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Note: I sent a copy of this shortly before, after which I decided it needed a few fixes, so this one is the good copy that should be used. Sorry for any inconvenience.

She stood upon her Aunt’s porch that gloomy dusk, laden with all her baggage for the week’s stay, and with her free hand waved her family goodbye. Her wave was a slow, absent one, and as her parent’s car disappeared into the silvery-grey mist of the torrential rain, she could see all her holiday’s fun disappearing with it.

Fiji, she thought bitterly. She got to go, why couldn’t I? Why indeed, yet her less than satisfactory high school results may have been culpable; Lily hadn’t managed to get high enough marks for medicine at a nearby prestigious university, which angered her mother to the point of cursing, which was unusual, for she was devoutly Christian. So, Mrs. Lin contrived to remove her daughter Lily from the family holiday to Fiji, and to find her employment babysitting her 15 year old cousin.

‘Babysit Jerry?’ Lily had asked her mother, incredulous.

‘You’re your Auntie Lisa insisted he needed supervision while she worked during the week,’ her mother had replied coldly.

Gemma’s best friend would take her place on the trip. How Gemma, her bratty little 11 year old sister, had teased Lily incessantly, all the way up until she slammed the car door in her smug face and trudged up to her aunt’s front door … in the pouring rain. She turned to the large oak-wood door, then knocked – probably harder than she had to – the huge iron knocker. A few moments later the door opened wide, revealing a short, middle-aged Asian lady. She spread her arms wide, smiled, and greeted, ‘Oh Lily it is so good to see you!’ She encircled Lily’s petite frame with her slender arms. The entire family was relatively short, yet Lily had the genetic fortune of being by far the smallest, standing at a good inch under 5 ft.

They had met only a few days prior at Christmas dinner, yet Aunt Lisa had always been the affectionate type. ‘Please, let me take your luggage.’ With little effort she took two of Lily’s bulging bags, and beckoned her inside, after she had taken her muddy shoes off, of course.
‘Follow me to your room, if you would.’
The house was in proportion to the front-door, a humungous two storey, six bedroom monster of an abode. After a flight of stairs, one right, and she didn’t even know how many lefts, her Aunt lead her into the guest bedroom. Aunt Lisa threw her bags at the end of the bed, and Lily followed suit, placing her backpack on the bed.

Her Aunt moved towards the door as she said, ‘Well, I’ll let you get settled in, come downstairs when you’re ready, Jerry’s playing video games in the living room,’ and with that closed the door behind her as she left Lily to her room … or prison cell, as she saw it.

A full week of this, she dwelt. Then the cold hit her; not even the ducted heating could warm her in that drenched state. Lily rubbed her hands against her mid-thigh summer skirt, which she had put on in the expectation of landing in sunny Fiji the following morning … not her Aunt’s guest bedroom. She put one hand up her skirt and could feel her panties were drenched. She promptly changed into a new dress and underwear, dried her long black hair, and then checked her phone.

Upon the screen was a text from Zayn: ‘Hey babe, wanna catch a movie tomorrow?’ She stomped her foot in frustration, opened her phone, then replied, ‘Sorry Z, I’m babysitting my stupid younger cousin, we’ll catch up soon xo.’ Throwing her phone on the bed, she decided to head downstairs to see when dinner was ready.

It took her a few minutes of wandering the labyrinth of hallways, ending up in the garage and the master bedroom … and then the garage again, before finally stepping into the living room. There she found Jerry, laying across the carpet with controller in hand ... playing some stupid video game. She sighed, but then thought she may as well make the best of it.

“Hey Jerry, how are …” she began, but the fright she gave her cousin stopped her tongue, and he sprang to his feet as if the floor had zapped him. He was breathing roughly, eyes wide as dinner-plates. ‘D-don’t creep up on me like that!’ he yelled at her.

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to,’ she said in apology. His chest was still heaving when Lily lowered her eyes and saw the top of his diaper protruding an inch above the waist of his pyjamas. He noticed her eyes fixed upon his mid-section, and then his heart really began to beat. Tears welled his eyelids, and without warning he dashed from the room down the adjacent hallway. She felt guilty as she heard his steps stomping up the staircase, and tensed at the loud, high-pitched slam of his bedroom door.

Since when does he wear diapers?

‘Lily! Jerry! Dinner’s ready!’ Lily followed the voice to the kitchen. ‘Hey Auntie, Jerry’s upstairs, he … he got frightened when I saw his … his diaper?’ Her face grimaced at that. ‘Oh, I should’ve told you earlier. Jerry has been having some toilet troubles ... that’s why he was absent for the Christmas dinner.’ Lily nodded, it was a very quiet Christmas after all, without Jerry’s boisterous shenanigans.

Her Aunt’s voice quickened with emotion as she said, ‘He’s been so quiet recently, he hasn’t left the house or seen any of his friend’s in weeks.’ She paused for a moment, then clasped one of Lily’s hands in her own, and said, almost in a whisper, ‘That’s why you’re here, Lily.’ A tear was brimming in Lily’s eye as she sympathised for Jerry.

She was rarely emotional, but hearing of her cousin’s hardship pained her deeply. ‘I will take good care of him, don’t worry Auntie.’ Her Aunt sniffed and wiped her tears away with her free hand. ‘I need to tell you Lily … you’re not hear for what you think. You don’t have to agree, but I’ve a plan to help Jerry, to make him happy again. The doctor said it is just a phase and may soon go away, but I can’t stand to see one more day of his despondency.’

She looked deep into Lily’s eyes, with such an intensity that Lily felt as though a thousand cameras were pointing straight at her. Her Aunt’s tightening grip numbed Lily’s hand. She reached into her back pocket, and from which withdrew a wad of money, more than Lily had ever seen. ‘What I’m going to ask of you is no trifling undertaking.’ Lily’s eyes were now glued upon the money, just as Jerry’s eyes were upon the television not so long ago.

‘Lily, This is $20,000.’

Lily’s mind was racing, not able to comprehend what she could do with money like that … she could buy a car, new clothes, jewellery, heck she could go to Fiji by herself! After a few moments she snapped out of her lustful trance, and tried to remain neutral. ‘What would you ask of me, Aunt.’

‘I want you to wear and use diapers like Jerry for the week.’ The images of lavish items revolving around her mind were suddenly dashed. Diapers? She thought, taken aback. I haven’t worn one in over ten years. She knew then what humiliation would lay ahead, but she also knew how much money her Aunt had, and how desperate she was.

‘$50,000,’ Lily said flatly, as she stared up unblinking into her Aunt’s eyes.

Her Aunt had clearly not expected such a bold response from her teenage niece. Her lips tightened, brow furrowed, and her once tearful, loving eyes now appeared as cold, grey stones etched upon her sombre face. Lily gulped as her Aunt towered above her, and for a moment thought she meant to lash out with a fist.

‘Very well, we’ll have it your way. The happiness of my son is worth anything.’ Is that so? At that Lily contrived to raise her price again, but thought against it.

Her Aunt had now recovered from her temporary rage, yet Lily knew that inside she still bore resentment. ‘He knows you don’t wear diapers, so we’ll need to make this semi-believable. Do you need to go potty?’

Lily had never heard that question since she was a toddler, and immediately felt as if she were four. ‘Well, ah, yea I … I need to go poo,’ she finally got out.

‘Excellent. During dinner I want you to poop yourself.’ Her Aunt then smiled, not her usual smile though; Lily could almost feel it’s cold, devilish undertone. ‘You’ll be earning every penny of that fifty grand.’

For a few moments she held Lily’s eyes in her sadistic stare, and tightened her grip around her niece’s delicate hand. Lily’s heart was pounding in her ears. But then, in an instant, her Aunt was back to smiles and love as she leant down to kiss Lily lovingly on the cheek. She loosened her grip, pulled away, and said, ‘So dear, get to the table, we’re having pasta,’ all with an uneasy calmness.

It took a few minutes, but eventually Lily’s Aunt managed to bring sullen Jerry downstairs for dinner, tears still falling down his red eyes, his face more crimson than the Bolognese sauce. ‘Let’s say grace, shall we?’ her Aunt asked once they were all seated at the candlelit table.

Lily wasn’t at all religious, and as far as she knew, she was the only atheist in the entire family, much to her parent’s disgust. Her Aunt didn’t know about her non-conformity, and she certainly didn’t want to say anything now.

A few minutes past the saying of grace – which her Aunt had forced upon stammering Jerry – Lily felt her Aunt’s glare bearing down upon her.

$50,000. Just get on with it. No one will know, I have no friends around here.

As she ate, Lily pushed but nothing would come out. She leaned forward to raise her bum off the chair, then tried again. Solid poo began to poke its way into her panties, and she could feel it pressing tightly against her. For what felt like minutes Lily filled her panties, and when she finished, she sat back down on the chair, squishing it all over her behind. It felt as if she were sitting on a cake. Out of instinct, she also had to pee, and against her will it trickled out. She could feel her groin warming with urine, but eventually she ceased the flow.

Her Aunt soon sniffed audibly. ‘Jerry, did you go poopy in your diaper?’ Jerry blushed crimson, even though he knew he hadn’t. ‘N-no, I didn’t mum.’ His eyes were down, embarrassed that his older cousin knew he wore diapers like a baby.

‘Well, we’ll see about that young man.’ She got up, walked over to her son, lifted him out of his chair, plonked him down, and pulled his pyjama bottoms down to his ankles to reveal a clean, white disposable diaper, with teddy bears and rattle prints. She felt his diaper and looked down the back. Lily felt herself blush as her Aunt’s gaze met hers. ‘Lily,’ she said sternly. ‘Did you poo your panties?’ Lily didn’t respond, and instead lowered her eyes.

‘Come here then.’

Lily got up, and as she walked over could feel the back of her panties sagging low against her bottom. When she had walked around the table, her Aunt lifted the hem of Lily’s skirt up to her breasts, revealing her petite frame and soaked panties. She turned Lily around and lifted the back of her skirt, and to no surprise saw her stinky accident.

‘Oh Lily … I thought you were a big girl! Maybe you aren’t ready for big girl panties.’ Lily, despite knowing it to be all a farce to make Jerry feel better, started to sob … also for the first time since she was a toddler. Tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Her Aunt hugged her and cooed softly. ‘Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you cleaned up.’ She left Lily and Jerry standing where they were: Jerry, in his nappy with his pants around his ankles, and Lily, sobbing like a toddler, her panties filled with pee and poo. Her little cousin was staring at her, with an utterly incredulous look upon his face. Their eyes locked for an instant, and Lily immediately averted her gaze to the floor.

Her Aunt soon returned with changing equipment. She laid a changing mat onto the floor, took Lily’s skirt off over her head, and carefully slid her soiled panties off her legs. She was still sobbing as her Aunt laid her down upon the changing mat, even though she didn’t want to, even though she wanted to remain the cool, calm 18 year old she desired to be. As her Aunt wiped her privates and bum to a squeaky clean, Lily gained control of her wits, and reflected on how just last week she had been changing the poopy panties of the toddlers she babysat. Well, I would never earn $50,000 babysitting, she mused.

Her Aunt broke her train of thought. ‘Sweetie, can you please lift your bum for your nappy?’ She did as she was told, and in a few moments her Aunt applied the cream, powder, and then taped the diaper across her tiny waist. Lily then stood up, and felt the soft nappy pressing snuggly against her tight behind and her inner thighs, her legs spread slightly apart from its thickness. She ran her hands around the high waist of the diaper, and actually … well, she quite liked the way it felt.

Maybe this won’t be so bad. She smiled, despite herself.

‘There you go, all better darling?’ Lily nodded in reply. Jerry was still in shock, yet he looked somewhat relieved, his anxiety diminished.

Lily’s Aunt pulled up Jerry’s bottoms over his diaper as she said, ‘Jerry, why don’t you go play with Lily? Go upstairs and play with your toys, you’ve played enough video games today.’

He looked at Lily for a few seconds. His eyes fixed on her diaper, then raised to her breasts, which were nestled in a tight black bra.

Lily had never felt so vulnerable in her life, her eyes were angled to the floor, and she put her hands in front of her nappy, trying to hide it. ‘Go on Jerry, take Lily’s hand and take her to your room.’

A smile then formed upon Jerry’s face, an expression he had almost forgotten.

‘Ok! Come on Lily, let’s play.’ He grabbed her hand and began to skip upstairs, causing Lily to hurry behind him, trying to adjust to her diaper-waddle. As they ascended the stairs, Lily, though still feeling very self-conscious, felt an odd pride in lifting Jerry from his cave of gloom … and yet a much more intense joy from the money she was netting in the process.


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