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The Group Hike On The Trails In The National Park


    Let me tell you a story about how I met my girl 3 years ago. Saturday morning was the date of the first hike I have ever been on. My buddy Doug who hikes all the time invited me some time ago and with some persistence on his part I agreed to it. I woke up earlier than I wanted to on Saturday morning and got myself cleaned up. Put on some shorts, socks, and a t-shirt and headed to get a breakfast sandwich before the hike. I stopped at McDonald's and grabbed a Sausage Biscuit with egg and a small coffee and then headed to the parking lot by the trail. I parked and ate my sandwich and sipped on my coffee. Soon another car showed up, then another. 10:30 AM was the scheduled time to meet, and it was 10:15 now. I noticed a lovely lady pull in with a huge cup of coffee in her hand and get out of the car. She was wearing sandals and a sun dress that was mid length to her knees. I would guess her to be about 28 or so. When she bent over to pick up her keys that she dropped I could see she was wearing white panties to match the white dress with some sort of rose like print on them. She walked to the picnic table and sat down with the others and I decided to get out of the car and introduce myself too. On cue for Doug, at 10:38 he pulls in the lot for his 10:30 hike. In the meantime the girls went to pee in the portapotty and I thought I had better too. This would be a fairly long hike. The girl in the sundress was Linda and we kind of seemed to get along well. Once everyone was finished we headed out on the trail. It was not an easy trail with lots of steep hills and rocks to go over. Linda was thinking now she should have worn something more than the sandals. It was quite pretty though as it was a nice fall day, about 62 degrees This morning and the leaves were changing and some had fallen already. As we rounded the lake Linda asked Doug how soon to the next set of PortaPotties. Doug responded as soon as we get back to the parking lot ...about 40 minutes from now. She said ok thanks! We continued our walk and I struck up a conversation with Linda as we hiked and found we had some things in common including that we were both single. I was noticing at times she was walking a little funny and one time stopped walking with her legs together as she acted like she was looking at a leaf on a plant. Then she continued on the walk for a ways and stopped again. I said are you ok? She said she really has to pee badly. About then another group of hikers comes up and Doug starts a conversation with them. We all stopped walking and stood there talking for a while and Linda kicks off her sandals, picks them up in her hand, tells me she will be right back, she needs to check her messages real quick, and then walks over to a tree about 20 feet off the path and crosses one leg over the other as she leans against the trunk. She takes out her cell phone and starts scrolling through messages. In a couple minutes she uncrosses her legs and spreads them a little and stands up off the tree. Then walks back toward the path before putting her sandals back on. She joins me and says everything is good. The message was not as important as I thought from my Mom.  I said oh ok, cool. And we joined the conversation going on about something in the lake we passed back on the path. I guess the park was giving Pontoon boat rides for a dollar that would take us to a new path we had never been on before. The majority of people voted to do that, so we turned back and walked around the lake to the boat. I told Linda there might be a portapotty at the dock. She said thanks, I am ok now. My mind said that don’t sound right? You don’t just stop having to pee after you have to go so bad you can’t stand still. But then women are women and I have never figured one out yet. I know she was not wearing a diaper because I saw her bend over in the parking lot. 

   As we boarded the boat those thoughts left my mind and she decided to stand the entire trip over letting some of the others have the seat. I begged her to sit down beside me and she insisted she would rather stand. So I stood with her in the back of the boat. We were getting along really well and I was starting to take serious interest in her. As we arrived at the other side of the lake and the boat docked I helped her off the boat and we stood off to the side talking more about our likes. She is into crafts and likes to do things at home like that which is cool. I started to tell her about my likes and Doug grabbed my arm and pulled me away from her to help him lead the group. She smiled and fell in behind the rest as we headed out on the new trail we had never seen before. This meant I could not keep my conversation up with Linda. 

   As we climbed to the top of the trail which took a considerable amount of time, there was a large open patch where you could look out over the valley and it was breathtaking. The river below where it had cut its way through the land over thousands of years. I looked in the crowd as we stopped to take cell phone pictures of the view and Linda was not in the crowd. I thought we had lost her for a moment and started toward the other end of the crowd. Soon I spotted her again holding her shoes in one hand, legs crossed and leaning on a tree texting on her cell phone. I started walking towards her as she stood up off the tree uncrossing her legs. Then dropped her shoes on the ground and wiping her feet in the grass she put them back on. She saw me coming toward her and started walking in my direction. We met up and I noticed her leg looked wet but the sun was bright casting odd shadows. She quickly diverted my attention to a photo she took of the valley on her phone as we walked back toward the group. I asked her for phone number and if she would be interested in going out sometime. She smiled and said yes. I put her number in my phone and picked up our conversation from earlier. But again in short time Doug grabbed me and encouraged us to keep moving on the trail. 

  As we reached the boat dock again almost everyone stopped to use the portapotty except Linda who sat on the grass and did something on her phone more. When the boat arrived she insisted again on standing for the ride back across the lake. On the other side we headed back to our cars. Upon arrival I took Linda’s hand and said, it is almost noon. Let's do lunch now please? She said I really need to go home and freshen up from sweating and hiking first. I told her I didn’t have the time and I didn’t care if she was sweaty with me. It wouldn’t bother me at all. She said then we have to go in my car and we will go to a drive in Burger place for lunch how's that? I said sure sounds wonderful and we headed to her car. As she got in she pulled her dress up so as not to sit on it and slid onto the seat, then reached over and unlocked my door. She quickly rolled the windows down and I got in. Her seats were Vinyl and a little warm from the sun. She started the car and we drove to Swenson’s drive in. Once we parked they ran out and handed us menu’s and we ordered. I started to get a strong smell of ammonia almost like pee when a cat or dog pees in the house. It only showed up when the breeze came through the car from her side. I thought there was something they cleaned earlier or some sort of old grease or something but the smell was not going away. Our food came and we ate and enjoyed each other's company and I paid the bill and we drove back to my car. She parked the car beside mine and leaned over and we made out for a while kissing and hugging in her car. I told her we could make out much better if we were standing outside the car, but she insisted we just stay there for a little bit then she had to go. So we went back to making out and I was really getting turned on. I grabbed her side and pulled her closer to me on the seat and leaned over for a big hug, and began kissing her ear. With her bottom raised off the seat as I pulled her toward me, I could see the seat where she was sitting was wet. I stopped kissing her for a moment and reached around her pulling her skirt up more out of the way and the seat was most definitely damp. The odor of pee was there in the car too and stronger. She kept making out and was in the mood where she didn’t even realize I had stopped. I backed up from her and said, “honey, did you have an accident” as I reached between her legs and pulled her skirt up revealing yellow stained and wet panties on her body. She looked at me trying to judge my reaction and said nothing. I read the discomfort in her eyes and quickly said, “ it is cool, Doesn’t bother me, just wondered why your seat was wet”.  She flipped her dress up the rest of the way, letting me see her panties. She said “I have a very small bladder and I have to pee like every 20 minutes or so. I am sorry.” She looked down at her seat. I said “baby, it is ok. I just wondered………..wait, so how did you just kike for over an hour with us?” She said “I learned from my Mom as a child how to do a courtesy pee.” I said “how to do what?” She replied, “a courtesy pee. You know when I was holding my shoes leaning against the tree. I was peeing down my legs into the grass while you all thought I was resting playing on my phone.” I was impressed. Had never heard about that before. I said “ok but that was an hour ago?” She shrugged her shoulders! “Your panties and car seat are soaked right now!” I said. She said “I peed myself when you started to make out with me. I had to go bad and was going to do another courtesy pee when you left, but instead you started making out with me and pulling me over toward you. That pressed on my bladder that was too full as it was and I sat here pissing myself while we kissed.” I told her she could have stopped me for a moment and went to pee. She said, “my panties were already wet, and you are a good kisser. More important to get the kiss and affection than care about peed pants.” I laughed and said you are cool. I think we are going to get along really well.” She smiled with a sigh of relief and began kissing me again. This time french kissing me. I reached my hand down and began to rub her leg and run my hand up and down it all the way to her soaked panties. I found my way to begin rubbing her through her panties and she opened her legs up wider for me to have easy access. She whispered it has been so long. I began stimulating her and soon felt more moisture come through the panties as she stopped kissing and just squeezed hard on my neck and then collapsed on my shoulder. I slowly pulled my hand back from her wet panties and wiped it off on my shorts. I kissed her again and she begged me to come back to her place with her and spend the afternoon and night with her. She began to play with my very hard manhood through my shorts and she held it tight and said, I want this. My shorts had a wet spot of pre-cum on them at this point. She begged again for me to come to her place or let her come to mine. I made a quick call to cancel my appointment and followed her in my car back to her place. 

         We got in the shower together as we both needed to be cleaned up anyhow and then took it to the bedroom for the afternoon. In her room was a bag of thick adult sized Pampers and a trash can that I thought was trash, but after opening the lid and finding used wet diapers that smelled in there, I quickly realized she was a bed-wetter too. I was not new to women peeing their pants or diapers as my sisters growing up were in diapers at night until 15 years old, and had a lot of day time accidents. For me I was out of diapers at night by the age of 8 and my daytime accidents were few and far between. I also dated another girl who after having a baby had a weak bladder and a couple times a week would come home in peed pants if we didn’t get to a bathroom soon enough. 

   Anyhow, this was a day I will never forget as she is still by my side 3 years later.

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