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Roy and Amanda packed the truck up with all kinds of camping equipment tent, sleeping bags, coolers, camp stoves lanterns, and saddles.

Roy pulled the Nissan Titan King Cab (4 doors seating for 6). and hooked up a horse trailer with 2 Palominos in it.

Amanda said I've never ridden a horse before, Roy said that's okay I'll teach you.

Did you pack disposables for camping easier to use. Amanda said yes!

They went out the gate and started to immediately climb up the road on the side of the mountain. As they got further the road became steeper and steeper. Roy started to loose traction but put it in a lower gear and slowly began to climb up the mountain road again.

He made it to the top and a clearing and shifted to a higher gear again. Amanda said it sure is pretty up here.

Roy said see that little dip inside that boulder there?

Amanda said I see it why?

It's called Marcus' Barber Shop Roy said.

Amanda asked why is it called that?

Roy replied many years ago my Uncle Marcus my mom's brother was up here for the deer hunt and it began to snow dropped 20 degrees just like that and he didn't have a winter coat on because it was only October and snows don't usually start until November up here so Uncle Marcus decided to light a fire, just a small one though and he got between the fire and that recess in the rock, then when a huge gust of wind fanned that fire up and Uncle Marcus lost most of his hair but he didn't have much of because he was follicle challenged like me, his eye brows got singed off so they started calling this Marcus' Barbershop.

Amanda started to laugh are there a lot of places named for people's stupidity?

Hey your talking about my uncle Marcus he just made a poor choice.

They went on for a while more before Roy had to put it in 4 wheel drive.

They came upon a lake and Amanda gasped at the beauty of it. We're here Roy said, Amanda was still taking in the beauty and commented about how peaceful it feels here.

Roy said yep this is the most peaceful place I know I used to come up here when I had some life decisions to make.

See this stream here? Amanda said yes of course. Roy said that is the stream that runs through our ranch it's how it got its name Sunny Creek Ranch.

It's so clear you would say it's about 2 feet deep but it will be above your head the water is so clear, but it's to dam cold to try to swim in, I know I tried, once!

All these trees what kind are they Amanda asked? We called them Quaking Aspen but they are actually called Poplar trees everywhere else. Roy showed her where he had carved his name in a tree when he was 12 years old. The tree had built up something like a scar and was still in the tree today. Roy said we didn't know better back then that t could also let in germs and bugs killing the tree so we don't do it anymore.

Roy started to unload the truck and moved the horses from the trailer and tied them to a rope and taught Amanda how to tie a bowline knot.

If you don't do it right it becomes a slip knot and will choke the horses I almost learned the hard way my first time.

They then set up the tent and put the camp kitchen and finally Roy took off his black Stetson that he always wore and took put a purple bandanna and wiped his forehead off.

Amanda asked purple? Roy said well remember that we didn't wear anything blue or red at the prison because it was gang colors. I still won't use an aluminum can because it can be used to make a shiv with, I don't own hardly anything blue or red other than I have a blue suit and a dark brown suit which I wear more the blue, old habits die hard, besides purple is my favorite color.

Amanda said big old tough Roy likes purple, and kind of giggled.

Roy said if it's good enough for Donny Osmond it's good enough for me.

Roy reached in the back of the truck and pulled out an ax. I'll go chop us some wood for the fire tonight.

Amanda asked why do we need a fire?

Roy grinned and said to keep the bears, cougars, deer, coyotes, beavers, wood chucks and rattle snakes away, just kidding the rattlesnakes will be attracted to the heat their cold blooded.

Amanda looked at Roy who was grinning now but Amanda wasn't to sure now. As she thought to herself dammit I married Grizzly Adams.

Roy was thinking that'll teacher to make fun of my purple bandanna!

Later that night she saw Roy take something into the tent she couldn't tell what it was but it was long and narrow, she realized that it was a rifle.

When Roy came out of the tent she asked him about the rifle.

Did you think that I was kidding about critters out here?

The worlds record for the largest cougar was shot around these parts about 40 years ago by a resident of town, he took the record away from a guy that had held the record for 80 years by the name of Teddy Roosevelt, ever hear of him? Yes he was President of the United States Amanda said. Roy said that is correct that record stood for 14 years before some guy from Idaho beat him.

Roy said It's going to start to get colder maybe we should get ready for bed.

It doesn't seem that cold yet Amanda said. Yes I know that but we're at it about 7000 feet above sea level I've seen water freeze at night here in mid August Roy said, and I don't want you catching cold while changing into your adorable diapers for the night, or freezing your cute caboose off would ruin the honeymoon!

Amanda smiled at his statement.

They entered the tent. This was the first time that Amanda had been inside the tent and she was flooded with smells that weren't unpleasant wood smoke, was the leading odor that she smelled then the smell of the canvas the tent was made from.

Roy said you like the smells don't you? How did you know Amanda asked? Nancy claimed to not smell it, I on the other hand embrace it. It reminds me of camping with my family when I was a kid.

Amanda remember a camping trip with her family when she was younger before her father died and the tent smelled an awful lot like this one.

That's what brings back a lot of memories certain smells Roy said.

Yes she said; but then she remembered in the morning there was another smell added, urine her diaper had leaked during the night. Hopefully not tonight, she remembered that her mother had washed her sleeping bag in the lake and let it sit out all day to dry and how embarrassed she was that others in the camp ground saw her sleeping bag drying in the sun and knew there was a bed wetter in the family!

Roy was blowing up an air mattress and about had it full by the time she was done reminiscing about her younger days.

Roy then unrolled the sleeping bags and unzipped the bags totally and began to zip them together to make 1 big bag.

Amanda was impressed she didn't know that you could put two together and make 1 big one.

Roy then went back outside he was using dutch ovens to cook tonight's dinner and cooking it over the fire.

When supper was ready he handed her a plate with venison stew and fried potatoes that was out of this world, this was all cooked in dutch ovens Amanda asked?

Yep, said Roy and we got berry cobbler for desert. Amanda ate like she had been half starved and asked for seconds it tasted so dang good.

Roy got the cobbler out and got some vanilla Ice cream from the cooler, oh my god she said I have died and gone to heaven!

Roy just snickered glad you like it! By the way when we went in the tent you were being so nostalgic we forgot our diapers.

She said you know your right as she began to laugh. It's a good thing though I would have split the tapes by now, I ate like a horse. Roy said I think it's the altitude brings out the the pig in us all.

Of course I hoped I would have liked it to have been my cooking Roy said.

That was good to Amanda said and If you can do the dishes you'll get the job said Amanda.

What job is that Roy asked?

Best husband ever she said.

After dishes were all done which took a while because they had to heat the dish water.

They also had to put all food away. We don't need any Yogi bears looking for picnic baskets. Roy said in his best Yogi the Bear voice right boo-boo which she replied back in her best Booboo voice whatever you say Yogi, either way Ranger Smith ain't going to like it.

They both had a good laugh. They went inside the tent and had a command performance of the love making that they had yesterday. They got their diapers on and went to bed both sleeping like babies literally as during the night they both lost their battle to stay dry at within seconds of each other.

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