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Chapter Text

The Daycare Charge, Chapter 2 - The Bet

In the hours after accepting the bet and her rather embarrassing addition to the potty training chart, Christy tried her best to continue doing her job in addition to the attention she was paying to not poop her pants again. For the most part, her job consisted of watching over and assisting the children they had at the daycare on any given day. That included helping to remind them about, and then assisting them with, going potty, at least for the children who were in the daycare's potty training program. With this new bet in place, part of her wanted to not help with the potty training since doing so could end up hurting her chances of staying out of diapers. That wouldn't be fair to the kids, though, so she continued to help with that as well whenever necessary.

Near the end of the day, though, she was helping one of the children pick out a toy to play with when she again felt the urge from her bowels. She hurried the pick along, handing the boy a toy truck before making her way off to the bathroom. It was open, thankfully, and she managed to get past the door before the cramps kicked in. She shut the door behind her and made her way over to the toilet, another rather intense cramp in her bowels causing her to hesitate before pulling the lid up off the seat. She fumbled around with her jeans now, realizing she was running out of time. She eventually managed to get her jeans unbuttoned and pulled down, but that was as far as she got.

Before she could reach back up to pull her pull-up down, another intense cramp hit and this time she felt an accompanying push from her bowels. She tried to hold it just a little longer, but it was too late. Within seconds, the mush spread across her bottom and into the seat of her pull-up. She also felt a warmth between her legs as her bladder once again gave out and caused her to soak the padding of her pull-up. As the garment began to droop a bit in the back due to the added weight of the mess, she let out a sigh and pulled her jeans back up. There was no point trying to use the toilet, she'd already pooped her pants. All she could do now was go tell Stacy what she'd done, and ask for some help changing into a clean pull-up.

As she made her way back into the playroom, just the slightest hint of a waddle due to the mess in her pants, she looked for Stacy and walked straight over to her. She didn't want to waste time and potentially let any of the children know that she'd already pooped her pants again. She managed to get Stacy's attention, pulling her off to the side before whispering to her. "I um, I kind of had another accident." She once again blushed deeply upon that admission, especially with the bet she'd made earlier in the day fresh on her mind. She was already beginning to wonder if the bet was a mistake.

Meanwhile, Stacy let out a bit of a sigh as she gave a quick sniff of the air just to verify what had been implied. "We should probably get you changed real quick, then. First, though, come here." She took Christy by the wrist and led her over to the potty training chart. That blush on Christy's cheeks only deepened as Stacy took the marker from its position and made a very clear frowny face next to Christy's name. Once that was done, she turned back to Christy. "I was going to let you have today as a freebie, but I thought you'd keep your pull-up clean for the rest of the day. You need to try to make it to bathroom faster, Christy. Now come on." She motioned towards the changing room, a few of the kids already giggling as they realized what was going on.

Christy remained silent throughout the changing process, pulling her jeans back on after the clean pull-up was pulled into place. She muttered a quick "Thanks." afterward, a bit too embarrassed by the whole situation to say much else. Stacy merely nodded her head in response before leading her back out into the playroom. As they returned to the room, one of the children tugged on Stacy's shirt to get her attention.

As Stacy looked down at the girl, they spoke up. "Miss Stacy, how come Miss Christy doesn't hafta wear diapers? I thought we had to wear diapers if we had three poopy accidents in a week. She had two in one day!" Once again there was a bit of giggling from some of the other children, although they were quickly shushed by Stacy.

Once that had been taken care of, she smiled back down at the young girl. "Miss Christy is having a bit of trouble right now but the rules work a bit differently for her since she's not technically enrolled in the potty training program. She's working on getting better, but she will be wearing diapers if she can't stop having accidents." Stacy shot a look over at Christy as some of the children once again began to giggle, causing her to blush. Stacy paid that no mind and continued. "For now, just focus on your own potty training, okay? We're both still here to help, Christy just needs a little help too right now."

The girl seems to think about it for a moment, not entirely thrilled by the answer she was given but also not wanting to argue with an adult. Eventually she gives a bit of a nod, adding on a quick "Alright..." before going back to what she was doing.

Thankfully for Christy, she didn't have to face the kids for too much longer after that as the day ended shortly afterward. On the ride home, though, Christy found herself on the wrong end of a stern talking to from Stacy. "That girl's question is exactly why I suggested the diapers to you. I know they're embarrassing, but if we start selectively bending the rules to better suit ourselves they'll stop listening to us."

Christy knew she wasn't wrong, but still, she was fairly certain anybody would have fought against being put back in diapers if they were in her situation. All of this had come up so suddenly and, given the embarrassment the diapers would cause, she didn't need any extra humiliation added to it. However, Stacy's comments brought up a good question in Christy's mind. "They'll definitely stop listening to me if you start treating me like a baby, though. Why even add that as a stipulation?"

It was a fair point, but Stacy didn't seem to need much time to think about it as she quickly spoke up in response. "Because if you're so certain you don't need diapers, but still can't stop pooping your pants like a baby, maybe the embarrassment of being treated like a baby will help motivate you to try harder to make it to the bathroom." She frowned, shrugging her shoulders lightly. "I'm just trying to figure out something to help get you back to normal. I'm sorry if it ends up being embarrassing, but if it works? I think it's worth it. Unless you want to keep pooping your pants every day."

That one got Christy to quiet down quick. She was trying as hard as she could to stop having accidents but even she had to admit that it wasn't getting any better. In fact, it was actually getting worse given how often she was pooping her pants now. She wasn't sure the embarrassment would work like Stacy was suggesting it would, but. She didn't exactly have a lot of options available if she couldn't stop the accidents on her own. Stacy had experience with helping kids potty train due to her time as a babysitter, so she'd just have to trust that Stacy knew what she was doing with this.

The following week or so continued on about the same as things had been going. Christy was still having no luck making it to the bathroom on time and her potty training chart was now filled with frowny faces for the days it had covered thus far. It wasn't for lack of trying, however, as Christy had attempted to make it to the bathroom on numerous occasions with varying degrees of progress before her inevitable accident. That day where she'd gotten to the toilet remained the closest she'd gotten, but she continued trying all the same.

On one particularly slow-going day at the daycare, Christy had been spending most of the time that wasn't spent helping the kids solely focusing on recognizing when she needed to go. She was determined to at least get through one day without an accident, maybe Stacy would recognize it as progress and give her a reprieve in the event one of the children they were helping potty train managed to graduate to big kid underwear before Christy could put together a full 7 days without a messy accident. She wasn't so sure Stacy would give her such a break, but she was beginning to lose hope for any other outcome at this point. She seemed bound for diapers.

Regardless, she continued to pay attention just in case. While this was all going on, though, one of the children in the playroom spoke up. "Miss Christy, I need to go potty!" As she looked over, she recognized the young girl as one of the children that were currently enrolled in the potty training program so she quickly nodded and helped the girl out of the playpen she was in.

As they made their way towards the bathroom, however, Christy recognized the sudden urge from her own bowels that signaled that she needed to go potty too. As they reached the bathroom, she had a bit of a conundrum on her hands. The girl seemed rather desperate to go, but she knew she'd be in the same boat in a moment.

After giving it a bit of thought, she opened the door and led the girl in, hoping she could hold it long enough to let the girl go without having an accident as a result. She led the girl to the toilet, helping her pull her pull-up down so she could use the potty. As this was happening, the girl noticed the discomfort on Christy's face, seemingly a bit confused by it. "Are you okay Miss Christy?"

The question put a bit of a blush on Christy's face to go along with her discomfort as she scrambled for a response. "I-I... yeah, I just have to go potty too once you're done."

The girl quickly realized what Christy meant and nodded, sitting on the toilet to go. "Okay, I'll try to hurry then!"

Christy nodded, instinctively holding her bottom in an attempt to hold back another accident. Unfortunately, the cramps were getting worse and the girl wasn't quite done yet. Just as the girl was seemingly finishing up, Christy felt the final cramp hit her bowels, accompanied by the push that signaled another accident. Christy couldn't help but let out a bit of a whimper as a warm mess filled the seat of her pull-up once again, mushily spreading across her bottom. Not long after, she felt the warmth spread between her legs too as her bladder emptied into the pull-up as well. The little girl watched on as she hopped off the toilet, realizing what was going on due to Christy's posture and expression.

As Christy finally began to move, the little girl seemed to frown. "I-I'm sorry Miss Christy, I guess I didn't go fast enough..."

Christy responded to that rather kind comment by shaking her head. She was grateful that the girl wasn't making fun of her, given the reactions the other kids had to her problem, and didn't want to make her feel guilty about what happened. "Oh, um, don't worry about it. It's my fault, I shoulda went earlier." She nodded, her cheeks a bright red as she took responsibility for her accident. Pooping her pants in front of one of the kids was humiliating, but she wasn't about to go blaming it on them.

The girl seemed to nod understandingly, before looking towards the door. "Well, I'll go get Miss Stacy for you so she can help!" With that, she ran off down the hallway, leaving Christy standing in the bathroom for the time being.

Before long, the girl returned with Stacy in tow. As Stacy stepped into the room, she motioned for the girl to head back to the playroom before stepping over to Christy. She let out a bit of a sigh as she got closer, quickly noticing the smell that verified the little girl's story and simply stating. "Come on, let's go get you cleaned up."

With that, the two of them moved to the changing room where Stacy helped clean Christy's messy bottom before slipping her into a fresh pull-up. From there she led her back out into the playroom, motioning for her to go back to work. Christy seemed to hesitate, looking back at her for a moment. "N-No mark on the potty chart?" She asked, keeping her voice down a bit for her own privacy.

Stacy simply smiled and shook her head, giving a quick glance over at the potty training chart. "Nope. You had an accident, but only because you were helping one of the kids. For that one excuse, I think it's only fair to give you a pass." She chuckled. "Just don't expect to abuse that."

As nice of a gesture as that was from Stacy, Christy didn't get to enjoy the implications of it for very long. She'd seen the potty training chart a few times as she went to have her pull-up changed, but she only ever paid attention to the boxes next to her name which were increasingly filled with frowny faces. As she found out at the end of the day, however, the girl she'd helped to the potty earlier had actually gone a full week without a single accident. Today had been the final day and since she made it to the potty without having an accident, she was officially graduating from pull-ups to big girl panties.

What that meant for Christy, however, was that she'd lost the bet. Even with the pass Stacy had given her for her accident today, she'd had one the day before so she had still lost the bet. This meant that not only was she going to be demoted to diapers, she was also going to be treated like a baby until her potty training got back to where it was supposed to be.

With all of this on her mind, as much as she wanted to be proud of the young girl for successfully potty training, she was finding herself closer to breaking into tears than anything else and was almost pouting as Stacy took the girl to change out of her pull-ups before it was time to go home.

By the time all the kids had filtered out and been picked up by their parents, Stacy had pulled Christy back into the changing room for a moment. She could already see how upset Christy was, knowing the implications the girl's potty training success had for their bet, but she didn't speak up just yet. Instead, she unbuttoned Christy's pants and tugged them down, exposing her pull-up for a moment. It was wet, but thankfully she hadn't pooped her pants again since the incident earlier in the day. Stacy tugged her pants back up and rebuttoned them.

As she looked back up, she could already tell Christy was about to speak up so she held a hand up to stop her before speaking up herself. "Alright, I know you've been trying really hard to keep your pants clean the past week or so. You almost made it today too, so maybe you're almost there." She gave a bit of a smile, hoping to calm her down a bit. "Technically you've already lost the bet now, since one of our potty trainees has graduated to regular underwear, but. I'm going to make you a deal. If you can go 6 more days without another messy accident, for 7 days on the chart as we'd agreed, I'll consider it a win for you."

That put a smile back on Christy's face, as it meant she wasn't quite doomed to diapers just yet. However, before she could speak up, Stacy continued. "However, I want you to understand that I've already ordered the diapers and some outfits for you in the event you poop your pants again over the next week. If that happens, you go straight to diapers and I don't want to hear any whining. I think I've been more than fair at this point so you have nothing to whine about. Can you promise me that you won't throw a fit in front of the kids if you have an accident?" She put a hand on Christy's arm, trying to relax her a bit given how stressful this situation likely was.

Despite taking a moment to think about it, Christy eventually nods her head at the question. "Y-Yeah, I promise." She wasn't exactly looking forward to the possibility of losing the bet, but even she had to admit that Stacy had given her more than a few extra chances. Trying to go another 6 days without an accident wasn't going to be easy either, but she was certainly going to try. Her response got another smile from Stacy, who pulled her in for a quick hug before walking her out the door for the day. The next week was going to be trying.

The next day, Christy once again did her best to pay attention to when she had to go potty. She was determined not to poop her pants again today if she could help it. For most of the day, Stacy was even helping by taking care of most of the issues the kids had, allowing Christy to just stand watch and focus on her own potty needs. Every once in a while, though, one of the kids would need help while Stacy was busy with somebody else, at which point Christy stepped in and helped out. This was still her job, after all, even if she did have something important on her mind.

At one point later in the day, one of the children managed to get Christy's attention while Stacy was helping another child on the other side of the room. Christy stepped over and kneeled down next to the play area where the child was currently playing, allowing them to speak to her more directly. Another young girl, she quickly asked, "Miss Christy, could you help us decide what to play with?" She gestured to a boy next to her, who held up a large monster truck toy with another nearby for the girl to play with. The girl holds up a couple dolls. "He doesn't wanna play with the dolls 'cause he says they're for girls, but the monster trucks aren't fun!"

This was the sort of thing Christy was used to dealing with, disagreements during play time. She chuckled a bit, looking between the two toys. "Well, why don't you take turns? Play with the trucks for a little while with him and then he can play with the dolls with you afterward. You never know, maybe you'll have fun with each others' toys." She smiled and the two kids seemed to nod at her suggestion, as the girl set the dolls off to the side for the time being and took hold of the truck the boy had set aside for her.

As Christy went to go stand up, however, she felt a sudden cramp in her stomach. The urgency from her bowels was only present for a fleeting moment before she felt a push from her stomach and then a large mush pushing into the seat of her pull-up. She froze, having not even managed to stand up fully as the mess began to spread around her bottom. As it finally stopped and she felt a warmth spread between her legs, her bladder giving out once again and soaking her pull-up, she realized the kids she'd just helped had noticed her pause. It didn't take them long to realize what had happened and they began to giggle and laugh, with the girl adding on. "Miss Christy pooped her pants again!"

That managed to catch Stacy's attention and she stepped away from the girl she'd been sitting with to come investigate. As she reached the scene, she found the two kids giggling as Christy finally began to cry over this situation. She'd fought it for weeks whenever she felt the need to, not wanting to appear anymore childish in front of the kids, but this was too much for her to handle and the tears began to roll down her cheeks. As Stacy noticed this she quickly hushed the two children before gently taking Christy by the arm and leading her off to the changing room.

Once the two were in the changing room and safely away from the children, Christy began bawling. As hard as she tried to keep her pants clean, this felt like the worst possible way to lose. She barely felt it coming, she'd just begun to stand up and then bam, she'd pooped her pants. It was humiliating and made her feel helpless. Noticing the distress she was under, Stacy gave her a warm hug, rubbing her back reassuringly to help her stop crying. Once she calmed down a bit, Stacy pulled back from the hug and rubbed her arm. "I'm sorry, I know this is really embarrassing, but it's okay. I know you tried really hard, you just couldn't help it. That's alright."

With that said, she led Christy over to the changing table and helped her sit down on it. She retrieved the supplies from under the table before heading over to one of the nearby cabinets. She rummages around the items within before returning with what looked like a large baby diaper. It seemed fairly thick and boasted colorful pink and blue designs printed on its plastic backing. Upon seeing it, Christy couldn’t help but begin to cry a little more, but Stacy quickly put a hand on her shoulder to attempt to calm her down before mentioning. "You promised not to whine, remember?" That got a begrudged nod from Christy as she did her best to quit crying, allowing Stacy to get to work.

She removed Christy's pants and tossed them aside for now, ripping away the sides of her pull-up and pulling it back. She used quite a few baby wipes to get Christy messy bottom cleaned up before tossing them and the soiled pull-up into a nearby diaper pail. From there, she unfolded the diaper and lifted Christy up off the table just long enough to slide the diaper in under her bottom. With the diaper now in place, she retrieved the baby powder, which she sprinkled a generous amount of on Christy's crotch, before lifting her up by her legs to powder her bottom. Stacy took a moment to rub the powder in before finally pulling the diaper up between Christy's legs and securely taping it closed.

With the change finished, she looked over her handiwork for a moment before helping Christy sit up on the table. "There ya' go, all clean." She smiled, although she noticed a few more tears rolling down Christy's face as she looked down at the thick diaper she was now wearing. "Don't be upset, you need them for now. Just take this as motivation to try and work harder on your potty training, okay?" She got a half-hearted nod from Christy after that comment, which prompted her to give Christy a reassuring pat on the back. After that, though, it was back to work for the next step. "Alright, now hold your arms up for me."

That comment received a bit of a confused look from Christy, who nonetheless did as she was told and held her arms up. Stacy smiled and grabbed the hem of Christy's shirt, lifting it up and off before tossing it aside. She looked back at her roommate, now left in just a diaper and a plain white bra, and chuckled. "You look really cute in that diaper, if you don't mind me saying." That only made Christy blush as Stacy returned to the cabinet and rooted around in it for a moment before eventually returning with something else. This time, it was a piece of clothing, presumably her new outfit. "Alright, arms back up."

Once again, Christy did as she was told and lifted her arms up, allowing Stacy to take the new garment and pull it over her head. She made sure Christy's arms were in the right holes before finally pulling down over her chest. From there, she helped Christy stand up off the table which allowed her to close the snaps at the crotch and finish getting Christy dressed. As she snaps close, Christy looked back towards the mirror and found herself blushing even brighter now as she got a look at her 'outfit': a fleece onesie decorated with blue and pink nursery-themed designs and plain yellow sleeves.

She turned around, realizing the onesie didn't even fully cover her thick diaper as she got a view of her backside in the mirror and noticed the diaper peeking out below the leg bands of the onesie. She’d promised not to whine about the diapers, but she couldn’t help it with this. "Stacy, this doesn't even cover my… my diaper all the way. Do I really have to wear this?"

That question got a bit of a chuckle from Stacy, but that was followed by a nod as she stepped over to adjust the leg bands of the onesie a bit. "Of course you do. This was part of the bet, remember? If you lost, you had to let me treat you like I would any other baby. This outfit means I can check and change your diaper a lot easier. Not to mention it might help add to that motivation for you to try and get out of diapers sooner rather than later. The sooner you stop needing diapers, the sooner you don't have to wear outfits like this anymore."

As much as she wanted to argue, she was in no position to. It had become clear over the past couple weeks that she was going to need something drastic to help get her potty training back to where it should be. If just trying really hard wasn't enough, maybe this would be. For now, she merely looked at herself again in the mirror, realizing that even if she accepted that she needed diapers and that being treated like this might help motivate her to try harder to make it to the bathroom, that wasn't going to make this any less humiliating for her once she walked back out into the playroom. She looked like a big baby... and in a way, she realized she kinda was a big baby. At least for now.

[End of Chapter 2, feel free to leave a comment for any feedback! Thanks for reading!]

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