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                    BABY SISTER by Garyg


 "Mom! Please!  Can’t we just make him wear diapers to bed?"

"Oh honey, I know you get stuck with all the work and I feel so badly but he won't agree to it and eleven is pretty old to be in diapers you must admit."

"What has age got to do with it? He’s smaller than Kathy for god's sake and she’s only seven. Besides he wets every night like he’s two."

"Kate, I know you are constantly stuck with wet sheets to wash.  It's not fair for any sixteen-year-old. I feel even worse now that summer vacation is starting and you have to baby sit the two of them. He does belong in diapers but at his age just think how embarrassing it would be."

"Come on mom, he’s really just a sissy anyway. Why he isn't half as tough as Kathy. I bet he'd secretly love to be the baby especially if he could be the baby sister." She said with a laugh.

"Now Kate" was Mrs. Brown's only comment. Silently she wondered if her daughter might be right. She didn't know anyone with a child as whinny and timid as Kevin. She smiled as she pictured her son crawling around the floor in a short dress and diapers.

"I bet I could get him to agree to diapers." Kate said thoughtfully.

"If you can get him to agree to them, Ill support you 200% but he has to say OK without his arm twisted behind him by you or his little sister."

   Kate hugged her tired mom and then walked to her room deep in thought. She needed a plan. There had to be a way to outwit her sissy little brother so she wouldn't have tons of extra laundry every week.

  The conversation took place on Friday night. By Sunday, Kate had hatched her plan- A brilliant plan if she did say so herself. It would cost about five dollars of hard-earned money but that would be a small price to pay for her victory. That afternoon she talked her mom into dropping her off at the mall for an hour.

  Impatiently Kate waited for a rainy day that would keep Kathy and Kevin in the house. Finally it arrived almost a week later. She could hardly contain herself when she arose to a dark, dreary, and wet day.  Even dragging the pee soaked sheets off her brother's bed only added to her smiling disposition. The day was at hand. She was sure her plan would succeed.

   By ten AM both Kevin and Kathy were getting a bit bored by the dank day. Kate went to her room and returned with two pairs of little girls' rhumba panties from which she had already removed the tags.

"Look what I found at the store the other day, Kathy. Aren't they pretty?"

  In fact they were pretty. One was pink with white ruffles dancing across the seat. The other was lilac with pink ruffles. Still, Kate knew what her sister's response would be.

"Those are for baby girls" Kathy told her indignantly.

"Well, they are a little young for you but they are so darling. I just love little girls in rhumba panties. I want to grab them up and hug them over and over. Oh well, I'll just toss them on your bed for now. Maybe we can find someone to give the panties to if you don't want them. Hey, I have an idea. Since you are getting to be such a big girl, let's go to my room and I'll do your nails."

    Now going to big sister's room was a treat and Kathy jumped at the chance.  Kate tossed the panties casually on Kathy's bed as they passed the young girl’s room.

"Kevin, this is girl stuff. You can just watch TV. It will take quite a few minutes so be good boy and stay out of trouble."




  The trap was set. Kate knew her little brother was jealous of Kathy and all the attention she received over her pretty clothes. She counted on the fact that he wouldn't be able to resist these most feminine panties.

    Once in her room, Kate spoke to her younger sister.

"Hey, Kathy, wouldn't it be funny if Kevin wanted to have those ruffled panties?"

"That's silly. He’s a boy."

"He is sort of a boy but boys might like to feel pretty too sometimes."

     Kathy thought it over for a minute before answering her big sister.

"Baby panties are what he should like since he still wets the bed like a baby." She offered with a laugh.

Kate joined in the laughter and then continued. "Wouldn't it be nice though? He might play dolls with you. It'd be like having a baby sister instead of a big brother."

    While Kathy considered the idea, Kate gathered a few colors of nail polish and told Kate to pick out one.  Meanwhile, big sister went quietly to her door, opened it a crack, and peeked out.

Her heart raced when she saw the door to her little sister’s room slowly closing from the inside. Kevin was in there! Now she had to give him just enough time but not too much. With a less than steady hand, she opened the polish Kathy chose and proceeded to do her left hand.

"One hand should be enough time." She hoped in silence.

  Her camera sat on her bureau ready for action and she grabbed it as her sister sat on the bed with one set of red nails.

"Don't touch anything, honey. I'll be right back to do the other hand."

     Quietly, she opened the door to her room and slipped down the hall to Kathy's room. Ever so slowly she inched open the door until she could see through the crack. The oil that she'd applied to the hinges as part of the plan did its job well. Little brother never heard a sound.

  Kate held back a gasp. There was her annoying brother standing in front of a mirror, looking back at the ruffles on the pink panties he wore. Kate could see his pants lying on the bed. He hadn't taken off his shirt or tee shirt but he was holding them up out of the way.

  Fortunately, the zoom setting Kate had preset was about perfect. The flash went off and Kevin shrieked.  With a cherry red face, he turned to see his sister and her camera.

"Ah, ah....I was just....."

  Really, what could he say to get him out of this?

"You know, brother, you have no business being in Kathy's room. If you wanted to borrow her panties, you should have asked her."

  Now Kevin was crying. Nothing unusual in that. He tried to stammer some explanation that didn't make much sense. Then he began to pull the panties down. Kate noticed that he still had his underpants on under them.

"Pull yourself together little one. You have already done the damage but maybe Kathy will still let you borrow the panties if you ask her nicely."

"I. I..... I don't want to." He sobbed."

"Oh, I think you do. You went through all this trouble to sneak in here and put them on. Now sit on the bed!"

  Not being the bravest person in the room, he sat. At first, when his sister pulled the rhumbas down his legs, he thought the ordeal was about to be over. That is until she made him lift his butt

And she yanked down his male underwear.

"These don't belong under your panties. You wouldn't feel as pretty that way."

    She slid the ruffled panties up his legs slowly, making him stand so she could finish pulling them into place. Then she removed his shirt leaving him in just a tee shirt and panties.


"Let's tuck this in so it won't hide any of your panties." She offered "Now stop crying. You are going to ask your sister very nicely if you can wear these panties and if she says yes, you will thank her.      

"No I won't!"

"I see. Do you think your friends will like seeing the picture I just took? "

"NO! You can't do that! I'll tell mom."

"You are going to tell mom that I caught you sneaking into your little sister's room and putting on her panties? I can't wait."

      Kevin quickly realized what a dumb threat that was.

 "Please, Kate. I'll be good. Don't make me wear these or show anybody that picture."

"Yes, you will be good and you will wear the panties as long as Kathy says you can. Let's go ask her.”

  Kevin hung his head as his sister took him by the hand and led him to her room.

"Guess what I found your brother wearing?

     The little girl held her hand over her mouth and giggled like only little girls can.

"Do you have something to ask Kathy?"

"Can I wear these today" came through the sobs.

"These what?" Kate asked him

"Panties." He said quietly.

  It was almost as hard to understand Kathy's answer since she was laughing so hard.

"You can have both pair to wear whenever. They are too babyish for me anyway."

"What do you say, brother?"


"That wasn't so hard now Kevin was it. Besides, since you are dressed like one of the girls you can stay in here with us. Sit on the bed next to your lil, no, better make that big sister. After all, you are wearing the little girl panties. Now don't start bawling again. They really are adorable on you."

    With that she gave her brother a warm hug. Then Kate returned to the task of polishing Kathy’s fingernails. 

    Soon, the boy was watching his sisters with some interest. He was still embarrassed to death but it was nice to be included for a change. He couldn't remember the last hug Kate had given him either. It felt wonderful, as did the ruffles on the panties that had gotten him into so much trouble.

Meanwhile, Kathy chose the color for her toenails. Kate went to her dresser and returned with a bag of cotton balls.

"We put one of these between each toe so they won't rub together and mess up the polish before it dries." She explained to Kevin. "I'll do yours as soon as I finish with this one."

"Please no. People will laugh at me."

"Come on, silly. Who sees your toes except Kathy and me and once in awhile mommy? You can wear your shoes when mommy comes home if you want. I'll do a light pink that will hardly show."

    By the time it was his turn, the boy had calmed down. Secretly he wondered what it would be like.

   Kate had him put his feet up so that Kathy could place the cotton balls in place.  After all, that's the sort of thing "big" sisters did for "baby sisters". The new girl even giggled a bit himself since the cotton tickled.

    Kate could not have been more pleased at the site of her two siblings holding their painted toes off her bed as they sat side by side.

"Hey kids, turn your heads and look at each other."



      Kevin and Kathy turned to each other inquisitively to see what Kate was talking about. The cell phone flashed with picture number two. The ruffles didn't show but the picture of Kevin and his sister would not be one he'd like others to see.  For a second he was upset but quickly decided that making Kate mad right now could mean more trouble for him. In moments it was forgotten as he starred at his painted toenails and felt the soft panties against his skin.

  When the children's nails had dried, Kate removed the cotton separators and told both "girls" it was time to leave her room.

"Back to the living room you two. I'll put in a video for you to watch."

     Kate picked out "The Little Mermaid" and put it in the player. She knew that Kathy loved it and more important, it was appropriate for her new little sister, Kevin.

  Both kids became absorbed in the movie. The oldest sister smiled at the idea of her brother enjoying this little girl's movie. Since Kevin was lying on his stomach, Kate gently patted his ruffled bottom and rubbed his back. The little boy smiled sweetly, forgetting his embarrassment for the moment. Even the flash of the cell phone camera didn't disturb his bliss.

"This is too easy." thought Kate. "Let's see if he will go a bit further."

   She went to Kathy's side and suggested that her sister go get one of her dolls to enjoy the movie with her. Kathy scurried off and returned with one of her Barbies. Kevin glanced back without comment. Next Kate went to her room and collected the doll she had chosen for her brother. It was a drink and wet baby doll.

"Here honey. There is no reason for you to be left out today." She told her brother sweetly. With that she placed the doll beside her brother.

"Just listen to sister Kathy and soon enough you'll learn how to play with this baby dolly."

    Kevin's face turned bright red. "I'm a boy, Kate." He told her without conviction. "Boys don't play with dolls."

    Big sister was sure by the lack of tears that he did want to play with the doll.

  Kate knelt down and kissed him on the cheek. "I think it will all right for today. Who knows, you might really like it. Just do your best. We won't expect too much from a little boy."

  With that, she patted his ruffles once more and went to the kitchen. She wanted to have their lunch ready when the DVD finished.

   For a few minutes the boy ignored the doll beside him. Then subconsciously he began touching it. He even raised her little dress to see the disposable doll diaper underneath.

"Does she need her diaper changed?" Kathy asked

"I don't know."

"Silly, you have to check. She is only a baby and can't tell you. Bring her over here."

     Kevin crawled the three feet to where his sister sat with her Barbie.  She took the baby from her brother.

"You just stick your finger in the diaper like this to see if she is wet or messy. It's easy. Now you try it."

"It's wet!" he said in surprise. Kate had made sure of that before giving the doll to her brother.

"That's right. Now you need to change her."

"But...., I don't have any diapers." He told her hoping to avoid any further conversation.

"KATE."  Kathy called. "Kevin's baby is wet. Do we have any diapers for her?"

"I think so. Let me check in my room."

     Moments later she returned with three diapers and a different baby dress for the doll.

"Here you are honey. Can you change her without help?"

  Poor Kevin was flustered. Besides he was not sure if he could do this.

"Tell you what, Kevin. Ask big sister Kathy do it this once but pay attention so you can do it next time. After that you can change her dress."

    Our little red-faced boy handed the doll to his little sister. She giggled. Kate intervened. "On second thought, maybe you aren't ready to tackle diaper changes yet. Kathy or I will change her for you till you get a little bigger. You just do her dresses, bonnets, bibs, and stuff."

  Kevin didn't have anything to say. If he said he was big enough, he would have to change the doll so he just kept quiet.

     The younger girl took the doll from her brother and gently laid it on the floor. She lifted the short dress and deftly untapped and removed the wet diaper.

"Go put this in the trash for me, Kevin."

   Kevin trotted off to the kitchen. When he returned, his sister had already taped on the new diaper. He was almost sad that he didn't get to watch. Then she handed him back the doll.

"Now you can change her dress. Be very careful with her. She is just a baby."

   The boy clumsily handled the doll and finally got the old dress off and the new one in place.

"That was very good." Kathy told him. Now give her a kiss and hug and tell her you love her. Babies need to hear that a lot."

  Though the little girl was certainly getting into the role of big sister, Kevin didn't mind. He was pleased with her approval. He gave dolly a kiss and hug.

"Come sit against the couch like me, Kevie, and hold dolly in your arms while we watch the rest of the movie."

"How come you aren't holding your dolly like that?" He asked

"Oh Kevin. Barbie is a big girl like me. She doesn't need anyone to hold her like your dolly does. You really need me to teach you everything."

     Kate managed a really darling picture of her brother holding his dolly before the movie ended. Then she called them to the kitchen for lunch.

"Kevin, bring your dolly. She can sit on your lap while you eat.

     Kathy still occasionally used a sippy cup for meals when she was dressed up. Today, however, she was given a glass while her brother found a pink covered cup at his place.

“This is your cup." He said handing it in the direction of the younger sister, but Kate interrupted.

"That is your cup today, baby. Remember, Kathy is the big sister. Let's eat and don't let your baby fall."

   When they finished, the two siblings returned to the living room while big sister did the dishes and started the laundry with the wet sheets. Shortly this task would become be just a memory.  She was pleased when she returned to the kids and found Kathy teaching her brother more about caring for his baby dolly. Unfortunately, it was getting close to the time when her mother was due home.

"Come on, little one. Time to get you back into those ugly boy underpants."

  She took his hand and led him into his room. Kevin stood quietly while she pulled down his pretty panties. No one mentioned the toenails as she held the underpants for him to step into just like he was a small child. Then Kate walked quietly out carrying the panties and his dolly.

   The next day, things were back to normal though Kate made a point of giving her sister a little more attention than normal. Kevin didn't mention the day before but the girls did notice him without shoes or socks in the afternoon.                            

   Kate worried a bit about the next two days. Saturday and Sunday meant there would be little chance to remind him of Thursday. She did manage to have her door open a couple of times so he could see the doll on her bed.  Also she felt lucky that Kevin did not mind having his big sister see him in the tub or naked in his room. He didn't get out of diapers till five and had never been given his privacy since he couldn’t stay dry and always had to be assisted with wet beds and clothing. She was encouraged to see him holding up his feet to see his pink toenails during his morning baths. Kate also added fragrant bubble bath to his bath on Sunday, which he enjoyed. Poor Kevin didn't know what he thought. How could he miss being treated like a sissy by his sisters? He hated those pink toenails. Well, maybe not hated.  Even watching dumb old Kathy playing with her Barbies made him sad for some reason. It was just lucky none of his friends had shown up to see him dressed like that.

   The truth was Kevin had no real friends. Only a couple of boys would bother with him. They were seven- year- olds and even they only called him if no one else was around to play with.

The boy also thought about the pictures, Kate had taken. He wanted to see them though he sure didn't want her to show them to anyone else.  He shuddered thinking what would happen if one of those bullying boys or even those mean girls in his class saw them. It was soon to get more confusing for the lad.

    Kevin was soaked as usual Monday morning and as usual, Kate ran his bath water. Once more she added bubble bath. Usually she would bring in clean underwear and leave it on the sink. This time she did not. 

"Kate, where are my underpants?" he called after he dried off.

"Oh, they are in your room on the bed. Just go in there and get dressed."

        The scrawny naked little boy looked out into the hallway before dashing to his room. He didn't want Kathy to see him. Once in his room he stopped dead. There on his bed were two sets of clothes. One set was his Power Ranger underpants and a tee shirt. The other was the lavender rhumba panties he hadn't worn and an item he wasn't sure about.

    Ten long minutes past before he cracked open his door and called to Kate.

"Ah, can you come in here for a minute?"

"What is it, Kevin?"

"I need you, please."

    His big sister walked nervously to his room hoping her efforts had paid off. A big smile spread across her face.

"What is this?" He asked almost in a whisper as he stood nervously in the ruffled panties.

"This is a vest. Little girls wear them because they are so much prettier than ugly old undershirts. Let me help you with it."

     She guided his arms through the holes and pulled it in place. Then she tied it together with the three attached pink ribbons.

"See how pretty it is with the cute bows? Let's go show Kathy."

   With that, she gave him a big hug and took his hand to lead him like a small child. 

"Shall, we stop by my room and get the dolly first?"

     She got a small nod and soon he was holding the doll in his arms. With Kate's encouragement he gave dolly a big kiss and hugs.

      Once again Kate put on the Little Mermaid movie thinking it would be a good reminder of last Thursday. Kathy fell back into her role of teacher and mother hen.

   After lunch, Kate suggested that the two play "Twister". They loved the idea. Naturally big sister had an ulterior motive. First, she would make sure Kathy won though she doubted that little Kevin had a chance anyway. More important, it was part of her plan to add another feminine touch.

"Honey, put your dolly on the couch so she can watch you play."

      Kevin looked absolutely darling as he bent into positions with his ruffled panties high in the air. His longish hair fell in his eyes as he tried to reach distant circles. Time for big sister to help.

"Gee, this isn't fair. Your hair is in your eyes and your big sister's is held back by elastic. Should I help you out?"

"What are you going to do?"

"Oh, I'll just put a couple of clips in it to keep it out of your face."

   It was no coincidence that over the weekend, Kate had offered to help her sister clean out her jewelry box to get rid of things that were just too babyish for the growing child.

     The older sister ran into her room and returned with a brush along with the two items hidden in her hand. In just moments the boy's hair was held comfortably out his face by two cute "My Little Pony" barrettes.

"Back to the game!" Kathy announced.

   In the end, poor Kevin lost three games in a row but Kate had more pics for her computer. She already had the first one from the digital camera transferred to her phone and computer though the brother hadn't seen it yet. He began to pout and refused to play another game.

"It's OK. You tried really hard." Kathy offered

   Big sister hugged him tightly.

"Yes you did, honey. You really weren't expected to beat your sister. After all, she is a real girl.  Still, for a sissy, you did wonderfully. I bet your dolly is really proud."

   Kevin shrank in the tight grip of Kate. Was he really a sissy?

Kate continued. "It's time to quit anyway. There is something you need to do."


"Well, I've decided that I'm giving you this dolly for your very own and now you have to name your new baby."

"But mom will"

"Don't worry.  Mommy won't see her if you don't want her to. By the way, from now on you are to call her mommy. That means no "mom" or "mother", got it?"

"But why?"

"Because that's what baby sisters call their mommy.  Now, go watch TV with your dolly and think of a pretty name for her.  Make sure it is one you really like.  After all, you are her new mommy."

   Kevin trudged to the couch, picked up the doll and sat starring at it. True to his real nature thoughts of himself as a strong boy gave way to possible names for his doll. Finally he decided on "Sandi". It was the name of a girl in school he had a crush on. Of course his love for her was one sided.  At least she wasn't mean to him like some of the girls in his class.

   The older sister had put on "Blue's Clues" for Kevin to watch while he decided on a name. He was engrossed in the show when Kate returned from as trip to her room. She sat down beside her brother, putting her arm around the eleven-year-old.

"Did you decide on one?"


"That's a pretty name. Say, isn't that the name of a girl in your class?"

"Ya, I guess so." He answered.

"Look what I found in my room. Now you can feed your baby."

  Kate handed the doll bottle to her brother and showed him how to position the doll to feed her.

"Can you give her the bottle all by yourself?" Kathy asked from across the room.

     Kevin shot her a dirty look and pushed the nipple into the doll's open mouth.  Both girls smiled at their brother in his girlish attire feeding his dolly. He was too busy at his task to notice. Kathy explained that he needed to talk to baby Sandi as he fed her just like a real mommy would.

"What do I say?"

'Oh, you just tell her how pretty she is and sweet or what a good baby she is. Stuff like that. Let her know you love her. You try it."

"You are a... very pretty." He started with an uneven voice.

"Don't forget she is little, honey. You just talk to her like you would a real baby." Kathy instructed.                              

  Other than taking one more picture, the two real girls left the sissy alone to practice being the mommy.  Both of them could tell he was having a good time in spite of himself. In fact he was openly reluctant when Kate decided it was time for him once again become their brother.  After his sister helped him change from the vest and panties into his underwear and had him put on socks he started out of his room.

"Hold it. I think we are forgetting something."

   Kevin looked down at himself. He didn't see anything wrong. Only after his sister touched his hair did he remember the "clips." 

“I’ll keep these in my room with your dolly." She told him sweetly. "Do you know who this is?" She said pointing to the barrette.

"It's a horse."

"You do have lots to learn, baby. This is "My Little Pony". I better find a movie with her in it so you can appreciate what you wear.  For now,go out there and be a yucky boy again."

  The child sulked back to the living room. He hated himself for putting up with all this. And, liking it!

    The following morning, Kate ran her brother's bath as usual. She decided that soon she would make this an evening event instead. After adding the bubble bath, she went to her room and got his doll before calling him in.

"I know you'll want to give Sandi a bath too so I brought her in for you. You strip off your wet clothes while I take off her diaper. Then you can take off her dress before you two get into the tub. I'll look for a nighty for her to wear to bed tonight."

  Kate waited until he was in the tub before leaving the bathroom. She told him to be sure to keep the baby's head above water and to wash her thoroughly. Returning a few minutes later, she found her brother gently washing the doll with a face cloth.

"Now it's your turn." She told him. "You just hold your baby."

   Kate took the facecloth and washed her brother completely. He couldn't remember the last time

Mom or his sister had done this.

"Oops, that's "mommy" he thought.”I'm supposed to call her mommy. But I'm not a baby."

"Kate, I'm eleven years old and not a baby." He said quietly.

"Let's not get into that just now with your wet PJ, s here on the floor."

    His sister helped her sibling out of the tub and proceeded to dry him off. When she was done, she handed him the towel to do his baby.

"Here, hon. Step into your panties for me."   She held the pink pair of rhumbas for him.

   The boy dutifully rose one foot at a time.

"Now put Sandi down on the toilet seat for a minute so I can get your vest on. Be careful of her now."

  Once again he cooperated. At least he hadn't claimed to be a boy in that last statement.  Kate produced a tiny diaper and put it on his doll.

"OK. Here is a dress for dolly. Sit on the toilet seat and put it on her while I do your hair. I really should have washed it. Maybe tonight I will."

    His sister hummed away as she brushed his longish hair for at least five minutes. Finally she carefully put his barrettes in place.

"Looks like it’s time to do your toenails again. They are starting to chip. Let's go have breakfast."

   By then, Kevin had finished putting the dress on his doll. He even tried to smooth her hair with his finger since he didn't have a brush. Kate smiled, hugged him, and then led him by the hand to the kitchen. This time he didn't ask about the training cup.

  Kathy was sitting in her usual place.                                

"Kevin, why don't you give Kathy a good morning kiss on the cheek."


"You heard me. I think I deserve one too. After all, we have both been helping you a lot lately. Right?"

"Well....Yes, but you're my sisters."

"Correct. We're your big sisters. It won't hurt you to kiss us good morning and to give good night kisses to us and mommy."

  Reluctantly, he obeyed. The poor kid had to stretch to reach Kate. Luckily Kathy was sitting for she too was much taller than her older brother.

Now, that wasn't too bad was it? Just remember to do it without being asked at bedtime. Mommy will be so pleased. By the way, we have to chat about tonight after I do the dishes and start the washer."

     Kate found her brother and sister sitting on the couch in the living room. She had her part well rehearsed as she sat between them and produced her laptop with her baby sissy's pictures.

"I bet you guys can't wait to see these." She offered. “Look. Here is the very first one of Kevin trying on his pretty panties."

    The boy's face seemed to get redder with each picture he saw. Kathy just kept laughing.

"Now, don't laugh at Kevin. Why he looks just like a sweet three or four year old girl. I can't wait to take some more. I will call it my "sissy" folder.

   Kevin was feeling very insecure. He did look like a little sissy but he was cute too.

"We need another name to call our brother when he is dressed like this, huh Kathy?"

'What about "Sissy" Kathy offered."

"No!" The boy stated flatly.

"Kevin, Kathy and I are deciding this. Still, wouldn't it be nice to have his new name start with "K" like Kathy and Kate? What about Kimmie? It's cute and babyish."

"I like it."

  Kimmie started to cry.

"Stop that!" Kate told me sternly. Kimmie is a pretty name and certainly more appropriate for a little one in rhumba panties and vest."

"I'll a take them off."

"No you won't. We both know you love them and you'll learn to love your new name too. Just be patient till you get used to it. There is one thing you can do for me though."

"What?" He asked in a tiny voice.

"During supper tonight, I'd like you to ask mommy if you can start wearing diapers to bed."








                              Chapter 3


"Waaaaaaah. No wahhhh way! He shrieked and cried. With that he threw Sandi onto the floor and slid down to it himself.

"Well, if you're sure." The girl told him sweetly. "Hold the noise down though. I have to make a phone call." With that she grabbed her phone. Unbeknownst to Kevin, she kept it off.

  The boy sat sobbing quietly.

"Hello, Jenny? Hi, it's Kate. I know it's been too long. What are you doing tonight? Great, OK if I drop by. Yes me too. About seven then. Say, how is that little brother of yours, Johnny? Grounded again, huh. Well he does need to stop beating up kids. I know what you mean. Sometimes they need a beating. Speaking of little brothers, wait till you see some pictures I have. Nope. I'm not telling but you'll die. Can't we go in your room? Well, I guess it won't hurt if he sees them too even if he is the same class. Kevin is being a pain to me so why should I worry about the little twerp. See you later. Bye for now."

   The little boy on the floor looked like he had just seen ten ghosts.

The dam broke again. Now he sounded like three two year olds overdue for their naps. Kate got up quietly and walked to where her sister sat in silence.

"Let's go to my room where it's a bit quieter." And to her brother" If you'd like to talk about this, you can knock on my door AFTER you stop wailing."

   Kevin was still bawling when he suddenly realized he was about to wet his pants. He made a mad dash for the bathroom but didn't quite make it. Now his sissy pants had a large dark stain. The boy handled it like any of his problems by crying a little more.

    Finally he stopped or at least got down to the occasional sob. He had to talk Kate out of doing this. Johnny was the biggest and meanest bully in the school. There was no way he could show his face if those pictures got to Johnny. He would die himself or the bully would tease him to death. Either way there would be no more Kevin.

Knock, knock.

"Who is it?"

Ah, me Kevin." Sob

"I don't think I want to talk to that whinny boy."

"But Kate, please!"

"Sorry. I would talk to someone else out there though. Can you think of who that is?"

"There is no one else here."

“Think about it for a minute Kevin." Came her reply.

    Then it hit him and he knew what he had to say.

"Knock. Knock.

"Who is it?"

"It's Kimmie."

    Kate opened the door with a smile.

"What is it dear? Oh, my. You've wet your panties! Is that what you wanted to tell me?"

   More tears began to flow but he held them back when his big sister started to close her door.

"Please don't show those pictures to Jenny and Johnny. Please!"

"I don't know why I should worry about what you want if you won't do one tiny thing for me."

"I'll wear diapers." He said in a whisper.

  She made him repeat his offer in a louder voice.

"Let me think about it for a minute and ask Kathy what she thinks. Meanwhile you can go pick up Sandi off the floor. You better hug and kiss her and tell her how sorry you are about dropping her. That wasn't being a very good mommy you know. Now go and don't sit on the furniture till we change you"

  While he was gone, Kate had a short chat with Kathy who was more than pleased with what Kate suggested. Soon, the boy was knocking at the once again closed door.

"Who is it?"

"'s Kimmie."

"Just Kimmie?"

" It's Kimmie and Sandi."

    Kate opened the door and invited the crushed boy inside once again admonishing him to stay off the furniture. After a few long moments of silence he got up the nerve to ask the dreaded question. Kate answered.

"I'm going to let Kathy decide. After all she has to put up with the smell coming from your wet beds too. Her friends might even think she is the bed wetter since you are supposed to be older. That sure wouldn't be fair, now would it?"

"I guess not."               

  He looked pleadingly at his little sister unsure of where she stood. How unfair that a seven- year old- got to choose what was to happen to him.                    

"Well Kevin, I mean Kimmie.  I will ask Kate not to show the pictures if...."

"If what?' he asked knowing that he would agree to almost anything.

"If from now on you do whatever I say and you go to bed before me every night and be my baby sister."

   Kevin started to protest but then wisely shook his head in the affirmative.

"Oh, and you play dolls or house with me anytime I want." She added.


   "There is a little more to this, baby sister. Tonight at supper you have to tell mommy that you want to wear diapers. You can tell her you hate waking up in a wet bed or your smelly room, but you can’t say that Kathy or I want you to wear them. If mommy says yes, you must give her a thank you kiss so she will know you really want to wear baby diapers. When I say its eight thirty which is your summer bed time, I expect you to get up, give kisses, and head to bed without whining. Understand."

"Yes but......"

"No buts. Yes or no?"


"That's a good girl. Give me and Kathy a thank you kiss and then go wait in your room while I look for something dry to put on you."

   Feeling relieved but spent, the young lad walked back to his room after kissing both of his sisters. This time he had to reach for Kathy's cheek as well since she stood up when he approached.   There he stood in wet panties holding a doll having just agreed to ask to be put in diapers like a baby and still he felt relieved. He needed to talk to someone about it and he did.

"That was so close! You don't know how mean that Johnny is. You'll have to trust me on that. Of course, I have to ask mommy for diapers. Maybe it won't be too bad. You wear them all the time and you like them, don't you Sandi? Going to bed before Kathy sucks though. I wish you could go with me. It isn't even dark at eight thirty anymore."

    Meanwhile Kate asked her sister for a pair of panties her brother might have.

"I think I have some old ones but I don't want them back after he wears them."

"I understand. Let's go look for something babyish for him."

  They chose a pair of yellow panties with a faded Cinderella picture on the front.

   Kevin looked up with a start to find his biggest sister at his door smiling.

"Look honey, Kathy is giving you these Cinderella panties. You are going to feel so pretty in them. Remember to thank her."

      Once again, like two- year- old, he allowed the girl to pull down his wet panties and replace them with dry ones. She told him to try hard to stay dry at least until she had time to wash the other two pair. Then she gave him another hug and told the child to sit on his bed. Kate could hear the plastic sheet crackling as she slipped into her room, made a quick stop by the bathroom and returned with the doll's bottle full of water.

"Here Kimmie. Why don't you feed dolly a bottle in here where it's quiet. Maybe you can practice what you'll say to mommy at the same time. Just think, if you had diapers on I would let you take a nap with Sandi. Something to look forward to."

  With that he was left alone though sister left his door wide open.

    Kevin fed his doll the bottle while he thought about supper. He hoped his mom err mommy wouldn't get mad at him or anything. He was not half as upset about the idea of diapers as he had pretended for his sisters' sake. Waking up soaking wet from head to toe was no fun. He hated not having breakfast till after a bath too.

"Do you think we will both be eating in our diapers?" He asked the dolly in his arms.

    Eventually he wandered out of his room with the doll.              

  Neither of his sisters mentioned the pictures or diapers until Kate decided it was time for him to change. It was almost five and their mom would be home.

"I think you can stay in these panties. They have no ruffles to show under your shorts. I'm afraid you will have to take off your pretty vest though. So, did you practice asking mommy?"

"I did think about it." He confessed.

"Being the baby won't be a bad thing, you know.  As long as you are good, Kathy and I will have some nice surprises for you. I promise. You will be good, right?"

"Yeah. I'll be good but why do I have to go to bed so early?"

"Cause that's what baby sisters do but babies also get lots of special attention. You just need to learn a few simple rules."

"What rules?"

"You'll learn as you go. Things like not complaining about when you are diapered or changed. Big people worry about things like that. You check Sandi to see if she is wet don't you?"


"That's how Kathy, mommy, or I will check you."

"But they are only for bed. I don't need to be checked."

"They are for bed but they will also be for naps and stuff."

 "But I'm not a baby!"  He said without conviction. 

"Kevin decided against asking what "stuff" might be. He figured it was just to scare him anyway. Still he was very nervous about the upcoming meal.

  During supper, he picked at the meal. Kate wasn't sure if it was from nervousness or that he was just stalling. Finally, his mom asked him what was wrong.

"I'm OK." He told her." Can I ask you something, mommy?"

"What it is dear?"  Mrs. Brown answered. She had noticed that lately he was calling her mommy. He hadn't done that for three or four years at least.

"It's just that I was ah wondering if I ah could maybe ah..."

"Could what, Kevin?"

"Wear diapers to bed!" He blurted out with a tear in his eye.



  Naturally, she was a bit suspicious but then she could see that neither of her daughters was doing any "encouraging" so she quickly replied.

   That's a very good idea, Kevin. I'm sure you'll be much happier waking up in a dry bed. You know, I still don’t believe in disposable diapers. Kate, after supper can you go into the attic and find Kathy's old cloth diapers and baby panties for your brother? The boxes are marked so it should be easy enough."

  Kate looked at Kevin. Then he remembered and slowly got out of his chair and gave mommy her kiss on the cheek. Mom took his hand as he headed back to his chair and pulled him toward her giving him a big hug then gently swatting him on the rear before letting go.

      Kathy smirked but Kate just smiled at her little brother, reached over to him, and patted his head gently. Then she mouthed the words "Good Girl!" For some reason, that made the sissy feel a bit better as he proceeded to clean his plate.

   The two girls washed the dishes. Mrs. Brown wondered if she should question her son further but quickly decided that whatever his real motivation for asking, Kevin belonged in diapers. She admitted to herself that she was looking forward to his bedtime.

     It arrived sooner than she expected.

    As soon as cleanup from the meal was complete, Kate pulled down the stairway to the attic.

    Excitedly, Kate climbed the stairs. She didn't like the attic in the summer. It was always hot but today she couldn't wait. It didn't take long to find the right box. There was another one near it of great interest as well. It said, "Girl's clothes sizes 5 to 7.  In the morning she would investigate further but for now she dragged the diaper's box over to the stairs.

  The box was quite large but Kate managed to slide it down the stairs and then drag it to her room. Mrs. Brown was tired from her hard day's work. She assumed Kate could figure out which plastic panties would fit the thin child. Kathy jumped up and followed big sister. She was invited in to help. Kevin went to his own room to ponder his confused feelings.

  The box held more than diapers, pins and lots of baby panties. She was delighted to find several pair of training panties, baby bottles, bibs, and even two pacifiers.

   Kate showed Kathy how to fold the diapers in a way that would fit her brother while she went through the plastic panties looking for the larger sized and of course most feminine pairs.

Meanwhile the boy wandered back to the living room to watch TV. He did not see his sisters carrying the large stack of items into his room. Kate cleaned out his underwear drawer, replacing them with diapers along with plastic and training panties. She left two pink bunny pins on top of the stack of diapers along with some baby powder from the bathroom.  Then the two girls took all of the male underpants and shirts back to Kate's room. She dumped them into a large plastic bag.

"He doesn't need any of this anymore." She told Kathy brightly. "We will be seeing more of Kimmie than Kevin from now on."

  Kathy just giggled.

   At seven o'clock the older girl went to the bathroom and started the tub water. She added plenty of bubble bath as well.

"Don't you think a bath is a good idea before I get you ready for bed, little brother?"

"I had a bath this morning."

"I know that but hopefully you won't need a bath in the morning anymore. It will be much better in the evening when you aren't starving to death. Come on. It's all ready."

  The boy knew he was beaten. He drudged to the bathroom with Kate right behind.

"You are being very good, honey. Let me get you undressed and you can play in the tub for awhile. I wish you could have Sandi with you but mommy might come in so she will stay in my room for right now."

   Kevin got about fifteen minutes to sit in the tub before Kate returned and washed him up. He even had to kneel in the tub while she rinsed his long hair. He was being dried with a fluffy towel before he realized what was about to happen.

"I don't have to go to bed yet, do I?"

"No silly.  At eight thirty as long as you are good that is."

"Ah, do I have to get ready now?"

"Do you mean am I going to diaper you now? Yes but don't worry.  They are very soft and comfy."


"I think we already had this talk about buts. There are no buts. You are going to be a good boy for me aren't you?"

"Yes Kate."

"Good. We will both be happier that way."

      She gave her brother a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Then it was off to his room. Once again the naked child hurried to his room so Kathy would not see him.

"What's the rush, Kevin. You'll be diapered in a minute. No reason to pull my hand off."

"It isn't that. I don't want Kathy to see me with nothing on."

"Now why would you worry about your big sister seeing you like this?  You'll learn that soon enough. Hop up on your bed."

   Kate went to the drawer and pulled out three diapers, the pins, baby powder, and a pair of frosted pink plastic panties.                          She stacked three diapers before taking his thin legs and raising them in the air like any toddler being diapered. Once they were in place, she let his feet down and dusted him with the sweet smelling powder from his neck to his feet. Then she pulled the garment up between his legs and pinned it snugly with the bunny pins. She slid the noisy panties over his feet before raising his butt off the mattress once more to pull them on.

"Stand up so big sister can get them all tucked in. We don't want any leaks. Oh, we better find your slippers too unless you want to show mommy your pretty toenails."

  He did not so she found his slippers.  Next she slipped a pajama top over his head.

"All set. Let's go show mommy and Kathy."

"What about the pants? He whined.

"Do you really think those little pants would fit over your baby panties and diapers? Besides mommy and Kathy will want to see how great they fit you. Remember that I expect you to be very nice. You haven't forgotten the pictures have you?"


“Good. Besides if you are very, very good, you might get a little surprise at bedtime."

   Firmly squeezing the older girl's hand, Kevin returned to the living room.  Kathy put her hand over her mouth but controlled any loud laugh. Even Mrs. Brown had to fight off a smile.

"They fit him perfectly, huh mom?"

"Sure looks like it from here."

  Kate brought the red- faced boy over in front of his mother and made him turn slowly around in a circle. Mom rubbed the plastic on the front of his panties between her thumb and finger.

"Very nice." Was all she said.

    Kevin sat on the floor in front of the television. The thick material between his legs felt strange yet comforting. He found himself touching the plastic of his billowing panties while he watched the show. He thought about his surprise for being good but couldn't come up with any guesses. He was not sure what was good and bad himself lately. Was wearing thick diapers and baby panties in front of your sisters and mommy good? They felt great He even had a little stirring down there.

   At eight fifteen Kate brought the two younger ones cookies and milk. Again Mrs. Brown was amazed. Kevin accepted the pink training cup from Kate without whining. Clearly something was up. She was even more convinced fifteen minutes later.

"Eight thirty, Kevin." Kate announced.

  The boy got slowly to his feet. Big sister steered him in the direction of Kathy. You could have knocked mom off the couch with a feather when she saw her son kiss Kathy on the cheek and tell her goodnight. Next she got her kiss and a "good night, mommy."

  Mrs. Brown returned the kiss and patted his diapered rear. "I bet you don't believe me, Kevin but you look absolutely adorable."

  Instead of tears she got a feeble smile as Kate led Kevin toward his room.

   Once in bed, the child gave Kate her good night kisses and then asked about his surprise.

   "I must say you have been a delightful sissy tonight. I'll be right back with your surprise."

   Kate left his room and quickly returned with something behind her back. Walking up to his bed, she pulled his doll from behind her.

"Here it is honey. You get to sleep with Sandi tonight. Look, I even found her a pretty nighty to wear."

     With that the girl gave the doll a kiss and held it for Kevin to do the same before tucking it under the covers in his arm.

"Good night baby girls. Sleep tight."                                  

"Kevin just said good night back. He didn't complain about being called a baby. Kate might take away Sandi if he made her mad.  He gently rubbed the front of Sandi's diaper and then his own before falling asleep. It had been quite a day.

   After Kathy went to bed, Mrs. Brown turned to her daughter.

"OK. Who is that kid and what did you do with Kevin?"

  Kate just laughed. "It's quite an improvement, huh?"

"I didn't see any bruises on him so I'm not sure I want to know how you accomplished this."

"He didn't even get a spanking yet, mom. I'll tell you all about it one day soon when Kevin is finished changing."

"There is more? Never mind. I'm not asking."

"Good. You'll see soon enough. I promise. Not only that but he will like it too."

  Soon after, they both retired. Mrs. Brown had her work the next day and, of course, Kate had her plans.

     Kate and her mom enjoyed coffee together while the two little ones still slept. Mrs. Brown wondered aloud if Kevin had slept well in his diapers. Kate was sure that he had.

After mom left for work, Kate returned to the attic to investigate the box of girl's clothes. Her mom had enjoyed dressing both of them in the most feminine things until they were about six.

She was elated to find many items in size 6X. She guessed that was about her brother's size. It was also the largest size that still had that very little girl look. She brought several items down to her room.

  Kevin was the next to awaken. It took a few minutes for the cobwebs to clear before he remembered the night before.  Sandi was still in his arm so he gave her a good morning kiss and told her to wake up. He felt the outside of his baby panties and found them dry even though he could feel the wetness inside. It was a pretty nice feeling compared to the usual soaked bed. About that time, Kate stuck her head in the door.

"Come on to breakfast, sleepy head."

   Kevin took the dolly with him and staggered out to the kitchen at just about the same time that Kathy emerged from her room. He sat down at his place.

"What are you forgetting?" Kate asked

   He had to think about it for a minute but then got up to give good morning kisses.

"I hope I don't have to keep reminding you about that. Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, I guess I did."

"Are you wet?" Kathy asked sweetly.

     Kate interrupted before he could answer.

"Kathy, if you want to know if Kimmie is wet, you just ask her to come over to you and then you check yourself. You can't expect her to know."

    The younger girl found that quite amusing. Her brother was less thrilled when he had to stand there while his little sister slid her hand under his plastic panties and announced that he or "she" was very wet.

   Kate was sure that he was fine until after breakfast. In fact she had no intention of taking them off for at least an hour or two. After they finished eating, she put Sesame Street on TV and told him to watch.

"You can explain it to Sandi." She offered. "If you don't understand something than just ask Kathy."

    Kevin was into the program when his big sister told him it was time to get dressed. He was disappointed at having to miss some of the show.

"This won't take long." She assured him as he led him by the hand to his room.

   The boy was a little disappointed too when Kate produced a pair of thick cotton training panties instead of the rhumba ones and slid them up his thin legs. She explained that these training panties were to replace his boy's underpants. The pair she chose was lilac with little flowers. Kevin wasn't sure what he thought about the thick garment. They were certainly babyish but then he was no longer sure that he wasn't a baby.

   Kate put his vest on before brushing the boy's hair and adding the barrettes.

"All set. I brought in three dresses for dolly. You can choose one and get her dressed for the day too. I will see if I can find a hair brush for her while you do."

   He still wasn't very good with the small snaps so he was just finishing when Kathy brought a little brush and comb into her brother.

"Here. Kate says you need these for Sandi."

"You're supposed to knock before you come in here." He told the younger girl.

"Not anymore." She answered with a laugh. Then she was gone.

   Kevin looked at the tiny brush and comb with great interest before he chose the brush.  Soon, the doll's hair was smoothed out but he continued to brush until Kate called to him.

"It's not too hot yet so you two can go play in the back yard."

"Go outside like this?"

"You look fine. No one can see over the fence in the back yard anyway or would you rather we all went for a walk in the neighborhood?"

                              Chapter 5

"Come on, Kimmie. You and I can play "house". Kathy offered.

     It was a warm summer morning. Both kids were carrying baby dolls followed by their big sister who brought out on old blanket for them to play on.

"OK, I'll be the daddy cause I'm bigger and you can be the mommy." Kathy told her brother.

   Kevin felt extra foolish being in the yard dressed like a little girl. He decided that he shouldn't agree to play the mommy even though it might be fun.

"I'm not playing." He told her. "I'm going to play on the swings."

"No! We are playing house. Now get back here!"

"No way."

  Just then Kate walked out of the house. Kathy told her what their brother was doing. Instead of yelling at Kevin, the older girl started talking quietly to her sister. Then she went back into the house and returned with a kitchen chair. Kathy went over to her brother and literally dragged him off the swing and over to the chair where she sat down.  Before he knew what was happening his younger sister yanked down his training panties and pulled the now crying boy over her knee.

Whap! Whap! Whap! She started spanking the stunned boy just as hard as she  could.  Kevin squirmed and cried like any baby would while Kate looked on in approval.

"This hurts my hand." Kathy told her.

"I know honey. It's the price we pay for teaching little ones right from wrong. Next time you can use a hairbrush if you want. So, Kimmie, ready to be a good baby for your big sister yet?"

"Yes, yes.  I'll be good!" He managed between screams.

  Kathy stopped but Kate told her to continue since she wasn't sure he really meant it.

"I promise!" He wailed

  After another five swats, Kate waved for her sister to stop and ordered her brother to stand up.  He put his hands in front to cover up but Kate slapped them away.

"You don't have any secrets from your big sisters, baby."

   Finally, Kathy reached down and pulled his panties back in place.

"Now tell your sister you're sorry and thank her for spanking you so you can learn to be a good baby sissy. Don't forget her kiss either."

   Kevin couldn't believe he was to thank his little sister for spanking him. He stood in silence for a minute.

"Maybe he needs another spanking." Kathy offered                       

"I'm sorry!" He blurted out. "Thank you for my spanking."

    He reached up and gave her a kiss.  Satisfied, Kate returned to the house while the two little ones played until lunch with no further trouble from Kimmie. She knew that Kevin would look at his younger sister a bit differently from then on.

"Come on for lunch you two."

      Kate told her brother that he was going to be put down for a nap after lunch. He hated the idea but he was too sore to give her any trouble so he just hung his head in silence.

"Come on, let's get you ready." Kate said as she took his hand. And to Kathy. "It's in the refrigerator."

   The thick diapers actually felt pretty good on his still sore seat. He started to lie down on the bed but his sister stopped him.

"Before you and Sandi take your nap, Kathy has a surprise for you. I think you will like it a lot."

   Back in the living room his sister was sitting on the couch. Kate had him sit next to her and then turn so that he could lay his head on Kathy's lap. The younger sister pulled a pink baby bottle from under a pillow and pushed the nipple into his mouth.

"This is a special formula just for you, Kimmie. We told you that there are fun things about being the baby."

   He cautiously tasted the "formula". It was sweet and good so he began sucking on the bottle. His hand went up so he could hold it where he wanted but Kathy stopped him.

"Big sister will hold it for you."

    Kevin felt foolish and yet very secure as his sister held the bottle with one hand and gently rubbed his head with the other just like she had seen real moms do with their babies.

  As soon as it was empty, Kathy pulled the nipple from his mouth with a pop and Kate replaced it with a pacifier. She told him to keep sucking just like it was his ba ba and led him to bed.  Once his dolly was tucked in beside him, she slid a paci into Sandi's mouth.

     Back in the living room they talked about her role as the big sister and what a great spanking job it was. Kathy was very proud. They agreed not to tell mom about it yet but Kate assured the younger girl that before long, mom would know all about what a big girl she was.

  The eldest sister used his naptime to go through the clothes she had chosen from the attic. She was ready for yet another step an hour later when she woke him.

"Time to wake up sleepyheads."

   Kevin had lost his pacifier in his sleep to the disappointment of his sister. She reminded the groggy boy that he loved his pacifier as a toddler and had cried endlessly when mommy finally took it away.

"The weather has turned hot this afternoon and you are pretty sweaty. Would you like to play in the kiddy pool with Sandi?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"OK. Let me check that diaper first.  Humm. Somebody needs their diaper changed."

  Kate picked up the pacifier and slid it into place.

"You can keep that in while I change you and get you ready to go swimming."

   She had hoped the bottle along with the training cup of juice at lunch would make him wet. She even wondered if he would have wet anyway.

  Kevin was surprised when she slid two dry diapers under him after removing the wet ones.                              

  He tried to ask about it through the pacifier but his sister shushed him.

"You can't be trusted in the pool with all that water so you'll wear a diaper under your suit without any baby panties."

   Once he was snuggly diapered, Kate slipped a pale green garment up his legs and then told him to stand. It came up over his chest with two strings his arms were put through.

 There he stood in a darling one-piece bathing suit with a bright yellow big bird on the front and an attached skirt that didn't quite hide the diaper that peeked out at the crotch. All around he resembled an eighteen-month old girl ready to play in her wading pool.

"Take Sandi's dress off. She will have to swim in just a diaper since she doesn't have a pretty bathing suit like you do. Then come out to the living room. I think Kathy will watch you for me."

  And so a routine developed for the next several days.  Kevin got used to afternoon diapers and Kate took some darling pictures for her baby album. Then one afternoon, she went to wake up the baby after his nap. She found him sound asleep but he still had the paci in his mouth. Better yet, he sucked it slowly in his sleep. This was a first and required another step.

"Wake up honey."

   Big sister nudged the sleeping child and gently woke him.

"What a good baby, you were! You kept your pacifier in just like baby Sandi."

     The half-awake child loved the praise from his sister though it was hardly a thing most boys would be proud of. He sucked a bit harder on the comforting rubber nipple while his big sister changed his wet diaper.

"I have a special treat for you today. It's kind of hot outside this afternoon anyway. Stay right here."

    Kate dashed off to her room and selected one of the babyish dresses from the attic.

"Isn't this sooo pretty?"

"I guess so." The boy answered tentatively.

"Wait till I get it on you. I just know you'll love it, Kimmie."

   Without waiting for a reply, she slipped the wispy lavender garment over his head and proceeded to fasten the tiny buttons up the back. Now rather he liked it or not, Kevin was effectively trapped in the dress. Then she sat her brother down and put his hair into two pigtails. Kate thought he looked cute and innocent with his pink baby panties peeking out from the play dress.  After leading him into her room so that he could see himself in her door mirror, she knew he liked it too. Of course he didn't say that.

"Do I have to wear a dress?" He said with a less than assertive tone.

"Be happy that I am letting you wear this pretty dress. You look wonderful in it. Kathy would think so too. Unfortunately she is off visiting one of her friends so she will have to see you another time."

"But it's too small for me."

   Kate checked the shoulder seams and snugness in the chest before declaring that it fit perfectly.

"But it's way too short."

"Not really. Little girls wear short dresses so they can crawl around on the floor without getting caught up on the dress while they play. Besides, there is nothing wrong with very little girls showing off their diapers or baby panties. Trust me, Kevin. This is you."

   The boy was less than convinced but then Kate made him an offer he could not refuse.

"What if we spend the afternoon together. It can be just me and my little sister. I haven't done your toenails in quite awhile. Would you like to hang out with me in my room?"

  He was thrilled at the idea of spending time with just Kate. His quick and excited response gave away his feelings. Then for a moment he regretted agreeing to be the baby sister. After all, he was a big boy of eleven. Still it was only a moment's regret since in fact he was a sissy of eleven as well.                  

"Pick out a dress and put it on your dolly and then bring her out into the living room, Kimmie."

    The boy took a minute to feel the fabric of his own dress and spin around slowly before dressing Sandi. With a smile, he dashed to find his big sister.

   Kate did the boy's toe nails in a little darker shade of baby pink this time. She even convinced him that a very light shade on his fingernails would be their secret.

"After your nails are dry, I'm going to teach you to curtsey." She told him. "I bet you will be good at it."

  Baby sister learned to curtsey with ease as his sister had predicted. It is after all a natural sissy thing. She let him practice in front of her mirror for several minutes while she looked on with approval. Finally she decided to move on to another skill.

"Here is another thing you can do, dear. You will be so cute. Now, whenever anyone like Kathy or me for instance want to check your diaper, you will gather up your dress and hold it above your waist. Let's try it. Kevin, let me check your diaper."

  He wasn't convinced about how cute this was but eventually the boy learned to raise it all above his waist and hold it there until he was given the OK to drop it. There wasn't much to lift with the baby dress. Still he was proud when Kate declared that he was doing beautifully. She even gave him kisses and hugs.

  In the end, Kevin was a sad and wet little boy when the afternoon had passed. Kate finally took off his wet diapers and baby panties. He looked like a boy again when mom arrived, his training panties and vest hidden by his shorts and shirt.

  The following day, after his nap, Kate put him in another dress and let him show off his new skills to Kathy. He also spent some time crawling around on the floor with Sandi. Now he saw the reason for the short length. Kathy praised his skills as well. He even showed her his nail polish.

  The next morning after breakfast, big sister dressed her brother in his vest and training panties for the morning. With eyes on the floor, he asked her a question.

"Kate, why do I ah have to wear a dress after my nap but not when I get up?"

  He hoped it didn't sound like he was asking for the dress. He thought she wouldn't guess the truth.

"Well, little Kimmie, I'll tell you why. Those are such pretty dresses. There are more of them you haven't seen too. Anyway, like I said they are such pretty dresses. Truthfully, I won't let you wear any of them when you aren't in diapers and plastic panties. I'm afraid you will have an accident in your training panties and ruin the dress. Besides, I would have to dig out bibs for meal times and you wouldn't want to wear those would you?"

 "I guess not." He told her quietly.

"It is sad, too little brother. I think there is even one with a matching little dress that would fit Sandi. They would be adorable. Maybe one afternoon. I don't know though. That isn't much time for me to go to all the work of digging it out and dressing two of you."

    Kevin almost shouted that he could dress Sandi but he kept his silence. Otherwise she would know he wanted to wear a dress.

  Kate patted him on the head and slipped his daily barrettes in place before leaving the room.

"He's close!" She thought. "Guess we will have to push a little."

  The very next day Kathy innocently asked Kevin why he wasn't wearing a dress after Kate got him dressed.

"She won't let me. I mean she doesn't make me wear one because..."

"Because why?"

   The boy didn't want to answer but Kathy pressed.

"You better tell big sister. You don't want a spanking do you?"        

  Kevin did not want a spanking.  Besides he really did think of Kathy as his big sister.  He barely noticed any more when the two girls referred to him only as "the baby" even in his presence. Both sisters routinely saw him naked, freely entering his room or even the bathroom without knocking. He of course had no such freedom. He tried to find a way to tell her the truth with the least embarrassment.

"Ah, she won't I mean doesn't put me in a dress when I am in training panties." He told her quietly.

"Oh, that's nothing. Just ask if she will diaper you first."

"I'm not really a baby girl." Was all he could come up with.

   Kathy dropped the subject but the boy continued to ponder. Finally he admitted to himself that a dress would be nicer than just training panties and a vest but he would have to find a way to get his oldest sister do it. The he came up with an idea.

   The next morning he yawned and stretched several times during breakfast and after while he waited for Kate to take off his night diapers.  The oldest did notice and immediately recognized the phoniness but said nothing. When she called him to his room all became obvious.

"For some reason I'm really, really tired this morning, Kate."

"Is that right? Didn't you and Sandi sleep well?"

"I guess not. I don't know."

"We don't have any plans so you should be OK until your nap." She told him as she pulled down the wet baby panties.

"Umm, but what if I fall asleep on the couch?

"What if you do?"

"I a a might accidentally wet." He told her quietly.

  He hoped the plan was working and was sure his sister wouldn't guess the truth. Silly boy!

"Maybe diapers and baby panties would be a better idea than training panties this morning, don't you think?"

"I guess so." He answered trying to avoid any enthusiasm.

  Kate smiled as she traded the training panties for three diapers and a dry pair of plastic panties. She picked out a pair that was pink with little kittens playing on them.

"These will be cute with your vest." She offered

    Kate didn't miss the flash of disappointment that crossed her brother's face.

"I guess I could let you wear a play dress too since you are protected."

   The boy perked up. His plan was working perfectly.

"Will this be the one with the matching doll's dress?" He asked as innocently as he could.

"Is that the one you want, Kimmie?"

"I think ah Sandi would like it."

"Well, OK but you better be a good girl for Kathy and me today. I'll see if I can find it."

   Kate returned with the two darling dresses. They were white with little pink and blue daisies along with lots of pink lace. Kevin's was so short that half of his baby panties were in sight. After dressing Kimmie, she sat him down and fixed his hair into two pigtails tied with white ribbons. Next she clipped a pacifier keeper with his paci attached to the front of his dress.

"You are all set. I know Sandi can't wait to wear her’s. Come to the living room as soon as she is ready. Surely, dolly will want some pics of the two of you dressed alike so I'll get my phone ready. You should do a curtsey for Kathy as well as giving her a kiss. I think I deserve a thank you kiss and curtsey too."

   Then she teased him by rubbing his pacifier gently across his lips.

"Remember, no paci till after kisses."                                    Kate got her curtsey and kiss. He smiled when she told him what a pretty baby girl he was. Even Kathy commented on how pretty the dresses looked. They took several pictures of Kevin and his dolly alone and with each sister.  The boy smiled for each and every pose.

  About an hour later while watching his now favorite movie, Kevin realized he had a problem. He had to poop.  He knew that he was supposed to wet his diapers but surely Kate would want to take them off for this. He let the pacifier drop from his mouth and asked his big sister when she passed through a few minutes later.

"Now baby, don't you remember the diaper rules?"

"Yes, but..."

"There is nothing to talk about. Go back to watching your movie with Sandi."

   With paci firmly back in place, he tried to postpone the inevitable.

  Less than an hour later the movie was finished. Kate could tell by the odor that the baby had a messy diaper.

"Kathy, could you take Kimmie outside for a little while? Maybe you can play on the gym set or something so I can straighten out the living room a little."

"I guess so. It's pretty boring in here anyway. After, can I call Julie?"

"Sure honey and thanks."

   So Kevin found himself outside in a messy wet diaper. Kathy pushed him on a swing for a few minutes and then insisted that they use the teeter-totter. The boy sat uncomfortably as each up and down motion spread the gooey mess between his legs.

"Aren't you having fun, baby?" Kathy asked. The smell wasn't too bad outdoors but it was unmistakable at the same time.

"I'm OK." He knew better than to complain since he had requested the diapers. Instead he waited impatiently for Kate to check and change him. His big sister did change him after an hour or so right out in the yard. He would have been nervous if he weren't so anxious to get into a dry clean diaper and baby panties.

  The kids played for a few more minutes until lunch was ready. Kate smiled as she tied the bib in place. She had managed to find an old one of Kathy's that said" I'm the baby Sister" in bright pink. She also found a doll size bib with Velcro that she gave her brother.

"Now get Sandi's bib on before anyone starts to eat. Both of those dresses need to stay clean."

   Kimmie did as she was told. Kathy laughed out loud when she read the front of her brother's bib. Then she assured him that it was very pretty and just right for him. It was adorable on the little boy and did protect his dress both during lunch and while he was fed his bottle before naptime. Kate removed his dress before putting him down.

   Kathy went off to her friend's house so after his nap, Kevin played quietly with his doll while he watched Sesame Street and Teletubbies on TV. At least Kate had put his dress back on. Reluctantly, Kate changed him into his boy outerwear and training panties just before mom came home.

   Again the following morning, Kevin went into his yawning act. The odd feeling of poop oozing throughout the baby panties didn't seem so bad in hindsight. He just had to have another pretty play dress with all the attention it got him from his sisters.

"Still tired today?" Big sister asked him as he finished another yawn.

"Hmm, ya I guess I am." He answered.

"Guess we better do diapers again, then."

"I guess so."

"Yes or no?" Kate pushed.

"Yes" Came the reply in a little voice.

   Kate changed her baby into dry diapers with another pair of pretty print baby panties and pink vest.

There are no more matching dresses, Kimmie. Does Sandi want you in a play dress anyway?"  The boy pretended to whisper the question into Sandi's tiny ear. Then he held her close to hear the answer.  Sandi definitely wanted him in a dress too.

"But you are the mommy." Kate teased

   Poor Kevin started to tear up.

"Oh baby brother, don't cry. It is OK to do what the kids want sometimes. I'll go find you a pretty dress.  In fact, we might as well just plan to keep you in diapers during the day for awhile, don't you think?"

"I guess." He answered softly.

    Kate finished dressing her newest sister and fixed her hair before sending her on the way with a pat on her thick butt.

"By the way, little brother. From now on bedtime is eight o'clock since you are so tired."

   Kevin stopped short. He couldn't think of a way to get out of it though and soon trudged to the living room.

  Here it was Friday night and Mrs. Brown watched her son give kisses and go to be at 7 without crying a single tear. Now she was sure there was something big going on. When Kathy was in bed, she tried to push Kate into explaining.

"Tell you what, Mom. I'll explain it all tomorrow night if you'll do something for the kids and me. Can you take us to the movies over in York tomorrow afternoon? The Little Mermaid 2 is playing and they'd really like to see it."

"I know Kathy would like it. Are you sure about your brother?"

"Trust me."

"OK. We should spend a little time together anyway but I will be expecting the whole story before I go to bed again."

"It's a deal."

  In the morning Kate reluctantly put training panties on Kevin along with boy’s shorts and a shirt over his pink vest. She hopped it would be the last time. Mom had already told Kathy and her son about the movies during breakfast.

"Oh, Kimmie." She said sweetly. You need to ask mommy something."

"Ah, what? He asked warily.

"Nothing much. You just need to ask mommy if you can wear a diaper to the movies."

"Why do I have to do that?

"Because silly, you might fall asleep in the car or in the movie and wet your panties. That would be embarrassing. If that isn't a good enough reason, there is always your darling photo album."

  The boy knew he was backed into a corner. He couldn't say, he didn't need daytime diapers after all he went through to fool his sister into putting them on him. Anyway, he decided that mom had already seen him in diapers so it wasn't that bad. Then it hit him!

"But Kate, what if people see them! My pants don't even fit over my diapers and baby panties."

  Kate was pleased that he used the right names without hesitation.

"I promise they won't show. Now go ask mommy and pretend it is your idea.

     The boy walked slowly to the kitchen where his mother was relaxing with a cup of coffee.

"Mommy, ah can I ask you something?"

"Sure honey, what?"

"Well, I was ah wondering ah if I should wear ah ah diaper to the movies?"

   Quickly he added. "Just in case I fall asleep."

   Mrs. Brown was momentarily taken back but quickly recovered.

"What a good idea, honey! You were very brave to ask. Kate or I should have thought of that for you."

  She hugged her son and thought that most likely her oldest daughter had thought of it.                                   

  The movie was at two and although it was only a fifteen minute drive to the near by town, Kate called Kevin to his room at one o'clock. He sobbed a little as Kate undressed the little one and proceeded to put thick night diapers on him. Next she produced a pair of plastic panties she had been saving for just such an occasion.

"Look what I found for you. These pretty rhumbas are plastic baby panties. You are going to feel so pretty in them."

    In spite of himself, Kevin perked up when his sister slid the pretty ruffled garment up his thin legs. She told him to stand up.

  The tears returned when he saw Kate pick up lavender colored little dress.

"I can't wear that!"

"Oh but you are. Kimmie is going to the movies with her big sisters and her mommy."

"People will see me! My baby panties will show!"

"No they won't to both things. We are going way over to York where you don't know anybody. I doubt if they would recognize you anyway with your hair done and everything. As for your baby panties showing, well this dress is a little longer than your other dresses and it will hide them as long as you behave like a good girl and don't jump around too much."

"What about mommy?"

"Mommy will love little Kimmie. I promise. Besides, this way you can take Sandi so she can see the movie too."

  The lad was far from sure but she had answered most of his worries. It would be fun to take Sandi as long as none of the kids from school found out. He sat in silence while his hair was braided into two pigtails tied with ribbons to match the dress. Kate even found some white Mary Jane shoes to fit him. Then she handed him his dolly and slipped him across the hall to her room.

Look at yourself in the mirror. You are just sooo pretty I could hug you to death. Mommy and Kathy will think so too.  She thought she saw the tiniest smile as she hugged her baby girl. Next she led her brother to Kathy's room and tapped on the door.

"Kat, it's me but I have Kimmie with me. Can we come in?"

    It was OK. Kathy was dressed in a pink shortall with pretty white blouse. Kate helped Kathy with her hair before the three girls were ready to head out.

"Make sure you curtsey when we show mommy. She will want a kiss too. I'll hold Sandi for you."

   Hand and hand with his big sister the red faced little boy walked slowly to the living room toward his mommy.

   There was an audible gasp as Mrs. Brown looked up. Kathy had joined the group, smiling brightly.

"Go ahead, honey." Kate coaxed gently.

   Kevin gave the best curtsey he could on trembling knees before reaching on his tiptoes to kiss his mother. Then he waited in fear.

"Wow!"  Escaped from mom's lips. "I can't believe this. How cute!"

   Kevin smiled.

"Mom, this is our baby sister Kimmie. Isn't she cute today?"


Kate handed the doll to her brother.

“Tell mommy who this is”

“This is my baby err dolly. Her name is Sandi."

"Kimmie is all ready to go aren't you honey?"

"Yes" He answered relieved that mommy wasn't mad at him,

"Let mommy check your diaper, Kimmie." His big sister added.                     Kevin dutifully gathered the dress above his waist as he stood in front of his mother like he had done so many times for Kate and Kathy. Mrs. Brown had an astonished smile on her face. Here was her 11 year- old son standing before her in a little girl's dress showing off his diapers as though it was the most common thing in the world.

"Don't those baby panties look darling on her, mom?"

"Very pretty indeed, Kate. I bet you feel like a real little princess, Kimmie.” 

       Mom didn't miss the slight smile on her boy's face. She knew that however he got to this point, Kevin was not dressed this way completely against his wishes.

"Mom, you have to tell her it's Ok to put her dress back down." Kathy offered. "Otherwise she will keep it up all day."

    Mrs. Brown told her new baby to let the dress slide down into place. Then she helped to smooth it out. It seemed natural to her since she had done it so often with her other daughters when they were younger.

"Amazing!" She repeated to herself over and over.

  She couldn't wait for the whole story but for now she was more than ready to enjoy a pretty baby daughter and leave behind a whiny son. She was in for one more surprise.

"Kathy, please take the baby's hand since we are going out toward the road." Kate suggested.

   Mrs. Brown waited for the whine but instead Kevin reached out as she approached!

   No one saw them walk out to the car much to the boy's relief. Kate buckled his seat belt before climbing in the front seat with her mother.  They were off.

   At the theater tickets were purchased. Two adults, one in the 6-12 price, and one at the youngest children price.

   Mrs. Brown bought sodas for her girl's at the snack bar before going into the movie. At Kate's suggestion, she asked for a child size for the baby.

"We didn't bring a diaper bag."

   Kevin was scared to death as he looked at the crowd of children and parents. Surely everyone could tell.  When no one was pointing or laughing he began to relax just a bit.

"They really can't tell." He thought. "I do look like a girl."

   The younger two loved the movie. The boy sat mesmerized in silence except when his mommy leaned over to quietly point out such things as how pretty the dresses were and even how cute the hero was. He sat contentedly as mommy placed her hand on his bare thigh and lovingly squeezed it just below his plastic panty.

   Everyone was sad when the movie ended.

"Since you've been so good, I think we will have an early supper at McDonald's." Mom announced.

    Kevin and Kathy got happy meals though Mrs. Brown asked for the toddler girl's toy in Kimmie's meal. Kate broke up his burger and placed a few pieces of it in front of him along with the fries. She also walked to the counter and asked for a bib, which she tied on him.

   Kevin didn't dare cause a fuss but he quietly complained about the embarrassing Ronald McDonald bib.

"Just be happy I decided against the high chair."

     Soon all of them were happily talking about the movie and having a great time. Then the boy noticed an older lady looking at him. She got up and walked toward the table.  Little Kimmie immediately flooded her diaper. This lady must know!

"Excuse me, ma'am. I just could help notice what lovely and well behaved girls you have."

"Why thank you." Mrs. Brown answered with a smile.

  The lady turned to Kevin.

"What a darling little girl. What is your name, dear?"


"Well Kimmie, that's a very sweet dolly you have too." And then to Kathy. "My, what a pretty young lady you are."                    

   Kathy was thrilled to be called a young lady. Even Kevin was pleased as well as relieved.

"You are getting to be quite the young lady." Mrs. Brown added. It's hard to believe you will be eight in just a couple of weeks. You are certainly not my baby any more.

   Kathy just smiled brightly. She wanted to be a big girl like Kate and not like her baby sister.

After a few minutes of playing on the playground, they left for home. Kate explained to Kevin that this dress was just too long for him to crawl through the tubes so he was only able to play on the slides. He didn't seem to notice that the plastic panties were in full view every time.

     Back home, mom checked her son's diaper and announced that he needed to be changed.

"I think he will be OK for a little while." Kate suggested. "She doesn't care about being wet and it's almost bath time anyway. She does need to get out of this dress before she plays though."

   Big sister led the boy back to her room and unbuttoned the dress. Kevin hated the idea of going back into his shorts and shirt. He also hated the idea that he wanted to stay in the dress. Things are often confusing for a sissy. Instead of pants, Kate pulled a pink play dress over his head.

"What about my boy's clothes."

"Why would Kimmie wear boy's clothes, silly girl?  Besides, I just know how pretty you feel in this adorable dress with your rhumba plastic panties peeking out for all to see.”

    She buttoned up the baby dress and fixed his pacifier holder to it. Then she rubbed the nipple against her brother's lips. Instantly he took it in and began sucking.

   No longer surprised at anything about her son, Mrs. Brown just smiled as Kevin went to sit on the floor with Sandi in front of the TV.  Kate brought him a plastic case he hadn't seen before.

"Here are some things for Sandi. You can have this case to keep them in. Have fun."

   The child opened the box to find the doll's hairbrush, comb, pacifier, bib, bottles, and even a spare dress.  He thanked his sister as best he could around his pacifier and played happily until bath time.

   Kate asked her sister to wash up the baby so she could talk to mom.

"I hope you aren't mad at me."

   Her answer was a big hug.  Mrs. Brown insisted on diapering the baby for bed. Kate brought in a few nighties from the old clothes so her mom could choose one for Kevin, and Kathy fed Kimmie a bottle of formula before the little one toddled off to bed.

Mrs. Brown loved the pics Kate showed her as she explained the baby's transformation.

    Even though the sun was shining brightly Kevin was soon fast asleep sucking quietly on his pacifier. He had had a big day. It seemed everyone was happy.


                                          The End






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