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" More Trick then Treat "

    ( A Halloween Story )


      By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 15 "



        As I sat on the floor, Sam had grabbed her bag from the bedroom and sat on a chair right next to me, then smiled and said to Jordan, "Why don't we go ahead and experiment with your mixture first, I really don't want to use mine until tomorrow so he'll be primed and ready to go tomorrow night, literally", both girls laughed.


        Jordan took her bag into the kitchen and to my surprise, soon returned with two baby bottles, explaining to me, that she was going to hold me while I nursed both bottles and she wasn't letting go of me until both were empty.  Jordan sat on the couch and Sam helped me up onto her lap, and as I laid my head back, Jordan stuck the nipple of the first bottle in to my mouth.  The taste was sweet, but in a tangy sort of way, and as I nursed the bottle, I was more than aware of Jordan, rhythmically patting my thickly, diapered bottom.


        It didn't take long for me to finish that first bottle and when Jordan put the nipple of the second bottle in to my mouth, I expected it to be the same as the first, but this time, the taste was more chocolate like but with an almost over-bearing after taste.  To my shock and humiliation, while I was nursing this bottle, I wet my diaper, not a lot, but enough so I noticed a warm, wet feeling seeping down from my groin area to my bottom and across my butt cheeks, and I wondered if Jordan was aware of what I had just done, but more then that, I wondered why I hadn't even sensed that I had to pee, without any notice or warning sign from my bladder, it just happened, and It was definitely troublesome.


        Just as I finished the bottle, Jordan asked Sam if maybe she should try and burp me, talk about being embarrassed as hell when Jordan actually got me off her lap, then leaned me over her shoulder and started patting my back, and out of no where, I let out a loud belch, all I heard was Jordan saying, "OH MY, what a big burp for out little guy, hims was a gassy little baby, yes him was", and I heard, from across the room, Sam laughing and as if she was answering Jordan, she said, "WOW Jordan, you sure have the touch, and I'll bet after drinking those two bottles of that special baby mixture he just drank, burps won't be the only thing coming out of our little guy".


        Jordan then helped me back down to the floor and had me sit on the blanket, and just before I sat down, she gave my bottom another quick pat and told Sam that I had wet my diaper a little bit while I was nursing but I wasn't too wet and should be ok for awhile.  Sam was like, "WOW, that first bottle worked a lot faster then either one of us thought it would(then Sam looked at me and asked), did you know you had to pee baby boy, or did you just lay there sucking your baba and wet your diaper like any other little baby does"?


        I sat there, embarrassed, kind of wondering what she was talking about, I mean, I know I didn't feel the urge to pee, it just happened, but why would they give me something to induce me to wet my diapers, Sam had just changed me and she had to know, from the condition of my diaper, that apparently I had no problem using my diapers for how they were intended to be used, but the next part of Sam and Jordan's conversation really threw me for a loop, if I thought for a second I was confused before, after what I heard them talking about, I was really confused now.


Jordan :  So Sam, if the diuretics I added to Robs first bottle worked that fast, how long do you think it's going to take the laxatives from the second bottle to work?


Sam :  WOW Jordan, I'm not sure, those diuretics worked a lot faster then I thought they would, unless of course, he already had to go pee, but then, why would he just lay there in your lap and wet himself, if he had any sense of shame left, you would think he'd ask us to let him get up and use the potty?


Jordan :  I didn't think he would Sam, after finding him the way you did and from what we discovered in his suitcase last month, I had no doubt that he would take to a diaper like a fish to water, I think really deep down inside, he truly wants to act and be treated like a baby, we'll know for sure after the next couple of days, and Sam, if he does, like I think he will, you've got a BIG problem on your hands.


Sam :  I hear ya girlfriend, and yea, I've thought about that already.  I'm not sure how I'm going to react if indeed, I do find I've got a big baby to take care of, it should be interesting based on what happens the next couple days.


        I sat there, not believing what I was hearing, and the way they were talking about me, as if I wasn't even in the room, or even worse, as if I really was, just a baby.  Then after thinking about it for a couple minutes, I realized, wasn't this what I was looking for, to be treated like a baby, unconditionally, and if so, then baby's were often ignored when mommy's and their friends chatted, even when they were talking about the baby.


        Sam got up and went in to the bedroom, bringing back my suitcase of baby clothes, explaining to Jordan, "We're going to have to go through all of his things and decide what we still need to go buy, if we do decide to take this little regression scenario any further then tomorrow and the costume party, and if we do go baby shopping, I know what we need right off, we need to get him a couple of diaper pails for sure, one for wet didy's and one for poopy didy's, we can't just keep tossing them in to the bath-tub, yuck".


        I sat there trying to absorb what they were talking about, I mean, my fantasy was a one, or two day thing, at best, I for sure didn't want to actually live as a baby, there were way too many things about my adult life that I enjoyed, my job, my freedom, my relationship with Sam, the ability to go play a little poker or slot machines at the casino whenever the urge hit me, the choice of what restaurant I chose to eat at, or for all that matters, what type of food I had an appetite for, when I felt hungry, the option of choosing my own wardrobe and the choice to wear whatever I was comfortable in, appropriate to whatever event I was attending, yes, there were far more perks I had as an adult then I could ever experience as a baby, and I knew, there was no way I would ever want to give up any of these perks, just for getting a diaper change and a little cuddling.


        As I sat there pondering my thoughts, I hadn't realized that more than two hours had passed since I had finished that last baby bottle, but I did know I was hungry, as I felt, what I thought was a hunger pang and rumble in my stomach.  I looked at Sam and Jordan and noticed they were both reading some of the books I had stashed in my suitcase, every once in a while, giggling and looking at me, then Sam stood up and told Jordan, "I think I'm going to run and get us some dinner to eat, did you want to take Robby out on the back patio for some air while I'm gone, then after dinner, you and I can go on and finalize our plans for tomorrow, oh, by the way, did you get tomorrow off?"


        Jordan quickly answered Sam with a nod acknowledging that she did indeed get the day off, then offered a hand to me as I stood up and followed her out on to the back patio, I hadn't noticed the wet spot I had left on the blanket, but Sam did, as she smiled.  Once we got out on the patio I was scared and terrified someone from the apartment complex could see me, even though, we were on the second floor, I knew, there was still another level above me and my patio could easily be seen from any number of apartments that had patio's that looked down on mine.  When we got out on to the patio, I started to sit down, but Jordan wouldn't let me, instead, she sat down, then with me still standing and facing her, she patted the front of my diaper and said, "Well now, it fees like someone went pee-pee in his little diapey(then without any notice, she turned me around and peeked down the back of my diaper and I heard her sniff, then say), well at least you didn't make any poopies yet, but I'm willing to bet, after taking that last bottle, it won't be long until you're filling that diaper, just like any other stinky little baby.


        As much as I was embarrassed and humiliated by what Jordan had done and said, I was still overly excited and felt the thick diaper rubbing up against my rapidly stiffening penis, and as I was savoring the moment, my eyes glanced across the courtyard and I was shocked to see a young girl, probably in her late teens or early twenties, watching and smiling, as she, and I'm just guessing, witnessed the entire scenario that had just occurred, then Jordan quickly turned me back around so I was now facing her and I just knew, the girl across the courtyard would have absolutely no doubt of what I was wearing since she'd be able to clearly see my thick, padded bottom peeking out beneath the back flap of my infantile looking onesie.


        We must have been on the porch for about twenty minutes when I heard Sam come back in the apartment, Jordan stood and took my hand, leading me back in to the apartment, like a babysitter would a toddler, and as I glanced back towards the patio where I had seen the young girl at, I noticed she was smiling and giving me a wave, with just her hand, the same way you would wave bye-bye to a little baby.


        When we got back in, Sam told Jordan to just sit me down on the blanket on the floor and she would fix me a plate, that's when Jordan noticed the wet spot on the blanket and told Sam that she thought her big baby had wet some more in his diaper, Sam just laughed and said yea, she had noticed that earlier when I got up, but that I should be ok until after dinner, that's when Sam brought me over two burrito's from Taco Bell and I heard Jordan laugh and say, "WOW Sam, do you really think he needs to be eating beans, he's going to be pooping soon enough as it is."


Sam :  WELL DUH Jordan, did you already forget, according to what we need to do to him tomorrow, he needs to be totally filled up tonight, almost to the point of bloating, even after he poops his first diaper, it's the only way what I have in my bag will work, according to the pharmacist, now hurry and eat these two burritos baby boy, you've got six more to eat before Jordan gives you another bottle, we don't want our big baby to be hungry, now do we, and I felt another rumble in my tummy, but knew, this wasn't being caused from hunger pangs, this was something totally different!!!!!


" More Trick then Treat "

           ( A Halloween Story )


            By BooBooBritches


                " CHAPTER 16 "


       As I sat there eating the two burrito's Sam had given me, I pondered my situation and came to the conclusion, this is what I truly wanted, being treated like an 18 month old(less the burrito's of course), but to throw Jordan in to the mix also, was more then I could ever have imagined.  I'm not sure exactly which stories Sam and Jordan had read from my books, but I knew for sure, they had both put some thought in to this, and up to now, they seemed to have a general game plan in mind.


        I wasn't even quite finished with my second burrito when Sam sat two more on my plate, urging me to eat up because I still had two left to go.  I knew they were both intending for me to mess my diaper, and even though Sam had already seen me in a messy diaper, and Jordan actually saw that same messy diaper, still sitting, presumably, in the bath tub, it wasn't the same as it would be with both of them actually sitting there and watching me mess my diapers in front of them, definitely not the humiliating experience I would be looking forward to.


        I hadn't noticed, too busy eating my burrito's I guess, but Jordan was on her cell phone with someone and I looked up just as she smiled down at me and handed the phone to Sam, after just a couple minutes, not being able to hear Sam's conversation, other then her saying thank you and we'll be here all night, she handed Jordan her phone back and said, "Perfect, she's got two of them and she said she'd bring them over later tonight, plus Jordan, she also said she had a stack of pre-fold diapers left over from her baby that we can use as liners and soakers for his diapers, and other then being slightly stained, they're in perfect condition."  Jordan just laughed and told Sam, " I don't think them being stained will be too much of a problem, it's not like none of his diapers aren't stained too, that's just what baby's do, they poop and make little poopy stains on all of their clothes and diapeys."


        Both girls laughed but I was most definitely concerned, having Sam and Jordan see me like this, was one thing, but having a complete stranger seeing me in such an infantile state of dress, that would be way too embarrassing, and then I remembered, a lot of the stories I earmarked in my books involved humiliation sequences and being embarrassed in front of other people for wearing or getting caught wearing diapers.  


        Just as I finished my fourth burrito, Sam sat the last two in front of me, just as I embarrassingly, tooted, loudly in my diaper and felt that all too familiar rumble in my tummy, and Sam quickly stood back up, laughed and said, "WOW Jordan, this little shit just farted when I sat his burrito's in front of him, do you think the second bottle is starting to work?  if I didn't know any better, I'd swear he's getting ready to fill his potty pants(the nickname Sam chose for my diapers)! this is going to be way too funny, especially if he's sitting there in a poopy diapey when Marci gets here."


        Jordan just laughed and nodded her head in agreement with Sam, I personally didn't see the humor in any of the situation, especially if I couldn't hold it until after their friend came and left, I felt that if I could, even though she'd see me in a diaper, it would at least be a partial victory, with her not knowing if I actually used my diapers or not, at least in my mind, it would feel like a victory.  What I had completely forgotten about, again, was the dirty diaper, still presumably sitting in the bathtub, not that it would pertain to anything even if someone did come over, unless of course they needed to use my bathroom, which was highly doubtful.


        I had just finished eating my sixth spicy green burrito when Jordan knelt next to me, handing me another baby bottle, then telling me, laughingly, I had better drink every bit of it, if not, they'd make me eat two more burrito's, then just before she stood back up, she felt the front, then peeked inside my diaper at the thigh, claiming to Sam that I just felt a bit damp and didn't need to be changed, at least until after the laxatives from the second bottle kicked in.


        I knew then that me trying to hold off until after their friend had come and gone was indeed going to be a bit of a challenge, my only hope would be, that since I had already pooped early this morning, perhaps the burrito's wouldn't be digested that quickly making it unlikely that the laxatives would have anything to work with, little did I know, laxatives didn't work that way, they would flush out anything in your system, no matter how little there was to flush out.


        Another thought had crossed my mind, I didn't know for sure when their friend was going to get here but I knew for sure, I didn't want to be sitting here in the middle of the floor on a blanket, in a diaper and nursing on a baby bottle like some big baby.  Just when I figured this little scenario couldn't get any worse, Sam turned my television on and tuned it to the cartoon channel, so now the picture was complete, the only thing missing was a playpen for me to sit in?


        I quickly drank the bottle Jordan gave me and was feeling a bit victorious, when Jordan looked at Sam and said, "You know Sam, I was thinking, Rob's been such a good baby, eating all of his din-din and drinking his baba all gone, do you think it would be ok to give him something else to drink, something more yummy for his tummy?"  Sam smiled and said, "Sure Jordan, if you think his little tummy can handle it, he has eaten a lot and this would be his fourth bottle, we want his tummy full so the treatment we administer to him tomorrow will work efficiently like it's suppose to, we just don't want him having an upset tummy.  What was you planning on fixing up for him?"


        Jordan went to my refrigerator and took out the two quart bottle of prune juice I kept in there for special occasions(it worked on me like a liquid laxative, and unfortunately, for me on this day, it usually worked within thirty minutes to an hour after drinking it).  He apparently likes this stuff, he has it in here so I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for him since he finished up all his din-din and baba", Sam just laughed and said, "Oh Yea, it's definitely going to be a surprise for him, and us", as I watched Jordan fix up another baby bottle with the potent liquid.


        I had nursed baby bottles of prune juice before and knew the slow intake of the juice would have the unmistakable effect of making me poop my diaper, and that it would be just a matter of time, but then again, adding up everything that was working against me, the laxatives from the other bottles, the six burrito's, and now the prune juice, there was no way, humanly possible, I could keep from making a messy diaper, probably within an hour.  I couldn't imagine anything that they had planned for me tomorrow that could, or would be any more devastating then what was getting ready to happen with me in front of them?


        Then just when I thought it couldn't get any more devastating, there was a knock on the door.........     

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