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I have always enjoyed wetting my pants and got a sexual thrill out of it as a teenager.  On reflection, the odour of urine in my bedroom must have been obvious but when you are young, you do not think about such things.  I also always wanted to be a girl, and hoped to be transformed one day.  Of course this did not happen but I did become a cross dresser.  It was not until I was married and in my forties that I first came across nappies and plastic pants that I could wear.  I had tried my children’s on but they did not really fit and I never actually wore them for that reason.  Also their plastic pants were too small for me and when I pulled them on they were too tight to fit a nappy under them anyway.

One day, I found a place that made clothes for cross dressers like me and as I discovered when visiting their workshop and sales room, fetish clothes.  I saw a terry cloth nappy with safety pins and plastic pants with a little teddy bear pattern.  Really cute, so as well as the camisoles and panties I was there to buy I bought the nappy and plastic pants set.  Another day, I went there on their closing down sale day and bought a little girl dress but that is another story I suppose.

Being married with a stay at home wife, wearing the nappy and actually using it posed some logistical problems such as how to clean it and get it dried without my wife noticing.  I wore it a number of times and it provided me with a sexual thrill but initially without wetting it.  Doing more would be a real problem although later I would manage it.  Finally one hot day when my wife was out for the day and I was home, I put it on, making certain the nappy was tight around the legs and soaked it.  I got the most wonderful erection when that happened and got carried away and filled it with poo.  I sat in my nappy and masturbated giving the nappy a third substance to soak up.  Then I realised that I needed to clean it up and spent a morning washing it, and the drying it in the sun.  I was hooked.  Remember that this was before disposables became so available and certainly I knew nothing of adult incontinence products. 

I now wore the nappy whenever I got the opportunity including with a daddy I found who wanted to change and have his way with an adult baby boy.  This was a new experience for me and unfortunately a once only event and most of the other nappy wearers I have met are more adult babies and tend to be very shy fearing exposure of their fetish.  This is a real pity but it is a fact of life

The teddy bear plastic pants have long gone hard and been thrown out but I still have the nappy and wore it and used it today.  I also have pictures of me in the nappy and plastic pants as a reminder of how it started.  I also have disposables which are much easier to use as well as numerous pairs of plastic pants including rhumba one with lace.  I wear nappies for relaxation and recreation, and have a dummy/pacifier that I suck on and a bottle to drink from whenever I am alone and it is safe to do so.

Nappies to an extent now rule my life when I am alone, and I am always wearing one when I can.  I have pullups and nappies with tapes.  I am so happy to be a diaper lover and feel the thick nappy between my legs.




After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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