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Tricked Into Nappies Part 5.    My ever changing emotions.



Life as Auntie Caroline's baby certainly was a time of great emotional conflict for me. On the one hand I was constantly in a state of humiliation. I was dressed in nappies and treated like a baby 24 hours a day. I had to use a dummy and I was dressed, bathed and fed constantly, including bottle feeds and even breast feeds. I was changed and put to bed early as often as possible, and was enduring a life that was totally abhorrent and unjust... It was as near to an abduction as you could get... one day I was a shy, sensitive lonely 12 year old boy, and the next I was turned into a baby, and then a girl within a matter of weeks. My whole life was whisked away and changed before I barely had time to protest.

I was taken from my parents and my home and was now living a totally submissive life, not able to do anything for myself and having to rely on Auntie Caroline for absolutely everything. And this of course had a massive adverse effect... because I wasn't allowed to look after myself in any way, I became totally reliant on Auntie Caroline for everything, and this meant that I lost all sense of responsibility, I was no longer mentally able to deal with anything, and I had lost every last drop of confidence that I had gained in my short life. Auntie Caroline's control over my life was so all encompassing and complete that I had lost every inch of self belief.

But then on the other hand, I was being loved and looked after, pampered and spoilt beyond anyone's imagination, I was receiving a level of affection and care that I had never experienced with my parents. Auntie Caroline's control over me made me feel safe and secure, I didn't have to think or worry about anything, all my needs were taken care of with absolute dedication and precision, so much so, that whenever I found myself away from her I felt vulnerable and insecure, I needed her, and whenever my needs were being met I felt wanted and adored. And so eventually, instead of feeling violated and abused by my baby treatment, I started to feel a kind of love towards Auntie Caroline for taking care of me, she had expertly ‘Worn me down’ so much by her treatment of me, and I had become so dependent on her for everything, that I began to really believe that I needed to be treated this way, I started to believe I was a baby, and that I belonged to her. And as this relentless 'Brainwashing' continued, gradually, over time my affection for her grew, each time she tended to my needs and looked after me I loved her a little bit more.

It wasn't that obvious to me at the time that my feelings towards my ‘Baby Regime’ were changing, the change was very subtle and 'Under the surface', but it was there. At first I fought Auntie Caroline as often as I could, but she was holding all the cards, there was no way I was going to win, and it didn't stop me trying, but after a while I did notice that my mannerisms were becoming more infantile... I would suck my thumb if I didn't have my dummy, I would cuddle up to my teddies whenever I felt insecure, I began to cry at the smallest thing. These changes were significant, but at the time I didn't really take them seriously, It was a clear indication that Auntie Caroline's pIan was working. I was gradually, bit by bit, day by day, changing into a baby, and it was testament to Auntie Caroline's persistence and strong will that she was getting what she wanted. But despite my growing affection for her and my slow transition into a baby, there were still moments where the humiliation and control would get to me, where the last remnants of fight would resurface, and fight them I did.



The sun was beating down on the front garden as Jessie and I were playing. It was only mid morning but the temperature was quite hot already. We were both sitting on the grass playing 'Jacks' (A game where you have to pick up small pieces of metal in the time it takes you to throw and catch a ball, all the while singing rhymes). It's a bit of a 'Girlie' game but I was quite enjoying it, I hadn't really noticed it at the time but the longer I lived life as Tia the more feminine I was becoming.

Auntie Caroline had put my hair in a ponytail that morning now that my hair was longer and had tied it up with a pink ribbon. She had made quite a fuss over me to make me look pretty after breakfast. She had given me a wash and then had chosen a pretty summer dress for me to wear, then she brushed my hair for what seemed an age, all the while telling me that she was going to look after me and that she loved me and thought I was pretty. And I must admit, instead of feeling embarrassed at being dressed as a girl, I quite liked all the complements and attention.


"Oooh you look so adorable Tia!" She had commented, as she stood back to admire her handiwork.


I had been particularly well behaved over the past few days so she was being extra affectionate. She had also put me back in slightly longer dresses when outside, and would only put me in short ones when I disobeyed. Of course, the rule about my nappy being visible while in the house still stood, but this was a minor inconvenience when the house was empty of guests.

This morning she had dressed me in a light white cotton dress, quite flimsy with short sleeves and a lace trim on the hem, it had a pink satin sash around the waist which matched the ribbon in my hair. The dress was still too short to hide my nappy completely, for when I was standing you could see about 6 inches of nappy between my legs, but when I was sitting on the grass I was able to hide it which pleased me no end. I was far more comfortable being seen as a girl than being seen as a baby.


After a while we both took a break from playing 'Jacks' and began to chat. Jessie informed me that the Mackenzie's were coming back from their holiday today.

I didn't know who they were because it had only been a short while since I had begun to go outside. Jessie seemed surprised that I didn't know them so began to tell me who they were... they were her neighbours from around the other corner, a nice family with two boys, the oldest son Jonah, it turned out, shared the same birthday as Jessie. And I noticed that whenever Jessie mentioned him there was a certain lift in her voice, and I suddenly became aware that I was getting a bit jealous.

Up until this point I hadn't really thought about Jessie in any way other than my best friend, but now that there was another boy on the scene, and one who seemed to be held in high regard I started to feel a little jealousy towards him.


Jessie continued to talk about Jonah but I had switched off, I was looking at Jessie and noticing how pretty she was. She had a beautiful colour to her skin, and her brown hair was partly curly partly tussled with little tussled strands hanging down over her eyes which she flicked to one side every few seconds. She had huge brown eyes and a small pretty nose. She was also wearing a light summer dress, and as I looked at it I felt a pang of resentment at the thought that she didn't have to wear a nappy under it like I did.


A few minutes later, the front door opened and Auntie Caroline stepped out into the sunshine and called out to me.



"Tia! I want you to come in now please!"



"Why Auntie?" I said disappointingly.



"It's hot and you've been outside for long enough." Came her reply.


This comment really made me feel irritable, even though Jessie was talking about Jonah, I was still enjoying Jessie's company and I felt really cross that Auntie Caroline was taking away this one pleasure, and it was especially cruel that I was being made to come inside on such a beautiful day. I sighed and looked sorrowfully at Jessie.



"Don't worry," She said smiling. "perhaps you can come with me when I go round and see Jonah this afternoon, he'd love to meet you."


Sighing loudly I regretfully got up and slowly made my way back to the house, Auntie Caroline was standing in the doorway with her hand outstretched towards me.



"Do I have to come in now Auntie?" I Huffed.



"Yes Sweetie," She replied, "I don't want you to get too hot."


Auntie Caroline took my hand, led me into the house and stood me in the hallway before going back to the front door. I heard the door close and felt the warmth of the sun disappear. Then suddenly I sensed Auntie Caroline standing behind me, and before I had time to turn and see what she was doing I felt my dress being loosened at the back and turned my head to see what was happening. Auntie Caroline had unfastened the top button of my dress and was gradually working her way down. Annoyed at this intrusion I frowned heavily as Auntie Caroline unfastened the last button.


"Arms up." She said as she reached down and pulled the hem of my dress up and over my nappy..



"I don't feel hot at all Auntie!" I said irritably.



"No arguments Tia!," She remarked as she pulled my dress completely off. “you know the rules, when you're indoors I want to be able to see your nappy at all times !"


I could have cried with shame as Auntie Caroline said those words. She patted my nappied bottom and draped my dress over a nearby chair leaving me standing there naked except for my nappy and socks. Then she came back and knelt down in front of me, she reached forward and began to adjust my nappy, it's plastic surface rustling loudly as she fiddled and pulled it back into shape. My body jerked as she quite vigorously tugged at the plastic waist band pulling it up making me unsteady and I rested my hands upon her shoulders for balance. Then without a hint of a warning, or any kind of permission, she slipped her fingers under the leg elastic and poked a protruding finger inside. I flinched as I felt her fingers probe around between my legs. The intrusion and indignity was overwhelming! The sense of violation you feel when someone suddenly thrusts their fingers under your clothes and feels around between your legs is hard to describe, it's like being a toy doll who is dressed and undressed by its owner, picked up and played with anytime anywhere.

Auntie Caroline then placed her hands around my hips and swiveled me round so that she could examine my bottom. I stood there feeling utterly miserable as Auntie Caroline continued with her adjustments. It was then that I decided to ask her about my plans for this afternoon. My heart fluttered nervously at the anticipation of what she would say.



"Auntie?" I said, quietly. "can I go with Jessie to see her friend this afternoon? he lives next door to her and she wants me to go." I stood there rooted to the spot, my ears straining to catch her reply. Auntie Caroline ran her fingers along the leg elastic of my nappy.



"No Sweetie," She said firmly. "I don't think so."


My heart sank, I hadn't reckoned on a refusal that quickly.



"Why can't I go Auntie?" I said forlornly.



"Because I won't be there to look after you." She replied, pulling up the waist band at the back.



"But I don't need looking after." I said.



"No Tia!" She replied, "you're too young, you're to stay here with me where I can keep an eye on you!"



"But it's not fair!" I said, the frustration welling up inside me. "It's just next door and Jessie's going!"



"No Tia, you can't go." She said flatly. I felt a wave of injustice begin to rise up out of my chest.



"But why can't I go?" I repeated.


Auntie Caroline looked at me sympathetically and said, "You're too young Sweetie! You can't go on your own."



"But I'm not too young!" I cried, my eyes beginning to well up with tears." Jessie's going, why can't I?"



"I've just told you why," Said Auntie Caroline with a hint of exasperation in her voice. "you're just a baby. You need to stay here so I can look after you!"



"But I'm NOT a baby Auntie!! Pleease!!" I begged, my frustration reaching fever pitch. “I want to go! It's not fair!"


Auntie Caroline didn't answer and it was then that I knew I had lost. I was always going to lose, and it was this thought that made me start to cry. The sheer frustration and injustice of my situation filled my head to bursting.


Auntie Caroline rose to her feet, took my hand and led me into the living room and over to the sofa. She sat down on the edge and pulled me towards her so that she could look directly into my eyes.



"Listen Tia," She said, her voice was firm but compassionate. "wether you like it or not you ARE a baby, and therefore you have to be treated like one, I can't let you go out on your own for the simple reason that you need to be looked after properly."


“But I don't need looking after, I don't want to be a baby anymore Auntie, Please! It's not fair!”


“You might not want to be a baby Sweetheart but you are, pure and simple,” She replied sternly.


“But i'm not!” I Argued, “I'm too old to be a baby! It's just not fair!”






There was a pause.


“Ok Tia, what do babies wear Mmm? She asked sarcastically.

I didn't answer.


“What do babies wear Tia?” She repeated, her eyes boring into mine.


“Baby clothes.” I muttered.


“Yes, but specifically. What do all babies have to wear?” She asked.


I knew what she wanted me to say but I couldn't bring myself to say it. “Tia?” She continued. “I'm waiting!”



“Nappies Auntie.” I replied forlornly.


“That's right Tia, and what's this?” she said, patting her fingers against my nappy.


“A nappy.” I whispered, my head bowed in shame.


“What was that?” She said. “I couldn't hear you?”


“A nappy.” I replied sorrowfully.


“That's right,” She continued. There was another pause. “and where do babies get their milk?


I froze, the seconds felt like hours.



“A bottle.” I replied, sheepishly.


“And where else?” She asked, turning up the humiliation one more notch.


I couldn't answer, I was dumbstruck with shame.


“Where else Tia?” She continued. I began to shake inside, the humiliation mounting by the second. “Mmm?” She said. Where do babies get their 'Mummies Milk' from?


“Mummies breast.” I whispered, my heart pounding in my chest.


“What's that?” She said.


“Mummies Breast.” I said, again, a little louder.


“That's right,” She said. “and do you have Mummies Milk from Mummy's breast?” I was on the verge of tears and nodded slowly. “what's that Baby?” She asked, ringing out every drop of humiliation she could.


“Yes.” I whispered.


“That's right, “ she said softly. “so if babies are breastfed and wear nappies, and you are breastfed and wear nappies, then what are you Mmmm?”


Again I couldn't answer. “Tia?” She continued.


“A baby.” I replied faintly.


“Pardon?” She said.


“A baby.” I repeated.


“Good Girl,” She said sarcastically. “a baby, that's right, so we have to treat you accordingly don't we?”

She paused waiting for my response. I just sniffed and let the tears flow from my eyes. Auntie Caroline wiped them away and ran a finger down my cheek as she continued. "Babies like you need looking after don't they? She said. “Jessie or her friend aren't going to change your nappy or feed you a bottle or help you if you get hurt are they? I need to make sure you're safe and protected at all times, I have to make sure that you're clean and dry and fed and that you're comfortable. Ok?” She repeated. “So let's not have anymore tears. Why don't you cuddle up on the sofa and watch some cartoons and I'll get you your Teddy?"


Auntie Caroline got up, kissed me on the cheek and left the room while I dejectedly crawled onto the sofa and curled up on it, my huge nappy rustling loudly as I got comfortable. Auntie Caroline returned with my favourite teddy and then heightened the humiliation even more by popping a dummy into my mouth before switching on the TV.


"Now you just relax and I'll go and fix you something for lunch sweetie ok?" She said before disappearing towards the kitchen.


I slumped back against the sofa exhausted with it all. Having a dummy planted into your mouth by someone else is so very degrading. I sucked on it and squeezed my teddy as the last of my tears drained away. Auntie Caroline was always able to win me over. She was an expert at convincing me that treating me like a baby was justified. Sighing with dejection I wriggled around to get cosy, my nappy rustling loudly.


After lunch I went back to watching TV and tried my best to forget about my predicament, but it wasn't easy... images of Jessie having fun and laughing with Jonah while I was here dressed as a baby occupied my thoughts. It was as if my imagination had turned against me. I felt like a prisoner, unjustifiably kept away while others my age were out playing and having fun. I felt listless and unsettled and changed the TV channels relentlessly trying to find something to watch. Then I decided to play on my games console, I climbed off the sofa and crawled over to the TV, my nappy crinkling and rustling as I crawled on all fours. I was just about to call out to Auntie Caroline to ask for her permission to play on it when she walked into the room. She came over to me and reaching down took my hand in hers and gently pulled me up to my feet. I felt a little unsteady for a few seconds while I found my balance, my huge nappy made it difficult to stand up straight so I held on tight to Auntie Caroline's hand.


"It's time for your milk" She said as she slowly led me over to the sofa.

It always felt to me that my baby treatments were far more humiliating whenever I was led by the hand. And I'm sure Auntie Caroline knew this because she quite often did it. If I was playing in the garden or in the living room and she needed to take me to bed or to the nursery to change my nappy she always took me by the hand. It was yet another way of expressing power over me, "You're coming with me and you have no choice." It was like she was preventing me from escaping, and it always did seem that whenever Auntie Caroline took my hand it was always to take me to something that was worth escaping from. And this moment was no exception... For as I was led over to the sofa my heart was pounding in my chest at the thought of what was coming. I knew instantly what was about to happen because she didn't have a bottle in her hand.

Auntie Caroline stood me in front of the sofa facing her and sat down. Then she began to unbutton her blouse. I had to stand there and watch her as her blouse gradually opened up revealing her huge cleavage. My mouth had gone dry and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest I was almost shaking.

"Please Auntie," I said meekly. "Can't I have a bottle instead?"

"No Tia. It's time for you to have Mummies Milk now." She said as she reached the last button. I stood there and watched as she opened out her blouse to reveal her large firm breasts. I couldn't believe what was happening, I looked at her breasts, they were plump and round with huge brown nipples. I shuddered with fear at the thought that I was about to have one of them in my mouth and that I would be drinking Auntie Caroline's milk.

"Up you come Sweetie." She said softly, as she once more took my hands and gently pulled me up towards her. I was shaking with nerves as I awkwardly climbed up onto her lap. I didn't know where to look or where to sit. Auntie Caroline saw that I was unsure of what to do and very tenderly guided me into position.

"Lie here Sweetheart," She said in a half whisper. " rest your head on this cushion." She placed a cushion on her lap and instructed me to lay down. With my huge nappy crinkling and rustling, and with Auntie Caroline's help I manoeuvred myself into position.

"That's it Baby," She said, as she adjusted her position to help me. "just relax, it's going to be ok."

I rested my head down on the cushion and looked at the breast that was just millimetres from my face, a little dribble of milk was leaking from it's stiff nipple.

"Please Auntie, I said, my voice quivering slightly. "I... I don't think I want to..."

"Sshh Baby," She said, as she lovingly ran a finger through my hair. "It's ok, don't be shy, just take your time." I paused. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I stared at the breast in front of me, it's hard brown nipple erect and ready, with milk slowly trickling from it.

"Do you want me to help you Sweetie?" She said lovingly.

I couldn't respond, my mouth was dry and I was shaking with nerves. Auntie Caroline sensing my nervousness carefully placed her hand under my head and gently lifted me to her breast. I closed my eyes and parted my lips as her nipple slipped into my mouth, I involuntary encircled my lips around it, letting out a moan of displeasure as I began to suckle.

"That's it Baby," She said softly. "just relax and take your time, I'll look after you."

I felt so awkward and embarrassed as I suckled I was close to tears, I let out another moan of displeasure and kept my eyes closed to block it all out.
I just couldn't believe what was happening. Here I was, a twelve year old boy, dressed in nappies and suckling at my Auntie's bare breast. Ripples of utter shame and embarrassment shuddered through my body as I tried to comprehend what was happening.
I felt so awkward too as I lay on my back across Auntie Caroline's lap, and I didn't know where to put my hands. I ended up resting them on my nappy between my legs. The nappy rustled as I pressed my fingers into the deep padding between my legs, the plastic rustling loudly. The plastic surface of my nappy felt smooth and slippery as I ran my fingers over it, and feeling my nappy between my legs really brought it to home that I was wearing one and this made me feel even more awkward and ashamed... I couldn't win. I kicked and wriggled my legs restlessly and moaned yet again in protest at my situation.

"Sshh," said Auntie Caroline. "It's alright."

Auntie Caroline sensing my awkwardness began to whisper encouragements to me as she continued to breastfeed me. She told me how much she loved me and that she was going to look after me forever. She was being so tender and caring towards me that after a while my mood slowly began to change. Then, when she sensed that I was being a little more comfortable, she slipped her hand from under my head and began to gently stroke my hair. As she did this I involuntarily reached up and placed my hand on her bare shoulder and pulled her closer to me so as not to let her nipple slip from my mouth. I buried my nose deep into her breast and let out another moan but this time it wasn't one of displeasure it was one of contentment. Then suddenly I felt her hand rest upon my nappy, I placed my hand into her hand and entwined my fingers into hers.
I never noticed it at the time but this was quite a significant moment... My act of touching her shoulder and holding her hand sparked a connection between us. I had never touched Auntie Caroline like that before. Sure she had hugged me a fair few times and even given me a kiss, and I had always responded but I had never initiated anything like that towards her myself. And now here I was casually resting my hand on her shoulder and holding her hand while I suckled on her breast. I may not have realised the significance of that moment but Auntie Caroline did, she gave my hand a gentle squeeze and let out a contented sigh.

Holding hands like that with our fingers entwined and with Auntie Caroline whispering encouragements and stroking my hair really made me feel loved and secure.

Wether it was a condition of my baby regime, or the fact that I was breast feeding I don't know, but I started to feel really 'Babyish'. I lifted my feet in the air and brought my knees back just like a real baby, and I found myself letting out soft little moans of pleasure as I continued to suckle.

It was taking quite a while to feed from Auntie Caroline's breast. As I sucked, her milk seemed to come out in very thin threads which occasionally tickled my tongue. The milk itself seemed quite thin and watery but tasted nice and was quite sweet.


After a few more minutes Auntie Caroline gently released me from her breast. I looked up at her and she smiled contentedly.



“Do you want to continue?” She whispered. I nodded, too embarrassed to admit that I wanted more. “Ok Baby,” She said lovingly. “you'll have to use the other one Sweetie.”

And with that she gently guided me towards her other breast. This time, instead of laying on my back with my head on a cushion, Auntie Caroline very gently laid me onto my side and offered up her breast to me by lifting it with her hand. I shuffled around on her lap and found a comfortable position. Auntie Caroline leaned back a bit on the sofa in readiness for me. I looked into her eyes and smiled sweetly, I felt really cosy and babyish. Auntie Caroline smiled back at me and then gently placed her hand behind my head and pulled me forwards towards her breast. I took one last look at her stiff brown nipple before it slipped into my mouth.


Auntie Caroline's soft comforting tones and her obvious affection for me while she nursed me filled me with a huge feeling of cosiness and security. I felt incredibly “Babyish” and Infantile, making my own little moans of pleasure as I suckled. I wriggled around on her lap, my huge cumbersome nappy crinkling loudly with every move.


After a while I felt Auntie Caroline gently pull away from me, her pert nipple slipped from my mouth and I withdrew. Auntie Caroline passed me my teddy and taking it I climbed off of her lap.


“You're such a good girl Tia,” She said softly, as she got up and slipped her blouse over her shoulders. I couldn't reply, I was feeling a mixture of emotions as I watched Auntie Caroline buttoning up her blouse. I still felt a remnant of the cosiness i'd just felt, but now there was a tinge of feeling like i'd just done something naughty and wrong. I didn't want to look her in the eye at that moment for fear of blushing. I'd just had my lips encircled around this woman's nipples and the thought of it made me shudder, even though only a few seconds before I was feeling like I belonged there. This mixture of emotions was too much to handle at such a young age, and once again I felt myself holding back the tears.




It seemed that today my efforts to behave and to accept my “Baby Life” were being severely tested, for just a few moments later, the feelings of frustration and injustice that I had experienced earlier that morning were about to resurface.



I had got settled playing on a hand held game on the sofa when Auntie Caroline came in and interrupted me again.


“Ok Tia, time for bed.” She commanded.


“Bed?!” I exclaimed. The shock hitting me like a slap in the face.


“Yes that's right, it's bedtime for you.” She said, taking the game from my hand and placing it on the sofa.


“B... But it's only... I mean...” I stammered, looking around me to try and gage the time. “It can't be...”


“Just for a few hours,” She replied, holding out her hand for me to take. “Babies need lots of sleep, so come on, up you come.”


I was so shocked I couldn't move. It wasn't the first time i'd gone to bed early, normally it was because i'd been naughty but this was different, I was totally wide awake and feeling fresh, and it could only be an hour after lunchtime, and I was still hoping that I would be seeing Jessy this afternoon. But now I was being taken to bed? This was insane.


But please Auntie, i'm not even tired!” I cried.


“It doesn't matter wether you feel tired or not Tia, I'm putting you to bed.” Replied Auntie Caroline as she took hold of my hand and pulled me up.


“No, Please Auntie!” I cried, “I don't want to go to bed! Pleeeease!!”


But as usual my cries fell on deaf ears. “Noooo!” I continued, pulling with all my might against Auntie Caroline's grip. “I don't want to go!”


By the time I was at the foot of the stairs I was in floods of tears. Auntie Caroline ushered me up the stair case, her hand pressed against my nappied bottom and guided me towards the nursery.


Once inside I was taken over to my cot and instructed to stand there while Auntie Caroline drew the curtains closed, shutting out the mid afternoon sun. I watched miserably as she opened the wardrobe and took out a thin cotton nightie. I shuddered at it's sheer femininity, It was so flimsy and thin you could see through it. It had lace around the hem and had yellow daisies embroidered on it.

Tears ran down my cheeks as I continued to cry and whimper, I felt so oppressed and helpless as Auntie Caroline dressed me in my nightie. The thin white cotton floated down my body like a whisper of mist, coming to rest just above my knees, just allowing an inch of nappy between my legs to be seen, which really didn't make much of a difference because the cotton was so thin you could easily see my nappy underneath anyway. Auntie Caroline adjusted my nightie and then popped my dummy into my mouth. I moaned with displeasure at this intrusion. I hated having a dummy pushed into my mouth, it felt so rude and oppressive, it was like someone telling you to shut up. Even though I actually enjoyed my dummies, it still annoyed me that I was given them this way.




Auntie Caroline then turned me round to face the mirror on the wardrobe door while she fetched the brush from the dressing table. I stood there staring at my reflection in disbelief. Since my new life had started I hadn't really taken much notice of how I looked, probably because I had tried my hardest to block it out, after all, I had only really been living as Tia for a month or so, and despite my gradual acceptance, it was still early days and there was quite a lot of Todd still left inside me. So this was the first time I had studied how I looked in any detail.


My reflection in the mirror was quite shocking. It really was like looking at a different person, so much so that I felt myself actually blushing as I stared at the figure before me.

To anyone else in the room there was just me standing in front of a mirror, but to me, the vision that I had of myself... the person who I thought I was was in total contrast to the person in the mirror. In my head I was still a boy who was dressed as a girl and put into nappies, but the reflection I saw was of an actual girl. My face seemed more feminine, and my whole body language had a graceful feminine heir. The shape of my face seemed different to how I remembered it when I was a lonely insecure little boy. Could it have actually, physically changed? My chin seemed smaller and more pointy, my eyes seemed larger and my skin was smooth and soft without any trace of hair. My arms were slender and floaty and I noticed that my stance was quite feminine too.

Auntie Caroline stood behind me and untied the bow from my hair, releasing my ponytail, my shiny blonde hair flopping down to my shoulders.


“You're so pretty Tia,” She cooed, as she drew the brush through my hair. “Maybe one day when your'e a little older I will get you some make-up.”


I starred back at myself as Auntie Caroline continued brushing, a huge contented smile on her face. My face wasn't smiling, it was glum and sorrowful despite being pretty. My eyes were red from crying and my cheeks were slightly flushed. My huge dummy covered my mouth completely and really made me look babyish, it's was pink with little glittery bits inside it, with a lighter pink ring attached to the front. I blushed with shame as I starred back at it. Apart from a nappy, a dummy is so very Babyish, there's no escaping it, anyone looks like a baby with a dummy in their mouth. And it's not only what it looks like, its the reason for it too... To keep a baby quiet, and to suppress any anger or attitude. It stands for control, you are being controlled by having this thing in your mouth.


My gaze moved slowly down my body, from my face, past my slender neck to my chest, my tiny nipples just visible under my nightie. My tummy was flat and trim, then squirmed a little as my eyes met the top of my nappy. The waist band came up just under my belly button. I saw the tapes holding it together, I could feel the snugness of it wrapped around me. It was huge and bulky, especially between my legs, with an inch or two peering beneath the hem of my nightie.


It felt so humiliating and degrading to be prepared for bed at this time of day. It reminded me that my life was not my own. I was a possession, an item to be owned, a doll to be dressed and undressed at the whim of a woman who was completely obsessed with me, but me as someone else, not me as Todd, a shy awkward 12 year old boy, but a me that had been manufactured from her longings and desires. Auntie Caroline wanted a baby girl to dominate and I was the one she chose. I was the doll she set out to get, and after getting me home she changed me into a totally different person, moulded me into the shape she wanted... a baby girl, just for her to play with, Her doll, her baby, and this is what I would always be.


I stood there in front of the mirror, feeling totally retched and ashamed. Dressed as a girl in nappies and a flimsy nightie, sucking a babies dummy and having my hair brushed before being put to bed at 2 in the afternoon. My body swaying in rhythm to the brush as it was drawn through my hair, my nightie swishing against my bulky nappy which rustled loudly with every little move I made.


When Auntie Caroline had finished brushing my hair, she carefully placed the brush back on the dressing table and opened the bars of my cot.


“Into bed then Baby.” She said, giving my bottom a pat, making my nappy rustle again.


I removed the dummy from my mouth. “Do I have to go to bed Auntie?” I asked softly.


“Yes Sweetie.” She replied.


I looked at her forlornly.

“But I’m not tired at all.” I said.


“C’mon Tia,” She said, “into bed, there’s a good girl.”


“But Please Auntie!” I cried. “I don’t want to go to bed now. Why do I have to?”


“Tia!” She said, a little more commandingly. “I’m not going to argue with you, now come on please!”


“But it’s not fair!” I sobbed, the sheer weight of frustration giving my voice a distinct quiver. “I don’t want to go to bed. Please let me stay up Auntie!”


“C’mon Sweetie,” Replied Auntie Caroline as she gently pushed me towards my cot. “you’re tired and it’s bed time. Now in you get!”


“But I’m not tired!” I shouted.


“You ARE tired,” she said, “and you’re going to bed! Now put your dummy in, theres a good girl.”


It was futile to resist, and I could hear in her voice that I was getting close to a spanking if I carried on, and so with a huge sigh and a heavy heart I finally gave in.


I felt incredibly self conscious as Auntie Caroline helped me climb into bed, I tried to cover my nappy with my nightie in a vain attempt to maintain some dignity, but it was impossible, and I felt a pang of humiliation and shame at the thought of what Auntie Caroline was able to see. Which was strange, considering that she got to see my nappies in great detail every day.


Auntie Caroline pulled the covers up and proceeded to tuck me in, I flopped my head down on the pillow in defeat as she went over to the changing table and returned with my Teddy. She placed the teddy under the covers with me then reached down and kissed me on the forehead before sliding the bars across my bed and locking them in place, enclosing me in.


“There we go Baby!” She said softly as she stood looking down at me with a contented smile. “All tucked up and safe. Now go to sleep and I’ll come and check on you in a while ok?”

I sucked on my dummy and looked up at her, my tears running in little rivers down my face.


“ it’s a bit warm in here, shall I open the window?” She asked.


I nodded and watched her walk over to the window and open it, letting the sounds of the afternoon filter in. Then she gave me one more smile as she left the room and gently closed the door behind her.


I lay there silently, listening to Auntie Caroline’s footfalls as she descended the stairs. With each step she made I felt more abandoned and alone, forced to be somewhere I didn’t want to be, wearing clothes I didn’t want to wear, it was an absurd situation, and laying there in my cot in the ever enveloping silence, I couldn’t help but ponder on how this had all happened... How on earth had I ended up here?


It really didn’t seem that long ago when I was a quiet and awkward teenage boy, his only interests being his comics and games. A boy who shied away from making friends, a boy starved of love by busy parents.

The silence of my surroundings gave me time to think, memories of those years flashed by me like traffic past a shop window and I began to compare. Can I really remember a time when I was completely happy? I searched through my memories, scanning them like images on a computer screen. It was hard to remember any. And was my new life really that bad? I had changed beyond recognition and my entire existence belonged to someone else, but was it so bad? I was loved and pampered more than any child that had ever lived surely? I had everything done for me with no chores or responsibilities. I sighed and sucked on my dummy, too tired of it all to think anymore.



I fidgeted a little in my bed as I tried to settle down, my nappy rustling loudly from under the covers. I concentrated on the sound and wriggled my legs to hear my nappy again. The crinkling, rustling sounds were always with me now. It’s cruel that a nappy can keep you aware of its presence even when you can’t see it.


A nappy is ‘All-encompassing’, it’s size and shape are impossible to ignore, it interferes with every move you make, you feel every inch of it, from the thin ribbon-like waistband around your tummy, to the thick mass of padding between your legs, there’s no escaping it, it’s like a prison for your nether regions, a plastic prison, white and shiny and smooth. Any item of clothing worn over the top of your nappy slips and slides over its plastic surface, shorts and trousers slip down over it to betray what lies beneath, dresses ‘Swish’ against the plastic. Even your legs, the bulkiness between them rubs against your legs the whole time, so if you’re walking there is a perpetual ‘Swish, swish, swish', and that, coupled with a constant rustling makes a nappy impossible to disguise. Even clothes can’t cover your secret, with the nappies I was having to endure, any kind of clothing would be stretched and contorted with the amount of nappy underneath. And of course there’s the act of walking itself... trying to walk properly in a nappy is virtually impossible with the amount of padding on your bottom, it swings from side to side in a very pronounced ‘Waddle’.


I sighed again and looked around me, not an inch of tiredness inside me. The Nursery was awash with a warm pinky glow as the afternoon sun shone through the curtains, which were gently swaying in the breeze coming through the open window. Above me hung a babies mobile, shapes of moons and stars hanging on little wires. Over by the changing table was a shelf unit packed with baby things... Folded terry nappies, a stack of plastic pants, bottles and lotions and clothes of all descriptions, all placed there to mock me in my wooden prison. I felt so alone and abandoned.


Then, all of a sudden the door bell rang. I held my breath and listened. I heard footsteps lead to it and the door open. Then a young girls voice asked if I were home. It was Jessie! Immediately I sat up, straining my ears to hear. Jessie was asking if I could come outside, I pleaded with all my might that Auntie Caroline would shout up to me, asking if I would like to go out... But no. Auntie Caroline was telling her that I was in bed and my heart sank. But again I hoped, praying that Auntie Caroline would invite her in, my heart was racing, my ears straining to hear. Then the door closed and I heard Jessie skipping away down the garden path and I flopped back down onto my pillow and cried.


After a few minutes my tears subsided and I sat back up, something had caught my attention. It was the far off sound of voices coming from the open window. It sounded like Jessie, again I strained my ears to the sounds, desperate to hear if it was her. I threw thew covers off of me and turned to face the window, the curtains were still gently swaying in the breeze and there were definitely voices coming from outside. I had to see for myself. I looked down at the bars of my cot, it would be easy to unbolt them and climb out but should I? My heart began to pound in my chest, I would be severely punished if I was caught out of bed, but I just had to see who Jessie was talking to. I nervously and very carefully slid the bolt open, my heart racing. Then being as quiet as I could I pushed the bars aside, climbed out of bed and crawled on all fours to the window, my nappy rustling loudly in the silence. I crouched down in front of the window, luckily the glass came right down to the level of the floor so I was able to remain crouching. I very carefully peered through the curtains. There, sitting on the pavement outside was Jessie and another boy. That must be Jonah I thought. Immediately, floods of jealousy rushed through me, and I starred intently, trying to get a better look. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could hear them both laugh, and their voices seemed happy and jovial. More jealousy pumped through me, how could Jessie have fun without me? Without me... I looked down at the bulging mass of nappy between my legs, how cruel it was that I was stuck up here dressed as a baby while my friend who was the same age as me sat happily outside chatting in the sunshine, free to do what ever she wanted, while I was kept up here, a virtual prisoner, forced to go to bed and live and behave like a baby. The sheer injustice of it all took hold of me and I felt myself beginning to cry again.

I just couldn't comprehend how unjust and unfair this situation was. I wanted to scream and throw off my clothes and run away, but how could I? I was trapped, caught in a spider's web with no escape. Forced to endure a life of nappies, bottles and dummies.

I turned to reach for my Teddy, needing it's comfort and security.

But, as I did so, and to my absolute horror, I heard footsteps approaching the nursery. I froze, staring at the door, my heart pounding like a jackhammer. Then the door opened and Auntie Caroline entered. Her eyes turned from surprised to anger as she saw me sitting on the floor by the window.


“What are you doing out of bed young lady?” She said sternly.

I took the dummy from my mouth but no words came. “Well?” She said.


But still no words came, I hadn't had time to think of an excuse.

“Well, you’ve just earned yourself a spanking young lady!” Said Auntie Caroline.

I looked up at her with pleading eyes.


“No Auntie. Please!” I cried. “I’ll be good, honest.”


It’s too late for apologies Tia,” She snapped. “You need to be punished, but I don’t have time now, I’ve got things to do. I’ll spank you when I change your nappy. Now back into bed this instant!”


I reluctantly climbed back into my cot and snuggled down while Auntie Caroline closed the bars. But this time when she left the room she didn’t look back and smile like she usually did and this affected me more than I thought it would. I was quite shocked and disappointed, and it made me realise that I’d really let her down and that she was angry with me. This realisation really made me feel bad. Even though I was being treated like a virtual prisoner, I suddenly felt really guilty and upset that I’d made Auntie Caroline angry with me. I sighed a huge sigh and flopped my head down on my pillow, popped my dummy back in my mouth and cuddled up to my teddy.


I lay there in my cot feeling glum and miserable. I felt alone up here all on my own, I felt ashamed that I was in bed dressed in nappies, I felt miserable that I was missing out on some quality time with Jessie, I felt guilty that i'd made Auntie Caroline angry and to top it all I had a spanking to look forward to... All In all, a pretty miserable situation.

I shuddered at the memory of those words... “Ill spank you when I change your nappy.” I pictured in my mind me laying across Auntie Caroline's lap, with her hand reigning down slaps onto my bare bottom and me kicking and struggling. I tried to get the images out of my head but it was impossible. It was as if my imagination was betraying me, mocking me.

Then, to make matters even worse, I suddenly felt the need to pee. Wether it was a genuine need, or wether it was all in my mind I don't recall, but it was cruel of fate that it had to happen right now. I felt a strong determination not to wee, maybe if I held on long enough Auntie Caroline would forget. Maybe, I thought to myself, if I made a huge effort to apologise and turn on the charm and held off my nappy change for as long as possible, I would get away without a spanking. My mind was set... this was the plan.


Once again my world descended into silence, broken only by the gentle fluttering of the curtains in the breeze.
Then, a short while later I heard the front door open, I pricked up my ears, hoping that it was Jessie coming to rescue me but it was Sandy.
I lay there in my cot, trying to sleep to while away the time but I just couldn’t. Plus I was spending a lot of time concentrating on trying to keep from wetting my nappy, I fidgeted and squirmed and wriggled my legs but it was getting harder and harder. I needed something to focus on to take my mind off it, but what could I do? I was trapped, I felt like Rapunzel trapped in her tower by her evil step mother.
I sighed at the futility of my situation and flopped back down on my pillow.

Then, a short while later, my ‘Bedtime ordeal’ finally came to an end when Sandy came in to the nursery.

“Time to get up Sweetie.” She said in her soft feminine voice.
She opened the bars of my cot and waited for me to climb out of bed. Head bowed by my embarrassment I climbed out trying not to make my nappy rustle as I did so and stood by my cot. Sandy reached forward and taking the hem of my nightie, pulled it up and over my head leaving me standing there in just my nappy. Then she took my nightie and hung it back up in the wardrobe.

I felt an extra sense of embarrassment being undressed by Sandy, it was bad enough being dressed and undressed by Auntie Caroline, but with Sandy it was different, she was ‘The Second Woman’ a friend of Auntie Caroline’s, and therefore wasn't as closely connected to me. Auntie Caroline was like a replacement Mother, a nurse, a carer, privy to all my secret and intimate places because she was the person who cared for my every need, but Sandy, although she was capable of looking after me, felt more like a helper, a babysitter or a casual acquaintance, and therefore, it made me embarrassed whenever she did any of the chores that Auntie Caroline would do. Plus the fact that Sandy was younger and extremely pretty also made it more embarrassing.

One thing that Sandy did have in common with Auntie Caroline was her obsession with my Nappies. Whenever she changed me she would always spend time fiddling and adjusting them just like Auntie Caroline did, and today was no exception. After hanging up my nightie, Sandy came over to me and knelt down in front of me to adjust my nappy. She pulled it and straightened it, making the plastic rustle loudly.
 I looked down at her whispie blonde hair as she concentrated on her adjustments. She looked different today and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, maybe her hair was blonder or was it her make-up? Whatever it was she looked really pretty.
Once she had finished fiddling with my nappy she took my hand and led me towards the door.

“Do you want your Teddy?” She asked.
With my dummy still in my mouth I nodded, Sandy duly picked up my teddy and handed it to me before leading me out of my room and towards the stairs. Sandy’s grip on my hand tightened a little as we descended the stairs together, as if she was aware that my bulky nappy would make it a little awkward. I was allowed to play in the play room for a while, so I went over to the pile of comics, settled myself down and began to read.

After a while those feelings of wanting to wee came back to haunt me and I began to fidget and wriggled my legs. It felt like a very strong urge this time... normally I could suppress it for quite a while but this time I wasn’t sure if I could, and I didn’t like the thought of a spanking so I tried really hard.

Halfway through a ‘Dennis the Menace’ comic, I was really struggling, my nappy was rustling and crinkling loudly as I wriggled and squirmed. A couple of times I heard someone approach the playroom and each time I did I would stop wriggling but then the surge in my bladder would pulse through me and I would panic. I buried my fingers deep into my nappy, desperate to squeeze my penis but my nappy was too thick to get any sort of grip.
Then after a few more agonising minutes it became too difficult.
“Nooooo!” I muttered to myself as another surge pulsed through me, I breathed in through my teeth and banged my legs together vigorously but this time I wasn’t going to stop it, and a few seconds later the flood gates opened and a stream of warm wee gushed out of me.

“Noooo!” I repeated to myself as my body betrayed me. I looked down at my nappy as it slowly began to stretch and swell, the warmth spreading around my nether regions enveloping me. The seconds passed by and still it gushed out, it had been a while since my last wee so there was a lot inside me. I stood up, letting my bladder empty completely until it finally trickled to a stop. I reached down and touched my nappy between my legs, it was really warm and solid, and hung down much lower now. I slumped on the floor in defeat, my whole nappy area was warm and snug, wrapping around me like a warm blanket.
It was actually a nice feeling strangely. My Nappies were excellent at soaking up wee and keeping the wetness away from my skin, so it only gets warmer and tighter which now that I remember it gave me a strange ‘Tingling’ sensation deep within my loins, my body indicating to me that although I was living my life as a toddler, my actual age was nearing 13, and with that came other feelings and urges that I could not suppress.

It wasn’t long before Sandy came into the playroom to check on me, and once again I shuddered with embarrassment as she rudely slipped her fingers under my nappy.

“My goodness Tia,” she exclaimed. “you are wet aren’t you?”
I felt my face flush bright red with shame. Sandy then went over to the playroom door and called out to Auntie Caroline. “ Do you want me to change her if you’re busy?”

“Yes please.” Came the reply. Sandy turned round to face me and smiled.
“Let’s get you into a nice clean nappy then shall we?”

I sat there on the playroom floor feeling shy and nervous at the prospect of having Sandy change my nappy. Why did it make such a difference that Sandy was so pretty? Auntie Caroline certainly wasn’t ugly but as I waited for Sandy to come back I became more and more nervous at the prospect of her seeing me naked. Images of her delicate fingers gently untaping my nappy filled my mind, her beautiful blonde hair gently falling over her eyes as she looks down at me, the way she hooks her hair behind her ear when she’s about to change me, all these images flashed before me and then something else happened... I became aroused. This horrified me! I was about to be undressed by a beautiful woman and I had an erection! I didn’t know what to do, this was the first time this had happened, and it seemed the more I tried to forget it the harder and stiffer I became.

My heart began to beat heavily as I heard Sandy approach the playroom. I was so nervous I almost jumped out of my skin when she appeared. She casually walked over to me, a fresh folded nappy in one hand and a pack of baby wipes and baby powder in the other. Then she knelt down in front of me and smiled. I looked at her eyes, they were bright blue and had silver grey eye shadow above them. Her long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked and her lips were coated in a thick layer of shiny pink lipgloss. My heart was pounding, what was I to do? I wriggled around awkwardly as Sandy placed the items on the floor and rolled up the sleeves of her pink cardigan, her shiny pink nails matching the colour of her lips.

“Lay down for me Baby,” She said softly. Her voice like a cloud of feathers.
I looked into her eyes and nodded, struck by her beauty and her softness. My heart beating hard in my chest, I laid down as instructed and spread my legs in readiness, giving myself to her completely. I raised my head to watch her, and she looked right into my eyes and smiled, “now let’s get this nasty wet nappy off shall we?” Then she hooked her hair behind her ear and and reaching down, took hold of the tapes of my nappy, I sucked on my dummy and squirmed with anticipation as her delicate fingers gingerly pulled at the tapes as if she was opening a neatly wrapped present.
I moaned softly and gave a little wriggle, embarrassed at the thought of what she might say about my erection.

“It’s ok Baby, just relax.” She said softly, pulling the tapes open.
I held my breath and looked up at the ceiling as Sandy slowly peeled the nappy away, revealing my nakedness.

“Oh my!” Exclaimed Sandy, I squeezed my eyes tight shut, my heart close to bursting in my chest. “You really were wet weren’t you?”
I breathed a sigh of relief, it wasn’t what I expected to hear but I was still mortified at my predicament. I turned my head to the side and squirmed even more as I imagined Sandy looking at my nudity. Sandy gently pulled my nappy from under me and I involuntarily tried to roll over onto my tummy to hide myself. “ Keep still Tia,” She said, stopping me with her hand. “ I haven’t finished with you yet. We have to clean you up first don’t we?” She gently but firmly pulled me back into position before opening the baby wipes.

Then, to my absolute horror, Auntie Caroline walked into the room with a mug of coffee! She took a seat in the armchair and watched as Sandy pulled a baby wipe from the pack and set to work on me.
She very gently parted and raised my feet to gain access to my bottom. Remembering my idea to avoid a spanking, I instinctively raised them higher and brought my knees right back exposing myself to her utterly.
Lying naked and helpless on the floor in this position is so very degrading and incredibly submissive, you’re basically opening yourself right up to allow someone to gain access to you’re most intimate parts, it’s the ultimate act of submission.
I moaned softly with displeasure and rested my head on the floor again as Sandy very delicately drew the baby wipe down between my bottom, I winced with embarrassment as she parted my bottom cheeks wider with her fingers to gain access to my opening.

“Ooh you’re still a little sore here Baby,” She said softly. “I’ll put some cream on that for you.”

Then she asked Auntie Caroline to fetch some which meant I was having to endure lying in this position even longer.
Sandy continued her wiping while she waited and set to work on my bottom, slowly and carefully dabbing and wiping all around, her touch very gentle and caring.
When Auntie Caroline returned with the cream, she knelt down next to Sandy to take a look for herself. I sucked on my dummy and moaned with embarrassment as the two women examined my inner bottom together, their fingers probing and touching. “It’s ok Baby,” Whispered Sandy, “Just relax, we just want to examine you.”
I twitched a little as cream was administered to my opening, my mind fighting off images of what these two women were seeing. I felt incredibly humiliated and helpless as the two women examined me more closely, their soft whispers barely audible, their delicate fingers probing deeper, I gasped and wriggled as a protruding finger gently pushed into my opening. Instinctively I tightened up, denying the finger access.

“It’s ok Baby,” Repeated Sandy. “Just relax your bottom for me.” I tried to relax but this was a new sensation for me and the intrusion and shame I felt was unbearable.
I fidgeted and squirmed as once more a finger pushed into my bottom, I moaned softly and arched my back as it entered a little deeper,

“Just relax Tia.” Whispered Auntie Caroline.
But It was extremely difficult to relax, here I was, a teenager, sucking a dummy and lying on the floor while two women were probing and exploring my bottom with their fingers. And it certainly didn’t help with the fact that my penis was fully erect and visible for all to see.
After a few more agonising seconds of this ordeal, Auntie Caroline got up and sat back down on the armchair as Sandy lowered my feet and pulled another baby wipe from the pack.

I held my breath, I knew that there was only one more place for Sandy to attend to, the seconds felt like hours as I waited for her touch. Then, as gently as she could, she took hold of my erect penis with one hand and began to administer a baby wipe all over and around it with the other.
The embarrassment I felt was incomprehensible as Sandy continued to work on me, her gentle touch was slow and meticulous, every inch of my penis and nappy area was attended to with soft, slow delicate wipes.

I moaned and wriggled again, drowning in the embarrassment of my situation, I felt utterly helpless and ashamed, being seen naked by a beautiful woman was bad enough, but having your erect penis looked at and cleaned while sucking a dummy is beyond comprehension.

“Don’t worry Baby,” She said softly. “It’s nothing that I haven’t seen before.” I nearly fainted with humiliation at her words. Even though this was designed to put me at ease it didn’t ... it had the opposite effect of making it a talking point, and I nearly began to cry with shame. I wanted to roll over and disappear under the carpet and never return.

But little did I know that my ordeal was about to become much much worse.

It happened just as Sandy had finished with the baby wipes. She picked up the baby powder and twisted the lid open, then she paused... her face deep in thought.

“ Does Tia still need to be spanked?” Asked Sandy inquisitively, turning her head towards Auntie Caroline. My heart leapt up into my mouth.

“Yes,” She replied. “I’ve been so busy I’d forgotten all about it.”

“I’ll do it if you like?” Said Sandy, smiling. Ripples of shock ran through me.

“Ok then,” Said Auntie Caroline, getting up. “I’ll get you a chair.”

“No need Caroline,” Said Sandy. “There’s one in the living room, I’ll spank her in there.” And with that Sandy stood up, then reached down and took my hand. “Up you get naughty Baby.” She said sarcastically as she pulled me to my feet.

I was so shocked and humiliated I could barely stand. It was all happening so quickly, Sandy clasped her hand around mine as she led me naked to the next room, my still erect penis bobbing and swaying as we walked. Being led naked through the house by a pretty woman who is about to spank you is about as humiliating as it can possibly get! I felt so embarrassed and ashamed I was light headed and dizzy. Auntie Caroline placed a dining chair into the middle of the room for Sandy to use and then sat down on the sofa to watch. I felt like I was being led to the gallows as Sandy brought me to it.
Sandy kept hold of my hand as she sat down on the chair, my heart about to explode in my chest, my naked body quivering with nerves and embarrassment. I looked down at her lap, her short skirt was quite tight revealing her smooth legs. Sandy gently pulled me nearer, my penis still standing erect, inches from her gaze, my legs quivering like jelly on a plate.

“Come here then Baby.” She said as she gently but firmly pulled me forward. My knees stopped at her legs and for a split second I thought I would fall but Sandy very skilfully held onto me and positioned me across her waiting lap.

The humiliation was now totally unbearable as I lay there across Sandy’s lap, my head inches from the floor and my hands holding tight to the chair legs. I could feel my erection squashing against her legs which gave me yet another flush of embarrassment knowing that she could feel it too.

The seconds ticked away as Sandy waited for me to settle. Then suddenly I felt her arm across my back, her fingers wrapped around my waist, holding me down in readiness. I tensed up and squeezed my eyes tight shut waiting for the first strike. And then it came.


I winced, but it didn’t hurt, and before I had time to acknowledge it there was another,


I winced again, each smack becoming harder than the next. I began to worry... how hard will it get? When will it end? How painful is it going to be? Questions raced through my mind like lightening.


I felt like an animal caught in a trap, unable to move. I wriggled a little as the pain started to become uncomfortable.


Sandy’s grip on me tightened very slightly.


Now the stinging started to grow, my breathing became heavy, I gripped the chair legs a little tighter, I bit my lip to stop from crying, my feelings of being trapped and helpless increased with each smack and I began to panic. I wriggled and squirmed to break free, to escape, Sandy sensed this and tightened her grip yet again and carried on smacking my reddening bottom.


Sandy was now alternating between each cheek, and not keeping to any rhythm to stop me from anticipating each slap. The feelings of panic faded as fear and helplessness took over again. And still the spanking continued.


Being physically held down in such an exposed and vulnerable position while being spanked is beyond humiliating, and that, coupled with being naked is simply unbearable and with so many explosive emotions pouring through me it was inevitable that I started to cry.
It started off as a whimper, then as the pain began to grow so did the situation in my mind and it wasn’t long before I was crying properly. Tears ran from my eyes and I began to cry out.

“Please! Please stop! I’ll be good, honest!”


“No... Please! Ouch! Please... I... I... Ouch! I promise!” I begged.

Then a voice finally answered... “Are you going to be a good girl from now on Tia?” It was Auntie Caroline! I had forgotten she was watching and it took a few seconds to work this out which made it sound as though I was refusing to answer. Still Sandy continued.


“Yes, Yes, Yes.” I sobbed. My eyes running with tears. “I’ll be good I promise!”

“Ten more then you can stop!” Said Aunty Caroline. I held my breath, tensed up and waited for the last smack.
Finally the spanking stopped. Sandy loosened her grip on me, her breathing fast and heavy. I sniffed and wiped my eyes as I waited to be released.

But I would have to wait a little longer, I couldn’t see from where I was but I think Auntie Caroline gave Sandy some kind of cream because the next thing I knew I felt delicate fingers smoothing cold cream onto my bottom.

My time across Sandy’s lap being spanked had diminished my erection, but now that Sandy was slowly and delicately rubbing cream onto my bottom, it roused itself again and began to grow, as did my embarrassment. I whimpered with displeasure as I was kept from getting up, even though Sandy’s gentle caresses were very soothing, I was finding it really uncomfortable, my head had been virtually upside down ever since I was placed across her lap. Sandy was taking her time, she obviously enjoyed the control she had over me as she kept me held across her lap, gently rubbing in the cream. But then, eventually she pulled me up to standing again. Yet again waves of embarrassment flooded through me as I stood there with my erection in full view. I tried to cover it with my hands but at that moment Sandy took my hand and led me from the room. She led me to the playroom, and as we entered I looked down and saw my next nappy on the floor waiting for me and another ripple of shame pulsed through me.

“Lay down here for me Sweetie,” She said, pointing to the floor. “ and I’ll put a nice clean nappy on you.”

Wiping away the last few tears I once again did as I was told and positioned myself on the floor and laid back. Tired of all of this attention and different emotions, I rested my head back down upon the carpet and stared at the ceiling as Sandy knelt down in front of me and prepared me for my nappy.

I felt drained and exhausted after my spanking and surprisingly submissive... Although I’d just promised to do as I was told to stop the pain, the spanking had also made me feel subservient. Sandy had administered my punishment and had taken control of me, and in a strange sort of way I had not only accepted it but liked it! I suddenly felt that I wanted her to control me, just like Auntie Caroline did, even though the spanking had caused me pain, I began to realise why I had to be punished... to be looked after. Punishing me was another form of care. And now here she was, changing my nappy for me, and as I looked up at her I felt a warmth and a gratitude towards her, I needed her, just like I needed Auntie Caroline and this made me feel incredibly babyish. I looked to my right and saw my teddy lying on the floor, I reached over and grabbed it, held it to my chest and cuddled it, burying my face into it’s soft fluffy body.

Seconds later I felt the soft fall of baby powder all over my nappy area and my still erect penis, it's distinctive perfume filling the air.
Then I heard the familiar rustling as Sandy unfolded my new nappy, I lifted my feet, brought my knees right back and spread my legs as wide as they would go for her.

“Good Girl Tia.” She said as she slid the nappy under my bottom. I felt a warm glow of satisfaction that I had pleased her. Then using both hands, she brought my nappy up between my legs and over my penis which was still hard and pointing skyward. I felt Sandy give the nappy an extra pull as she stretched it upwards to cover it and I buried my face deeper into my teddy.
Even though my nappy was incredibly thick, there was still a pronounced ridge in the front of my nappy where my erection lay underneath and I felt a twinge of excitement as Sandy’s fingers unwittingly pressed down on it as she stuck the tapes down.

Now that I had been dressed in my new nappy I felt even more babyish, so much so that I slipped my thumb into my mouth and began to suck on it, then I squirmed and wriggled and let out a soft little squeak of pleasure as Sandy began her adjustments. One of the tapes had not stuck properly and suddenly popped undone. Sandy took hold of it, pulled the tab tightly across my nappy and pressed it down to re-stick it, pressing her thumb down onto my penis in the process. I felt another twinge of pleasure and wriggled.

“Does Baby like that?” She chuckled. I felt my face glow bright red and pressed the teddy into my face once more.
Then she pulled my nappy up by its waistband, making sure that my penis was covered before ‘Pinging’ the leg elastic in a sign to say she was finished.

“There you go Baby, all done.” She said lovingly.

I sat up and without thinking reached forward for a cuddle. Sandy wrapped her arms around me and squeezed. I sighed contentedly as she slowly rocked me, patting her fingers against my bottom making my nappy rustle loudly. “You’re so cute Tia.” She said.

After our cuddle, Sandy suggested I stay in the playroom to continue reading my comics, then she left the room and headed towards the kitchen, I heard her chatting to Auntie Caroline but couldn’t hear what was said.
I felt quite happy and relaxed now that it was all over, and I still felt a nice ‘Tingling’ down below. My penis was still erect inside it’s plastic prison. I looked down at my nappy, there was still a distinct ridge showing, and the top of my penis was just about visible an inch below the waistband with flecks of white Baby powder scattered on it.

A short while later, Auntie Caroline came into the playroom to see me. She looked down at me and smiled.

“Stand up for me a moment please Tia,” She asked. “I just want to check your nappy.” I looked at her quizzically and stood up.
Auntie Caroline knelt down in front of me and studied my nappy intently. The plastic surface ‘Swished’ as Auntie Caroline then ran her fingers over the front of it as if searching for my penis. Then she pressed her palm flat against the hard ridge and another tingle of excitement pulsed through me. It was obvious that she was checking to see if I still had an erection. I wriggled with embarrassment, trying not to let her feel my secret. Auntie Caroline then gave the waistband a little tug and I gasped as she then pulled it away from my tummy, taking the opportunity to take a sneaky peak inside, my face glowing red hot as my secret was revealed.
Then she stood up, patted my bottom and left the room, coming back a few seconds later with my dummy.
“Don’t suck your thumb Tia,” She said. Offering me my dummy. “You might get germs.” I took the dummy and popped it into my mouth before turning back to my comics, but I couldn’t concentrate. I looked down at the ridge in my nappy and pressed my fingers into it, my nappy rustling loudly, I had discovered something else to play with.




To be continued.



This story was written by Billy Blaze. If you have any comments I would be happy to hear from you. Please send any comments to,


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