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Elizabeth raised her head off of daddy’s chest and looked around in confusion, groaning slightly she reaches across him and turns off the alarm. It was daddy’s early day to go to work and she knew she had nothing to do today but the usual house work she did every day. She plopped her head back down on his chest and snuggled up closer to him, five more minutes and then she would wake him she just wanted to enjoy him a little bit longer. She hated his early days he was up and dressed and out the door even before the sun would say good morning. As she laid there holding on to him she squeezed slightly she then unwrapped herself from him. She hated leaving daddy’s strong arms it was her favorite place to be wrapped up with him.  In the dark she looked down at her daddy, he laid there looking very peaceful she hated to wake him but she knew he had to get up.  Elizabeth sat up and softly began to shake and pat her daddy, Daddy; it’s time to get up. Daddy’s eyes slowly opened he knew it was early, he knew it was his early day but he just didn’t want to get up so he closed his eyes again. This made Elizabeth smile she knew he was playing opossum so she began shaking him again, daddy it’s time to get up.  Daddy once again opened his eyes and smiled at his baby girl and once again closed his eyes the playful smile still caressing his lips. This made Elizabeth giggle, DADDY! Is time to get up, she shook him one more time. Daddy kept his eyes closed but the playful smile never left his lips and you could see his was suppressing a laugh of his own.  Now Elizabeth was sure that daddy was just being ornery, so she climbed across his lap placing one knee at each side of his hip and leaned down and pressed her nose to his. She began to sweetly talk to him daddy, daddy, DADDY! Daddy laid there doing everything he could not to open his eyes not to gaze upon his baby girl and he was trying his best to stifle a laugh he was losing the battle and he knew it. She wouldn’t give up till he was up and awake.  Elizabeth knew how to get him to get up still sitting across his lap with a knee at each side of his hips she began to rock back and forth rubbing his sodden diaper with hers the expression had changed on daddy’s face it was one of her favorite.  Daddy’s eyes flew open and he reached out for his baby girl placing his hands on her waist as she rocked back and forth this made Elizabeth giggle she stopped rocking back and forth for a moment and leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips, Good Morning daddy, it’s time to get up.  Daddy smiled and said good morning baby girl, okay okay I’m up I'm up. Elizabeth giggled and tried to get up off of daddy’s lap but daddy had other ideas. He sat up and wrapped his arms around her and said oh, no your mine now. This sent Elizabeth into a fit of giggles, no no don’t get me daddy.  He rolled her off his lap and back onto the bed laying on top of her he smiled down at her and said oh, no your mine now  as he began to kiss her face and neck running his hands up her body, this sent shivers up and down her body she loved when daddy touched her.  Daddy placed his hand between her legs and gave her very wet diaper a squeeze, goodness someone is very wet this morning aren’t you baby girl? Elizabeth blushed slightly, maybe just a little daddy. He began to rub and squeeze the front of her diaper pushing the sodden cotton against her a soft moan escaped her lips. She knew he had the upper hand at the moment but that wouldn’t last long Elizabeth thought to herself.  She playfully swats at his hands  daddy, no it’s time to get up he lowers his head to her chest he can hear her heart beating and he thinks to himself what a beautiful sound. Elizabeth runs her hands through his hair and ruffles it up giggling making his bed head worse than it was.  He slowly raises up  giving her one last rub on the front of her diaper and leans in and gives her one more kiss, okay okay I’m getting up as daddy begins to climb out of bed a very playful naughty though crossed Elizabeth’s mind so she crawled out of bed after him.  Daddy stands at the end of the bed rubbing the sleep from his eyes and stretching his sodden diaper hanging off his hips. She adored her daddy she thought he was sexy and sweet and kind such an amazing man and she thought to herself how did she ever get so lucky to have him in her life.  She always wanted to make him happy and from the way things looked she knew just how to do it. She walked up behind him and began to run her fingernails up and down his back scratching lightly starting at his shoulders and running all the way down to his hips and across the back of his diaper you could hear the crinkle and rustle of the plastic as she ran her fingers over it she could see daddy begin to stiffen and relax as he fingers played with the plastic of his diaper. She slowly walked around him running her fingers lightly over his hip and down the front of his diaper playfully teasing and taunting his skin she looked up at him with this evil smile playing on her lips. Elizabeth cupped the front of his diaper, ut oh daddy your all wets too and she giggled this made daddy smile, maybe just a little baby girl. Standing in front of him she begins to playfully tug on the tapes of his diaper slipping her hands down between his legs rubbing and squeezing running her fingers over the plastic making it crinkle. She knew they both loved that sound so it made her smile. She stepped closer to him pressing herself to him her hands still between his legs rubbing, tempting and teasing him through his diaper.  A soft moan came from daddy’s lips as his baby girl’s hands moving between his legs he knew it was a losing battle and he was more than okay with that.  Elizabeth playfully nibbles on his neck and shoulder and she looks up at him a smile playing across her lips as she begins to kiss down his chest she gets to his hips and begins to kiss down across his hip and the front of his diaper. She lowers herself to her knees and reaches up and undoes the top two tapes of his diaper allowing it to hang slightly off of his hips. Daddy can feel the cold air against his damp skin and it sends shivers up his spine a playful smile played across his lips and he thought was it the cold or his baby girl that is making him shiver.  Elizabeth begins to really move the sodden cotton against daddy she knows he is already excited but she wants to make him more excited she wants to do nothing more than to make her daddy happy.  Looking up at him she sees she is doing just that so she stops rubbing the front of his diaper and begins to tug at the bottom two tapes on his diaper and declares , ut oh daddy there stuck cant, playfully tugging, get them off. Daddy looks down at his baby girl as she pretends to tug on the bottom two tapes of his diaper, do you need help baby girl?  Shaking her head no I do, daddy and she playfully tugs a little more she looks up at him pretending to pout, stuck daddy.  Daddy reaches out and ruffles her hair why don’t we do it together then baby girl see if we can get those tapes unstuck. Daddy reaches out for the bottom tapes and Elizabeth helps his sodden diaper slides down his legs and falls to his feet with a soft plop. The sound of the diaper falling to the floor sends Elizabeth into a fit of giggles as she begins to run her fingers up and down his legs playfully teasing and taunting daddy’s hard cock as she gets to his hips. Elizabeth leans in and looks up at daddy and says daddy I’m just a baby girl and I can’t find my pacifier can I have yours?  Before daddy could answer she began to lick and suck the head of cock before sliding her mouth down the shaft pressing her nose to his hips and slowly teasing and tempting his member as she slide back up. The feel of her warm mouth and tongue sent shivers up and down daddy. Daddy reached out and places his hand on her head slowly guiding her head up and down his cock, such a good baby girl, you can always suck on daddy’s pacifier. She looked up at him wanting to please him so she begins to work up and down his throbbing cock licking and lapping at the head before sliding all the way down over and over placing her hands on his bottom she pulls him closer to her so she can enjoy all that daddy has to offer returning to a rhythmic pattern of going up and down pulling his cock out of her mouth just to tease the tip before swallowing him whole and repeating this over and over again until she can feel him begin to stiffen in her mouth she knew what was about to cum and she loved it. Daddy shuttered from head to toe as he began to cum filling her mouth with his warm sticky cum. Elizabeth licked and lapped at the head of his cock enjoying the pleasure that daddy has just bestowed on her. As he finished and she had licked him clean Elizabeth began to rise up and kiss back up his body starting at his hip across his tummy and chest till she got to his shoulder playfully nibbling moving to his neck standing before him she looks at him and kisses his nose, good morning daddy, it’s time to get up.

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