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Roy & Amanda

My name is Roylance Irish Jr. and I am a bedwetter. I have not always been a bedwetter in fact I practicality toilet trained myself, according to my parents at about age 3 I got tired of the irritations I got on my outside thighs from a hot diaper. My mother said that I began to take my diapers off before I was wet and started peeing in the toilet like I had seen others do.

I grew up on a ranch in Southern Utah near Bryce Canyon National Park. My dad was a farmer/ rancher and would ride in local rodeos. I began following in his footsteps riding in rodeos to, and actually wasn't bad.

I married my sweetheart her name was Nancy.

On one fine summer night I was competing in a rodeo at Ruby's Inn just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park, they had a weekly rodeo for the tourists to watch. I was contending for All Around Cowboy but this time there was a new contestant that was just dogging my scores.

I was by choice a saddle bronc rider that was my favorite. I attempted to leave the bull riding alone and I knew if I didn't enter the bull riding that he would win the all around cowboy and I would lose the $2300 purse that went with it.

So I entered the bull riding. I have a deep respect for the bulls, horses don't tend to chase you down and attempt to kill you.

I drew a bull named Texas Tornado. This bull was known for his spinning to the left out of the gate. For those of you not familiar with rodeo, bulls tend to follow a pattern during a ride like spinning to the left. Now this was a good/ bad bull to draw, good because he was good to get points from and bad because this bull had a history. He had killed a rider a few years earlier he had caught the guy with his horns in the chest after the ride he didn't gore him the guy got the wind knocked out of him said he needed to sit down for a minute when someone checked the rider again he was dead an autopsy revealed massive internal injuries.

I had drawn this bull. In the gate he was being ornery kicking at me as I was getting my rig around him and when I started to climb on his back he was ready to go.

When riding a bull you wrap your rope around your left hand if your right handed like me. You tighten it as much as you can tying yourself in by wrapping the rope around your wrist and then tucking it back into your hand, remembering to go to the left when you dismount or tending to hang yourself up meaning your still attached to the bull because you rope is still tied to your hand.

The chute was opened I had to ride this bull for 8 seconds that seems an eternity. About 3 seconds in I feel a sting on my cheek a dang bee had just stung me apparently we had run into the bee while spinning.

At that time I lost my awareness of where I was at, which was atop of 2300 pound killer bull. I started to come off but came off the wrong side, I was hung up and dangling like a rag doll just being tossed around like I was nothing and not 6'3" 235 pound man like I was.

I remember the rodeo clowns came to help me, most people think they're there for comic relief, they're there to save idiot cowboys like me.about that time I felt my shoulder go, popped right out of place and it hurt like hell. That was the last thing I remembered for three days!

When I came to it was June 20, 1989. Three days had passed. I took stock of my injuries my left shoulder was in a sling that was attached to my side with what appeared to be velcro, my left hand had a cast on it, my right shoulder was encased in plaster also with a bar to keep it out straight, my ribs hurt when I moved or took a deep breath, I also had a catheter up my penis that I could see blood in the tube; that didn't hurt really but when you see blood red pee it tends to mess with your mind and I cringed at that one, I also had a brace of some kind on my left knee.

Nancy was there and said I'm so glad your awake she then pushed the nurse call button on my t.v. remote thing that all hospitals have. The nurses station came on and asked what do you need? Nancy said he's awake now, the nurse said I'll be right in.

About 30 seconds later a nurse appeared at my door and said "hello sunshine!" I need to get a full set of vitals, I was hooked up to a blood pressure cuff and had a sat rate thing on my finger she placed a thermometer in my mouth and pushed a button on the screen, my cuff started to inflate and the screen started to give back information.

I am a natural flirt and said that my temp, blood pressure, heart rate are all up because the love of my life Nancy is right here and Nurse your pretty cute yourself. The nurse without missing a beat said no there all normal other than your BP is slightly elevated probably due to pain.

Then she asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 rate your pain. Being the pain in the butt I am so often I said the pain is not on a scale of 1 to 10 it's in my shoulder! (Always the comic). I then said about 6 to 7. I then asked what is wrong with my body. The nurse said the doctor will be here to talk to you and fill you in. I asked if I could get something to eat because I am hungry!

The nurse said the doctor wants to start you on a clear liquid diet. I said that's not food that's drink being the comic again. When can I have some real food? She said the doctor will discuss that with you when he arrives.

The doctor arrived and informed me that after I had passed out from my shoulder being dislocated I was banged around and kicked a couple of times before the clowns could get me un- hooked. I had a slight concussion, my left shoulder was dislocated and they used arthroscopic surgery on that, my right arm wasn't so lucky I was kicked there and not only was it dislocated but there was ligament damage and cartilage damage and my bicep was torn loose they had to actually cut and retrieve the bicep to repair the supra spinoidas, I had never heard of that one before so I asked what is a super spinoidas was . The doctor corrected me it's supra not super. It was part of my rotator cuff. You also got cracked ribs your left knee got twisted and your anterior cruciate ligament was tore or your ACL. You also was kicked in you pubis symphosis breaking it and a small shard of bone nicked your sphincter muscle in your bladder and you may be incontinent. For how long, I asked so far this was the worst news yet I'm 28 years old and to go back to diapers full time, scared the hell out of me. You may only experience this at night in the day if you listen to your bladder you probably can get away without a day time problem.

But at night you won't have the same sensations to alert you and wet at night. Wow I said I'm a 28 year old bedwetter. Isn't there some surgery that we could do? The doctor said not at this time, our medical knowledge is not that advanced at this time.

I felt that I had just been handed a death sentence. I had a hard time getting my head around that one. After I'm all healed how long before I can compete in rodeos again? The doctor said probably never, you don't want to put a lot of force on your shoulders as they very easily may tear again. Another death sentence not only a bedwetter but not able to compete again.

Nancy said I'll be right here to get you through it! At least she was optimistic about it, I sure as hell wasn't. And to find out later, neither was she.

I was to spend the next 9 months in physical therapy trying to get my shoulders and knee rehabbed. After the knee brace came off at 6 weeks and the shoulder cast on the right at 8 weeks the left shoulder brace came off for good at about 7 weeks. My calf and shoulder muscles and right arm had atrophied to where it was like starting from scratch. Every one in town was asking me when I would be competing again? It was hard to tell them probably never.

I don't know how many times I heard the old saying "If you fall off the horse you need to get back on again!" From well wishing people. They didn't understand that riding rodeo again could cripple me for ever.

Getting used to being diapered at night was still a pain in the butt. It wasn't the urine but my skin was not used to wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants again, it would make my hips sore just from sweating no visible signs of a rash but a hell of a lot of itching.

Also Nancy was reluctant to have sex with me due to me wearing diapers. A couple of years ago on an episode of The Simpsons, Homer started wetting his bed and was wearing diapers and Marge had a problem with cuddling with Homer, I lived that for real.

Due to living really rural there were no physical therapist around the area where we lived. Nancy had a brother that lived in Phoenix where there were plenty of physical therapists. Besides I was getting depressed about not being able to compete anymore, if I saw someone riding, or a rodeo on TV it was everything I could do to not bust out bawling like a little kid. We decided to move to Phoenix for my rehab. That was even worse as Phoenix is damn hot one day it hit 122 degrees and is the record my diapers were soaked and I hadn't wet a bit. I finished with rehab about 9 1/2 months later.

Nancy had gotten a job with the local school district and was a lunch lady. I knew that this wasn't her dream job but it paid the bills. We were able to get our own apartment and move out of her brother's house. I joined a gym and was continuing building my body back up somewhat like before the accident the doctors always told me that I would never be the same as before the accident.

My neighbor worked for the State Of Arizona as a Correctional Officer he talked me into applying, I didn't think I had a chance of getting a job with my limitations, but with the working out I had been doing I was in better shape than even I thought, and was hired as a Correctional Officer.

Being a Corrections Officer meant that I would have to go to the academy in Tucson, Arizona called Correctional Officers Training Academy or COTA . Nancy suggested that I use disposable diapers as it would make it easier to deal with my bed wetting as I would not be able to do laundry as needed to wash and dry cloth diapers and leave the plastic pants out to dry not unless I wanted everyone to now that I bed wet. Day one as we were assembling getting ready for our room assignments one guy was checking out the female cadets, one was stunningly beautiful and he made the comment about them letting super models in the academy now. All I could think was she's way out of our league anyway dude.

We entered the academy June 9, 1991 almost 2 years since the accident. The dorms were set up 2 to a room my roommate was a Cadet named Larry Johnston. We didn't hit it off so to speak as we both wanted the bed closest to the door, me because it was closer to the toilets and showers.

Then there were 2. Amanda and I were the last two out of our academy class.

In 1994 The Juvenile Corrections broke off of the Department of Corrections and became the Department of Juvenile Corrections. So we were the last two for ever.

Amanda got pregnant with her 4th kid with her husband Steve. So she was out on maternity leave. I was just carrying on being a Sergeant. Which was starting to get old. I was getting new recruits that treated everything like a joke.

Safety was about down to zero as was moral. I had a meeting with my crew to hopefully shake them up a bit, about the safety I asked which one of you want to be the first to get really hurt by a youth? as some of the youth were quite large. None wanted to be, but when you cut corners, disregard protocols you are inviting in trouble maybe even death. This is a prison please don't forget that. I also informed them that I am getting tired of babysitting you guys and girls. We are all adults let's not become a statistic on the monthly assault report let's be Officers! They were better but other shifts were taking a beating, literally.

The day shift Sergeant came to me one morning and had me address his guys about Safety and Security, professionalism as Correctional Officers. I also told them that if I caught them cutting corners and not following protocol they wouldn't have to worry about the youth, I will kick your ass. It worked for first and second shift. Moral started to improve safety and security was better because I heard through the grapevine that they were more scared of me than any of the youth. I guess they didn't know I was old softie.

About a year later the Powerball grew to about 300 million. Nancy talked me into playing, I told her we didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. How wrong I was! We won 300 million dollars. We took a lump sum which leaves you with 1/2 or 150 million dollars. Then Uncle Sam wants his share of 30% or 45 million dollars leaving us 105 million dollars.

I was tired of the rat race in Phoenix. So with the winnings I bought the family ranch back home in Antimony, Utah. My family sold it for 400 thousand dollars , it cost me 900 thousand dollars to get it back and I had a large house built on the land, I joke saying it was big enough that Nancy could be at one end of the house yelling at me and me at the other end and I can't hear her yelling, seriously it was almost 13,000 square feet 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, I never want to get caught without a toilet around, no daytime accidents.

I retired about 8 years earlier than I had planned. I still kept in touch with Amanda, things weren't going well with her and Steve, her husband had left her for another younger woman. She was left with 4 kids a mortgage the works. I helped get her one of the best divorce Lawyers in Phoenix and she got everything but the shirt on his back, he now is struggling to make his ends meet. About a year later my Nancy got breast cancer that went systemic. I would have given everything I had won in the lottery if it would have saved her life. I learned that cancer doesn't discriminate, rich or poor it doesn't matter.

Now that I am a widower I've tended to get lazy about the house cleaning, I've got that Bachelor mentality I guess, thank god for the maid that comes in once a week. I got a call from Amanda she has about 3 weeks off and asked if she could visit for a while, I was excited that she wanted to visit, I hadn't seen her for like ever. She was leaving Phoenix driving up through Las Vegas and planned to spend a couple of days in Vegas, gambling and loosing her exes money, just having fun relaxing. It gave me time to clean up the place and go to the Walmart in Richfield, Utah to get some food in. I had plenty of meat living on a ranch and all, I have a freezer full of meat. Beef, chicken, venison from last year's deer hunt, fish.

The day arrived for her visit and she arrived. I helped her get her luggage into her room and we caught up on what was going on in the prison that we worked at, what was administration up to now and who had quit or retired, who was sleeping with who it was a regular Peyton Place!

In the morning of the next day I woke up and my bones hurt like heck, I knew it was going to rain and rain hard from the feel of things. I changed out of my diaper and took my morning shower to get rid of the morning pee smell got dressed and went down for to get breakfast ready.

As I was cooking biscuits and sausage gravy, Amanda came down and she had taken a shower to, her hair was still wet. We ate the biscuits and gravy which is one of my favorite breakfasts to make and eat.

We had small talk as I was looking to see how my stocks and bonds were doing. I had became quite the entrepreneur since winning the lottery, most were hemorrhaging a few were up, sign of the times I guess.

We talked about what we could do as the weather was getting bad the wind had picked up and though it hadn't started to rain it was a dark and cloudy day I apologize saying here I invite you over and the weather sucks.

We decided to just sit and watch TV as it was not fit outside for man nor beast. I have satellite dish so we watched a movie on HBO. I lit a fire in the fireplace and we just vegged and basked in the glow.

We eventually got around to talking about our spouses or ex-spouses. She was upset that she had worked at Adobe to put Steve through Dental school and as soon as his practice was thriving, he runs of with his 25 year old dental assistant. She thanked me for the lawyer as she got pretty much everything except his practice, which she gets about 1/2 of his profits in alimony and another 1/4 in child support. And he is finding out the grass is not always greener on the other side in fact his new girlfriend resents the fact that he's out of touch with today's world, he's too old.

I talked about Nancy before she died she was just bones wrapped in skin and how hard it was to see her like that. She had put up with me and my habits for years, she deserved a medal not what she got. The rest of the day was just gloomy inside and out.

At night I put my diapers on getting ready for bed.

I am a kind of old fashioned guy, I wear a nigh shirt to bed that goes down to my knees.

I crawled into bed and started to hear the pitter patter of rain on the roof as the storm finally had arrived.

About 0200 hours I woke up to a crash of Thunder that was close and rattled the house and windows.

There was a flash of lightning and I was counting 1, 1000 2, 1000, and crash the thunder came about 1/2 mile away.

I hoped the cattle we had would be OK. A couple of years earlier I got stuck in the barn and was watching a storm and saw a cow get hit by lightning, it was tossed about 5 to 10 feet in the air came down twitched for a few second and was still, I knew it was dead. When we checked it; the meat was cooked where it was hit, still a bit rare for my likes, I like my meat has to be well done if it bleeds its not for me, but it was cooked medium rare swear to god.

A few seconds later there was another bright flash of lightning, I got out wo before the loudest peal of Thunder I had ever heard rang out.

Amanda came running into my room and jumped onto my bed and arms shaking like a leaf. She asked me to just hold her until the storm passed.

She said she hates loud noises.

As I was holding her when I remembered that I was diapered under the blanket and was praying that she wouldn't find out even though I'm comfortable now that I wet the bed I still don't want the world to know, especially this beautiful woman.

The storm was passing and the electrical storm was moving on to, but it was still raining very heavy.

My dad used to say like a cow pissing on a flat rock! Heavy!

Amanda had a tee shirt on and as I was slowly rubbing her back to help her feel better I hit something underneath that wasn't her panties, it was a disposable diaper!

Amanda, I casually asked her why are you wearing a disposable diaper?

She looked at me was beet red and said very timidly "I still wet my bed" before beginning to cry .

She said that she would understand if I didn't want to be friends anymore that she would pack and leave in the morning if I wanted her to, she just asked and pleaded for me not to tell anyone as the emberrasment would be terrible for her and asked if I could still hold her as she has two reasons now and is still scared?

I told her to hang on it isn't the end of the world, she wasn't the only person in the world that still wets their bed, besides I think they kind of look sexy on you.

When I said that her sobs began to subside and her million watt smile was beginning to return, you do she asked?

I told her You could make a burlap bag look sexy.

She was feeling better about my discovery.

She said she had been a nightly bed wetter until age 17 1/2 years old then she stopped and soon after began dating Steve and they were married when she was 19 and soon after got pregnant with child #1 soon after she had gotten pregnant with child #2 when she started having occasional bed wetting accidents again.

After child # 3 it had returned and was pretty much nightly again by child #4 it was affecting my daytime control as well.

I asked her remember when we we in the academy and a used disposable adult diaper was found in the girls dorm bathroom, was that yours?

She nodded in the affirmative, wasn't one of my better moments I had totally forgotten it she said with a small smile.

She asked me why do you ask?

I informed her that I had gotten blamed for it as I pulled down the covers, lifted my night shirt up and exposed my own diapers to her.

A big grin came across her face, she said I have never met an active fellow bed wetter that I knew of in my life.

I told her you knew one all along and so did I, we just didn't speak of this part of our lives because of the taboo of bed wetting.

She said that Steve had a problem with my bed wetting that's really the reason he left he couldn't handle it anymore.

I told her about Nancy not wanting to have sex with me after I started wetting the bed and wearing diapers to bed.

She said you poor man, then it dawned on her "started" weren't you always a bed wetter?" I told her about my accident in the rodeo and what happened. She said why haven't we heard about this before? I said do you really think that I could have gotten hired by a state agency if i had told them of my problems with bad shoulders, knees, and let alone all the force that we used saving the kids butts when they wanted to hurt themselves or others.

Taking a risk to re-injure myself during those times?

She smiled and said I'm um soaking wet and so are you, we both could use a change couldn't we?

Where are your supplies?

I showed her my drawer where all my supplies were kept.

She said I'll be right back and she went to her room and came back with her own plastic pants and cloth diaper.

I usually wear these at home but with being on the road disposables are easier to deal with at most times.

She had me stand up and lifted up my night shirt, pulled down my plastic pants she then removed my cloth diaper and took it to my bathroom where she put it in my hamper until morning.

She placed another diaper on me and sprinkled baby powder inside and put my plastic pants back on.

I let my night shirt fall back down.

She laid down on the bed and took her tee shirt off and there she was just in a diaper and a soaking wet one to boot all I could think of was "Dear Penthouse"!

I removed her disposable and wrapped it up like the pro I was from several years of dealing with disposables myself.

I then placed her cloth diaper under her and sprinkled baby powder to her private area.

She then took my hand and told me she likes hers rubbed in, I was more than obliging.

I heard a moan escape her lips as I was rubbing it into her clitoris & labia area.

I then pinned her diaper on which was something that I normally don't do because I wear pull up cloth diapers I'm no expert when it comes to folding and pinning a diaper on myself.

Could never get them tight enough would wake up with them down around my knees.

I Put her plastic pants on and crawled back into bed, just before getting into bed I pulled my night shirt off and let it drop to the floor saying, I won't need this!

Both of us were only wearing diapers.

We decided that we were both to secured in our diapers to do anything about it so we fell asleep in each arms.

This was a fantasy come true for the both of us as she revealed to me later that she had the fantasy of us both in bed diapered together, and I informed her that I had, had that same fantasy.

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