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The Night Of The Party


     Kelly and I had been planning for this party at my buddy Jack’s house for some time. I have been dating Kelly for about a year now and we usually spend the weekend at one of our houses, but during the week with both of us working full time, we just chat on the phone or meet for dinner and some time together then head back home. The Party was on Saturday and this is how the events went.

   Friday after work I went home, took a shower, packed my bags for the weekend and then drove to her apartment. When I arrived she has just stepped out of the shower, hair all wet and wearing nothing but a towel greeted me and I picked her up and carried her sexy 26 year old body into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. We made up for a week of being apart in the next hour in the bedroom and then got dressed to go out and get some food to eat. She was dressed in a skirt and a cute low cut top showing her sexy flat belly and long legs. She put on some heels that matched her outfit, put her pretty long hair up in a single ponytail and we headed out the door to eat. We went to a place called the Brick House Tavern. They have really good salad and beer. They also hire waitresses like what you find at a Hooters in super tight jeans or shorts and hot as hell. She likes to check out the other hot chicks too and she is not worried about me around them because she is as hot or hotter then they are. After dinner we headed back home to watch a movie on TV before bed. We got in the house and she ran to the bathroom to pee. She always has to pee! I went in after her and she changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt and then found a good movie to watch. We snuggled on the couch and enjoyed the movie. Once finished she took off to go pee again and I turned off the TV, the lights and headed to the bedroom. She came in from the bathroom and took off her sweatpants, panties, and T-shirt and laid on the bed on her back. I grabbed her Megamax Diaper from her dresser and slid it under her bottom, sprinkled powder on her and wrapped the diaper up and taped it on her. I helped her up and she put on her night shirt and we crawled into bed. I kissed her good night and she rolled against me holding my hand as we drifted off to sleep.


    Saturday morning at 8 AM I woke up having to pee bad, carefully got out of bed trying not to wake her and zoomed to the bathroom to pee. I then went down stairs and put the coffee on and started making some bacon for our breakfast. The smell of bacon cooking woke her and she strolled downstairs and hugged me from behind. I turned and kissed her. I poured her a cup of coffee and she asked if I would change her first, because she was really soaked. I pulled up her night shirt and she was really soaked. So we went up stairs and I took off her diaper. Wiped her bottom and crotch clean with a wipe, and then suggested we are going to shower in an hour anyhow before we leave for the day, how about we not waste a diaper? She said ok babe, if you want to break my routine I guess you are right. I will never fill it up in a couple hours anyhow. I put some panties and shorts on her and she changed into a tank top and came back down to drink that coffee and help me with breakfast. A Bacon and Cheese Omelette with Mushrooms is what we decided on today. They turned out pretty nice. We sat at the table enjoying our eggs and toast discussing what we planned to get for the party tonight and what we are going to wear. I poured us more coffee and sat back down as we finished up our meal. I told her we probably should go to Target as well as the Party store to find some of the things we want. She nodded and started to tell me about something her friend said to her when she stopped mid sentence and said “oh shit”,  just then I heard the splashing of water on the floor, I looked down to see a puddle forming under her chair from a stream of urine dropping from between her legs. I looked back up and she started laughing saying “I totally forgot I was not still wearing a diaper”. I laughed and said, oh well, not the first time you have peed your pants. She responded with “So true!!!!”. She relaxed and finished pissing in her pants and went back to the story she started to tell me. I got up and grabbed some paper towels and put them on the floor to soak up her pee puddle before it ran across the room. After wiping up her floor and chair between her legs I sat back down and we continued our conversation for a little while longer. Then she got up and said she wanted the shower first. So I put the dishes in the sink and hurried up and washed them before she got in the shower. I had to pee too now so I headed up and into the bathroom. She was standing there naked with her peed pants on the floor. She removed my clothes and pulled me into the shower with her. I told her I had to pee first, but she would not hear anything of it. She had the water just hot enough that it felt really good and she told me just piss. She reached over and held my manhood as I peed. She directed my piss on her body as she squatted down so I was pissing on her chest and down on her pussy. Once done she leaned over and began to go down on me right there in the shower. I returned the favor to her and then we finally actually got clean and went to get dressed for the day.


      The trip to Target was uneventful. She was in her skinny jeans and heels, and a tank top with an open shirt over it. Her hair all fluffy and down over her shoulders, and pretty gold necklace on. She smelled like a rose and her make up and lipstick just right. We got a Starbucks coffee first and then headed out to shop in the store. When you are shopping with a woman picking up a couple things can take over an hour. Twice she had to run for a potty break which slowed things down too. Finally 90 minutes later, we were in the checkout line and now I have to pee. After checking out I headed to the bathroom and she headed to the car. I met her at the car and she had the stuff loaded in and was in the passenger seat waiting for me. We headed out to the Party store to get some decorations etc. for the party. We got in there and grabbed a few things and she had to pee again. But there was no public bathroom in there. This was good for me because that meant we could not shop as long and I would get to go home soon. Well her house but still better than being out shopping. With in 10 minutes she was crossing her legs and saying we better go to McDonald's across the street. So we headed to the check out lines and she could hardly stand still. She was crossing her legs, and rocking back and forth and holding onto the counter tight holding her breath. I paid for the stuff and we headed to the car. As I was putting the stuff in the car I told her we would go right to McDonald's. She looked at me and said never mind, lets just go home. I glanced down at her crotch and watched the wet patch spread through her jeans and down her legs. A long stream of pee running off of her pant legs and along the ground under the car. I unlocked the car door, spun her around and while running my hand over her super soaked crotch on her jeans I passionately kissed her and told her she was the Hottest, sexiest woman alive. I rubbed her until she almost got off right there along side the car. I opened the car door and helped her sit down in her peed pants. We drove home with my right hand planted in her crotch almost the entire way home. She asked if I minded if she wears a Megamax Diaper to the party under her dress because she would be drinking a lot. I told her it was a great idea and we would bring a spare in the car just in case. She nodded in agreement with my idea. Once home she helped me bring the things into the house and then I took her to the bedroom to remove her peed pants and panties and go down on her again. Then I put myself in her and we made passionate love again. After that a bath for both of us, only a quick one this time not messing up our hair. She made some dinner for us and we got ready for the party. I diapered her up and brought along a couple extra diapers and tossed them in the back of the car with the party stuff.

   We arrived at the party, and carried our things in and helped set up some. In no time people started to arrive and the music was turned on as well as the party lights in the house. They brought out the alcohol and the bartender set up the bar to take orders. We started dancing with each other and then I got tired and she took off dancing with other guys there and had a shot or two……..and peach schnapps, and later a Bud Light. I had one beer but I was the driver for us, so it was her time to party hard not mine. 3 hours into the night she waddled over and pointed to a small puddle on the floor where she was standing earlier. She said I leaked and need changed baby. The puddle was tiny but still the inside of her thigh was wet so we excuse ourselves from the party for a moment and headed to the car in the driveway. We were buried in deep by several other cars, so we couldn’t leave if we wanted to anyhow. I laid her in the back seat, removed her very soaked 10 pound diaper, and put a clean one on her and taped it up. I helped her back up and we locked the car and went back in. She went back to drinking more and dancing and I went up to pee. By 1 AM she was laying back on the couch and hardly able to walk anymore. I pulled her dress down over her diaper that was pretty wet again. As the people began to leave the party I told the guests goodbye and thanked them for a wonderful evening. I helped Kelly walk to the car, as we got out the door of the house she sat down on the deck. So I picked her up and carried her to the car. Anyone around could see her diaper in full view at this point but I had no choice. I laid her in the back seat and changed her diaper again right there in the driveway. As I was taping up the dry one Jack the house owner walked out to see if we were ok. He looked right at her as I taped the diaper on her and rolled up the soaked one and tossed it on the floor. I said yep, we are good now, she gets drunk and it was the only way to protect your couch and floor. He laughed and said, he wished a few others would do that too. Told me of a few other adult women who after getting a few too many in them would pass out on his couch leaving him with a pee soaked couch cushion to clean. He told me he now has plastic around the foam in the cushion so when someone pees on the couch , it only soaks the cover and not the foam. Easier to clean that way. He walked back in the house and we left for our house.


   Upon arriving home, I carried her to the door, and then in the house and up to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed, removed her clothes and checked to see her diaper was only slightly wet. I put her night shirt on her and tucked her into bed. I checked the doors were locked and turned out the lights, went to pee myself again and decided to diaper up with her. So I put on one of her diapers. It was too small, but I got the top tapes to fit and I went to bed. It was a little difficult to fall asleep at first. The last time I wore a diaper to bed I was 10 and that was 30 years ago. But soon I found myself waking up at 6 AM having to pee. I started to get up and felt the diaper between my legs. I relaxed and after some effort I wet the diaper and went back to sleep. At 10 AM the sun was so bright I could not sleep anymore. I got up and had to pee again. I stood there and used the diaper and then pulled her covers off of her. She was soaked. The bed was even a little wet under her and she was snoring. I gently rolled her over and untaped her diaper, Raised her legs and slid it out from under her. I dropped it on the floor, slid another diaper under her and taped it on her. She woke up enough to help me by moving her legs so I could wrap the diaper on her. I covered her back up and kissed her. She went back to snoring. I pulled the blinds down in her window to make it darker for her. I rolled her soaked diaper up and dropped it in the diaper pail and then removed mine and put it in there too. I got into the shower and then made some coffee. I cooked a couple eggs and toast for myself and sat down to the TV with the coffee in hand. About Noon she finally came strolling down in her slightly wet diaper and night shirt. Hair a mess and headache from hell. She sat on the couch and I got her some coffee. She was balled up on the couch with her feet on the couch and her knees up in front of her. This gave me full view of her diaper and crotch with her legs kind of spread. Another couple of minutes went by and I watched the yellow patch in the diaper grow darker and larger as she sipped her coffee and tried to wake up. This was going to be an all day diaper day for her. I went up stairs and brought down about 3 diapers and put them on the coffee table so she would not have to go back up stairs when she needed changed. I went in and got her a big glass of water to drink too and some aspirin.  Today was a day of Me taking care of my baby and ordering Chinese or Pizza for us and waiting on her hand and foot. She didn’t get off that couch for anything until 7 PM that night. I changed her a few times and kept the fluids in her and food. We snuggled all day watching TV. She slept more a couple times. I only got dressed when I had to answer the door for the food delivery people. Sunday night I diapered her for bed and kissed her good night. Drove home and went to bed to start my week back at work. Our plan is to move in together once her lease is up on her apartment in 3 months then we can spend more time together. I really love that girl and will ask her to marry me very soon. I have a feeling she is going to get me back in diapers too if I don’t watch her. But that is ok, they are pretty comfortable really.

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