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Im going to tell you a true story of the best night in my life. I will warn you now that if you don't like swearing, drugs, alcohol, insanely out of control partys and sex then I don't recommend you reading this story. However if your cool with all of that then please read. I'm not writing this to try become a publisher. I just want to share my experience cause I like reading other peoples experience and I feel like some might enjoy my experiences in life. So enjoy the story :)


It was Friday! Finally after a long week of boring school. The plan for this Friday is to go to my mate's house and have an awesome party there

I arrived at Jack's house and a friend of his called josh was there. We pretty much made a plan and schedule kind of thing. The plan was where to go and who to invite and how to invite. Simple enough just invite friends and get them to invite friends and so on. Yes, This party got pretty insane. 

Well, We met up with loads of other friends. Kurtis, Harley, Stevie and then there was me, Josh and Jack. We made a plan for alcohol and went to gather all the alcohol for the party and to gather all the weed. It probably cost around 200 quid in total. Which after that we went to the forest to have like pre-drinks and pre joints so we sat back and chilled and smoked a joint.

We all just stood around talking to each other drinking vodka out of the bottle and being silly and stupid. Well, I got chatting to Stevie who seemed pretty awesome. We were getting on really well. We had lots in common. We even shared a joint and chatted. Well believe it or not this is the first incident to happen. This early on. Crazy right. I noticed that she was holding her her crotch and bouncing up and down. I asked if she is good and she says no she needs a piss. Keep in mind we are in the middle of the woods so not much can happen. I just tell her to piss in a bush which she laughs at me for suggesting that. Silly me. Well, about ten minutes went by and she stood their motionless looking down at the floor. I ask is she good and she justs tell me she is fine and she doesn't seem desperate anymore. 

We get walking towards the house to start the night and we wonder upon this chipping crate and Stevie grabs my arm and drags me to behind the crate and pulls her pants down to reveal a wet pull up... she just says "make sure no one see" She rips the diaper off of her and throws it in a bush. (Sorry about the littering...) and pulls her pants back up and we both catch up. 

If your wondering what Stevie is wearing. She is wearing black converse, tight black pants (School trousers sort of thing) A white shirt and black jumper. It was cute. She is about 5.5Ft tall and is skinny.

It wasn't long until she needed to pee again. Keep in mind we have been drinking vodka so no surprise. We stopped at a dealers house to buy some more drugs... Only one person goes into the house and we all stand outside bantering around. Well, Stevie seems really desperate and after a while she just stands there with a relax face looking at me then looks at the floor to reveal a puddle forming around her feet. And her legs of black material glistening. She smiles and just says "I couldn't hold it" 

Not long after another girl named Jessy who joined the group who was minding her own business bending over and grabbing her crotch. I ask if she is ok and she just tells me how desperate she is and that she needs the loo fast. I try to encourage the group to get to the house but for some reason that I don't know, we didn't move off the spot. We stay on the side of the street. Dunno why. Well, Long time of waiting Jessy ended up peeing her panties. She was wearing her school uniform which was a grey skirt and white socks and black shoes and a white blouse. She stood in one spot with her eyes tearing up holding her crotch repeating "oh shit" and stood with a waterfall pouring between her legs. She stood there with pee running down her legs and then shaking her leg to get pee off then looked at me. I felt bad and gave her a joint and a beer. She appreciated that a lot. 

After that incident like straight after we went to the woods to chill around their where we couldn't get told off. We just chilled around. I sat with the dudes joking around I kept looking over at Stevie to see her looking at me. I look over again and she is sat there on a log looking down with peeing running off the log she looks up at me and smiles and shrugs her shoulders and giggles a little bit.

Then finally we go to the house. This is where the magic happens! when we got to the house more people showed up. Like a lot of people. And guess what? They all bought alcohol and drugs. Weed, Cocaine, Estacy! All the good stuff. We put music on and set up lasers and fog machines and partied! Mainly at the party was drinking games, darts, chatting, people gambling, and of course drugs being done all over the place. With there being drugs I go to Stevie who is texting on her phone. I offer her some Ecstasy and she takes it with me. This stuff wasn't actually that strong but it definitely made the night more fun. We were chatting and playing around and flirting with each other getting close then she starts grinding up against me. I start kissing her neck and tell her about a room upstairs. We start heading up there but we both got distracted by a white box room. We get invited in and of course, we go in to join the place. we pass the bong around and smoking joints and drinking vodka. It was nuts. I noticed when this was happening that Stevie was fidgeting a bit and I ask her if she needs to pee. She tells me she cant which is always a bit scary. She said she has been trying to push it out not caring about having an accident but she honestly can't get it out... I tell her maybe to stop with the drugs but nope that's not fun advice. and carries on drinking and doing drugs. I, of course, do join in. After couple more rounds she sits their and sighs in relief and looks at me all happy. I look at the carpet to see it getting wet. Yay, she is peeing. Thank god for that. That is a thing where you get so drugged and cant open your bladder and it can explode inside you. Did not want that happening to Stevie. 

She tells she going tidy herself up a bit so I just stay in the room smoking. She comes back like ten minutes later looking all happy. She sits on my laps and we drink vodka and smoke together and breath smoke into each other lung. Well about 20 minutes into this I feel my leg getting warm which is when Stevie leans back and says "Opps I peed my nappy" Then grunts and I feel a mush in her diaper. A shock of realization appears on her face and she runs off to the bathroom. I follow her to see if I could be of any help which she accepts. She lets me into the bathroom with her and pulls down her pants and throws the poopy diaper in the bin. I help clean her up with wet wipes and we make out. But that got called off shortly because someone is knocking on the door to use the bathroom. so we just go down to the front room where we play some darts. About 30 minutes of playing Darts and chatting with people Stevie lying at my feet moaning about needing a pee so I look at my mate and we both just tickle her with her screaming and she runs up the stairs to the bathroom peeing her pants leaving a trail of pee. 

She comes back down and smacks me saying that was mean and that I need punishment. She tells me to drink three cans of beer which she also does and she takes me to an empty room and we start making out. We both jump on this bed still fully clothed just making out for some good time. Eventually, she gets me on the bottom and sighs in relief and I feel pee pouring over me. There she is on top of me fully clothed giving me a golden shower. Eventually, her stream comes to an end and I do the same to her. I piss myself over her and we then strip each other. And have the greatest sex of my life. So far... And yes the mattress did have protection over it.

Well it couldn't last forever I pass out in my mate's bed and she passes out on the sofa. I get woken up by her at 6 in the morning with her explaining to me that she wet the bed and needs helping cleaning it so I, of course, do help her and I just dry it up with a towel and blow dry the sofa. It was a leather sofa so it was pretty easy to clean. 

The house was a mess. Smashed glass everywhere. Beer bottles everywhere. Burnt out joints and cigarettes lying around. I think the total price including damage was like £2500 with like 50+ people showing up. Which is a lot of people for a small council terraced three bedroom house. The TV was also smashed. I wasn't there for that. I did help tidy up the house. I never stayed in touch with Stevie :( But it was such a fun night.

It was funny when I left the house to then have a neighbor go mental at me and my uncle who was picking me up.

And that is the end of the story. We all go separate ways and like never met up again/

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