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She woke up as usual, in a full wet & messy diaper & strapped to her spreader pants that usually never came off anymore. Her hands in her mittens tied above her waist due to her always touching herself & she knows Daddy & Mommy’s rule very well about that. Her face had dried milk to it hidden from her paci that was strapped around her neck. She also wore a type of goggles that made her vision blurry to make her feel more like a baby. She knew that Mommy or Daddy would be in to see her any moment due to the sensory pad she was laying on which beeped in their room to tell them baby was awake & moving around. Usually they would leave her there for about an extra 5 mins or so she can wake up still groggy & aware of her hypnosis MP3 still playing in her ears.


Her life was micromanaged in every way & one of those ways was her sleeping habits. They had her sleeping most of the day & night through medication laced in her bottles. She was only allowed awake for about 8- 10 hours a day and during that time she was being trained for her other role… a sex slave for Daddy, Mommy & some of their friends. Daddy wants to mold me into his perfect baby sex slave & that has lots of training.


It all started about 3 years earlier on a kinky site, he had named a lot of the kinks I liked & thought we would click, I didnt know how much we would click. He was married & was looking for a baby girl & I was looking for my forever Daddy, a Daddy that I would keep hopefully forever- I wanted to be a slave so that way I had to no option to leave him or leave the lifestyle, If I was going to do this, I was in the for the long haul. We had chatted for well over 6 months the before we finally met. He was from VA & I was in Florida. Mommy & daddy decided to go to Disney & meet the baby girl at their hotel & spend the day together. 


Due to all the meds I've taken throughout my new life, I only remember bits & pieces… I remember being put into 3 diapers & a booster in each one… I was then dressed in a loose tank top & a skirt overall. My hair in pigtails & my feet into hello kitty crocs. I was given a 1 liter bottle of juice (which was laced, as I later found out) that had a nipple at the end, & I was to drink like a baby bottle. Daddy said he wanted it all gone within 45 mins… which was about the time from the hotel to McDonald's for a quick breakfast & to the park. I remember being given more water & juice throughout the day & messing right after lunch. I remember at one point complaining to daddy that I wanted a change & he spanked the back of my leg so hard that I learned not to ask for a change any longer. Due to my asking for a change, daddy said I wouldn't be changed til bedtime instead of dinner time. 


After Disney, we saw each other 2 or 3 more times within another year, til I officially moved in with mommy & daddy… I remember I came up for a mini visit & daddy never let me leave again. I literally left everything behind in FL. That was about 1 year ago. 


I came up Friday morning, daddy was working til early afternoon, so mommy had come to get me from the airport, of course rules were that I was suppose to arrive diapered & decently wet. By the time we got home, Mommy added the mittens & made a slit in the 1 diaper & 1 booster I had on & added 3 more diapers, while I sucked on my bottle. Little did I know that Mommy had put my new cocktail of meds in that bottle that started my new journey that moment. 


That cocktail had a mild sedative, diuretic, laxative & a female version of viagra.  Eventually, my sedatives became stronger, as I lost control, less diuretic, as daddy trained my ass, I was no longer on laxatives bc I was on a pure high fiber diet, however the viagra was slowly but surely increased as time passed by, in fact daddy found in Canada an injectable type of female viagra, that was 5 times more potent than a regular pill, daddy would inject it every 3 days & I was on a constant high of horniness but I was only allowed to cum when I was messed. Daddy had trained me to eventually associate pleasure with a messy diaper. I couldn't have an orgasm unless I was messy, so daddy or mommy or any of their friends could fuck me for hours, & I wouldn't know how to cum, but the minute I messed myself, daddy would play with the outside of my thick diapers & I would have to Hump myself to an orgasm. Depending on the day or hour, it could be as fast as 10 minutes or an hour. 


So back to the day daddy decided to keep me as his. When he got home, I was on the high chair being fed my bottle yet again after mommy fed me my new baby food. I was already full from all the bottles I was fed throughout the day, but mommy had to make sure I ate solids if not the meds would make me sick. Daddy asked if I was messy yet & mommy said no, that we were waiting for him. By this time I was crying because I did need to poop but mommy had a plug in me. So daddy pulled me from the chair & took me to my room… my room was a full nursery, with some extras for daddy's pleasure. As I was put down on the soft carpet, daddy started to give me the news that I wasn't going back home. He had arranged for my dogs to come up & eventually stay with us, but the rest of my stuff other than any diapers or toys was to be donated to a local Goodwill. 


I wasn't sure if I was happy or nervous or what. All I knew is my life was about to change to something I craved for so many years but was scared to do. But I had finally found that daddy that was ready to give it all to me & more. 



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