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"Sarah, My New Baby Doll"

-by AusDpr

If I see something which I think is cute, pretty, or sweet, then I have to have it, I have to make it mine. I don't know exactly how, or where, I developed this power, but it seems to have been with me for as long as I can remember. My pocket dimension is filled with an assortment of dolls, frocks, and pretty things of every variety, a collection which I've been amassing ever since I was a little girl.

It was when I noticed Sarah one day, that I realised that I was yet to have collected a person. I was eighteen now, and the thought had never really crossed my mind. In the past I'd been easily distracted due to being able to make my dolls and various toys come to life at a whim, and so had never really thought very much about owning an actual living breathing possession - after all, how can a person match the prettiness of a fully animated doll? But Sarah caught my eye, wandering through the city centre in the early morning, a handbag strung over her shoulder, peering into display windows of various expensive shops before continuing on. I bit my lower lip, and began moving in for a closer look, knowing only a vague hint of what I yet intended, but feeling the telltale sign.

Even though Sarah faced away as she stood in front of windows and then the next, I couldn't help but hide behind anything which was available nearby - diving behind poles, building corners, and plants, while glancing at her like an obsessed stalker, which I guess I was, from the other side of the large outdoor street mall. I stretched out with the power of my mind, querying for the information which I wanted, and not quite realising that I was wearing a focused glare on my face from the intent.

"Sarah", I whispered. The name came to me, and a smile flashed across my face, before I bit my lip again and refocused my intent. I took a deep breath, and stared hard at her, waiting and watching until she began walking into the doorway of an electronics shop - somewhere where no eyes were currently upon her. She froze, and looked down, sensing that something was wrong, running her hands nervously over her slightly translucent sparkling body. Within a few seconds, there was a pop, and air rushed to replace where she had been standing. She was gone.

I let out a stupid giggle, gurgling a little with my stupid raw excitement and the goofy large grin which I wore across my face. Stepping back into shadow, I also made sure that no eyes were upon me, and still grinning, I disappeared from one world, and appeared in my own.

Sarah must have tripped and fallen forward as she stepped into my domain, for she was half buried from her head to waist in a pile of stuffed dolls which I kept in the area, clumsily trying to climb out backwards. Her skirt was flipped up, and I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of her white panties on display. She floundered while backing out of the pile of cute softness, and eventually managed to right herself, furiously spinning to face me - apparently angry at my having laughed at her. I no longer was paying direct attention, instead my mind had wandered. Adult panties, those would not do, no not at all. I was looking around at my enormous collection of pretty things, wondering exactly what I wanted for this occasion.

"Excuse me" she huffed, glaring and storming towards me with clenched fists, "I don't suppose it crossed your mind to help me out of there, or is seeing my bottom so funny to you?". She was angry, it was adorable, she was obviously embarrassed at having been seen that way. She stopped to gasp and look at her surroundings, a seemingly endlessly wide and tall room, with endless piles of all sorts and sizes, made up of cute and adorable things, seemingly going in every direction.

I smiled with a wide grin, which seemingly only made her angrier, and stated "I was just thinking how silly you looked in that grown-up underwear, but you won't have to worry about those soon, I have much better which you can wear here - Sarah."

The mention of her name stopped her immediately in her tracks, and she stood half-gaping, trying to make some sense of everything that had just happened. "How?..."

My grin spread even wider, I was enjoying this so much - why hadn't I done it sooner!

"Yes. Sarah. My magic can let me know your name, if I so want."

She looked stunned, and her faced fixated on me as I begun walking past her. She was half incredulous, half dumbstruck, obviously she had never thought that magic was real, but there'd be no denying any of it now.

I was past her now, and she had to turn to face me, still rooted in the spot and yet unable to think of anything to say. I picked up one of my favourite dolls, a porcelain thing in a red frock and black strap on shoes called Mary-Ann. I smiled at my little sweetie, and turned to face Sarah, using my free hand to gesture about the endless room. "This is my personal magic plane" I explained. "When I want something, when I think that something is cute, or pretty, then I bring it here - it is my power." Placing Mary-Ann back on the pile where I had retrieved her, I lifted my free hand to point at Sarah, "And now, I have decided that you are pretty. So I have brought you here, to be my very own real life doll. But first we need to find you something better to wear, you are going to be sooo cute!" A look of comprehension spread across Sarah's bedazzled face, and she took a nervous step back, raising her forearm in front of her as if that might stop me.

I ignored her, instead looking around again at all the dolls which I kept in this area - some set up in tea parties, some lying as if napping in prams - and I carefully pondered on what exactly I wanted. Footfalls rang out on the tiled floor, and I realised that Sarah was running, pelting away from me the fastest she could go. I rolled my eyes, and lazily waved a hand in a small circle. In a moment, she was off the floor and flying back towards me, bottom first, yelping the whole way. Her butt arrived before my face, and I held a finger upright and spun it in a tiny circle, causing her whole body to rotate in the air so that her face quickly came before me. Taking her by the cheeks in a stern grip, I looked into her now moistening eyes with a cross glare in my own. "You -will- obey Mama, do you understand Sarah? Naughty dollies get punished by their owners, and here I am able to do anything that I want." With that I sent her spinning up into the air until she rested about two meters above the ground, and I began thinking out loud.

"Now we have to find you something more appropriate to wear. First we need to do away with those," I said, gesturing at her clothes, the hand movement causing the clothes to take on a life of their own, as buttons started undoing themselves, zips began pulling down, and then finally clothes started sliding off, one layer at a time. "N-NO!" Sarah yelled, furiously, but I was barely paying attention. I'd picked up another doll, Emma-May, and with a satisfied nod had decided upon what I wanted.

In the air, Sarah was struggling against nothingness, as her arms and legs were pinned out in a star pattern above and below. Her top slipped off first, and then her skirt below her. They shot into my left hand where I grasped them, while I watched her underwear and bra begin their journey as well. She was furious, I'd never seen anything like it, and was enormously amused at the futility of her silly anger. She would be a fun doll. She even managed to pull against her invisible bonds, and reach towards her panties to hold them up, but with a wave of my hand her arms were yanked back above her head, and in a moment the panties were off, followed by the bra seconds later. Those similarly zoomed into my hand, and I inspected her, naked. I'd already known that she was perfect, I'd been able to sense it, but still it was fun to look at my new possession in her undressed state - it was very important for knowing how to dress her best after all.

She was wild, thrashing about, yelling at me to let her go. A frown crossed my face, and I dropped the clothes into a small cardboard box which was waiting beside my feet. The lid of the box folded up and closed in on itself, and with a small nudge with my foot, I sent the box travelling away at a great speed, the small thing automatically navigating my many piles of toys and possessions. Sarah saw her clothes careening away, and visibly despaired, but then her fury returned to her face unabated, and she began cursing at me. Frowning, I crossly waved my fingers in another circle, and nearby, a large wooden hairbrush quickly levitated up from an exquisite dresser table.

"You let me down RIGHT now or -" She was cut off as the floating brush delivered a hard smack to her similarly levitating bottom. She let out an angry shriek, and turned her furious attention back to me. "You let me go RIGHT now little girl, or -" another smack rang down on her bottom, the loud slap echoed throughout the area. "LITTLE GIRL?" I said furiously. "LITTLE GIRL?!" I was eighteen, hardly a little girl. Oh I knew I dressed in a sort of gothic lolita style, currently made up of dark purple and ruffled clothes with black stripes, but still, I was no "little girl".

"No, girl, *I* am your Mama! *You* are the little girl here" I said furiously. I was cross, heaven help Sarah, she had just gotten herself into far deeper than she otherwise would have been. I curled my lip and gave a large swipe with my hand, and the hairbrush started raining down upon her backside mercilessly.

"Little girl?" I spat, holding the dress which I had planned for her. I turned and gave another angry wipe, this time at a nearby elegant high-backed chair, and it rushed over to place itself before me. Turning again in a huff, I lowered my bottom onto the chair, and then glared up at Sarah, who was now howling as the spanking rained down. I gave an angry point to my lap, and she began sailing through the air towards me. The hairbrush followed, paddling her on the way, and in a moment she was over my knee. I yanked the hairbrush out of the air with my right hand, and with my left grabbed her ear, leaning in close to the now bawling girl. "You are now going to learn who is the *little girl* here."

I began spanking, hard, I was so upset - really, for a mama to be spoken to by her dolly that way, it was scandalous. There was only one way to deal with such naughtiness. Glaring hard at Sarah's form, I willed that which I wanted to occur, and with each spank, she began to grow smaller. She retained her adult form, but her size smoothly decreased at a rate which was renewed with each spank, and she soon realised that the world was getting bigger, or more so that she was getting smaller in the small time after each spank.

Sarah began to cry out, yelling no, and struggling to get off my lap, but I held her firmly around the waist, and continued, until she was the size that I wanted. She was bawling now, kicking and cursing, and I kept going until she wised up to the fact that she had to stop her bad behaviour. Finally, when she was a sobbing toddler-sized woman over my knee, I took a break, breathing deeply and placing down the brush. Placing two hands at her sides, and reaching up under her arms, I lifted her to turn her around on my lap, until she was on her knees atop my thighs. My fingers brushed against her now tiny but soft boobs, and felt slightly amused at my dolly's unique live features, and some of the anger ebbed out of me.

"Look at me." I commanded, glaring at her face. Sobbing, silent, and still pouting a little, she lifted a mostly obedient face up to look at mine.

"Now, who is your Mama?" I asked, my face showing that I would tolerate no more disobedience on this one.

She blinked out a small tear, and squeakishly replied, "Y-You are."

"I'm what?"

"You're.. my M-Mama"

I sighed, relieved. "Good girl" I said, and pulled her in for a hug, holding her tight against my own bosom. I thought about the stiff gothic bras which I often wore, and pondered for a moment, before willing for my underthings to grow softer, so that she could get closer to her Mama's source of love and life. I felt the material weaken, and then her head sunk in further, and I smiled, holding her there for a good minute in near silence, only occasionally hearing sniffs escaping from her.

Pulling her back out to look at me once again, I looked sternly at her again - she wasn't to get this one wrong or we'd have to start all over again. "And who is the little girl?"

She bit her lower lip and glanced away, looking if she'd perhaps cry if she hadn't exhausted herself already. I gave her an angry jolt by adjusting my hands under her arms, and she fearfully responded, her face shooting back to look at mine. "I-I am!"

"You are what?"

"I'm the little girl!"

"Yes you are" I smiled, then beamed. "The cutest, most absolute adorable, most loved, little girl, in the whole wide world."

I beamed at her, and then kissed on the forehead. "Sleep now" I commanded, it would make it easier to prepare her this way.

--- 5 Months Later ---

Having found what I was looking for, I smiled, collecting a whole armful of the baby food from the shopping centre shelf, and then jolted, arriving back in my realm. It'd been a whole day since I'd been here, and I couldn't wait to see Sarah again. I checked in the nursery first, though the crib was empty. The small mobile which spun above the pillow still played a quiet nursery rhyme, so it couldn't have been empty for too long. I smiled, no bother. Glancing at the light blue bin which stood besides the changing table, I noticed that it was nearly overflowing with soiled diapers, each packed tightly within themselves, and reminded myself that I needed to empty that, though it was good to see that the Nanny was taking regular care of her.

I wandered with my collection of baby food into the nursery kitchen and smiled - there they were. Sarah was sitting in her highchair, well strapped in, with peas, prunes, and porridge all over her face. Sarah's own dolly, which I'd given her, rested in the crook of her arm, and I beamed at how adorable she looked, in a light pink dress with white ruffles, a bib over her chest, and her legs held wide by the thick baby-white underwear over her crotch, an obvious diaper. The Nanny laughed and coaxed as she fought the uphill battle of getting Sarah to take spoonful after spoonful of her high-fibre lunch. Really, Sarah could still be so difficult sometimes. She looked as though she was about to have one of her tantrums too, when the Nanny beamed at her and declared that they were all done - that the bowl was empty.

While the Nanny wiped the grime off Sarah's face with a cloth, I began packing the food into the nearest cupboard. In a worst case scenario, the cupboard could magically create anything that was needed, but I liked the act of shopping for baby supplies. It made the whole experience feel all the more real, bordering on where I liked to play with my dollies without the rigours of real life becoming a bore.

Sarah was unstrapped and the tray removed from the highchair, and in a moment the Nanny was approaching with the girl over her shoulder, one hand well rested under her bulky diapered butt, and the other patting her from behind in an attempt to burp her. "Look what your Mama got you Sarah, isn't that wonderful! What do you say?"

Sarah nervously glanced downwards at the floor, trying to avoid the humiliation required of her, but the Nanny gave her a good bounce, which also served a reminder for what could yet happen to her bottom if she was naughty today.

"T-Thankyou Mama" Sarah squeaked, with poorly masked seditious intent.

The Nanny's eyes narrowed, and then she sighed. Looking to me, she explained "She's had a bit of an attitude problem since playtime this morning, I hoped to solve it with a little nap earlier, but she really is a naughty girl. I've very nearly spanked her several times, except that her diaper is only wet, and I didn't want to waste it by taking it off for now." Looking crossly at Sarah, she added "If it wasn't for that, we'd fix that attitude problem the old fashioned way." Sarah, for her part, only suddenly looked nervous, and cast her gaze back to the floor in silent obedience.

I laughed, following the Nanny into the next room and replying "It's all right, dollies are sometimes meant to be a little bit cranky - it completes the realisticness which otherwise wouldn't be there if they only wee'd, poo'd, and cried."

I looked down at Sarah in the Nanny's arms, and added "And Sarah is my favourite dolly", while I tickled her a little under her chin. Despite the pouting, Sarah loved the attention, I could tell - it was part of the reason that I had chosen her. She loved being my favourite, she loved being responsibility-free, even if she didn't show it on the outside.

With a whoosh I sunk into one of the lounge chairs, letting out a comfortable moan and summoning one of the latest dolly magazines. There was always new merch to look for, more and more every year, it was thrilling. Across from me, Nanny was on the couch, and I glanced over my book to see her guiding Sarah to the nipple of her exposed breast, her top and bra unclasped to reveal the warm milking teat. Content, I lay back, smiling and listening to the steady suckling as I read my book. The Nanny cooed to the girl, who for her part occasionally let out a little moan of indignance, but there was nothing she could do - I'd summoned the Nanny out of my own imagination, and those enormous breasts could deliver great quantities of milk, enough to fill several pre-prepared bottles in the fridge for Sarah's naptimes.

Eventually, Sarah was being burped, and I put my magazine onto a magical shelf which would reappear whenever I wanted it. As usual, the milk made Sarah drowsy, and we had to put her down for a nap, which was fine with me. As we moved into the nursery, the Nanny checked her diaper, and declared that it was still hardly used, and added another diaper atop for good measure.

I helped dress Sarah in one of the most adorable onesies I'd ever found, which had a small row of ballerina-like ruffles around the hips, and bulged out enormously over her double thick diapers. I'd been so excited when I'd taken Sarah to the store to try it on. She'd lain in a pram, and from there I had begun multiple trips to everywhere, from parks to sandpits to toystores to clothing outlets of every variety. It only required a small spell to keep her from talking, and another so that nobody would notice anything unusual about her unless they were looking very closely.

She was almost asleep when the Nanny put her into her crib. She laid drowsily on her back with her legs held wide by her diapers, and watched sleepily as Nanny began winding the small mobile again. I leaned over the edge of the crib myself, and gave Sarah a good kiss on the forehead. Rubbing and tickling her tummy a little, I cooed "Mama loves you, Mama loves you, you are Mama's favourite dolly in the world!" And, wouldn't you have it, she smiled. It was a small gesture, and only for the briefest moment before she drifted off to sleep, but I had seen it, I had known, and my insides were shining with love. I took the pacifier dummy which had been abandoned in her crib, and plopped it in her mouth, watching as the rhythmic suckling began, before leaving stealthily with the Nanny.


We exited the nursery, and teleported far away, to another section of my realm. Far away from gently sleeping Sarah, where there was set up another house in the giantness of the endless room.

"You really like playing mama with your dollies, don't you?" the Nanny asked, her tone cooing to me as if I were just a cute child playing with toys.

I blushed, knowing what was coming. When I'd created the Nanny, it seemed that she had just known what her extra responsibilities were, something which I'd been too shy to have asked. "Y-Yes Nanna," I replied shyly.

As soon as we were inside, she flipped up my black goth skirt, and easily hooked her two thumbs into the sides of my pink underwear. They came down with a tug, and I bit my lip, holding a deep breath.

She hoisted me onto a padded surface, laying me on my back and spreading my legs wide, causing a shiver of excitement to run through me as she got to work, rubbing powder into my nethers and all over my tookus with her bare hands. I pinkened a little when she produced a large glass thermometer to check my temperature from behind, and was in ecstasy when she produced three thick cloth diapers, and a thick liner pad which ran all the way from back to front in the middle, and pinned me tightly into the lot. I was undressed and redressed into a blooming purple baby doll dress, and matching waterproof panties came up over my diapers, with three rows of ruffles across the back and similarly ringed frills around each leg hole.

I had to act like such a big girl when playing with my dollies, for their sake as I was their Mama, but Nanna knew that I was feeling guilty, a slight case of being fraud, ultimately a child playing with her toys. She made sure to punish me for it - I'd probably be getting a spanking later, would be forced to write lines, or put on a proper little girl tea party with some of my old dolls. As I was lead through the kitchen and past the highchair, I looked at the ducky potty and whimpered, hoping that Nanny would at least let me try that again today. But I doubted it, with how thickly diapered I was, she'd probably put me down for an uncomfortable wet nap just like Sarah.

For now though, it seems she had something different in mind, and lead me towards an invention which I barely remembered that I had. It was something that I had found cute, a mechanical trapezoidal swing set made for babies, which I had enlarged to adult size. She sat me in, and I blushed, knowing that soon as it was turned on, I'd begin to lose myself. Once it was activated, she left me there, to do something or other that Nannies do in another room, while the swing went back and forth, working and rubbing at my nethers, until finally I let out a gasp, and exploded into my diaper with an enormous orgasm.

The swing kept at it, and I went again, slightly worn out and even more compliant by the time that Nana returned. She cooed and led me gently through the house, for my part, I was waddling stupidly behind her while both my wrists were pinned in the strong grip of her right hand. She turned and sat on the couch, and pulled me closer until I was laying on her lap. To my surprise she began to unbuckle her top, and I watched in wide-eyed fascination as the enormous breast heaved out upon being freed. For myself I'd never done this - I'd always been an older girl in Nanny's care and hadn't needed to be fed this way - but I was exhausted, and right now it seemed somehow oddly appropriate. She guided my nervous face to her nipple, and then pushed until I took to it with my mouth. The warm strange liquid began to flow as I sucked, and I found myself surprised yet oddly comforted. Tears formed in my eyes, tears of appreciation and love, and I looked up at Nanny, and knew that from now on when I wasn't playing the Mama to my toys, I'd be treated as a complete baby too.

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