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The New Neighbor

Part 1

 Three months before I got laid off from my job we had new neighbors move in. I’m guessing they were around 30 years of age. They had two children around the ages of seven and nine. They seemed really nice. He was some kind of traveling salesman and she was a stay at home mom. My husband and I had really only met them once about a week after they moved in. We were both always busy working. My husband more than I since he had finally passed the bar about a year ago and was working for a really good law firm.  I wasn’t looking for a new job because my husband and I felt that with all the cases he had going we would be fine without my income. So the first week or so after I got laid off I was extremely lazy. I slept in and watched TV, oh I did get caught up on the endless job that is laundry.


The next week I had woke up early and had got my hubby off to work. I made a pot of coffee and decided to catch up with my sister and friends through facebook and other social media. I went upstairs to the study room as my husband referred to it. I turned on the computer and I decided to open the window for a little air.

As I was opening the window I glanced down and the way the blinds were turned in her bedroom I had the perfect view down into the new neighbor’s bedroom and she was standing next to her bed completely naked. She was rubbing lotion all over her body. I don’t know why but I was mesmerized by her. She than did something that totally floored me. She turned towards the bed and was doing something that I couldn’t quite see from my angle. Then she got onto the bed and laid down and pulled a diaper up between her legs. She alternated from side to side fastening the diaper tabs to the front of the diaper.

 She stood up and grabbed her bra from the bed. After she had her bra on she walked out of view of the window. I stood there in shock for like 2 or 3 minutes before she came back in view and she was completely dressed. She looked like she grabbed her phone off the night stand and once again left from my view.

 I stood there for like 5 more minutes waiting to see if she would come back. After she didn’t I sat down and just stared at my cup of coffee contemplating what I had just seen. After a few minutes I went and showered and got ready for the day. The whole day I couldn’t stop thinking about my neighbor. Why was she wearing a diaper? Was she incontinent?

I woke the next morning and once again went up to the study room. I stood there waiting to see if my neighbor would be diapering herself again. I stood there for almost 10 minutes and was about to give up when she showed up. She was wrapped in a towel. I saw her toss something on the bed. She dropped her towel and once again began to rub lotion all over body. And like the day before once she was done putting lotion on she turned to the bed and unfolded a diaper laid down and diapered herself.

  After watching her I got this great idea. I went and showered and decided to bake some cookies so that I could properly meet my neighbor and maybe, just maybe get a peek to see if she was still wearing her diaper. I finally got the cookies baked and was going over to the neighbors.

 I knocked on the door. She answered the door. “Hi neighbor, remember me?” I asked. In my head I felt like wow that was stupid question. She smiled and answered “Of course, Shannon right?” “Yep” I replied. “I brought you some cookies, I know I haven’t been a very neighborly so I thought I would bring something over and try and get to know you better.” I exclaimed.

“Come on in” she said. As I followed her into her house I checked out her butt to see if I could notice anything. She was wearing a rather long shirt that covered most of her butt so I really couldn’t tell. But when she went to sit down I thought I heard a little bit of a crinkle. But of course it could have just been the couch as well. So Amy and I talked for almost an hour. I told her that I been recently laid off and she told me about her husband and kids. She was super nice and sweet and just before I was getting to leave she suggested that we go to lunch sometime. Of course I readily agreed.

The next morning I once again was in the study room waiting to see my neighbor diaper herself. This time I had grabbed my husband’s binoculars so that I could get a closer look. I don’t know why I was so fascinated by it but I was. I was only waiting about 5 minutes when Amy showed up in a towel again. Once again she dropped the towel and began to rub lotion all over her body, but this time she opened the top drawer of the dresser next to her bed and pulled out a pair of black panties and pulled them on. She then grabbed her black bra and put that on. She walked out of my view probably to where her closet was.

 I sat down with what I’m sure was the most confused look on my face. I was sure that she was incontinent and that was why she was wearing diapers. But today she had slipped on a pair of panties just like any normal woman would do. I sat there staring at my computer when it occurred to me that I have google. So I searched “Why would a grownup be wearing diapers?”

 After 3 hours of searching and reading all kinds of stories about ABDLs and littles, and infantilism. I think at first I was shocked that this world existed. But after a quick lunch I was back online reading more stories, watching videos and looking at all kinds of pictures of women and men wearing diapers and acting like babies or toddlers.

 By the time my husband got home that night I thought about telling him what I had seen, but something stopped me. I realized that I was intrigued by what I had learned today. I was curious as to what my neighbor was? Was she a DL? An ABDL? I didn’t know the answer but I really wanted to know if she was into this fetish.  Later that night as I was taking the garbage out I noticed that Amy’s husband was home and unloading his car.  The next day I was in the study room waiting for Amy to change. Almost the same time she came in with a towel wrapped around her. She once again rubbed lotion all over her body and once done grabbed a pair of panties out of her drawer and put them on. I was still confused?


The weekend came and I slept in after a few late nights out with my hubby and friends. So I didn’t get a chance to spy on my neighbor. But Monday morning I was in the study waiting to see what Amy would be wearing today.

To my disappointment she once again put panties on. But why was I disappointed? Why the fascination? Maybe I dreamed it? No she had put herself in diapers twice and why was she not doing it now?

 The next day I got up early and had some errands to run so I didn’t have the opportunity to spy on my neighbor. When I got home I saw my neighbor and her husband loading his car up with luggage. Apparently he was off on another business trip. The next morning as I was lying in bed it was almost time to go spy on my neighbor, I debated on whether I should or not. I mean it really isn’t my business what she wears right? But why was I so interested? At the last minute I decided that today would be the last time, unless…… she diapered herself. When I finally made it the study room and peeked down into her room she was already taping the diaper between her legs.

This time she didn’t get straight up, she laid there rubbing her diaper and she moved her hand down between her legs. She had her eyes closed and she was clearly enjoying herself. She began to rub her diaper even more vigorously. Soon she was arching her back and bucking as she masturbated herself until her body was shaking from an earth shattering orgasm. She laid there for another five minutes or so just basking in the glow of her orgasm. Then she got up finished getting dressed.

I stood there stunned and to my surprise I was extremely turned on! That may have been one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed. I decided right than to ask her to go to lunch. So I texted her to see if she could go to lunch with me. She replied back and with a message that said sounds good. I jumped into the shower and as I was washing myself I couldn’t get the image out of my head of my sexy neighbor, yes I said it sexy neighbor, masturbating with a diaper on. So my shower turned into a long one as I started rubbing my clit thinking about Amy rubbing her pussy and clit through her diaper. It had been a while since I had masturbated but OH MY!! I almost collapsed in the shower as my orgasm rocked my body.

A few hours later we were headed downtown to a locally owned deli that had great sandwiches and soup. During the whole trip I was trying to determine if she was still wearing a diaper without being too obvious. During Lunch we chatted about all kinds of things and I found myself really enjoying her company. It turns out she was only 28, only a year older than me. Her husband had got her pregnant her freshman year of college. We talked a little about our high school days and our college days. We also talked about our interests.

 At one point during the lunch I noticed how attractive she was. I kept reminding myself of the times I had watched her getting dressed in panties or a diaper and how unbelievably sexy she was while doing it. Why was I having thoughts like this? I have never been interested in women.

 Just before we were getting ready to leave she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I watched her go into the bathroom and I decided to follow her in there to just see, or at least that is what I was telling myself. I slowly opened the door and as quietly as possible walked into the bathroom. There was two stalls and I could see that she was in one of the stalls. I stood there quietly, trying not to even breathe, just listening when I heard a tab rip than another one and then two more rips. Then I heard some more rustle and started hearing some more crinkle of maybe a new diaper being unfolded. I had heard enough so I quietly snuck back out of the bathroom and back to our table and waited for her to return.

 She had definitely been changing her diaper. After lunch we went back home. The whole time I was driving home she was talking and all I could think about was she was wearing a diaper……she had changed her diaper in a public restroom. Maybe she was incontinent, or maybe she was a DL or ABDL or something similar to that. Also I think maybe I have a crush on her.

To be continued…………….

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