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BAD NEWS BABYSITTER                     

A Babysitting Girl and her Diaper Adventures

The Earned Reputation

"I just telephoned Linda," said Mrs. Cooper to her 9-year old son. "She's going to be your babysitter tonight."

"Mom, I don't want her as my babysitter. Last time, she made me wear a diaper. Why can't you get somebody else?"

Billy Cooper wasn't shy about expressing his displeasure with his mother's choice for his babysitter. The boy knew all about Linda Madison. The 16-year old high school junior had a reputation as a reliable but no-nonsense babysitter. Well-behaved children loved her. Unruly children quickly learned that she was bad news when they misbehaved.

Linda liked her nickname—the bad news babysitter. It made her job easier. It was true that she used diapers to discipline children, but it wasn't a frequent occurrence. Simply pulling out a diaper from her backpack and threatening to put the diaper on the child was usually enough to tame the wildest boy or girl.

"I couldn't get anybody else," said Billy's mother. "Most girls don't want to babysit you anymore because of your temper. Besides, Linda is a good sitter. Once I sign her contract, you'll have to behave yourself or suffer the consequences."

The Unusual Contract

Linda Madison was 12-years old when she began babysitting to earn extra money. Her parents still remembered the night when she came home after only her third babysitting job. She had just finished babysitting a 7-year old boy and a 2-year old girl.

"Guess what I did?" Linda announced proudly to her parents. "I put a bratty boy into a girl's diaper. He was being mean to his little sister. I told him that since he couldn't behave like a big boy, I was going to treat him like a little boy. Then I put him into one of sister's pull-up diapers."

"Did the parents give you permission to do that?" asked an alarmed Mr. Madison. He was a practicing attorney and was concerned about the legal ramifications of Linda's actions.

"No, but they said I could spank him if he got out of control. I don't like hitting kids, so I thought a diaper was safer. He sure behaved a lot better once he was in a diaper. From now on, I'm going to bring diapers with me whenever I babysit."

"You better get permission ahead of time," said Linda's father. "Some families might not think that diapers are an appropriate punishment. I'll tell you what. I'll draw up a little contract that you can use each time you babysit."

That evening, Mr. Madison drew up a simple one-page contract for his daughter. The contract had seven clauses. The most unusual clause was the fourth one.

Clause 4: Diaper Punishment. If the child misbehaves during the contractual period, the babysitter may, at her discretion, remove the child's underwear and put the child into a disposable diaper as punishment. The child shall remain diapered until bedtime or the arrival of a parent, whichever comes first. The babysitter will be reimbursed at the rate of $2.00 per diaper.

Linda was instructed to fill in the name of the child at the top part of the contract. Then a parent or guardian would sign and date the bottom portion, indicating his or her acceptance of all seven clauses.

"It's a legally-binding contract," said Linda's father. "If the parents refuse to sign it, don't take the job! It's for your own protection. Your diaper discipline is rather strange and unconventional."

The Embarrassing Purchase

The following afternoon, Linda rode her bicycle to a medical supply store in a nearby strip mall. She was amazed by the myriad variety of diapers on the shelves. Boy diapers. Girl diapers. Fitted briefs. Youth diapers. Pull-on diapers. Under pajama diapers. There were even cloth diapers, something the girl had never seen before.

"Can I help you find something?" a clerk asked. "What size do you need?"

"They're not for me," Linda replied, her face turning red with embarrassment. "I babysit kids and I want diapers to punish the naughty ones. Do you have diapers that will fit both boys and girls?"

"I recommend these," said the clerk. He handed her a package of unisex youth diapers. "They should fit any child from 6- to 12-years old. They're regular diapers, not the pull-up kind. Do you need anything else?"

"No, thank you," said Linda. "I just need diapers for the kids."

Linda went to the checkout line and put the package upside down on the conveyor belt. She didn't want anyone to see the diaper picture on the top. When the package rolled up to the clerk, he flipped it over and glanced at Linda. Her face turned red again. The clerk probably thought she was a bedwetter.

"They're not for me," Linda blurted out. "I babysit kids and I need diapers for them."

After paying for the diapers with her own money, Linda quickly exited the store. Once outside, she breathed a sigh of relief. Buying diapers was red-faced embarrassing. She couldn't imagine how humiliating it would be to actually wear a diaper.

The Strange Deal

"These diapers should fit every naughty kid out there," Linda said, after she returned home and showed the diaper package to her mother.

Mrs. Madison read the product information on the package. The diapers were designed to fit children weighing from 65 to 125 pounds with 22- to 30-inch waists. She opened the package and fished out a diaper.

"This thing would fit you, too," said Linda's mother teasingly, as she unfolded the diaper and held it up to the girl's waist. "What do you say? Do you want me to diaper you? If you're going to force naughty children to wear diapers, you should wear one yourself, just to get a feeling for what it's like."

Linda looked at her mother in open-mouthed surprise. Always an inquisitive girl, she had planned to secretly try on a diaper after her bedtime shower. Her curiosity got the better of her embarrassment and she accepted her mother's offer...with a few conditions.

"OK, you can diaper me," said Linda. "I'm not going to wet the diaper. I just want to feel what it's like. I'm only going to wear it until 5:30, too. I don't want dad to see me in a diaper. He'd tease me forever."

"It's a deal," said Linda's mother. "From now until 5:30, I'm the babysitter and you're the naughty little girl. Let's go to your room! It's time to put my naughty girl into her diaper."

Mrs. Madison put her hand on Linda's bottom and guided her down the hallway. As they walked, she patted her daughter's behind a few times. Linda's face reddened. She was already feeling like a little girl and she wasn't even in a diaper yet.

The First Offense

"Take off your shorts and panties!" said Mrs. Madison, after they entered the girl's bedroom. Linda hesitated. Her mother hadn't seen her private parts in years.

WHAP! Mrs. Madison swatted her daughter's behind, treating her just like a little girl. Blushing furiously, Linda quickly kicked off her sandals. Then she pulled down her shorts and stepped out of them. She was naked except for her blue striped t-shirt.

"Where are your panties?" asked Linda's mother, as she picked up the girl's shorts. "Did you ride to the mall without any panties on?"

"I took them off before I went swimming this afternoon," said Linda. "I forgot to put them back on. Mom, it's no big deal. Nobody could see anything under my shorts. Besides, it's summer. Who needs panties on a hot day? My friend Julie hardly ever wears panties during the summer."

Mrs. Madison stayed silent for several seconds. She couldn't believe her 12-year old daughter had just ridden her bicycle to the mall wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. When she looked at the diaper in her other hand, a light bulb went off in her head.

"I don't care what your friends do. In this house, little girls who don't wear panties have to wear diapers instead. That's exactly what you're going to do. You're going into this diaper and you're staying in it until bedtime. That's how long your diaper contract stipulates for naughty children and that's exactly what you are—a naughty little girl. Go lie on the bed right now!"

Linda started to protest. SMACK! Her mother swatted her bare behind.

Rubbing her bottom and fighting back tears, Linda went over to her bed and lay on her back. Just a few minutes ago, she had been curious to try on a diaper. Now she was about to be forced into a diaper and wear it all evening. Be careful what you wish for!

"Lift up your legs!" said Linda's mother. "It's time to put your naughty fanny into a diaper."

Linda lifted her legs up and slightly over her head, giving her mother a bird's-eye view of her private parts. She felt ashamed surrendering her dignity like this.

Mrs. Madison slid the diaper under Linda's bottom. After the girl lowered her legs and spread them apart, her mother pulled the diaper through her legs and over her genital area. She finished by fastening the diaper tapes. There were two tapes on each side. In less than a minute, Linda was transformed from a 12-year old girl into a red-faced toddler.

After Linda stood up, her mother watched the girl struggle with the sensation of being in a diaper again. The girl could feel the thick padding between her legs. It felt so strange, nothing at all like her panties. How she wished she had worn her panties!

"This thing feels really weird," said Linda. She looked down and touched the front of the diaper. Then she reached back and felt the thick diaper padding on her seat. "Dad's going to freak out when he sees me with this thing on my butt.”

The Longest Evening

Mr. Madison came home around 5:30. He stared at his daughter in shocked disbelief. The girl was wearing only a t-shirt and a diaper. The shirt came down to the girl's waist, so the diaper was clearly visible.

"Why are wearing a diaper?" Mr. Madison asked. "Don't tell me! A diaper is the newest thing in fashion."

Mrs. Madison took over and gave her husband a blow-by-blow account of the day's events. Linda tugged at her t-shirt, trying in vain to cover up her diaper.

"There's never a dull moment around this house, is there?" said Mr. Madison. He chuckled and patted his daughter's diapered bottom. "My goodness, your diaper really sticks out on your behind, doesn't it? You look like a toddler. Maybe we should invite the neighbors over and introduce them to our new toddler."

"Dad, don't you dare!" shrieked Linda. "I'm sorry I didn't wear my panties. I won't do it again. Can I get out of this stupid diaper now? I need to pee."

"You can pee in your diaper," said Linda's mother. "That's what diapers are for. It won't hurt you to wear a wet diaper until bedtime. It's a good learning experience. You'll learn to keep your panties on and at the same time, you'll learn how humiliating it is to wear a diaper."

Suppertime arrived and Linda was happy to sit down. Her diaper was finally out of sight. Her joy was short-lived, however. Halfway through the meal, she wet her diaper. The warmth felt surprisingly good and she didn't feel wet at all. The diaper padding had wicked away the wetness from her skin.

"My goodness!" said Mrs. Madison after supper. "You wet your diaper already. I can see a big wet spot on your bottom. What a puddle pants you are!" She patted her daughter's bottom. "How does it feel to be a little potty pants girl?"

"It's not so bad," Linda said. "I don't feel wet at all. Mom, if I have to go poop, do I have to do it in my diaper?"

"Of course!" said Linda's mother. "Whatever goes into your diaper stays in your diaper until bedtime. Remember, you're a naughty little girl who doesn't like panties."

The Madison family spent the evening sitting and talking in the backyard patio. Normally, Linda would have been swimming in the family's pool. Tonight, she was wallowing in self pity, wearing only a diaper and t-shirt.

Linda looked at the fence surrounding the pool. At least the neighbors couldn't see her in her diaper. As a precaution, the girl had called her best friend Julie and told her that she was grounded. There was no way she wanted her friend to come over and see her in a diaper, especially a wet diaper.

Throughout the evening, Linda squirted pee into her diaper whenever she felt the urge. Her parents were totally oblivious to her little squirts. That was the only good part about wearing a diaper. She could pee whenever and wherever she wanted, just like a toddler.

Eventually, Linda's bottom began to itch from sitting so long in a wet diaper. She got up and paced around the patio. Her pee-filled diaper crotch sagged shamefully between her legs, forcing her to walk with a toddler-like waddle. This greatly amused her father.

"Hey, Linda! What's that white thing drooping between your legs? How come you're waddling like a duck? Is your name Droopy Duck?"

Linda's face turned beet red. Wearing a diaper, even a pee-filled diaper, wasn't so bad. It was the teasing that made it a long evening.

The Second Offense

10:00 finally rolled around. Linda rushed into the bathroom, ripped off her diaper, and sat on the toilet. She had managed to avoid messing her diaper, but just barely. After a long shower, she put on her pajamas, got her good-night kisses from both parents, and went to bed.

Once in bed, she took off her pajama bottoms. After spending hours in a wet itchy diaper, it felt good to be bare-bottomed. She stayed awake for several minutes, contemplating the strangest day of her young life. Then she fell into a deep sleep.

“Time to get up, sleepyhead,” said Linda's mother the next morning. “It's time for breakfast.”

Rubbing her eyes, Linda groggily crawled out of bed.

“Where are your pajama bottoms?” asked Mrs. Madison, when she saw her daughter totally bare-bottomed. “Don't tell me! You forgot to wear them, just like you forgot to wear your panties yesterday. What's gotten into you lately? Go lie on your bed, young lady! You're going into a diaper again.”

“Mom, I don't need another diaper,” said a flustered Linda. “I just took off my pajama bottoms because my butt was itching from that stupid diaper yesterday. I won't do it again.”

"Naughty girls who don't wear pajama bottoms have to wear diapers on their bottoms instead," said Mrs. Madison. “Now get on the bed or I'll spank your bare fanny!”

Linda instinctively reached back with her hands to protect her bare bottom. She hadn't been spanked since she was a preschooler. The thought of a bare spanking made her shiver.

Fighting back tears, the girl quickly returned to her bed and lay on her back. She couldn't believe it was happening again. Diapers that she had purchased to punish naughty children were now being used to punish her. It wasn't fair.

“This is so stupid, mom,” said Linda, as she lifted up her legs. “Why don't you just ground me instead?”

“Grounding you doesn't seem to work anymore,” said Mrs. Madison, as she diapered her daughter for the second time in two days. “From now on, you're going to wear a diaper whenever you're naughty. Once you're in your diaper, you won't be allowed to wear anything else except a t-shirt.”

“How long do I have to wear it this time?” asked Linda, after she stood up, took off her pajama top, and put on a yellow t-shirt. The shirt barely came down to her waist. Her diaper was once again clearly visible.

“We'll make it five hours from now on,” said Mrs. Madison. She glanced at the clock. “It's almost 9:00. Your diaper punishment will end at 2:00. Remember, no diaper changes. Whatever goes into your diaper stays in your diaper until 2:00. Let's go have breakfast! Your father has already left for work.”

Mother and daughter exited the room and headed down the hallway. Linda's diaper rustled slightly with every step, an embarrassing reminder of her toddler status.

The Magic Words

The following day, Mrs. Madison went to the same medical supply store and purchased a package of small size adult diapers. These diapers, considerably thicker than the unisex youth diapers, were designed for both bladder and bowel incontinence. They also had a plastic outer barrier. Mrs. Madison assumed that plastic-backed diapers were more leak proof than cloth-backed diapers.

When Linda saw the thick diapers, her heart sank. She realized that her mother was deadly serious about diaper punishing her for the foreseeable future.

During the next four years, there were always two stacks of diapers on Linda's closet shelf. The unisex youth diapers were for Linda to use on naughty children. The thick plastic-backed diapers were for Mrs. Madison to use on her naughty daughter. It was a strange situation. The diapering babysitter was being diapered herself.

Two or three times a month, Linda was put into a diaper for some misdeed. Coming home late for a meal. Missing a curfew. Not doing her chores or homework. Swimming naked. The nude swimming escapade was the only time Linda was forced to go topless while wearing her punishment diaper.

Linda's diapering was always done in her room and the routine never varied. Legs up while the diaper was placed under her bottom. Spread legs so the diaper could be pulled between her legs and over her genital area. Legs down while the diaper tapes were fastened.

Once Linda was in her toddler outfit—a shirt and a diaper—she wasn't allowed to hide out in her room. Instead, she had to be in the same room as either her mother or father at all times.

When friends or visitors stopped by, Linda had to explain why she was wearing a diaper. Then she was forced to bend over and invite the guest to give her a couple of spanks on her diaper-padded seat. WHAP! WHAP! Everyone accepted her offer. People like to swat girls on their diapered bottoms.

Over time, Linda grew accustomed to her diaper punishment and the occasional swats. In fact, the more she was diapered, the less it felt like punishment. By the time she was 13-years old, the girl was completely comfortable parading around the house in only a shirt and diaper.

Eventually, Linda learned to enjoy wetting her diaper, too. The warm sensation of a freshly-wet diaper was like no other feeling.

On those rare occasions when Linda messed her diaper, she felt delightfully naughty doing it. Sloshing around in a wet messy diaper was an intoxicating toddler-like experience. Unknown to her parents, Linda Madison had become a diaper lover.

By the time Linda was 16-years old, she thoroughly enjoyed being diapered for her misdeeds. After each infraction, her body would tingle with excitement when she heard her mother say:

“Young lady, you're going into a diaper.”

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