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" My Online Mommy / A True Story "


           By BooBooBritches


                < Conclusion >


          My adventure to the park was similar to the rest of my vacation, a diaper change here, a diaper change there, always accompanied by sweet syrupy baby-talk.  Saundra and I finished up a fantastic vacation, at least it was for me, and when I walked her in to the Las Vegas's McCarran airport terminal to see her off, I felt a bit saddened, not knowing if I'd ever have the opportunity to see this fantastic lady again.


          As I got on the interstate and headed west back to Oakland from Vegas, I watched as numerous planes took off headed in all different directions and I wondered, was she thinking about me like I was thinking about her?


          The drive back to Oakland was long and tedious and I tried to remember all of the different things that happened to me on during that week in Vegas and if someone would have drove past me and looked in to my car, they would have thought there was a bit of a madman driving, as I smiled a lot and even chuckled to myself numerous times as I drove down the interstate.


          By time I got back to Oakland, my wife Sharon was elated to see me and she winked at me as she asked if I had a good baby vacation.  I never kept it a secret as to why I was going and who all I was meeting, fortunately, Sharon always knew, that as long as I came back home, regardless of chasing my fantasy, it was never anything sexual for me and she was ok with that, as long as it remained that way.  She knew there would be other women changing my diapers but like she once told me, if she ever did agree to treat me like a baby 24/7 for any length of time, she knew she'd have to get me a babysitter and this baby vacation was not a whole lot different then that.


          I was surprised when I went on my computer and first went in to the FRP room, there was a group of people in there, including Saundra, Patty and Cathy, as well as Taylor, and as soon as I entered the room, it was all hugs ()()()()()() and kisses ***** and I was quite surprised at how many of the people in there were already aware of my little trip to Vegas.


          Needless to say, we all had some pretty good laughs in FRP for the next few days, not to mention lots of eww's and yuck's from the ladies of FRP as Saundra, Taylor, Patty and Cathy gave everyone explicit descriptions of what it was like to take care of a big baby for a week.


          Saundra and I continued our on-line relationship and even though I thought I'd never see her again, approximately a year later, after talking it over with Sharon, she agreed to let me take a 2 week vacation in Oklahoma, if, she could take a 2 week vacation in Colorado and spend some time with her daughter and grand baby.  Needless to say, I was overly excited, and as much as I wanted to go to Colorado to see my daughter, I had just seen her 2 months prior when they came out to visit us for a week, so, I opted for another baby vacation, except this time, it would be in Oklahoma, not Vegas, and in a private home, not a motel.


          After talking it over with Saundra and Andrea, one of my aunties from FRP, we all agreed I could stay with Andrea, her husband Dave, and their baby girl, Jessica, in Oklahoma City, for the 2 weeks.  Saundra would make arrangements with her family to drive down from Tulsa and take care of me for the length of time I would be staying for my baby vacation.


          That my friends, is another story, which if you follow any of my writings, you will know, it has already been written and published here on my favorite Internet site D. D., the title for that story which is actually ongoing from this story is, " 2 Incredible Weeks in Oklahoma City ".


Thank all of you for your continued comments and for reading my stories.


I am ending this story here so I can dedicate more time to writing "The Craig's List Mommy " which I hope all of you continue to follow.



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