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Chapter 11


Nano, worried about her bladder control, managed the day without having an accident. It helped her confidence in that she could potentially go back to holding it again, but figured she shouldn’t risk it. So she’d be better off getting diapers. However, before she left, she wanted to start closing some other issues with Miki, and her other-worldly friend Fumiko.

She walked out to find Miki in the hallway, probably heading to the school’s dojo for her afternoon practice.

“Hey Miki,” Nano smiled.

“Hey,” Miki smiled back.

“I was wanting to see if you’d spend time with me today,” Nano giggled. If she was to take what the diaper world’s Miki said, spending time together helped Miki feel more confident which was her bigger issue than being out of practice.

“Well, I’d love to but I should probably practice for the next match coming up,” Miki spoke disappointingly.

“Oh I see,” said Nano feeling slightly sad. “I hope it goes well at least.” With that Nano returned to her classroom to see if she could at least succeed with her other plan—become friends with this Fumiko.


Walking back into the classroom, Nano noticed Fumiko still sitting in her seat third row from the front next to the windows. It looked like she was well focused on her art. It didn’t seem like she was going anywhere soon, so Nano took this opportunity to start up a conversation.

“Hey Sasaki,” Nano wanted to be formal so she used her family name instead of her given. It took Fumiko a few seconds to react to Nano’s speech. After a few seconds and no response was given. Just like the Fumiko, I know of. Fumiko wasn’t always the most outgoing type, so any unfamiliar situations she’d just remain quiet. “What kinds of characters are you drawing this time?” Nano determined, decided to take it to the next step.

“Um, well I guess it’s just some characters,” Fumiko said in her defense. Fumiko wasn’t giving any openings as to what she was drawing, which gave Nano the clue that she might need to rethink her approach.

“Ah I see, hope it goes well,” Nano says as she walks away. She knew at this point it wasn’t going to be easy to break through to her.

It appears I have a bit of work to do. Both Miki and Fumiko aren’t going to be easy to break through to them, but I won’t give up yet. Nano grasped her thoughts and walked out of the school.


On her way back home, Nano stopped into town for her next objective—diapers. Even though her first two didn’t quite succeed, she knew she had to pull through with this one. She really needed to succeed as well, otherwise, she’d continue making a mess to clean up. The town had a small store that she’d hope carried diapers. Otherwise, she’d more than likely have to take a trip to a different store to pick some up. Her biggest worries became how to actually pick a pack up.

Once in the store Nano rapidly scanned the store for who was in there. If she was to do this she should at least try to keep eyewitnesses to a minimum, especially if there was anyone who knew her. But her reconnaissance came back with only a few people in the store and an empty line to the cash register. The black haired pony-tailed girl sitting at the register gave Nano a quick glance and welcomed her to the store like most employee’s do. Nano knew she didn’t know what her objective was but almost felt like she just read her mind—that she was to be purchasing a package of diapers. Causing even more panic.

Slowly walking along the aisles, eventually, Nano located the product—some tape up diapers. They had a different design than what she was used to, being a bright white with some flowers scattered, but she found what she needed. Staring into the package her heart began to skip a few beats. She started to grow in worry about anyone who was seeing her now. Scanning left to right, she didn’t see anyone in sight but the woman at the cash register. Though they didn’t notice her at all, knowing of others existence just caused Nano to freeze up.

It’s not like I’m buying anything bad. So what if I have to get diapers, I actually do need them. Just I hope nobody notices. Then again I still have to purchase them… Nano shook her thoughts that deterred her away from the objective and closed her eyes. She reached her hand out slowly for the package on the shelf. Feeling the crinkling plastic between her two fingers, she grew an even brighter shade of red.

Just as she was about to grab the package in her right hand, she felt the plastic move sliding from her fingers. This was the package being picked up by someone else, not her. Her heartbeat began to skyrocket as she cranked her head to her left. There she saw the employee girl standing slightly taller embracing the package of diapers in her arms.

“Can I help you with this?” The curious employee asked. Nano stood there silent not knowing what to say nor even being able to speak. At this moment there was no hiding the truth—that she had her intentions on getting diapers. She felt as if she was a pathetic creature under the grasp of her predator. “I see, alright follow me to the register.” Panicked Nano decided to numbly follow the lady to the register.

At the register, the employee scanned her package quickly and put it in a bag. “I know you are probably feeling a little scared,” the employee stated. “But I’d like to let you know there are some other people who do buy some as well and have found themselves scared. This will probably seem a little strange but…” The employee took part in the receipt and began to write on it. “Here’s my number if you need any help. I’ll be willing to talk to you about it if you want. And if you need any more, just let me know and I’ll help keep it as private as possible.” With that stated, the employee smiled brightly. Nano had no idea how to react other than to just pay for her diapers.

Taking her package Nano tried to speak, “thank you.” It may sound more like a whisper, but it’s all she could muster. The girl didn’t seem to mind other than smile and wave as Nano left the store. She still felt numb for the occurrence, but glad that it didn’t get any worse. The employee sure took charge which made things easier for Nano, though she didn’t quite like the idea of her knowing to begin with. All she could do is just stash the number away and think about it later. For now, she should get back and change into a diaper before she wets herself.


At home, Nano trudged through the front door to make it up to her room. With her purchased diaper in a bag, it wouldn’t have been hard for anyone to know what the contents she carried were. Making her break into the room, Nano felt relieved to know Yui wasn’t going to greet her with her usual cheerful smile. Despite not being able to see that, Nano dashed her way in and closed her door behind her.

Dropping her contents on her bed, Nano ripped open the package of diapers and pulled one out. She was instantly reminded by the diaper world just by the soft texture and pleasant smell the diaper gave off. Not wanting to wait any longer, Nano reached under her skirt and slid her pink underwear down and off her slender legs. She tossed them to the side as she’ll have to deal with them later, but for now, she wanted to change into her new diaper.

Hopping on her bed with the diaper in hand, she laid back and raised her legs revealing everything under her skirt. A position not for the luckiest person to have won her heart, but for soft padding—her diaper. Unfolding the crinkling fabric, she worked it under her into the ready position. Even though she was mostly used to changing others as well as herself being changed by others, Nano had done a self-change several times within the diaper world. She didn’t have any powder to use alongside at this point, but if she wanted her diapers hidden with one on her this had to do for her first time in this world. In the end, this diaper was going to be the first in many years Nano had actually worn a diaper within the world she knew the longest.

Folding the diaper over her, she got the top in ready position to be taped. Taking the tapes, Nano pressed them onto her diaper until it was secure. There she stood up feeling the padding below her waist. It was tightly secured onto her with a pleasant soft touch. It wasn’t the exact same feeling as the ones in the diaper world, however, it felt better than the underwear she was wearing earlier.

Standing up again, she picked up her package of diapers from her bed and began to look for a place to put them. She didn’t want them to be somewhere they could be easily found, so she chose a place under her bed. There was a box that she didn’t really use that’d make a perfect spot for them to hide. This way nobody would decide to casually look through her stuff and find it by accident.

With her diapers hidden from view, she felt that she made good time with her diapers—as her bladder began to build up. Good thing I’m wearing a diaper now. Without thinking twice about it, her bladder gave way leaking straight into the freshly taped diaper. A warm torrent flooded the front and made its way around her rear. In mere seconds, Nano had just perfectly proven why she needed the diaper she current wore—she had finished wetting herself.

The weight of the newly wet diaper wasn’t something she wasn’t used to but felt more at home with it. It made her feel as if she was in the diaper world once again. With a smile knowing her diaper should hold up at least another time, Nano opened her door and wonders about her sister Yui.

Now that I have diapers, I probably won’t be getting out of them for a rather long time. That’d mean having to keep this secret from Yui all this time. We’ve been rather open and close to each other being sisters, but I don’t know if I could tell her it. She may end up growing distant from me. At the same time, she might understand. I really don’t know if I should at this time. I only hope me being in diapers doesn’t keep us from growing apart. With those thoughts, Nano continued on with her day with her newly wet diaper.


With the day being Thursday, Nano was in class and diapered. She wasn’t wanting to give up this time for being able to spend more time with Miki and make a friend out of Fumiko. So today was going to be the start of something wonderful.

Not trying to think about what’s below her waist as the people around her probably wouldn’t accept her. But she did indeed need her diaper as she already felt a need to use the restroom. Without thinking much about it Nano’s diaper grew a steady amount of warmth from the liquids spreading through it. She was sitting in the middle of class and didn’t even need to go use the bathroom during a lecture. It may have even been a problem if she didn’t have a diaper at that point. Nano thought that she’ll just have to change herself later when she really needed it.

With that lecture over, the school was now out for the day. Thus began many after-school club activities. Standing up caused Nano’s diaper to sag down by the weight it contained. Not being bothered by this, Nano moved to her first objective for the day—becoming friends with Fumiko.

Fumiko was at her seat like usual--drawing. Nano could tell it was a cute looking anime girl with an adorable outfit. She seemed to have a puffy bottom to match her pinkish top. This gave Nano an idea—why not talk about anime. Nano remembered that the diaper world’s Fumiko enjoyed anime and they discussed many of the ones they watched.

“Hey Sasaki,” Nano started. She leaned over to get her attention, which seeing the unchanged face of Fumiko meant it succeeded. However, she didn’t give any reply than just a glance. “I was wondering if you like anime too?” From the term caused Fumiko to beam for less than a second. Nano thought she found her way into the heart of Fumiko. Hehe, so simple Fumiko. All about anime and art, though your art has been good to look at.

“I was wondering if you liked the previous episode to Mahou Shoujo?” Nano asked. Fumiko turned her head facing Nano. This series had been a favorite to discuss between Fumiko and Nano. Even though this knowledge seemed like an unfair advantage, she was willing to take it to become friends with Fumiko. “I quite liked the scene when Yukina—“

Fumiko abruptly spoke, “Oh yes, that point where she jumped in from the roof.” Fumiko stopped talking realizing she had just busted out.

Nano realizing this continued on, “Yup, it was also sad to see Chihaya having to leave but I can understand why.”

From then on Fumiko and Nano talked for several minutes just on one anime episode. Fumiko didn’t leave her attention and continued to talk stating her awkward thoughts. This made Nano happy to have a conversation like this once again with Fumiko. She realized she made a great opening though for the next ploy.

“I’m Amasaki Nano by the way,” Nano stated.

“Sasaki Fumiko,” Fumiko replied. Nano already knew her name rather well.

“Okay Fumi-chan, let’s exchange numbers and we can talk later.” Nano realized she accidentally slipped her pet name she called Fumiko back in the diaper world. Though Fumiko didn’t seem to mind and pulled her phone out.

“Okay,” was all Fumiko replied with. And like that, they had now exchanged a connection on their phone.

“I’ll have to talk to you later then,” Nano said with a wave.

Bye-bye,” replied the shy Fumiko.

Walking out, Nano felt elated to have found the connection with Fumiko in this world. Now things can be really fun in the future. I’ll finally have a true anime fan to talk with. Though Fumiko plays a lot more games than me, I can see us having a lot of fun in the future. As Nano continues through the hall she is reminded by the swollen diaper between her legs. We just became friends so I don’t think it’ll be time to share that secret anytime soon.


Nano thought Miki probably went to the school’s dojo to practice her swings already, so she was heading to greet her. This time she wasn’t going to give up on getting Miki to join her for a stroll through town.

In the dojo stood multiple people geared up ready for practice matches as well as several lined up for stretching out their swinging arms through practice swings. Miki didn’t appear to be out in the main part, which must’ve meant she was in the changing room. Nano didn’t feel afraid of entering because of her connections with Miki. Most of Miki’s fellow club members were well acquainted with Nano periodically coming in to see Miki. They’ve even offered her to join the club because of how many times she had visited. But despite how good the offers sounded, Nano declined. Kendo didn’t appeal to Nano’s sort of sport. Especially with how sporadic her movement could be in the swollen padding she currently sported.

Walking through the smiles and greetings Nano received, she made her way into the changing room. Once in the small changing room with several short lockers for each of the participants, she noticed Miki. However, Miki didn’t appear dressed and ready for Kendo practice at all. It almost appeared as if she just got there herself.

Miki turned towards Nano with a smile, “Oh there you are.” This indicated to Nano that Miki was possibly wanting to visit with Nano.

“Oh, did you want to talk?” Nano asked.

“I did,” Miki replied. “I was waiting for you outside your classroom but saw you talking to someone else. So I left to practice.” Nano realized she may have upset Miki a little by talking to someone else. “But I wanted to say sorry about yesterday.”

“Oh?” Nano couldn’t help but feel curious about Miki’s thoughts.

“We haven’t spent time together in quite a while haven’t we,” Miki continued. “So that got me thinking about how you may have felt when I declined. So I’m sorry.”

Aww, Miki, you don’t have to feel bad. I’m glad you were thinking about me though. “It’s alright, but that’s what I came to see you again today,” Nano started. “I was wondering if you’d like to spend time together in town?”

Miki didn’t speak and turned away from Nano. She first took the garb that was in her hand and stuffed it back in the locker. Once put away, she closed the locker. Seeing as how Miki just closed her locker without any of the practice gear caused Nano to smile—she was probably going to accept. “Sure, let's go to town.” Sure enough, Miki’s reply told everything Nano needed to know.

Bursting with energy, Nano shuffled out of the changing room following Miki who walked towards the teacher in charge. Miki began to tell the gentle old man the run down. “Yeah, so it turns out Nano wants to hang out today…” Miki sounded a little off in her speech, probably because she’s never skipped out before. She always comes to practice on time and stays the longest, so this action almost seemed out of character.

The man looked at Nano’s innocent grin and turned back to Miki, “Ah I see.” His serious expression turned into a warm gentle smile, “I think this might be a good change for you. So go ahead, and have fun with Miss Amasaki.”

“Thank you very much,” Miki bowed. Nano also proceeded to bow towards the man who smiled back.

Nano didn’t want to think much on it, but she almost felt the man knew what held Miki back—her unexplored desires. Maybe he tried to get her to take a break once in a while? But knowing Miki, she’d decline all offers that she didn’t agree to. So that'll be my chance to help Miki improve herself…not to forget to have a lot of fun with me as well hehe.


Rather than walking into the town that is nearby, Miki and Nano took a train to the city in order to spend even more quality time together. While walking down the streets, she couldn’t help but notice Miki’s smile. It made her happy seeing Miki wearing a different expression than she normally did.

There first few stops were at different clothing stores—which turned into Nano trying on different outfits. Nano felt nervous about trying on different clothes because of the garment she wore below, but she seemed to have gotten away with it. After they stopped at a fast food restaurant to eat something. Nano had an urge to pee, just let it go as they were in line. Once it was their turn to order, Nano couldn’t help but give a blank stare for the relief she was doing at that moment. Once she realized what was going on she apologized for the delay and ordered her food.


“Aren’t you having fun?” Nano asked while sitting and eating.

“Yes, I am,” Miki replied with a smile. “It feels like it’s been quite some time since we’ve done this last.”

Nano couldn’t help but not, “yes it certainly has.”

“I’m glad I decided to go with you today,” Miki stated. Nano smiled in return. “Though I can’t help see you acting differently.” Nano blushed at her comment. Possibly she was referring to how differently she has been since wearing a diaper. But there was no way she could actually guess what she was currently wearing. “But that might be me over thinking things.”

“Hehe, you don’t do too much of that,” Nano giggled. Miki also laughed as well. Despite being a strong type, Miki never gave too much to deep thinking as Nano does.


After taking a trip through the arcade and playing various games, the girls decided it was time to head back. Miki looked far much brighter than the day before which caused Nano to smile as well. She was rather glad to have gotten her to join her and only wished she had done this much sooner than before. Though one thing was clear, Nano was glad she brought several spare diapers for school.


At home Nano was sitting at her desk doing her best at the homework she had to do. She didn’t have too much to do which she was thankful of but thought that she should do a good amount of studying after the good day she’s had. Looking through her literature textbook read different types of stories that were either boring or intriguing.

While changing over to mathematics, Nano felt an urge to use the restroom. Unlike having a need to pee which would be an easy task to perform Nano also needed to poop. However, in her diapered state, Nano didn't mind the idea of a full diaper but welcomed it. Stopping what she was doing Nano relaxed in her chair and rapidly wet her diaper. Nano couldn’t help but think how easy it’s become for her to just wet herself like this. But since she was wearing a diaper it was very much okay for her to do so. And the same applied for what she was about to do next—poop. She put her hands on the table and raised her diapered butt slightly above the chair. With thoughts of acceptance, Nano took a deep breath and began to push.

Almost on cue, she felt something beginning to breach out of her rear. Unlike a gas emptying out, it was a solid material. With no thoughts of rejecting what was to come, the solid waste slid its way out and into the seat of her diaper. Having a little poop out already convinced Nano not to hold back and just full force it. With a slight grunt, more waste began to make its way out causing the diaper to sag even further. Within a matter of minutes, Nano felt far better and sat down. Sitting down caused all the waste to squish beneath her rear. It was a rather well-accepted feeling to Nano—all the warmth caused her to smile.

Knowing she should change she stood up and then heard a knock on her door. “nee-chan,” it was Yui’s voice behind the door. Seeing the doorknob slightly beginning to turn, Nano rushed to the door. In the state she currently was in, it was going to be hard getting away from her sister Yui. Nano panicked whether or not she may or may be sharing her full diaper to her younger sibling.



Chapter 12


Rushing to the door, Nano made sure to hold it closed.

“Can you go away Yui!” Nano yelled in a rushed voice.

Behind the door came a muffled gasp, “Oh…I-I see.” Yui sounded rather sad and disappointed not to mention surprised for what her sister said. Not many times has Nano yelled at Yui like this, especially for not having much meaning for why she’s yelling. Of course, Nano’s reasoning is a secret whereas in the past when Yui mishandled an antique it made sense why Nano would be mad.

After waiting for about half a minute with not hearing Yui’s voice, Nano opened the door to check and see if her sister was still present. Fortunately for Nano, Yui was nowhere in sight. She now had a clear way to the bathroom to get herself cleaned up. However, it came at the price of yelling at her sister—something Nano felt rather bad about.

Nano knew it wasn’t going to be an easy cleanup of her rather messy bottom, so she decided to take her bath earlier than usual. She made sure to wipe herself off enough to the point that she wouldn’t have made a larger mess in the tub, a technique she implemented in the diaper world whenever she had to clean herself up.

While relaxing in the tubs warm water, Nano couldn’t help but worry about Yui. Even though I was trying to conceal my secret that was rather rude of me. Now I bet Yui is in her room upset that I was mad at her for no reason. She may have needed help on a problem that’s been bothering her for a long time. Now she won’t bother asking me…she may not even ask me questions again. I guess I really should apologize after this. Nano began to think if she should potentially tell the truth as well—that being diapers. Yui’s always been an understanding sweetheart. We’ve always been really close sisters as well. If anyone were to potentially grasp the idea of me wearing diapers, it would be Yui. With that in mind, Nano started to mentally prepare herself for the large reveal.


All cleaned up and in a clean diaper, Nano walked out of her room heading toward Yui’s. Yui’s room was about the same size as Nano’s the only difference is that instead of walking into an art exhibit you walk into a little girl’s room. Yui had several stuffed animals, alongside a pink wallpaper with flowers. Her room was perfect for a young girl—especially one of Yui. Nano always thought it was rather cute of a room for her sister. But sitting at the center table perfect for tea parties was Yui.

She was currently looking through her mathematics textbook before looking up to see her sister. Yui had a half smile looking up to Nano, probably still feeling confused at what happened. Even if Yui would return back to normal given a very short period of time, Nano wanted to patch things up not leaving it up to time as a natural remedy.

Not wanting to see Yui like this for any longer, Nano began to speak. “Hey, I’m sorry about that,” Nano said walking up to her sister.

Yui’s smile grew, “No it’s fine.”

Even with her saying it, Nano didn’t want to leave it at that. “I didn’t mean to shout at you like that. It’s that you tried walking in at the wrong time is all.” Yui nodded listening. “It’s kind of because of a secret. I didn’t want you walking in and finding out. But I know that’s wrong of me.” Nano slowly took a deep breath. “So I think I shouldn’t keep it from you because I trust you. Will you listen to my secret no matter how strange it is?” Nano could start to feel her heart beating really fast. At this moment it was going to be a struggle to explain herself on her secret—diapers.

Yui looked at her sister with a quizzical expression, “sure, even if it’s something really weird I won’t mind it.” Nano couldn’t help but love her younger sister even more. Yui had given her consent that she’ll always care for Nano and ready herself for whatever weird secret she had to bring out. Now it was Nano’s turn to explain herself.

Taking deep breaths, even with Yui’s encouragement this was a very difficult thing to announce. “Well, let me try my best here,” Nano said nervously. “I am a little nervous so it may take me a little bit.” Yui nodded with gleaming eyes. She was clearly going to be patient and wait for Nano to talk about her secret.

“It’s well—, “ Nano made her first stuttered attempt to bring it out. “It’s that I-I. I well, like um—um.” Slowly Nano was getter herself more and more ready to say it. “It’s that I l-like um.” The more she stuttered the closer she got to bring it out to the patiently waiting Yui. “D-diapers.”

Blushing in anticipation for how Yui will respond, she only sees a look of questioning. Perhaps Yui was unable to hear Nano’s soft statement she had made. “I like diapers.” This time Nano was able to say it with such clarity that it reached Yui’s ears without fail. Upon this statement Nano began turning an even brighter shade of red, even Yui was blushing. Nano had no clue how Yui was going to react, but she wanted to be prepared for the worst at least.

“So, you like um wearing diapers?” Yui asked still a slight shade of red. Nano could only muster a nod to respond. “C-cu.” Yui slowly started to speak. Nano was still not sure how she could be taking this at this time. However, Yui began to grow a smile over her shade of red. “I think that’s cute.”

“What?!” Nano couldn’t believe what she just heard. Not only did her sister not say she thinks she’s the weirdest person on the planet nor to leave her alone forever, but she was called cute for something strange.

“I wonder,” Yui began her question. “Do you also um use it similar to how a baby uses it?” After hearing this response Nano felt as if her shade of red was registered on a meter it’d be a pure tomato. Yui just asked Nano to confess to the acts of peeing and pooping in her diapers. All Nano could do was stand there and nod letting Yui know she, in fact, used it like a baby would—for all its purposes. “I see…that’s quite cute.”

“!!!” Nano’s heart skipped a beat. Not only was she called cute for wearing a diaper but even for acting the part of a baby and using it as well, it was a little too much for Nano to believe. She knew there could be no way this was true, hence she had to ask how. “Don’t you think it’s strange though? I mean your older sister wearing diapers and using them—it isn’t normal. I’m a little shocked you thought it was cute.”

“If you thought they were strange like that you wouldn’t be wearing them then. But the thought of you acting somewhat like a baby…is really cute. It makes me sort of happy, I’m not really sure why.” Yui finishing up her argument left Nano even more stunned.

“So you don’t mind me wearing diapers at all?” Nano couldn’t help but ask for closure.

“Nope!” Yui smiled. “I personally would like to see you look cute in them, so, go ahead.”

Nano rushed to Yui’s side and hugged her. She felt tears starting to stream down her face. “Thank you, thank you so much for accepting me!”

This caused Nano to smile and feel at ease. Not only was her secret out, but it was also well accepted. She couldn’t help but imagine the diaper world’s Yui and how cute she looked. Maybe it was a similar reaction this Yui was having.

Thinking of the diaper worlds gave Nano a thought she’d bring up at least as a joke, “You know you’d look cute in a diaper too.”

“I uh,” Yui looked shocked at the thought. The fact she hasn’t instantly denied it gave the possibility she was even considering it.

“Hehe we could be diaper sisters,” Nano couldn’t help giggle.

“I-I,” Yui blushed. “Okay.”

Nano wasn’t sure if she just accepted the idea or if she was just saying that in confusion. “Was that okay to try it?”

Yui nodded, “Yeah, I’ll wear diapers with you.” With that Yui smiled and blushed innocently.

It was now decided—the younger sister was to be put back in diapers. “Okay, follow me to my room okay.” Yui nodded and followed close to her sister.


Once in Nano’s room, Nano pulled her diaper stash out from hiding. Yui’s face keenly stared at the packaging and padding that Nano brought forth.

Nano patted her bed, “just lay down on my bed and I’ll change you then.”

“Kay, nee-chan,” Yui said with a smile. Nano wasn’t sure if Yui was weirded out by the thought or if she was actually liking it. But sure enough her sister was laying on her bed ready for her change.

“Okay this will be quick and easy,” Nano said happily. With her experience in the diaper world, Nano was a veteran of changing other people’s diapers. So she can definitely say those words with confidence.

With the diaper brought closer had Yui’s deep concentration. “They look kind of cute,” Yui referred to the design. “Is this what you are wearing?”

Nano blushed, “Yup.”

“Oh, I’d like to see!” Yui exclaimed excitedly.

“O-okay,” Nano said nervously. Rather than hiking her skirt up over her diaper, Nano decided to just unbutton her skirt and pull it down her legs. With her skirt now removed completely exposed the padded state Nano was in. “W-well?”

Yui smiled innocently, “I knew you’d look cute.” Nano couldn’t help but smile with a blush.

“Thanks,“ Nano said quietly. “Now it’s your turn to look cute.” Yui nodded in response. “Just lift your legs and I’ll make it quick.” After hearing that, Yui lifted her legs fit for a lolicon. Nano proceeded to do the same to Yui as she did to her own skirt and remove it. Once removed, Yui’s pink underwear with a cute bear on the front was shown. Not feeling embarrassed about it, Yui continued to hold herself in position. Taking her underwear in both hands, she slid it down and off Yui’s legs. Placing the diaper in a ready position, Nano realized she needed baby powder. “One sec,” Nano said as she went to get the baby powder. It was in the bathroom on a shelf for easy access. Once back Nano proceeded to powder Yui making sure she wasn’t going to get a rash. Afterward, she struggled to work the diaper up around Yui’s small body.

It wasn’t a perfect fit since it was made for Nano’s size, but she still managed to get it to stay on and somewhat secure. Now done, Nano sat up on the bed with her diapered butt extended, propping Yui up.

“What do you think?” Nano asked.

“It’s different,” Yui said. “The padding is well—soft.” Nano couldn’t help but nod in response. “And it felt rather heartwarming to have you change me.” Yui’s face was an even brighter shade. “It’s cute, I think I like it.”

“Aww,” Nano couldn’t help but hug her newly diapered sister. Thinking about the fit, Nano thought if they do this again they should probably get one in Yui’s size. “We’ll probably have to get you a diaper in your size.”

“Okay,” Yui smiled.

“But for now, this will have to do. So let me help you with your homework then.”

“Okay, nee-chan.” With that, the two diapered siblings waddled out of Nano’s room back to Yui’s—with their diapers exposed for the other to see.


After a bit of working on Yui’s homework, Nano helped Yui through the problems she struggled on and finished the work. With the work out of the way, the two found themselves on the comfort of the couch in the living room. With only the two of them home, they had no worries about their diapers being discovered by anyone. Watching some anime that Nano wanted to watch, Yui tagged along sitting next to her older sister.

Not even an hour of time in and Nano felt herself having to pee. Feeling a little conscious about her younger sister presently next to her, she felt slightly embarrassed to just let it go. She was wearing a diaper so it was perfectly fine, but she wasn’t sure how Yui would take it.

Well, Yui did agree to wear a diaper. So that’s a form of acceptance. I shouldn’t worry, just go, just relax and let it all out. With that thought, Nano took a deep breath and relaxed. It didn’t even take a second before she felt her diaper starting to grow warm.

Taking another breath as Nano emptied her bladder into her now soaked diaper. Looking down and there was no mistaking the fact she wet herself by the wet stain on her diaper. She took a look over at Yui who was crossed legged laying against Nano quietly smiling looking at the screen of the tv. Just like that, Nano had used her diaper without Yui even knowing.

Yui noticed her glance and gave her a questioned glance, “Hmm?” Yui then took a glance down at Nano’s diaper and blushed. However, she looked back at the tv.

Nano couldn’t bear it any longer, “I peed.” Stating the obvious, caused Yui to look at her again.

“So you did,” Yui stated. Yui must have noticed but didn’t think much on it. Her comment only made Nano more worried. “Hehe, that’s cute.” Yui’s giggling surprised Nano.

“Wait, you think it’s cute?” Nano couldn’t help but ask.

“Mhm, I think it’s cute.”

“But shouldn’t you think, you know—it’s gross?”

“I suppose, but I don’t really mind it. And you having peed yourself in a diaper I can only find cute.”

With her comment, caused Nano to smile, “Thanks, I’m glad you think that!” Yui nodded innocently with a smile at her comment. Nano couldn’t help but think if Yui may have to pee at some point as well and shouldn’t worry about letting it go into her own diaper. “It’ll be fine if you have to pee at some point as well, just let it go and you’ll feel better.” With that, Yui blushed shyly.

“Oh, okay,” Yui replied. Nano couldn’t help but notice how Yui appeared to have been coiling in on herself as if she had something to hide. “I guess I kind of need to go.”

Nano thought that may have been the case, “Oh, you need to pee?” Yui blushed again and nodded. “Aww, it’ll be okay. Your big sister did it, so just relax and let it all out. You’ll feel much better after, that I can promise.”

Yui nodded and began to look towards her own diaper. Still laying up against her sister, her padded rear protruded up to her knees that she curled up. Surely this position was soothing, but may not have been a suitable peeing position for a first timer. With her eyes closed, Yui was completely relaxed.

Nano looked at her sister wondering if she was really letting it go or not. She then looked at her younger sister’s diaper and noticed a slight discoloring starting to form. It was faint, but slowly spreading at the same time. It didn’t appear that it was coming all out at once, but slowly breaching.

With her eyes opened again and a breath, Yui laid up snug against Nano. It was evident she must have finished wetting herself. Yui patted her own rear with her left hand, probably feeling the wet warmth that had spread.

“Good girl,” Nano patted her sisters smiling head. “Do you feel better now?”

Yui smiled brightly, “Hehe, yup!” With such a bright and cheerful face had Nano melt in how adorable her sister was.

Nano couldn’t help but grab her sister closer, “I’m glad. Did it not feel too bad?”

Yui shook her head while pillowed against Nano’s set of pillows, “No, it’s all warm. It was strange, but it felt rather nice.”

Nano was rather happy to have heard this, “Oh good, looks like we’ll have to change soon huh.” Nano went ahead and grabbed the back side of Yui’s diaper and slipped her own finger in to check its wetness—an action she had done several times in the diaper world. Looking at Yui, she didn’t quite seem to mind. “We should be good for now, so let’s change later.”

“Okay!” Yui exclaimed. With that, the two girls held each other closer and much happier with the new found experience to have shared.


Waking up to her alarm, Nano rose up out of her covers. Shutting off the sound, she noticed a weight in her pants—specifically her diaper. The sag it dragged told her that the diaper was wet—specifically done during her sleep. However, Nano was going to proceed with her plan of getting Yui up. Remembering her time in the diaper world, she grew custom to waking up Yui. So she wondered if this world’s Yui would be similar.

Trotting over to Yui’s room, she found her sister quietly asleep. Remembering how she sometimes felt bad for waking up such an innocent being, she always enjoyed the smiling face that came after. Bending over, Yui’s eyes began to flicker. Nano didn’t have to do much to wake her sister up.

“Hnnng,” Yui murmured quietly rising up. “Is it morning nee-chan?”

“Yup,” Nano replied. “I thought you’d like if I came to get you.” From that statement, Yui grew a smile.

“I don’t mind it, thanks,” Yui said. Nano noticed Yui’s attention grow towards her pants. “How’s your diaper nee-chan?”

Having both changed the previous night, Yui would have known Nano to have been wearing a clean diaper. However, “It’s wet,” Nano said blushing revealing her wet diaper.

Oh, my,” Yui smiled innocently.

Being morning, Nano didn’t expect Yui to have wet it but perchance has to go. “Have you gone yet?” With her question, Yui shook her head. “It’ll be alright, just let it all go now.”

“Okay,” came Yui’s soft reply. A sense of concentration grew on Yui’s face as she attempted to wet herself. With a look of relief, it appeared to have been working for the young girl. Looking over at Nano again she gave off a blushing smile. “Hehe, it’s all warm again.”

“Hehe, let's go and get ourselves changed,” Nano giggled.

“Okay,” Yui smiled.


During the changing process, Yui was confused for why her sister was wanting to be changed into another diaper. It didn’t make sense to Yui that even though Nano liked them she didn’t think she’d actually go to school with them as well. However, she didn’t mind and happily accepted her sister in diapers. But unlike her sister, Yui changed into her little girl’s underwear.


While at school with the period currently at lunch hour, Nano walked over to Fumiko. Fumiko looked at Nano with a smile.

“Hey Sasaki,” Nano greeted.

“Hello,” Fumiko replied.

“Hey Nano.” From hearing her name being called by a familiar voice, Nano turned around and saw Miki walking in. “Oh, who’s this you’re talking to?” Miki asked in curiosity.

“Oh hey Miki,” Nano spoke. “This is Sasaki Fumiko, she’s in my class.” Fumiko gave a short wave. “And this is Nishigi Miki,” Nano said to Fumiko.

Miki took a look at Fumiko’s art, “I really like your drawing.”

“Thanks,” came Fumiko’s reply.

“The girl looks rather cute,” Miki added. The female character Fumiko was drawing had long pink hair and a soft pair of green eyes with a somewhat childish dress and a ribbon in her hair. She looked to be at least 15 given the height and bust. “I like the ribbon in her hair. It sort of reminds me of the anime Nano was showing me.”

“Ah, from Friendly days right?” Fumiko stated. “I liked the one girl who had the ribbon with stripes so I decided to use it on my drawing.”

“I see, it works out quite nice,” Miki exclaimed.

“Yeah, I thought so too,” Fumiko stated.

Nano smiled with delight to see her good friend Miki happily talking with her new friend Fumiko. An idea then came into her mind, “Hey Sasaki, why don’t you come to eat with us?”

Fumiko took a look at Nano, “Hmmm, okay.”

Oh, awesome!” Nano said happily. “You have no problem with that right Miki?”

Miki shook her head, “Nope I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Alright let’s go to the spot!” Nano commanded.

The three girls left the semi-empty classroom and found themselves walking outside to the common spot Miki and Nano eat at. Once there they got out their food and ate while talking. Nano felt rather happy to see how Fumiko has joined their group and could say she is now one of their friends.


After school, Nano managed to get Miki to spend time out in the town again. This time Nano felt nervous for this little trip as she thought a plan for telling Miki her secret. If Yui had taken it well, certainly Miki couldn’t be any different.

It was nearing the end of their free time, and Nano decided now would be the time to reveal her secret.

“Ummm Miki,” Nano started. Miki looked over at Nano with her full attention. With nobody around them, there was no better time than now to reveal her secret.

Having waited a few moments and no response from Nano had Miki wonder what was up. “Um yes?” Miki questioned.

“Oh I’m sorry, this will take me a minute or so,” Nano exclaimed feeling startled. Such a huge secret like this isn’t something Miki probably figured was getting prepared for, otherwise, it’d have made more sense as to why she was taking a little longer than usual to start up a conversation. However, Miki just waited patiently for her friend to begin once again. “Well, this might be a little strange so don’t laugh or think me weird.” From Nano’s statement, Miki nodded. “So the truth is…That I uhh…I um like…like.” The stuttering in her words had Miki grow a concerned look. “I like…diapers…”

Unfortunately for Nano, her statement was a little too quiet for Miki’s ears. “What was that again?” Miki said confused.

“It’s that I…I like diapers,” Nano stated louder. This time there was no denying what she said.

Miki’s reaction looked extremely flustered and confused at the same time. “That’s uh,” Miki felt a loss for words. Despite being a really good friend, she still couldn’t quite comprehend it. “So you like wearing diapers?” Upon her question, Nano nodded with a blush. “I…I can’t make what I think of it. I mean I don’t want to be mean or anything but…” Miki’s words started to hurt Nano, as a small tear started to form in her eyes. “I…I’m sorry I can’t continue this.” Right as Miki said that, she bolted out away from Nano. Nano could only feel slightly hurt and afraid for having to talk with Miki again.


At home, Nano couldn’t help but panic about the sudden case Miki put her in. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to tell her. I bet she thinks I’m some strange person and won’t want to talk with me again. Her thoughts broke by the sound of her door—and a young Yui creeping through.

“Hey nee-chan,” Yui walked over.

“Hmmm?” Nano hummed in question.

Yui walked over to Nano and instantly looked under her skirt. “I was wondering if you were wearing one already,” Yui exclaimed. “You look rather wet nee-chan.”

“Oh, I see,” Nano stated. She then looked down to see how wet her diaper was and noticed it was rather soaked. From the position, Miki put her in she forgot to change her own diaper which could have been bad. “Thanks for telling me.”

Yui smiled, “Mhm! I’ll change you if you will for me?” From this question, Nano figured Yui meant to have Nano change her into another one of her diapers.

“Sure, I’d be glad to,” Nano stated.

“Yay!” Yui beamed brightly. After having that said, Nano picked out two diapers and got it all set for the girls to change. Nano to change into a clean diaper and Yui back into a diaper.


Now that the two girls were all in clean diapers, Nano began to work on homework. It was tough to get it out of her mind, but Nano tried her best to at least try to finish homework the best she could. That is until she heard the doorbell. Once she got to the front door and opened it, with a skirt on, she saw a taller figure she commonly saw—Miki.

“Uh…Miki?” Nano stated nervously. She really didn’t know what to think of Miki coming over at this time. It could’ve meant something bad like her coming to say never speak to her again or possibly even worse that she was changing schools.

“Nano, I wanted to say I thought about it a bit,” Miki started. It was obvious from the statement she was thinking about Nano’s secret—diapers. Nano couldn’t help but freeze up with anxiety. “And well, it took me a little bit to understand the concept of you in a diaper. But I’ve come to accept it.”

Miki’s remark gave Nano a hopeful smile, “Wait really?”

“Yes,” Miki replied. “I don’t mind the idea of you having to wear a diaper or possibly use it.” Nano blushed quickly at that. Miki must have also thought of a diapers use and possibly Nano using it for the same purposes. “In fact, I’d like to help you out whenever you need it alright. So if you ever need, I’ll try my best to well uh change you. Which uh, you don’t need one right now?”

Nano remembering the many times she got changed by Miki in the diaper world couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks, I’d like that. And I’m fine for now.” Nano felt super relieved and happy all at the same time.

“So yeah, I’m sorry about earlier,” Miki stated.

It's fine,” Nano started. “I know it wasn’t easy to take in, but I’m glad you understand me more now.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know my best friend liked wearing diapers. But I’ll try my best to support you either way.”

“Mhm!” Nano couldn’t help but feel like her smile was getting sent through the phone itself.

“So, about math…” Miki began her questioning.

Nano couldn’t help but giggle, “Alright what do you need help on?”


Having helped Miki for a short period helped Nano feel even more relieved. Now she didn’t have to panic about seeing Miki from now on with anything but a smile. And on cue came her sister asking for similar assistance as usual with school work. Yui was also wearing a skirt and a smile. Probably to hide the diaper she wore. Even though Miki accepted Nano wearing a diaper they probably shouldn’t explain why Yui was wearing one.

“Which problem is giving you some troubles this time?” Nano asked.

“Oh some math again,” Yui stated. Nano remembering the math homework she helped Yui with prior and remembering it to be a little tricky when she was in Yui’s grade.

“Ah, you having troubles with match as well?” Miki asked.

“Yup, hehe,” Yui giggled.

“Alright, I’d be glad to help you,” Nano stated with a smile.

Once she finished through the many problems, Miki had finished her homework. Miki took this chance to leave Nano’s house and return back home. Both the girls smiled as they saw each other off. However for Nano, Yui’s problems weren’t quite cleared out so she went back to helping her.


After helping Yui with another single problem, Nano felt the urge to pee and a need to poop. Fortunately for Nano, she no longer needed to care about letting it all go into her diaper—especially in front of her sister. But she may have needed to worry if Miki were still there. So she relaxed and quickly enough a warm stream poured out into her diaper. Nano stood near Yui and probably had her current actions still a secret under her skirt. Yui didn’t look at her differently all while the front of her diaper grew warmer and heavier. Even Yui contained her diaper under her skirt keeping it a secret from Nano.

Once finishing up emptying her bladder into her diaper, Nano knew it was time to just let it all go—to poop herself. With that thought, she only bent slightly over and began to relax while slightly giving it a push. Still being somewhat a secret to her action, Yui could only guess what possibly her sister is doing while helping her. The second she felt herself pushing, the second she began to feel it excrete out of her body and into her diaper. Not having to put much effort into it, Nano continued pooping into her diaper causing it to expand even more.

Finishing up and feeling very relieved, it was rather evident what had occurred—the smell. Her diaper started to smell rather quickly and most likely her sister had known what happened. But she couldn’t help but wonder how Yui will react. Though the only thing she notices is a smile.

“Sorry if it smells,” Nano apologized. It was evident that she was referring to her stinky diaper.

It's fine,” Yui responded. Nano noticed Yui’s glance at her waist in which Nano didn’t mind. She only could imagine that Yui was trying to look at her diaper. It was tempting to Nano to just strip her skirt off and model off a bulge in her diaper but she felt that’d be a little awkward.


Several more minutes in and Nano thought it’d be a good time to change soon. However, she liked the convenience of not using the toilet. Though she noticed Yui didn’t say anything since accepting Nano’s stinky diaper. Her silence had Nano wonder what may have been the issue for Yui. Perhaps she was staying silent for her own diaper. Curious, Nano pulled on Yui’s diaper waistband to check it. Sliding her finger in she found the inside of Yui’s diaper to be warm and wet. It was obvious to deduce Yui’s diaper to be wet. But not as full as Nano’s diaper.

We’ll have to get a change later. Nano’s thought caused her to smile. She couldn’t be any happier to be in the real world and be in a full diaper alongside her sister in a wet one.

Worried if she may have surprised her sister only to see an innocent smile on Yui’s face. However, the silence still wasn’t broken.

“I see you are wet,” Nano announced.

“Mhm,” Yui mumbled. Even her response seemed a little off.

“Is there something wrong?” Nano asked. Her only response was Yui shaking her head. Nano couldn’t help but wonder if the fact she pooped her pants was off-putting to her sister. “Is it my stinky diaper?” Yui didn’t say anything after that. “I see, so it’s that huh.”

“No, it’s not that,” Yui answered back. However, that didn’t quite clear up the concern that it may have to deal with Nano’s messy diaper. “It’s um…” If it wasn’t about Nano’s diaper then would that mean it was about her own?

Yui hasn’t pooped her pants or anything though… Just then Nano thought she may have figured it out. The fact she hasn’t pooped may also mean that she might need to. So she’s silent because she has to go but possibly a little afraid to. I had gone in my diaper so she probably feels a little conscious about having to choose her diaper to go in.

“Umm, Yui,” Nano started. “Do you have to poop?” After hearing that, Yui turned red. “It’s fine if you do. I went in my diaper as you can probably tell. So all you have to do is just relax and let it all out. You’ll feel much better if you do.”

“Okay,” Yui nodded quickly accepting. She put down her pencil, clenched her fists together and squatted down. Nano watched as her younger sister slightly squinted as the young girl pushed. It was evident that Yui was doing her best to poop in her own diaper.

After about a minute, Yui stood up again with a completely red face. “Do you feel better?” Nano asked.

“Mhm, I do,” Yui responded. “It’s all warm and mushy now. Not too bad, but I feel much better now.” She then hugged Nano. “Thanks, nee-chan!” Nano couldn’t help but embrace her own sister. Though she felt a slight patting on her bottom, clearly it was Yui feeling her diaper since that was about her height could reach. “Hehe, I think your diapers full nee-chan.”

Nano smiled, “Yeah, I think we should probably get changed.”

“Okay!” Yui smiled back.


Now that the two girls have changed and taken their baths, the two went off to bed. Nano couldn’t help but feel even happier with her situation now. Her best friend accepted her, they have gotten closer to Fumiko and she can enjoy diapers with her younger sister. The only issues remaining are getting even closer to Fumiko and Nano’s mother. However, she’d rather not deal with her mother quite yet. So that’ll leave getting closer to Fumiko then.

Nano then remembered the one girl who worked at the one store. She decided to try sending her a message and see what she had wanted. Possibly she could go and get Yui’s size of diapers then.

Hey, this is Amasaki Nano, the girl whom you gave a number to after purchasing a package of diapers. I was curious as to what you wanted since you shared your phone.

Leaving it at that, Nano then drifted off to sleep.



Chapter 13


Nano was at school getting ready to find her classroom when she was stopped by Miki. Miki was typically at school earlier than most for her before school club activities. So it didn’t surprise Nano to be seeing her friend walking up to her as if she had just finished an intensive work out.

“Hey Nano,” Miki said.

“Hey Miki,” Nano smiled.

“I was wondering if you were wearing a diaper?” Miki whispered her question. Nano blushed at her question as well as confused. She felt confused at how Miki could be asking this despite how awkward things were the day before because of diapers. Even though they patched things up the night before, Nano couldn’t help imagine Miki wouldn’t bring it up so soon.

“I am,” Nano answered shyly.

“I’m still not sure what to think about it, but I’ll support you either way.”

“Thanks,” Nano smiled.

“I was thinking of going to town with you again to make up for yesterday,” Miki suggested.

“That sounds fun, I’d be glad to,” Nano responded. “Oh, maybe we can invite Sasaki to go with us as well!”

“Sure, I’d be alright with that,” Miki replied. “I just worry others might discover your secret.”

“Ah, don’t worry about that,” Nano replied reassuringly. “Nobody will notice that I’m wearing a diaper.”


After the last class, Miki and Nano asked Fumiko to join them on their in-town excursion. Fumiko didn’t exactly jump on board right away but decided to come along anyway. Nano was sort of nervous that her diaper secret may get noticed by Fumiko. However, the skirt should perfectly cover that secret. It would only take an unfortunate gust of wind with Nano in front of Fumiko to reveal the truth.

While at a department store going through clothes, Nano couldn’t help notice the smile coming across Fumiko’s face. It was only a few days since Nano began talking to Fumiko, but it made Nano happy to see Fumiko appeared happier than she was before. And she only thought about getting closer to Fumiko like she was back in the diaper world.


After a few browsing shops, the three girls stopped at a restaurant to eat at. Sitting in her seat, Nano felt a need to pee. She realized her diaper was already rather wet, in which she knew should have been changed some time ago. But she was having so much fun with her two friends that she didn’t want to get up and leave. With her past experience in using diapers, her diaper could contain quite a bit more than she expected. So as long as she stood up it should hold out.

“I’m going to go refill my drink,” Nano stated standing up. Her drink was running low, but her intention was something else.

“Me as well,” Fumiko remarked following Nano.

With the two at the drink station, Nano felt happy and content seeing Fumiko alongside her. That’s when she realized her diaper grew even heavier. Knowing she was currently urinating in her diaper, Nano couldn’t find herself happier to also not be troubled by bathroom breaks to take her away from her friends.

The smile and blush on her face remained until she felt a warm liquid running down her leg. Oh god, oh god! My diaper! It’s leaking! Nano overestimated her diapers capacity judging from the diaper world’s absorbency. She quickly went back to the table, grabbed her bag and went towards the restroom.

In the stall of the restroom, Nano lifted her skirt to find her diaper extremely soaked and in fact did leak. There was a bit dribbling down her legs as she inspected the diaper. Fortunately for Nano, it appeared that it started to leak just as she finished as the only parts leaking are a few drops here and there. With a sigh of relief, Nano pulled a clean diaper out and proceeded to change herself while wiping her legs and doing her best to dry the spots on her socks. It may have leaked, but it wasn’t so bad that anybody would’ve been able to tell.

Walking back out to her friends, Miki got up walking to her. “What happened?” Miki had a worried expression as she asked her question.

Nano went up to her ear to whisper, “My diaper leaked, sorry to worry you.” Upon that knowledge, Miki went quiet and just nodded. The trio continued to enjoy their time in town.


Once they decided they were finished, Miki asked if they’d like to go over to her house. Nano obviously accepted this invitation. It was going to be up to Fumiko whether or not she’d come along.

“Sure, if y-you aren’t too far” Fumiko stated.

“Oh no, it’s nearby,” came Miki’s reply. With that, the three girls were now going to Miki’s house. Nano knew she probably couldn’t stay for too long as her diaper count was down to only one change left.  And the current diaper she wore told her she’d be making use of that change rather soon.

At Miki’s, Nano knew Miki’s parents worked rather late on the weekends so she wasn’t surprised to see both missing at home. The three were led by Miki who took them upstairs to a room at the end of the hallway—Miki’s room. There was a bed with a yellow blanket and not much covering the walls. One of the main features the room contained was a table with a few chairs and a tv.

“We can probably play some games before having to stop,” Nano announced. She knew all too well her limits here. “Oh, I guess I should have asked if you liked playing games?” Nano’s question was directed at Fumiko who was mostly the guest here.

“Yeah. I like games,” Fumiko responded.

“Alright we’ll play this one then,” Miki said holding up a game. It was a recent hit multiplayer game.

“Oh. Nice I-I like this game,” Fumiko smiled. With the three of them smiling, the game was turned on and the three of them played the game.


It was about a couple hours since they started, but it felt like mere minutes. Currently, both Nano and Miki were getting trounced by Fumiko who clearly demonstrated an immense amount of practice. But after losing several times they decided to play co-op with each other and found a better time.

Nano felt herself bouncing off her seat at times feeling the soggy padding between her legs. It was high time for her to change her diaper. Though she felt awkward with Fumiko sitting there. What if Fumiko could actually tell?

After a round, Miki stood up, “Alright let me go use the restroom real fast.” Nano couldn’t help but admire her position of not having to take many breaks for the bathroom. Something a diaper really helps with that she quite enjoyed.

Leaving the two girls alone, Nano started to wonder how would Fumiko actually take her secret? Would she take it horribly or would she actually accept her? They hadn’t been friends for very long, but she figured her friends should know—especially for how much longer Nano has known Fumiko for.

“Hey,” Nano started. Oh gosh, am I really going to confess? She had Fumiko’s full attention but really didn’t know if she should go through with it or not. “I-I uh never mind.” Nano pulled the brakes and stopped herself from telling Fumiko the whole truth of the matter—about her diapers. Fumiko only gave a puzzled expression as to what she might have said.

With a few more moments of silence and Miki returned. Nano decided to take this as her cue to go and change. “Um, I’ll actually go use the restroom real fast.” When she walked by Miki she whispered into her ear, “I have to change.” Miki nodded in exchange as Nano walked to the restroom with her bag in hand ready to change.


After several hours, and the trio had to end their fun. They walked Fumiko home which she said to walk as far as the station. “I-I had a lot of fun,” Fumiko smiled and waved. “I look f-forward to seeing you again!” Nano couldn’t help but feel very happy to see Fumiko look this way.

“Yup, I can’t wait either!” Nano responded.

“Yeah, I’m glad we became friends!” Miki answered back. Nano felt even happier to know that the three of them have officially become friends. Now there was a lot more they could do in the future.

Miki walked Nano all the way home but got an idea when she made it back. “Hey, Miki?” Nano started.

“Yes, what is it?” Miki wondered.

“I was wondering if you were fine with me staying the night?” It was a Saturday so having Sunday off for school wouldn’t have this as off-limits on a school night. The two had many times where Nano came over and spent the night. Nano would just write her mom a letter and they’d call it good.

“Oh, really?” Miki responded.

“Yup!” Nano smiled back.

“Okay, I’m fine with that.”

“Yay!” Nano remembered she was completely out of changing supplies and clothes to wear for the night so she should pack lightly for the trip. “Okay let me go get some stuff then to wear alright. I ran out of diapers I could change while we were having fun so I’ll have to get some more.”

“Okay, just make sure you bring enough okay.” Miki’s response didn’t sound weirded out or anything, just a nice sense of concern for her friend.

Aw, I definitely will!” Nano certainly planned on it, especially if she wasn’t going to be actually using Miki’s bathroom for its intended purposes. Though she’d probably have to tell Yui where she was going to be for the night. That way her sister didn’t have to worry. She only felt bad that she’d have to skip out on having another sister bonding night in diapers again. Though she should probably get Yui a diaper in her size before they have another time together.


Back at Miki’s, with plenty of diapers on hand and the two of them alone, Nano pulled one of her diapers out to show her friend. “This is one of my diapers,” Nano stated handing the diaper over.

“I see,” Miki responded handling it. “It does have a soft texture.”

“Mhm, it really is soft!” Nano smiled. Next, her hands made it to her waist finding the button on her skirt. She unbuttoned it and then pulled her skirt down causing it to plop onto the floor around her feet. This completely revealed the diaper under her skirt to her friend who hadn’t seen her in a diaper yet. “And well, you can see the diaper I’m wearing now.”

“Oh, it actually looks cute on you,” Miki smiled at her. Nano wasn’t sure if she was forcing herself or not to say that.

“Are you being honest?”

“Yeah, it really does suit you.”

“Well, in that case. It shouldn’t bother you if I stayed like this until bedtime right?” Nano referred to having no skirt, no pants nothing covering her diaper.

“I’m fine with it.”

Nano smiled, “Good, cause I’ll be having my diaper exposed then.”

“Alright, I should probably get used to it then. I’ve also been curious what you looked like in them as well.”

“Well, now you know.”

“Yup, and you certainly are cute.”

“We’ll see if you think the same when I use it and it changes color.”

“I-I guess so,” Miki didn’t sound too certain.

Miki was about to hand the diaper back when Nano got an idea that caused her to smirk. “Hey, Miki.”


“I was wondering if you’d like to try one?” Nano gave her a small begging face. She didn’t think Miki would like it but it couldn’t hurt.

“Hmm, I’m not sure how I feel about it,” Miki started with a puzzled look. She took another look at Nano before coming to a conclusion. “But I think I’ll at least try one on and see how it feels.” With that said Miki continued to hold onto the diaper.

“Yay!” Nano felt elated. “Ask me if you need help changing into it alright.”

“Okay,” Miki responded walking out of the room.


Once Miki walked back in, the shine on her skin was completely visible. No longer was she wearing anything below her waist except for one thick padding—a diaper. Nano couldn’t help notice the tapes were a little crooked but at least seemed to be in place. She probably didn’t use any baby powder though. But she thought her friend looked rather cute in the diaper.

Oh, you look cute too!” Nano clasped her hands together.

“It’s a little bulky,” Miki responded. “It does have a soft touch, but I don’t know.”

“Aw that’s alright,” Nano answered back. “At least you did give it a try.”

“Well, I’ll wear it for the rest of the night then how about that?”

“Oh really? I’d love you too!”

“Okay then, looks like we’ll both be wearing diapers then. But tomorrow I’d like to wear regular clothing of course.”

“That’s fine, I’m really glad you agreed to this.” Seeing Nano’s smile caused Miki to smile as well.

Well, I’m glad I could make you happy!”


It was getting somewhat late in the night when Nano felt herself having to pee. With her diaper on display, it would be completely evident what she was doing. Regardless, she knew where she should be peeing—in her diaper.

Without a hint of holding back, a warm stream crashed out into her diaper causing the front to discolor. Nano smiled quietly in hopes that Miki may take notice. However, it appeared that she was too content on the anime they were currently watching.

Having finished, Nano’s diaper could easily be identified as wet. You’d have to have been blind to not tell it wasn’t wet. So Nano shuffled in her seat to see if she could grab Miki’s attention. Miki did, in fact, turn towards her and Nano smiled while turning red. Even though she wanted Miki to take notice, she still felt slightly embarrassed about it. She noticed Miki’s eyes look towards Nano’s diaper and then back to Nano with a smile. There she looked at the tv once more.

Nano was really curious as to what Miki was thinking because she had to be able to tell she was wet. “Well, did you notice?” Nano asked.

“Yeah,” Miki responded.

“Noticed what?” Nano wanted clarification.

“I noticed you peed your pants or well uh diaper.”

Huhu, yup” Nano giggled.

“I still think you're cute though. I really don’t mind the fact of what you just did. For some reason, I kind of like seeing you like this.” Nano blushed even more. She felt overwhelmed with emotion at her friend's kindness. So she went straight to hugging her friend not noticing her wet diaper was colliding as well. “Wa?! what’s that for?”

“For accepting me!” Nano responded. “It makes me really happy!”

“Well, of course, I’d accept you!” Miki smiled. “I am your best friend after all! I really didn’t want this to come between us which is why I said I wanted to wish you the best earlier. But now I really see it differently, and I don’t mind it at all now. I kind of like seeing you like this as well.”

Nano squeezed tighter, “And that’s why you deserve this!”

Once the two girls finished the exchange, Miki had a question. “Well, should you change soon?”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry,” Nano responded reassuringly. “These can absorb quite a bit and plus I have powder on so I won’t need to worry about any rashes. I’ll just change before we go to sleep.”

Miki looked relieved, “Oh good, I was really worried about you earlier, to be honest. That’s why I asked.”

“Oh about that leak? It really didn’t leak much, just started to. Lucky it didn’t just burst huh?”

“Yeah, I was really worried Sasaki would have gotten ideas and all. I was thinking of what to say if the situation ever rose so I could cover for you.”

“Aw thanks for thinking of me!” Nano just felt enamored with how much care her trusted friend was giving her.


It was now the designated time after a couple of hours the two decided to go to sleep. Miki changed into a pajama shirt alongside pants over her diaper. Nano noticed it was still clean which made her wonder if she was ever going to use it. But didn’t mind if she did or didn’t, just the fact she’s wearing one at this time was all she enjoyed.

Nano took her shirt off and changed into a nightgown that went over her diaper and not much else. Given she was the guest, Miki opted to sleep on her mat on the floor with Nano on the bed. Nano accidentally dropped a pillow due to moving the covers over. So Nano bent down to retrieve the lost pillow.

Looking her way Miki spoke, “Um.” Nano looked her way grabbing the pillow and standing back up. “I could see your diaper under that when you bent down.”

“Oh, I see,” Nano responded. “It’s probably how puffy the diaper is. Did you enjoy the view?”

Well, it makes me think I’ll need to be careful if you ever find yourself having to bend down with a not so long skirt. I can act as your shield then.”

“Oh, you really are looking out for me thanks!” With that Nano grabbed her skirt of the nightgown and yanked it up revealing her diaper. She stuck her diapered butt out and wiggled back and forth. “There, your reward is being able to see this.”

However, it didn't quite get a stare, she felt a hand patting her butt. Obviously, it was her friend's hand giving her a slight pat but it still caused her to go red. “Your butt really is much softer like this.” Miki grinned back at Nano who giggled back.

The two crawled into their respective sleeping areas and began working on sleep.


The next morning Nano woke up feeling rather refreshed and of course rather soaked. However a different feeling was bottling up inside of her—it was a need to poop. Miki didn’t appear to be in the room, which made Nano wonder if she already has taken her diaper off or not. But she couldn’t help feel herself starting the process for pooping. She clenched her legs together to stop herself but couldn’t help but wonder how would Miki react to her in a messy diaper. Potentially that could have been the real friendship killer. Which also made Nano rather worried at the same time.

Holding it for about a minute on what to decide to do, Nano decided she was in a diaper and that’s what it was for. Releasing the grasps on her legs, she bent them up and spread her legs apart. Holding her thighs with her hands, Nano began to assist with a push. Immediately she could feel her diaper expanding out as she proceeded to poop in her diaper. Once she finished, she continued to just lie in the bed in wait for Miki.

It wasn’t very long until Miki walked in with her day clothes on. Curious if she could see a diapers bulge, Nano scouted Miki’s shorts. But it didn’t appear to have any sort of bulge at her shorts. Potentially that meant the diapered Miki dream was short lived.

“Hmm,” Miki seemed gave Nano a puzzled look. Perhaps she already took notice of something different in the atmosphere. “Did you really?” She walked up closing on Nano as if she was about to crawl over her. “I think you did. Nano did you poop?”

It was obvious her secret was out now. So Nano had no choice but to admit to the truth. “Yup, I pooped in my diaper.” Blushing, she felt like she should almost apologize for having done what she did.

It's fine,” came Miki’s response. “I was just curious if you did or not. But I wonder if it might be a little tough to clean up.”

This response startled Nano. She really didn’t picture Miki thinking about her cleanup process. Nano honestly believed her friend would’ve been grossed out by what she had done. “Well, it is somewhat a pain even when you know what you are doing.”

“I see, would it be better to change on a towel?” Nano wasn’t quite following what Miki asked. “I was just thinking we should get you cleaned up pretty soon.”

“Um yeah, I should probably get cleaned up now. A towel works fine for getting changed, but I can change in the bathroom.”

“Alright, wait here,” Miki said walking out the room with a determined face.

Nano could only sit on the edge of the bed waiting for her friend. It seemed rather strange for why she’d be going out of the room. She could be getting a towel for me, but it's better I change in the bathroom using my own wipes.

Once Miki could be viewed walking into the room again, it was obvious in her hand was a black towel and a set of wipes. Miki proceeded to lay the towel out on the floor of her room.

“You didn’t have to get a towel,” Nano said confused.

Well, I thought it’d be useful for changes.”

“For changing others that is.”

“That’s why I got it.”

Nano felt shocked about what she heard. “Wait—what?!”

“I thought I’d help change you.” Nano couldn’t help but think whether she was dreaming or not. “I don’t mind it, and I really thought about it last night. I thought about if you really needed a change, I shouldn’t mind giving you a hand. In fact, I kind of really like the idea of changing you for some reason.”

“Oh, is that so? Okay, then I’ll let you change me then.” Nano got up feeling her diaper sag between her legs as she waddled over towards Miki. Once she stood in front of Miki, she sat onto the towel and laid back. With her memories of the diaper world, Nano instinctively loosened her legs to make it easy for Miki.

Miki took the initiative and pulled her dress up completely revealing her full diaper. “Thanks, Miki,” was all Nano could really say. She was absolutely happy that her friend not only has come to accept her but was wanting to help her out.

“No problem, it’s why we're friends after all!”

“Hehe,” Nano giggled with a blushing smile.

“So I just have to take your diaper off then huh?”

Nano wondered just how much Miki would actually know for this change and sure enough, it didn’t seem like Miki knew much after all. “Yup, just undo the tapes and make sure to wipe me down.”

With that statement, the tapes were undone and so did the diaper. A large mess was revealed, but no face of disgust on Miki. Nano felt really relieved to see her friend did, in fact, accept her.

There Miki started grabbing wipes and began wiping all around her rear end. It felt odd to be in this position in the regular world, but she felt rather used to it.

“Alright, I think I have you cleaned up.”

“Okay, so next roll up my diaper.”

“Like this?” Miki proceeded to take the tops and roll up the diaper.

“Not quite, but it’ll work for now. There’s a plastic bag in my bag to toss it in.”

Miki walked over to her bag, unzipped it and sure enough tossed the used diaper in the plastic bag. “I’ll grab one of your diapers as well then.”

“Thanks! Don’t forget my powder as well.”

Miki walked back over with a clean diaper and powder in hand. Then she unfolded the diaper and placed it under Nano.

“Hehe, you have it backward,” Nano exclaimed.

“Oh I see,” Miki said as she quickly flipped the diaper around. “So I just apply the powder now?”

“Yup, make sure it gets on most all the spots.”

Nano could smell and see Miki’s attempt to applying the powder. She used a little more than needed, but it’ll be fine for a first change. Miki then took the top of the diaper and started to raise it up to Nano. Once again Nano lifted her legs to make sure it’d be secured into place. Taking the tapes over the front, Miki had finished changing Nano.

They're all clean!” Miki stated.

That much was true, but it didn’t feel quite right to Nano. “Hmm, I think the tapes are a little loose.”

Oh, they are?”

“Yup, it should be more like this,” Nano said as she secured the tapes. “There now it’s much better. But thanks a lot Miki! I’m so happy you wanted to change me!”

“Yup, I actually really enjoyed it. Which I should probably explain myself on that.”

Nano sat up again on the bed looking at her friend. The skirt of her nightgown not quite down all the way revealed her diaper but she didn’t mind.

“The truth is, at first I thought it was so strange that you could like diapers. But now that I have seen you in them and how you act with them…honestly, I think you are just so adorable.”

Oh, thanks!” Nano said blushing with an innocent smile.

“And so, that was one reason I agreed to try it with you last night. But I’m sorry to say I didn’t like wearing it. I can see what you like, but it just doesn’t work for me.”

“Oh, I see…”

“Don’t be sad, because personally I really like them on you. So that’s why I thought rather than share wearing it with my best friend I’d help her enjoy it. I know I wasn’t quite the best at changing you, but if you need my help I’d be very happy to change you.”

Nano couldn’t help herself any longer. She jumped off the bed and leaped into Miki’s arms. “Thank you so much, Miki, I love you for helping me!”

Feeling Miki’s embrace, especially touch on her padded rear, she heard a whisper. “You’re like a baby right now.”

“Hehe, I guess I could give that thought.”

“A rather cute baby though!” Nano couldn’t help but giggle with delight to know her friend not only accepted her but liked her in a diaper as well.

That was when a thought popped into Nano’s mind. It was like a memory re-surfaced back into her mind. This thought was strange because it was of both Miki and Nano in diapers while at Miki’s house. Not only was Nano using her diaper but Miki was as well. The two of them were having fun talking about things early friends would talk about.

This memory seemed a little strange to Nano as it seemed similar to another time when the two became friends, just with diapers on instead.


Later in the day, Nano left to go into town after making a return to home. She received a message from the girl who worked at the store that told her to meet her during the day. So Nano decided to take up the offer and see what this girl was all about.

Once at the store, she saw the sales clerk at the reception counter. The smile on the woman’s face gave it away that she noticed Nano already. Smiling back, Nano proceeded to walk over to her.

“Welcome,” came the cheerful voice of the clerk. “Let us go talk over there.” What she referred to were the public restrooms. With a nod from Nano, the two girls walked over to the bathrooms.

In the bathroom, the woman turned around to face Nano. “Sorry if I scared you or anything. I just like to let others who are about as young as you to not worry about having to wear diapers. So that’s why I like to talk to you and help make it easier for you to purchase them.”

“Oh, I see thanks,” Nano said happily. It seemed rather nice of the girl to be doing such a thing. “That really will make it easier for me.”

“So you are wearing one right now I presume?” asked the woman.

“Umm yeah,” Nano felt a little awkward answering.

“You don’t have to feel afraid, because I wear diapers as well,” the woman reassured.

“Wait, really?” Nano felt shocked to hear of someone else wearing diapers.

“Yup,” replied the girl who proceeded to lift her work shirt up and pull her pants slightly down to reveal the top of a diaper. “I just quite like wearing them.”

“Yeah, they are really comfy,” Nano smiled shyly.

“Mhm, it was an interesting experience for how I got into them but they are definitely a part of my life now.”

“Yeah same here. It was like a different world experience for me.”

“Oh, can I ask you something?” the woman started. “I’m curious if you had put any coins in a strange box before.”

Once Nano heard this, she knew right away what she was meaning. “Wait you don’t mean…did you visit a different world as well?”

The woman nodded her head, “I have in fact. I take it you probably visited the world where all woman were diapered correct.”

“Yes, it was strange at first but it was rather pleasant.”

“That’s how it was for me as well. But I decided to return and so here I am. I’m rather happy to have met someone who has shared the same experience though.”

“I am as well!”

“It was tough adjusting back at first, especially having the many accidents.”

“Yeah, it was tough.”

“But that pushed me to get diapers. And now I basically don’t know when I go or not.”

“I see. I still have some feeling.”

“Well, I’d say expect to not have that for too much longer if you keep using your diaper.”

“I actually wouldn’t mind not having control.”

“Ah, looks like you’re in the same boat as I am then. I don’t care about not having control either. But I’m glad to have met someone else who went to the other world.

Yeah, same.”

“I should probably get back to work then, we’ll have to talk later. And if you need any help I’d be happy to help.” With a smile, the woman left the bathroom.

Nano couldn’t find herself any happier. Not only did her best friend accept her but she found someone else who had gone through what she had. It’d make sense though that someone else would have gone through the experience as she had. But to actually meet them would have been super rare. Now she only hopes that telling Fumiko wouldn’t be as hard. Nano thought to keep it as a secret, but can’t help get the feeling she should tell Fumiko her secret.

That was when a realization hit—she actually needed to pick something up.

“Oh hey, I actually need something…I need some diapers,” Nano asked the girl once again.



Chapter 14


It was lunchtime the next day at school. Nano and Miki were about to head to their usual spots, but this time Fumiko went ahead to join the two without them asking. Nano couldn’t feel any happier knowing that the girl had found herself part of their group now. There was no denying the friendship they just formed.

While eating, Nano had the urge to pee but let it go rather quickly. With her warm diaper Nano felt at peace with her friends. However, she felt a different urge immediately after—a need to poop. Not wanting to get caught by her friend Fumiko, Nano felt nervous about using her diaper. However, she still decided to squat down and let her poop slide out into her diaper. With a full diaper, Nano knew she better change quickly.

Not wanting to cause Miki to panic, she leaned over to her ear. “Miki I pooped,” Nano whispered. “I’m going to get a change now.” With that said, Nano stood up.

Miki followed after her, “I’ll help you.” Nano was happy to accept her kindness and so she nodded in reply. Fumiko also got up to follow after them. Possibly she was worried about what was going on, but before she could get any farther Miki held her hand up stopping the girl. “I’m sorry but can you wait for us.” Miki had told Fumiko to wait for them and so the two went off to the restroom.


Once in the restroom, Miki and Nano waited to make sure nobody was coming and going to not bring any suspicion on them. After affirming the situation was clear, the two girls found themselves entering the farthest stall. Miki wasn’t quite sure how this was going to work, but Nano took the first step in what to do and Miki followed up after. Nano still couldn’t quite comprehend her friend helping her out like this.

Soon enough Nano was now in a clean diaper. Miki held up Nano’s old dirty diaper in which Nano gently took.

“Don’t worry, I’ll dispose of this later,” Nano stated. Once again confirming the safety of outside the stall, the two girls returned to Fumiko.

Fumiko had a worried expression as the two girls approached her. Nano did her best to smile in hopes of calming Fumiko’s worries.

“S-so what happened?” stated the worried Fumiko.

Nano didn’t like having to lie, but she knew better to keep her secret. “Ah, it wasn’t anything special,” Nano stated.

“Yeah,” Miki added in. “It was just a small task she needed me for.” Nano wasn’t sure if the vagueness of Miki helped or not.

“I see,” nodded Fumiko. But it didn’t seem like her curiosity went away.


Once the last class finished up, Nano and Miki asked Fumiko if they wanted to spend time together once again. Fumiko agreed but wanted to participate in her club still. So Miki and Nano decided to just visit her while she went about her art.

The room they used for the art club was just a standard classroom. But they had all the desks connected to give enough space to draw on. Fumiko’s preferred canvas was her sketch pad.

Miki and Nano not being part of the club attracted some attention from other people. But they didn’t seem to mind. Nano thought perhaps they were surprised to see Fumiko with other people.

Getting her sketch pad out, Fumiko turned to a blank page towards the middle. Sitting beside her, Nano and Miki watched her silently sketch different shapes. However, these shapes started to take more of a form that represented a person. Nano was rather impressed at the speed in which Fumiko was drawing this character.

Seeing how this was only a beginning phase held the girls curious at what she has done. “I’d like to see some of your art,” asked Miki. Nano couldn’t deny she’d like to see more as well.

“Well, o-okay,” replied Fumiko. She put her pencil down and turned to the first page. At the first page, they could see a smiling female character in a fantasy outfit with pink hair and green eyes. She resembled some sort of witch in which Nano had never seen before. Going through the many pages had several colorful and skillfully drawn characters. Just seeing all the different characters made Nano jealous of her talent. Nano didn’t exactly have a talent like her two friends so she couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

Looking at Miki, reflecting on the talent seemed to have an effect on her as well. She looked ready to burst out of her seat. “I think I need to practice now,” Miki stated. However, Miki’s facial expression looked bold and bright. Whereas Nano often saw Miki state these words with the dullest expression ever. It appeared having spent time with her friends and taking a break to have an effect—her mind was clear. With Miki leaving the two, Nano decided to stay and watch Fumiko draw for longer.


Fumiko had been drawing for a short bit before Nano felt an urge to pee. Trusting her diaper underneath could hold out, Nano didn’t even bother to hold. The streaming warmth spread through her diaper as she continued to stare at Fumiko’s drawing.

Nano noticed Fumiko wasn’t drawing so she turned her attention to Fumiko’s face. However, she noticed Fumiko was giving her a stare down. It seemed odd for Fumiko to be looking at her especially when she just did her business then and there. So Nano decided to implement a blank stare of ignorance in hopes to throw off any suspicion her friend may have.

That was when Fumiko spoke, “Hey I uh.” Given she was rather shy, Nano understood this was probably more difficult for her to speak to her. “I was wanting to return the favor for the other day. So uh, I was just wondering if perhaps you’d maybe come over?” Through that mess of Fumiko’s awkwardness, came a question to Nano if she wanted to visit at her house. “I’d ask Nishigi as well but.” It was obvious given Miki was no longer available for a certain amount of time.

“Hehe,” Nano giggled. “Yeah, I’d love to visit your house.” Fumiko grew a nice smile like something incredible just happened. However, for Nano, she never once did visit Fumiko’s place in the diaper world. So seeing her house for the first time would be a treat.

Packing up her stuff, Fumiko stood up followed by Nano. There they left the classroom with Fumiko in the lead. Nano couldn’t wait to see what this house visit would be like.

Nano then felt a memory fly through her. It was her need to walk out of the classroom due to the need for a change. Once out of the room she bumped into Fumiko who then dropped her artwork on the floor. Nano helped pick up the artwork and noticed several of the colorful characters. Many of them were females with diapers on. Several of the characters were from anime’s that Nano liked to watch. There Nano commented on the artwork and anime’s which received a pleasant smile from Fumiko.

Returning to reality, Nano realized she had a flashback to a detail that must have occurred in the diaper world. Though what happened was how Nano and Fumiko first met and became friends. This instance seemed to have happened much sooner than how it happened in this world but was a similar situation. They both had a liking to some anime and talked about them.

This caused Nano to wonder just how she would have become friends with Fumiko if she didn’t go to the diaper world. Even though thanks to the diaper world helped me learn of Fumiko, I have a feeling we’d still have become friends. Maybe it’d have taken longer but I’m sure we’d have become friends. It’d be a matter of time before I’d have seen one of her characters after all.


The trip to her house had the two to take a train ride given Fumiko wasn’t exactly in the area. Once at the two-story house, Nano got a pleasant feeling for Fumiko’s home. However now that they arrived, Nano remembered her wet diaper between her legs. Looking down at her waist she thought how to deal with it. Perhaps she’ll have to change herself at Fumiko’s place. Given how odd that may seem to do at a friend’s house when they weren’t aware of it, Nano could only feel a little nervous to change.

Nano noticed Fumiko was then staring at her with a perplexed expression. Unsure of what she could be looking at her nor thinking about, Nano just stared off blankly. Turning her head forward, Fumiko then leads Nano to her front door.

Once in the house, the main doorway led to a hallway to the left and a set of stairs to the right. Fumiko and Nano took their shoes off at the entrance and set them up neatly alongside the other sets of shoes. A sound of footsteps crept up closing down the hallway. The sounds in question came from a middle-aged woman who most likely was Fumiko’s mother. Fumiko looked at her mother with a scared expression.

“Oh m-mom, I’m sorry I,” Fumiko started. She was most likely trying to apologize for having brought Nano over without permission. However, Fumiko’s mother took a quick glance at Nano before moving in closer.

She quickly hugged Nano with a tight grip. Nano felt a little shocked at how Fumiko’s mother reacted. “Oh, you must be my daughter's friend!” Fumiko’s mother happily said. She then released her from her grasp. “I’m sorry, I was surprised to see Fumiko bring someone home with her! She hasn’t really had any friends so I’ve been worried for a long time if she’d ever meet with someone. So I can’t help but be overjoyed. Especially the last few days, she has mentioned a lot about having friends!”

Nano couldn’t help but smile, “Oh…that makes me sad to hear because she’s such a great friend!”

After Nano said that, Fumiko’s mother looked like she was about to tear up. “Oh, I should get you, girls, some drinks then!” After stating that she walked back the way she showed up. Nano thought she must’ve gone to the kitchen.

Fumiko then started to walk up the stairs. “I’m sorry about my mother,” Fumiko stated with a sigh.

Following her up the stairs, Fumiko couldn’t help but giggle. “Nah, I don’t mind how cheerful she was. I’m actually kind of jealous of how caring she is.” Nano couldn’t help but think about how her real mother is and how rough she was.


Once in Fumiko’s room, Nano noticed how big of an anime fan Fumiko must have been. There were several unique poster-prints of characters on her wall. These kinds of prints were not something you could just pick up at in town. They were most likely obtained at events. She also had figures lined up. However, taking a glance at Fumiko showed the girl going slightly red. Perhaps she was feeling embarrassed by the stuff on display for Nano to see.

“Oh wow, you have some neat stuff,” Nano stated. She wanted to make it sound like her collection was cool—in which it was to Nano. And a smile appeared on Fumiko’s face to tell her that she was happy to hear that. Fumiko set her bag for school next to her bed and so Nano followed suit by placing her bag next to it.

“D-do you like games?” Fumiko asked. She was most likely asking Nano to play video games with her. Nano remembered the many fun times she had playing video games with Fumiko at Miki’s house.

“Yeah,” Nano answered. Fumiko then walked next to her bed which had a flat screen tv set on a table with systems and games. That table was next to a much larger table to the right which held all of Fumiko’s ongoing art projects.

Fumiko held a game out, “Do you like this game?” Nano was rather happy to see the title she selected as it was one she played with both Miki and Fumiko in the other world.

“Why yes I do,” Nano responded. With a smile, Fumiko plugged the game in and handed Nano a controller. There was only a single chair in front of the tv, so Fumiko let Nano sit in her comfy seat while taking the chair from her art desk.

Before they could get started, Fumiko’s mother walked in. “Playing some games I see, hehe.” Fumiko’s mother seemed really delighted to see her daughter having fun with someone else for once. She grazed to Fumiko’s art table and placed two drinks on it. “Well, I’ll leave you two girls to having fun then!” With that, she left the room. The two girls then proceeded to take sips of the tea they were given and proceed to play the game.


Having drunk all the tea that was given alongside the snacks received, Nano was smiling happily playing with Fumiko. However, it seemed all liquids have gone through her as she was already needing to use the restroom. Thankful for her diaper, Nano proceeded to not mind wetting herself. Her already wet diaper began to grow warm once again as the wetness spread throughout her diaper. Even though they had just cleared through a section of the game, Nano felt rather happy and content about not having to use the restroom during a fun time of playing games—especially with others.

Looking at Fumiko, she noticed she was being stared at. She couldn’t help but give a blank stare in return. Nano couldn’t help but wonder if Fumiko was on to her. So even though she’d like to wait a little before, Nano thought it’d been wise to change right away.

“Um I need to go use your restroom,” Nano stated grabbing her bag.

“Oh alright,” Fumiko replied. “It’s out in the hallway to the right.” With that set of guidance, Nano found her way to the restroom to give herself a good change.

Once Nano returned Fumiko was standing at her desk with a sketchbook. Nano felt curious as to what art she may have drawn in this sketchbook. So she walked over to see her art.

“Do you mind if I looked at your art?” Nano asked.

“I-I well uh ok,” Fumiko replied. With an embarrassed consent, Nano opened up the book. Each drawing she saw were of many different anime characters. There were some that were male as well as many female characters. The more pages Nano turned the more impressed she felt looking at each character. She could definitely tell Fumiko had put in a serious amount of effort from a young age to be able to draw this well.

The next page Nano turned had a strange appearance that Nano didn’t quite picture seeing. It was a female character, but she wore a rather childish shirt and a pair of rather puffy shorts. Her expression wore one who smiled but at the same time blushing with shyness. Nano, no matter how she looked at it, identified this character wearing a diaper. However, this probably wouldn’t have occurred to Nano unless she herself wore diapers. It was almost as if it was a hidden drawn diaper.

“Is she wearing a diaper?” Nano couldn’t help asking.

Fumiko seemed to have gone red, “I…n-n-no.” Fumiko shyly denied it but Nano couldn’t help but wonder still.

“Ah, but she’s definitely cute.”

“T-thanks.” Fumiko’s denial may indicate it as something else, but Fumiko still appeared rather embarrassed towards the question.

Turning through more pages led to more characters that appeared if they were wearing diapers. Nano couldn’t help but comment on each one suggesting her thought. She put it as a joke but didn’t have any response from Fumiko. “Hey, even if they are wearing diapers it is your art. So you can do whatever you want with it. But I won’t deny even if they are wearing diapers, they still look very cute!”

“T-thanks,” Fumiko shyly responded. Her response had Nano curious whether or not they actually were diapers or not.

“So I’m curious, are they actually wearing diapers?” The response she saw from Fumiko shocked Nano. Fumiko stood still blushing red and nodded her head. Fumiko just admitted to the fact she drew characters in diapers. Nano wasn’t sure if that meant Fumiko straight up liked diapers or drew them for fun, but having multiple characters was a good sign for the former. “I have to ask, but do you like diapers?”

“…” Fumiko couldn’t answer back. Her quiet expression told Nano that she probably did but could not admit to it.

“Aw, it’s okay,” Nano stated. “I don’t care that you do. You’re my friend so that’s all that matters! So I don’t mind if this is something you like, you’ll always be my friend.”

Fumiko’s expression turned teary, “T-thanks *sniffle*.” Fumiko broke down in tears. Nano couldn’t help holding the girl in her arms. She understood very well how it felt for a deep secret to be accepted by another person. So this had to be a very good moment for Fumiko.

But she’s interested in diapers in this world? I mean I got into them given I was sort of forced into them; so that’s a little odd for an actual interest to them. But I suppose everyone has their odd quirks. Even if I hadn’t gone to the diaper world, I’m sure I’d have accepted Fumiko either way. But I wonder if that’d also mean I’d get into wearing diapers regardless of traveling to the diaper world?

Once Fumiko calmed herself down she began to speak, “I’m s-sorry.”

“Oh it’s fine, I understand,” Nano said reassuringly.

“Well, it isn’t something I-I’ve done,” Fumiko started. “But I c-can’t h-help fantasizing.” Nano took this as Fumiko must have never worn one before besides being a baby but just enjoys the idea of one. “I-I also looked at you earlier, and couldn’t help Nishigi changing you.” Perhaps Fumiko had an idea that Miki was, in fact, helping change Nano earlier in that day which in fact was true. “And later I-I couldn’t help think you wet yourself.” It was apparent to Nano that Fumiko was, in fact, picturing her wearing a diaper. Maybe she had done that for others, but ironically the idea isn’t wrong for Nano. “S-so I’m sorry.” Fumiko was apologizing for her thoughts.

Nano couldn’t help but smile, “It's okay, you don’t have to worry! I’m fine with you thinking like that, so don’t feel bad okay!” From her statement, Fumiko gave a smile. But a thought occurred to Nano. If there was any better time to tell Fumiko my secret, I think now would be the time.

Holding onto her thought, Nano stepped back. “Well, I’m alright with it but you aren’t wrong either.” Fumiko looked at Nano confused. “The reason for that is simply this.” Nano held the hem of her skirt and brought it slowly up. “I actually am wearing a diaper.” With a really bright red face, Nano looked to find Fumiko shocked. “So you weren’t wrong, I actually had Miki help me early today and I…” Nano couldn’t finish herself to confirm Fumiko’s thought.

“It’s fine,” Fumiko stated. “I-I can’t believe this…I revealed my secret yet—you share it…” Another stream of tears flowed down Fumiko’s cheeks. “I’m s-sowwy.” Fumiko hiccupped before continuing. “Not medical though?” Fumiko’s question must’ve been asking if Nano’s diaper status was because she had it for medical purposes or not.

“No, it isn’t,” Nano answered. “So I guess I’m like you then hehe. I like them as well.” Which wasn’t exactly the full truth, it was the currently accepted story.

 Given how close the two have become, Nano couldn’t help but ask a silly question. “Hey can ask you something?” Fumiko nodded in response probably stunned. “Can we call each other by our given names?” Fumiko looked at Nano brightly. Nano asked Fumiko to be able to call her by Fumiko and vice versa with being called Nano.

“Yes, I’d like that,” Fumiko smiled.

“Hehe, okay Fumi-chan.” Nano smiled and blushed because that was the nickname she called her back in the diaper world. However this time it just slipped out, but Fumiko only smiled in return.

Hmm if she hasn’t worn one yet…Nano couldn’t help think about what she should do. She knew she had several spares left so perhaps she should be nice to leave them with her. “Hey, I actually have several diapers with me so I don’t mind sharing one with you.” After stating her proposal, Fumiko smiled.

“A-are you sure?” Fumiko asked.

“Yup, I don’t mind. In fact, I’d like you to try it!” Nano walked over to her bag and pulled a soft diaper out. Walking over to Fumiko, she put the diaper in her hands. Fumiko’s expression turned even brighter.

“Oh my, it really is soft.” Fumiko held it up to her cheek absorbing the soft fabric.

“Hehe, yup they are. I can help you with putting it on if you’d like?” Nano wasn’t sure if she’d be alright with her assistance, but she offered to help regardless. But with Fumiko standing there silently told Nano she probably wasn’t going to take up on that offer. “Or I can just walk out in the hall to give you enough time.”

“Okay,” Fumiko nodded. With her response, Nano walked out into the hallway closing the door behind her. She couldn’t help but be filled with anticipation for the fact her friend was trying. Nano enjoyed the idea for someone else to join her, but felt happier that Fumiko’s dream was going to be granted.


“Okay, I finished,” sounded Fumiko. This most likely meant Fumiko had finished changing into her diaper. With a smile on her face, Nano opened the door with a level of expectation. Once in the room again, she saw Fumiko’s blushing expression. However, Fumiko herself did not appear any different than she had before. If Fumiko were indeed wearing a diaper it must be kept hidden by her skirt.

“So…?” Nano tried to keep herself from sounding like a dirty old man. Fumiko blushed brightly as she looked to the side. Silently she lifted her skirt like an innocent child, thus revealing a diaper around her waist. Nano couldn’t help but gasp with delight at the sight this girl now portrayed. Even though Fumiko failed to directly look at Nano, Nano couldn’t help but see how adorable Fumiko looked. “Oh my, you are super cute!”

“Y-you really think?” Fumiko replied.

“Mhm, it really compliments your cuteness!” Nano smiled.

Fumiko then lowered her skirt with a smile, “Thanks!”


The two had talked quite a lot, not just about diapers but other things such as anime and games they enjoyed. Fumiko appeared like she was shifting around, and Nano wondered if perhaps that meant she was trying to find a comfortable spot or if she needed to pee.

“I-I kind of…” Fumiko silently spoke. She crossed her legs before speaking again. “Have to go.” Her actions were similar to a younger child who was embarrassed to admit they needed the toilet. However, for Fumiko, Nano knew all well her current toilet was around her waist.

“Good thing you have a diaper huh Fumi-chan, hehe!” Nano couldn’t help but giggle with delight. With a blushing smile and a nod, Fumiko stood up with silence. However, she lifted her skirt for all eyes to see her diaper. Nano thought she probably wanted to see her own wetting.

Several minutes go by with Fumiko still standing in silence and no saturated diaper. Nano remembered when Yui had a troublesome time trying to wet herself so she thought this must also be the case. Luckily for her, she was pretty much forced to be un-potty trained at this point.

Another minute went by and still nothing. “It's okay, you're wearing a diaper, it’s okay to pee in it!” Nano encouraged. Fumiko only blushed.

Another minute went by when a splotch of discoloration on the diaper appeared on the front. Nano couldn’t help but smile and notice the look of focus on Fumiko’s face. At this point, Fumiko was really concentrating with all her might to just stand there and pee her pants. Which that concentration was rewarded with yet another splotch in her diaper. Then, the single splotch rapidly grew and spread on the front of her diaper as it expanded around her bottom. At this point, Nano knew Fumiko finally got herself to just release—Fumiko was currently wetting herself.

With a small gasp, Fumiko released her skirt. “It-it’s rather warm.” From the way Fumiko sounded, she didn’t seem to dislike having wet herself.

“So how was it?” Nano asked.

“I quite enjoyed it,” Fumiko responded. “It felt rather nice like how I pictured it would. Diapers are so great!” Fumiko looked elated.

“Hehe, yes they are aren’t they!” Nano smiled at her. “I’m actually really happy someone else likes them!”

“Me too!” Fumiko smiled. “I’m so glad you became my friend!”


They spent more time together before it started to get too late out. Nano, unfortunately, knew it was time for her to go. But before she left, she knew she didn’t need to change right away so an idea came up. Reaching to her bag she grabbed two more spare diapers she had on her which were the last of her spares.

“Here Fumi-chan, I want you to have these,” Nano stated handing the diapers.

“Really?” Fumiko questioned.

“Yup, I have plenty at home plus I think you’d really want to enjoy it more I bet.”

Fumiko nodded in her reply. “I just hope the mother doesn’t find out.” She brought up a rather good point in having to keep it a secret. But Nano having talked with her mother only made her feel she’d not take it so badly. Perhaps her mother would buy her diapers even?

“You know,” Nano started. “I think your mother would be okay with it.”


“Yeah, she’s actually really nice and I can’t help think she cares about you. So I think you should tell her about your secret. I don’t think she’d mind it at all!”

“O-okay,” Fumiko replied. “maybe...”

“If you need someone to help you though, I would be glad to help you!” Nano couldn’t help offer her assistance.

“Thanks, Nano.” Fumiko lowered her face. “You really are such a great friend…I couldn’t deserve such…!”

Nano couldn’t help but instantly hug Fumiko before having her finish her statement. “No, you do deserve a friend like me! Fumi-chan, you are such a kind girl! If anything I don’t deserve a friend like you. But I want to be your friend and I’d love to be there for you!”

Nano and Fumiko stood there happily crying their eyes out holding each other. Fumiko feeling elated and stunned to think she had a friend like Nano. As for Nano, she felt it unfair that she had a lot more experience and time with another Fumiko. That with this time she had, she came to know Fumiko was a tremendously good friend. Despite her silent nature, she would always surprise you. Whether she’d draw you your favorite character, or try her best writing beautiful words. Nothing she did was at an obvious guess. Even this world’s Fumiko continued to surprise her—with diapers.


Once at home, Yui was worried about Nano and where she may have been. It was a short discussion that Nano had to converse over. That in which she went over to her one new friend's house for a short visit. Upon learning the truth, Yui couldn’t help but smile about Nano having made a new friend.

After settling in at home, Nano went ahead to surprise her sister Yui. Her surprise was the fact she had obtained diapers in Yui’s size. Nano couldn’t quite wait to see how her sister was going to react.

“Hey Yui,” Nano started. Yui looked at her with a quizzical expression. “I got you something.”

“Oh?” Yui stared at Nano with an anticipated expression.

Nano then brought the package of diapers fit for Yui from behind her back. “Ta-da! I got you your own diapers!”

“Oh my!” Yui looked happy. Nano wasn’t sure if she was liking diapers as much but thought she must’ve been happy getting her own type. “It’s really cute.” The diapers, in general, were definitely built for a young girl hence why it had a childish design to it, unlike Nano’s plain diapers. Nano wished she herself had a similar design or one in general, but knew it’d be best if she had one in her size.

“Yup! We can change you right now and spend time together if you’d like?”

“Okay, I’d love that nee-chan!”


After giving Yui a change into her own diapers, Nano couldn’t help but view her younger sister as the most adorable thing she’s ever seen. She was very glad she got a package of diapers in Yui’s size, especially ones with a cute design. Yui looked rather happy about the diaper she currently wore as well.

Seeing how Yui wasn’t wearing any pants or skirts, Nano took her own skirt off to join the young girl as she only wore a diaper underneath. Smiling at the padding the two girls were currently wearing, they both set off to complete their homework together.


As the two girls curled up to each other as they watched television, a voice rang out in anger. “What in gods name are you both doing!” This voice caused both Nano and Yui into an instant panic. The voice belonged to a woman—their mother. Nano couldn’t believe her mother was home this early. Her mother was almost always out at work at this time so why did she decide to come home now. At this point, Nano wished she was dreaming that her mother really didn’t walk in.

“I get home a little early and I walk in to see both my girls in diapers!” Their mother shouted. “I don’t even know what to think! Why would you even go back to being a baby? What could even push you to do something like this? Have you both gone insane? That’s it, I can’t take this anymore I’m going for a smoke.” After their mother finished shouting with no chance to rebuttal, she stormed off outside. Yui quickly began bawling her eyes out into Nano’s lap. Nano felt a bit of warmth on her lap and wasn’t sure if it was Yui or herself or even both who had wet themselves—probably in fear. She herself began to cry into Yui.

To avoid their mother for the night, Nano took Yui in her arms and took her to her bed. Rather sleeping alone, she wanted Yui to at least feel safe. Once they both had been changed into their pajamas, they crawled into Nano’s full-size bed. They also grabbed Yui’s pillows so she had her own spot to sleep. Once curled into bed, Nano wrapped her arms around Yui who only could silently cry. But it wasn’t long before Yui fell soundly asleep.

Nano, on the other hand, struggled to fall asleep. Great…our mother found out and she really didn’t seem happy at all…Only if she was like the diaper worlds version…I miss that mother…Given how bad our parents have been with communicating I’d guess she won’t speak with dad about this...But still…I can only hope she doesn’t storm in here to question us again…Just leave us be, please…

Once Nano got her thoughts settled down, she managed to snuggle to the warmth of Yui and eventually relax. Now that the secret has been let loose to the wrong tiger, Nano couldn’t help but worry about the future. If things go drastically wrong, their parents could end up divorcing. But for now, Nano’s only biggest worry was their mother storming in once again.



Chapter 15


The sound of a song filled the room. It wasn’t a song of terrors and despair, but one of a joyful tone. It also, unfortunately, told Nano it was her time to wake up for yet another day of school.

Moving to turn off the current alarm, Nano realized she contained a precious Yui grasped in her arms. Once Nano ended the song, she felt her young sibling squirming in her arms most likely awake as well. Nano could tell the diaper at her waist was definitely soaked after the night before. Putting her hand against Yui’s diaper, Nano was curious to see if Yui was afraid in the night and ended up wetting herself in her sleep as well. However, that was not the case, as the diaper felt dry.

Judging how no one stormed into her room, Nano felt they made it through the night. However, there was a huge problem at hand now that their mother knew of them wearing diapers. Nano wanted to talk to her mother and possibly reveal the secret, but the time wasn’t right.

Nano grudgingly rose out of bed with Yui in her arms. Setting Yui to stand on the floor, Nano took a look at Yui who would have the brightest smile in the house, was staring at the floor with the blankest expression.

“Well, it seems like she didn’t come after us in the night,” Nano spoke.

Yui slowly glanced at Nano, “Yeah.” It didn’t seem like Yui was going to move anytime soon, so Nano began to make her way out given she was going to need a change.

“I know it was bad, but I’ll make sure she doesn’t come after us okay?” Nano stated. “I need to get a change, so you should get ready for the day.” Nano gave the best smile she could give to Yui.

“Okay,” Yui tried to smile back but returned her glance towards the floor. Nano took this chance to walk out and change her diaper.


After cleaning up and changing into her school clothes, Nano felt a tug on her skirt. Looking down to her right, she saw Yui wearing the top of her school uniform and a diaper—that had a large yellow stain.

“Oh, you need a change?” Nano asked. “That’s okay, leave it to your big sister to take care of you then.” Once stated, Yui smiled as she held hands with Nano to the stash of diapers. Picking one of Yui’s out, Nano motioned Yui to lay on her bed. With swift motions, Nano made quick work of Yui’s diaper. “They're all clean,” Nano exclaimed. Yui was now in a clean diaper ready for the day.

The rest of the morning was silent as the two girls finished eating and leaving outside for the day. While preparing food in the kitchen, Nano noticed a note. I wanted to apologize for yelling at you two like that. I don’t know what to make of you two wearing diapers?! Yui I could see if she were wetting the bed, but not my oldest daughter. Instead of scaring you in the night, I decided to think about it. So I’d like to talk about this later tonight with Nano.

This note was definitely from their mother—clearly confused. One thing was certain though, Nano was going to have to explain to her mother the reason they wore diapers. Sigh, another thing to worry about for later tonight. With that thought, Nano began her march to school.


At school—the current time being lunch hour, Nano sat next to Miki and Fumiko. However, as much as the joyful faces they would bring, Nano couldn’t help break her silence. Within this group, Nano was almost always the one to be cheering everyone up. However, given Nano’s night things couldn’t be the same.

“What’s wrong Nano?” Nano looked up to see it was Miki who questioned her. Miki held a concerned expression like she was ready to beat up the entire judo team if needed.

Looking over to Fumiko, Nano felt a similar concern. Albeit being new friends, the bond they shared wasn’t to be questioned.

Nano began to look down on herself. What am I doing? My friends are worried about me this much. All my worrying is just bringing a bad feeling to those I care for. I shouldn’t be caring about it right now, but for those around me right now. Taking both hands, Nano slapped her cheeks. Forcing herself to wake up from pointless concern and awaken with a smile.

Returning a smile towards Miki and Fumiko, “Thank you guys for your concern. I’m sorry to have worried you, let us enjoy our lunch together!” Miki and Fumiko both nodded in reply accepting their close friend back. Thinking if she should explain her worries to her friends, Nano decided not to as it was her problem she should face alone. Miki wasn’t the type to always bring up personal problems and Fumiko was probably too shy to even think of asking that. However, Nano believed it in her friends that they wanted to support her as much as they could. So all she could do now was try to absorb their care as much as she can.


Once all the lectures came to an end which brought the school day to a close, Miki stated she wanted to go and practice. So Nano wished her luck in her practice with a game coming soon. However, from watching Miki walk out to the dojo, Nano noticed Fumiko behind her.

“Um-m,” came Fumiko’s shy and soft voice. It was clear that she was wanting something but having a difficult time starting it. “I-I was just.” Given Nano’s experience with Fumiko before, she knew the best thing was to just be patient with her than to try and force her to speak her mind. “Help.”

Even though it wasn’t much, Nano got the idea Fumiko was wanting help with something. “At your house?” Nano asked. Given the prior day, Nano wondered if Fumiko really was thinking to tell her mother. This then got Nano thinking about her own mother and how poorly it could go. So Nano began to think she should possibly convince Fumiko to just hold the secret.

“Y-yeah,” Fumiko responded. “F-for my mother.” Nano’s thoughts were correct that it was for trying to tell her mother her secret.

Before Nano could speak about it being a bad idea, she remembered how kind her mother was. Fumiko’s mother was also rather close to her daughter, at least that’s how it sounded to Nano in the diaper world. Given how Fumiko hasn’t really had any friends before, Fumiko’s only person she could talk with was probably her mother.

“Alright, I’d be glad to help you there,” Nano responded. She decided it might actually go rather well with her mother.

“Thanks!” Fumiko smiled.

“Well, we can head over to your house then.”

“Okay.” With the goal in mind for helping Fumiko, the two set off for Fumiko’s house.


Once at Fumiko’s house, Nano was once again greeted by Fumiko’s smiling mother. This time, Fumiko called ahead of time to let her mother know Nano was coming over. Now with Nano at the house, Fumiko went up to her room to play some games together like before. Nano took this as Fumiko trying to work up her courage beforehand.

After several rounds, Fumiko looked at Nano’s waist. “Um, did you need a-a,” Fumiko started. “Change…” Fumiko sunk down probably feeling embarrassed to mention it.

Taking that as a hint to check herself, Nano found her diaper to be rather swollen. “Yup, I could definitely use a change.”

“Okay, I’ll be here if you need me,” Fumiko replied.

Nano shuffled to her bag to pick out one clean diaper to change into. However, instead of heading to the restroom, Nano walked over to Fumiko—handing her the diaper.

“Y-you don’t have to give me another one…” Fumiko blushed. “But thanks…” It was clear Fumiko thought the diaper was for her.

Nano smiled, “No silly, it’s for you to change me.”

Fumiko went an even brighter shade of red and flustered even more, “I-I b-but…” Looking both ways, Fumiko then held the diaper tight in her hands.

“Here, you can change me on your bed,” Nano spoke as she laid on Fumiko’s bed.

This invitation was tough for Fumiko to decline as she wasn’t sure how to. So Nano felt that she was probably being a bit unfair, but could tell Fumiko had thought of changing her before. Nano was used to Fumiko changing her in the diaper world before so it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

Once Fumiko finished accepting it, she walked towards Nano—diaper in hand. Without any sense of resistance, Nano spread her legs in waits of her diaper change.

“I-I’m not sure,” Fumiko spoke up. She was probably feeling questionable of either she wouldn’t give a good change or if she wanted to give one at all.

“It’ll be fine, you do know how to give a change right?” Nano replied with her question.

Fumiko only nodded before blushing as she proceeded to set the diaper under Nano’s waist. Nano’s wet diaper in sight, the obvious objective to change it into the fresh one.

The changing process was an awkward one, at least for Fumiko. Nano could only hold a smile—happy her friend was helping. Soon Fumiko finished taping up the new diaper which caused Nano to inspect her work. “Yay, you did a good job!” Nano smiled.

“O-oh good,” Fumiko replied. “I was kind of worried…”

“Hehe, well it’d be hard to beat Miki’s first change job. That was a total disaster.” After having that stated, both girls began to laugh. “Oh, I forgot to ask, how was your night last night with the diapers?”

“It was great. I-I didn’t even use the potty.” Fumiko went red but giggled.

“Ah, that does sound like it went great then!”


After having a stage cleared, Fumiko looked over at Nano once again. “W-well, you know why I asked you over right?”

“Yup, you wanted to tell your mother correct?” Nano replied.

Fumiko nodded, “I’m really not sure…”

“Oh I know it’ll be fine,” Nano tried reassuring her. “I’ll be nearby if you need me though! But I know you can do it!”

“You’re right, I can do this.” Sounding confident, Fumiko got up and began making her way out of her room with Nano behind her.

Once they made it down the stairs, Nano hid behind a wall as Fumiko approached her mother.

“Oh sweetie, did you need anything?” Fumiko’s mother asked.

“Umm, mommy,” Fumiko spoke.


“Well… I umm, have this secret…” By now Nano could only guess Fumiko’s mother had changed her expression to one that was concerned. However, Nano couldn’t help feel impressed in that Fumiko so far hasn’t stuttered her words as much she would with others. It showed how close the two must have been. “I kind of wanted to tell you for some time, and Nano knows it and…” Nano only blushed to hear her name being brought up.

“A secret that Nano knows huh,” Fumiko’s mother responded. “This must be a rather important one to be shared then. I hope it isn’t anything bad is it?”

Fumiko quickly shook her head. “No, it isn’t anything bad… It’s just, something I like. And…and… it’s umm… d-di.”

“It’s okay sweetie, you can tell me. Mommy will understand.” Nano couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of the way Fumiko’s mother sounded. “But take your time, I don’t want you to have a panic attack.”

“D-di-diap…ers…” It was a bit broken up, but Nano could perceive what she was trying to say, though could be difficult for anyone else given the characters used were a bit muffled and silent.

“Diapers?” Fumiko’s mother sounded surprised. Even though it could have been misunderstood, it seemed her mother picked up on it rather swiftly.

“I-I…*sniff*.” Fumiko quickly sounded like she broke down to tears.

“Shh, shh dear it’s okay. I know it must have been hard for you to tell me this. Even though it is strange, I’m glad it wasn’t anything dangerous.” There was a slight pause before Fumiko’s mother spoke again. “So I take it you’d like to wear diapers again then? Well, mommy’s fine with her baby prancing around like a baby again.”

“M-mommy!” Nano couldn’t help but creep around the corner to find Fumiko breaking down in her mother’s arms who was smiling and also crying. This was definitely the mother-daughter bond Nano dreamed of.

Nano smiled as she watched the two until her gaze was matched with Fumiko’s mother. Swiftly, Nano hid behind the wall once again.

“You can join us now if you’d like?” sounded Fumiko’s mother. Obviously, this question was directed towards Nano. Nano didn’t want to disrupt the good mood so she slowly walked to the two who were still arm in arm. “First of all, I’d like to thank you for being such a good friend to Fumiko. Especially for being able to keep her secret as well. In all honesty, I’ve been afraid for her future. She never has had anyone really get close to her so I know she has a difficult time socializing. That is why I’m really glad you have become her friend. Nano was it?”

Nano nodded in reply.

“I hope that you’ll be able to continue accepting my daughter, even if she so strangely wears diapers in the house, hehe.”

The fact Fumiko’s mother was giggling at the thought brought a smile to Nano. “I’d never dream of doing anything else. Fumi-chan’s a great girl once you can talk to her. So it makes me feel like I unearthed quite a valuable treasure here.”

“Thank you, Nano-chan,” Fumiko exclaimed with tears rolling down her cheeks. Seeing as how both of them were crying together caused Nano to feel tears falling down her own cheeks. Before she knew it, she was absorbed into the two girls who now formed a trio’s tight embrace.


The last hour spent at Fumiko’s house was a time of joys for both the girls. Despite Nano trying to keep her secret, at least for that day, Fumiko put on another diaper Nano lent her. Taking off her skirt, Fumiko showed her mother who only smiled patting her rear. The trio only continued talking with Fumiko openly wearing her diaper.

Nano, on her way home, couldn’t help but feel envious at this result. It really seemed like a dream come true. However, it only gave Nano more hope in that she could see this reality herself later that night.


Once at home, Nano called in her arrival—only to be left alone. Not to be greeted by a happy smile, nor the cheerful voice of a young girl, only a lonely entrance. This told Nano that unlike herself, Yui must have been bothered by what happened still. So what she needs the most now is a hug from her older sister!

Walking up the stairs, Nano made her way towards the young girl’s room. Finding the door open, Nano walked in to find her younger sister laying on her bed reading a book. The kind of book Nano remembered lending her some time before. But unlike a normal book, this was a manga.

Yui gave Nano a slight glance and blushed with a short smile before returning to her reading. Nano gave a huge smile before she swiftly approached the young girl. Without any hesitation, Nano lifted the girl up giving her a tight embrace.

“I know it’s scary, but we shouldn’t be sad!” Nano stated. “So please smile for me, let us forget about what our mother thinks and enjoy ourselves!”

“Nee-chan…” Yui murmured. As Nano continued to hold onto the young girl, tears began to roll down her cheeks.


Once Yui calmed down, Nano got her resettled back in the living room so they could share each other for the night. Before Nano could pick up the remote to the television, she felt a tug on her shirt.

Yui gave a shy blushing expression as she started towards Nano. “Um, nee-chan.”

“Yes, Yui?”

“I um, need a change.” Yui began to lift her skirt showing off a rather soaked diaper.

Nano began to gasp at the realization for what she forgot that day—changing Yui into another diaper. Seeing how the diaper was soaked surprised Nano that it would have lasted this long unless Yui didn’t use the only diaper. “Oh, gods! I’m sorry Yui! I forgot I changed you into a diaper in the morning, it was a habit.”

Yui giggled, “It’s okay.”

“But, how did your diaper last?”

“I brought changes to use.”

Hearing Yui’s response gave Nano her answer. The young girl must have learned how to change thanks to Nano. However, Nano wondered if Yui’s day might have been a bit strange. “Well, how was your day in diapers then?”

Yui brought a finger to her chin as she looked up to the ceiling. “Um, well as bad as I thought it could have been—not so bad! I’d say it was actually kind of fun.”

Seeing Yui smile brought a smile to Nano. “Oh good, I’m glad that you had a decent day in diapers then. But why don’t we get you cleaned up then before enjoying our night together!”



It was much later in the night, Nano already changed Yui and got her to bed as she waited for her mother to return home. The time was around midnight before the door sounded itself open and closed. Waiting in the kitchen, Nano found her mother who stood in front of her. Standing with confidence, and a diaper around her waist, Nano began to prepare herself.

“Mom…” Nano attempted to speak. Despite her confidence, Nano struggled to continue. “I was wanting to be honest for why Yui and I…wore…diapers.”

Nano’s mother had a concerned look like she didn’t understand anything at all. “Okay dear, I’m listening.”

Taking a deep breath, Nano began to process her speech. “Well, it's not that we need them.” Technically I kind of do need them. “But it was something I kind of got into out of nowhere. Soon I found that I needed them—to help me feel safe.” Yeah, that was sort of the case I guess. “And not wanting to upset Yui with a secret, I told her about it. Seeing how she didn’t find it disinteresting, I kind of got her to join me.” At this point, Nano was pretty much touching her fingertips together hoping that her mother would understand.

Tilting her head, Nano’s mother gave a confused expression. “I’m not sure how I feel about you two wearing diapers around the house. I mean, it isn’t drugs or anything bad, but it really isn’t normal either. And as a mother, I’m hurt you didn’t trust me enough to tell me like you did your sister.”

 Hearing the mention of “mother” gave Nano a flashback to the diaper world. Remembering all the happy and wonderful times her and that version of her mother had. Nano could only picture all the mistakes that this mother was making comparing the two. “I can understand that, but honestly sometimes you don’t feel like a mom at all…” The jaw of her mother dropped instantly. “You haven’t spent much time with us. We all haven’t had fun together in ages. I miss the times we could hug and feel close. I really miss being able to share everything together.” Nano could only look down after reading off the list in her head out to her mother.

“Dear, you know how much my work is.”

“Its always work for you and nothing else.”

Nano’s mother stood up with tears raising her voice, “What do you want me to do? Huh? Just abandon my job? My career that I’ve worked so damn hard for?”

Unable to say a word, Nano felt a tug at her lower side. Yui came running up to her side with a big hug. Nano could feel a hand touching her padded rear, but at this time wasn’t worth to mention that. “Don’t yell at nee-chan!”

At the sight of her youngest daughter defending the oldest against her own mother sent a shiver down her spine. Their mother began to cry even more as she looked down at her hands. “…What have I done…” With tears falling down everyone’s cheeks, the mother began to look at her daughters once more. “I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you. I-I don’t mind if you two wear diapers, but I think I need to reevaluate my schedule.” After stating these words, their mother walked past them up to the stairs—most likely to her bedroom.

Hearing these words caused Nano to cry and embrace Yui even more. I may not have been able to hear the caring words of the mother as I did from the other world, but I think she really does care for us. I mean she does work a lot, but I remember seeing her say she was wanting to make sure we’d be happy. Only if she could realize that we’d just be happy being together Plus I know that’s exactly what father is doing. But whenever I see him, he always has that smile I admire. The word “schedule” also stuck out to Nano. I don’t think Yui will understand, but mother really does stick to a schedule. And if she was to change that, perhaps she might really change her schedule for the week.

Nano hugged Yui tight, “Thanks for coming for me.”

Yui hugged Nano back, “Will our mommy be okay?”

Nano smiled at her sister, “I think she needs some time. But wouldn’t it be great if our mother came to be a caring mother once again?”

“Hehe yeah, I’d love that!” Yui’s innocent face broke out into a bright beam at the thought. “Then she could change us again hehe.”

The thought was still there for having Nano’s mother changing her in the diaper world, but it’d be more of a far stretch for this one—possibly. “Yeah, that’d be great! Speaking of change, do you need your diaper changed?”

Yui pulled down her pajama pants showing off her cute design—with no wet indications. “Nope!”

“Oh good, I don’t need one either.” At this point, Yui lifted her sister’s skirt showing off the pure white padding of her diaper—also dry. “Why don’t we go to bed together then for tonight?”


As the two held hand in hand, Nano thought she heard a sound of footsteps going up the stairs. However, going up the stairs herself showed no signs of anyone nearby. Perhaps she was just thinking of it, or possibly they were eavesdropped on.


Laying down in bed with Yui in her arms, she kept murmuring the good sides of a caring mother. Yui smiled at the idea, and the two kept the ideas in their mind as they drifted off to sleep. Nano was glad for now they didn’t have to worry about wearing diapers in the house anymore.




Chapter 16



“Men!” Shouted the armored contestant. This was followed along by a “ksh” sound as two wooden swords clashed.

With a swift parry, the opposing contestant swung forward like a spring. “Dote!” A flag was raised as it was a clean hit.

It was several days since Nano and her mother had their confrontation. However, Nano hadn’t seen nor heard from her mother since.

Currently, Miki was in the final match against a revered fierce opponent. Prior to all the matches viewed, Nano could tell that Miki would slip up on important strikes. This time that didn’t seem to be the case.

Another strike and Miki cleanly took the game with raving cheers from her team. However, instead of greeting her team after winning the match for them, she walked towards Nano and Fumiko taking off her helmet holding it to her side.

“Hey,” Miki stated with a smile and a slight wave from the hand that carried her mask.

“That was great Miki!” Nano stated.

“Mhm,” Fumiko nodded behind.

Miki smiled proudly, “Thanks.” She then leaned in closer to the two to talk quietly, “Does either of you need a you know what?” A you know what referring to a diaper change.

Blushing, Nano shook her head, “No I’m good.”

Fumiko had a similar expression, “S-same.” Both Nano and Fumiko came in their usual attire, which included a diaper.

After being allowed to wear diapers by her mother, Fumiko had proudly been wearing them more often and joined Nano’s being diapered outside of her own home.


Nano began to reminisce a couple of days back to Wednesday. The trio had gotten together and Nano helped Fumiko tell Miki the truth that she was into diapers.

Seeing how Fumiko liked diapers, Miki couldn’t help but give Nano a look. “I wonder if you are attracting this kind of crowd?”

Nano shook her head in her defense, “No, this was just purely coincidental.”

At this point, Fumiko struggled to look Miki in the eyes after telling her secret. However, Miki gave a genuine smile. “I have no problems with it at all. So I hope that we can continue to be good friends!”

Hearing this statement, Fumiko raised her head and smiled with tears. “Thank you. And I agree.”


Now back in the present day, Nano did feel awkward about Miki asking out of nowhere but felt contended at the same time. Contended that her friendship with both her friends could only increase.

“So we celebrate at my place?” Miki asked.

“Sure,” Nano replied. Fumiko didn’t reject so the trio looked forward to the celebration to be done.


When they walked into Miki’s room and placed their bags down, Miki began setting up her television. While Miki was in the middle of her business, Nano looked behind her to see Fumiko blushing and bending over slightly. This position Nano took a guess that Fumiko was also doing her own business. Sure enough, a smell began to instantly waft into the air.

Noticing the scent, Miki’s nose twitched. “Okay Nano, I think you need a change.”

Instantly, Nano put her arms up shaking her head rapidly in defense. “Um, actually that wasn’t me.”

Both Miki and Nano turned to look at Fumiko who began to turn even redder and coil both hands together looking away.

“Aw, it’s okay Fumi-chan!” Nano spoke up. “Why don’t I help you get changed?” Nano knew that Miki was aware of Fumiko’s secret, but they hadn’t reached the level of changing yet.

“T-thanks Nano,” Fumiko smiled. Nano began to take Fumiko’s hand and guide her out of Miki’s room.

The two made their way into the restroom of Miki’s home upstairs. It wasn’t a tiny bathroom which made things easier to change Fumiko. Holding the changing supplies in hand, Nano placed a towel they’d call the “changing mat.” Once Fumiko laid down on the towel, she relaxed her legs and upheaved her skirt showcasing a soaked and bulging diaper. Atta girl! That’s a good full diaper as it should be. With those thoughts, Nano began the changing process.

“How’s your mom been doing?” Nano asked as she undid the dirty diaper.

“She’s been great!” Fumiko beamed a smile. “I-I did feel nervous when I got home from school and she had a package waiting for me. S-she asked me to wear one right away to see if they were my s-size. They were, and so I wore diapers that entire night. It was a little strange having her change me, but it felt calming at the same time. It made me realize, I-I really love my mother.”

Nano smiled in awe of Fumiko’s statement. “Aw, that’s great! I’m really happy for you that your mother accepts you!” She felt a pit in her stomach that told her she felt jealous but happy as well for her friend.

“Yeah, it been really great so far after meeting you. I-I’m so glad you’re my friend Nano-chan!”

“Hehe, me too Fumi-chan!” Nano then finished applying the finishing touches and taping up a clean diaper. “And there, all clean!”

“Hehe, thanks.”

“Yup, I know how troublesome a messy change can be so I’m glad to have helped.” With her salute, they walked back to Miki’s room.


Sitting on the bed, Miki had a curious expression as she eyed Nano. Leaping off, she swiftly ran behind Nano as if this was a tournament match.

“Um, yes Miki?” Nano questioned. Without any hesitation, Miki lifted Nano’s skirt revealing her diaper—correction a stained diaper.

“Huhu, I see you are wet too, Nano,” Miki smirked.

Nano then remembered she did feel a need to go before she walked into Miki’s house, but the diaper did feel comfortable. “Yeah, seems that’d be the case.”

“I should get you changed up then huh?” Miki tilted her head and smiled. “We shouldn’t wait any longer before you get a rash!” Taken by the hand, Nano was dragged off to the restroom. She waved off to Fumiko who smiled and waved back.


With all the diaper changes taken care of, the trio didn’t waste any time when it came to playing games, watching a show that Nano and Fumiko were interested in and chatting filled with laughter. The time they were able to spend together was filled with an abundance of joys. Most importantly, all three of them were okay with the fact that the majority of them currently wore diapers—and even used them.

With one last diaper change, Nano and Fumiko left several hours after the start of the celebration. Despite wanting to continue to spend time for the rest of the night, Nano thought she better get home to make dinner for her sister. So they happily waved to each other as Miki took Fumiko to the station.

Walking home, Nano felt like everything was just getting better and better now.


As Nano walked through the door of her home and announced her return, she was instantly greeted at her waist—Yui’s tight hugging. However, it wasn’t just her sister to greet her but a smile from her M.I.A mother. Feeling a little shocked to see her mother home, especially at this time, Nano worried looked down to see the huge innocent smile her sister was giving.

Instinctively, Nano bent down to lift the young girl’s skirt and check her diaper. Her jaw opened as she realized the young girl was in fact diapered—stainless too. Feeling a tug at her own skirt, Nano jumped as she saw her mother hoisting her skirt up to identify the diaper underneath.

“Looks like your dry hun,” Nano’s mother announced. However, this caused Nano to go into a deep red and panic.

Is she going to be angry that I’m wearing a diaper? But I mean Yui is wearing a diaper so I’d guess not?

“It’s okay sweetie, I decided to help you two!” Exclaimed their mother with a huge smile. “Instead of worrying you, I thought it’d be better to just help you with your diapers. So don’t feel afraid, come to mommy if you need a change!”

Nano’s thoughts jumbled all over the place, “I-uh-okay-thanks?”

“Mhm,” nodded the adorable Yui adding her piece.

“Don’t worry, I did a lot of thinking this past couple of days. And even discussed it with your father. To be honest, I had felt we were sort of drifting apart due to work. However, now that we talked, I feel a whole new sense of adoration for him.” Nano smiled seeing her mother blush as she brought her hands together. “He did say that it was rather strange that you two would be wearing something like diapers.” Nano looked down at the thought of not having her father’s approval. “Then he pictured you two in them and changed his mind thinking you were cute.” Lifting her head and spirits, Nano smiled back to her mother. “At first, I thought it was extremely strange for why you’d be wearing diapers of all things. But after you and I had our talk I started to think differently. Now I completely agree with him, you two are too adorable in your special little padding.” The tone of her voice shifted to as if she was talking to a baby at mentioning “special little padding.”

Nano was in disbelief at these words, as it seemed she was gaining the caring mother she dreamed of. “So you’d like to care for us then?”

“Yup sweetie, I’d love to! Your father really helped me figure out that what I really need now, is to be able to care for the two of you. So it was tough, but I managed to take time off from work so I can spend time together!”

Upon hearing this revelation, Nano hugged her mother alongside Yui who joined in. “Thank you, thank you for coming home *sniff.” Nano began to cry with joyful sniffles.

Sharing the embrace, her mother began to cry a little as well. “Yup, I’m finally home. And I haven’t had a single cigarette in over 48 hours. If I want to be your mother, I really need to stop bad habits.” Knowing her mother was very serious at this point, Nano tightened her embrace and the waterfall poured out from her eyes. Feeling a tug at her waist, Nano felt a few pats on her padded rear. “You really are cute in a diaper you know?”

“Thanks!” Nano continued to cry.

Now having the happiest reunion with a long-awaited caring mother, Nano couldn’t wait to share her time together with her favorite sister and now her favorite mother. She now felt comfortable being in her diaper around her mother that she helped Yui and herself take their skirts off just to be in their diapers and shirt. Only to receive praising words of adoration from their caring mother. Nano felt comfortable being able to sit next to them and not worry about when she ends up using her diaper.

Well, when I do go, I at least will have a caring mother who will change me now! Hehe, I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she has to clean a big mess I make! And I’m glad Yui will now have a caring mother to give her an even brighter upbringing! With a smile, Nano relaxed completely absorbing this happiness.











Over a year has passed since Nano woke up in a world with diapered dependent women. Nano can’t help but look at the exact coin she deposited into the box that caused it all to happen. Also causing her to reminisce the memories she gained from that experience.

It was extremely strange at first to find herself without being able to use the restroom and forced to go her day without the potty. But as time went on, Nano found a closer friendship to Miki than she had before. She also found a new friendship through Fumiko whom she never met before in the real world. Overall though the strangeness of it all, Nano grew to enjoy the padding she began to wear between her legs.

Once being able to return back to the regular world, she was able to thank the diaper world for helping her eyes open at the truths around her. This allowed her to help her closest friend become stronger like they so desired. Even be able to understand an unusual interest that her new-found friend Fumiko had. And most importantly, grow her family closer together.

Speaking of Nano’s family, Nano’s mother had taken a rough course over the past year in helping Nano. The kind of help was to return Nano to a regular big potty trained girl. Nano felt embarrassed at first that she had to have this kind of help, but her mother didn’t mind and only returned a caring smile.

So now Nano could walk around wearing her cute underwear anytime she wanted, but for the day she decided to wear her extra padding—a delectable diaper. Walking out of her room, Nano smiled at the memories she made. Even though it was strange, after working hard and struggling, I was able to find a way to obtain this dream.

Sitting down next to her younger sister, who sported a diaper and pink pacifier, Nano put a purple pacifier in her mouth. Smiling, she couldn’t help but thank the special padding at her waist for allowing her to know the truths in her life.


The End




                First and foremost, I would like to thank you for reading Nano’s Enchantment. Writing this story has been an overall enjoyment, so I hope that it was enjoyable to have been read as well. I feel like I really learned a lot through the effort I put into it.

                Here’s a fun tidbit about this story. I first started it with the idea of a fan story with a character from the series IdolM@ster--more specifically the Cinderella side. The character being Ranko Kanzaki. Given her main personality, I thought of her finding a grimoire that allowed her to grant wishes. However, she would help her friends out for the most part with their small wishes. Eventually one would wish for not having to take restroom breaks, which would eventually lead into what was basically Nano’s Enchantment’s “diaper world.” All girls being diaper dependent—including Ranko herself. I suppose it’d been kind of fun writing them performing a concert while diapered—obviously, this would have to include using them too.

                However, I decided to write Nano’s Enchantment instead as a means to practice the idea in my mind first before jumping right into a fan story. Plus me being a perfectionist, I’d want to perfectly display all the personalities of all the characters if I were to write a fan story than take my own twist on it.

                So now that I have Nano’s Enchantment completed, I can definitely say I won’t be writing this fan story (lol). I’ve kind of taken a disliking to fan stories over time, so that’s mainly why I won’t go for writing it. And I wouldn’t want to write the same kind of story twice.

                Even though I won’t be writing that idea, I hope this small tidbit was interesting enough to learn.

                Kind of shocking that it took me this long to finish the story, mostly due to inexperience. But thanks to this story, I feel I’ve found a pretty good system for writing stories now that works for me. So all those ideas that have been collecting over time, I might get to work on them now and finish them as well.

                With Nano’s journey being completed, I do have to say I have an idea for Nano that I may at some point go into making. But no promises if I do get to making that anytime soon.

                Lastly, I hope each of you a good day in your own special padding (or caring for those in them).

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