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Jessica was younger than her husband Jack that fact never bothered them to be happy however. Sam Jacks 18 y o son however did very much . Jessica being only a decade or so older than him was hardly a mother figure for him especially since his mother was travelling around the world not giving too much care to her son. Jessica felt that when it came to Sam Jack set no real boundaries and the boy felt he could do anything . Living in the same house became more and more tense as Sam continued to provoke Jess. Though the house was more than enough for 3 people with Jacks income and though many think that Jessica only married him for his money she had her own fashion business. 

As Jessica once more complained to her best friend Kate about Sams latest insults over some well deserved coffee Kate suggested that the reason he is so disrespectful to her is because his mom never taught him right. 

- yes well I can't change that can I ? I can't turn back the clock to teach him a lesson in how to treat women 

- well actually you could 

- oh Kate not with this hypnosis thing again ! You know I love you and all and I know you have tons of clients but hypnotizing him to be a kid again is ridiculous 

- I wasn't thinking that . Something far more sophisticated 

-Like what ? 

- well, you said that Jack mentioned that they had a hard time potty training him and he used to wet his bed till quite late . We could hypnotize him to wet on command . Till he learns his lesson of course . Then it can be reversed .He will have no idea it's even happening and neither will Jack. All you need is a 3 word command that doesn't stand out but is unlikely to be said around him . 

Jess  took another sip from her coffee considering . 

- how long do you think it would take ? 

- to hypnotize him ? Not long at all phe won't even know it's happening 

- no I mean for this to work . He should be leaving for college in the fall ...

- well that leaves you the entire summer then . I'd suggest some bedtime wettings before school end then step it up to day time once he is out of school . 


Chapter 1 - Jack , I think Sam has a problem 

it was early Sunday morning as Jess decided it was time to try out how well Kate's hypnosis worked. She made sure Jack was sound asleep before quietly leaving the master bedroom and entering the sleeping Sams room . 

- god what a disgusting mess - she thought . Quietly she walked up to the bed and wishpered just loud enough to be heard but not loud enough to wake the sleeping boy the 3 magic words. She waited a few seconds and repeated the words just to be sure . Then went back to her own bed and tried to go back to sleep . 

As she was preparing lunch she saw Sam stuffing his sheets into the washing machine and muffled a smile. Maybe this as easy as Kate said she thought . 

They were all sitting on the veranda eating lunch as Jess casually put in

- I m glad to see some improvement with you Sam . Finally you are willing to admit that laundry is not "just a woman's job" . 

Sam shot an angry look at her from across the table - yeah we'll seems like you can't do that right anyway 

- Sam ! Don't talk to Jess like that ! - Jack put in 

Jess smiled at him gratefully but thought let him talk let's see what a hero he can be when he will over sleep on a school morning . 

Monday morning Jess careful repeated her actions from the morning before rising long before Jack and after wishpering the magic words in Sams ear she carefully turned off the alarm clock . 

- Jack shouldn't Sam be up by now ? It's almost 8:20 - Jess asked while they were sipping their morning coffee and going over the paper .

- 8:20? He probably overslept . I guess I should wake him up - Jack said putting down the paper 

- I will go , finish your breakfast or you will be late too. I don't start till noon today - offered Jess kindly and got to her feet. 

- thanks babe - Jack muttered after her as he sunk back to his morning paper 

-Sam ! Sam you are going to be late ! Are you up yet ? - Jess yelled in as she knocked on the door - it's almost 8:25 already 

Sam woke up with a start . It can't be ! His bed was soaked again ! It hasn't happened for 8 years . And to make things worse he overslept 

- yeah I m up ! I will be done soon 

- what are you doing ? You are going to be late ! 

- nothing just taking a shower 

- a shower ? You are late get dressed and get your stuff - Jess had to smile leaning against the wall . 

- fine I will be down in 5 min just leave me the hell alone 

Jess watched him race out of the house 20 min later . Wow must be a record she thought oh well getting less lazy never hurt anyone . 

- oh Martha - she turned to their cleaning lady - could you clean the bedrooms upstairs today ? Thank you ! 

She said hiding her smile behind her cup of coffee . 

Jess was just about to leave for work as Martha came downstairs 

- is something wrong ? 

- well yes I wanted to ask you , it seems like Sams bed is ... wet . Should I change the bedding ? 

- let me take a look - Jess said as she put down her bag . Yes the bed has clearly been soaked and since Sam was in a hurry this time he had no chance of hiding the signs - it's ok Martha I will clean this up thank you she yelled downstairs . 

She was sitting at her desk considering what to do next . Should she bring it up at dinner . No too direct. I need to look more consideret she thought maybe I should wait another couple of days then talk to Jack . 

And so on Thursday night as they went to bed she put on her concerned look and turned to Jack 

- Jack I feel really bad for bringing this up but I think Sam has a problem . Martha told me that his bed was wet every morning this week . I didn't want to say anything to him because I didn't feel it was my place and I know how he would react but maybe you should . 

So on Friday morning she carefully turned off the alarm again to give Jack a chance to see facts for himself . She could hear their voices from downstairs but couldn't make out what was said . Based on Sam taking off for school without any breakfast she assumed Jack wasn't happy about his accidents . He mentioned before he was very glad when Sam finally stopped wetting his bed and they could stop using protection for him . 

- well how did it go ? - she asked Jack as he came back to the breakfast table . 

- yeah you were right he definitely wet his bed. I told him that if it doesn't stop by Monday he should see dr Wilson . 

Jess nodded in approval though she knew it will neither stop not will dr Wilson find anything wrong . But next week was the last week of school . Having his dr reassure that nothing was wrong would work in her favor . 


Chapter 2 - Sam did you just wet your pants ?! 

As Jess foreseen though dr Wilson ordered a series of tests it's all came back negative . 

It was the end of the first week of summer when Jess suggested to Jack since the dr couldn't find anything that maybe Sam should use some nighttime protection . 

- hon I get that it's an akward subject and his gp is probably right and it's just a phase but meanwhile it would be more efficient if used some protection at night . It would be better for everyone . But you know how he reacts to anything I suggest .. 

Jack sighed . He knew Sam will put up a fight no matter who brings it up but he didn't want to put Jess in an awkward situation . 

- I could pick up some disposable underwear for him it that helps but I really think it would be better coming from you - Jess concluded . 

Jack and Sam got into a huge fight over it. Sam utterly refused to " wear baby underwear " . 

- but he sure acts like a baby - Jess sighed as Sam stormed off . 

- I really don't know where I went wrong with him sometimes - Jack said appologically . 

- all parents make mistakes babe - Jess said snuggling up to Jack - but maybe you should be more assertive with him . He needs to know you still make the decisions here 

- yes you are absolutely right baby - Jack said kissing her .

Yes you make the rules here thought Jess or so you both think . But oh well phase 2 is coming up she smiled against jacks shoulder .

After another round of shouting it seemed that Jack won the battle . Or at least so he claimed coming into their bed room . 

- he will be using it every night as long as he wets his bed or moves away for college whichever comes first ! - he declared triumphically. 

Jess creased his arms and kissed him . Not just during the night though but that is only a matter of time. She thought . 

It was a morning when all 3 of them were home planning to go out and buy clothes for the summer vacation and Sams new start in college in the fallwhen Jess felt phase 2 was now in time for . 

Jack and Sam where arguing in the kitchen and as usual Sam felt he should get more than he was given . That was Jess's moment to insert her 3 magic words into the conversation . 

And magic they were . Sam wet his pants on command without even realizing what was happening till Jess exclaimed in a (faked) surprise - omg Sam did you just wet your pants ?? 

All 3 of them looked at Sams crotch which was clearly wet as he was standing in a small puddle of urine. 

- what the hell ..?! - Jack burst out 

- I .. I don't know - Sam stammered beet red 

Jess fought hard not to smile but she had to admit she was enjoying her steps sons humiliation . What 18 y o wouldn't be utterly humiliated wetting his pants infront of his father and stepmother ? 

- let me get you a towel - Jess offered - you should probably shower and change I I will clean up here 

- that's very generous of you Jess but I think Sam should be the 1 to clean up

- it's alright Jack I can do it let him change . 

Sam mercifully escaped the kitchen . Jack stood shaking his head as Jess wiped the floor 

- Jack maybe we should postpone today ... 

- no no I took the day off especially 

- well should we leave Sam home then ? I mean I know you planned to kit him out with the things he needs for college but after this ... I don't know what if it happens again ? In public ? I don't think we want that 

- no no but I can't believe this . 

- or ... No never mind he wouldn't agree to that . 

- agree to what ? 

- wearing the disposable underwear to the shopping trip I mean it's not visible and it's just like a pair of underwear but he won't 

- will see about that - Jack said 


Chapter 3 - good thing you were wearing protection 

Jess knew her "innocent" suggestion will lead to yet another fight, however now Jack was standing his ground declaring that either Sam wore his protective underwear he will be staying home and he doesn't plan to take more time off from the office to go shopping . 

- I m not going out in public wearing that ! 

- then you stay home because we are going - Jack shouted 

- Sam look no1 would be able to tell anything it's very discreet and it's only to be on the safe side 

- you shut up ! 

- don't talk to her like that do you understand ! She is only trying to help you . Now either you put on 1 or you stay home ! 

Sam retreated to his bedroom to change defeated .

- maybe I should pack an extra in my bag just in case you never know - Jess said in a hushed voice .

Jack nodded though she could see he was losing his patience with Sam . Nonetheless Jess was sure she would have an enjoyable shopping trip .   

The place they were going to was a good 40 min drive away on a high way . This will be coming in handy on the way home she thought . 

As Jack pulled into the stores parking lot Jess turned back to Sam 

- are you doing ok ? 

- yeah I m fine what do you want ?! 

- Sam ! 

- it's ok Jack - Jess said , he will pay for it later she thought to herself - I just thought maybe we should stop at the restrooms first ...

- I don't need to go I m not a baby get off my back ! 

- Sam !! 

A good 10 min later they were looking at clothes in the shop when Jess once again found the perfect opportunity to insert her magical 3 words into the conversation . She watched as Sams face turned white as the contents of his bladder flooded his underwear . This time however it was only obvious to those looking for signs of a wet disposable underwear on an 18 y o . 

He ran off without saying a word 

- Sam Sam - Jack yelled after him - what the hell got into him ?! 

- I don't know maybe we should check I think he went into the men's room 

Jess stood outside listening for a few min before calling in to the empty ( well not counting Jack and Sam ) men's room 

- Jack ? Is everything ok ? Can I come in ? - of course she already heard Jack yell - you wet yourself ? How the hell ? We just asked if you had to go to the bathroom ? Can't I trust you with anything ? You are going of to college for crying out loud and you are acting like a baby 

- yes of course come in - Jack said 

- no ! - Sam yelled and slam the door of 1 of the cubicles . 

-what's going on ? - Jess said trying to look as unfomfortable as possible though secretly she was enjoying every minute of it 

- he wet himself again - Jack declared in disbelief 

- oh you poor thing ! - Jess exclaimed - are you ok ? 

- leave me alone ! - Sam southed 

- what are we going to do - Jess mouthed to Jack looking at the closed cubicle door - he can't stay in there 

Jack looked at her fist on the cubicle door 

- wait - she wishpered pulling his fit off the door ,she pulled out the disposable underwear from her bag - I almost forgot I had these ! 

Jack nodedd at her gratefully . 

- Sam come out ! Lucky for you Jess was thoughtful enough to bring another pair 

- I hate you both - Sam yelled from the other side of the door 

Jess honestly wanted to burst out laughing but she knew she couldn't let either of them even suspect she was enjoying the situation or had anything to do with creating it . 

- Sam I said come out now ! You are in no position to argue here 

Sam opened the door though he tried to wipe his eyes it was clear he was crying . Jess almost felt sorry for him . But not quite . She knew letting him off the hook now won't teach him the lesson he needed to learn but her pity on him did help her to play the concerned mother well step mother role . 

- here change into these and get your act together ! - Jack said angrily as he trushed the disposable underwear in his sons hands 

- oh Jack don't be so hard on him it's not like he did it on purpose , don't cry it's only us here and no1 will know it's a good thing you were wearing protection just change and we will get the stuff we need here and home ok ? 

- leave me alone you bitch ! - Sam bursted out yelling as tears rolled down his cheek 

- watch your might before I give you a reason to cry about - Jack yelled - you should be greatful to her 

- Jack it's ok he is just upset . But you should change you would be more comfortable 

Sam looking at his father knew he lost that battle he closed the door behind him . 

Jess was almost feeling bad about her next move . But she decided there was no backing down. 

As she entered a changing room to try on a bikini she carefully checked the little bag of crushed diuretics .

Chapter 4 - we will be home soon you can hang on till then can't you ? 

Jess planned the rest of the trip carefully . She calculated ahead that the diuretics effect would hit as they left the mall. She carefully mixed the dose into Sams drink without any1 noticing acting nice and considerate getting his favorites . 

Her calculations were precise . Jack couldn't had been driving more than 5 minutes when looking at the back mirror Jess saw Sam squirming uncomfortably . 

- everything ok Sam ? - she asked 

he blushed and nodded. Jess suppressed a smile . She knew the strong diuretics she mixed in his soda were increasing not just the urgency of his voiding but also the amount . 

- are sure ? - she asked in a concerned voice . 

- umm maybe I kind of need to go to the bathroom ... 

- what ?! - Jack burst out - we told you to go 15 min ago ! 

- I did but I think I have to go again 

- you can't be serious ! There is no place to stop here we entered the high way 

- Jack - Jess said in a calm voice - no need to panic we will be home soon I m sure he will be fine till then won't you Sammy ? 

- don't call me that - Sam muttered 

Jess turned back and turned to the window hiding her smile while Jack looked at the back mirror angrily . 

Another 10 min or so passed when Sam spoke up 

- how much longer ? 

Jack shot an angrily look at him . 

- about 25 or so not too long - Jess offered 

- oh god - Sam muttered shifting his position 

- are you ok ? - Jess turned back to him 

- I really have to go ... 

Javk was about to say something but Jess rested her hand on his arm 

- you are still wearing your protective undies aren't you ? 

This time Sam didn't respond to her demining tone . He nodded but still asked in a now near desperate voice - can't you stop somewhere ?

- I m afraid not sweetie we are still on the highway so there is no where to stop but you are wearing a special absorbent undie if you really have to go you can 

Jack shot a half surprised half angry look at her - Jack come on there is no point for him to struggle if he can't help himself - she mouthed 

Jess turned all the way to the back seat to the now desperate boy  

- it's ok sweetie just let yourself go 

- I can't - Sam was still despretly trying to fight the unbreable urge to empty his bladder 

she thought for a second then layed her hand on his thigh

- it's ok Sammy just relax you will feel better - she said in a low calm reassuring voice 

sam was on the verge of tears now but as Jess gently moved her hand on his thigh stroking him he lost control and wet himself . As he felt the warmness spread underneath him his tears spilled over 

- it's ok baby don't cry it's ok we will be home soon - Jess said still stroking him

Chapter 5 prep for phase 3 

- so tell me I m dying to know how is it turning out ? - Kate asked eagerly 

Jess smiled mysteriously 

- come on Jess ! 

- better than I dared to dream - Jess said laughing - Sam is wetting like clock work doesn't dare to leave the house and Jack is madder than I ever seen him . I was thinking ... Would you like to come by Saturday ? Tanning facials you know 

- and reverse the hypnosis ? 

- no not quite I actually wanted to add to it for now anyway 

- add to it ? What do you want to add ? 

- let's just say phase 3 could use a little push 

- wait phase 3 now there is a phase 3 ? What is phase 3 ?

- well I want to teach him to respect women , that we have just as much power and control as men do if not more . And like you said his mom wasn't really there to show that and let's face it she could never control Jack so I want Sam to want me to control Jack 

- you are going to have to explain this more 

- like I said Jack is madder than ever and he is already threatening to give Sam a good spanking like he would deserve this is where your part would come in . I want you to add to his hypnosis that if he is being spanked he will want his mommy and make sure you say mommy . 

- and that mommy is going to be you ? 

- well I am his step mom . Besides if phase 3 achives him respecting me and accepting me as some1 who has more power than him I already got what I needed. 

- and you sure this will work ? 

Jess shrugged - worst case he gets a good spanking like Jack keeps saying it won't hurt him 

Chapter 6 phase 3 

on Saturday morning before Kate arrived Jess started to prepare the ground 

making sure Jack was as mad as possible 

- this is ridiculous ! The dr swears there is nothing wrong with him physically 

- and you think a good old fashioned spanking will solve this ? - Jess asked as if sceptical 

- it won't hurt him - Jack declared angrily 

- alright alright it's not my place to criticise but Kate will be here soon so I would like to take a few hours of girly time if that's ok and then tonight we could have some alone time mm ?

after the hypnosis was added Jess suggested to Sam to try and relax and maybe go swimming . 

- Jack honey could you maybe put some lotion on my back please ? 

Jack came out to the yard - I thought you wanted some alone time 

- honey you know you are the best when it comes to lotions

kate wanted to chuckle but just then Jess who was laying with her back to the pool said the magic words causing Sam to wet. The pool. 

- omg did he just - Kate exclaimed as the water clearly turned yellow 

- oh hell he did ! - Jack yelled - get out of the pool right now did you hear me ?! 

- I m sorry dad I don't know how

- oh you will be sorry this time for real ! - Jack said as he grabbed Sams arm and dragged him into the poolhosue 

- Jack what on earth happened ? Jack ? - Jess called after him sitting up 

Jess looked at Kate - well now we will see if phase 3 is working - she wishpered while putting on her robe. Just as she tied it they both heard Sam call out - mommy mommy please help me it hurts 

- seems like phase 3 is on - Kate said getting up to follow Jess who wishpered - show time or shall I say mommy time 

- Jack ! What is going on ? - Jess ran in to find Jack sitting on the sofa landing another smack on the now crying Sams backside 

- mommy mommy make it stop - he whimpered 

- Jack ! Stop it ! Right now ! 

Jack looked at her surprised - he is getting what he deserves and besides I thought you wanted to stay out of this 

- well first of all maybe but that was before he called me

- called you ??

- I m his step mother Jack and second of all if You want get any you let him go right now ! 

Jack shook his head but knew Jess well enough to know that was a promise and as much as he was fed up with Sams behavior he didn't want to get on Jess's bad side . He let the crying boy go and as he got up and left Jess took his place on the sofa pulling Sam over into her arms . - it's ok baby it's ok I m here now 

He continued to sob in her arms as Kate stood in the door shaking her head mouthing - you fox ! 

Jess smiled back rolling her eyes -you have no idea

Chapter 7 more protection 

Jess decided based on Sams major improvement that she will remove the hypnosis from Sam by the end of their summer getaway but only after making sure that she will still have control over the boy after. 

To ensure that she decided things must get worse for Sam before getting better. She added a diuretic to his evening drinks making sure that not only would he wet on command but soak his protective wear. 

Jess was not 1 to miscalculate and after a couple of nights indeed Sam woke up not just with soaked underwear but also wet sheets. 

- Sam could I talk to you ? - she approached him carefully waiting till Jack left for work - I didn't want to bring this up while your dad was home ... But it seems like you have some problems with your protection .. Martha told me today that it's the second time in a row she had to change your sheets . 

Sam blushed but didn't look up 

- look maybe for the night time it's not the best solution maybe I should pick up something else to try mm? How about that ? 

Sam nodded . 

- alright sweetie I have to get to work now but I will do it on my way home . Enjoy your day 

Jess couldn't help but smiling as she walked into the medical supplements store and started picking out the things she needed. 

That night she sat her plan in motion firstly carefully turning the ac on warm in sams room and bathroom then after suggesting to him to shower she waited in his room with the freshly purchased items . 

Sam came out of the bathroom sweating even though the waters temp was near cold . His jaw almost dropped as he saw Jess sitting on his bed with a package of DIAPERS! 

- no I m not wearing those ! - he declared immidiatky 

- Sam come on we talked about this 

- no you didn't say that it's it's - he couldn't bring himself to say it 

- sweetie what did you think I meant ? Now come on lay down and let me put this on you 

Sam couldn't believe his ears not just that he is supposed to wear a diaper Jess would diaper him 

he shook his head 

- Sam look I promise this will be our little secret and your dad won't even know about it BUT only if you cooperate with me 

Sam knew how his dad would react and the out come would be the same . He hang his head and nodded 

- alright then - Jess said patting the bed beside her - come on lay down on your back 

Sam blushed 

- oh come on its nothing I haven't seen before . Come here 

Sam layed down still covered by the towel around his waist shutting his eyes tight as he felt Jess's hand around his waist opening the towel and exposing him completely . 

- alright lift - Jess slid an open diaper underneath him - very good now let me just put some cream on you to make sure you won't get a rash 

Sam groaned as she started touching his most private part realizing he was having an erection with no way to hide it . 

- mm you feel quite a bit warm - Jess said in a concerned voice - do you feel ok? 

- I I think so - Sam mumbled though he was feeling so many things at once he couldn't be sure 

- let's check your fever just to be sure - Jess said leaving the boy and returning with a thermometer 

- alright sweetie this won't hurt 1 bit . - she said as she applied cream onto the thermometer 

Sam felt her hand applying more cream to his anus . 

- wait what are you doing ?? - he yelped as he felt Jess push the thermometer into his rectum 

- ssshhh it will be over in a minute just lay still - she said 

Sams was now fully erected . 

- mm you are a bit warm but no fever . I will check on you later just to be sure though . Ok let's finish getting you ready . 

After she fastened the diaper around his waist and he put on his pj and got in bed he had to admit it wasn't as bad as he thought . Though the diaper between his legs was clearly noticeable with no possibility to hide it in anyway . 

Jess left his room and smiled - wow this is even easier than I thought 

well he will stay in diapers till the end of our trip . Mm including the car trip that will be fun she smiled as she went down the stairs 

getting ready for the summer getaway 

the beach getaway they planned for the summer was approaching rapidly . Jess was finishing the last minute packing as Jack walked in . 

- hi babe hi was your day ? I m finishing packing our stuff then I will check if Sam needs any help . Oh regarding that I was thinking ... I talked to Kate and Rob also called since Kate is coming alone and Rob seems to be really separated from Lisa I was thinking it makes no sense to drive with 3 cars . I was thinking how about we both drive ? You with rob and me and Kate ? Rob left the better car for Liza and the kids anyway so it would be easier . 

- so the girls against the guys ha ? - Jack teased 

- well not quite I thought it would be better if Sam came with Kate and I . No offense hon but this whole problem thing is not your strong side to handle and if I take Sam you and rob can have some time alone I know you haven't been able to catch up in ages 

- and you don't want alone time with Kate ? 

- oh we see each other plenty I will be fine 

- you sure you can control Sam ? - Jack asked measuring Jess 

- I think so but of course if he resists I won't force it I was merely suggesting it 

Later that evening Jess entered Sams room . 

- hi just wanted to ask if you need any help packing ? 

- no I think it's ok I just need to close it somehow 

Jess looked at the case set out on the bed and sighed boys . As always they think packing equals throwing things into a suitcase then stuffing it until they manage to close it 

- here let me help - she said as she started repacking his clothes folded . 

- amm your dad and I were talking about the car ride ... You know that both Kate and rob are joining us so we decided to drive separately your dad with rob and me with Kate. I was thinking it would be easier if you came with me and Kate . Seeing how your dad doesn't know about your diapers ...

sam went over the options in his head. He knew rob most of his life and knew he wouldn't be more understanding than his dad but there wasn't just Jess there was also Kate ...

- amm but Kate would know 

- oh don't worry about Kate she knows how to keep secrets I assure you - if she didn't I'd be in quite trouble she thought 

Sam still wasn't convinced but he felt that between 2 bad options it night still be the better one . 

- ok and you think dad won't find it weird ? 

- leave your dad to me . Here you are all packed ! 

Jess went out trying to stop herself from laughing . Once again she played them both and yet they both think she is their savior .


Chapter 8 the vacation begins 

since it was a long drive almost 10 h they decided to set off during the night . 

- alright alright patiencless men - Jess said jokingly - you can go ahead and leave I still need to pick Kate up and besides I m not getting dragged into some stupid car race I know you Jack 

- alright so we will see you there - Jack said - good luck - he wishpered in her ear as he kissed her 

- don't worry everything will be just fine - she wishpered back 

as they left she headed to sams room who was still sound asleep . Time for a change she thing as she pulled back his coveres revealing the bulging diaper under his pj shorts . Which was expected after the large dose of diuretics she gave him for this car ride. She was planning to revise his hypnosis in a few days but till then she wanted him as helpless as possible 

- Sammy wake up honey it's time to get going - she gently stroked him till he woke up 

- there now let's get you into a dry diaper and ready to go I still need to pick Kate up 

- but why a diaper ? Can't I just wear the disposals ? - Sam whined still half asleep as Jess removed his shorts 

- don't be silly you will be asleep for most of it and we don't plan to stop very often as we have to be there on time as we are meeting the others for dinner.  I don't want to risk any leakage I have to explain to your dad ok ? Go take a quick shower and then let's get you ready to go 

20 min later Sam was sitting somewhat sulking in the backseat hoping the blanket would cover the obvious bulge of his diaper under his sweat pants though he knew Kate knows about his situation . 

- good morning - Jess greeted Kate as she pulled up infront of her building 

- morning ? You are crazy it feels like the middle of the night . Hi Sam . Alright so I m driving during the second half right ? 

- yep that's the plan oh you wouldn't believe who called me yesterday 

as the conversation seemed quite uninterested to Sam and he wasn't a morning person he did his best to fall back to sleep . 

Sam slept through the first stop . 

- hi look who is up ! - Jess said as she saw him stir on the backseat - how are you doing ? 

- ok - he mumbled though it was far from the truth the effects of the diuretics and the magic words which Jess and Kate casually repeated several times caused him to wet multiple times . - when are we stopping? - he asked hoping Jess would pick up on his hint without mentioning it to Kate 

- in a while not too long . Are you hungry ? We were thinking burgers since we won't have much time to stop its about 40 min from here I think 

Sam layed back starting to worry how it will all go. Having Jess change his diapers was one thing but Kate being there was another. 

he must have drifted off because the next thing he realized was Jess and Kate getting out of the car. 

He looked around to see a back of a building with a few empty trucks parking . 

Jess opened the door and said in a low voice - look Kate will go get the food I m just going to the bathroom and I will change you while she is in the line ok ? 

- can't I go to the bathroom ? 

- well sweetie .. It wouldn't be well easy to hide and you would have to go to the men's room and I to the ladies room it's easier this way. No1 will see anything . If you have to pee go ahead I will be back in a couple of minutes to change you . - then changing to normal voice - what would you like ? Double cheese fries and a soda ? 

Sam nodded as Jess closed the car door behind her and both women went off towards the side of the building to enter .

sam tried to find a position to relive himself he felt very foolish having to wet his diaper on propose though he knew that as it seemed he was hours away from a bathroom and he would have to go eventually so it would be better to do it before Jess came back . 

She came back just as he finished emptying his bladder . 

- alright lay down ok ? - Jess pulled his sweat pants to his ankles fully exposing his diaper which now looked more yellow than white . - lift - she slid a changing mat and a dry diaper under him while undoing his wet diaper and pulling it out from under him. He felt another erection as she wiped him clean with the baby wipes and applied cream all over his private areas . - here all done - she said as she taped the diaper thightly and pulled up his pants 

Kate got back just as Jess threw the used daiper wipes and mat in a crash can. 

- why is it so difficult for them to give extra ketchup I will never know ! Like I m robbing them from their own personal stock 

sam was relieved that Kate went on and on about the idiot behind the counter as his situation remained unremarked. 

Or so he thought of course Jess made sure he was asleep before she and Kate discussed the situation. And used the magic words a few times to make sure his fresh daiper won't stay dry for long.


Chapter 9 vacation is always a weird time 

as Kate pulled up to the beach side condo Sam sat back in agony . He knew his wet diapers would be clearly visible to anyone and the last thing he wanted was being seen by his fathers friends and their kids mostly his age or younger . 

- Jess ... - Sam said almost whining 

- oh right .. Kate could you do another round towards the bungalows ? 

- why what's wrong with this parking spot ? 

- I m not carrying 3 bags from here Sam could you go in and take them in while we find a parking spot ? 

- yeah sure - he breath out in relief 

Kate stopped infront of 1 of the bungalows unlocking the trunk. Sam started to get out of the car but as he passed behind Jess's seat he wishpered - thanks 

Jess smiled oh yeah he will not be giving her a hard time any time soon . 

Las Kate started to drive again she shot Jess a knowing look 

- what ? - Jess snapped 

- I thought you wanted to teach him a lesson well a little public embarrassment could help 

- oh leave off Kate believe me I m playing my cards exactly as I planned . He thinks I m his guardian angel and besides remember Miranda ? That snob who laughed at me all last summer after Sam showed me up at every turn ? Well from what I heard her precious stepdaughter and son started to show her up . And I doubt very much Sam would dare to do that so this year I will look like the mother of the year . And if Sam does show me up well this whole hypnosis removal thing is off ! 

The next day as the men were playing golf and the younger ones were either surfing or swimming the women layed out together to tan and gossip . 

Miranda who was a good 5 years senior to Jess felt superior to her from the beginning . She had 2 step children Amber and don a year or two younger than Sam . She seemed like the perfect stepmom friendly yet assertive . Jess hated her making her look stupid .

- oh girls girls we musnt forget ! Sunscreen is just as important for the kids as it is for us - she said in her usual condescending voice - Amber don darlings ! Would you come here and put sunscreen on ? - she said in her cheery but commanding tone 

- leave me alone you witch you are not my mother ! - Amber yelled at her angrily don didn't even bother to acknowledge her.

- ahh kids !-  Miranda exclaimed  - at this age whatever you tell them they take as a personal insult 

ha ! Jess thought yet a year ago you were lecturing me about how it's not age related it's instinct related well let's see who has better maternal instincts now ! 

- Sam ! Could you please put on sunscreen ? - she called over and wonder of all wonders Sam walked over to her without a word of complaint . - here let me do your back . 

- thanks Jess - he called as he walked back to join the rest 

many of the women smuthered their laughter making Miranda furious . 

- well Sam certainly grew up since last year - she pointed out in a bitter tone 

Kate and Jess exchanged meaningful looks . Quite the opposite Jess thought he didn't grew up at all . 

As sam's behavioral was almost perfect well as far as Jess was concerned she decided to get Kate to remove the hypnosis . She made sure to keep him on high dose diuretics for a few more days just for the sake of things . 

A few nights after stopping his diuretics and hypnosis  Sam proudly announced to Jess after she diapered him for the night that he has been dry for 2 nights in a row ! 

- that's great honey . If you go 7 nights in a row maybe we should go back to the disposals ? 

- really ?? That's awesome you r the best Jess 

jess smiled . Maybe Sam really just needed some maternal attention after all . 

She almost started to feel guilty about the last part of her plan . But she knew she had to make sure she had power over Sam or this was all done for nothing . 

That part was the way home . The order was the same Jack and rob , Kate Jess and Sam . 

On the morning as they prepared to leave she told Sam to wait for her in his room . 

- but Jess why do I need a diaper ? You said that if I can keep dry I can go back to the disposals 

- yes but first of all I said a week this wasn't a week yet . Second of all like I said I don't want to have to explain any possible leakage to your dad . So I would really appreciate if you would do as I ask .

- but Jess ..

- Sam it's 10 more hours of your life . Stop making such a big deal about it . Or you want to explain to your father the situation .

sam sulked but followed Jess's instructions . 

This time Kate sat behind the wheel . 

After they made sure Sam was asleep Kate asked 

- I removed the hypnosis and we tested it I thought you were only planning to give him diuretics to make the process look more gradual so why did you diaper him now ? He is still on diuretics ? 

- no I haven't given him any in days 

- so you think he will wet without them too ? 

- oh I know he will and when I will tell him to . Trust me 

Chapter 10 a wet way home 

after stopping in a drive through Sam slept through the short bathroom breaks . 

He woke up feeling the need to urinate .

- Jess when are we stopping next ? - he asked 

- well we just stopped half an hour ago so not till home since it's already very late and we both have to be at work early plus on this highway there aren't places to stop at that's why we ate lunch early - she glanced back 

- how much till we get home ? 

-  2 and a half hours maybe 3 depends on the traffick in town I still need to drop Kate off . 

Jess glanced over to Kate with a knowing look . About 10 min later she pulled over at a designated spot to change tires on the side of the road . 

Jess got out of the car and opened the back door - alright let's get you changed then 

- I m not wet - he blushed knowing Kate can hear everything in the front seat 

Jess sighed - Sam I really don't have time to play games . We are late as it is . 

- I m really not wet 

Jess pulled his shorts down to expose his diaper .

- hi ! - Sam tried to pull away from her 

- alright - Jess lowered her voice -  here is the deal either I change you now or you will wait till we get home 

Sam looked around desperate but Jess chose the spot perfectly no space he could "go " at . 

- I m not wet - he repeated 

- alright so you will wait till we get home 

Sam was getting desperate he knew he couldn't hold off 3 more hours 

- can't we stop before that ? - he asked 

- we stopped now ! - Jess snapped then forced a calm voice - Alright look I know you haven't gone since we left so you have to pee . So you have 2 choices either you pee your diaper now and I change you or you pee on the way and stay wet till we get home . Which is it going to be ? 

Sam was throned he hated the idea of spending hours in a wet diaper but having to pee his diaper on purpose  infront of Jess ( not to mention Kate who will know ) sent shivers up and down his spine . 

- it would be much more comfortable for you to get it over with now - Jess wishpered 

Sam looked agonized - I can't 

- Sam come on , I changed your diaper everyday for a month now how is this different ? 

Though of course Jess knew exactly . .This would be the first time he wets on her command without hypnosis or drugs only by her own power over him .sam of course had no idea but for Jess  This would be the ultimate test . 

- I can't - he said miserably 

- of course you can . Lay  back and relax . Just lay back down and relax . There .- Jess gently put her hand on his lower abdomen and started circularly massaging the area over his full bladder . - relax your muscles . There it feels better doesn't it ? - Jess said as she saw the yellow spot appear and enlarge over his crotch . 

- let's get you changed then - Sam didn't object and Jess knew that she now had control over the boy without drugs or hypnosis .


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