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Faye's Day At The Zoo - By Cya

A classic story that'll be reuploaded since it was lost to the massive glitch of 2017. Goodness was last year a horrible year for our community. Anyway, if you want to see the entire story, right now, please pledge a dollar to my Patreon where you'll get access to all of my stories including stuff which will never be posted here or on DA.

Check it out!


Chapter 1: Faye's Bad Encounter 

Faye cursed quietly under her breath while she stood in front of a locked door. She occasionally glanced down the alley, making sure she was still alone while Ed remotely hacked the electronically sealed entrance to the building. It only took a minute for the locking mechanism to signal that it had been unlocked, but the purple haired chain smoker felt like she had spent an eternity waiting for Ed to work her magic. She stole one last gaze down the alley, which confirmed that she was still unnoticed by the security.

 Faye opened the door with her left hand while clenching her 9mm Glock with her right. She pointed the pistol down each hallway until she had determined that the halls were barren. The building didn't seem to be heavily guarded, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. Faye began to walk down the left corridor, which she knew from the building's blueprints, led to the basement. She never lowered her pistol as she stalked the dimly lit corridor. 

 This bounty has a reasonable price on his head, five million woolongs. The woman in the yellow tube top reminded herself. The "Jester", as the media had dubbed him, was famous for his unique attacks. He was an Anarchist who loved to attack politicians and he was also a chemist. Bombs, chemicals and neorotoxins were all par for the course. Faye was greatful that, before she left the Bebop, she had told Ed to send Spike and Jet if she wasn't back in two hours. Faye had to maintain radio silence or else she might tip off this madman that she was on his turf. 

The only reason Faye even sought him out was due to the fact that one of Ed's hacker friends had leaked some juicy information on his whereabouts. Hence, why this was a "girls only" mission as she had told Ed. Normally Faye would have ignored this kind of bounty because he was extremely disturbed and dangerous, but his bounty had risen by four million overnight. She knew that the government jacked up the bounty due to the fact he made a promise to strike the Martian Congressional Hall during the annual interplanetary conference. He boasted that this attack would be his most satirical work yet and that he would live up to his title.

 Faye reached the iron door at the end of the hall and took a deep breath, counted to five, and swung open the heavy door as fast as she could. She was caught off guard by a stainless steel catwalk which turned into a staircase that led down to a massive laboratory. She walked quietly along the steel walkway and then down each step of the stairs, scanning the lab with her gun drawn, until she reached the ground floor of the lab. 'This place was fairly large, but no one seemed to be home'. She thought as she began to lower her pistol. All of a sudden someone clad in a hermetically sealed biohazard suit swung at the back of her head. He wasn't exactly the epitome of stealth and the bounty hunter docked before aiming her weapon at him.

"Back up or I'll knee cap you!" Faye ordered.

The man in the suit held both hands up and walked slowly backwards until he reached a table with a few beakers, vials and a test tube station configured in a scene straight out of a science class. The purple haired woman felt in control as she approached him and didn't notice him putting his covered hand over a small vial that laid on the table. The chemical compound was already prepared and ready for mayhem as he slid it onto the floor, shattering it into a few dozen shards of glass and unleashing a pink mist into the atmosphere.

"You bastard!" Faye yelled out as she covered her mouth, but it was too late. She had inhaled the chemical cocktail. The bounty hunter felt extremely off balance and very confused as she blacked out. The last sensation she felt was her body hitting the floor.

The bounty looked at her with curiosity. 'The chemical shouldn't have rendered her unconscious. Maybe to much of the pink stuff.' The deranged man began to laugh aloud to his thoughts as he dragged Faye up the stairs and dumped her body outside his compound.

Chapter 2: A Bizarre Revelation 

--------A Few Hours Later, On Board The Bebop-------

Jet carried the unconscious Faye over his shoulder as he entered the living room of the Bebop. The sudden entrance of Jet caused Ed to look up from her computer.

"Jet person!" Ed called out as she hopped up and ran over to him. "Is Faye-Faye okay?!"

"She's lucky she told you where she was or---." Jet stopped mid sentence as he gently lowered the purple haired woman onto the yellow couch. He looked down at Ed and cleared his throat. "She's going to be alright, but you should keep an eye on her while me and Spike get this guy who did this to her, okay?"

"Absolutely!" Ed declared as she gave a full flown military salute to Jet.

"At ease." Jet said as he turned to leave.

"I have classified information!" Ed said as she skipped over to her computer.

"Really? About the bounty?" Jet followed Ed over to her computer and knelt down beside the orange haired girl as she pulled up her intel. Jet read everything thoroughly, unlike Faye, and found something that had unnerved him to his core. According to the data that Ed's buddy sent them, the Jester had stolen a few vials of "Monkey Business" from the Galaxy Police's evidence lab. The balding bounty hunter looked over at Faye and feared the worst. "Ed, call me if anything happens to Faye. I have to investigate the building where we picked her up."

"No problem, Captain!"

"Call me immediately if she starts acting odd." Jet stated as he gazed at Faye one last time before he left the living room

Ed continued her research and occasionally looked over at Faye every five minutes or so. After about thirty minutes of hacking, the orange haired teen got up to get something to drink and noticed Faye crouched on top of the couch, scratching her bottom. "Faye-Faye!" Ed cheered with a grin.

"Oo oo, ahh ahh!" Faye cried out in a chimpish manner as she continued to scratch herself.

"Faye-Faye bein silly." Ed replied with a childish smile.

"Eek eek!" The purple haired woman bounced up and down on the couch

Ed giggled and began to imitate her friend. Both girls were making monkey sounds and mimicking chimpanzees. Ed jumped from the floor up to the couch while Faye was swinging from pipes that were anchored into the ceiling. Unbeknownst to Ed, Faye wasn't playing a game and her mental condition was no game. The hacker was pulled away from her immature mimicry by Faye wetting herself. Her tight yellow shorts barely contained the urine as Ed stared at the purple haired woman. 

"Faye-Faye, did you wet yourself?" 

The orange girl walked over to the bounty hunter and looked into her glossy eyes. Faye didn't exactly respond in an intelligent manner. She grunted as Ed gave her a hug. "It's okay, Faye-Faye. I'll think of something."

The hacker galloped away from Faye who was in a squatting position, pulling at her shorts until she practically ripped them from her toned body. She slightly stood up, investigating her nude lower body. The bounty hunter never wore underwear to avoid getting panty lines and her innocent exploration captivated her simple mind while Ed returned holding a large white bath towel.

"Nakie girl!" Ed declared as she laid out the soft towel on the ground and molded it in an hourglass shape. 

"Ooook ooo?" Faye stared at the white cloth on the ground with great confusion and interest. She planted her fists onto the ground and swung her bare lower half forward. The limber woman continued this pseudo-walk until she sat on top of the towel.

"Let Ed help." The hacker smiled and gently assisted Faye in laying down. The woman may not have been in her sound mind, but she did trust Ed. The teen quickly wrapped up the woman lower half and tied two knots on each of Faye's hips to hold up the makeshift cloth diaper. Once Ed was finished, Faye began to paw at it. "No, Faye-Faye!" Ed pushed the woman's hands away.

"Aaah, Aaah aaah!" Faye called out in a slightly aggressive manner.

"I better call Jet-person." Ed said aloud as she walked back to Tomato.

The purple haired bounty hunter bent her knees and leapt up from her position on the floor. She grabbed the utility pipes on the ceiling and catapulted herself from pipe to pipe towards the cargo hold. Ed turned around as her computer called Jet. "Faye-Faye no!!" 

"Hello? Ed, what's going on?!" Jet's voice came from the computer as the orange haired teen gave chase.

Faye was giving the energetic girl a run for her money as the monkey minded woman expertly navigated the corridors that branched out within the Bebop. Even though her mind had reverted back to a more primal state, she still knew the ship from deep within her memories. Ed could barely keep up, but wouldn't stop until Faye was back in the living room. The hacker would occasionally call out to her friend, but nothing she said would calm Faye down. Finally, the corridors ended and Faye came face to face with the cargo Bay door as she landed on her feet.

"Faye-Faye!" Ed yelled and Faye stared at her while crouching about twenty feet away. The hacker realized that she had the bounty hunter's attention. "Stop being silly and come here!" Ed ordered.

Faye looked around quickly as she knew she was basically cornered, but just out of the corner of her eye she spotted the manual release lever for the cargo Bay door. "Aahhh, aaahhhh!" She called out in triumph as she ran for the level and yanked it down fiercely as Ed stared at her.

The warning siren pierced the relative quiet of the Bebop's hull while the gears groaned and came to life, lowering the massive metallic door. Ed screamed out to Faye to stop once again, but her cries couldn't be heard over the siren and mechanism doing their job. The purple haired woman ran up the door as it lowered, launching herself from the steel surface and flew through the air. She caught hold of a nearby scaffolding pipe which jutted out from the dock's warehouse and did a full revolution around the pipe.

Ed watched, stunned for a moment until Faye landed safely onto the ground. The hacker ran out the back of the Bebop, resuming the chase once more. "I'm gonna get you, Faye-Faye!"

Chapter 3: Fight For The Cure

--On The Other Side Of The City--

Spike ran at full speed through filthy alleyways and side roads as he closed the gap. Aspault paved alleys turned to cement covered parking lots. Spike lunges and tackled the bounty in a deserted industrial zone.The blue suited bounty hunter had cornered the Jester, but the criminal kicked at Spike and broke free from the scuffle. However, Spike raised his pistol. "It's over. Stop you clown!"

The madman stopped running and stood still. Spike took a few steps towards the bounty while his gun was drawn. The grey haired man quickly turned around and flung a handful of "pocket sand" into Spike's eyes. "F***!" Spiked yelled out while his hands instinctively went to his face.

 "You can't stop me!" The Jester declared before running off into the night.

Spike muttered a few more curses as his vision returned to him. It was at that moment, Spike noticed a small blue vial laying on the ground. He picked it up and examined the glass cylinder containing the chemical solution held between his thumb and index finger. "Huh, wonder what this is."

The ringing of his com link broke him from his thoughts. "Spike, how's everything on your end?"

"That crazy jackass got away, but he dropped some kind of blue chemical in a vial."

"Finally some good luck." 

"What do you mean by that, Jet?" Spike asked nonchalantly as he twirled the vial between his fingers and tossed it up.

"Spike, that's the antidote for this guy's neurotoxin!"

The blue suited bounty hunter caught the vial. "That's interesting news alright."

"Just hold on to it. I tried calling Ed and all I heard was a monkey screeching."

"The kooky kid could be messing with you."

"No, I think it might be Faye. This guy was reverse engineering that chemical from the eco-terrorists. You know, the one that turned everyone into Apes?"

Spike tried to suppress a laugh. "At least Faye wouldn't spend all of our woolongs."

"I'm more worried about Ed. Keep tracking that bastard down and I'll swing by the Bebop. Call me if things get hairy."

"That's a really bad joke, Jet."


Spike eyed the blue vial one more time before he put it into his pocket. "It's going to be a long night.

Chapter 4: Home At Last?

-A Few Miles From The Bebeop-

 Faye took a breather as she perched herself atop the highest branch of an old Oak tree which stood in the center of a sprawling park. The purple haired woman managed to escape from Ed about ten minutes prior to her arrival in the park. She gazed out from her vantage point, noticing that most of the city was quiet, but off in the distance, she could hear the faint sounds of her brethren. They were screeching and hooting away as Faye focused on the noises.

 A few wild calls of her own broke the relative tranquility of the night as she jumped towards the closest tree from her perch. Faye's hand eye coordination helped her expertly grapple the oncoming branch and she propelled her body through the midnight sky. She swung from the next tree and to another before finally landing on the ground at the edge of the park. "Oouh, oouhh, aahh, aaahh!"

A few stragglers, drunks and onlookers watched the agile woman run through the streets on all fours. They called out at her and more then a few had to double take, wondering if they had drank to much alcohol. One or two had definitely swore to never drink again after seeing the Monkey mannered woman climb up a stop light and swing from the light post. 

There it was, the City Zoo stood across the street and Faye took notice as the Monkey's vocalizations grew louder, responding to her own simian screams. She dropped down from the light post and hurled herself over the walls that enclosed the zoo. Her body glistened in the moonlight, covered in sweat, as she landed into the Primate Sanctuary. She hooted a screech of truimph while a few chimps gathered around her.

The animalistic human and the little monkeys soon realized that they could understand one and another. Faye tugged at her drenched top, soaked with sweat, from the physical exertion that her primal journey put her through. However, the purple haired woman couldn't figure out how to remove the dreaded top. A few of her new friends helped her rip it off, freeing her large breasts. She hopped up and down happily, copying a few of the other chimps, while her boobs bounced around.

Moonlight faded from the sky as the morning sun appeared over the horizon. The Zoo's employees opened the Zoo, noticing that the Primates seemed a lot more lively than usual, but they never expected to see a woman in her early twenties, clad in a makeshift cloth diaper, swinging from the trees as a few dozen chimps watching her

At first, the Zookeepers assumed it was some kind of prank or stunt, but that illusion was shattered when they saw the purple haired woman squat onto the ground and fill her diaper. Faye pawed at the bulging diaper before returning to her tree. Bewildered and unsure of what to do, the Zookeepers decided to leave the Monkey's enclosure and consult the police. However, the tourists and patrons had already gathered around the giant enclosure, watching Faye with amusement and some with looks of disgust. One thing that everyone had in common was that their cell phones were out and recording. 

It wasn't long before the news crews arrived to document this strange situation as multiple news feeds carried the blurred out image of a semi naked Faye playing in the tree, putting on quite a show for the visitor's cameras. The police didn't take the multiple calls they had recieved seriously until one officer saw the news. She alerted her fellow officers and a few squad cars were dispatched to the Zoo.

Chapter 5: Faye's Day At The Zoo

-Back On Board The Bebeop-

"Faye-Faye is on TV!" Ed stated excitedly.

Spike walked out from his room as Jet stood up from the couch. The two men starred at the television for a moment, watching Faye spin around a tree limb in just a diaper. They were unable to comprehend what they saw before them. Confusion turned to humor as the men started laughing. 

"We can never let her live this down." Spike said after he finished laughing. 

"Yeah, you're right, but we should get down there before she gets locked up."

"Alright, let's go." Spike replied as he lit a cigarette.

"Can Edward go too?!" The red headed teen stood up as she asked.

"Stay put Ed. Keep an eye out for any news on the Jester." Jet stated as he and Spike exited the living room.

-Twenty Minutes Later At The Zoo-

"Ooh ooh, ooh, aah, aah aah!!" The diaper clad woman called out as she scratches her back. A few cameras clicked off, capturing the image for the newspaper while a reporter stood by, waiting to go on the air again. The Zookeepers were going to wait until after the last reporter made their commentary to tranquilize Faye. This may have been highly unorthodox, but this event was sure to draw a lot of attention to the Zoo and that could only mean a lot more Woolongs in the future.

Someone in the crowd threw a banana into the cage and Faye dropped down from her tree. She picked it up and peeled back the outer layer as she happily hooted. The purple haired woman eat the banana in a few quick bites before jumping up and down which forced her full diaper to bounce as well as her breasts. The crowd laughed in response while the cell phones clicked more pictures. Faye climbed back up her tree and started to swing around some more.

Jet surveyed the situation from behind the crowd and knew that there was only one way to get Faye. "Hey you!"

The lead Zookeeper walked over to Jet."Yeah, what do you want?"

"This is going to sound pretty awkward, but that's my friend up there in that tree."

"What the hell is she doing swinging around naked in our Monkey Cage?" 

"Yeah, about that. She was poisoned by that lunatic called the Jester. Anyway, I have the cure right here." Jet explained as he held up the blue vial.

"That's all fine and dandy, but she still broke into the Zoo and is disrupting our business!"

"How about this; I slide you a half a million Woolongs to let her go?" Jet pulled out a fat wad of Woolongs and offered them to the man.

"What about the cops?"

"I used to work in the ISP, I can handle them."

"Fine, glad she isn't my girlfriend." The Zookeeper smirked as he grabbed the cash, but Jet wasn't finished yet.

"I need that tranquilizer gun." 

"Here. Don't take off with it."

Jet ignored the man as he examined a dart taken from the gun. The bounty hunter then opened the back of the tranquilizer dart, before pouring in the blue antidote. He popped the cover back onto the dart and shook it up a little bit. "Hey, Eagle Eye!"

Spike stepped away from the crowd and approached Jet. "How much did that cost us?"

"Enough. Now shoot this antidote into Faye before she rips off that towel."

Spike muttered something unintelligible as he took aim and  fired the dart gun. The antidote filled dart hit Faye right in the thigh and she immediately stared wide eyed at the massive crowd before her as she hung from the tree. "Where am I?" She asked herself as she looked down and noticed the brown towel she wore around her waist. "And what the fuck am I wearing?!"

Chapter 6: A Slow News Day


--One Hour Later, Aboard The Bebop--

Faye took a deep breath before stepping out of her bathroom. The events that had transpired over the previous night were entirely a blur to her. However, the shame and humiliation felt as fresh to her as the clothes she just put on. 'How the hell did I even end up in that Monkey Cage?' She couldn't remember anything after inhaling the chemical, but everything since receiving the antidote was crystal clear. 

The purple haired bounty hunter had refused to talk to anyone, including Jet and Spike. Faye had fought the urge to rip off the defiled garment as she walked through the crowd. With each step the disgusting muck spread while strangers taunted her. She may have exposed herself to dozens of people, but to remove the diaper would've landed her behind bars. So, she had to walk in her own filth and even sit in it while Spike and Jet had all the windows rolled down in the rental car. She remembered that awkward car ride well, but did her best to block it from her memory.

Faye shuddered and decided to break her imposed vow of silence as she walked out to the living room. The guys were watching television, Jet sat on the couch while Spike smoked as he stood off to side. Ed was playing on her computer until the orange haired girl noticed her entry.

 "Faye-Faye!" The teen called out as she ran over to Faye. "You better now?"

All eyes were on the purple haired woman. She looked down at Ed and slightly smiled. "I'm fine, Ed." 

"Good!  Ed worried about lot about you!" The hacker hugged her tightly while Faye tried to push her away.

"Yeah, I know that." Ed finally released her and Spike turned back towards the TV while Jet smiled.

"Heartwarming." The balding man chuckled from the couch.

"So, what the hell happened to me last night?" Faye demanded as she walked over to where Jet sat with her arms crossed.

"You must've came in contact with that neurotoxin and the Jester knocked you. Ed told me about your 'girls only mission' and I found you laying outside the compound." Jet paused for a second. "Honestly, you're lucky I found you before someone else did."

Faye sighed. "I know. Now don't tell me you dumped me in the zoo becuase you just said you found me last night."

"That's the part that no one knows. You escaped from the Bebop and ran off into the night and then this morning we find out that you're playing with monkeys in the zoo."

"Who told you I was in the zoo?"

"Channel 3 brings you exclusive footage of the Taophos Zoo Monkey Woman" The announcement from the television captured Faye's attention as the news correspondent narrated the clip being shown where the purple haired bounty hunter swung around a tree. "We have no idea if this is some kind of prank or a sociological experiment. Rumors are abound that this could be a form of guerrilla advertising for a new reality show. Pardon the pun." The journalist stifles a slight chuckle.

"That would explain why she didn't get arrested for this bold and bizarre act." The other news anchor added.

"That's a good point. Whoever she is, she's now an over night media sensation on the web. A multitude of cellular videos of her have surpassed a million viewers on various websites."

Faye angrily picked up the remote and turned off the report. "Hey! I was watching that." Spike said with a smirk.

"We need to burn all footage of me swinging around naked damn it!" Faye demanded.

"That's not possible, Faye-Faye. It's all over the web!" Ed called out from her computer.

"You can hack it!" Faye smiled and briskly walked over to the sitting girl. "That's what you're good at!"

" Ed can get rid of some of it, but not all." The hacker popped up a video of Faye, topless and jumping around in her dirty diaper. "This says that over one hundred thousand downloads have been made."

Faye turned pale. "That means that you can delete this one, but anyone who downloads it could just put it back up!" 

"Well, isn't it every girl's dream to be famous?" Spike asked with a grin.

"Damn it!!" Faye stomped off to her room while Ed played another video.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, aah aah aah!"


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