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Diaper School Part 2 - The Meeting with Miss Mac Manus


I managed to get through classes without too much of a hassle. The girls at Diaper School were all very nice… well except for one girl who loved to pick on some of the other girls. She did look a little butch so I stayed away from her as much as I could.


My meeting with Miss Mac Manus had been made for 4pm, a time that she had set to ensure both of us had had time to freshen up after school.

Between the time school was out and our meeting I was able to shower and change out of my diaper and into a fresh one. I slipped into a short skirt and a button up blouse and sipped on my cool drink before heading down to her office.

Now Miss Mac Manus didn’t have the normal run of the mill offices. Her office was something very special. When I walked in, it was almost like walking into a playpen of enjoyment. The room was painted in bright colors; there were toys and other goodies all around the room. Her desk really wasn’t a desk but a full on lounge room setting with a coffee table come change table set near the lounge.

It was something very different I have to admit and my first thoughts were perhaps this was her living quarters but no… this was definitely just her office and a nice looking one at that too. I felt so comfortable….

She stood by the window when I entered her room and she had that huge smile on her face. Once I was inside the door she invited me to sit on the lounge. At first I didn’t think she would join me because she walked over to a small cabinet and opened the door.

For a moment I did wonder what she was up to but when she stood up again and turned around she was holding a tray with some items including a bottle with a teat on it.

“I thought you might like to join me and have a little afternoon tea while we talk about what is expected of you here at Diaper School…”

She walked over and sat on the chair opposite to where I was sitting and looked at me so sweetly and for some reason I knew this was going to be more than a talk about my expectations. I guess in a way when she first asked me what I thought was expected of me, she really caught me off guard.

I was expecting to sit and listen to what was said to me and instead Miss Mac Manus invited me to tell her what I thought.

I sat back in the lounge and felt my skirt ride a little high until my diaper was showing. She smiled again and waited for me to begin. I took a deep breath and explained to her what I thought Diaper School expected of me. Once I had rambled on for a few moments and had finished telling her my thoughts, the silence was almost deafening.

All the time that I had been speaking I had been sipping on my bottle of juice that had been placed before me.

I looked at Miss Mac Manus waiting for her to say something but instead I found that smile on her face and I realized that this meeting was a little more than just a meeting. I guess I wondered if she would show me what sort of punishments were handed out if girls were naughty and just like earlier today, my pussy tingled….

She saw that I had almost finished my juice and offered me another. I couldn’t help but say yes because it was almost like a pacifier of sorts and I was able to suck on the bottle while she talked.

Miss Mac Manus continued to talk about meal times, the classes and the different gatherings that were due to take place in the future months at Diaper School. As she talked, I found myself wanting to go to the toilet… I suddenly realized that all the drinking had filled my bladder and I was busting.

Not just your usual little need urine but a full on gusher that was about to happen if I didn’t go soon. I was sure Miss Mac Manus could sense something was wrong but her calming voice had me too enthralled to move. I was listening to her every word; almost mesmerized…

It was about the time she mentioned the photo day that I suddenly whimpered. She knew all along what was happening. Or better still what was about to happen because Miss assured me it was ok… Her words calmed me and for some reason I just did what she encouraged me to do….

“It’s ok Sally… you can fill you diaper… it’s the natural thing to do…”

I felt myself blush before letting it flow. I couldn’t help it, it was an instant relief and it felt right. I guess that is what Diaper School is all about.

Then it dawned on me that the lounge was a material that wouldn’t be affected by wet diapers.

I couldn’t hide the smile on my face when I had finished and when I looked across at Miss Mac Manus I knew she was happy with my response. This was one of the things that were expected of me at Diaper School.


I was expected to feel comfortable peeing my napping in front of the teachers and the next step was letting them change my diaper when it was required.

Miss Mac Manus took my hand and led me over to another table in the far corner of the room where there rows and rows of diapers in various colors and sizes. She lay down a cushioned rug and had me climb up on the table.

Miss Mac Manus’ smile never left her face as she talked softly to me while she changed my diaper for me. Her soft hands felt gentle against my skin and my whole body blushed when she told me I looked beautiful.

In next to no time I was changed and sitting back on the lounge with my feet pulled up under me. I felt clean and fresh after having had a gentle wipe, dried with a soft towel and some soft baby powder sprinkled over my clean shaven mound.

We continued to talk about the expectations that were on each girl at Diaper School and I knew then that I would fit in perfectly.

The dinner bell rang, which also marked and end to our conversation. Miss Mac Manus took my hand and we walked from her room together, down the long hall and across the huge hall into the dining room. My mind was on the punishments that would be handed out if one didn’t do what was expected of her…

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