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Serena's Nappy Punishment - Part Three (by Mummy Strict)





Maria arrived home, parked her car, & took the nappies and plastic pants she'd bought for Serena to wear into the house, along with the other babyish items she'd bought.
She put Serena's nappies and plastic pants on the kitchen table, before putting on the kettle to make a cup of coffee. 

After making herself a coffee, she went into Serena's bedroom with one of the other things she'd bought from the chemist for Serena - a waterproof plastic bed sheet !

Even though Serena was now going to be sleeping in a nappy and plastic pants every night, Maria knew it would be even more humiliating for Serena if she also had to sleep with a waterproof sheet on her bed, reinforcing the fact that she was still a bedwetter who needed a waterproof sheet on her mattress.
Every time Serena moved in her bed from now on, she would hear the crinkle of the plastic bedsheet, reminding her that she was still  being treated like a bedwetting toddler who couldn't be trusted to keep her bed dry at night.

As Maria put the waterproof sheet on Serena's mattress, she thought about which room would be the best place to give Serena a spanking, and where she was going to give Serena her nappy-change tonight.
Maria decided that she would spank Serena in the living room, and put Serena into her nappy in Serena's bedroom.

She then went back to the kitchen and picked up a couple of pairs of the plastic pants she'd bought for Serena, and walked back to Serena's bedroom. Maria opened Serena's underwear drawer and put the pairs of plastic pants in it.
She wanted Serena to see the plastic pants every time she opened the drawer, again as a reminder to Serena that she now needed to wear plastic pants like a baby.

Now that she'd decided to spank Serena in the living room, Maria went to sit on the sofa, and as she sat there she started to imagine sitting on the sofa and spanking Serena.
She imagined pulling Serena across her lap, and then smacking Serena's bottom like she was still a naughty little child.
As she did so, Maria decided she really wanted to make the most of this opportunity to spank Serena like a child, just in case it was a one-off. Maria wanted to really teach Serena a lesson, and make sure it was a punishment she would never forget.

She decided that as embarrassing as even just a hand-spanking would be for Serena at 31, Serena deserved and needed something more severe. So Maria decided that after smacking Serena's bare bottom with her hand, she would give Serena a slippering, before then finishing her off with a hard hairbrush spanking, by which time she hoped and expected that Serena would be in tears and no doubt regretting being so rude to Maria.

Having decided to punish Serena with a slippering & hairbrush spanking, Maria smiled as an idea popped into her head.
Wouldn't it be funny if she slippered Serena with one of Serena's own slippers !!
And gave Serena a hairbrush spanking using Serena's wooden hairbrush !!
Then every time Serena put on her slippers, or brushed her hair, she would no doubt remember being spanked with them by Maria !

After spending a few more minutes sitting there and imagining spanking Serena over her knee, Maria got up and went back into Serena's bedroom. She firstly picked up one of Serena's slippers, and then the wooden hairbrush, before returning to the living room and placing both of these under a cushion on the sofa, ready for Serena's spanking later.

With everything now ready for Serena's punishment, Maria just needed to wait for Serena to come home from work. She normally got home by 6pm, and it was now 4.30pm, so there wasn't too much longer to wait. 

As she waited impatiently for Serena to arrive home, Maria decided to phone Serena's Dad, Bob, to let him know that she'd bought the nappies and plastic pants for Serena to wear.
She also just wanted to make sure that she had his full support for spanking and nappying Serena, just in case she refused to accept her embarrassing punishments.

"Hi Bob, sorry to disturb you at work. Are you ok to talk for a minute ?"  said Maria.

"Hi honey. Yes, sure, I'm a bit busy, but ok for a quick chat" greeted Bob in reply.

"OK. I just wanted to let you know that I've bought nappies for Serena" began Maria. 

"Oh that's good" said Bob, who had been unsure if Maria really would be able to get nappies to fit his 31 year-old bedwetting daughter.

"Yes, and I got Serena some plastic pants too, so I can pull them up over her nappy." continued Maria. 

"Ok, well done" said Bob.

"And I just want to quickly check a couple of things. I've definitely got your full support to spank Serena, and you definitely want me to move in with you ?" asked Maria, deliberately grouping these questions together. She knew full well that Bob was desperate for her to move in.

"Yes, of course ! You know I really want you to move in ! And yes, you have my full support to deal with Serena as we discussed this morning. If you think Serena needs to be spanked for her behaviour this morning, then I'm right behind you. She shouldn't have spoken to you like that, so hopefully a spanking will stop her doing it again. And you know I'm really grateful to you for saying you'll help with Serena's bedwetting problem. I really didn't know what to do about it, so thank you for helping and offering to deal with all Serena's nappy changes. You are still going to move in, aren't you ?" replied Bob.

Maria smiled. This was exactly the answer she wanted to hear.

"That''s ok, I don't mind helping with Serena's bedwetting " said Maria, trying not to laugh.

"Well, as long as everything goes ok with Serena's punishment this evening, and she doesn’t refuse to listen to me, then I’ll move in, ok" confirmed Maria, again making it clear that the two things were connected, so that Bob would definitely support her if Serena played up, as she thought she might.

"Oh that's great, honey ! If Serena gives you any problems when she gets home, you can phone me if you need to. But hopefully that won't be necessary, and she'll understand what I've said in the letter to her. Anyway, must go now, it's going to start getting busy quite  soon. See you later Maria, love you " said Bob.

"Love you too Bob. Yes, hopefully I won't need to phone you.  See you later" replied Maria.

Having said goodbye to Bob, and happy that she'd called him & got him to re-confirm his support, Maria just needed to sit there and wait for Serena to arrive home.

Maria couldn't wait for Serena to get home, she couldn't wait to see Serena's face when she read the letter from her Dad, she couldn't wait to put Serena over her knee and spank her like a naughty little brat, & she couldn't wait to see the humiliation on Serena's face when she put Serena into a nappy and plastic pants like a baby !
It was nearly 6pm, so she wouldn't have to wait much longer...


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