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We were both awoken the next morning by the phone ringing.

I answered it, it was the maid Mrs. Grey she informed me that with all the rain last night there was some flash flooding and she couldn't get to my house due to the road to my house had flooded and washed away.

I said it was alright that I had cleaned the house already because I had company come in for a visit.

She asked if we will be alright due to being stranded for at least two days before they could get a road grader in to regrade the road.

I said I went to Richfield and got food two days ago and I have a generator if the power goes down, plus wind power and solar power, so we should be good.

She said alright then you can contact me if you need anything or have an emergency or something.

We both said good bye and I hung up the phone. Amanda asked who was that?

I informed her that it was Mrs. Grey the cleaning lady informing me that we are stranded due to flooding from the storm.

She said so we're by ourselves?

With a sly smile on her face.

For at least 2 days I said.

Afterwards the sly smile turned to a devious smile across her lips.

I said we were lucky that Mrs. Grey couldn't get here otherwise we would have been caught in a very compromising position me with a very beautiful woman in my bed and our wet diapers hanging out all over the place hardly dressed at all, everyone would have known as Mrs. Grey is the town busy body gossip.

As I playfully spanked her bottom, which made her giggle.

She then began to trace the scars on my shoulders from the surgeries that I had had from the accident.

Your never told me all about the accident and what happened.

I said how about I show you. We went downstairs to the TV and I pulled out an old VHS tape and I said when the injury happened this was the current form of media that was in style DVD's were still in the future.

I plugged the tape in to the VCR and it lit up the screen.

There I was a much younger version of me anyway.

I was in the gate on top of Texas Tornado.

The chute opens and the bull starts spinning about 3 seconds in I paused the tape and asked do you see that little spot on my cheek right there?

She said yes, I said that is a bee and he is about ready to sting me because I just entered his fly zone.

And bang my hand went up to brush my cheek instead of maintaining my balance and then I lost my balance, and fell of the wrong way which then binds the rope tighter around my hand.

The rodeo clowns come out and attempt to help me but are almost stomped themselves as the bull is still spinning.

You see my shoulder give way there I'm like spinning and my arm is twisted in an unusual way my rotator cuff was torn and it hurt so bad that I fainted, passed out.

Now I'm just being tossed around my face hits the side of the bull and my head pops back that was a concussion.

The bull starts to kick at me and totally blows out my right shoulder right there.

The rope breaks the pointing finger and pinkie finger bones just below my fingers.

The bull kicks me what looks like in the groin but it's just a little bit above my groin breaking my pelvis and a small bone shard hits my bladder sphincter causing me to wear these at night as I point to my slightly wet diaper, and finally the rodeo clowns get me unhooked and as I come down from four feet in the air and unconscious, my left knee twists as I land tearing my ACL.

Charles Patterson was the clown that saved my bacon from further damage or death, every time when he comes to town I buy him a 6 pack of beer as he says I was just doin my job nothing special, just savin another dumb cowboy, then he bursts out laughing like it the funniest joke he ever heard, I let him because he saved this dumb cowboy.

I looked at Amanda and I saw a tear run down her cheek.

Hey I didn't mean to depress you too.

She smiled when I said that.

I said can I say something with out you getting mad at me?

She said maybe, I said every since I have gotten to know you I have always had a crush on you, but since I was married and you was to I just kept it to myself.

She said what was was it that drew you to me my tits or rapier wit she said in jest.

I would have to say it was your smile that first attracted you to me then your beautiful face, your tits had nothing to do with it, I'm not a breast man I'm a face man, then your personality was a close 3rd.

She said can I tell you something?

I kind of knew that you were attracted to me most men are, I was also attracted to you, and I never did anything because of the same reasons.

Plus I didn't know how you would react to the fact that I am incontinent, then I find out you are almost to, and isn't life grand right now for the both of us?

I had to smile at that one.

We were still in our night attire and I mentioned that since we were both wet that we should get a shower and get dressed.

Amanda said you know when I get a chance I like to stay in my diapers for as long as I can.

She kind of blushed when she said that and looked at me with her pleading eyes.

Well were not that wet after a 3 AM change so I guess we should be OK.

Her smile broadened again and she came and sat down next to me.

She then laid her head on my arm because you remember that I was about 16 inches taller than she was.

I moved my arm around her shoulders and gave her a hug and let her lean on my chest.

She said since the roads are washed out and we're trapped here together, I just want to get closer to you because I'm attracted to you also, have been for years.

Being the cheek that I am I asked was it my tits or rapier wit that attracted you to me?

I could feel her laughing under my embrace, she said, I guess I deserved that one.

No you have the ability that when we were in crisis mode you didn't loose your head when everyone else was loosing theirs, you were always assessing the situation thinking one step in front of the situation and other staff and kids, I swear we could almost hear the gears in your brain turning.

And above all else you could remain calm which reassured me and helped me remain calm.

Larry said the same thing that you being calm rubbed off on others and we seldom hit panic mode.

The other Sergeants said that they wished that they could do the same.

Heck even Lieutenants said the same.

After you left it came down to us vets to carry that torch.

The newbys we have now think that a crisis is insurmountable and fall to pieces, even some of our new Sergeants are not the leaders you were.

I made the comment Sergeants, I never knew one that was worth their salt including me.

There were a lot of administration that thought that you could have been one of them.

I looked at her and said I could have never been one of them because I was there for the voice of the YCO's the little man something administrators have forgotten of when they were put in that position.

We just sat and talked for a while, then I heard a small hiss.

I looked down and Amanda was pissing her diaper more, right in front of me.

She said I haven't had my morning pee yet as she began to finish what she started, with that she gave me a wink.

I realized that my bladder was full and I had to released my morning urine into my waiting diaper.

Since both of our plastic pants were clear I could see where her diaper was absorbing the reminent of her morning pee and she could see the same of mine.

I stood up and said I need a shower now and she agreed with me.

We made our way back to the master bathroom off my bedroom on the way I picked up my night shirt and her oversized tee shirt and put them in the hamper before stepping into the shower which was large enough for 5 people, but there was just us two.

I turned on the shower and then we took off our plastic pants and rinsed them out.

I knelt down and removed her pins letting her diaper fall to the shower floor.

I was almost as tall as she was on my knees.

At this time I noticed that she had no pubic hair which I hadn't noticed the night before while diapering her. She noticed me starring and said I shave it off due to my wetting.

I asked does it help?

It makes clean up a snap when your pubic hairs don't smell like pee.

Nobody had ever suggested this to me before because I knew in the morning my pubes did reek of urine.

I got my shave cream and a razor and made the joke please be gentle!

She pulled my diaper down revealing my pubic hairs and sprayed some shaving cream into her hand and applied it to my hairs and began to drag the razor gently across my hairs that I had had since puberty.

I said to myself when I started to loose my hair on my head I had no problems shaving it off, why am I feeling like less of a man because I'm getting my pubic hairs shaved off?

About a minute later I was clean shaven for the first time on my pubic bone area.

I had to admit it felt more sensitive there but there was a scar from my injury where they did surgery to wire my pelvis back together.

We scrubbed each other off and then dried ourselves off.

We returned to my bedroom I got some boxer shorts out and slid them on and Amanda went to her room to get her undies.

She returned with what looked like a pull up diaper that was a bit thicker than regular underwear and a matching plastic pantie that could pass for underwear.

What are those I asked?

She said remember last night I told you I had daytime incontinence?

These are my special underwear.

They look kind of like regular underwear but are in fact an absorbent garment and plastic panty for when I leak.

I said I still think you look sexy in anything you'd wear.

She said thank you for the compliment.

I have always thought that you were sexy also!

I said lady you just made my day!

After breakfast I told Amanda that I had to drive around the farm and check for damages from the storm.

My hired hands can't get past the flooding so we're going to have to do the feeding and milk 2 cows.

She said I've never milked a cow before this should be entertaining.

We got to the barn and as I was walking down the main part I heard Amanda gasp look out!

Just as I was nudged by a bull in the back.

OK Curly I'm glad to see you too, as I began to rub the bulls back.

This is Curly he thinks he's a dog as I scratched his ears, he's harmless, aren't you Curly.

He's my Herfordshire bull he's worth $30,000.00 just to think he's a dog.

I raised him from a calf and he's also a show animal, won a few ribbons in his day.

Amanda came and started scratching him to, Curly ate it up.

I said let me get him some hay and water as I got a bale of hay and filled up his water barrel.

I got the tractor and hitched the flat trailer to it and began placing bales on it stacking them until there was about 20 bales on it.

I then started driving the tractor towards the field. I instructed Amanda to watch the Power Take Off or the PTO.

That's the little shaft that sticks out the back of a tractor that spins around.

It is designed to run attachments behind the tractor this was not a safe place to stand.

Unfortunately it happens to be the most convenient.

There was a kid in town here that got his leg caught in the PTO. and it almost crippled him for life.

We went to the field and the cows began to come to the trailer they knew it was feeding time.

I asked Amanda if she could drive a stick shift she informed me she could so after a few instructions about how to drive a tractor, I began cutting the strings off the bales and dropping sections of the bale behind the tractor as we drove around he field.

We returned to the barn and I got Bessie, and Darla the two milk cows in the their stalls and began hand milking Bessie she was slightly upset that she hadn't been milked earlier by swatting at me with her tail.

I got her done then moved to Darla she too was at the leaking point but didn't seem as upset as Bessie.

Amanda asked me why didn't I do Darla first.

Well cows have a pecking order if I had done Darla first she would have been upset because of fear of reprisal from Bessie for going first and Bessie would have been miffed at me for not taking her first and probably kicked the milk bucket over, and then we would have no fresh milk to drink tonight.

You don't drink it warm Amanda asked?

You can but every since I was a kid I have hated the taste of warm milk, it makes me gag.

And yes I was breast fed as a baby.

Now I like my milk ice cold besides after it cools the cream floats to the top and we use that to make butter; and nothing better on corn flakes than fresh cream in the morning.

After the chores were done and we had washed up so we didn't smell like cows ourselves.

I sat down in my big easy chair and had Amanda sit on my lap.

Soon just like a bunch of over aged teenagers which we were, we were kissing and Amanda began slipping me the tongue just like teenagers.

I hadn't had this much interaction with a female since before Nancy had gotten sick, and my penis began to grow to the point where I was almost lifting Amanda off my lap, (I'm older, not dead yet folks.)

Amanda was not lost to this fact and began to stroke my penis through my Levis.

I had to stop and I said Amanda we need to stop.

As you know I have told you before that I'm kind of old fashioned.

I was brought up to believe that sex was between a married couple where the lady was placed on a pedestal and not viewed as a sexual object Amanda said where have you been all my life.

Most guys would love to jump my bones, love me then leave me.

I said don't get me wrong that thought has crossed my mind, I said well I was just raised to be a gentleman, not an animal.

Amanda said well you bring up a valid point I guess we'll have to get married!

I was like what did you just say?

Thinking maybe I didn't hear her right.

We'll have to get married.

Hear me out Roy, we both have known each other for years, we secretly have loved each other that long but we're in our own relationships at the time; we know each other from working so closely as a team we can non verbally communicate with each other, I knew when you had had enough verbally counseling a youth and it was time to escalate a situation just because you gave us that look, that meant watch out physical force time.

We have some of the same health problems, we both wet our beds and who would understand the stigma of bed wetting better than another bed wetter?

I brought up what about religion I know your Catholic and I'm a Mormon this town is 99.1% Mormon I think there is 1 family that aren't LDS or Mormons and their 2 sons have converted.

I am a cowboy that listens to rock and roll instead of country and western.

That one made her laugh.

You have a great sense of humor, your charming, you have convictions to stand by your guns.

I said what about your 4 kids and my 1 son what will they think if we move so fast, will it last, how compatible can we be?

Roy we have secretly loved each other for years don't we deserve this? What about Steve he won't have to pay you alimony anymore. My lawyers will insist on a pre nuptial agreement.

Fine she said I'll sign anything, I love you that much.

I said I tend to get ornery at times and stubborn, selfish. She said so do I.

OK then we'll get married as I wiped the sweat from my brow.

I asked her how much are you getting from Steve each month in alimony?

She said about $6,000 a month between alimony and child support, well I guess I can be more generous if this doesn't work out I'll give you $20,000 a month but there will be a few provisions 1. You and your kids move here. 2. There will be a clause that nulls the $20, 000 it goes away if it can be proved that you have ever cheated on me with another man. Agreed?

Agreed she said! Now how would you like to go camping for our honeymoon Roy asked?

Where to she asked?

I know a secluded spot up on the mountain one of my favorite places to go.

Sounds wonderful she said!

I contacted my lawyers about the prenuptial agreement. They rented a helicopter and flew a Lawyer into the ranch and she signed it as well as me and it was witnessed by the lawyer. And that part was done. It actually took 3 days before the road was able to be traveled on.

We got into my Cowboy Cadillac, or pick up truck.

Most people are Chevrolet fans or Ford fans, or even a few Dodge fans in the town I'm from, I have to be different I bought a Nissan Titan pick up truck.

It was fully loaded and had leather seats, and a big workstation with lots of space for like my phone CD's with rock and roll music.

I said for you I will close the cover and place it back up so you can sit next to me. In the 2 years since I had bought the truck it was the first time it had been used as part of the seat. Amanda sat next to me and we drove the 55 miles to the biggest town around these parts Richfield where we filed for our marriage license and went to the court house and was married by the justice of the peace.

We then headed north towards Ogden, Utah to see my son Roylance The III.

I told Nancy that I would never name my son the III, because dad was Senior I was Junior there was no way I would have someone calling him III or The Third.

But Nancy over rode me and now there is a Roylance Irish III.

I apologize to him every time I see him.

He says it makes him sound rich.

I remind him that when he was named that, we weren't.

Amanda hadn't seen him since he was about 14 years old so she was surprised when I told her where we were going. About 3 hours later we pulled into his condo at the mouth of Ogden Canyon.

We knocked and my daughter in law Marie answer the door.

Dad were so glad to see you come on in.

We entered and Roy the III came and when he saw who was with me he said Aunt Amanda how are you doing as he gave her a hug.

Amanda was surprised that he had grown up into a man, she said the last time I saw you, you were about the same highth as me now look at you!

Marie this is Aunt Amanda we used to go to her house or she would come to ours every weekend. Well sometimes those weekends were only part of the weekend Sunday, Monday or Friday, Saturday what ever days they had off. Marie said I thought that Saturday, Sunday was weekends all three of us said at the same time "not in corrections", that was our catch phrase of weekends some have Wednesdays, Thursdays off when we all first started.

We run 24/7 365 days a year, holidays were not time and a half like normal people we got an extra day called Holiday pay there was 80 extra hours of vacation a year when I retired after winning the lottery I had about 1000 hours of holiday pay that I received, Amanda said I have 1400 hours currently and about 1000 hours of sick leave, and we are only allowed to carry 235 hours of vacation pay a year and I'm earning 6. 63 hours a pay period which works out to about 3 weeks a year and Admin has a cow if you use more than 2 weeks at a time.

I'm off for three this time, and yes their having a cow right now.

About this time a little girl walks in and yells Gwanpa. Junior says Rebecca, how's my girl as he picks her up under her arms and lifts her to the ceiling. Roy says to the girl how is work, the girl says Gwanpa I don't have a job in a serious voice; then Roy says no? How is high school? The girl says Gwanpa I don't go to school till next year. About this time the girl figures out that Roy is teasing her and says Gwanpa! Roy says well your getting so big I almost didn't recognize you. Roy places her standing on her feet on the floor and she starts looking down to see where she had grown. Amanda notices that the girl has Down's syndrome.

Roy the III asks dad why did you come to Ogden for?

Well I have some news for you, and I don't know how you'll take it so I wanted to tell you man to man, Marie asks are you okay dad, Roy Junior says never better but as of 11 AM this morning you have a step mother.

Both of their jaws dropped as they were both surprised.

To Aunt Amanda Roy Juniors son asked?

Dad it's about time you did something like this we, Marie and I have been thinking about playing Matchmaker with some of the older women that Marie works with at the IRS. Junior say good thing you didn't a millionaire and an IRS agent sounds like a match made Hellven, Roy Jr. Said making a contraction of heaven and hell. Roy III, says to his daughter Rebecca this is your new step grandma, Amanda.

She has been a friend of the family's since I was about your age. Rebecca says I got a Gwandma? Yea!

and she ran to Amanda and hugged her. Amanda said that one's going to take some time to get used to I've never been called gwandma before. Roy, Amanda you'll stay for dinner, Marie asked? Roy said we don't want to impose. Marie said nonsense, your staying besides I want to get to know my new mother in law and see if she passes muster. Roy Junior said she better, it ain't like I can throw her back now.

Marie asked Amanda to help her fix dinner.

Roy Junior said please don't be to hard on her.

Marie said this isn't exactly the Spanish inquisition. (Not from Amanda's perspective).

As they were making a salad Marie began by saying Junior needs someone to look after him he's been alone in that big house for the past 3 years almost since mom died.

He eats way to much meat we worry that he might just drop dead from a heart attack before he's 60.

His saying is vegetarian is an Indian word meaning doesn't know how to hunt. They both giggled at that. How well do you know Roy Junior.

We went through the academy together back in 1991. We worked together, he was my Sergeant, we hung out together on our days off swimming in our pool, barbecues when we could.

Marie asked do you know about the accident? I have recently just found out about the severity of it why?

You know about his problem at night, Amanda said yes I am aware.

She related the story about the night of the storm and about her own incontinence problems. Marie was relieved. It could have been a problem on your wedding night to find your spouse wears special underwear to bed.

Marie said I only told Roy Junior this so he knows, Roy the III knows now but I wet my bed until I was 14 years old too and my mother was a witch about it beating me, shaming me, telling my friends that I couldn't go to sleepovers because I will piss all over them.

No diapers in our house it was a rubber sheet on the bed and a fitted sheet that was hung out for all to see.

Roy Junior claims my mother should have been horse stomped for the way she treated me.

At our wedding Roy was nice to my mother but I could tell he didn't care for the lady, he practiced self control.

Does Rebecca have any problems, Amanda asked, not with bed wetting no but as you can tell she has other hurdles to over come. Down's syndrome I could tell Amanda said.

Yes but she's the apple of Juniors eye, he's, just an over grown kid at times himself Marie said.

Roy Junior wanted to come here and tell Roy III, he was afraid that he would see me as a threat to Nancy's memory. Marie said My Roy has been worried about his dad, he remembers his Uncle Larry that killed himself, due to the stress from working in that prison.

Yes Larry was a good friend of ours Amanda said.

Did Roy Junior ever tell you about when they met Amanda asked? They couldn't stand each other when they first met as roommates at the academy.

But through the years became best friends. He would relate that to the youth after they had fought with each other.

Mare said Roy Junior is one of a kind macho, to the max. I never met Roy Senior but he was an even bigger legend. Roy Junior is tamer and my Roy is tamer than his dad so if we have a son I want to name him Roy the IV so he can just about be normal.

Roy and Amanda returned to the ranch very late from Ogden, they dressed for night and went straight to bed because they were both too tired to do anything that night.

Roy awoke just before daylight and watched Amanda sleep for a few minutes before getting up getting a glass of water he decided to go out and watch the sunrise.

He stepped out on to the patio and was about to sit in his patio chair when he heard the rattle of the snake under the chair he slowly moved back and was able to get out of reach of the strike if this Mohave Rattlesnake decided to bite, he went into the living room and grabbed his 45 pistol and went back out and shot the snake still under his chair.

Amanda heard the shot waking her up and she came running, living in Phoenix you know the sound of gunfire when you hear it, besides in the academy you had to qualify with small arms and large caliber rifles in case you ever work the tower and had to shoot an escaping prisoner.

She found Roy on the patio picking up what looked like a thick rope, before she realized it was a snake, she shuddered just thinking about a slimy snake. Being from Phoenix she had seen her share of Rattlesnakes they found about 5 a year on the prison facility especially when it was hot like now.

They had a staff that had been taught how to handle the snakes he had Kevlar boots and his leather gloves had a lining of Kevlar, he also had some long tong like things that he could pick up the snake with.

They usually put it in a large garbage can and that snake staff would take it out and turn it loose several miles away.

She honestly liked Roy's way of handling it better, bang their dead! She hated snakes.

Roy said sorry I woke you up so dang early came out to watch the sunrise from the patio and this sucker was under my chair.

Roy tossed the dead snake back into the brush after pulling the rattles off this snake, I pull the rattles off of all the snakes I kill I have a large bucket full of rattlers.

Roy sat down and Amanda sat on his lap and started kissing him like she had the other day. We're married now does that offer to place me on a pedestal still stand?

Because the only pedestal I want to sit on is yours she whispered in his ear as she started to kiss his neck and nibbling on his ears which was totally exciting Roy.

He picked her up and carried her back to the bed running as fast as you can while carrying someone safely.

He tossed her on the bed removed her plastic pants undid her pins and tossed her wet diaper to the side and began to kiss her neck working his way down her body and causing shivers on her flesh where he was kissing and had made it down to her bare pubic bone area when he began to give her clitoris soft kisses that now sent shivers through her entire body.

He continued to kiss her clitoris until he felt her whole body react to an orgasm that lasted for what seemed an eternity to Amanda as she felt a few drops of pee escape and drip down and be absorbed by the sheets.

Roy was still keeping the orgasm going by licking her clitoris every so often.

Amanda tried to remember when she had an orgasm like this, she couldn't remember but she was sure it involved some sort of battery powered device and it had been self initiated.

Roy was up pulling his diaper down and began to find her love nest as she called it and whatever you call it it felt wonderful as the remnants of the last orgasm had still not dissipated and was returning with stronger spasms.

This went on for about 15 minutes before Roy gave up his load which seemed to shoot for a while.

And when the last spasm from Amanda died he removed himself from her.

Amanda smiled and said wow!

You'll kill me if this keeps happening, I wonder has anyone ever died from excessive orgasms? She was laughing when she said that last part.

It was well worth the wait Mr. Irish. My pleasure Mrs. Irish. Amanda at that point said it again Mrs. Irish. That will take a little time to get used to, like grandma, I've never been a grandma before, always Mom and mostly because someone wants something from me.

Roy? Yes dear. Is it going to be OK to move my kids in with us here? You know I have 4 kids! Shelby she's the oldest at 15, Devon he's 12, Christian or Chris he's 9 and Kellie she 7 now.

How are the schools here in town? The schools are fine, your kids are going to have to get used to smaller schools and fewer students my graduating class was 33 kids 23, girls and 10 boys. Three of those boys came from the smallest town Antimony.

As far as moving your kids here I never hated growing up on a farm.

Learned about sex by watching the animals breeding and watching the birth that was a result of that action.

Farming/ Ranching can help a kid to grow decent values by doing chores.

As far back as I can remember I've had chores to do whether it was as small as feeding the chickens or as huge as watering the crops that are your lively hood.

I learned responsibility for my actions. I know I'm responsible for what I do in my life.

Amanda said I've heard that speech before you used to use it on the boys at Adobe.

Well it's true. I got tired of them blaming everyone else but themselves for their problems, and I told them their problems won't go away until they take responsibility for their actions and live like a functional member of society.

We turned a lot of boys into men in that place haven't we Amanda said! I sure hope so. Well let's get our shower and get ready for our honeymoon Roy said .

If it's anything like sex this morning I'll be walking bow legged Amanda said!

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