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 Serena's Nappy Punishment - Part One (by Mummy Strict)

Maria sat on the sofa seething. She was in her mid 40's, and had been dating her current boyfriend, Bob, for nearly six months now, and everything was going well apart from one thing.

Bob was about ten years older than her, and had a 31 year-old daughter, Serena, who still lived at home with him.
Maria had been spending more and more time over at Bob's home in the last month, and was organising and taking control of things, such as cooking meals for them all.
Serena resented this, and the fact that Maria seemed to be round there most of the time now, and didn't make any secret of her feelings about this.
She made little effort to talk to Maria, and when her dad wasn't there Serena was often sarcastic and disrespectful when Maria spoke to her.

Up until now Maria had bitten her lip about it, but as she sat on the sofa that Friday morning, Maria decided enough was enough.

Maria had got up around 9am to make herself and Bob a cup of coffee, & was in the kitchen making coffee & having a quick tidy up when Serena came in.

"If you've got any mugs or glasses in your bedroom Serena please could you bring them into the kitchen" was all Maria had said to Serena.

But Serena was rushing to leave as she was late for work again, & already in a bad mood. She didn't like Maria telling what to do, and as she rushed out of the kitchen to leave the house and go to work she snapped back at Maria.

"Can't you see I'm late for work ! Why don't you do it ! You've got nothing else to do today !"

Before Maria could reply to this, Serena had slammed the front door & left for work.
Maria was furious. "How dare that little brat speak to me like that !" she thought to herself, as she walked through to the front room and sat on the sofa.

She was still sat there a couple of minutes later when Bob walked in, and saw Maria sitting there fuming.

"Hey honey, what's a matter ? Are you okay ? " he asked.

"It's Serena - she's always so rude to me ! She doesn't have any respect ! I've had enough of her talking to me like she does !"

"Ok, I'll talk to her about it. I don't want her upsetting you, especially as I was going to ask if you wanted to move in here on a more permanent basis ? " smiled Bob.

On hearing this Maria suddenly realised that maybe this was her chance to assert her place in the house.

" You want me to move in ?" responded Maria, who knew full well this was what Bob was asking.

"Yes ! Of course I do ! More than anything " Bob replied, desperately hoping Maria would say yes.

Maria wanted to say yes straight away, but on seeing how keen Bob was she wondered if she might be able to use this to her advantage.

"Oh I don't know Bob. I would say yes, but I really can't deal with Serena' s attitude towards me. If my daughter spoke to me & behaved like Serena does, she'd be over my knee and getting a spanking, no matter how old she is."

Maria's daughter, Lexi, was 24 years old, and lived a couple of hundred miles away, so only saw Maria every few months. Maria had spanked her on a few occasions growing up, but not since she was 14.

"But I really want you to move in. I want us to be together. Please. I'll do anything" said Bob, hoping to convince Maria. Until he met Maria he'd never had a woman suck his cock, and his sex life with Maria was better than he'd ever had. He would have agreed to almost anything if it meant keeping Maria in his life.
Maria could see she had Bob exactly where she wanted.

"Well, if I move in, then I'd need to have the same authority that any woman or mother would have in this situation. I'd want to have as much of a say about how things are done around here as you do, and I'd want Serena to respect me. Do you know she swore at me this morning ?"

Maria explained exactly what had happened that morning, and Bob now understood why Maria appeared so reluctant to move in, and was so upset about that morning's events.

"Listen honey, I'll speak to Serena about it, because that's not acceptable. I was going to have a chat with her about another matter tonight anyway".

"What other matter ?" replied Maria, curious as to what it was.

"Oh nothing. Just a little issue I think Serena's having."

"What issue ?

"It's personal, and I think Serena might be embarrassed if I told you about it."

On hearing this Maria instinctively wanted to find out more.
"So you want me to move in, & for us to become more permanent, but you don't want to share stuff with me ? " said Maria, looking disappointed.

Bob could see this, and decided he'd better explain.
"I'm sorry, love. It's just that Serena's wet the bed a couple of times in the last few weeks, and I really don't know what to do about it. "

When she heard this, Maria nearly choked on her coffee.
"What ! Serena wet the bed ? She's 31 years old !!" replied Maria, trying hard not to laugh.

"I know, and she's probably very embarrassed about wetting the bed at her age" replied Bob .

"I'm sure she is !" agreed Maria, who found it hilarious that 31 year-old Serena had wet the bed at her age ! She was going to make a joke that perhaps Serena needed to go back into nappies, but she stopped herself, and asked Bob a question instead.
"So how many times has Serena wet the bed then ? Twice ? " she asked.

"Er, well, I think it's actually three times in the last month or so " answered Bob.
"Three times in a month ! Serena wet the bed three times !! Once or twice would be bad enough, and I suppose you could put it down to just having an accident. But three times ! Wow ! What are you going to do about Serena's bedwetting ?" asked Maria, still trying not to show how funny she found it.

"I don't know. What do you think I should do ? And what can I say to her ?" asked Bob again

Maria sat there and thought.
She already felt better knowing how embarrassed Serena must have been to wake up and find she'd wet the bed at 31 years old ! She could see that Bob obviously had no idea how to handle his daughter Serena wetting the bed at 31 years of age, & clearly hadn't even felt comfortable to speak to Serena about it in the last month, and Maria could sense that what Bob really wanted was for someone else to deal with it.

And now that she knew how desperate Bob was for her to move in, Maria knew that if she played this correctly, and chose her words carefully, this was her chance to really teach Serena a lesson and show her who was now the boss in the house.

"Do you know what I'd do if she was my daughter, and she wet the bed three times in a month ?" asked Maria, just building up to the idea she had.

"Well, firstly I'd put a plastic sheet on her bed, to stop the mattress from getting completely ruined. And secondly I think I'd have to put her back into nappies until she could prove to me that she could keep the bed dry" continued Maria.

"You think I should put Serena back into nappies ?" asked Bob, who hadn't expected such an answer.

"Yes, that's what I would do. I think you’re going to have to make Serena wear nappies again" confirmed Maria. “I don’t think you’ve really got much choice to be honest”.

"Nappies ? But Serena's 31 years old ! Are you sure she's not too old to be put back into nappies like a baby ?" asked Bob, still not sure about this idea.

"Well, she's also too old to still be wetting the bed like a baby, isn't she ! So I know it'll probably be embarrassing for Serena to be put back into nappies at her age, but as she's still wetting the bed like a baby, she can't really complain if you have to make her wear nappies like a baby until she can stops her bedwetting, can she ? " replied Maria, trying to sound sympathetic to Serena.

"I know you're right Maria, but I don't want to have to start putting my 31 year-old daughter into a nappy at bedtime" he replied.

"Look, do you want me to handle everything ?" asked Maria, who could now tell that Bob was going to agree with her suggestion. ”Do you want me to put Serena into nappies at bedtime ?”

"If you wouldn't mind Maria, that would be really helpful. Are you sure you don't mind dealing with this ?"

Maria now knew she had everything almost completely in her control - she just needed to do one last thing.
"Listen, if you want me to move in, and to deal with Serena's bedwetting problem, then that's fine with me, as long as I know I've got your full support when I tell Serena that she needs to be put back into nappies".

Maria had deliberately grouped the two things together, as she knew Bob wouldn't say no.

"Of course you have my full support, darling" replied Bob, who was just relieved that Maria seemed to be agreeing to move in now.

"And I have your full authority to deal with Serena's attitude problem & rudeness, in the way I think it should be dealt with ?"

"Yes, yes, you have my support and my authority Maria. You're in charge here now !" he laughed.

"Which means that as I said earlier, if my daughter spoke to me & behaved like Serena did this morning, she'd be put over my knee and spanked, regardless of how old she is."

"So you want my authority to spank Serena ?" said Bob.

"Yes. If you want me to move in, then I need to know that I have your full support to deal with Serena when she's rude to me. She deserves to be spanked for her behaviour this morning, and maybe it'll help her to stop behaving like a spoilt brat" said Maria.

"And you don't think Serena's too old to still be spanked like a child at 31 years old ?" asked Bob.

Maria knew she was almost there.

"Well, firstly, when I was growing up, parents always told their kids that as long as they live under their parents' roof, they had to do as their parents said. And secondly, we've already agreed that Serena needs to be put back into nappies like a baby, so getting a spanking won't be any more humiliating for her than that".

"OK, you're right Maria. As always ! If you think Serena needs to be spanked for her behaviour this
morning, then yes, you have my full authority to spank her. Does that mean you'll move in ?"
To say Maria was happy & excited would have been an understatement !

She would gladly have moved in anyway, but now she had something else to look forward to !

She was going to be putting bratty 31 year-old Serena back into NAPPIES, and putting her over her knee for a SPANKING !! It was going to be so humiliating for Serena !

Feeling her pussy getting wet at the thought of punishing Serena, a now very horny Maria looked at Bob and said :
"Yes, I'll move in. Now, why don't we go back to bed, so I can suck your cock and then you can fuck me. What do you say ?"

Bob didn't need a second invitation ! All he could think about right now was how happy he was, and what a lucky guy he was.

Maria was just as happy, but as they wandered back to the bedroom, her thoughts were equally about how she was going to punish and humiliate Serena when she got home from work that night !

She couldn't wait to put Serena over her knee and to spank her bare bottom, and to see her face when she told Serena that she was going to be put back into nappies at 31 years old !

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