I decide to lie down on my front on my bed with my colouring book and crayons, to try and not smoosh the mess too much.

As I colour away, I start to get a stiffness in my leg, I try to roll onto my side to stretch it out but the sloppy load in my nappy shifts and I know that it is time to fully enjoy my messy situation. I roll over all the way and feel the poo mush and spread and push up the back of the nappy and further forward against my groin. Even within a few hours that it has already been the nasty mess is starting to irritate and cause a rash on my skin.


Mid way through a picture I get a text form Hazel, one of the two people I told about my babyish plans. She simply text.


“Roll the dice naughty baby”


And so I do, the dice scatter on the table. Snake eyes!


Oh dear God it is snake eyes I had just released an enema into my nappy and now I had to take 3 tablespoons of castor oil. I had read online about this stuff how it makes you gag and it is a potent laxative. I put the measure into a glass and mix it with some orange juice, and stir is quickly and open my mouth as wide as it will go hoping to chug it so quickly that I don’t have to see if the reviews online were correct about the taste.  I set the glass down on the table and the magnitude of what I have just put into my body hits me. I. Have. just. Taken. Caster. Oil. And my best efforts to not taste it were in vain, the lingering after taste and texture are vile!


I go back to my colouring and as I sit down at my desk the load in the nappy presses forward towards my balls everything down there feels very sticky and mushy.  I enjoy the poop moving and I am looking forward the even bigger rash I am going to be giving myself.


I must of colouring for an hour or two and I receive another text.

“I am on my way, be ready for your punishment”


This could not bode well for me, I thought the castor oil was my punishment I start to get anxious as to what she has in store for me.



About an hour later, there is knock at my door,  by this stage after several wettings my nappy was half way between my crotch and knees, hanging very low and very very full. It is hard to go down the stairs, my legs are so bowed outwards and the bulk is so heavy it doesn’t move as I walk. I open the door to hazel but as I open my mouth to say hello, she forces a large red ball gag into my mouth and tightly does up the straps. I can hardly speak as the ball presses down on my tongue.  Shell yanks my leggings down to see the state of my nappy it is all tainted brown even through the plastic pants.

“Oh my, the castor oil is wonderful” she says


I gently shake my head from side to side.


“no” “why are you saying no”


I try to speak but I just create grunting and wailing sounds


She giggles at me.


“Are you saying you haven’t had the runny poo poo’s from the castor oil yet!”


I nod while looking at my fluffy socks.


“Well, you are in for a treat not upstairs you go” she pushes my shoulders round and smacks my soggy bum. The mess in my nappy is so full and to capacity she didn’t even come close to hurting my bum.


“STOP” she yells.


“I want to spank you” I stop and reverse up to her. She massages the mush in my nappy which makes me grown with displeasure. She massages the mush forward s in my nappy. She lands 20 hard smacks, I try to put my hands in the way but she uses her spare hand to hold my by the wrists.


“hands off or it will only get worse”


She only chuckles, off you go lie down on your bed.


I waddle as quickly as I can but with the mush further forward in my nappy I have to crawl up on all fours.  By the time I get to the top there is a long trail of drool hanging from my gag, I try to sit and lie back on the bed without disturbing the poop in my nappy. I fail, it all squelches and squirts inside my padded prison.


Hazel is not long standing over me.


“You are one stinky baby, but I have a surprise for you.”


I gurgle with happiness.


From behind her back she produced a cute pink with fluffy purple hoofs and horn… Unicorn.


This is missy unicorn and she is going to be your baby friend, she tucks her into my arms. “aw you do look cute, you lil cuite. But now for your punishment. She handcuffs my hands to the top of my bed. And gets a belt off of the floor.  And constrains my feet together, I wriggle and strain against my restraints, she wipes the drool from my chin.


“now you wait there until the castor oil gives you runny poo poo’s it will fill every pocket gap left in that nappy of yours”


I sigh in disbelief.


She puts cbeebies on the TV and sits down to watch.  “You will love these babyish cartoons.”


It must have been three episodes in and I felt the all too familiar pressure in my bowels. Hazel must of heard me groaning and panting as she spins on my office chair, “we both know you want to poo your pants again, don’t hold back.”


I grunt but it doesn’t take any effort for the super runny mush to squirt and run into every gap and air pocket in the existing poo in my nappy.  The nappy expands to its full capacity.


Hazel strides over to the bed and pats me on the bum, I feel the poo soup squash and run against my skin, starts to flow back towards the back band of the nappy, I squirm and squeak in protest she stops, rolls me onto my side, and peaks into down the back band of the nappy, she can see the poo mark not far from the top.


“Good baby, we almost overflowed the top of your nappy now that would be a mess to clean up.”


Hazel just left me in my mushy soup for another hour, before untying me. My bum had become incredibly itchy and irritated. She opened the elasticated plastic pants and let them go with a snap. The smell from the waft was incredible. We both choked on it.


I must of drifted off. I woke to someone brushing my hair and gently patting me on my smelly behind. 


“go lie down on your changing mat. NOW”


I shuffle into the changing HQ. and start to gently lie down on the cold plastic mat. But by this stage I am so messy down there I don’t care and land heavily on the mat pushing the mess over the top band of the nappy and up my back.


Hazel kneels down in front of me.  She had never even asked about nappy changes let alone offer to change me. I was nervous; this was going to change our friendship forever.


She began by wiping the mess off my back and then pulling off my plastic pants. “These are dry inside, these nappies have done a very good job”, but she wafts her hand in front of her face, “stinky stinky baby girl”. As a precaution she puts another nappy under me, “just in case we have some clean up spills.”


She undoes the four tabs on the front of the nappy and cautiously pulls the front down, the mess that was trapped between my bum and the seat of the nappy, runs down and pools at the back of the nappy and starts to flow out between the gap between nappy and my legs. . Hazel retches against the smell, “those laxatives left you in quite the sorry state haven’t they”.


I simply gurgle against my gag. She lifts my ankles right back to beyond my head to get me out of the fast flowing poo. She pulls the messy nappy out from under me along with the clean nappy, that was quickly catching the over flowing runny mess from my safari nappy.  She folds the two messy nappies in on themselves to contain the mess and puts it in a bag.


The mess on my bum however had dripped and smeared all over the changing mat. Half a pack of wipes later and I felt like a new clean baby, “now I am going to re nappy you, as I think there are more laxatives in your system. But after going through all that I am not sure I want a repeat. Sadly, hazel is in charge, so I am going to put you back into those very thick nappies.

I eagerly awaited my next nappy prison.


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