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A Night With Babe

The night starts with the two of them coming home from work.  Tammy walks through the door first and is set to do as she was told to ready herself for what Karen has in mind.


Tammy’s diaper is not too wet so she knows she has time to fix dinner.  This is a speacial night. She took out the steak and prepped the grill.  Put a potato in the oven.


Michael, Tammy’s roommate is walking the dogs and telling Tammy that he is more than willing to cook both Karen and Tammy’s dinner for them so they can cuddle on the couch before he goes out to the Club with his boyfriend.


Karen walks in the door.  She puts her coat in thee closet and walks into the kitchen and finds Tammy hovering over the the stove.  She sneaks up behind her and wraps her arms around Tammy’s waist and asks “What is for dinner, babe?”


Tammy answers, “Steak and baked Potato.”


“Good, I am really hungry.” Karen replies.


Karen leaves the kitchen and heads to the living room and sits on the couch.  She turns the TV to her show but she knows Tammy is not into paranormal TV shows so she will stay in the kitchen till supper is ready.


After an hour, Michael leaves in a cab to gee to the club and meet his boyfriend.  I will not be back till late so you two have fun, Micheal says as he giggles and laugh on his way out the door.


Supper has been eaten and Karen and Tammy sit on the couch in front of the TV and cuddle under a blanket.  Karen has Tammy leaning into her chest and her arm and hand running down her back.  Karen runs her hand into the back of Tammy’s diaper and notices that she is really wet. “You should go and take a shower babe, your pretty wet.”


Tammy careens her neck to kiss Karen as she answers yes ma’am.  With that Tammy rises from the couch and shakes butt in Karen’s direction and giggles.  Karen takes a quick swat and Tammy’s behind.  “Don’t make me spank you for being bad!” Karen says.


Tammy walks down the hall to the bathroom and prepares herself for a shower.  She pulls her shirt over her head and unhooks her bra.  Her breast have been getting bigger due to the weekly hormone shots she has been taking.  A few quick rubs to relieve the itch from the bra straps.  Then it is attention to her slacks and her diaper.  She lowers her slacks to the floor and with adapt ability she takes her feet out.  Then she turns her attention to her diaper.  Karen was right, Tammy’s diaper is filled.  Tammy loosens the tapes one by one till the diaper falls to the floor with a thud.  Tammy reaches down and rolls the diaper into a ball and puts iit into the pail.


Tammy turns around only to find Karen standing right behind her. “Shall we make sure we both are clean and ready for bed?” Karen says with a wild grin on her face.


Karen gets undressed as Tammy turns the water on to adjust the temperature.  As Tammy is seated on the edge of the tub, Karen reaches for Tammy’s butt cheek and gives it a squeeze.  This makes Tammy jump with surprise.  Tammy knows that Karen has always been in love with her appearance.


The water in the shower is running as they both enter the shower.  They lather up and wash each other.  As they rinse off, Karen quickly exits the shower and grabs something from under the sink.  She turns back to Tammy and says, “Time to get you totally clean and ready.”  With that she holds up an enema bag.  Tammy is shocked but knows that Karen is totally right.  She hasn’t had a movement in several days and the relief would feel great.


Tammy exits the shower as Karen fills the enema bag with water and hangs the bag over the shower rod.  Tammy dries herself and lays on the towel that Karen has placed on the floor for her to lay on.  Tammy laid down on her left side and Karen took the nozzle and put the tip up inside her and started the water flowing.  “You lay here and I will be back” Karen says as she walked out of the bathroom.


Tammy laid there and allowed the water to flow into her (like she had a choice) Karen returned holding thigh high stocking and a corset.  By this time the bag was empty and Karen helped Tammy up to sit on the toilet.  Karen told Tammy to dress in the items as she left the room.  Tammy began to respell the water and other material into the bowl as she flushed occasionally to hold the odor down.  When Tammy felt that she had empty all in her bowels, she wiped her bottom with the diaper wipes she kept on hand.  Then while she was seated she put each of the stocking on her legs.  She stood up and put the corset on and buckled the snaps in the front.  She looked in the full length mirror and admired me form.


Tammy walked into the bedroom where Karen was and stood in the doorway.  Karen looked at her and smiled as she walked up t her and they shared  deep passionate kiss.  Karen lead Tammy to the bed and laid her down on it. Tammy adjusted her position to the middle of the bed and put her arms out to Karen and beckoned her to the bed.


Karen climbed into the bed and snuggle up against Tammy.  Their hands began to explore each other.  Karen was focused on Tammy’s breast as she knew they were very sensitive and Tammy’s hand found it’s way down to Karen’s pussy.  As Tammy was exploring Karen’s pussy, it grew wetter and wetter.  Karen abruptly rolled Tammy back onto her back and mounded her face.  Tammy reached up and grabbed Karen’s hips and pulled her down onto her mouth and she began to lick and suck Karen’s pussy.  Karen’s juices filled her mouth and the scent of her filled Tammy’s nostrils.


Karen grabbed the back of Tammy’s head as wave and wave of orgasmic pleasure filled her.  She rocked back and forth till the waves subsided.  Tammy laid on the bed so satisfied with herself.  She knew she had been without her diaper for a while and should go to the bathroom and make sure she doesn’t we the bed.  So she got out of the bed and left.  This was Karen’s chance.  She climbed out of the bed and took the strapon out of the drawer and put it on.  She located the lube she had bought and readied herself to give as good as she got.


When Tammy returned to the bedroom, Karen grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to the bed and said, “Now lay still and don’t fight me.”  With that Tammy’s mind raced and she went limp for Karen.  She loved and trusted her and knew she would never hurt her.  It was then that Tammy noticed the strapon around Karen’s waist.  She knew she was about to be fucked into heaven but said nothing.


Karen took some leather cuffs from the nightstand and put them on Tammy’s wrist and ankles.  They had clips on the that allowed them to be locked together.  Karen rolled Tammy onto her knees and locked Tammy’s right wrist to her right ankle and did the same to the other.  This locked Tammy into a face down and ass up position.  This was perfect for Karen.


Karen took the jar of lube and picked some up on her fingers.  She smooth it out across Tammy’s anus and slid on finger into Tammy.  She moved it around and teased at Tammy’s anus.  Taking her fingers back to the lube and getting some more, she returned to Tammy’s anus and stuck two fingers in and worked the around and around to loosen Tammy up for what is to come.


Karen moved to a position between Tammy’s drawn up legs and pointed the strapon into Tammy’s bunghole and pressed till it entered her with a pop.  Tammy let out a moan and Karen began to thrust slowly at first.  Gently Karen inched the strapon in till it was the full depth f the dildo.  Karen quickened her pace till she had a good rhythm going.  Karen withdrew the dildo and Tammy gasped as Karen re-entered her.  Karen did this a number of times till she knew she had Tammy on the brink of madness.  Karen withdrew completely and un-hooked Tammy’s wrists and ankles.


Karen assisted Tammy into rolling onto her back.  Karen pulled Tammy’s legs up into the air and Tammy grabbed them with her hands and held them there.  Karen got some more lube and put it onto Tammy’s anus and the dildo.  She re-entered Tammy and moved till she was on top of her.  Tammy wrapped her legs around Karen a she thrust into her and her breath got labored.  Tammy breath stopped as one of the most intense Orgasms filled her body.  Tammy’s legs drew Karen deep into her as the wave rushed over her.  After a few minutes, Tammy returned to earth and her breathing relaxed.  Karen rose off Tammy as the strapon eased out of her.


Karen stood next to the bed and removed the strapon and placed it into a towel to be cleaned later.  Tammy could only lay where she was and enjoy the sensations that filled her bottom.


Karen knew of Tammy’s wetting problem and understands that she cant sleep without protection so she went into Tammy’s bag and withdrew a diaper and a soaker pad.  Do you want me to dress you for bed or do you want to dress yourself?, asked Karen.  “I am too weak to do it myself.” was Tammy’s reply.  With that Karen grabbed the rash cream and powder.


Karen came to the bed and unfolded the diaper and placed the soaker pad in the middle.  She then asked Tammy to raise up and slid the diaper under her.  Karen spread the cream over Tammy’s diaper area and sprinkled the powder over that.  She pulled the front of the diaper up and taped the sides shut.  A quick pat on the font of the diaper and she was done.


Karen then climbed into the bed and Tammy reached for her and they embraced.  Sleep came fast to them both as they lay in each others arms.


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