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@dlgurl813 on Fetlife


Part 2


That cocktail had a mild sedative, diuretic, laxative & a female version of viagra. Eventually, my sedatives became stronger, as I lost control, less diuretic, as daddy trained my ass, I was no longer on laxatives bc I was on a pure high fiber diet, however the viagra was slowly but surely increased as time passed by, in fact daddy found in Canada an injectable type of female viagra, that was 5 times more potent than a regular pill, daddy would inject it every 3 days & I was on a constant high of horniness but I was only allowed to cum when I was messed. Daddy had trained me to eventually associate pleasure with a messy diaper. I couldn't have an orgasm unless I was messy, so daddy or mommy or any of their friends could fuck me for hours, & I wouldn't know how to cum, but the minute I messed myself, daddy would play with the outside of my thick diapers & I would have to Hump myself to an orgasm. Depending on the day or hour, it could be as fast as 10 minutes or an hour.


So back to the day daddy decided to keep me as his. When he got home, I was on the high chair being fed my bottle yet again after mommy fed me my new baby food. I was already full from all the bottles I was fed throughout the day, but mommy had to make sure I ate solids if not the meds would make me sick. Daddy asked if I was messy yet & mommy said no, that we were waiting for him. By this time I was crying because I did need to poop but mommy had a plug in me. So daddy pulled me from the chair & took me to my room… my room was a full nursery, with some extras for daddy's pleasure. As I was put down on the soft carpet, daddy started to give me the news that I wasn't going back home. He had arranged for my dogs to come up & eventually stay with us, but the rest of my stuff other than any diapers or toys was to be donated to a local Goodwill.


I wasn't sure if I was happy or nervous or what. All I knew is my life was about to change to something I craved for so many years but was scared to do. But I had finally found that daddy that was ready to give it all to me & more.


I was on all 4s on the floor waiting for him, as he walked around the room to get something but I couldn't see what. He brought out a weird looking glasses & headphones. The glasses looked like black leather goggles, tied tightly behind my head & the headphones were put on. My wrists were locked together in the front via my mittens & I could hear daddy come through the headphones… “Baby I want you to listen to me through the headphones, if you can hear me & understand, shake your head yes” & I did. By now, I realized I was a tad drowsy & couldn't understand why, thought maybe it was a long day, but it was only 6pm.


“OK baby girl, so I will be sitting down on this chair & I want you to crawl closer. You are going to start listening to your training music & I'll come through every so often to give you instructions but you gotta remember this, because this will be your daily routine.” All I did was shake my head. So I crawled closer to daddy & some music started playing, it was making me even more sleepy, but then I heard daddy say for me to crawl all the way to his crotch, I was to play with his cock through his pants, & he asked me if I needed to mess, & I shook my head yes. He asked me if I was horny too, & again I shook my head. He then proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to mess, I had to work for it, once I messed he would let me cum.


Rules were that I couldn't use my hands, only my mouth & teeth. So I had to work to get his fly open & pull his cock out of his pants, all while needing to poop more & more, I was practically crying, but daddy said the faster I get it undone, the faster I'd mess. As I started, I noticed it was hard to concentrate with the sound playing through my ears, it was telling me how I was to become a baby over time with no control of my life or my body, how I was suppose to behave & listen to mommy or daddy, but I felt so drowsy as well & daddy noticed how lazy I was, when that happened, I would feel him rub my belly & remind me I had to hurry if I wanted to mess before bed. Finally, I got his cock out, & I was instructed to suck it, suck it like if it was my bottle, but to take my time with it. Felt like 10 minutes in, Daddy reached out to the top of my diaper & put his hands in & pulled my plug out, I moaned from relief. Then daddy came through the headphones & said, “ok baby girl- go ahead & mess. Slowly. Make sure you push it all out, keep sucking daddy though.” So I did. As I messed it would slip to the front of my diaper as I was on all fours, & I just kept on messing. I didn't know how much I had in me. Finally, I stopped. Daddy asked if I was finished & I shrugged my shoulder, I think I did but thought I had more in me. He rubbed my diaper & pulled it in a way to make sure I had room to go some more. He then told me to try & push some more, at first there was nothing but eventually I was able to poop again, & I couldn't believe the load. My pampers felt extremely heavy & to make matters worse, I had to pee. Daddy gave me permission while he touched my diaper & felt the pee spread in the messy pamper. Once I was done, the voice & sound through the headphones changed. This time it was telling me how much I loved to mess my diaper & enjoy my messy state to the point that I want & need to orgasm every single time I messed. That nothing else mattered except I HAD to cum. By this time daddy started to rub my pampers against me & I was swaying side to side & working myself to an orgasm, I was horny after all but felt so gross, I was crying non stop. Daddy reminded me not to let go of his cock & that my crying would stop eventually once I got used to messing all the time. So of course, I'm sucking but paying attention to my oncoming orgasm, daddy reminded me one more time, don't let go of Daddies “pacifier”. & the voice telling me how I'm no longer to have orgasm unless I was messy. I can have unlimited orgasm daily, but I had to be messy, if I dared to have an orgasm without a messy diaper, I would be punished. I thought I was about to cum & daddy stops & starts face fucking me, of course, I whine from frustration. Daddy starts to get rough & he pushes my butt down on the floor over a large teddy bear & tells me to Hump it, while sucking him & as soon as I do, daddy cums in my throat & soon after I start to cum in my dirty diaper. As he slows down, he pulls out of my mouth & spins me around to check how dirty I am. Then he asks how I feel, I tell him sleepy, & he responds, good!! He tells me to bend down, face to the floor & butt in the air & tells me to cuddle with the bear. The minute I do, I knock out, but not for long, as I feel daddy rubbing me again. “Come on baby, no sleeping, training time”. But that's exactly what he wanted, for me to be docile. Tired but susceptible to all his demands. I am rubbed enough to the point I wake up a little & start cumming again. As I finish I was handed a bottle.


The bottles were meant to keep me hydrated & full & on the cocktails of meds to keep me off balance. I was given 3 bottles throughout the night. I remember having weird dreams of what my life would entail, little did I remember that I was still wearing the headphones. I was made to suck Daddies cock twice more & made to orgasm as well. Rule in the house was that I was to sleep messy to get me used to it, eventually daddy would only change me every 24 hrs or so, so I would always be messy, it was his way to humiliate me & remind me of my baby slave state.

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