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Tricked Into Nappies Part 6

‘Author’s note’.
  This story contains age regression with mild sexual scenes, none of the characters in this story are under the age of consent. This story in no way involves or condones any sexual act with anyone under the age of consent.

               Tricked into Nappies part 6.

    As the months and years passed by, many things began to change. The main thing was my attitude towards my nappies. After what seemed a lifetime of wearing them 24/7, I gradually went from hating and fighting against them, to getting used to them, to now even liking them! They became an item of security and comfort, they took away my responsibilities, and in some ways made me feel secure.
I also began to enjoy being changed. It was the level of care and attention I was receiving during my nappy changes that I liked. Auntie Caroline’s care for me, and the way she would treat me was so loving. She made me feel very special and delicate and important, so much so that I felt incredibly safe and secure in her care, like nothing would ever harm me. She always paid particular attention to keeping me clean and protected. She was there to look after me every minute of the day, and although this level of care could make me feel incredibly overwhelmed, vulnerable and insecure, it also made me feel loved. I needed her for everything and she provided me with everything, and this meant that my feelings towards her grew very strong.

The only time that my baby treatment would cause me upset was if I was seen by anyone I wasn’t used to, I hated being treated like a baby in front of anyone other than Auntie Caroline or Sandy, and going out of the house always made me nervous and self conscious, even if I just went to Jessie’s house I was very conscious about my nappies being seen, or someone I didn’t know knowing that I was being treated as a baby. Trips to the shops or the park were particularly nerve wracking experiences. This had the effect of making me a little agoraphobic, I began to discover that I only felt comfortable at home with Auntie Caroline or Sandy, where I would feel safe and secure.

The other changes were physically and mentally. I never did find out what treatments Auntie Caroline was administering to me behind my back for all this time, but they certainly had the effect of keeping me young and babyish... because I hadn’t grown at all! I was still very small for my true age (Whatever that was.) and I still hadn’t developed any body hair. And also my physical appearance was definitely becoming much more feminine, and these physical changes also affected my mental attitude. Because I was now treated as female, my mannerisms and even my posture were very feminine. I acted and behaved more like a girl than ever before. I liked to look pretty and I was getting into girly things. And because I was also treated as a baby, (or more like a toddler) I was becoming more and more infantile too. I would cry over silly things and I grew attached to teddies and soft toys etc. I also liked sucking a dummy and even got used to being breastfed! As long as no one else knew of course!
So on the whole my life was ever changing and evolving, going from living life as a lonely insecure boy to living as a baby and a girl and embracing the fact.

But sometimes, despite coming to terms with my new life, and even enjoying it, there were still moments where my treatment would get to me... particularly when I wasn’t allowed to do something I wanted to do because I wasn’t considered old enough, which was incredibly frustrating and would get me very upset.

And lastly there was another significant change... sexuality.
It seems that there are some things in life that you just cannot control.
Auntie Caroline’s plans to turn me from an insecure boy to her baby girl had so far been a total success. I was her baby, and for the most part was happy to be so. And I felt much more comfortable being a girl than a boy, but despite these changes, and the fact that my true age was denied me and kept from me, (At this stage I had no real idea what my true age was,) my sexual body clock was unchanged.
I had already started to get a serious crush on Sandy, and as time went by other things started to happen too...


The nursery was bathed in a warm pink light as I opened my eyes, the baby mobile hanging above my cot was swaying and turning very slowly, caught in a lazy current of air. I looked around the room, surveying the furniture and accessories, everything around me was either pink and girlie or babyish... there were packs of nappies on the shelf next to the bottles of baby lotion and baby powder. Terry nappies neatly folded and stacked next to baby wipes and soaps. Pretty dresses and coloured ribbons were up on hangers in the wardrobe, and scattered on the dresser were hair brushes, a few large nappy pins and a dummy. Such a different scene to my old bedroom in my previous life. It was as if everything around me was placed there to remind me of my status.

Still half asleep I yawned and stretched and then was instantly brought back to life with a bump as I felt my huge bulky nappy around me as I moved. I closed my eyes and flopped my head back on the pillow with a sigh and wished I was still asleep.
Then all of a sudden I felt the covers being pulled away from me and I opened my eyes to see Sandy looking down at me smiling. Her face was beautiful, her eyes were heavily made up with smoky eye shadow, her thick fluttery eye lashes were heavy with mascara.
Her lips were covered in a thick layer of vibrant pink lipstick and heavily coated in shiny lip gloss.
The sight of her looking down at me sent my heart to race and my loins into overdrive, my penis quickly began to swell and grow inside my nappy making me blush as I wriggled around to get comfortable.
Sandy smiled and then looked down at my nappy, her fingers already pulling delicately at the tapes, I wriggled again and squirmed with embarrassment as my hardening penis continued to grow as my nappy loosened.
I couldn’t bare the thought of Sandy seeing my erection so I closed my eyes and bit my lip to try and hide the horror but it was unavoidable. Sandy gently pulled my nappy open, letting my penis free from its plastic prison, it uncoiled itself and sprung to attention hard and stiff, with warm waves of pleasure rippling through it making it strain and pulse in time with my pounding heart.

“Ooh what do we have here?” Said Sandy in mock surprise. “is Baby pleased to see me?”

I could have died right there I was so embarrassed. I struggled to find any words to say and just laid there, my eyes tight shut.
Then to my utter shock and surprise, she gingerly ran a finger down the length of my shaft, my penis pulsated and twitched in answer to her delicate touch.
My mouth went dry and my heart felt like it was going to explode as she continued to toy with it... my breathing became heavier as she slowly wrapped her fingers around it and gently squeezed.

“Does my Baby like that?” She asked seductively.

I nodded embarrassingly, letting those words swim around my head, ‘My Baby’ she had said, I was hers and I wanted her to have me, to do whatever she wanted with me.
My whole body was shaking now, as Sandy continued her gentle caress. With my throbbing penis in her grasp I was under her control completely.

“Would you like me to kiss you?” She said suddenly.

Again I nodded, my eyes now transfixed on hers, and my face flushing red and hot. She smiled back at me and gently pulled my penis towards her, then with my whole body trembling, she reached down, puckered her lips and slowly planted a kiss on the top of my penis.
I gasped and quickly sat bolt upright in my cot breathless and panting.
I looked around me, my eyes taking a moment to focus. All was quiet except the beating of my heart and the gentle rustling of my nappy, I was alone, it was just a dream!
I sat there for a few moments, taking in the memory of what had just happened. I was out of breath and a little sweaty.
I looked down at my nappy, it was all out of shape and there were dents and compressions where my fingers had been pressing into it. My penis was straight and rigid under my nappy, and felt as though it was straining to get out. I lifted the waistband and peered inside, my penis was smooth and shiny and incredibly hard and there was a tiny film of clear liquid around the top.
Curiously I touched it with my finger, it drew a long thin strand as I brought my finger to my lips to taste it. It had no taste at all and was like nothing I’d ever seen before.

Without thinking I carefully pulled open the tapes of my nappy and pulled it away revealing my erection to full view.
Without thinking, I took hold of it in my hand and began to play with it, pulling it this way and that, finding the ways that gave me the most pleasure.
Eventually I discovered that forming a ’Ring’ with my thumb and forefinger around the helmet and rubbing up and down over it gave me the most sensational feelings. As I continued, a warm ‘Pins & needles’ type ‘tickling’ feeling was building up slowly from my feet to my hips, as if I was gradually filling up with a liquid pleasure in my veins.
My heart rate increased and my breathing grew a little quicker as I continued, the feelings in my veins began to swell and increase. I couldn’t believe how good this felt.
I mean, I’d had years of erections before, but this was the first time I had had a proper feel and play with one, and I wanted to know more.
I didn’t have any notion that I was doing anything wrong, I was discovering feelings and sensations that I never knew existed and I was curious to know how strong these feelings would get as I continued to play.
But then just at that moment I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I just had time to re-stick the tapes of my nappy back down before Auntie Caroline entered the room.

“Morning Baby.” She said as she went over to the window and opened the curtains.
I smiled awkwardly and pulled the covers over me to hide the bulge in my nappy.
But of course, as she did every morning, I knew that Auntie Caroline would pull them away again to examine me. So as quickly as I could I rolled over onto my tummy, pretending that the light was too bright for my eyes.
Auntie Caroline came over, opened the bars to my cot and pulled the covers off of me. I lay there on my tummy, my rock hard penis digging into me.
Then I felt her hand slip under the nappy on my bottom and a protruding finger feel around between my cheeks.

“Ooh, feels like Baby needs a dry nappy!” She exclaimed. “I’ll give you a few minutes to wake up before I change you.“ she said patting my bottom.

I lay there on my tummy, my erection pressing against me under my nappy, and breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t want the embarrassment of Auntie Caroline seeing my erection.
But lying there like that, I soon discovered that if I gently rocked backwards and forwards those warm tingly feelings returned, and the urge to feel this newly found pleasure far outweighed my embarrassment.

I moaned with pleasure as I continued to rock backwards and forwards, pressing my penis into the mattress, my nappy crinkling and rustling loudly.
I was in ecstasy and I couldn’t control myself, I needed relief. I flipped over onto my back and pressed my fingers into my nappy, the plastic rustled loudly as I squeezed my erection through the padding.
I tried to slip my hand down my nappy to continue my play but I couldn’t do it without breaking the tapes, and I knew I would get into trouble if I opened my nappy.
The frustration built up inside of me as I lay there in my cot, squirming and wriggling.
After a few more minutes Auntie Caroline came back, and taking my hand in hers gently helped me out of my cot and led me over to the changing table. As I waddled over to it my penis rubbed against the inside of my nappy which sent little electric shocks down my legs. this was insane! what was I to do? I didn’t want these feelings to end, and yet I also didn’t want Auntie Caroline seeing my erection. I had to act fast.

“Can I have breakfast first please Auntie?” I asked.

“No Sweetie,” She exclaimed. “I need to change your nappy.”

“But I’m hungry!”

“C’mon,” She said, patting the changing mat. “You can have breakfast after I’ve changed you, besides, I have a new outfit for you to wear and I can’t wait to see you in it!”

There wasn’t anything I could do, and my heart began to pound hard in my chest as the realisation that my erection was about to be revealed was seconds away.
I moaned half in protest and half in pleasure as Auntie Caroline laid me down on the changing mat, as I wriggled around to get comfortable my nappy moved against my penis again sending more ripples of pleasure through my body.
Auntie Caroline opened a drawer and took out a large pink dummy, It looked like a new one, it had a logo of a pink teddy on the front and I could clearly see that it’s bulbous teat was much larger than my usual ones and I opened my mouth wide in readiness, eager to suckle on it.
Auntie Caroline smiled down at me as she carefully pushed it into my mouth, the huge latex teat engorged my mouth and I laid my head back on the pillow and began to suckle contentedly. I loved having a dummy, and I let out a soft moan of satisfaction.
Auntie Caroline reached down and began to rip open the tapes of my nappy. I squirmed and wriggled again as my nappy was pealed away exposing my erection to her gaze. I closed my eyes and turned my head in embarrassment as she pulled the nappy from under me. But amazingly she didn’t say anything.
Auntie Caroline then opened another drawer and took out a fresh new nappy.

“I have a surprise for you today!” She said excitedly. “I have some nice new nappies to go with your new outfit. Look,” she said smiling and holding the nappy up to see.
I raised my head and looked up as Auntie Caroline opened up the nappy for me to see. It wasn’t quite as thick and bulky as my usual nappies but it had lots of pink teddy bears printed on it.
I didn’t know how to react, on the one hand it was nice knowing I was going to dressed in the security of a nice clean nappy, and I was very grateful that Auntie Caroline was looking after me and buying me new clothes and things, but I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to look this babyish. A nappy is of course the epitomy of baby-wear but somehow having nappies with cute pink teddy bears on them took it to the next level.

Auntie Caroline then produced a baby wipe and began her usual routine... wiping carefully all around me, I squirmed even more as she began to wipe my penis, even lifting it with her hand to wipe underneath it. When she had finished with my penis she popped the baby wipe in the bin and pulled another one from packet.
I instinctively opened my legs wide and brought them right back, giving her access to my bottom.

“Good girl Tia.” She said as she gently began to wipe between my bottom cheeks, her touch was gentle and thorough, which made me feel very safe and secure, she was looking after me with such a high level of care and devotion that I gradually came to enjoy having my nappy changed. A total reversal of how I felt when my baby regime had started.
Instead of feeling violated I felt totally submissive and compliant, I enjoyed the care and attention that I was given and began to enjoy being her baby to look after.
I rested my head back down again as Auntie Caroline then opened the baby powder and began to sprinkle it over me, it’s distinctive aroma filling my nostrils as it floated down like fine snow all around me.
Auntie Caroline then gently but firmly raised my bottom with one hand while sliding my new nappy under my bottom with the other, then she lowered my legs and parted them as she brought the nappy up between my legs and over my still erect penis, giving the nappy an extra stretch to cover it before sealing the tapes.

“There we go,” she said sweetly. “Baby’s all done.”

Then after a few minutes of scrutiny and adjustments, she took my hands and pulled me up to a sitting position before helping me off of the changing table.
It felt good to be in a lovely clean nappy, again. It fitted so snuggly around me and rustled softly with each little movement I made.

“Shall we put you in your new outfit now?” She asked excitedly.
Still sucking my huge dummy I nodded and waddled over with her to the wardrobe, my nappy rustling and swinging behind me.
Auntie Caroline unhooked two hangers from the wardrobe and laid them on the dresser, the first was a white cotton top with a collar and short sleeves with tiny ruffles on.
I instinctively raised my arms as she placed it over my head and pulled it down. It came down a few inches short of my nappy. Then came the rest of the dress, it was a pinafore style which fitted over the cotton top, it had pink and white checks with a ruffly hem that came down around the same length as my nappy and fitted perfectly.
Then, going over to the dresser again Auntie Caroline returned with what looked like a pair of long white knee socks/stockings. She seemed very excited as she pulled them up my legs. They came up halfway between my knees and my nappy and had little pink bows stitched to their tops.
When Auntie Caroline had finished dressing me she took a brush from the dresser and began to brush my hair.
After a few minutes of brushing she took a pink ribbon and tied my hair with a ponytail before standing back and taking a look at me.

“Oh Tia.” She said softly, her voice breaking with emotion. “You look so pretty I could eat you all up.”

Then she turned me towards the mirror so that I could see myself.
It wasn’t often that I looked at myself in a mirror, and standing there now I was quite shocked. There, before me was a very cute, pretty, blonde haired girl, wearing a pink checked pinafore dress with white top and white woolly stockings. I hardly recognised myself at all. It wasn’t just my outfit but my stance and features too, my face really looked feminine and pretty, so very different to the image I have of myself in my brain.

Auntie Caroline was so happy and excited at my appearance that she couldn’t stop looking at me or fiddling with my outfit. Then she announced that she had another present for me.

“This came free with my first purchase.” She said, dipping into a box on the floor that had ‘The Pink Teddy Company’ written on it.
It was of course a real pink teddy bear, it was very soft and very floppy and I loved it instantly.

After breakfast Auntie Caroline informed me that she’d invited Jessie round to see me. I felt very happy... I had spent the morning being loved, admired and fed, and now my best friend was coming round to see me.

When Jessie arrived she immediately commented on how pretty I looked which made me feel really happy inside.
When I first met Jessie all those months ago, we very quickly became close friends, and that’s how we stayed... close friends. Then one day she told me that she was also friends with a boy who lived next door to her and I became jealous and so realised that my feelings towards Jessie were stronger than just friendship.
But over all this time I still hadn’t told her how I felt, but thinking about it how could I? I didn’t even really know who I was either and as the months went by my feelings for her remained unrequited.

After we had had a drink and a slice of Auntie Caroline’s chocolate cake, we went straight into the playroom to play some board games.
We sat on the floor together and began to build a Jenga tower.
Although my new nappy was not as thick and bulky as my usual ones, I could still feel it between my legs while I sat on the floor, and it still rustled loudly with every move I made but I didn’t mind, it was hidden from view by my dress and I was playing games with Jessie, I felt the happiest I’d ever felt in my life. When we finished the tower we began to play.
Jessie went first and I remember looking at the concentration on her face as she very carefully pulled the little wooden block out from the tower. She had such a pretty feminine face. She had big eyes and smooth dark skin, her nose was tiny and cute, her hair was brown and curly with long tussled ringlets that hung over her face which she moved aside every few seconds with her slender fingers. She had a beautiful smile and was always giggling and laughing and I began to wonder if I would ever look as pretty as her.
As we played together I began to study her mannerisms too, I found that I began to copy them so that I could become as cute and girly as her, I moved my hands as delicately as I could, and fluttered my eye lashes when I smiled.
I also found myself constantly adjusting my clothes and appearance, touching my hair and making sure I looked ok and trying to catch a glimpse of myself in a reflection.
We were having such fun, we were giggling and laughing and crying out as each one of our go’s made the tower more and more unstable. Then, after a few more minutes I pulled out another block and the tower tipped over scattering little wooden blocks all over us.
We both cried out and clapped our hands as we looked at the scattered pieces all around us.
Then we quickly began to gather them up to play again. We had almost finished re- building it when Jessie noticed that one piece was missing. Jessie lifted up her dress, shook it and then checked around the floor with her hands where she was sitting.

“Are you sitting on it Tia?” She said smiling.

“I don’t know.” I replied, and without thinking, lifted the hem of my dress to look

“There it is!” She said half laughing, and immediately thrust her hand under my nappy to retrieve it. My nappy rustled loudly as her hand came into contact with it and I froze, looking down at my nappy in full view, horrified at what had just happened.
Jessie immediately sensed my embarrassment and froze too. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could feel my face glowing red.
Up until now Jessie had never asked me or even made a comment to me about my baby attire and now, not only had I lifted up my dress revealing my nappy to her but she had actually touched it.
My mouth went dry as we sat there in silence, the seconds felt like hours.
Then to break the silence Jessie commented that she liked the teddy bears on my nappy.

“I’ve never seen one’s with pink bears on before.” She exclaimed.

“They’re new,” I said timidly, looking down at them. “Auntie Caroline bought them to match my dress.”

“They’re nice.” Said Jessie kindly. She could sense also that a line had been crossed. The subject of my baby status which had always been kept as an unspoken subject had finally been broken.
But as usual, and this is one of the reasons I loved her so much was that she then just carried on as though nothing had happened, and by doing that she made it much easier to cope with.
I looked up at Jessie and smiled.

“I’m so glad your here Jessie.” I said, emotionally.

“Me too,” She said sweetly. “I love playing with you.”
And she reached forward and gave me a hug. I threw my arms around her, and began to cry softly.
When we broke away Jessie took my hands in hers and smiled encouragingly.

“You look really pretty Tia.”

“Thank you,” I replied, tears trickling down my cheeks. . “So do you.”

Jessie smiled again and placed a hand on my knee, and I immediately felt that tingling down below and my penis begin to stir in my nappy. I wanted so badly to tell her that I loved her but I just couldn’t say the words.

After lunch we decided to play Hide & Seek. Jessie said she would start and darted off out of the kitchen at great speed while I counted.
Then I set off to find her. I headed towards the stairs and crept up them as quietly as I could, I stood for a moment on the landing and listened, then I opened the door to Auntie Caroline’s bedroom and peered inside. It was a very large room with a huge double bed at one end. I wandered over and looked under it... no one there.
When I turned and looked at the dressing table, I saw something that caught my eye, a selection of lipsticks, all sitting in a row in a display box, they had clear plastic tops so that you could see their colours and as I looked at them my penis began to stiffen again.
I stared at them in awe, they were all so bright and alluring, and when I saw the bright pink one my penis began to stiffen even more, it was the same colour as the one Sandy was wearing in my dream.
I quickly looked at the door to make sure no one was coming, and carefully lifted the lipstick out of the display box, my hands were shaking as I took off the lid and twisted the base. The lipstick rose up slowly, it’s colour shone bright in the light from the window. The end had been used, images of Sandy applying it to her lips flashed through my mind and I felt another wave of pleasure rise up in my veins again and my penis pushing up inside my nappy. I pressed my other hand against the ‘ridge’ in my nappy and moaned with pleasure, the tickling feeling growing stronger by the second. The urge to touch the lipstick to my lips was overpowering, I looked at my face in the mirror and studied my own lips, imagining them pink and shiny, but then I heard a noise outside and I quickly put the lipstick back and headed towards the door, my heart pounding and my penis fully erect.
Then, just at that moment Auntie Caroline opened the door and came in.

“What are you doing in here young lady!” She said with a sly smile.

“We’re playing Hide & Seek.” I replied, trying to hide my nervousness.
“You look guilty,” she said, studying my expression.
I felt her eyes boring into me and I looked down to avoid her gaze.

“I thought Jessie was under your bed.” I replied unconvincingly.

“Well I’ve come to check your nappy, so I might as well do it in here,” She said patting the bed with her hand.

It was cruel of fate to have a nappy check right at that moment, with my penis fully erect and hard yet again inside my nappy, and I reluctantly climbed up onto the bed and laid down on my tummy, hoping against hope that Auntie Caroline wouldn’t notice.

“Roll over Tia!” She commanded. “Don’t be silly.”

I did as I was told and turned my head to hide my embarrassment.
Auntie Caroline pulled up the hem of my dress and slipped her fingers under the leg elastic of my nappy. I squirmed with the sheer humility of it as she probed inside, my nappy rustling loudly and my heart beating hard in my chest.
Then she withdrew her fingers and to my horror lifted the waistband at the front and slipped her fingers in again.
I kicked my legs and moaned with sheer embarrassment as Auntie Caroline’s fingers came into contact with my erection. Auntie Caroline looked down at me her expression was warm and motherly.

“It’s ok Baby,” she said tenderly. “Don’t be shy, it’s ok.” She withdrew her hand and helped me up and off the bed.
“You go and find Jessie,” she said as she straightened my dress. “I think you might find her in the direction of the airing cupboard.” And with that she patted my bottom and I escaped.

With my embarrassment fading I made my way to the airing cupboard and flung open the door. Jessie let out a scream and then immediately began to laugh as she crawled out of her hiding place.

After we had stopped laughing I went down into the living room and hid behind the sofa, I had to pull it away from the wall slightly first, then I crawled behind it and crouched down and waited for Jessie to find me. And as always when hiding, within seconds of getting into position I became desperate for a wee. I crouched there behind the sofa fidgeting and wriggling my legs to try and stay dry, I didn’t want to have a nappy change with Jessie in the house nor did I want to stop playing, I would have to work hard to avoid the inevitable.
The problem was... the living room was very quiet and my nappies were very loud. Even though my nappy was under my dress, all my wriggling and fidgeting was causing it to crinkle and rustle so loudly it must have sounded as though someone was scrunching up a giant crisp packet.
It was taking a long time for Jessie to find me and I was finding it increasingly hard to keep from weeing.
But eventually, after a little while I suddenly heard carefully placed footsteps come into the living room and I froze, gripping my penis as hard as I could through my nappy. And then all of a sudden Jessie shouted “Found You!” And burst over the top of the sofa. I jumped clear out of my skin and shrieked really loudly, knocking my head against the radiator which made a huge ‘Clang’ which in turn made us both burst into hysterics and jump about excitedly.

“Hey what’s all the noise?” Shouted Auntie Caroline as she entered the room.

We both couldn’t contain ourselves and excitedly told Auntie Caroline what had just happened.
Auntie Caroline stood there with her hands on her hips, smiling and shaking her head at our excitement.

“Well I think you’ve had enough excitement for one day Tia!” She said as the laughter subsided. “I think it’s time for you to have a nap now.”

“No!” I said incredulously. “Please Auntie, we’re having so much fun!”

“I know you are sweetie but you need your rest,” she said commandingly. “Jessie can come back tomorrow if she wants to.”

“No please Auntie!” I cried. “I don’t need a nap, I’m not tired!”

“I'm not going to argue with you Sweetie,” She said. “You can have five minutes to say goodbye to Jessie and then i'll get you ready for bed.”

I knew it was pointless to argue, and so it was with heavy hearts that we walked together towards the front door.

“When am I going to see you next?” I asked sadly.

“I'll have to check with Mum,” she replied. “It won't be long I promise.”

And with that she opened the door and ran off shouting a cheery “See Yah” before disappearing round the corner.
I stood there forlornly looking at the path hoping she'd come back. I had hoped that we'd hugged each other again before she left but it didn't happen, and it kind of made me realise that maybe she only saw me as a friend.

I closed the door, went back inside and began to weep. Auntie Caroline took my hand and led me into the living room, she had my new dummy slipped over her finger as she bent down in front of me to check my nappy.

“You're still dry Tia,” She said with surprise. “You haven't been holding it in have you? You mustn't do that, it's bad for you.”

I stood there staring at the ground, weeping softly, too upset to bother replying. “C'mon baby,” She continued. “I want to put you in a new nappy before I put you to bed, so you need to wet this one for me ok?” she said, as she stood up and gave my nappy a little tug.

I looked up at her with pleading eyes. “Now please.” she ordered.

“I... I can't...” I stammered.

“You can Tia,” She barked. “C'mon, I haven't got all day!”

I looked up at her and began to cry, I couldn't believe what she was asking me. It was so humiliating. “C'mon Tia,” She continued. “The sooner you wet your nappy, the sooner I can change you. Hurry up please!”

I tried as hard as I could but nothing happened. It was so humiliating with Auntie Caroline standing over me with her hands on her hips impatiently waiting. I looked up at her again, my eyes filling with tears.

“Do you want your dummy?” She asked sympathetically.

I nodded solemnly. Auntie Caroline slipped the dummy off her finger and popped it into my mouth and continued to wait.
I stood there trying with all my might to relax my bladder but it was so difficult. A few times it felt as though I could feel it coming but then it would stop.

Auntie Caroline reached down and patted my nappy between my legs.

“C'mon Tia,” She commanded. “quickly, I haven't got all day.”

I continued to concentrate, just managing to relax enough for it to start. Then all of a sudden it happened, and I felt a huge relief as a stream of warm wee flowed out of me. Auntie Caroline sensing that something had happened reached down again and placed her hands against my nappy between my legs. “Good Girl Tia,” She said adding to the humiliation. I stood there, wetting my nappy in front of her and felt so humiliated and ashamed. Auntie Caroline kept her hand against my nappy. I could feel it swell and stretch around me, the warmth and heaviness increasing as I continued to wee.
Once my ordeal was over and Auntie Caroline was satisfied that all was ok, she took my hand and led me up the stairs towards the nursery, and as we passed her own room I suddenly remembered the lipsticks that i'd seen, and my penis instantly began to stir and a plan began to formulate.

Auntie Caroline opened the nursery door and ushered me inside with a well aimed pat on my nappied bottom.
Then she led me over to the changing table and began to undress me.
She pulled my dress up over my head, placed it back on a hanger and hung it back up in the wardrobe, and then did the same to my top. Then she prompted me to get up onto the changing table, the bulge in my nappy hung heavy and low between my legs as I awkwardly climbed up onto it, the plastic covered mattress was cold against my skin as I laid myself down and rested my head on the pillow.

Auntie Caroline removed my socks, folded them up and placed them
back in the drawer. Then, turning back round to face me reached forward and pulled open the tapes of my nappy. It was almost as if undressing me was the necessary bit and removing and changing my nappy was the part she looked forward to most, because whenever she changed me she always had a huge broad smile on her face.
My nappy rustled and crinkled as the four tapes were pulled apart with a rip, then I felt the air against my skin as she carefully peeled my nappy away leaving me totally naked and exposed.
While Auntie Caroline was administering a baby wipe, I began to think of what I could say to get me into her bedroom, I had to get another chance to look at those lipsticks.

After I was cleaned, dried and powdered, Auntie Caroline unfolded a new nappy and slid it under my waiting bottom.

“Back to your usual nappies now Baby,” she exclaimed as she pulled the nappy up between my legs. “we’ll keep your pink teddy one’s for best I think.”

After wearing my pink teddy nappies for a day, it made me realise exactly how large and bulky my usual ones were. They were so much bigger than any other nappy I’d ever worn. The bulge between my legs hung down about halfway to my knees and pushed my legs wide apart, the padding around my bottom was so thick it was quite difficult to walk. But in a strange way, because they were so big and padded and all-encompassing they were also cozy and protective, and despite their size they were very light, especially compared to my Terry nappies, which were so heavy and restrictive.

After her usual five minutes of adjustments, Auntie Caroline pulled me up to a sitting position and then putting her hands around my waist helped me down, my bare feet landing softly on the carpet.

After a few more adjustments, Auntie Caroline took a see-thru flimsy nighty out of the wardrobe and slipped it over my head. The hem coming down just an inch over the top of my nappy, the fabric ‘Swishing’ against it as I moved. Then she took a brush from the dresser, stood behind me and untied the ribbon in my hair, letting it flop down to my shoulders. My heart was beating a little harder as I plucked up the courage to ask her my question.

“Auntie Caroline?” I asked softly as she began to brush my hair. “can I please sleep in your room instead of here?”

Auntie Caroline looked up at my reflection in the mirror, studying my face with suspicion.

“Why Sweetie?” Came the reply.

“Well, it’s too light in here and I have trouble sleeping, it’s darker in your room. I really would like to as I feel quite tired and need to sleep.” I was quite proud of this last remark, and thought it sounded quite convincing. Auntie Caroline carried on brushing my hair as she thought for a minute.

“Ok Baby,” she said warmly, and my penis immediately began to stir again.
Once my hair had had a thorough brushing, Auntie Caroline handed me my pink teddy and led me towards the door. Each step I took towards her bedroom was another tingle of excitement deep in my loins.
When we entered her room I immediately looked over at the dressing table to see if the lipsticks were still there, and my penis stiffened even more when I saw that they were.

“Into bed then Baby.” She said, pulling open the covers and guiding me up onto the bed. I snuggled down with my teddy and looked up at her and smiled. Auntie Caroline smiled back at me.

“Put your dummy back in then Sweetie and get some sleep ok?” She said lovingly.

I did as I was asked and then closed my eyes as she pulled the covers back over me.
The bed seemed massive after my nights in my cot, and I squirmed around enjoying the space, my nappy loudly rustling as I wriggled and fidgeted.

Auntie Caroline kissed me on the cheek before leaving the room and closing the door. I lay there quietly listening to her footsteps on the stairs, my heart beating in my chest and my penis already growing hard.

I lay there for a few more minutes, making sure that the coast was clear, then, with my heart beating hard in my chest, I gently pulled off the covers and slipped out of bed.
I took a few tender steps over to the dressing table being very careful not to make the floor creak and took a seat on the padded stool, my huge nappy squashing against me as I sat.
My heart was really pounding now as I looked at the display of lipsticks in front of me, the colours so vibrant and bright. My penis stood hard and upright inside my nappy as I studied them, twitching and pulsating at the thought of trying one on.
I looked around at the door and listened again, my heart pounding harder with the fear and excitement. “ Why was I so excited about this?” I thought.
I looked at the colours again and saw one that really got my heart racing. It was a kind of coral, pinky orange. I carefully took it from the box and pulled off the lid and slowly twisted the base. It rose up looking creamy and smooth in my trembling hand.
I took out my dummy and looked at myself in the mirror, my whole body shaking, this was so dangerous, even just being out of bed would earn me an over the knee spanking, let alone what I was about to do.
My nappy rustled loudly in the silence as I leaned forward and moved my face closer to the mirror, my heart was pounding so hard in my chest the rhythm of it was making me shake and my penis was straining and twitching in my nappy. I took a deep breath and with a trembling hand brought the lipstick to my lips and applied it.
I shuddered with sexual excitement as I slowly drew the lipstick across my lips, coating them in a thick glossy layer of light pinky orange.
I breathed out slowly, my breath shuddering and trembling as I looked at my reflection.
Instinctively I reached down to touch the ridge my penis was making in my nappy, pressing my hand down on the slippery plastic as it rustled and crinkled to my touch. I wanted relief so badly and squeezed hard, rubbing my hand up and down the ridge but the thickness of my huge nappy was stifling the intense feelings I needed.
I looked at the mirror again, and another hot wave of excitement flooded through my veins as I saw my reflection, my lips shiny and bright and thickly coated and I shuddered again. I ached for relief so much I didn’t care about the consequences. I stood up and tiptoed back to the bed and climbed in, sliding up and resting my head on the pillow, then looking down picked at the tapes holding my nappy together and slowly peeled them apart, being careful not to tear the nappy. The plastic surface rustled again as I unpeeled each tape. Then, as the last tape was pulled apart, I opened up my nappy revealing my throbbing penis to the air and I grabbed it instantly.
Remembering the grip I had used earlier that morning I began to play and manipulate it as the feelings grew stronger all around inside me, losing myself in my loss of control nothing mattered now more than getting relief, even if the whole world had burst through the door then it wouldn’t have mattered.
But after a few minutes, relief didn’t come my way, my inexperience and desperation prevented it, I was too aroused and tense, and as the minutes went by my frustration grew and I began to cry. I was so confused, my feelings of arousal and lust were intense and wonderful to behold but at the same time I felt that there had to be an end to it. I was too inexperienced to know about cumming (having never had any sex education), but I knew that there had to be something, and right now my impatience and growing frustration was preventing me from getting there.

Eventually, after many frustrating minutes I began to fall asleep, I rested my head against the pillow and drifted off.
The next thing I knew I was awakened with a start. I had suddenly remembered what I was doing before I fell asleep and realised that I’d have to sort myself out before Auntie Caroline would come to get me, but there was something wrong... I reached down to find my nappy was now back in place! sealed. I felt around, yes it was all taped up and snug, and then I realised that I was sucking my dummy. I took it out and ran my tongue over my lips, I couldn’t taste or feel any lipstick! My God what had happened? Was it all a dream? I thought. Shaking I got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror, definitely no lipstick.
And then it dawned on me, Someone must have come in, saw the state I was in and sorted me out while I was asleep! I certainly don’t remember taping my nappy back up or slipping my dummy back in my mouth, unless I’d done it in my sleep? Or had simply forgotten?
I was lying there in bed totally confused and a little worried when suddenly I heard footsteps approaching and I threw the covers back over me and pretended to be asleep.

“Wake up sleepy!” Said a voice next to me.

It was Sandy. At sight of her my heart fluttered nervously, the dream i’d had that morning still fresh in my mind.
Sandy sat on the bed next to me and ran her fingers through my hair.

“Are you ok Baby?” She asked softly.

I looked up at her and nodded embarrassingly. She looked right into me with her pretty eyes and I immediately felt an urge for a hug and threw my arms around her. She wrapped her arms around me too, patting my nappied bottom with her free hand. “are you sure Sweetie?” she continued. “You can tell me anything you know, if you have anything on your mind.”
I cuddled up tight to her, my brain whirring like a machine and I began to wonder if it was Sandy and not Auntie Caroline who had discovered me here while I was asleep.
She pulled away from me and touched my cheek with her slender fingers and smiled at me warmly.
She looked very pretty as usual, her makeup was exquisite, with her usual smoky eye shadow and glossy pink lipstick, and as I looked at her I felt yet another stirring in my nappy... this was getting tiring.

Over the course of the next few days, I had a few more erotic dreams involving Sandy and her makeup. And I continued to be totally obsessed with her lipsticks, I would try and find ways of getting into her bedroom to take a look at them, longing for the opportunity to try them on again.
There were very few times when I had the opportunity to play with myself, and this certainly added to my ever growing frustration. And this in turn made me quite grumpy, and I found myself getting quite irritable with things that usually made me happy. One such time brought on a very humiliating experience...

It was while Jessie was visiting that it happened.
I’d woken up early that day with another raging hard-on, which then decided to stick around for most of the morning.
Jessie was coming round in the afternoon and I’d spent the morning trying to keep myself occupied but my brain was filled with so many sexual thoughts that I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I found myself getting more and more frustrated and tetchy.
I’d gone to the tent in the garden with some comics... something that always used make me happy, but I’d found that over the months I’d become too girly for them. And the girly comics that I’d been given recently had lots of adverts for make-up, showing pretty girls wearing bright lipstick etc which didn’t help.
I just couldn’t settle so I abandoned that idea and decided to watch TV in the living room, I flopped myself down the the sofa and counted the minutes until Jessie arrived.

After lunch and a nappy change, Jessie finally arrived and my mood lifted a little.
We decided to play tennis on the Wii in the living room so Auntie Caroline set it up for us before going into the kitchen to do some laundry.
My mood would have improved if Auntie Caroline hadn’t insisted on washing the dress that I had on.

“Arms up!” She commanded, as she began to remove my dress.

“But I’m trying to play!” I said Grumpily as my dress was lifted over my head.

“I don’t care,” replied Auntie Caroline sternly. “It needs washing. You’ll have to play in just your nappy!”

“No pleeese Auntie!” I begged. But it was no use. Auntie Caroline pulled my dress off and bundled it into the laundry pile leaving me standing there in just my nappy and I began to cry.

“Oh Baby,” Said Auntie Caroline softly, changing her tone. “I’ll go and get you something to put on from your room if you like?” And with that she dropped her pile of washing and left the room.
I spent what seemed an eternity standing there in the living room next to Jessie in just my nappy, not knowing where to look or what to say.
Eventually Auntie Caroline returned with a very short summer dress that only just managed to reach my nappy let alone cover it, and my heart sank.

“Please Auntie!” I cried as she slipped the dress over me. “Can’t I wear something else?”

“No Tia!” She replied, returning to her exasperated tone. “I have lots to do!”

After we’d set up a mini tournament, we began to play. Jessie was very good at it and was beating me hands down on every game, and after a few matches I was getting very frustrated. Not just at losing every game which was bad enough, but because the nature of the game required lots of movement which was causing my nappy to rustle really loudly all the time I was playing. This agitation and frustration slowly began to build up, until it got to the stage where I could no longer control myself.

“Oh it's not fair!” I shouted. “I can't do this i'm rubbish!!”

“Hey it's ok!” Said Jessie calmly.

“No it's not!!” I shouted, my frustration growing by the second. “You're beating me every time and it's not fair!”

“Hey! Don't worry about it Tia!” She continued.

Just then, Auntie Caroline appeared beside me.

“Tia! That's no way to talk to your friends!” She exclaimed. “apologise please!”

“No it's not fair she keeps winning!!!” I shouted vehemently, throwing the controller onto the floor, which broke apart scattering its batteries all over the carpet.

“Right,” She said, taking hold of my wrist. “I think it’s time to get you ready for bed young lady!”

“NO!!” I shouted, pulling against her with all my might. “I want to stay up, I'm sorry, PLEASE! I don't want to go to bed!”

Auntie Caroline sat down on the sofa and brusquely pulled me towards her. With her left hand holding my wrist and her right hand around my padded bottom, she half pulled and half guided me onto the sofa next to her.

“Sounds like this baby needs feeding before I put her to bed.” She said sarcastically as she reached for the top button of her dress.

My eyes widened and my heart started beating wildly as I realised with sheer horror that she was going to nurse me.

“NO AUNTIE!” I cried, my eyes transfixed on her slender fingers as they began undoing the rest of the buttons. “i'm not hungry PLEASE!!”

My mouth went dry and I started to shake as she quickly unfastened each button in turn, her dress becoming looser and her large breasts slowly emerging. I squirmed on her lap, my nappy rustling and my heart pounding. Then after the last button had been unfastened, she slipped her fingers under the material and pulled the dress open revealing her beautiful full breasts.

“No Auntie I don't want to!” I cried with sheer desperation in my voice. My eyes glued to her enormous breasts as she took hold of me and pulled me towards her.
I tried in vane to back away but Auntie Caroline was too strong, with one hand gently placed around the back of my head, and the other hand lifting one of her breasts, she guided me towards her.

The seconds felt like hours as my mouth was brought closer to her enormous breast. I just had time to utter the word “No.” Before my lips came into contact with her stiff brown nipple. I let out a soft moan of protest as it slipped into my mouth. My whole body was shaking and my heart was pounding. My nose nuzzled against the smooth skin of her breast as her whole nipple entered my mouth. Without thinking about it I involuntarily placed my tongue under her nipple, encircled my lips around it and began to gently suck.

With her hand behind my head for support, Aunty Caroline drew a long slow breath as I began to suckle. I closed my eyes to try to block out the humiliation and wriggled uncomfortably as her warm milk trickled into my mouth. Waves of humiliation washed over me as I imagined the scene that Jessie was witnessing, Here I was, a teenage boy, wearing a short pretty dress and bulging nappy, being breastfed by my Auntie. The shame I felt was all-encompassing and I let out another moan of displeasure as I continued to suckle. Auntie Caroline must have sensed this because she began to stroke my hair as she nursed me.

“Sshhh Baby.” She said softly.

Auntie Caroline certainly knew how to calm me down, within a few seconds of her gentle touch I stopped trying to fight her and started to relax. My nappy rustled softly as I adjusted my position on her lap. I reached out with my right hand to support myself and unwittingly placed my hand on her other breast. I spread my fingers out across its large rounded shape, and gently squeezed it as I continued to feed.

My frustrations and temper, and feelings of humiliation were evaporating quickly, being taken over by a sense of calm and security as I continued to suckle. With the last remnants of my aggravation leaving me, I buried my face deeper against her breast and let out a soft contented sigh.

Jessie had obviously grown curious at the scene that was before her. She sidled up to Auntie Caroline and settled on the sofa next to her.

“Does it hurt?” She asked, timidly.

“No Sweetie.” Replied Auntie Caroline.

There was a long pause, Jessie was obviously taking a great interest in watching me being fed.

“Is it nicer than ordinary milk?” Asked Jessie inquisitively.

“It’s better for her than bottled milk,” Auntie Caroline replied softly. “Babies need to be fed ‘Mummies Milk’ to help them grow. I expect you had ‘Mummies Milk’ when you were a baby?”

“I think so,” She replied. “I don't remember.”

Then there was another pause.

“How long will Tia be a baby for?” She asked.

“Oh quite a while I think Jessie,” Replied Auntie Caroline warmly. “Tia might look older, but really, deep down she's still a baby, she's too young to wear ordinary clothes or do grown-up things. She will have to wear nappies and be treated like a baby for quite a long time I think.”

Even though I was feeling much calmer now that I was at Auntie Caroline’s breast, the conversation between the two of them was so incredibly humiliating to listen to, especially when Auntie Caroline made it perfectly clear that I was going to be living this life for a long time.
And strangely, in an attempt to block out the shame and embarrassment I actually pressed myself closer, buried my nose deeper into her huge breast and suckled a little harder on her nipple. I let out a little moan and squeezed her other breast in my hand, giving myself to her utterly.
It was a strange situation... right at that moment I wanted to be mothered and needed to feel secure, even though it meant accepting my future and my baby status. The very thing I felt I needed was the very thing I had been fighting against.

Auntie Caroline responded by pulling me closer, as if she knew that I wanted her to mother me. Then after a few more minutes she very carefully rolled me over onto my back, holding her breast steady, making sure her nipple stayed in my mouth and giving it an occasional squeeze with her hand. As she manoeuvred me I found myself clinging on to her, desperate not to be detached from her breast, I let out a worried moan and squeezed her other breast with my hand, eager to continue suckling.

“Shhh Baby,” she whispered. “It’s ok.”

Once I was settled again, Auntie Caroline reached down with her free hand and slipped a finger under the leg elastic of my nappy, instinctively I opened my legs wide for her and brought my knees back, exposing the huge nappy between my legs, opening myself up for her in an act of ‘baby’ submission.

“Why do you do that?” Asked Jessie inquisitively.

“To see if Tia has wet her nappy,” replied Auntie Caroline softly. “would you like to see?”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was mortified! Jessie inched closer and with Auntie Caroline’s guidance slipped her finger under my nappy. “Just press your finger against her nappy sweetie,” she instructed. My nappy rustled again as Jessie tentatively pressed her fingers inside.
I squirmed and wriggled as I lay on Auntie Caroline’s lap, I was almost in tears at the sheer humiliation and let out another soft moan, desperate for this nightmare to be over.

“It feels dry.” Agreed Jessie as she withdrew her finger. Then she actually patted my nappy just like Auntie Caroline does. “Good Baby.” She said encouragingly, sending huge ripples of shame right through me. Now my best friend was mothering me. It was all too much to take, I was on the edge of tears and I squirmed and moaned even more. I spread my fingers wide and squeezed Auntie Caroline’s free breast, kneading and fondling it as I suckled. Auntie Caroline sensed my yearning to be mothered and let out a long contented sigh and began to fiddle and adjust my nappy with her other hand.

A few minutes later Sandy arrived home, and seeing the scene before her asked what had been going on.
Auntie Caroline told her about my constant bad temper and that I had just finished a feed and was about to be put to bed.

“I’ll do it,” said Sandy enthusiastically.

Auntie Caroline released me from her breast before Sandy gently took my hands and lifted me off the sofa.

“Say goodnight to Jessie Tia.” Said Auntie Caroline as she buttoned up her dress.

“Goodnight.” I whispered, my head bowed in shame.

“C’mon then,” Said Sandy as she took my hand and led me towards the stairs.

As we climbed, Sandy gently pushed me up by placing her hand on my nappied bottom, but when we got to the top she guided me to hers and Auntie Caroline’s bedroom instead of my nursery.

“I thought you might like to sleep in here Sweetie.” She exclaimed.
I instantly felt both excited and curious. It must have been Sandy who came in the other afternoon, but what had she seen? And what did she know? I wondered.
We entered the bedroom and Sandy took off my dress and helped me into bed before closing the curtains. Then she turned on the bedside lamps and kissed me on the forehead before leaving the room.
I lay there in the silence pondering her intentions, why had she let me sleep in here?

A few minutes passed and I heard the front door close and realised that Jessie must have gone home and my heart sank.
Then I heard Sandy and Auntie Caroline talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

The minutes went by and I was still awake. Lying in their double bed in just my nappy I tossed and turned, my nappy rustling loudly as usual.
I rolled over onto my side and inadvertently looked straight at the display of lipsticks on the dresser and my penis stirred again.
I stared at them, longing to put one on again and my penis began to grow.
Fighting off the urge I turned away, but the images of my reflection last time burned in my brain and I looked back.
My penis had now stiffened considerably, and I fought the urge as hard as I could.
I listened hard to see if I could hear any signs of movement from down stairs... all was quiet except for the TV.

After a few more agonising minutes, I could fight it off no more. I slipped out of bed and very carefully went over and sat at the dressing table again.
Once more I checked the door, making sure I was alone, my heart beating strong and fast. Then, picking out my favourite colour, I took out the lipstick, leaned closer to the mirror and brought it to my lips, my heart pounding in my chest. Then I pursed my lips and slowly dragged the lipstick across them, coating them in a rich pinky orange, making sure to keep within the contours of my lips. A few more coats with my trembling hand and I sat back and stared at my reflection. “Oh God” I said, my whisper shuddering under my breath, my heart beating fast and my penis straining and twitching. “Why does this make me feel so good.” I said to myself and I squeezed my penis through my nappy, hot tingles shot through me and I gasped, I had to touch myself properly.
Again I felt reckless and naughty and incredibly sexy. I got up and climbed back into bed, leaving the covers off so I could access myself without interference.
With the taste of lipstick on my breath and the feeling of it on my lips, I slowly unpeeled the tapes of my nappy and released my aching penis.
Then, as I had done previously, I encircled my thumb and forefinger around it and began to play.

It felt amazing at first, tingles shot around my penis and down inside me, but then after a few minutes the same thing began to happen... my impatience and desperation to reach an end became my enemy and I started to get frustrated. Guilt overcame me a few times and I stopped, but my penis ached for relief and so I would continue, the frustration at my inexperience was getting to me and I found myself beginning to cry again. Why couldn’t I find relief?
I flopped my head back down on the pillow and sighed, letting the tears trickle down my cheeks.
And then, just at that very moment, the door opened and Sandy walked in!
I gasped and threw the covers over me as quickly as I could, horrified that I’d been caught. Sandy came over and sat on the bed next to me.

“It’s ok Sweetie,” She said calmly. “don’t worry, I’m not here to punish you, I Just wanted to check that you were ok that’s all.”

I was too embarrassed to look at her and continued to weep softly.

“Hey! It’s ok Baby,” Said Sandy” re-assuringly wiping away my tears with her fingers. “it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I’m here to help you.”
I looked at her despairingly, not entirely sure of what she meant by ‘Help’.
Sandy leaned in a little closer, her expression full of warmth and compassion.

“We’ve both noticed lately that you’ve been having a lot of erections.” She said. I looked away from her glance, my face glowing red. “And that’s totally normal,” She added. “And after the other day when I came in here and you were asleep I noticed that you’d been experimenting, yes?”
I nodded, still too embarrassed to look up. “I thought so,” She said. “Does wearing lipstick make you feel tingly inside.”

I looked at her incredulously and nodded. Wondering how she could know.

“We all have certain things that make us feel sexy, Sweetheart, and again, that’s perfectly normal, but I’m guessing you’re having a little difficulty. Hmm?” She asked tenderly.

I looked up at her pleadingly and nodded again. “I thought so,” she said with a wry smile. “that’s why you’ve been getting a little tetchy. It’s not good for you to stay unsatisfied, it makes you frustrated and grouchy doesn’t it?”

I nodded again. Sandy’s compassion and understanding made me feel a great sense of relief and acceptance and I began to cry.

“Aww Baby, it’s ok,” she said softly as she pulled me to her for a cuddle. I felt very cosy and secure In her arms, just like I did with Auntie Caroline. Sandy was making me feel so relaxed I began to feel I could confide in her my deepest desires.

After we pulled away Sandy tenderly brushed my hair away from my face and looked deep into my eyes.

“Listen Tia,” She said, sounding a little more serious. “Both me and Auntie Caroline want to look after you completely, you’re our Baby and we want to do everything for you to make you happy and safe. And by everything, we mean absolutely everything. So if that means helping you to get relief then I’m more than happy to help you, and to do it for you, do you understand?”

I thought for a second, just to make sure I understood and nodded again, the realisation of what she was saying was slowly sinking in, and was making my heart race.

“Would you like me to help you now?” She asked.

“Yes Sandy.” I whispered, my breath quickening and my mind beginning to race.

“Ok then,” She said. “let’s take a look at you.” And she pulled the covers away from me revealing my opened nappy. My penis had shrunk during our chat and lay there like a sleeping snake.
I squirmed with embarrassment as Sandy took a good look at me. “Show me how you hold it Tia!” She said boldly. I paused, the shock of what was happening still sinking in. “It’s ok Baby, don’t be shy!” She said kindly.
With my heart pounding in my chest like a jack hammer, I took hold of it but my shyness was preventing it from hardening and I looked up at her despairingly.

“Don’t worry Baby, just relax ok?”

“I’m shy.” I whispered.

“Of course you are Sweetie,” She said softly. “It’s going to take a little while for you to get used this, but you will I promise. I’m going to look after you and care for you and take care of all your needs ok?”
I looked up at her and smiled. There was a pause and then smiling, she said.

“I think I know of something that can help us get started.” And with that she got up and went over to the dressing table, and opening a draw took out what looked like a little glass bottle. Then, picking up a small hand mirror, came back and sat next to me again.

“I think you’ll like this,” She said as she twisted open the lid. I looked up at her inquisitively.

“What is it?” I asked excitedly.

“It’s lip gloss.” She said, and she pulled the lid from the bottle revealing a little wand that was covered in a clear syrupy substance. “Let’s put this on you and see what happens shall we?”
With my heart racing and my breath quickening, I offered my lips to her and she very gently and skilfully coated them in a thick shiny layer. I shuddered under my breath again and my penis quickly began to harden as she leant back to admire her handiwork. Then she lifted up the mirror for me. When I saw my reflection I shuddered again. My lips were so shiny, like two perfect pinky orange mirrors. Hot tingles flooded around my penis making it swell and twitch.

“That’s better isn’t it?” She said, beaming. “that colour suits you too, you look very pretty. Now,” She continued. “show me how you hold it again Baby.”

I did as I was told and this time all my embarrassment faded. With Sandy watching me intently I ‘Ringed’ my thumb and forefinger around the shaft and began to rub up and down.

“I like it right there,” I instructed, showing Sandy the precise place that felt the best. “and I like it not to be too tight.” I added.

“Ok Baby,” she said. “let me do it for you.” And with that, Sandy made the same ring shape with her thumb and forefinger and took over, gently rubbing exactly where I had shown her.
Her grip was steady and firm, as she began to pump, and I instantly began to feel tingles shoot down the shaft. I wriggled my legs and flopped my head back onto the pillow. This was intense!

“Just relax and let your mind wander Sweetie!” She said calmly, more like a command than a suggestion. “It’s really important that you relax and let yourself go, let me do the work, I’m not going to stop until it’s over ok?”
I looked down at my penis, her slender fingers were neatly wrapped around it, moving gently and slowly with deliberate movements up and down, up and down.
I kicked my legs and squirmed, strange unfamiliar feelings and sensations were sweeping through me, exciting electric shocks were pulsing through my spine down through my legs, I let my head rest back against the pillow again, letting the sensations ripple through me like tiny waves of adrenaline tickling and pulsating deep inside me.
Sandy’s touch was slow and deliberate, relentless and repetitive, up and down, up and down, the electric shocks were growing and intensifying, getting stronger and stronger, then I felt a hot flush begin to rise up through my body from my legs up to my chest. I began to squirm and wriggle as it swelled up inside me, what was happening to me?
I was shaking and sweating now. Sandy’s movements were relentless, she kept the same speed and rhythm, just like a machine, firm but gentle at the same time. It felt very strange being controlled by someone else. When you’re playing with yourself you’re aware that you’re very much in control, but when you’re controlled by someone else, you feel powerless, and there’s a certain fear that comes with that, but it’s a fear that feels very sexy. Someone has total control of your body and senses and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Sandy’s touch continued at the same slow pace, up and down, up and down, it seemed that she was working her way towards something, something she knew would happen but not me, I was oblivious, curious, scared and excited all at once, she had total control over my body and mind, and I was powerless to stop her, I felt helpless and submissive, made to feel things I never knew existed. My chest rose and fell heavily with each breath and I began to moan softly as the feelings intensified.

“That’s it Baby,” she said. “Just let it happen.”

I closed my eyes and gasped as more hot waves pulsed through me, my body pulsing with hot flushes, my head rolling from side to side as the feelings grew stronger. What was going to happen? I thought. I couldn't get away, Sandy was in control, up and down, up and down, Slowly, firmly, her beautifully made up eyes fixed on my straining penis, her fingers softly wrapped around it.
My breath quickened, something was stirring up from deep inside me like a flood, rising up from inside, my toes tingled, my whole body shook, I was scared. I moaned loudly, my head rolling left and right on the pillow.

“Yes Baby.” She said. Quickening her pace slightly. “cum for me.”

My heart was pounding, my body sweating, the flood was rising up into the depths of my penis, I opened my eyes and looked at her, her eyes still looking down at my penis, full of concentration, her large black lashes curled upwards, her eye lids black and smoky, her beautiful full lips pink and glossy, up and down, up and down. I began to get breathless, I turned my head to the side and caught my reflection in the mirror, my beautiful shiny pink lips glinting in the light, I gasped, the flood arrived, I felt it explode up through me and out of my penis which twitched and pulsated, my fingers and toes curled up and tightened like in a cramp as spurts of hot cum shot out of my throbbing penis, landing on my tummy in little warm puddles. I was panting and breathless and exhausted all in one moment.

“Good Girl Tia.” Said Sandy gleefully. She continued for just a few seconds more, making sure I was empty.

“There,” She said softly. “does Baby feel better now?”

I nodded and smiled contentedly as Sandy released my penis and opened up a packet of baby wipes and began to clean me.
My heart yearned for her. Here she was doing everything for me, just like she said she would, taking care of my every need and I suddenly felt a huge love and devotion to her, glad that I had someone I could totally submit to, to give myself to, to be owned and controlled.

“Once you're all cleaned up Sweetie, you just go to sleep and i'll run you a nice warm bath ok?” she said lovingly.
I lay back and let out a huge sigh, my body sweating and my breathing slowing, tiredness took hold of me and I suddenly felt very sleepy and cosy.
Sandy finished cleaning me and then before pulling my nappy back up between my legs, gave my slowly softening penis a little kiss, leaving a lipstick mark on it as she did so.
“Until next time.” She said.

To be continued.....

This story was written by Billy Blaze.
Please feel free to email me with any comments at [email protected]

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