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The Trip To The Attica Flea Market


          Saturday my friend Lisa and I had planned a trip 120 miles west of here to Attica Ohio for a combination Farmers Market and Flea Market. We love to shop and pick up used items cheap, and getting some fresh corn, beans, peas, and Strawberries will be great too. This is one of my favorite things about Summer. We called each other on Thursday and again on Friday night to make sure we had everything for the trip west. She had a baby sitter set for her daughter so we could be alone. 

       The alarm goes off Saturday morning at 7 AM and I get up and run to the toilet like usual. Wash and blow dry my hair, brush my teeth, put my makeup on etc. It was supposed to be sunny and 82 today with low humidity so an all around perfect day weather wise. I grabbed my pretty sundress out of the closet and my matching panties and socks and put them on. Then I slipped on my tennis shoes because I am not trying to walk all day in that market in heels or other shoes. My friend Lisa and I are both only 5 foot tall and we weigh about 105 pounds. I put a piece of toast in the toaster, and grabbed two hard boiled eggs from the refrigerator. Put a piece of Turkey breakfast sausage in the microwave and when finished sat down to breakfast. At 8:30 Lisa pulled in the drive and knocked on the door. I opened it and she ran past me “gotta pee” and headed to the bathroom. She came back out and we got in the car and headed off. I said “didn’t you go when you got up?” She said “yes, but oddly I had to go again. But not much came out. I am not feeling too well today. My belly kind of hurts but I will be ok”. We got in the car and headed to McDonald's to get a coffee for each of us then got on the freeway and headed West. I turned on the radio and we were quiet sipping on our coffee as we drove. We passed the last main interchange at I-71 and the rest was state route 2 lane travelling with towns spaced about 8 to 10 miles apart. Traffic was kind of heavy for this hour of the morning though it was more trucks than anything. Soon I noticed Lisa start wiggling in her seat a little and once in awhile would lean forward. I asked “are you ok?” she said no, I gotta piss again and bad and there is no where to even pull over”. I said “you might have a UTI Lisa?”  She looked at me and said “I know, I have been thinking that”. She reached under her and pulled her skirt up so she was not sitting on it anymore and tucked it behind her back holding it in place against the back of the seat. I could smell a faint odor of pee that drifted my direction for a moment and then vanished as she turned up the radio and we continued to drive west. She was not squirming anymore and we started talking about what we wanted to buy for our kitchens when we got there. 

    Another 20 minutes or so goes past and she pulls off the road into a pull off area and gets out of the car. Her car seat is soaked in pee and she walks over in front of the car, kicks off her shoes and stands there for a moment. Puts her shoes back on and gets back in the car pulling her skirt up high again so as not to sit on it. I said “I am sorry you are having such a miserable trip Lisa, we could go back home and forget it?” She looks at me and shakes her head no “we came this far, we are going to enjoy the day.'' As we arrive in Attica she pulls into a Walgreens and parked the car. She got out and removed her shoes again, crossed her legs and stood there a moment while I got out. I could see a stream of urine running down her leg as she stood there. She quickly put her shoes back on and closed the door, locked the car and we went in. She said I am so embarrassed but I don’t have any other choice. I hugged her and said “it is ok, it is only pee, it will dry.”  She went to the medicine isle and picked up some pain killers, and then bought a huge bag of Tena Stretch Super adult diapers. I grabbed some sun lotion and asked to use the bathroom. They said they don’t have a public one there. So we checked out and back at the car she opened the diapers and took one out. I suggested we go over to McDonald's because I have to pee and there will be more room to put the diaper on than in the car. So she stuck the diaper in her purse and we walked across the road. I went in one stall to pee and she went in the one beside me and I saw her peed panties hit the floor, she sat on the toilet and peed again, flushed then I heard her rip the tabs open on the diaper and heard her put it on. Then she came out and tossed her peed panties in the trash can, washed her hands and went and got a Diet Coke for herself and me. I came out and she handed me the coke and commented on how much better she feels now that she is dry. She grabbed a handful of paper towels and we headed back to the car at Walgreen's. Upon arrival she wiped the vinyl seat off the best she could, though most had dried now anyhow. She put the walgreen's bag on the seat cushion and then sat on it and buckled herself back in the car. We headed to the flea market and parked in the lot. She put 4 more diapers in her purse not knowing how many she would need and we locked the car up and went shopping. 


      Walking through the market there were so many things that peaked our interest. She was feeling much better now as the pain killers were taking away her discomfort and the need to pee was no longer an issue with her diaper on. She could just pee standing there at the table as she did several times over the next couple hours. Soon the Coke worked its way through me and I had to go find the port-a-potties. She said she would meet me at Pillar C-5 and I agreed and headed across the lot to them. There was as usual a line to get in them. People rocking back and forth etc.  As I finally got up to the port-a-potty, opened the door the smell of horror hit me like a brick wall. I got in, closed the door and felt like I was going to pass out from the smell, toilet paper on the walls, floor and seat. Just about the grossed thing in the world. I pulled my panties down to my knees, and held my dress up and tried to hover over the hole and not touch anything which didn’t work so well, as I started to pee it missed the hole and some hit the floor between my shoes and got my underwear wet. I moved backwards and got the hole. Once done I looked at the damage to my underwear and I might as well have just peed my pants instead. I pulled them up and they were really wet on me but warmed up quickly. I lowered my dress and got the hell out of there. As I walked up to Lisa I began to think about joining her in wearing a diaper too. We went to get lunch and she said she better change before we eat as she peed a lot over the last couple hours. I said “ok where do you plan to do that?” She looked around and said “maybe the port-a-potties?” I told her no freaking way would that work. I explained the situation of the size, the filth and the stink of the port-a-potties. As I was explaining this I was getting emotional and without a thought I blurted out that I wanted to use one of her diapers too for the rest of the trip because I was not going back there again. I froze as I realized what I had just said. She smiled and said sure, let's go back to the car and get you in one and change mine. My panties felt like they were starting to dry now on my skin, though I didn’t really know for sure because I was not about to lift my skirt in public and feel them. We headed back to the car, put the stuff we had bought so far in the back seat, and she pointed to the row of hedges behind the parking lot. That would be a perfect shelter for us. We walked over and around the back of them and she hiked her skirt up and removed the tabs from her diaper and dropped it like a rock to the ground. It was very full and heavy. She strapped the dry one on like it was nothing and stretched the bands around the front and stuck them in place. In a minute, she had a fresh dry diaper on and bent over and picked up her wet one, rolled it up and taped it together. She definitely had done this before. She handed me a dry diaper and I looked at her not knowing what to do. I opened it up and looked it over. She said “you have to take your panties off first.” I laughed and replied “oh yeah.” I removed them and she commented that it looked like I peed myself too. I said “yeah the stupid portapotty...don’t ask.” She ended up having to help me put the diaper on and I will admit it felt good. I dropped my dress down and picked up my wet panties and we returned to the car where I tossed my panties in the car on the floor, and she put her wet diaper in her purse to throw out in the trash cans around the market.   


       As we continued shopping I soon found myself with the need to pee and was apprehensive about just standing there with people around peeing myself. But soon the pressure was so great I had to do it. I grabbed a package of used silverware and looked it over as a distraction to me to relax. Soon I felt the warmth of my urine spreading through the diaper and my discomfort came to an end. When I was done peeing I put the package back down and moved on. Lisa was at the next table looking over at me and she knew. As I walked up she said “so? How did it feel?” “how did what feel?” I asked. She smiled and said I know what you were doing looking at that box for so long and standing really still with your legs partly apart. I got red in the face and told her to shut up. She laughed and said “you will get more used to it as time goes on”. Ok, so she knew how to change her diaper in a minutes time, She knew what size and brand to buy, and now she tells me I will get used to it in time? We have a discussion for the trip home I think. 

      As the day progressed I ended up peeing a second time in the diaper and the park was closing. We went to the car, loaded our bags in the back and got in. We are wet and starving. She loaded her purse with more diapers and we drove toward the freeway and found a Bob Evans just past the Freeway entrance and decided it sounded good. Upon entering we were greeted right away and sat at the table. The waitress took our drink orders and we then headed to the bathroom to change our diapers. Upon entering I had to pee again so I washed my hands and face and with the sink water running I was able to fairly easily stand there and pee in the already very wet diaper. It was not as comfortable now and I felt my urine moving up the front of the diaper and up the back and kind of pooling in the crotch. I thought to myself that three pees is probably beyond the limits for this diaper.  Once Lisa was done she entered the stall with me and helped me change my diaper noting how soaked it was. We put them in the trash cans, washed our hands again and headed back to the table in dry diapers. It felt really good to be in a dry diaper. We ordered our food and enjoyed a nice dinner. Getting back in the car we headed East toward home. I flipped my dress up for the first time to look down and see the nice bulge between my legs of the padding of my diaper. It gave me some really good thigh gap too if nothing else. She laughed at me for looking at myself. That was my cue. “Ok Lisa, level with me, First how did you know what size diapers to buy for yourself, and how do you know how to put them on so well and so fast?” She looked in my direction and said “Kim, remember, I have a 6 year old daughter so putting diapers on is easy now as I still diaper her at night, and as for knowing my size……..if you ever have any kids yourself you will soon learn that peeing your pants is something you will do, and quite often. You can either be a coward about it and worry about what people will think, or you can take the bull by the horns and either just piss your pants and keep doing what you're doing, or buy diapers which I choose to do. I was tired of cleaning my car seats, my bed mattress, and my couch if I sneeze or laugh. Kegel exercises are good and I should do them more but I am too lazy to be honest. And some other girlfriends told me they don’t always work anyway so I don’t bother much. I didn’t know how to respond so I just said “oh ok”. I changed the subject talking about work and when we had exhausted that conversation we got quiet as we were both tired. Part way home I had to pee again and found it not too difficult to let it out sitting in the car and quite convenient actually. She dropped me off at my house and as I got out of the car I had to pee again and just stood there letting it out in my diaper as she dug through the bags to find all of my stuff. I hugged her and said thanks for everything and good night. I went in the house and into the kitchen to put away the stuff I bought. I thought I heard the front door close but when I looked I saw nothing so I finished my work there. When I came back in the living room, I found my wet panties and 3 diapers on the floor. I smiled and picked them up and brought them to my room. I put my wet panties in the laundry basket and took off my wet diaper and went back down stairs to lock up the house and then get a nice long hot shower. 

     After the shower I came into my room and grabbed my night shirt and started for my panties and saw the diapers sitting there on the dresser. Oh heck why not, spend the day in them already anyhow. So I grabbed one and put it on. Took me 3 tries to get it to feel and fit right but I got it and put on my bra and night shirt and went downstairs to watch a little TV before bed. At 11 I went up stairs and crawled into bed. Just as I was about to drift off to sleep the phone rang. Startled I reached over and picked it up. “Hello?”  “Are you in bed yet?” the familiar voice asked. “Yes I am Lisa, what did we forget?” “are you wearing one to bed?” she asked. I laughed and replied “why would you think that?” “because you were so curious about them and how easily you accepted wearing one today, I just assumed you would enjoy them for the convenience and comfort.” I didn’t reply for a moment. “Hello” she demanded on the other end. “Ok ok……..yes you got me you brat. I don’t know how you know this stuff but you always know. Yes I am wearing one to bed”. “Good, now if you can make sure you always lay on your back or belly when you wet it at night, that way you can reduce the chance of leaks and get the most out of the diaper.” she said. “Ok thanks, and good night my friend” I replied. We hung up and I laid there thinking about what she said. I remember as a kid the few times I peed the bed sometimes I was on my side, and sometimes on my belly. Oh well I quickly put it out of my mind and drifted off to sleep. 

     Soon I was awakened from my sleep by the throbbing discomfort in my bladder and I rolled over and pulled the covers back to try to get up. Upon doing that I felt the thick diaper between my legs and remembered I was diapered. So I relaxed and tried to let it out laying there but it was very difficult to do. It took me some time to relax enough to pee laying on my back but soon I felt the urine pooling under my bottom and I thought for sure I had wet my bed. Once done peeing I felt my mattress next to my bottom and it was dry. I smiled and pulled the covers back on me and drifted back to sleep. The sun woke me up about 7:30 and I sat up in bed and looked down at my now wet diaper and smiled at myself for actually doing this. Though I will admit I got a much better nights sleep and knew in time it would only get easier and better for me. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen to start the coffee pot. As I rinsed out the old coffee I got an urge to pee and relaxed and let it out standing there in my kitchen. The diaper now was very full but didn’t leak at all. I added more coffee to the filter and started the machine up. I went back up stairs to my room and pulled up my night shirt, removed my very wet diaper and decided to put another one on. I got this one on a little easier than the one I did last night. I came back down stairs and made some toast and squeezed some juice from a couple oranges. Poured some coffee and sat down to watch the morning news. I wet my diaper sitting there on the couch and thought to myself what a way to an easier life. I made up my mind I would go shopping today and buy myself a bag of these diapers that I would wear at night and if I go somewhere for a few hours or like shopping trips etc. I went in and did the breakfast dishes and poured some more coffee and went back to watch more TV. The next thing I knew it was 9:30 AM, my diaper was really wet again and I was not even out of my night shirt. But it is Sunday morning so who cares. I turned the TV off and went upstairs to change into underwear and get dressed, do my hair etc. I came down and headed for my car to go to Walgreen's again and also Sears to get a new hedge trimmer for my hedges. At Walgreen's I found the Tena Stretch Super and grabbed a bag for myself, checked out and put them in my car. I drove to sears and bought my hedge clippers. While leaving the store I had to pee again and almost just let it out in my jeans. This wearing diapers part time can be a problem if I don’t pay attention. I got in the car and headed home. By the time I got home I had to pee really badly. Was doing a pee pee dance at my door trying to get the key in the lock and hold the bags etc. I got in, dropped the stuff at the door and ran to the bathroom. I came out and put my diapers in my room and then changed into some black shorts and a t-shirt to go out and work in the yard. The sun was getting hot as I worked away and got the hedges looking really nice. I got out the lawn mower and started to mow the yard. Now I was getting really sweaty but I needed the work out and the sun was feeling good. Part way through I started to have to pee again. I thought back to how Lisa yesterday just peed her pants and didn’t think anything of it and I was already soaked in sweat and wearing black shorts. I stopped pushing the mower and relaxed and peed in my pants. I watched the stream of urine run from my shorts to the ground until my bladder was empty. I then resumed mowing. Once finished I put everything away and went and got in the shower. I took off my t-shirt and socks and stepped into the shower shorts and all. I had to pee again and just let it out in my pants in the shower. Then let the shower water rinse off my clothes and me. I removed my shorts and panties and hung them on the towel rack to drip dry while I showered. Once done I put on some panties and shorts and headed down stairs to get some lunch. That night I was back in diapers and I plan to be in diapers in bed, and when I go away from now on. Special thanks to my friend Lisa for introducing me to a better life…..the diapered life.  

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