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Serena's Nappy Punishment - Part Two (by Mummy Strict)


Having got Serena's dad, Bob, to agree that Serena should wear nappies after her recent bedwetting incidents, Maria now needed to go and buy some nappies for Serena.


"Where are you going to get nappies to fit a 31 year-old ?" asked Bob, who had no idea about this.

 "I'm going to pop into a couple of places in town. I'll get some new white towels, which I can use for Serena's nappies. I'll be able to fold them and pin them on Serena like a terry-towelling nappy. So I'll also go into the Chemists, as I'll need to get some plastic pants for Serena to wear over her terry nappy." replied Maria.

"Plastic pants ? You're going to make Serena wear plastic pants as well ?" enquired Bob.

"Yes, of course ! Serena will need to wear plastic pants over her nappies, in case she wets herself in her nappy." confirmed Maria.

"That's going to be very embarrassing for Serena, having to wear plastic pants over her nappy as well ! I just never thought Serena would need to wear nappies and plastic pants again at 31 years old, like she was still a baby." said Bob. 

"Well, I never thought your grown-up daughter would still be wetting the bed at her age ! Or that I'd suddenly have to treat Serena like a baby and put her back into nappies at 31 years old !! Anyway, the Chemists sell plastic incontinence pants for adults, so they'll be perfect. I'll have to get some nappy pins as well" replied Maria, trying hard not to smile.

"So you don't need me to do anything before I go to work later ?" checked Bob 

"No, I'll sort out buying the things we'll need, but as you're going to be at work this evening, maybe you could leave a note for Serena, just telling her what we discussed and agreed, just in case she starts arguing with me about it". 

"OK, but what shall I say ?" wondered Bob, again looking to Maria for help.

Maria thought about it, and then told Bob what he should write...


"Dear Serena,

I know I haven't spoken about this with you before, but I do know about your recent bedwetting accidents.

I'm guessing that you didn't mention this to me because you're probably embarrassed. But we need to do something about it before your mattress gets ruined. So I had a chat with Maria, and we've decided that even though you're 31, it would be best Serena if you wore nappies for bed until we're sure that you don't wet the bed anymore.

I've asked Maria if she'll handle this, so from now on I've asked her to put you into your nappy at night Serena, and then check the following morning to see if you've stayed dry. I know you might find it a bit embarrassing at your age to have Maria put you to bed in a nappy Serena, but please don't argue with Maria about this, or give her any problems.

Maria also told me what you said to her this morning, and I'm not happy about it or the lack of respect you've been showing Maria.

Again, after speaking with Maria about this, I've given Maria my permission to punish you for your behaviour, and that includes her giving you a spanking tonight if that's what she decides.

If she thinks you need to be spanked Serena, then she has my full permission, because your language this morning was totally unacceptable ! 

I won't be home till very late tonight, but if Maria says you've given her any cheek or trouble at all when she puts you to bed in a nappy & plastic pants tonight, or if she decides she's going to spank you, then not only will you be grounded for the weekend, but you'll also get another spanking tomorrow and spend the whole weekend in nappies.

Hopefully if you are spanked by Maria tonight it will be enough of a humiliating punishment to get you to improve your attitude towards Maria.

If not, then you'll continue to be spanked until things do improve, but hopefully that won't be necessary, because I'm sure at 31 years old you don't want to keep being spanked like a child. 

Love, Dad x "


"Are you sure you don't want me to mention anything in the note about you moving in ?" asked Bob. 


"No, that'll be fine. I'm sure we'll have time to tell her over the weekend" replied Maria, who had already decided that she would quite like to break this news to Serena herself tonight, either when she had Serena pinned over her lap for her spanking, or when she was putting Serena into her nappy.


Right now Maria's immediate task though was to go and buy some nappies for Serena, so that she could start Serena's nappy punishment that evening.  She went into town and bought some fluffy white towels, which she would use as terry-towelling nappies, before then going into one of the chemists to try and get some plastic pants for Serena to wear over her cloth nappies. 


After spending a few minutes making sure she had got the right size plastic pants for Serena to wear, Maria then had to pass back through the baby section to get to the till. As she did so, she noticed all the babies dummies (pacifiers) hanging up, and thought how embarrassing it would be for Serena if she was made to suck a dummy whilst she was getting her nappy changed.


As she was standing there looking at the various dummies and trying to decide which one to buy for Serena to use, she suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder.


"Hi there Maria" said Joan, as Maria turned round to see who it was. Joan was one of Maria and Serena's neighbours, who lived a few doors down, and worked in the chemists.

"Oh, hi Joan ! I didn't realise you worked in here !" replied Maria.


As they started chatting, Joan noticed the various different coloured plastic pants that Maria was holding.


"Have you got a little baby coming to stay with you ?" enquired Joan, glancing down at the plastic pants in Maria's hands.

"No, no, they're just, erm..." stumbled Maria in reply, who suddenly found herself lost for words and not sure how to answer this question.

"It's OK, you don't need to explain" interrupted Joan, smiling sympathetically, as she now assumed the plastic pants were for Maria, and though finding this slightly amusing she also didn't want to embarrass Maria any further, as she quite liked her & now felt a bit sorry for her. 


Maria suddenly realised from Joan's sympathetic smile & response that she had indeed misunderstood who the plastic pants were for !

Knowing that Joan liked to gossip, the last thing Maria wanted was for Joan to start telling people that it was her that still needed to wear nappies & plastic pants ! So before Joan could walk away with the wrong idea, she knew she needed to say something, & explain that the nappies & plastic pants were actually for Serena.


"Well, I wasn't sure if I should say anything, but these plastic pants are for Serena". 

"Serena ? " said Joan in surprise. "The plastic pants are for Serena ??" 

"Yes" confirmed Maria. "Bob told me that Serena's wet the bed several times in the last month or so, and he didn't know what to do about it, so I suggested to him that maybe we need to make Serena wear nappies again"


"Serena still wets the bed ? At her age ?? How old is she now ?" asked Joan, who was amazed to find out that Serena was still wetting the bed. 

"Well, she's 31" confirmed Maria.

"So you're going to put Serena back into nappies & plastic pants at 31 years old ?? That'll be so embarrassing for her ! Having to wear nappies again like a baby at 31 !" replied Joan.

"Yes, I suppose it will be quite embarrassing, but until Serena can stop wetting the bed like a baby, we've decided that she'll have to go back to wearing nappies again, whether she likes it or not. As I said to Bob this morning, if Serena's going to act like a baby, then she'll get treated like one, even if she is now 31 years old. I'm not sure what else we can do really, because otherwise her mattress is going to get completely ruined, won't it" explained Maria in a tone that indicated she was looking for some sort of agreement from Joan. 


Joan didn't particularly like Serena much, as she found her rude and unfriendly, like she thought she was better than her. So this revelation that Maria was going to put Serena back into nappies made her smile, and she was only too happy to give Maria her approval to this, and was also now curious to find out more.


"Yes, you're absolutely right Maria. She may be 31, but if she's still wetting the bed then Serena obviously needs to go back to sleeping in nappies again. What did Serena say when you told her that she's going to have to go back into nappies at 31 ?" asked Joan, interested to find out how Serena had reacted to such a humiliating situation.

"Well, we haven't told her yet. I only discussed it with Bob this morning after she'd gone to work. Bob's working this evening, and won't be home till late, so I'll be telling Serena on my own when she gets home from work today" answered Maria.

"Oh I'd love to see Serena's face when you tell her that she's going to have to sleep in nappies like a baby !" laughed Joan. 

"Yes, especially when I tell her about the other embarrassing punishment she's going to get as well !" teased Maria, who just couldn't stop herself from  saying this, knowing that Joan would be dying to know what she meant by it.


"You've got another embarrassing punishment for Serena ? What do you mean ?" responded Joan instantly, desperate to find out more.

"Well, before Serena went to work this morning she was very rude to me. And it's not the first time she's been rude or disrespectful" started Maria, before going on to explain exactly what had happened.

"So I suggested to Bob that even though she's 31 years old, Serena deserves to be put over my knee & spanked, like a naughty little child would. We had a little chat about it, and then Bob said if I think Serena should be punished with a spanking for being so rude, then I could spank her !" explained Maria.


For the second time in the space of a few minutes, Joan was shocked.


"You're going to spank Serena as well !" said Joan, her mouth wide open in amazement.

"Yes, I certainly am ! I'm gonna put Serena across my knee and smack her bottom !! She'll think twice about being rude to me again once I've finished spanking her !" smiled Maria.

"She certainly will !" laughed Joan. "And I have to say, I know Serena's now 31, but boy does she need a spanking !".


The two women spoke for a couple of minutes or so about how rude and disrespectful Serena could be, and how the embarrassment of getting spanked like a child at 31 years of age might improve her attitude. Then Joan's mind went back to the nappies Maria was buying for Serena, and she asked Maria a question about that.


"If you don't mind me asking, I can see you've got lots of pairs of plastic pants, but what sort of nappies are you planning on making Serena wear ? Terry nappies, or disposables ?" asked Joan.

"Well, I've already bought some new white towels to use as terry nappies, and I need to get some nappy pins as well." answered Maria. 

"And are you going to trust Serena to pin them on herself ?" continued Joan.

"Oh no !" said Maria, quite empatically. "I'll be pinning the nappies on Serena every night, and then pulling up the plastic pants to make sure they're pulled nice & tight over Serena's nappy ! Don't want any leaks if Serena wets her nappy !" laughed Maria.


Joan laughed too , as she firstly pictured Maria pinning Serena into a terry-towelling nappy, and then thought about Serena wetting herself in her nappy at 31 ! 


"And are you OK with how to fold and pin terry nappies?" checked Joan. 

"Well, it's been quite a few years since I did it, but hopefully I'll be fine" Maria replied.


"OK, well, just so you know, we do have adult-sized disposable nappies here if you want to get some of them for Serena as well. I mean, if Serena starts wetting herself in her nappies, then I'm sure you don't want to be spending your time washing a load of Serena's wet terry-towelling nappies !"


Maria hadn't really thought about getting disposable nappies for Serena until now. But when she thought about what Joan had just said, she could see it might be worth getting some disposable nappies for Serena to wear sometimes as well.


"Are they expensive ?" enquired Maria.

"Oh I'm sure I could do you a special price on them" replied Joan, as she smiled, and imagined Serena having to wear disposable nappies as well as terry nappies. "And anyway, shouldn't you get Serena to pay for all this stuff, all the nappies & plastic pants ? After all, they are all for her !" suggested Joan.


"Yes, I'd already thought about that, & I think you're right. I'll speak to Bob, and I'm sure I can get him to agree" replied Maria. 

"Ok, well let me know, and I can always pop round with the disposable nappies if you want, to save you a journey here" offered Joan.

"Thanks Joan, I'll see how it goes putting Serena into terry nappies, and have a chat with Bob, and then let you know. But I think we probably will get some disposables for Serena.


Joan smiled again, as she now pictured Serena wearing a disposable nappy like a baby.


"And listen Maria, if you and Bob are planning on going away for a weekend or something like that, and you need someone to come round and put Serena into her nappy in the evening, then honestly I'd be only too happy to. And I'd go round in the morning as well if you wanted me to, just to make sure that Serena's kept her nappy on, & see if she's wet her nappy or stayed dry." offered Joan, who really wanted to see Serena wearing a nappy, or even better get to put Serena into a nappy.


Maria looked at Joan and smiled. Joan had made it perfectly obvious by both what she'd said and the look on her face that not only did she find it amusing that Serena was going to be put back into nappies at 31 years old, but that she would like to see Serena wearing a nappy, and the obvious embarrassment it would cause her. 


"Thanks again Joan. I'll certainly bear that in mind for the future. I'm not sure how long I'm going to have to keep putting Serena into nappies, but if I ever need a babysitter to come and look after her, then I'll let you know !" laughed Maria.


Joan also realised from the fact that it had been Maria's idea to put Serena back into nappies as a punishment for wetting the bed, and the from way she had spoken about it, that Maria was going to enjoy making Serena wear nappies like a baby at 31 years old. And that she was also going to really enjoy spanking Serena as well.


Maria and Joan said goodbye to each other, and Maria headed off to the counter with the babyish pink dummy she had finally chosen, and paid for her items, before heading home, wondering if Joan would be able to keep this to herself, and excited at the prospect of punishing and humiliating Serena with nappies and spankings.




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